Chart Check: Taylor Swift Moves 1.2 Million Copies With ‘RED’

Published: Wednesday 31st Oct 2012 by David

In an age where most performers struggle to move commendable units, acts like Taylor Swift are a rarity.

Indeed, undoubtedly putting even more pressure on the likes of Lady GaGa, Rihanna and Nicki Minaj to perform just as well, Swift’s latest LP ‘RED‘ has now broken a record we doubt any of her rivals will match anytime soon.

Full story below…

In its first week of release, ‘RED’ sold a 1.208 million copies with all units sold at full price, marking the largest launch week sales since Eminem‘s ‘The Eminem Show’ in 2002- with 1.322 million copies sold.

Topping the US’ Billboard 200, the project moved a mind blowing 465,000 units on iTunes, 396,000 copies in Target while her unique pairing with Papa Johns’ Pizza yielding 8,000 units.

The latter, saw fans able to purchase the release alongside their orders, delivered in boxes branded with the album’s cover.

Of course, the above figures only make up a portion of its total sales, with numbers also being pulled in from outlets all over the US, bar Amazon MP3 where it was not made available for purchase.

Here’s to performers from all genres taking note from this campaign.

Sure, while not everyone has the benefit of Swift’s power, the innovation employed in her strategy really is lacking elsewhere in the industry… all too evident in many an underwhelming chart run.

Above anything, it’s great to see a project fare so well on the basis of strong material and a well thought out sales campaign. Not, the tabloid driven wahala the likes of Rihanna depend on time and time again.


 Your thoughts?

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  1. RIH&BEY October 31, 2012

    That has to be the best marketing strategy in a long time. Congrats Taylor!

    • CALL ME HATERRRRRRRRR October 31, 2012

      Congrats to her and I’m not a Rihanna or Nicki fan but to compare the two to Swift is BS

      they are black women in this industry and of course they wont sell like her
      im not saying they are as good as her either as far as artistically Swift is on point but they are black women and for some “reason” white artist soar in this industry

      • Common Sense October 31, 2012


      • the voice October 31, 2012

        not true …. Alicia Keys was the biggest selling solo female artist of the last decade. Beyonce was the biggest selling female artist if u include her Destiny’s Child & solo career.

        Mary J Blige has several multi platinum albums in the US & Lauryn Hill’s solo album went 8 x platinum in the US alone.

        It isn’t about race… The Urban depts in the US are being run by people that know more about hip hop than R&B. ..

        and even they know R&B they still dont get the kind of promotion and marketing campaigns that hip hop artists get.

        Also …. hip hop artistis are smart enough to put out mixtapes and tour the mixtapes to biuild their fanbase before their 1st CD.

        Drake, J COle, Nicki Minaj, Kendrick Lamar have all done well recently.

    • CALL ME HATERRRRRRRRR October 31, 2012

      but I love “we r neverneverever getting back to gether”

      taylor is very talented so haters who think im hating get off me because i dont love taylor but i like and respect her music

      • WILD DEBUTANTE October 31, 2012

        Taylor’s album sales ALWAYS soar because she’s probably the biggest US artist of today, she’s definitely America’s sweetheart.

        difference between Taylor and someone like Rihanna is that 90% of Taylor’s sales come from the US whilst Rihanna is more of an International act who sells all over the world.

        ..So I dont agree with you that it has anything to do with race because if Rihanna didn’t have her domestic incident and started being a rebel and kept the “good girl” image….I “think” she could have possibly been up there with Taylor far as being America’s sweetheart and not the Pop rebel.

  2. lostone October 31, 2012

    damn her fans reallu mean business…congrats taylor even i will never buy dat album but then again u dont need my help lol

    • CALL ME HATERRRRRRRRR October 31, 2012

      its so funny how there are alot of positive comments on this stat and not saying she dont deserve it but there are alot of other acts that are discredited on this site as far as comments.

      people lash out at acts like “Brandy” or BEY who are very artistic and deserve their props not just praise but just to commend them

      and i notice it be majority blacks hating on black artist but praise white artist. thats soooo wack!! for real

      • Belladonna October 31, 2012

        I agree that black people hate on black artist but the fact of the matter is not all black people like R&B and to be real most people like Pop,Rock and Hip hop over R&B mostly because they sound better and everyone knows it from MJ to Madonna…. To Elvis to The Beatles. And on black artist not selling as well as whites – HIP HOP SELL ALOT !!!!!!! Kanye,JayZ,Drake and Lil Wyan are all big sellers. So R&B is just not what people want for the Future deal with it.

      • Ren October 31, 2012


        You’re a f*****.

