Christina Aguilera On ‘American Idol’ Drama: “I Love Nicki Minaj”

Published: Wednesday 10th Oct 2012 by David

With a confirmed performance slot at the show, Christina arrived at the ‘American Music Awards’ nominations event in LA yesterday to both announce the nominees and speak to press on the red carpet.

It was there, reports reveal today, that she shared her thoughts on the ongoing feud between ‘American Idol’ judges Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj.

Dying to hear what Aguilera had to say on the matter.

Read below…

When asked for her feelings on Minaj, the ‘Lotus’ gem beamed:

“I love Nicki Minaj!

I think she’s great, she’s fun, she’s fun to look at, colorful. I love that she’s able to take risks and people embrace that about her.”

Keeping mum on her thoughts on her long time nemesis Mariah, Christina did say the following when asked on her spat with Minaj:

“I don’t know. I’m not on that show. I’m sure they’ll be great.”

Peep this ‘fan produced’ video explaining Christina’s ongoing ‘rift’ with Carey below:


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  1. Sleazy October 10, 2012

    Lmaoooo Xtina Oh the shade…….. Mariah gets No love I understand that because the W**** think she’s gods gift to mankind which she is not I’m glad minaj snatched her weave

    • jme October 10, 2012

      totally agree with you. she’s talented, but shes so friggin full of herself like shes better than everyone. christina has BEAUTIFUL voice. and i think she gets tht way with any vocalist that she feels is or may become competition.

    • HereForMaraj October 10, 2012

      Yasss Queentina. Just for showing love to the kid imma buy that album when it drops.

      • FLOPTINA SUCKS October 17, 2012

        Queen my ass.. She is called FLOPTINA

    • TriumphantHeart October 10, 2012

      Christina Obeseguilera and Nicki Gimmickraj should get together and record an album full of songs about selling drugs, eating fatty foods and NOT being able to compete with Mariah.

      Floptastic whores.

      • truth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b**** October 10, 2012

        FAT W****!! CHRISTINA A TRUE B**** WHICH IS WHY I DON’T WATCH THE VOICE! i mean she really IS a b****. caint wait til this OINK h** FLOPS chile

      • FAF October 10, 2012




      • FLOPTINA SUCKS October 17, 2012

        Haha FLOPTINA UGLYERA is a fat loser.. Her carp songs are sinking on the charts.. Even Ciara is more successful than FLOPTINA haha

    • cap October 10, 2012

      Yes Mariah is ANNOYING! She feuds with everyone: Madonna, Xtina, JLO, Minaj, Whitney (in the beginning), Eminem and god knows who else. Im glad Nicki got with her annoying ass!

      • david September 19, 2013

        Ignorant,read more!Nicky started the feud back in 2010 when the “Up Out My Face” video collaboration.With Whitney there was nevr such a feud.Whitney speaks very clearly about it on the vids on youtube.Madonna started the fight by saying she would die b4 being Mariah Carey cos she was jealous of Mariah´s success and the so-called feud bt Mariah and JLo was professionally settletd.Christina is just a copycat of Mariah and Eminem is an asshole just like you

    • truth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b**** October 10, 2012

      somebody needs to SNATCH yo p**** hairs off b****

    • Scoopz24 October 10, 2012

      First off Nicki Minaji needs to respect the Queen !!!!!. When she has 18 #1 hits underneath her belt and at least 1 grammy then she can open her mouth n back to. Until then #Getyourlife and and have a stadium full

      • FAF October 10, 2012

        SALUTE THE QUEEN, F*****!

      • Scoopz24 October 11, 2012

        The only F** is you darhlingg. Mariah will always and forever be the queen so b**** bow down. I love me some xtina but clearly she’s still holding a grudge cause Mariah had her escorted away from her party. U MADD have several !!!!!!!!!!

  2. krys October 10, 2012

    J’apprécie ces 2 femmes! Bien que mariah soit une super chanteuse! sont comportement est excécrable! et c’est pour cela qu’elle à toujours des problèmes! Elle n’as pas à regardé nicky de haut comme elle le fait avec tout le monde dailleurs! J’ai tout les cd de mariah jusqu’a émancipation of mimi! après chaque album à partir de celui là elle dégringole! avec des mauvais choix de single! son dernier “triumphant” on dirais que c’est le son de rick ross et elle fait les vocal! une honte! bref! au lieu de chercher des poux au gens! elle ferais mieux de se remettre en question… Ah j’oubliais madame est une “princess”

    • MC October 10, 2012

      Stop lying.

