Hot Shots: Kelly Rowland Dazzles In ‘Mama Told Me’ & ‘Representin” Videos

Published: Saturday 27th Oct 2012 by Sam

Kelly Rowland really is in permanent “grind” mode these days.

Indeed, if she’s not in the studio, she’s shooting a video. When not doing that, the singer can also be found on set of her new BET sitcom ‘What Would Dylan Do?’.

The last two weeks, though, saw the Destiny’s Child graduate on feature video duty, cranking out not one but two visuals. The first for Ludacris‘ ‘Representin‘ and the second for ‘Mama Told Me’ – her hot new collaboration with Outkast’s Big Boi.

Peep pics from both clip’s below, where you can listen to each track too…


We hear the arrival of Kelly’s own video for new single ‘Ice’ is imminent. Exciting times.

Your thoughts?

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  1. 211 October 27, 2012

    Kelly, queen of flops.

    • Love Jeffery October 27, 2012

      B****!!!, Why Even Comment On Here If You’re Just Going To Be Ignorantly Negative… Ummm… And I Seriously Don’t Get How She’s Consider A Flop, and Not YOU!!! Check Yourself… Moving On… KELLY MUTHAFUCKING ROWLAND A.K.A. THE BLACK BARBIE IS DOING HER THING!!! AND I’M SOOO PROUD OF HER… #TeamKellyRowland4Life&Beyond

      • Lax October 27, 2012

        @211,,,,you need to grow Up, and even if you feel like Kelly is a flop that mean u r not even giving Kelly credit for singing/performing with one of the biggest groups “DC”

        Kelly is talented, beautiful and a great Artist!!!
        and a Great Lady with a body that is on lock!!!!!!!

    • CSQUADGOTMEGOOD October 27, 2012

      Why is this woman still trying? NOBODY CARES KELLY!

      • YOTW October 27, 2012

        Leave her alone. You mad that two eleven didn’t sale but don’t take it out on Kelly

      • CHillin October 27, 2012

        Nobody cares…yet she is performing at mercedes benz fashion week on an INTERNATIONAL basis..and she will be featured ion 3 videos as of next week..and 4 including her own..Ice is climbing the charts without promo and without a video…boo check got it twisted

    • williNalli October 27, 2012


  2. look at me ish October 27, 2012

    Yessss Kelly, you better work…..

  3. Licious October 27, 2012

    Get that money girl.

    • Lax October 27, 2012

      That is right get that money I
      love that Concept…

    • williNalli October 27, 2012


  4. sydime October 27, 2012

    That’s 4 videos, can’t wait… Ms Kelly is doing here thing…

    P.s Represent video coming to 106@park Monday..

    • Heavy Heavy October 27, 2012

      B**** can’t you count. Its three!!

    • Chillin October 27, 2012

      It’s 4 boo! She also has Sean Paul’s video out as well..

  5. Love Jeffery October 27, 2012

    Kelly Rowland Is The “It” R&B Girl, and She Will Succeed… Plus, Kelly Looks Absolutely BEAU-TI-FUL!!! And There’s No Denying Her Talent, Beauty, and Drive… People Who Hate On Her, and Tries To Call Her All Types Of Names Are Clearly Her MOTIVATION To Never Give Up -Or- Listen To Anything Negative Anyone Has To Say, Other Than Her Heart, and Her Real Fans Who Support No Matter What!!! #TeamKellyRowland4LifeAndBeyond.

    • Lax October 27, 2012

      @Love… right on!

  6. Peter Griffin October 27, 2012

    When’s nigs gonna ‘dazzle’ in the ‘Ice’ video?

    • Slayara Princess Harrris October 27, 2012

      When Beyonce doesn’t need her to babysit Blue.

      • RihNaj Dior October 27, 2012

        LOOOOOOOOOOOL #dead

  7. mhud October 27, 2012

    Wow.queen kelly rowland 4eva.

  8. mhud October 27, 2012

    Wow.queen kelly rowland 4eva.

    • Öz Firdevs October 27, 2012


    • williNalli October 27, 2012


  9. antertain October 27, 2012

    These Destiny Child girls REALLY know how to WORK WORK WORK.
    Especially Kelly, Bey and ex child LeToya.