      • Mary Mary Why You Buggin’ October 31, 2012

        @Belladonna, it KILLS you that you can’t be a white woman doesn’t it?

        Your level of stupidity is nauseating.

      • irene46 November 1, 2012

        @ belladonna oct 31,2012 313p

        am i wrong or is the biggest selling hip hop artist eminem?

  3. shane October 31, 2012

    *sighs* how long will she last ?

    • V – Jay, Jay October 31, 2012

      I don’t get it! I really don’t get it!

    • Common Sense October 31, 2012

      She will last as long as her p**** doesn’t fall out and she can keep breaking up with guys so she can write breakup songs about them.

  4. RED October 31, 2012

    OMG taylor get that cash b****!!!!!! RED is a good album!!!!

  5. Tisha October 31, 2012


    Adele and Taylor Swift got that game on lock.

    That’s why say what you want, all that bs about “Most Internet Popular Celebrity” “Most Twitter Followers” “Most Youtube Views” doesn’t mean s*** unless you’ve got the album sales to back it up.

    I’ve noticed both Adele and Taylor don’t f*** around with all that internet bull or costumes/wigs/personas (and I’m not speaking about one singer, from Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, Katy Perry and etc.) and they make money strictly off their music. Congrats to them honestly.

    I’m not saying high album sales = good album, not at all. A lot of albums don’t make the money they SHOULD, but I will say…these b****** don’t even want other girl’s wigs, it would dirty up their nails. Damn.

    • Mark October 31, 2012

      “these b****** don’t even want other girl’s wigs, it would dirty up their nails”. I now rest my eyes. Made my day.

    • mobwife: operation kill the b*tch(es) October 31, 2012

      “…..these b****** don’t even want other girl’s wigs, it would dirty up their nails. Damn” <—- LMAO 🙂

      Yes, but lets not be confused here! "TRAILER Swift" has been pegged as the "NEW IT GIRL" ever since the Yeezy incident! They promote her endlessly! She tears through men like ELIZAETH TRAILER…*cough* I mean TAYLOR, yet she is not considered a 'H**'! Rihanna can stand next to a man and she is called all types of SLORES!

      Let's not forget that the industry is trying to find an American replacement for "b****** baby" having and "adulterer" ADELE (I'm quoting what some have called her recently)! They are hoping that TRAILER Swift is that person!!

      • James227 October 31, 2012


  6. IKing821 October 31, 2012

    This should’ve been King Bey……………

    • I am BLUE THE REAL HIVE October 31, 2012


      • IKing821 October 31, 2012

        I agree, I would still love to see the King sell a mill in a week tho

      • TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! October 31, 2012

        @I am BLUE THE REAL HIVE lmao, it was only earlier today, when I posted a comment on the beyonce blog, telling me.. why Im a bringing up Taylor on a beyonce blog and you do exactly the same!

        This Is a Taylor swift blog! not a beyonce one!

    • TheTruth October 31, 2012

      Beyonce is beyonce taylor is taylor they both are power houses in the business and they deserve everything they get and have.

      • IKing821 October 31, 2012

        All hail to King Bey……………..

    • CS9 October 31, 2012

      I’m a Bey fan and even I voted that comment down because it was unnecessary. It’s like you’re trying to put her in the line of fire when you say s*** like that.

  7. The-Truth October 31, 2012

    So not fair that R&B artist don’t have financial support from their fans. I’m sure if every body that downloaded Brandy’s Two Eleven would have bought it she would have sold gold the first week. Black people need to start buying albums or R&B artist should start boycotting and refusing to put out music unless they sell. With the support of the label it could possibly make a difference

    • Mark October 31, 2012

      I’m pretty sure that no one is downloading Brandy’s album. When people don’t care, it’s just that, they don’t care. Do you really think that no one is downloading RED for free? I’m sure that more poeple ripped RED then people that bought 2/11.

    • mobwife: operation kill the b*tch(es) October 31, 2012

      I agree to a degree but R&B artists don’t receive the same backing as Pop, Country & Hip Hop these days. Unless you can slide into a HYBRID-music genre aka Pop-Rap, Pop-Country etc. you will not receive support from the media and music industry. You can blame music listeners to an extent but when some folks can market on PIZZA BOXES, POP CANS and other popular items (an option not provided to all artists) thy will ALWAYS COME OUT AHEAD of the pack!!

  8. I am BLUE THE REAL HIVE October 31, 2012

    Well done Taylor

  9. joker October 31, 2012

    ahh so. she got a big audience. 😀

  10. TheTruth October 31, 2012

    I must admit never really got into taylor swift but seriously i think she deserves it she writes her own music with no gimmicks and that music at it’s best !! WELL DONE.