      • krys October 10, 2012

        je ne mens pas! j’ai tout le début de sa discographie! j’ai même acheter l’album de bustah et jadakiss pour justa avoir les featuring de mariah! c’est dire!

      • Likica October 10, 2012

        Tu es foutu 😛

    • DOSSOME October 10, 2012

      not true

    • truth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b**** October 10, 2012

      you lyn roach

      • soulmusiclover October 10, 2012

        dude! why are you typing in french??? it’s an english blog silly!!!/ pourquoi tu écris en français, c un blog anglais !!!pfff

    • Peter Griffin October 10, 2012

      I bet ppl Google translated this. The same way this guy did to write in some really bad French…

  3. PrettigurlrockD Bitchess October 10, 2012

    She’s right about nicki Minaj. She may not be everyone’s cup of tea or fits everyone’s standards of talent but she’s fun and entertaining and works hard. Music is still entertainment at the end of the day and still very subjective. And u can’t be mad at someone for being who they want to be. Well, actually you could be who really cares.

  4. FestiveFun October 10, 2012

    Two flop b****** stanning for each other.

    Your Body is flopping allover the charts and Roman Reloaded hasn’t even sold 700k yet. Mariah dusts you b****** off like dust on her shoulders when she hears things like this.

    Call me when Nicki and Christina can get a number one single like Mariah did with Hero.

    • Sleazy October 10, 2012

      Uhm did you forget bout her last flop album I can’t get to the name but but she had to get Nicki and Neyo to push her singles “Up out my face” #100 (with video) Woohoo 75 (no video) K

    • cij October 10, 2012

      why are you worrying about a millionaires record sales, you silly peoples.

    • mr.m October 10, 2012

      AND Triumphant is out of Billboard top infinity ..

      • JOHNVIDAL October 10, 2012

        It´s funny how Xtina fans (no shade to Xtina) try to make it seem that yes Mariah is more successful than Xtina will ever be but ok we are in 2012 and Xtina is more successful right now and all that (that argument is obviously ridiculous but ok that´s what they say as an excuse)… BUT: Xtina´s last #1 single was 10 years ago (or more, I don´t remember) and Mariah´s last one was only 4 years ago (same as someone as “big” as Beyonce for example)

      • truth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b**** October 10, 2012


      • FAF October 10, 2012




  5. TriumphantEmancipation October 10, 2012

    A Fat b**** and a clown coming for the Queen?

    Jokes on jokes on jokes.

    Mimi would beat the s*** out of Roman.

    • MimisKiss October 10, 2012

      They’re jealous that Vision Of Love has sold more copies than Christina’s best selling album. Don’t even get me started on that ghetto clown. Has she even sold 5 million worlwdie yet?

      • Magina October 10, 2012

        Vision of love sold more than 17 million copies? keep reaching tho!

    • Sleazy October 10, 2012

      Calling Christina fat yet your fav earned the nickname “MOoOoooRiah”

      • DOSSOME October 10, 2012

        and i bet you really think you are funny……..

      • FAF October 10, 2012


    • Adrian October 10, 2012

      Yes ppl seem to forget that Mariah is so far ahead that her “flops” still keep her ahead of the pack…and her fanbase actually buys her albums. Christina…FLOPONIC??? Keeps Flopping Worser…?? & Your Floppy? all below mediocre!

      Mariah stays winning! Christina is very wise to keep her mouth shut this era because after that brutal attack from the Monsters she knows she doesn’t want any more from the Lambs or the psychotic pink wig wearing Barbz.

      *Dials Bianca’s number*

  6. Galuda October 10, 2012

    This post is reaching.

    • BionicBitch October 10, 2012

      You say it’s reaching because it exposed your fave. How could it be reaching when Christina spoke on the drama just last night.

      Fall back Mooriah worshipper.

  7. MC October 10, 2012

    Xtina, what b****? I see you keep on mentioning Mariah when she pays you dust. In all fairness she used to be such a good lamb before she whiskered to the side and left the stan group forever. Things are not the same without you girl.