    If its not music, then its stuff on TV or appearances.

    Michelle does her stuff also but to a lesser degree .

    Raised well and put the work In

    • Lax October 27, 2012

      @ANTERTAIN U R Speaking the truth and nothing but the
      truth. People seem to get side tracked when they see artist working hard, for some reason and always want to try and a talk the working girls down, I wonder Why?

  10. danny b October 27, 2012

    Ok I love Kelly, Lawrd knows I do, and I appreciate her getting her name out there and getting that money, but am I the only one who is getting restless with all these featured videos/singles?? I want a new KELLY ROWLAND material pronto, not FEATURING KELLY ROWLAND stuff. I dont want her to be an Ashanti where shes on everybodys joint before her project comes out. Sorry if Im being negative Nancy but i love Kelly and I just really want new music from HER and HER only. Because pretty soon, people are just gonna get used to her being on other artists tracks so much that when she does put out her own stuff, no one will be that interested -_-

    • Öz Firdevs October 27, 2012

      Agree with ya, but is good that she is working with big names

    • Kylie October 27, 2012

      I disagree. Dilemma with Nelly remains her biggest track with regards to recognition out side of Beyonce’ BGV’ist. Feats have always been good to Kelly and these two track keep her name out there and attached to two staples of underground urban music (Luda) and major international crossover (Big Boi). The two tracks are hot, and if they do well on urban and mainstream radio it great for Kelly and could help garner more interest for her solo music without restricting her to the none buying urban fan. Right now all she has out is ICE (a song I can not abide) and it is doing ok, but if that were all she had out not a single soul would be talking about her. These feature have her looking like the “IT” girl right now.

      • thetruth October 27, 2012

        Don’t for get When Loves Takes Over with David Guetta.

      • Öz Firdevs October 28, 2012


    • alessandro October 28, 2012

      completely agree with you i love her too but i want to hear only her voice in a new song. unfortunately people take her for granted. that’s sad

  11. V – Jay, Jay October 27, 2012

    I like Kelly but ya’ll have to change that first unflattering picture that you have, cause she’s looking all kinda lil’ Mama in that picture.

    • Öz Firdevs October 27, 2012


      • Öz Firdevs October 28, 2012

        She doesn´t even look like lil mama

  12. muni October 27, 2012

    I love my fave

    • williNalli October 27, 2012

      Me too 😛

  13. Chillin October 27, 2012

    This is what you call hustling! Gettin that money..if she was a so called “flop” she would’ve been sitting around twiddling her fingers..not being in 3 other videos other than her own one time

    • Two Eleven Out Now October 27, 2012

      So we’re supposed to congratulate her for shooting 3 videos which will probably all fail. I’m sorry but it’s time to be frank since you guys wanted to shade in the other story, Kelly won’t do well until she changes her attitude.

      • Lebo(CaribbeanBOi) October 27, 2012

        And @Two Eleven Out Now

        Did you put $$$$ in her bank? I don’t think so .. Kelly making her papers, I don’t see why people comment on a artist news/story if they don’t like em’ and all they gonna be is negative … I guess your life is so depressing you wanna throw some shade around …

        Hey keep talking, you making her more relevant …

    • Öz Firdevs October 27, 2012

      Right, but she has to do new things to be recognized. she has to dance more and sing out louder and harder. She has to be present continuously…. it´s not all about getting that money, I think she has already enough of it. Its now about success

      • CHillin October 27, 2012

        Oh and excuse me..Brandy should be congratulated for her FLOP sales AFTER a heavy promotional trail……dont even go there..Kelly will have 4 videos AND her own BET sitcom AND she just perfomed in dont want it..why are yall so one is comming for brandy..your insecurites of brandy are pathetic,,downing kelly for doing her thing

    • Öz Firdevs October 28, 2012

      Kelly has a lot of people who support her…..almost like nobody else

  14. Have You Ever October 27, 2012

    But where is Ice? Its so sad that by the time Kelly comes out with a new album Beyonce will be back and it will be a wrap for her.