    • mobwife: operation kill the b*tch(es) October 31, 2012

      She writes her own music SO THEY SAY 0_o! There are quite a few who THEY SAY write their own lyrics only to later discover it isn’t really so……

      Her CD is on the cover of a PAPA’S PIZZA box! How the hell is that not a damn GIMMICK? LOL 🙂

    • Common Sense October 31, 2012

      It’d be more impressive if she wrote about something other than her breakups with her endless number of boyfriends.

  11. Jer October 31, 2012

    Dont even try. TaylorSwift is pretty much a tween artist not unlike Jonas Bros or beiber. Her fan base is 6-14 year old girls and sexually confused boys. All her albums are in piles at used cd stores just like BSB and nsync. They fly off the shelf because parents have to buy them for their tween daughters Zomg mommm the new taylor swift musicxxxxx. Gurl bye

    • mobwife: operation kill the b*tch(es) October 31, 2012


  12. JOHNVIDAL October 31, 2012

    She doesn´t deserve it! sorry
    Strong material??? Sam what are u smoking? This girl is bland, can´t sing, etc, etc. I know she writes so I don´t want to bash her. It´s not that. But you fail to mention other artists can´t have that inmense promotional campaign. It´ not that they don´t want it or are lazy. Labels are not going to do it for them

    I said it many times but here it comes once again: music since 2000 is sad. Sales and quality are horrendous for the most part at the top of the charts. And among the few ones doing it big is Taylor Swift??? Give me a f****** break. At least when they promote next Adele album as much as this Taylor one, it would be deserving cos she is so talented and her music is great, not the best but you know what I mean. People doing these numbers 15 years ago were… true greats, not these talentless or average at best acts

  13. Mateo October 31, 2012

    Yes Taylor has young fans but so does beyonce gaga rihanna ect, explain their sales figures compared to Taylor? (Gaga aside as she sold big even without that amazon deal she had) they all have big teen fan bases but obviously she has a lot of other fans in different age ranges, people lie but numbers don’t!!

  14. shane October 31, 2012

    most of her audience is teenagers but she needs to grow up before she gonna be like 30 singing break up songs

  15. nunu October 31, 2012

    wow go taylor 🙂 this shows her fans mean business

  16. Aaron October 31, 2012

    This is really impressive! Why y’all didn’t buy Brandy’s album like this? Brandy’s fans aint sh*t.

  17. DOSSOME October 31, 2012

    CONGRATS TAYLOR…I never bother with her music but 1.2 million ain’t nothing to hate on…Country music can’t be compared to RnB IN terms of album sales & plz don’t start the “black people don’t buy music” s*** coz Carly Rae Jepsen is flopping HARD even with the benefit of the biggest hit of 2012…

    • mobwife: operation kill the b*tch(es) October 31, 2012

      You better preach about that CRJ flopin’ CD! And it flopped out the gate. She sold 9,000 copies the 1st week.

      It’s funny how only “certian folks”…… *cough BLACK FOLKS*…… are lambasted by these HYPOCRITES when they don’t go GOLD or PLATIUM in their 1st week of sells! R&B artists have never sold music like that and they damn sure have never had ppl tell them their efforts in the studio were no good just because it didn’t sell a zillion copies!

  18. Hd live October 31, 2012

    I like love story is her best song

  19. moi-meme October 31, 2012

    1. She is white
    2. She is white pretty
    3. She sings modern country
    4. She is highly packaged… she has run through about ten high profile guys in a few years yet we never hear anyone calling her a s s*** or such like as they do with the black female artists..SOMEHOW she is still read as innocent.
    5. Who cares… I dont like any of her songs…

    • Lax October 31, 2012

      @MOI-MEME,,,That is so Unfair to think, say and
      Write such a Mean Spirited Comment! Nobody is
      that Dam Color Blind, your color don’t have jack
      shyt to do with it, you silly a/h and if Taylor is
      Package good so What. And Here yo Dumb Ass
      go again talking about Taylors, “Snatch” Dam many
      of you are Fuked in the head, why can’t you just give
      credit where credit is Deserved and Stop all of that
      Back Biting Bull Shyt!

      • Lax October 31, 2012

        My Goodness the Hate…
        ADELE is read as innocent and all of them as far as I am concerned except Rihanna, But hey the good Lord gave Taylor and Rihanna a Pus too so talk about it if you want to but it still don’t matter one shyt just like Me Preaching to a empty chair don’t mean shyt,,,,Just saying.
        Broke Busted Welfare Queens and Getto RATS CAN NEVER Ever be happy for Others!