    • DOSSOME October 10, 2012

      lol,things could have turned out different…..but xtina still loves vision of love just like all the lambs

    • mr.m October 10, 2012

      Yew mad coz she said she love Nicki?
      she said nothin about Man-iah .. you f***** b****
      Whoriah is a has-been .. Triumphant is a huge flop
      OUT OF BB TOP 100000001

      • DOSSOME October 10, 2012

        100000001???you still checkin 4 mimi,you even knows where it ranks

      • FAF October 10, 2012


  8. RUDE NAVY October 10, 2012

    christina , i love you and all but you won’t shade mc , ok ?

    for 2 obvious reasons :

    1. to look classy
    2. cuz if u did that , your new project will get the same amount of love “bionic” did get , because ppl ” who are obviously non fans” perceived you as a “nasty b**** with an attitude” in the past and they can’t wait to make you look bad.

    be wise and stay focused on your project , no need to weigh on business you don’t belong in , stay in yours and u will be good !! and trust me , siding with minaj won’t be good for you !

    • Sleazy October 10, 2012

      A rihanna fan is comig for someone and telling them to be Classy B**** please Your Fav talent is her P**** she HUMPS OLD MEN on stage Wears pieces of Cloths in public. Has a mouth of a trucker woman I could go on

    • LuxuriousAzealia October 10, 2012

      Isn’t Rihanna the one sleeping with the guy who put her in hospital. Take your own advice b****.

    • JOHNVIDAL October 10, 2012

      Read again @pop
      She didn´t say anything about Idol

  9. LotusFlowerBomb October 10, 2012

    I see the F****** fans are trying to drag. So let me drop some facts.

    Christina’s worst selling album still got to number one in the UK, debuted at number three in the US and went gold in Austria, Australia and Greece.

    Mariah’s worst selling album Memoirs debuted at number 23 in the uk, didnt get a single Top 3 single and was only certified Gold in the Us and silver in the UK. She released five singles and none of them got to number one.

    Take from these facts what you will.

    • mc the place to be!! October 10, 2012

      who cares about the uk when they are both american artists? japan is the next biggest music market after the us sooooo..

    • DOSSOME October 10, 2012

      but memoirs still outsold bionic worldwide….so your point exactly???

      • MC October 10, 2012

        More like her second “flop” Christmas album outsold “Bionic”

  10. That B*tch (I can’t with these delusional stans) October 10, 2012

    Why is everybody trynna drag my girl Xtina. She didn’t say anything about Mariah. Did you fools even bother reading?

    • cij October 10, 2012

      the probs is no one must say anything nice about Nicki,thats a prob in there sights too,so even if xtina didn’t say anything bad about Mimi and say something nice about nicki,it,s still a bad in these haters sights…silly retards.

      • all4u1 October 10, 2012

        These insecure retards just want a reason to vent!!! They know Christina didn’t do or say anything wrong!!!

    • JOHNVIDAL October 10, 2012

      You´re right. Xtina didn´t say anything at all
      It´s TGJ and slow people´s fault

  11. Raven October 10, 2012

    I think we all would like to hear what exactly happened & why Nicki & Mariah have this beef goin’ on. Lol I’m glad Xtina chose Nicki I mean she’s just amazing.. Her music slayys, she’s all over the charts! If it wasn’t for Nicki….. No one would have “FEMALE RAPPER” on their lips. So Shout to you Queen Nicki! Oooh yeah and congrats on your 4nomination @ the AMAs… Shows u how she slayys this music bizzzzzzzz!

  12. Sleazy October 10, 2012

    Mariah fans calling people fat B**** please that H** been struggling with her WEIGHT for years How DARE YOU!!!!!! Fooling us by touching up her pics and then the Real pics leaked lmao Remember the “triumFlop” art work and the real pics leaked Mariah witha double chin lmao

  13. Desdunate October 10, 2012

    When dragging Mariah stans I have learned that the facts sting more than the conjecture. Watch and learn Fighters.

    1. Mariah claims to be a woman of class but f***** her way into a record deal when she got involved with Tommy. You cannot say their sexual relationship had nothing to do with her scoring a deal.

    2. Nicki and Christina are killing her on the singles and albums charts TODAY. There’s no need to mention accolades she scored in the 90s when 20 years have passed since then. Nicki’s debut album sold 370k first and her second album sold 250k. Mariah’s latest album debuted with 56,000 copieswhich means she didn’t even sell a quarter of what Nicki did even on Nickis worst week.

    Like I said, we are talking about what is happening in TODAY’s world not what happened what twenty years ago. Christina’s Your Body peaked at number 34 on the hot 100. Triumphant didn’t even chart.

    3. Mariah likes to pretend that she is a lady of class when Eminem has the recordings and receipts to prove otherwise. Bagpipes of Baghdad anybody?

    4. Mariah is a living legend and has achieved things EVERY artist can only dream of but her career today is just as expired as her singing voice.

