Poll: What Should Beyonce Perform At The Super Bowl?

Published: Wednesday 24th Oct 2012 by Sam

February 3rd 2013.

Last week saw Beyonce etch this date into the minds of the masses after announcing that she will be headlining the Super Bowl XLVII halftime show in New Orleans.

With the reality of the singer’s show-stopping extravaganza settling in, attention has immediately turned to which songs from her catalogue should receive the Super Bowl treatment.

Half-time history sees headlining acts typically afforded 12 minutes to rock the stage. Hence, ever keen to hear what YOU are thinking, That Grape Juice wants to know…

What songs do YOU want Beyonce to perform at the Super Bowl?

Given the singer’s time allocation, we’re limiting the number of picks to a 5-song set. Our own picks and poll await after the jump. Ps. Make sure your voice is heard, you never know who may be watching 😉

That Grape Juice’s Picks


1)  Run The World / End Of Time (Intro)

2) Single Ladies

3) Destiny’s Child Medley

4) New Single

5) Crazy In Love




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  1. Monstarebel October 24, 2012

    New material, Sweet Dreams, Halo, Naughty girl, & Ring the alarm I’d LIVE >>>>>

    • danny b October 24, 2012

      those are all irrelevant…. sorry

      • I am BLUE THE REAL HIVE October 24, 2012

        Sweet dreams sold 6.5m world wide

      • I am BLUE THE REAL HIVE October 24, 2012

        Halo sold 11m

      • I am BLUE THE REAL HIVE October 24, 2012

        Ring the alarm sold 5m

      • I am BLUE THE REAL HIVE October 24, 2012

        Naughty girl sold 8m

    • I PITTY THE ONES WHO STAN FOR FLOPS October 24, 2012

      She should perform
      we found love
      where have you been
      only girl in the world
      …. those are modern day classics.

      • I am BLUE THE REAL HIVE October 24, 2012

        Stupid tracks r**** will never do super bowl

      • mob: disappointed in this funky ass blog –>TGJ October 25, 2012

        October 24th, 2012 at 3:17 pm

        She should perform
        we found love
        where have you been
        only girl in the world
        LOL ,I AGREE WITH YOU! And bring out Chris Brown on the Umbrella remix. That willl shut them all the f**k up and having sitting alway the f**k down! 🙂

    • I am BLUE THE REAL HIVE October 24, 2012

      Why there s sooo much hates here?

  2. I Judge Flops October 24, 2012

    “Crazy In Love”

    “Single Ladies”

    “Survivor” (DC REUNION)


  3. B_STANNING (BEY ALWAYS WINS) October 24, 2012

    Im so ready for Queen Bey this era. First Brandy give me life with that amazing album now Beys next.

    Also she should sang something new.

  4. Monstarebel October 24, 2012

    Why you would have telephone as a choice and not sweet dreams baffles me…

    • Hello October 24, 2012

      Cause this means Gaga would be on stage , could you imagine the audience with Kelly And Michelle ( Why not the old members since it’s all forgiven and all ) , Jay-z on Crazy In Love , and Gaga i mean common 200 millions sure those Litlle Monster are massive!

  5. sharon October 24, 2012


  6. the real xoxo October 24, 2012

    A new single, Crazy in Love, I was here/de ja vu

  7. millhouse October 24, 2012

    She will probably do a medley but she should end the show or open the show with End of Time… but with new and more intense choreography

  8. JP October 24, 2012

    New Material

    • Brandon October 25, 2012

      Werkkkkkkkk body!

  9. Siddy October 24, 2012

    I agree…New single. Show us what she has in store,,,

  10. Beystanbish October 24, 2012

    Open with like an African theme of Deja Vu with lions and African dancers. Then the epic End of time, right after, she jumped into Single Ladies with several dancers like the vmas, then Crazy in Love, baby boy, why don’t u love me, sweet dreams and so on..

    • Cassidy October 24, 2012

      i like the sound of the Deja Vu/ End of time opening with all the africian dancers and lions. and also the single ladies part but noway should she sing babyboy, why dont u love me or sweet dreams. ps she can only have 5 songs 🙁

    • lol October 24, 2012

      sounds like where have you been…but in here case it would here you’re not loll

  11. millhouse October 24, 2012

    I hope Brandy does well because I would love to see a duet with her and Beyonce… That would be EPIC!!! especially if they did choreography together… OMG, i would die!!!