      • Common Sense October 31, 2012

        Adele is classy she doesn’t change boyfriends 100 times a year so don’t compare her Taylor Swift. Hell even Rihanna doesn’t spread her legs as much as Taylor does so I’m surprised people call RIhanna a s***.

    • mobwife: operation kill the b*tch(es) October 31, 2012



      *Had a black female ran through men and made songs whining about them……LOL come now…..

  20. THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. October 31, 2012

    Shes garbage! Cant sing , & writes/sings the same repetitive songs

    and she’s pretty LOCAL(based off of previous album sales)

    CONGRATS TAYLOR!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 😉

  21. Lolax October 31, 2012

    Wow congrats to taylor she almost break the britney record sales for OIDIA

  22. tomuchenfo October 31, 2012

    Lol, she caters to kids and teens, so of course she’s going to sell well. Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus(Hannah Montana) Jonas brothers etc. all had similar feats.

    As soon as Taylor starts talking about grown up ish and starts making grown up music, she will no longer be selling millions like this. You can’t really compare her to Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj etc because most of their fans are past the age of 12..

    • MiSSBawse October 31, 2012

      If you actually listened to her album Red, you would agree with the CRITICS that her lyrics HAVE grown. Stop talking out of your ass.

  23. DOSSOME October 31, 2012

    This reminds me of Shania Twain (whom i love)…She ended up having more diamond albums than Madonna,Celine,Janet,Mariah & Whitney but still never ranked in the league of these icons,just to prove sales aren’t everything & at the end of it all people will only remember the music

    • mobwife: operation kill the b*tch(es) October 31, 2012


      TRAILER Swift is a poor country imatation! She a step up from Country music’s PUBLIC PROSTITUTE, Miranda Lambert.

  24. christinastherealtalent October 31, 2012

    Albums that typically sell that much in their first week usually have a large drop in the 2nd week. Taylor has sold her soul to the devil because all her music is about the same crap and its the same demographic that buys it every year. If Taylor would step out of her comfort zone and make something with more substance and quality then I’d have more respect for her as an artist. She can’t sing worth s*** and she barely has any stage presence. This is the kind of music that keeps her selling.

    • MiSSBawse October 31, 2012

      Wtf are you talking about? Red is totally different than her other albums. Not one damn song sound alike. That’s why sh’s gettingflack from country purists because the album has variety sonically. Keep on hating, Taylorwill continue to slay.

  25. Casual October 31, 2012

    Taylor swept the board. She got sales from the pop market, country, teens, and 20+. And it also didn’t hurt that she launched this album with a huge anthemic #1 hit. But contrast the pop style of We Are Never Getting Back Together to the more country-sounding material that Taylor also released in advance of the album’s debut. It was a solid strategy to draw in multiple fan bases.

    Now, why is there so much hate here on Neyo, Usher, and Chris Brown for doing the exact same thing?

    • Sabian October 31, 2012

      How has doing the same thing benefited Neyo, Usher and Chris is a better question. Usher and Chris are seeing their poorest sales ever, and chances are Neyo will too.

      Taylor basically began her career as a pop-leaning country artist, who has always marketed herself to the interest of mainstream pop fans in addition to country. Usher didn’t do a single pop-sounding record from 1994 to 2008, then suddenly jumped on that train. That’s the difference. Taylor was always, in some way or another, “pop.” Usher was solidly R&B for most of her career, then out of no where started doing pop records and hoped he’d make new fans, while expecting to keep all of his long time fans. Doesn’t work like that. From what I’m seeing, Usher is LOSING his fan base and not really making too many new ones.

      • Casual October 31, 2012

        Neyo, Usher, and Chris Brown have benefited by being able to continue to have their songs played at pop radio, thus enabling all three to reach the upper echelons of the Hot 100.

        You are correct that Usher didn’t start doing pop sounding records until about 2008, but that was because he didn’t have to. The music industry shifted a few years ago, and most pop stations outright stopped playing r&b/hip-hop records.

        I don’t think Usher, or the other two, are losing fans at all. They’re sales aren’t anywhere near Taylor’s, but imagine what they might be selling album-wise, or where they’d be career-wise, without the pop/techno records they’ve been releasing. The hustle changed, and they adapted.

  26. Lax October 31, 2012

    You go Taylor keep showing all of Us
    what can happen it you and your team
    plan well and got your ducks all in a row.
    Add your first week sales to what you
    made last Year and Taylor it’s a Wrap!
    Good For You, keep up the great work
    perhaps it will give Others the will Power
    to stay in the Race and keep right on working
    hard and aiming for big and better days with
    their first week sales!

    • mobwife: operation kill the b*tch(es) October 31, 2012

      The problem with your statement is that 1st week sells is a recent phenomenon put in place by the POWERS THAT BE who control the industry. Who the hell cares about 1st week sells and why should they be used as a measure for the QUALITY OF A CD?