    The truth of the matter is that Nicki and Christina will never achieve what Mariah did in her prime but are far from flops and are actually very successful. Mariah needs to learn to show some humility especially now she can’t even chart on the hot 100 or sell a quarter of what she used to.

    • DOSSOME October 10, 2012

      pressed much….too bad you had to type all that

    • JOHNVIDAL October 10, 2012

      What a bunch of hateful words in your comment. And full of lies too

      • theman October 10, 2012

        Your comments are very flawed. Christina’s singing lol………… Mariah’s voice is beautiful, and she has done many things recently. Christina and Nicki? Nothing……….. Mariah shows alot of humility. Xtina has a lil tude when she wants. Don’t be a fool. Nicki is already flopping. Em doesn’t have anything. What about certain artists sleeping for tracks. Lol

    • cij October 10, 2012

      DESDUNATE Co-Sign,glad you let them know that is swings.

    • msteefromdc October 10, 2012

      what difference does anyone’s accomplishments make…nicki just needs to sit the f*** down somewhere and show respect. she been talkin reckless to everybody since day 1.

      btw u right they will never see the $$$, awards or accomplishments mariah has seen. whether it was 2 days ago or 20 years doesn’t matter. She beat them overall..i’m tired of yall youngins keep talkin about that shyt is so old they are has beens, they are washed up. these people are legendary, and iconic..and make timeless music you can listen to in 20+ years from whenever they were released. these women like mariah, etc…have paved the way for these ungrateful lil kids and they should be thankful… nobody will be checkin for nicki’s music n the next year or so. it’s f***** garbage…

      • BeyonceIsQueen, Rihanna Has H***** October 10, 2012

        You contradicted yourself.

        “what difference does anyone’s accomplishments make”

        The same could be used to argue that Nicki doesn’t need to show Mariah any respect at all. They’re both human beings after all.

    • MC October 10, 2012

      Yes…hmmm….I am going to have to see the receipts of your baseless claims.

  14. Raven October 10, 2012

    I think we all would like to hear what exactly happened & why Nicki & Mariah have this beef goin’ on. Lol I’m glad Xtina chose Nicki I mean she’s just amazing.. Her music slayys, she’s all over the charts! If it wasn’t for Nicki….. No one would have “FEMALE RAPPER” on their lips. So Shout to you Queen Nicki! Oooh yeah and congrats on your 4nominations @ the AMAs… Shows u how she slayys this music bizzzzzzzz!

    • JOHNVIDAL October 10, 2012

      You can´t read cos you can clearly see Xtina didn´t choose anything on here. “I love Nicki” is her response to a different question, not the idol one
      Don´t give Xtina a bad name please

  15. Magina October 10, 2012

    Why does Samantha always try to create fan wars?Xtina was asked about Nicki yesterday and she said she liked her! she was never asked who side she was on or about the feud ! and that “Oh MAriah clip” was from 2010 LONG before this drama! Xtina is a LAMB! because even in her new 2012 Billboard interview she cites Mariah as one of her greatest influences, hell there are vids and pics of her praising Mariah and Buying Mariahs albums! Just because You Sam Stan for that Ghetto clown Nicki, doesnt give you the right to use Xtina as a scapegoat to avoid haterism that should be directed at You and not her! you just get lower with every new post!

    • JOHNVIDAL October 10, 2012

      Exactly! And yes Xtina bought Mariah´s last album “Merry Xmas II you”

  16. Sleazy October 10, 2012

    Mariah is the most Insecure person I know She touches her pics up for the gods. She only wants the camera man to shoot 1 side of her face etc She Is threatened by Nicki wanting to be the only female on the panel etc. She needs help and Please go buy her flop single she features on lmao

    • E=McSlays October 10, 2012

      Why would she be insecure when she’s the world’s highest selling artist.

      Madonna could never. Celine could never, so why do you think Christina could? Fall back chubby chaser!

      • Lock down October 10, 2012

        Whitney done slayed Mooriah Even out sold her with her last album … Xtina didn’t come in Mariah time!!! When Xtina debut she slayed and still does

  17. LegendTina The Goddess October 10, 2012

    Explain where Christina Aguilera said something negative about Mariah Carey on this Idol matter? Just because she kept quit on it… Oh and please don’t act like Mariah Carey herself is not shady or catty to like in this video of past events!

    Talking about FLOPS! Mariah Carey is the QUEEN of flop, a film, 2 albums and a 1st single that didn’t even chart, Christina Aguilera had 1 flop album only!.