    • Lax October 27, 2012

      @Have You Ever
      Why are you being so mean to Kelly for no
      reason Other then to see yourself look Stupid,,,

      • CHillin October 27, 2012

        clearly the video wll come out when needed..the song is climbing witought a video..

    • thetruth October 27, 2012

      Beyonce & Kelly came out with albums around the same time last year and that did not stop the attention from her. People r definitely interesting in what she’s doing! Why r u bringing up Beyonce bcuz kelly fans don’t seem to be bothered! What does Kelly video have to do with Beyonce putting out material? From reading your user name u must be a Brandy fan. U guys have alot of insecurities…

  15. BRockinIt October 27, 2012

    After the last dragging session the Kelly stans put the starz through Im just gonna come out and say how I feel.

    Do you know how insulting it is to call Kelly the R&B It Girl when she’s almost twenty years into her career overall and ten into her solo career. Kelly’s people have lied to themselves and told themselves that she is the leading R&B girl when in all actuality , the leading R&B girl is Keyshia, which I can admit even though I stan for Brocka.

    Kelly is such a sorry case she’s never had a hit single on her own and depends on Rappers bigger than her to catch people’s attention and thats why motivation did well but here i am didn’t. Could the average person even name two songs from that album that weren’t singles. Until she humbles herself and accepts that she’s not doing well by anybody’s standards she’s going to keep on releasing albums that nobody cares about.

    You can’t blame Mathew for holding her back when her new manager isn’t doing a better job.

    • BeyWhoUWanna October 27, 2012

      You hit the nail on the head! How can she be the r&b it girl when she started fifteen years ago. Brandy may not sell a lot of records now but she’s still respected for her past sales and influence on tv with Moesha. What will Kelly go down in history for? Babysitting Blue Ivy when Beyonce has to go out to showbiz dinners?

    • EnoughOfNoKeyshia October 27, 2012

      Wow,y’all some major haters. I agree that Kelly is a flop but you guys are too mean.

    • Lebo(CaribbeanBOi) October 27, 2012

      I don’t see why ya’ll talking about Kelly, if she’s a failure in your books SHUT UP and MOVE on .. Apparently you like her so you have an opinion on her career …

      Kelly is making her $$$$$, she is here and still has a career so something must be going good for her …

    • Quan October 27, 2012

      Yall really kill me with the hate, but that’s what keeps her going. So by all means continue. Do not get mad because no one called Brandy to do a track. Your girl is not it anymore. She def is not attractive and her tired as runs are dead to the world. Can Brandy sing her ass off yes. Was her album good? No it was great! But what I won’t let you sit here and do is throw Kelly shade when Brandy is back on the decline already…..Now have several!

      • thetruth October 27, 2012


        Girl u betta tell it! Her album just dropped last week and she’s already on the decline…. ppl have been anticipating more music, magazines, television, appearances etc from Kelly since making her comeback last year… and ppl r still waiting! Can’t say the same about Brandy.

    • thetruth October 27, 2012


      The last time I checked Keyshia Cole have how many twitter followers???? She has less than 250k to Kelly’s 4.1 Mill. Stop lying to yoself! U know what it is!

      • Vandrea October 27, 2012

        What do Twitter followers have to do with anything? How many of Kelly’s Twitter followers actually buy her music? 4.1 million vs. 200k. You don’t see anything as being ‘off’ about that comparison?

        People kill me thinking that the number of social network followers is some kind of success for celebrities. If someone is following you on Twitter, but isn’t invested enough in you to buy you’re product, then they’re basically just eavesdropping voyeurs, who’re probably just using you to pump up their own profiles and lists.

  16. Lebo(CaribbeanBOi) October 27, 2012

    Kelly doesn’t care about releasing when Beyonce is, people need to stop mentioning Beyonce on Kelly’s post ..

    At this point selling albums means nothing. I bet so much was surprise @ #TwelveEleven 1st week sales .. Its all about the raw talent, Kelly is just happy doing music ..