      It’s a shame that ppl have short attention spans and are easily duped by a crafty, lying, evil, RACIST media. Artists put their heart and soul into their music only to have the collective media voice speak against them and their music. Or refuse to promote and play their songs! There are so many talented artists who never get radio or media play. In the past you didn’t have to dance, sing, boot-kiss and bow. You just had to have a talent and a true love for your craft. This MILLION SELLING 1ST WEEK BULLSH*T just makes it harder for ACTUAL TALENT TO EITHER CONTINUE OR BREAK INTO THE INDUSTRY!

  27. mobwife: operation kill the b*tch(es) October 31, 2012

    YAWN……..So What!

    Her music is GENERIC & BORING but she is a WHITE FEMALE and a “media darlin” so those important facts will never be discussed! No, the media harps on young BLACK ARTISTS and goes out of it’s way to tear them down. I have never seen “TRAILER Swift” give a live performance worthy of mentioning yet the media drips and drools whenever this “blank slate” bellows and screeches on stage. However, the young black talent is accused of lip-syncing and howling while “TRAILER Swift” pecks on her BANJO & shrieks like a banshee in heat!!

    Those who purchased this CD are obviously deaf! Every song I’ve heard sounds exactly like the ones she released last yr….”He did me wrong”….”we will never get back together”…..blah, blah, feminist whine, blah

    • Common Sense October 31, 2012

      This b**** plays victim like it’s on special. And don’t even get me started when she starts winning awards and does her b******* OH ME I WON BUT HOW routine.

  28. pat October 31, 2012

    quit hating on Taylor just because your fav could never. ..Congrats Ms. Swift!!

  29. Monstarebel October 31, 2012

    yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas Taylor slay them born this gay numbers!!!! Congrats queen

  30. Sarah Says October 31, 2012

    After her illuminarti Kanye grammy induction where they were all wearing red dresses she’s gone from strength to strength

  31. Suicide Blonde October 31, 2012

    Congrants to her!….i don’t listen to her music but those sales are impressed specially when is a full price, yep, her fans are teenages but so are Gaga fans (the worst among them, the majority have no brain), Rihanna and Katy perry and they don’t have this numbers a full price, i’m not related to her music but she writes her own songs so that is a talent my friends whatever if we don’t like her music or not, she deserves all the success she has achieved, i tell you why, she is not a conventional Pop artist, she has sucess with her music, Country-Pop, something rare if not impossible in mainstream (Shania Twain, was even more Pop than Taylor is) and she deserves because her fans actually buy her records, it’s not something planned, she is a sweet girl, whatever you like it or not she is living dreams with no lies, tricks or overe-exposing herself.

  32. BitchICan’tEvenSpellWelfare October 31, 2012

    When I passed the Walgreens last week and saw them advertising ‘Red” on their electronic billboard, I knew her marketing team had the game on lock. “Cottonelle Toilet Paper, 6 rolls for $5.99,” “Deer Spring Water, 24 pack for $5.00, ” “Taylor Swift’s “Red”, $11.99. She did that!

    Congrats to Taylor and her magnificent marketing team!

    And in terms of people bringing up Brandy & other R & B artists, WHEN was the last time a R & B album sold 1 million copies in the first week???? Apples to Oranges people. ‘Two Eleven” is a fantastic album & that’s all I’m concerned about.

    • mobwife: operation kill the b*tch(es) October 31, 2012

      YOU ARE CORRECT!! Her team had this campiagn rockin’! BUT she and her team were permitted to do so. Not all artists have the same opportunity to shine. It is for that reason I get mad when folks try to compare R&B acts with the likes of this chick. Theya re just not treated equally. Had everyhing been equal, I think quite a fe could achieve this feat! IMO

  33. the real xoxo October 31, 2012

    alot of r&b artists are doing just fine financially and constantly and arrogantly brag about their money so i dont feel the need to buy their s***.
    only 2 albums i bought this year was Nas – Life is Good and Kendrick lamar- good kid m.A.A.d city because it was QUALITY music.
    Brandy co wrote only 3/15 tracks on the album, i feel no guilt after torrenting it.

  34. the real xoxo October 31, 2012

    also, congrats Taylor.
    i dont like her at all, i dont see how anyone 18+ can rate her music either.
    Is she honestly THAT big in the US? here in the UK shes not HUGE

    • Peter Griffin October 31, 2012

      Exactly, us UK lot have a thing called taste, lol! (Excluding Rita Ora)

    • Common Sense October 31, 2012

      Probably because the UK doesn’t listen to the garbage country genre.

      • TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! October 31, 2012

        @Common Sense Garbage? I could say the same about Rnb music.

  35. whocares October 31, 2012

    Sure because white people buy albums. black people don’t.

    • Peter Griffin October 31, 2012

      Or just that kids don’t know how or are too scared to illegally download. My little cousins’ 10 and he asked his parents for this album. I told him how to get it for free and I did the dirty work. Saving the world piece by piece.

  36. speechless October 31, 2012

    So yall bey and rih stans mad huh? Dont be bitter that she sold what took your fav a year plus when she did it in 1 week.

  37. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! October 31, 2012

    OMG OMG! A Taylor post on an urban site!


    I’m so happy, you wouldnt believe!


    • mobwife: operation kill the b*tch(es) October 31, 2012


      Just like 1 Direction, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga. VIOLENT DOMESTIC ABUSER pAnk and now this chick!! Urban site my ASSets!!

      • TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! October 31, 2012

        Mobwife. why dont you go listen to your women beater chris brown?

    • YOLO October 31, 2012

      I NEVER thought this was an Urban Site!!

    • Peter Griffin October 31, 2012

      You know this is all your fault because you keep mentioning her. I know your 14, so you don’t understand how bad she really is. But you will learn, you will learn!

      • TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! October 31, 2012

        Stop dissing Taylor, I wanna know what artists in todays market you think are good?

      • Peter Griffin October 31, 2012

        Kanye (Ma King)
        Azealia (Ma Queen)
        Mr Hudson
        Katy B
        Evanescence (though the woman’s a little b****)
        Friendly Fires
        Alvin Risk
        Swedish House Mafia
        Tinchy (a bit)
        Alphabeat (second album only)
        Black Box
        2 Unlimited
        Lil Kim (she got s*** after ‘The Naked Truth’)
        2 Pac
        Beenie Man
        Amy Winehouse
        Major Lazer
        C+C Music Factory
        Calvin Harris
        The Knife
        Pre-sell out Nicki Minaj
        Marina & The Diamonds
        Ms Dynamite
        Lil Wayne
        …yeah I’m gonna stop now.

      • TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! November 1, 2012

        Well some of the artists are alright, some are abit lame! and some are like.. who the hell are they! Atleast you’ve got a mixture lf all types of music I supose

        But Kayne your (king) Really?

      • Peter G November 1, 2012

        Alright?! Lame!? You know you love some of these artists don’t try and hide it! Trying to do what I do to you to make me mad, ain’t gonna work! All the music I listen to either have good lyrics, good vocals or epic beats. Taylor is just basic on all these levels. As for Kanye, I don’t like him as a person but I got all his albums. Your just mad because he told Taylor how it is in 2009, lol! You need to tell me what artists you like, I’m guessing Justin Bieber, Pitbull, Carly Rae Jepsen, Olly Murs?

      • TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! November 1, 2012

        I said I thought some where alright, but honestly most of them are not my thing. You think you make me mad? Dude. If you think that, then quite frankly you’re deluded.
        Epic beats? I dont like music that realies on beats and has nonsense and repetitive lyrics!
        Taylor makes heartfelt music, which she writes. she’s not just given a song to sing, like many are.
        Kanye’s last couple of albums havent produced any big hits.. Taylor deserved that award. Beyonces singles ladies vid was just 3 girls dancing to a song. It had no message, no story behind the vid. The lyrics had nothing to do with the vid. The whole point of making a music vid is to tell the story of the song through a video.
        Olly Murs? see you obviously havent a clue have you! I’ll tell you a few that you’ll know. No point telling you bands, as you’ll not know them.
        Ed Sheernan, coldplay, Leona lewis, Adele, Taylor,carrie underwood, Lana del rey, pink, Rihanna, kelly clarkson, Paolo Nutini. Alexis Jordan.Akon

      • Peter G November 2, 2012

        OMG I live in Camden right next to where Amy Winehouse died, I go open mic nights and see live music every week. I probably know about unknown band more than you! And fo yo information Beyoncé made a very iconic video, something that was memorable and will be engraved in pop history. Taylor just reenacts some scenes from a teen drama! Look I can tell your a really nice guy (unlike some people who just start cursing on this site) and to be honest I don’t mind what you listen to, everyone has there own take on what’s real music. Some of the artists I listen to aren’t labelled “Real Musicians” but I accept that. Though you just you go on and on about Taylor, I’m not gonna lie it pisses me off. Well now that they’ve started blogging about Taylor maybe that will suppress your need to mention her on every unrelated blog posts…your gonna stop right…right? Any way let’s just agree to dissagree and have make up s**. Actually no make up s** that would legally make me a paedophile.

      • TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! November 2, 2012

        Oh alright. Fair enough. i’ve been to an open mic ever. I supose, you’ll get the chance to see talent before they’ve been signed!
        No, she made an ironic dance routine. What about Lmfao – s*** and I know it. People copy the dance routine to that. Does that make the video iconic?
        It makes me happy to know that you dont actually mind what I listen too. I know can sleep at night, cause its been keeping me up at night..
        They’ve only just made a new blog today, you should check it out! Also should check out Taylors new album!
        You know what I am a nice guy, and maybe, but I think they might not do another Taylor blog, so I cant really say I wont.

      • TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! November 2, 2012


      • Peter G November 2, 2012

        I had a feeling you were going to say that, well don’t expect me not to hate! I’ll try my hardest to give the album a spin but if I don’t come back to the blog you’d know I’m in hospital getting some surgery to recover my ear drums. I might go to the Christmas light thing too. I pass there everyday, so if I’m not tired enough I’ll watch. Anyway don’t lose any more sleep lol!

      • TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! November 3, 2012

        Haha. well with the music you like. Taylor will be a welcome rest your ears me thinks.
        I can see you being a Taylor swift convert quite soon!
        Oh so your gonna watch Taylor sing aswell… I think its really great that you’ve seen the light, and realise I was right about how great Taylor swift ;( Its okay, everyones wrong sometimes;)

      • Peter G November 4, 2012

        If I could see you I’d been giving you a look!

      • TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! November 4, 2012

        …. A Tad scared now.
        I just fond out that, the taylor swift event is a wrist band only event. They are giving the wrist bands out from 7am on tuesday, which means I’d have to get up at 6am to get one of the 2500 wrist bands avaible… that sucks.

  38. CzarM October 31, 2012

    I’ve snooped around country boards and blogs and many country music fans consider Taylor a sell out, or don’t take her seriously because she’s too pop. Fans of more traditional country music seem to prefer Carrie Underwood to her. Just like 15 years ago they preferred Trisha Yearwood’s more country sounding version of “How Do I Live” to Leann Rimes’ more pop version.

    The media right now is obsessed with lite and peppy white female singers. White teenage girls and gay white guys both twirl around to this type of perky, bubble gum singer enough to keep them on top. One day the mood with shift to something more serious, more masculine, harder and ‘darker’ (literally and figuratively). When that happens acts like Taylor, Katy and Gaga (and the people who try to be like them…Rihanna) will be outcasts.

    In the meantime, I’m tired of hearing black fans get condescended for “not supporting” black artists music, downloading and basically not supporting our own artists enough to the point where they either flop or justifiably switch to pop. Black music is being snubbed at a corporate level. What the hell can fans of it do when labels and top 40 radio stations insist on shoving it to the backburner for crap like this and Justin Bieber? In 2004, Usher did these opening numbers with Confessions (and Taylor’s album most likely won’t sell as much as it.) At least 50% of the fans behind him were black — so GTFOH with that “black people don’t buy music” s***. Black people have long proven that to not be true. The problem here is that black people don’t control the music business, and the suits have decided that they’ll just make more if they promote white pop acts instead.

    • BitchICan’tEvenSpellWelfare October 31, 2012

      @CZARM- PREACH!!!!!!

      & if they can’t understand what you’re saying they’re ignorant or naive or both.

      • YOLO October 31, 2012


    • mobwife: operation kill the b*tch(es) October 31, 2012

      P R E A C H!! 🙂

    • CzarM October 31, 2012

      LMAO@the # of negative votes. Apparently I rubbed some thin skinned Taylor Swift cronie (who is either using multiple computers to vote down my comment or knows how to change their IP proxy, thus allowing them to repeatedly vote) the wrong way and now they’re lashing out. 😆

      My position stands. Whatever it is that I said to p*** you off, I say it again. As you continue to waste your time going out of your way to manipulate the system to vote down my comment again, just remember that because my words resonated with you so much that you have to go through such trouble to lash out pretty much makes you my b****. My words (which you can’t delete) owned your soul, and I love it.

  39. MC October 31, 2012

    Well damn! “S*** fire and save matches, f*** a duck and see what hatches.” — Steven Tyler

  40. ADC143 October 31, 2012

    The Internet killed music. Most of the s*** that gets called a “hit” these days wouldn’t have lasted a day on the charts back when people had to get in their cars, drive to the record store and actually buy music. Now that people can just casually click on something and have it like that, it enables nonsense to persevere. In addition, the digital era has allowed artists who should have been one-hit wonders (Kesha, LMFAO) a second chance…AND…allows for people to secretly indulge in what they probably would be ashamed to be seen with (Gangnam Style).