    Speaking about last offerings, both they current singles released recently. Your Body is STILL charting on billboard without a performance or real promo, Triumphant didn’t even chart!!!! ‘Legends’ or not… If your fave is still making music that means they got something still to prove and #’s don’t lie!

    • LaLopez October 10, 2012

      Yes sis! That is the meat and potatoes of the situation. Christina is still selling today, Lionel is selling today, Madonna is still touring today but what about Mariah. Her singles don’t even chart!

      • DOSSOME October 10, 2012

        mariah is still selling albums today,dont forget her last 2 albums outsold bionic….plz make wikipedia your friend

    • JOHNVIDAL October 10, 2012

      By the age Xtina is now Mariah still didn´t have any of her flops
      Xtina was going to be a #1 for sure with Your Body but even all the it producers and radio friendly songs seem to not be able to do it for Xtina. Mariah flopped. But she had no promo either, she´s 42 and her single is far from being what radio and singles charts like nowadays
      Enough said

      • Likica October 10, 2012

        Excuses excuses. Pigriah Scarey’s time is over. Her five mintues finished long time ago. She hasn’t had a hit for a while. Christina is a better singer than her, she can outsing her anytime.
        Hurt >>>>>>>> All Pigriah’s discography combined

      • MC October 10, 2012

        I don’t mean to burst your carefully created bubble, but “Vision of love”, “My all”, “Butterfly”, “We belong together”, etc >>> “Hurt” and all of Xtina’s discography. Lets not talk about weight issues when your fave, self-admittedly, is a “fat girl”. Stop spewing lies and come next time with facts and receipts. #POW

      • Likica October 10, 2012

        H** hush! Christina is not my fav but I do like her voice and songs. She’s a better vocalist than Pigriah. Pigriah has always been a greasy sausage. Xtina feel comfortable in her skin so why should I care about her shape?
        Hurt /Beautiful >>>> all songs that you mentioned combined

      • MC October 10, 2012

        H** you can hush and shove it up your ass. Mariah will forever be a better vocalist than Screamtina. All the songs I mention most definitely wipe out all of Xtina’s discography easily. Actually, they happen to be Xtina’s favorite songs while she stays stanning for Mariah. And as for Xtina being comfortable in her body, that’s why she Photoshops 30 Ibs per photo shoot. Your hypocrisy runs deep “Xtina feel comfortable in her skin so why should I care about her shape?” You judge Mariah on her weight but not Xtina considering Xtina is heaver. Girl have all the seats in the world for you ignorant jealous ass. Pathetic b****. #Goodfuckingbye #dementedbitch #jealousy

      • Likica October 10, 2012

        Xtina >>>>> Pigriah
        Your opinion is s*** and h** you will deal 😉

      • MC October 10, 2012

        No booboo, you will have to deal with the fact that even XXXLtina herself knows herself that Mariah is better than her and that’s, my love, why she mentions Mariah 20 x while Mariah pays her dust. And “Honey”, you will find a way to cope, deal, choke on that little piece of fact.
        Mariah >>> Xtina + your faves + you + your 25500 family members + etc. Have fun swallowing your pride. #ByeBye

      • Likica October 11, 2012

        B**** get the f*** out of my comments. I don’t give a f*** about your opinion so bugger off.
        Christina >> Pigriah!

  18. NavyHeart October 10, 2012

    It makes me laugh when people say Mariah helped Nicki with Up Out My Face.

    The truth is that it was Nicki who helped Mariah because the album that Up Out My Face came from charted with 168k first week when Nickis debut album came in with 375k first week. So tell me who was helping who?

    Mariah CANNOT compete with the new girls and that’s why she’s so insecure. Triumphant didn’t even chart in America and she hasn’t sold over 500k for any of the albums she’s put out since the Emancipation.

    Nicki Minaj may be a clown but she’s a successful one.

    • HereForMaraj October 10, 2012

      Oh my gosh. I never thought of it like that.

      As they say, men and women lie but numbers don’t!

    • DOSSOME October 10, 2012

      all the albums she has put out since emancipation sold 500k and above…..plz go to class

    • JOHNVIDAL October 10, 2012

      Are u a kid inventing things for fun or something?

      • BeyonceIsQueen, Rihanna Has H***** October 10, 2012

        No lies were told here. I fact checked and everything said here was true. Mariah is flopulous.

    • theman October 10, 2012

      Clearly u are clueless. Memoirs MllU, both went gold. E=m2 sold nearly one point five mil. Your facts are a fraud, and to the fake Beyonce stan that claimed u checked, your sources are all jacked up.

