New Video: Leona Lewis – ‘Trouble’

Published: Friday 14th Sep 2012 by Sam

It’s here!

The video for Leona Lewis‘ long awaited comeback single ‘Trouble’ premiered literally moments ago. As ever, That Grape Juice has you covered.

Hotly anticipated, the visual serves as the latest  to be lifted from the 27 year old’s ‘Glassheart’ LP – which arrives on October 15th.

Check out the story-driven clip after the jump. ‘Teen Wolf’ star Colton Haynes stars.

Now that’s more like it!

The story-driven clip served up a compelling narrative, which really drives home the song’s impassioned lyrics. In era where Youtube views outpace record sales on a scale of 20-1, there should be heightened importance attached to visuals – a memo Ms. Lewis clearly took and ran with. Great video.

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  1. JAKE September 14, 2012

    Leona, you’re VERY talented but, somehow, I just SERIOUSLY CANNOT with you.


    • Jamilaaaaa September 14, 2012



    • I’m NOT throwing shade, BUT>>> September 14, 2012


      I know EXACTLY how you feel.

      THE B**** IS JUST BORING!!!


    • KingBey & QueenAdele September 14, 2012




      She needs to develop some charisma and prescence because this girl is just VACANT, personality wise. TALENTED BUT VACANT.

      • Nika September 14, 2012

        AGREED!!! She puts me to sleep – with that dead ass voice and them dead a** eyes. At least Brit had to be sedated to get the dead eyes.

    • Hop-Scotch September 14, 2012


      Ya’ll are a MESS!!!

    • Get em’ September 14, 2012




      • THE GAME September 14, 2012

        *Dead* At y’all

        Don’t forget Bleeding Love Though

  2. antertain September 14, 2012

    Got that Bleeding Love ora about it but really like the song and the video cool.

    Will always love Leona’s vocals and she delivers on this greatly.
    Liking this so may all the goodness continue because to me she has been wasted with some poor single choices.

    I’m pleased with this one.

  3. DOSSOME September 14, 2012

    Cool video for a great song..i’m loving that the visual flows well with the song & that she didn’t go over the top with very expensive music videos that do little to showcase the actual song and her amazing voice.I’m checking out 4 her definitely

  4. dstrock September 14, 2012

    Welp, not even available in my country…I guess the shade can wait

    • Hop-Scotch September 14, 2012


  5. Nika September 14, 2012

    Case of a talented, pretty girl that just doesn’t have “IT” to make her a shining star. Kinda sounds like Mz. Ora….

    You can have all the “talent” in the world BUT if u don’t have “IT” ` u ain’t gonna make it.

    • JAKE September 14, 2012


    • Virtuoso Intellect September 14, 2012

      IT = PR Machine

      Rita is only on her 1st album. There’s still every chance in the world for her to blow up. All it takes is THAT ONE BREAKTHROUGH HIT

      • kelly September 14, 2012

        But when ur label promotes u death, there are not gonna be any second chances. Most companies cut their loses. Rita Ora is a flop with no it factor and if it was not her keep talking about Rihanna, She would not even get any press. Even that has worn out. Rita has all the chances, more than most acts.

    • kelly September 14, 2012

      You are right about Rita Ora. I mean, she poses in GQ America and can’t get a hit? It is a wrap ma!

    • MaZ September 15, 2012

      She made already idiot!

  6. Derek September 14, 2012

    Best thing about this video is Mr Haynes who I desperately want in me.

  7. WJ September 14, 2012


  8. Noel September 14, 2012

    It’s actually a good video…I wish they kept the gambino rap, though.

  9. Britbutnotproud September 14, 2012

    Love the vocals but not feeling the video.

  10. JuanR September 14, 2012


  11. Virtuoso Intellect September 14, 2012

    Smh smh smh

    Loved the 1st half of it; cinematic and aesthetic build-up. Towards the endong i was looking out for the climax that never happened or at least a more apparent (dramatic if you will) one. So overall it’s just ok, Rihanna would’ve done better (did i just type that? Lol). She looked gorgeous though. The dude is cute too but i dont think he was emotive enough. All i felt from him was his cuteness.

    Nonetheless j’adore this song. Are people still yapping about her personality? Get over it. That is who she is. There’s always a Joseline Harnandez type if that tickles your fantasy. Byee

    • kelly September 14, 2012

      Unlike Leona and Rita Ora. Rihanna has start quality. That special something.

      • kelly September 14, 2012


  12. SHUH September 14, 2012

    Flawless. She is stunning. I love the fighting scene it’s quite tense

  13. Realest September 14, 2012

    Girl you’d better make Mariah, Whitney and Celine proud!!! Carrying the torch for a new generation w/o bells and whistles, just that amazing voice!!! YES!

  14. Ukaszenkoo September 14, 2012

    Its like…. I just can’t like her. Maybe she has the voice, and stuff… But I just don’t like her.
    This girl is so annoying for me! I can’t stand her.
    And before you will hate me… It’s just my opinion, Respect it.

    • SHUH September 14, 2012

      I respect your opinion, but what annoys you about her? I don’t find her to do anything annoying since she pretty much lives opposite to how most music stars do

      • Ukaszenkoo September 14, 2012

        I find her voice a little bit annoying! I mean…. I cant explain it. I just don’t like her.
        (but this is her best song ever for me) But still dont like her :O

  15. Skittles September 14, 2012

    OK i am in the U.S and this video is not available in my country. I have been an avid follower. shade and shame. Bye

  16. i’m not throwing shade, but… September 14, 2012

    I could’ve done with a lyric video in the first half because i got no idea what the s*** she’s saying before the chorus. I still find the song boring simply because Leona as usual stays on the same pitch throughout, if she had varied her range at points it would’ve brought more emotion to the song. The video, same ole Leona, collide was on a beach and this just seems like the next part after she hooked up with the guy… boring. I think Bleeding love song and original uk version is really the best shes done to dates she’s like a one hit wonder with 3 albums and several singles

  17. Eduardo September 14, 2012

    F*ck the haters Leona’s amazing and theres a lot people like me that can appreciate her talent and her persona! can’t wait for the album to come 😀

  18. MaZ September 15, 2012

    I hate NEGATIVE B****** who leave a comment on an artist they don’t like or support! Get a life B****** and go stan whoever you want! There’s enough space in this blog!

    Can’t wait for the album to come out!

  19. THE TRUTH September 16, 2012

    I believe that leona does have talent, and she does have *IT* Her problem is that she has been given or writing a lot of crap songs.

    Rita Ora is nothing special in my opinion. Her voice is mediocre, but she has songs that suit her.

    Rihanna doesn’t have the best voice in the world, however she has good songs.

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