Brandy Visits E! Fashion Police

Published: Tuesday 23rd Oct 2012 by Sam

Continuing the no stone unturned promo run for her Two Eleven’ LP, songbird Brandy stopped by E!’s ‘Fashion Police’.

Watch as the ‘Put It Down’ singer, whose album sales look set to exceed expectations, chats it up with the ever-risque Joan Rivers and the rest of the panel. It’s hilarious.

Video after the jump…

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  1. V.I.C. October 23, 2012

    Gon’ Head Brandy! She’s working as hard as a new artist in the game! Blessings and success are headed her way!

    If you’ve not got Two Eleven, you’re missing out! RNB CLASSIK! 🙂

  2. mr.m October 23, 2012


    • LouLou October 23, 2012

      She has already sold 62k and only 50% of votes have been counted. Sorry to bust your bubble boo,

      • mr.m October 23, 2012

        gurrr deal .. bye

      • aznazeep October 23, 2012

        Woop! Go Brandy! She’s winning again! I feel like order has been restored to the world!

      • credits October 23, 2012

        She already sold 62k?!!! I think she will exceed expectations but where did you get this info and what do you mean by votes?

      • Diva October 23, 2012

        According to Hits Daily Double with 74.23% in she has sold 68,567 records as of today. I predict 75k or less.

    • credits October 23, 2012

      NVM, i found it. 62,000 and that’s only 50%. GOOO BRANDY!!!!!

  3. LouLou October 23, 2012

    Anyway, Brandy’s personality is absolutely amazing. Can’t wait to see her smash the predictions!

  4. nick October 23, 2012

    i really hope she sells more than 65k., this album is too dang good to n shelved!!! she needs to hit up Ellen & perform more than pit it down., some of the r&b cuts & the View to talk about it., those 2 shows will set it up

  5. RUDE NAVY October 23, 2012

    everytime is see this other woman i remember the ” slap on some diapers” comment from RIH 😆

    anyway , get that promo BRANDY , your album need it.

    • GivingAwayFreeChairs _/_/_/ October 23, 2012

      Me too. hahahahaha!

  6. antertain October 23, 2012

    Personality us what draws the audience in and thats always been apart of what makes Brandy more than just a singing star.

    Joan is funny though. Bran was really cool and looked hot & great wearing VB.

  7. antertain October 23, 2012

    My fav songs keep changing from day to day due to the body of work and it taps into different moods.

    I like the blended album of thoughtful lyrics and then there’s the catchy s*** side of Brandy.
    Couple songs I wasn’t feeling at 1st just really grew on me so thats also a testament to how well put together Two Eleven is.

    If u undecided and not an all out R&B fan, I’d say this is the type of album that’ll make you feel the right things about the genre.

  8. RoyalKev October 23, 2012

    Love Bran! She has such a beautiful, beautiful soul! I always find myself laughing during her interviews because she’s kinda funny too.

  9. MC October 23, 2012

    Brandy is hot on the promotion tail. I really hope it pays off……

  10. JazThatBoi October 23, 2012

    hahaha “you aint ever gon see me again!!!!!”

  11. mobwife: Black Mafia, line up to lay down October 23, 2012

    Poor Brandy being subjected to the HATEFUL B******* “certain” ppl consider comedy. Brandy is looking great by the way.

    Joan Rivers, the b**** looks like the LION KING. Damn she has no friends. who would allow her to contnue her obsession with pastic surgery to the point we now see?

    I was trying ot strain my brain to see who the fat chick and the fat weirdo with the colorful outfit was until Joan said Amber …DAMNNNNNN THAT COW NEEDS MILKING. And WIFE BEATER OZZY OSBURNE’s worthless hound should be taken outback and allowed to play in the middle of heavy traffic…..ewww!

    • credits October 23, 2012

      lol @ lion king

  12. Stan for the one you love October 23, 2012

    I’m upset that Brandy had to degrade herself by appearing on this hateful show. Brandy is too classy and once she regains all her former popularity you KNOW they will be shitting on her on live TV when she refuses to go on this s*** show again (like Ciara attacking Rihanna, Kylie Minogue attacking Madonna, etc.)

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