  19. NippysDreams October 10, 2012

    In my opinion, Celine Dion, Barbara Streisand, Tina Turner, Cher and Whitney are the true divas because they reached out to the younger girls and embraced them.

    They did this because they are so secure in their success they didn’t feel threatened by these new girls.
    Mariah on the other hand got her record deal by sleeping with her record executive and is notorious in the industry for claiming credits for songs she didn’t write, even paying to be the only name credited for writing songs she didn’t even have a hand in.

    She’s also insecure because she saw how easy it was for Tommy to betray her with Jennifer Lopez when he stole her songs and gave them to her. All these things explain why she’s always been hostile to new and old talent.

    At the height of her fame Celine Dion openly supported Whitney and was a friend to her till the day she died. Mariah shaded Whitney for years because she was threatened by her and had the nerve to pretend they were always friends when she died.

    I won’t go into what i think about Nicki Minaj because I think she is a joke, but Mariah is a catty and shady lady so I think she had every right to yell at her like that.

    • DOSSOME October 10, 2012

      you must be 6yrs sound it

    • JOHNVIDAL October 10, 2012

      Are u high or something?
      Back to reality please

  20. MaZ October 10, 2012

    What’s the link with their feud?

    We already know Xtina loves Nicki! She was the only featuring on her previous album.

    Xtina said: “They’ll be great!”, she said nothing negative on Mariah.

    All you tryna do is start a stan war! Bring some all sh*t video and take Christina’s words out of context.

    What are these reports? What are your sources?

    Come on! You can be serious! You’re desperate to get comments with news made of sh*t.

    • RiriLovesYou October 10, 2012

      The link is that Mariah is a mean spirited woman who hates on those she is threatened by.
      She should take a leaf out of Rihanna’s book and be gracious to all she meets.

      • DOSSOME October 10, 2012

        rih is waaaaay too gracious with whoever she meets,thats her reputation (yes that’s shade)

      • MaZ October 10, 2012

        Oh yeah Rihanna was so gracious to Ciara years ago!
        Their tweeter beef speaks for her!

  21. Spaxicle October 10, 2012

    The title of this post is so misleading. The “I love Nicki Minaj” remark isn’t even about the Mariah-Nicki feud. How do you expect to be a reliable source of information when you pull of such gimmicks? And readers, please read the damn information properly before going off and making meaningless comments.

    • JOHNVIDAL October 10, 2012

      Exactly! Most people can´t read or comprehend

    • DOSSOME October 10, 2012

      true…whatever happened to ”read and understand before you comment”

  22. Snatching wigs beyonce and Adele October 10, 2012

    Who is Christina

    Is she that girl who be on that show the voice? but don’t have a voice.
    Just a screaming box hmm she holds no weight
    That would f*** em’ up

    • Queen Adele October 10, 2012

      beyonce ain’t snatching s***, sit!

      • Snatching wigs beyonce and Adele October 10, 2012

        Usually I don’t give you stans the time of day but since you stan for the right b**** I’m not gonna go in on cuz I stan more for miss. Adele than Bey but both are slaying

  23. TriumphantHeart October 10, 2012

    I see these lesser ladies are feeling themselves today.

    Mariah has no time for the lowly and will not respond to Nicki The Clown or Christina The Obese.

    If they have a problem with her they should take it up with the millions of people who have bought her albums over the years. She is the Queen and they are peasants.

    • Lock down October 10, 2012

      Did you for get how mariah struggled with her weight and how she still is built like a Huge man and still is fat? Lmao TruiFlopt is #1hbdfkjkjfjf on the charts go check for it and oh yes when is she admiting to how Slim shady f***** her

  24. mr.m October 10, 2012

    LOL! I love Xtina!
    Man-iah always been a jealous b**** to queen X
    It’s the truth darling .. even tho I’m with Whoriah in her Nicki feud
    BUT guuuuuuuuuuueeeEeeerrrrrrrr when it comes to Xtina u betta watch it

    P.S. Triumphant won the billboard award for the FLOP OF THE CENTURY
    Congrats Man-iah 😀

  25. Dave October 10, 2012

    Notice even originally All Christina said was how Mariah acted at the party, how do we know that’s not true? Mariah did show up that time to that award show drunk. So it’s not like she said something mean, it may have been the honest truth. Christina had did nothing but praised Mariah. & when Christina simply spoke on what happened at that party, Mariah wanted to be shady. To me even her showing up uninvited which she shouldn’t have done, I’m sure she came to show how much she appreciate’s MiMi. After Christina said her comments you didn’t see Christina going on different interviews & when asked about her, you don’t see her throwing catty shade. I’m slightly on Mariah’s side for the Nicki feud (even thou I think she was shady to Nicki), but Nicki could’ve handle that way better. But as far as Christina & Mariah, Mariah seemed to be quite childish.