    I love Kelly and she’s doing her thing right now, get that $$$ Kelz !!1

    • BeyWhoUWanna October 27, 2012

      Excuse me? “Selling albums means nothing”, tell that to her label and see how fast you’ll be kicked off their roster. Brandy may have flopped but at least people like and care about what she’s doing which means people will pay even more attention to what she does from now on. Nobody cares about Kelly and it’s the truth, everyone has tried to be nice and support her but she’s a horrible underachiever because she believes she is bigger than she actually is. In her career, she’s NEVER had good sales and that says a lot.

      Someone made a good point the other day when they said that Kelly is the only singer whose never had a good era that she can look back and learn from. She flops everytime.

      • Lebo(CaribbeanBOi) October 27, 2012

        I aint here to chit chat about people who has more $$$ in there bank than me and you, prolly that’s why you on here .. Guess what ? She relevant bcuz you have your opinion on her life, yes b**** accept it …

        I aint knocking #Brandy hustle bcuz I have met both Bran & Kelz, they both sweet ladies and I support them both .. WHatever Kelz and her management team are doing with her career its her s***, I guess theyd oing something good for you bcuz ur checking in her to give your 2 cents ..


  17. Two Eleven Out Now October 27, 2012

    I’m just laughing at the comments on here. As much as I love Kelly I am done waiting for her to do well when it’s been ten years since she got the chance to.

    I gave her the excuse to fail when she was signed to bias assed Music World but she is still doing badly without them so maybe Mathew knew something we didn’t and it’s embarrassing that the dialogue between her fans is “she’s gonna slay this time” almost as though she’s a new artist who STILL hasn’t proved herself after allthis time.

    Even when it comes to her talent, nobody thinks oh she’s so talented in the way they do for Mary, Brandy, Ciara and K Cole, it’s embarrassing.

    • CHillin October 27, 2012

      what do u mean “waiting for her to do well”??? If she is being BOOKED on shows, invited to perform at events, asked to be FEATURED on tracks, ALLOWED to drop another Album..woth other 15million dollars, won grammies, and many other awards, endorce international brands,…WTF more do you want…you people are pathetic…

      • WYLA October 27, 2012

        When did Kelly win any Grammies and why do you think a Kelly album of all albums would be worth 15 million dollars when she probably hasn’t even made a third of that for any label she’s ever been signed to.

  18. Quan October 27, 2012

    It just baffles me at the amount of hate that Kelly receives…but its all good. It seems to me that the hate is coming from these bitter ass Brandy fans! Listen say what you want about Kelly Rowland, the point is you still talking about her. So obviously she must be doing something right. Next yall throw brandy’s achievements around like she was a Whitney or Mariah. Child please. Also you cant discredit Kelly’s career. Why? Simple she was a member of Destiny’s Child. So the point of it all is that whether you like it or not she is STILL in demand and nobody is calling your fav so have a seat!

  19. OZ October 27, 2012

    Stop hatin stupid h*** ! Brandy and Kelly are BFF’s since the were teenagers, it makes no sense for crazed stans to be tearing down each other, especially when your comment dont matter in this world….. only in your f***** up reality ! Stans need to get a f***** life and support their faves and shut the f*** up ! If yall supported Brandy her sales would be better and yall wouldnt be taking it out on Kelly for her poor sales !

  20. OZ October 27, 2012

    if Brandy sales were good her starz wouldnt be mad and looking for someone to hate on to distract from the fact that the number are bad ….. they are cheap and didint support their fave.
    Hatin on kelly is not gonna solve Brandys sales problem !!!!!!!

  21. lmao October 27, 2012

    Lol but kelly sray getting paid more than these r and b chicks. Haha but shes a so called flop??? Get the f** outta here kelly stay makin money

  22. karla October 27, 2012

    Its so much to be excited about teamkelly we are getting three videos a tv show a new album a year apart from her last one a busta rhymes and missy collaboration a dance trak endorement deals ect..

    Kelly is listening to us she is working hard to make us pround we said we wanted her to dance more and she definitely has/is doing that. We said we wanted her to stop making albums years apart she is doing that now she is def trying to make sure she is everywhere.

    Being on everyone song helped lil wayne, Nicki minaj, chris brown ect.. Now artist feel or felt like they have to have them on a song in order to produce a hit. People talked s*** about them too at first but I bet they all want their fav to put them on their first song.

