Pink Shows Off For ‘Shape’ Magazine

Published: Thursday 18th Oct 2012 by Rashad


55 never looked so good….pounds that is.  Just ask ‘Sober’ songstress Pink who flaunts her 55lb weight loss afront November’s ‘Shape’ magazine…

The singer, whose svelte physique has had many chatting in her recent ‘Try’ video, saw a swift bounce back to form since birth of daughter Willow last summer.  The issue, which hits stands later this month, also sees the singer dish on her eating habits, kicking former drug habits, new album/tour, and more!

The issue is set to drop shortly after the Grammy-award winning singer notched her first #1 album with ‘The Truth About Love’ and announced its supporting world tour.

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  1. October 18, 2012


  2. WTF October 18, 2012

    why is she in underwear??? i love p!nk but the stripping off is going against her image and artist philosophy (see ”stupid girls”) it would have looked cute if she was rocking some blue jeans or something, hmmmm. Also shes putting a lot of pressure on new mums which doesnt show her in a particularly great light “look at me i gave birth and i have an amazing figure” she was always the “relatable” superstar… anyway i do love her so whatever but her PR team get a thumbs down for this one.

  3. Boss October 18, 2012

    Real talk , Pink’s body is not the bizness

    • Bey Fan October 18, 2012


  4. Suicide Blonde October 18, 2012

    She looks amazing, we could make an androgynous couple.

    • MC October 18, 2012

      You need help! You have claimed over 1500000 people for a spouse. I have now officially claimed Justin Timberlake for my self. He needs someone whos not a s*** like you and Jessica Voodoo Biel.

      • MC October 18, 2012

        *myself *whose

      • Suicide Blonde October 18, 2012

        Have you heard the news about the wedding, i’m in depression right now, i can’t believe he’s gonna do this to me.

      • MC October 18, 2012

        WHAT!?!?! You mean he is really going through with it?!?!? Oh.My.God. This can’t be happening to me. This is so f****** depressing. Countdown to divorce: 100 99 98 97 96 95 …..

  5. mob-breezy:come here & let me hold UR throat October 18, 2012

    Oh look, it’s VIOLENT DOMESTIC ABUSER pAnk! But it’s all good cause she is a WHITE femiNAZI they can attack men and expect to get a away with it. With not so much as a blimished Amerikkkan headline.

    I wonder when the WHITE femiNAZIS in the UK & USA will apply “DON’T BUY THIS CD pAnk IS A DOMESTIC ABUSER” stickers? Oh right they wont do that now will they?

    Wait, she like The Voice’s Adam Levin have several tattoos. I wonder why there is no extraa scrutiny and ridicule for them?…….OH WAIT, WHAT AM I SAYING?

    • WTF October 18, 2012

      Could you repeat that in coherent English?

    • MC October 18, 2012

      Oh look, its that one Chris Brown fan that keeps posting the same s*** on every Pink post while defending CB’s physical attack on Rihanna. Hypocrite to the fullest. I was over the CB&Rihanna situation and I long ago believed that he made a mistake and is moving on but you keep on blaming and judging other artists while having the audacity to defend CB;’s actions? Girl shut the f*** up. Your hypocrite ways are tiring. And you have the nerve to call other people out while preaching us not to “judge” Chris. GTFO.

  6. Peter Griffin October 18, 2012

    Her body’s really masculine, I don’t think she’d have it any other way.

  7. theman October 18, 2012

    She loks amazing !

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