    • JOHNVIDAL October 10, 2012

      Why are u all even talking about Mariah vs Xtina now??
      It is well reported Xtina was a b**** during the first years of her career. British boyband Westlife have a good story about her too. And many others.
      I like many things about Xtina´s personality. But she did what she needed to do from 2006 and on. To humble herself. She´s better now

  26. JOHNVIDAL October 10, 2012

    So Xtina didn´t say anything at all just like I expected (she would be silly)
    TGJ searching for hits

    • DOSSOME October 10, 2012

      you know how sam acts whenever he’s broke

  27. Lock down October 10, 2012

    Mariah should stop shading Jlo. Christina. Nicki etc and admit to how Eminem F***** her ? B**** we already know he did the nasty with you ewww

    • DOSSOME October 10, 2012

      you should be more intelligent than that….dont underestimate your intelligence

  28. truth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b**** October 10, 2012

    she a fat jealous b****.THE END chile!!

    • cij October 10, 2012

      You are a super r***** who needs some serious help.

      • all4u1 October 10, 2012

        I see this psychotic person on every Christina post. Christina will always stay on your narrow mind!!! lol

  29. RoyalKev October 10, 2012

    Well I’m glad Christina stayed out of it. I see that she still supports Nicki because she did collaborate with her on Bionic. As for Chrissy and Mariah – they have their days, they can both be ice princesses, but they both have a ton of talent. The music speaks for itself.

    As for the Idol controversy, I personally have a feeling that Mariah may have provoked the fued between her and Nicki. Nicki unfortunately escalated things to a point that was unnecessary. I just hope the stupid story dies down.

  30. @THE_MALEMADONNA October 10, 2012


  31. Realest October 10, 2012

    Christina Aguilera and Nicki Minaj BOTH have the same syndrome. Idolize an icon (Mariah and Lil Kim) and as soon as you get your big break and get a lil buzz in your corner you act as if you’re equal or better then that which basically created you- when your not even close. So its natural two wannabe’s LOOOOOVE each other. Lol

  32. MRDIVABITCH October 10, 2012

    This b**** trying to come for Mariah…instead of throwing shade she should be on a vocal coach and on a treadmill.

    • Christina Slayguilera October 10, 2012

      You speak of vocal coaches and treadmill when Mariah looks and sounds the way she does?

      Poor confused b****.

      • theman October 10, 2012

        Nam Mariah’s all good.

      • MRDIVABITCH October 10, 2012

        Mariah sounds how? Flawless?
        While your b**** strains and screams her head off to read simple middle voice notes, Mariah soars into the stratosphere like it’s no more difficult than drinking a glass of water.

    • small_angel October 11, 2012

      and you should try reading and searching facts sometimes. talking bout things without knowing an ounce of idea about it. you are the biggest XTINA hater here in TGJ, we already know you.

  33. Suicide Blonde October 10, 2012

    If that wasn’t a shade, i don’t know what else is, i have always think she and Mariah could be best friends, voice, same body type and both are bitchy b******.

    • MC October 10, 2012

      You forgot they both love Marylin Monroe

  34. Nick October 10, 2012

    you stans need to know that mariah could careless about charting
    she is a LEGEND now she doesn’t need to be competing with todays’ retarted crowd of artists
    like nicki minaj, ke$ha, Katy perry, adele, rihanna, beyonce, usher, justin beiber, chris brown and so on
    she has already made her mark on the music world
    no one will EVER have the best successful christmas Album like Mariah! she doesn’t need to work for the rest of her life
    she only makes music for her fans and because she loves doing it.

    • sharon October 10, 2012

      So right! she already got money, with a net worth of half a billion!! she got nothing to prove anymore!

  35. theman October 10, 2012

    Well for starters Mariah and Christina do not have the same body type. Christina didn’t say anything about Mariah. Sam stay trying to twist stuff like the tabloids. He’s desperate because he needed a story.

  36. HoneyBee October 10, 2012

    smh @ these clowns!
    lemme read to ya’ll for a minute. CHURCH IS IN SESSION;

    Ya’ll are talking about Mariah’s LAST album ‘memoirs of an imperfet angel’ flopping… It underperformed yes, but when you sold 200MILL WORLDWIDE, have 4 Grammy’s and WRITTEN some of the most influential and iconic hits of all time, you got room to flop. Mariah is a diva and a legend, but not for no good reason. She debuted in 1990! She has what Nicki and Christina dream of… longevity.