    And so what if Kelly used lil wayne twice on two different first singles Beyonce used jay-z on her first singles as well. You have to start somewhere. If thats what Kelly has to do to get noticed then by all means please do it!

    Because once you get your foot in the door you’ll be able to do anything u want.

    Team kelly ignore them its so much to be happy about so much to look forward to!

    Man I will not let you bored ass holes take away my excitement. Kelly is about to come out with three videos for some of my favorite collaborations with legendary outkast member big boi! and ludachris! Please I am not going to let yall take away my excitement. This a great moment for teamkelly who have been working hard to keep ice on the charts now she shot the video to take the weight off us. Even though it makes us happy to see Kelly on those charts competing with the other girlss with no promotion we are happy that mommas is ready to step in and give a big push.

    • BeyonceIsQueen October 27, 2012

      Leave Beyonce out of this please, I’d hate to have to drag Kelly and her incompetent manager today.

      • thetruth October 27, 2012

        @Karla I so agree with everything u said!

        @Beyonceisqueen Boo u really need to stfu! I am also a Beyonce fan and I’ve supported all the DC girls throughout there careers bcuz they all deserve to be successful! You act like she went in and attacked Bey! Kelly & Beyonce r sisters u r 1 stupid a** h** who have too much time on your hands!

    • alessandro October 28, 2012

      thank you for every word you wrote i’m with you

      • Öz Firdevs October 28, 2012

        lol ….

  23. TM October 27, 2012

    Thats my girl getting it!! Yeah Kelly! Teamkelly is in the house BABY!!!

  24. Öz Firdevs October 27, 2012

    Everybody works with her !! The biggest names in the bis: Luda, Big Boi ect. I mean hello !! Luda and Big Boi, thats huge. Lets hope things will go right for her…she has to come hard, otherwise i dont see good for her …..I love her and I want to that she is successiding

  25. Öz Firdevs October 27, 2012

    Giiiiiiiiiiiiirl hurry up with that ICE video !!

  26. diva October 27, 2012

    You know this is a Kelly Post so I don’t understand what all the hate is about. And do we really need to be dragging down Kelly or Brandy when d RnB genre is dying?? Let’s just support good music I love them both and they love eash other all this stan wars is a bit childish isn’t it?

  27. BrandNuHeart October 27, 2012

    This is the problem with Kelly fans.

    “Everybody has to start somewhere.” It’s been ten years, why do you still treat her as new artist? She’s been given so many opportunities to win but she fails every time. Her manager doesn’t know what he or she is doing and that’s why she left X Factor for that stupid ass dance show which got cancelled.
    The worst thing is that she left because of money but I want to know how much the Australian show was paying her for her to think leaving the X Factor for it was a good idea.

    You can say Brandy fans are haters and that Kelly is making money, but we all know that most of her money would come from her days in DC and not her days as a solo singer. Michelle had success in gospel and we obviously know about Bey, but name ONE thing that Kelly has tried to achieve in her career that she’s done exceptionally well in.


    When Keyshia, Ciara and Brandy are out here giving interviews to the blogs, interacting with their fans and really pushing to win Kelly thinks she can just say she’s got an album coming out and everyone will rush to buy it. THAT’S NOT HOW IT WORKS.

    I hate to be rude but I have heard that someone in Kellys team is sleeping with her and if that’s true it now makes sense as to why nobody who works with her knows what they are doing.

    Motivation did well because it featured Lil Wayne and was a great song, but how much of it was down to Kelly, NONE OF IT.

    Keep on lying to yourselves and see what happens. She’s 31 now and in three or four years time she may not want to make music anymore and when that happens she’ll always be known as the girl who could have been a winner but didn’t have a clue.

  28. BrandNuHeart October 27, 2012

    And another ting.
    Keep laughing at Brandy but let me tell you that the oke is really on Kelly. Because Brandy actually did her job and performed everywhere with Kelly’s dancers what do you think will happen when Kelly comes back with the same dancers and similar routines? People will say she copied Brandy and that will make Brandy look the originator and Kelly look like the fraud, so remember that when you drag Brandy b******.