    Is Taylor Swift worth making a trip to the record store for? Eh. Probably not. Lucky for her, people who only casually like her can have it with the click on a button. Back in the days when there was physical effort involved in buying music, when you had to face the cashier with the CD of a cheesy artist, and you had to own up to having your friends see that CD in your collection, people were way more selective about what artists were and weren’t worth it.

    The music industry really needs to get out of bed with iTunes and find a way to force people to go back to the record store. If they can do that, then things will dramatically improve.

    • Mary Mary Why You Buggin’ October 31, 2012

      This comment right here—T.R.U.T.H.

    • the real xoxo October 31, 2012

      it wasnt JUST the internet – it was the combination of many factors. but I do agree 100% with this comment.

  41. Ohdeam October 31, 2012

    Since TGJ has decided to report on a non urban act like Taylor Swift, I now expect posts on acts like Matchbox Twenty, Linkin Park and Mumford and Sons.

    • Common Sense October 31, 2012

      Why? Did Linkin Park release Minutes to Midnight Part 3? They’re pretty much the alternative rock version of taylor swift.

    • TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! October 31, 2012

      Hahahaha I say bring that on!

  42. Nichole October 31, 2012

    It’s good to know that Brit is still holding on to her record 13 years later.:-)

    • Lolax October 31, 2012


  43. Peter Griffin October 31, 2012

    This is very worrying news, I could now see her becoming the biggest international star. How does she shift so much? Why do people like her? I just don’t get it!

    • the real xoxo October 31, 2012

      shes safe – shes pretty but not threatening.
      she acts like a virgin mary so soccer mums have no worries buying it for their kids.
      she doesnt offend anybody, her songs are pop-country which has a large market.
      I dont see it either, then again i am not 12.

      • Peter Griffin October 31, 2012

        Sad but true story. As long as people don’t rub it in our faces all the time *Ehem* “TSN1F”.

    • TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! October 31, 2012

      Peter Griffin. What music do you actually like? I want artists names..

      • Peter Griffin October 31, 2012

        Demanding! Lol, my essay is above. Though I don’t listen to new music that much. I’m mostly listen to music made in the 90, mainly ’92, cause that’s the best year ever. Last song I listened to…

      • TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! November 1, 2012

        Okay, well i gave that song a listen and I could never listen to it again. I cant understand how you like that!:P

      • Peter G November 1, 2012


  44. LoveHoney October 31, 2012

    Them country folks support – let’s just pray these f**** stay away from the polls come Tuesday.

    • TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! October 31, 2012

      ….. No they deserve to vote as much as everyone… gosh.. peope are so damn nasty on this site

  45. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! October 31, 2012



    • Mario October 31, 2012

      Taylor Swift can sell 1.2 millions records in one week the b**** is still 22 writing 12 year old songs.#OverratedBitch

      • TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! October 31, 2012

        @Mario You obviously havent listen to the new album, just cause she isnt singing about going out to clubs and stuff like that.. doesnt make it music for 12 year old songs.

      • Mario October 31, 2012

        Both of you took my comment wrong kinda.I actually have the album but as a true fan of music I don’t stan for an artist and think that they perfect and can’t do no wrong.I casually listen to her but i still find that her songs are to teeny and music critics agree with me check that out and i just don’t get her hype and her as an artist and that’s why i think she is overrated.Secondaly, i actually liked your reply it was respectful and i appreciate that.However to miss Bawse when did having opinion become hating.i swear people use that hating and bullying word to damn much.if i hated her i would want the girl to be dead and i speak out of my mouth thank you and you speak out of your ass because you don’t clearly get the true meaning of hating.

      • TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! November 1, 2012

        @mario. You did call her an overated b**** though. You could’ve just called her overated if thats how you feel about her music..Calling her a b****, your talking about Taylor herlself! This is only gonna get Taylor fans on your back.

    • MiSSBawse October 31, 2012

      @TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN it’s ok man. Haters will hate. They talk out of their asses without listening to Taylor’s Critically and Commerciall Acclaimed RED album. I love it and I’m happy for her success. She deserves it!! Bumping to it right the *uck now.

      • MiSSBawse October 31, 2012


      • TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! November 1, 2012

        @MiSSBawsen I’m glad to know that you loving her, as much as I am:)
        Yeah a lot of stans of other artists, cant stand the fact she sells so much.

  46. mello November 2, 2012

    LIES LIES LIES OVER 500k were sold at 99cent on Amazon she did not sell 1+mil on full price… of course an album for 99cents is going to sell but it shouldnt be recognized as a goodthing. what happened to the days when Hype and hustling sold your albums not this 99cents b*******.

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