    You cant compare the commercial performance of somebodies 12th studio album to Nicki Minaj’s collection of songs from her SECOND release. PFRR is struggling. As for miss thing Christina Aguilera… people in glass houses should not throw stones honey. Nobody in the industry is feelin you because you have a nasty ass attitude and girl, what dues have you paid to justify that? The fact of the matter is, Mariah can remain unbothered by Christina and Nicki while she cements her status as legend and collects her cheques. Nicki will be on welfare in 20yrs collecting food stamps or living in a shed at the bottom of Drake and his bf’s house. Christina will be a roseanne barr tribute act. Now ya’ll can deal.


    • It’s Utterly Bizaar! October 11, 2012


  37. KingBey October 10, 2012

    Christina Fans calling someone a flop? B****, Did Bionic Even Sell 400K Yet?
    Catch That Shade, And Sit Ya’ll asses down before you come for the f****** Queen.

    • FLOPTINA October 14, 2012

      We call her FLOPTINA..

  38. KingBey October 10, 2012

    AND NICKI FANS HAVE NO F****** ROOM TO TALK. B**** Hasn’t even sold 700K yet. And don’t come to me saying, “Oh It’s CERTIFIED Platinum” s***. It f****** flop. And to the dumb b**** that said mariah’s debut only sold 56K, Nicki And XXL-Tina Haven’t Been Able to break the 400K Mark.
    Beyonce Has
    Alicia Has
    Britney Has
    Madonna Has
    Mariah Has.
    But Has Christina Or nicki?
    HELL NO.

    • FLOPTINA SUCKS October 17, 2012

      Floptina is a desperate loser

  39. HoneyBee October 10, 2012


    They feel the need to overdefend their faves because they are pressed and threatened about real industry legends such as Mariah and Beyonce. It’s that simple. Thirsty and Reaching.

    • Likica October 10, 2012

      H** hush! Xtina has better voice than them and her music is better. As I know she’s sold more albums than Beyonce. BeyFlop has never had 9xPlatinum album like Xtina so go jump off a cliff and take a deep dive.

      • MRDIVABITCH October 10, 2012

        No she doesn’t. Christina does not have a better voice than Beyonce and she sure as hell does not have a better voice than Mariah. Beyonce’s 3 octaves of connected and agile range s*** all over Christina’s strained, disconnected, flat and off key, unsupported allegedly 4 octaves. And Mariah? I don’t even need to bring up her receipts.

      • irene46 October 12, 2012

        better voice than beyonce….yeah, maybe; better than mariah…aaah, NO!

  40. Jokerz October 10, 2012

    Wow it’s amazing how stupid some pple are..she never said anything bad and that was from a different question .She didn’t even mention Mariah. Like some one said read before you comment. I wonder how
    many of you have basic education cuz its clearly obvious and sad that a lot if you don’t …smh

  41. HoneyBee October 10, 2012

    It’s ludacris that people make wild comments. Personally, I like Christina, her music isn’t my thing, but she did her thing in 04 and is still half relavant today, remaining an inspiration to fuller shaped women everywhere.


    Christina stans, do not come for Beyonce or Mariah because the lambs and the hive will get you together in a minute and serve some Precious social worker realness!

  42. xoxrmxox October 10, 2012

    How is that even shade? She was asked about Nicki and she explained that she loves her as an entertainer. This is in no way or shape linked to the incident on idol nor Christina’s opinion on the issue! This doesn’t even have anything to do with Mariah!

    Now when they asked her about the fued, she said she isn’t on the show and she’s sure they’ll be great implying she has no opinion on the matter and that she’s on no one’s side.

    I don’t see how people think she’s trying to come for Mariah? She stans for Mariah since forever, especially her older stuff. She’s been praising her for years and even in her latest billboard interview she cited Mariah as one of her biggest inspirations.

  43. Jer October 11, 2012

    XXLtina, stay pressed. POW

  44. irene46 October 12, 2012

    i think if whoohoo had been the first single off of ‘bionic’ it woulda stood a far better chance of success. it’s fun and s*** and that gaga bs wouldn’t have blown up as soon as ‘bionic’ hit the racks.

  45. FLOPTINA October 14, 2012


  46. FLOPTINA SUCKS October 17, 2012

    Mariah is a desperate has been but i respect her.. I hate FLOPTINA coz she suckssssssss

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