    • BeyonceIsQueen October 27, 2012

      I don’t get it, why do they have the same dancers?

    • thetruth October 27, 2012

      @ Brandnuheart

      U sound so stupid! Kelly has all male dancers! Brandy has two female back up dancers! Everyone remembers Kelly’s Motivation performance on the 2011 BET Awards with all her male dancers killin it!!! She also traveled around the country with Chris Brown on tour for about 2 months and the females were going crazy over her male dancers! No one forgets that! Thats why everyone was so quick to say why did Brandy have Kelly’s dancers performing along side her doing a Whitney tribute? People r not stupid and does not forget! We all know Brandy was INSPIRED by the beautiful Kelly Rowland’s comeback and thought she would get just as much success but FAILED!

      • thetruth October 27, 2012

        Don’t forget her Motivation video was full of all male dancers as well as her Lay It On Me video. I can ensure you that no one’s gonna be going around saying Kelly copied Brandy getting all male dancers when clearly thats been Kelly’s formula for a while… it will defintely be the other way around like you are doing now. To alot of ppl Brandy is not even known to be a dancer or a artist that dances. Dancing has always been Kelly’s formula since the DC days as well as in her solo career.

  29. diva October 27, 2012

    You know this is a Kelly Post so I don’t understand what all the hate. From Brandy stans is about. And do we really need to be dragging down Kelly or Brandy when d RnB genre is dying?? Let’s just support good music I love them both and they love eash other all this stan wars is a bit childish isn’t it?

  30. BeyonceIsQueen October 27, 2012

    I still can’t get over the fact she tried to copy Ciara with that album name.

    • Öz Firdevs October 28, 2012

      What?? When did she do that please and with what ??

  31. YOTW October 27, 2012

    Why is Kelly getting so much hate all of a sudden? Seeing this makes me scared about the new album, wtf.

    • Öz Firdevs October 28, 2012


  32. HEREIAMFOREVER October 27, 2012

    I don’t trust Brandy and I never will. She poached Kelly’s dancers and now the f***** up thing is that if Brandy tours Kelly can’t use them and that means Kelly has to hire and pay for new ones.

    • thetruth October 27, 2012

      Chile tht is something tht should be your least worry! Kelly is known for having s*** male dancers and s*** music she can always replace and get new s*** male dancers. People know Brandy’s copying even her fans is saying it as well… but get mad when a Kelly fan says it! I don’t get it! But Kelly really needs to start working with newer fresher young talent to work along side Frank Gatson bcuz he is recycling Kelly’s style…. she needs to be careful about that!

  33. Juize October 27, 2012

    To bad it are 4 (including the Sean Paul song) okay songs, but nothing more than that..
    I think we need something big from Kelly to let her shine again!

  34. Truth October 27, 2012

    That b**** is making money, while y’all hating broke fools are posting 5 paragraph essays that nobody reads!!!


    • alessandro October 28, 2012

      and to all those who disliked this statement f*** yourselves. she’s getting money and y’all are f****** yourselves and will never get what she has got.

    • Öz Firdevs October 28, 2012


  35. jay October 27, 2012

    A Brandy fan just admitted that Brandy has been copying Kelly background dancers and all.They are actually proud of the copycat that is Brandy.I’m not worried about that,Kelly has already performed on the bet awards,UK factor,fortune tour with Chris brown.she has performed with her dancers in Australia,Europe,and America .Kelly is already associated with s*** male dancers.Brandy lip syncs all her performances.Brandy has never been much of a dancer that Kelly always was.when you see Beyonce and Kelly sing and dance you hear them breathing and their vocals change.Brandy not at all,you hear no flaw in her voice while doing a dance routine.even a pro Beyonce you can hear flaws in her voice when she’s singing and dancing.Brandy lip syncs.

  36. Monstarebel October 27, 2012

    Since when did Kelly & Brandy Stans start beefing tho? I find it hilarious

    • Öz Firdevs October 27, 2012


  37. Karla October 27, 2012

    To the h** who got upset because I brought up Beyonce you need to chill I was not being nagative sensitive b**** it was a factual example! I dont need to down nobody to make a point but I use someone as an example whenever I please I am a beyonce and jay-z stan so fall back. I own their albums so I can reference them when I feel like it


    Yes clowns everybody has to start somewhere and frankly it shouldnt matter when you start as long as you start! It took lil wayne years after the hot boyz/ big tymers dayz to become one of the biggest acts in rap! Now all people do is is cite him as the helphottest rapper. It took Jay his third album to gain mainstream fame. Everything isnt just given to you! And just because it took you a while for the world to realize your talents doesnt mean your wack.

    So yes if it takes Kelly 7 albums to blow up so be it but when she get to that level it wont matter because she will so far up she wont attempt to look down! And haters will hate more because it frustrate then to know they wont be able to knock her off of her spot.

    Thats all Im saying.

  38. karla October 27, 2012

    I use people as example because I dont like bias people. And to prove that there are some huge stars out right now who sale millions but some of them took years to get to that level. Jennifer lopez was 30 something when she has perfumes music and movies out and trusr me I an referencing these people because I love them. And it shows that its never to late to make it how many big name artist are almost or 30 something right now

    It proves you dont have to come as a teen star and sale three million on your first record to be relevant 2012 or the next year..
    It doesn’t matter when she start lets just wish her the damn best. Even if you dont like her dont down her she hasnt done s*** to no one so why wish failure on her.

    Al this dumb as back in fourth tearing down artist over people in the internet who have no connection to said album aside fron praising then the net its stupid. Its good nusic being made support it .

    Whats the point of throwing a artist around if your going to let them and team Kelly if yall dont buy this damn album I will dragg all yall to hell all three million of her twitter follower better save thier god damn coins put that s*** in a shoe box to the side I will not let yall let Kelly down.

    • Öz Firdevs October 28, 2012

      agree witchya

  39. williNalli October 27, 2012

    LAWD we are not ready!!! Yessssssssss Kelly!!!

    RIP Natina Reed

  40. ambilicious October 27, 2012

    Really wats with all this brandy/kelly stans beefing, i thought the was togetherness between the two groups.

    Anywooo momma said shake them haters off.

    N kelly all i need from you is to bring it like i know you can.

    • Öz Firdevs October 28, 2012

      Hmm, Kelly and Bandy love each other though

  41. WYLA October 27, 2012

    Kelly’s label are such pushovers, who else would let another artist borrow their entire team and not give them back looool..
    Clearly Kellys dancers feel more at home with Brandy because they do a much better job when they dance with her and actually book shows in the US, not in China where half the audience wouldn’t be able to tell Rihanna from Jennifer Hudson.

    • Öz Firdevs October 28, 2012

      What ??? Really no boo boo

  42. haga October 27, 2012

    Sobrandy copied kelly and failed lol they say an artist is getting attention when shes being hated on 3 years ago brandy and kelly would hav never been compared but now look kelly is a f****** threat. That representin video is gonna slay just. Kelly is a bad b****. Ive said this before kelly has already earned succes she doesnt need to prove herself

    • Öz Firdevs October 28, 2012

      hmmm most of that is true

  43. MsThing485 October 27, 2012

    This is one weird ass thread. Since when are Kelly fans and Brandy fans adversaries? Their career trajectories aren’t anywhere near aligned up enough for their respective fans to be threatened by the other and each other for this ridiculous back and forth to even make sense.

    Please tell me that the two of them had some kind of nasty public confrontation or that one of them hurled some catty words about the other in the press…something…because if the biggest thing here is that Brandy used some dancers who previously worked with Kelly, then all of you engaging in this need to seriously go read a damn book, or something.

    What I see here are two bored fan sects who decided to instigate the most RANDOM and nonsensical feud anyone could imagine, either out of sheer boredom…or in hopes that it’ll add some additional spice and traction to the others latest projects.

    Meh. I guess everybody gets in the mood to play Krystal and Alexis.

    Have fun, I guess.

  44. Myrl22 October 29, 2012

    Pic sucks but i am and will always remain her number one fan… go get that money girl… #TeamKelly! We All We Got

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