  12. Beystanbish October 24, 2012

    Deja Vu
    End of time
    Single Ladies
    baby boy
    why don’t you love me
    Sweet Dreams
    If I were a boy (rock performance)
    and the rest…..

  13. That B*tch (Rihllama’s downfall) October 24, 2012

    She should perform a NEW song from her upcoming album.

  14. Vidiii October 24, 2012

    I miss you

  15. Jon October 24, 2012

    End of Time/ Run the world Intro
    Deja vu / Crazy in love with Jay Z
    Survivor/ Independant woman
    with destinys child
    Single ladies with 1000 female dancers
    New single to finish

  16. Bentley_Loves_KingBey October 24, 2012

    1.) Sweet Dreams Intro
    2.) Crazy In Love
    3.) Run The World
    4.) New Single
    5.) End Of Time

    • Hello October 24, 2012

      No single Ladies ? That’s her biggest song THINK people THINK!

  17. IZAAA October 24, 2012

    A real medley consisting of:
    Intro: a snippet of Freakum dress. Just the part where she say’s “ohhhhh cause when you put it on”etc.
    Countdown/Lose my breath—> Do some RAW visuals with this song (and a live marching Band!)
    (Possibly) Get me bodied With raw visuals
    End of time ..with an rendition with raw visuals
    Close out with a dance break down and new song (possibly)

  18. clr October 24, 2012

    I kind of want Schoolin Life. Definitely new material. New choreography. New musical arrangements.

  19. Nahjee October 24, 2012

    R.I.P. oh I forgot a flop artist sings that.

    Knock you down: damn a another flop artist sings this song to gosh next ugh…

    Gucci gucci: Oh I forgot she was one of the biggest flop in 2012 s***.

    Let me just say I can’t wait for beyonce to shut the stage down with new music!

  20. Carl Thomas October 24, 2012

    End Of Time (revel intro) , Diva , Deja Vu , Crazy In Love , New single , End w/ Halo

  21. IZAAA October 24, 2012

    omgggg radio!!! Deja vu!!! Single ladies !!!!

  22. Todd October 24, 2012

    Im sure that she’ll ROCK IT OUT ! No matter what she sings she always delivers and i think that shes the best performer out there

  23. I mop the floor with your favs weave October 24, 2012

    The biggest song of 2012… Diamonds by your girl Riri. Maybe covering Queen Ri can make her relevant. Riri stays slaying

    • toolegit October 24, 2012

      girl/boy Bye! That song sucks and ALLL yall know it. Deal.

    • Hello October 24, 2012

      Bye -_-‘ Y’all know she has to do Crazy In Love , new Single and Single Ladies that’s for sure , then why not DC3 medley and Telephone with Gaga that’d be epic , she’d break MDNA’s record for sure!

      • FAF October 24, 2012

        DEAD @ all the thumbs down on everything except this… I CAN’T 🙂

  24. Cassidy October 24, 2012

    It is too difficult to just choose 5 Songs she has soo many that she should do.
    I hope she picks the right choices. I know she will. It will be amazing.

  25. bibi93 October 24, 2012

    Run The World!!

  26. Cassidy October 24, 2012

    I hope she does some billboard type s*** with the visual effects and 100s of dancers

  27. Chile Please!! October 24, 2012

    Hells no…..& yes I’m throwing shade because I don’t care for her! I know I made ya’ll mad but who gives a f***! Eat a d***!

    • cakes4dayz October 24, 2012

      lmao arent you a brandy fan after that massive flop 2/11 you shouldnt be throwing shade to anybody. da f****** audacity!

  28. RoyalKev October 24, 2012

    1) Run The World (Girls)
    2) Crazy In Love
    3) Say My Name (slowed down version) / Independent Women (Remix)
    4) New Song
    5) Single Ladies


  29. ArmorOn October 24, 2012

    I need her to do a hot dance routaine with a mix of pon de floor / run the world (girls) – end of time – diva – baby boy / duttywine and green light or freakum dress!!! It need to be uptempo music !!!! FEB 3 2013 roll on

  30. speechless October 24, 2012


    • GivingAwayFreeChairs _/_/_/ October 24, 2012

      I agree!

    • I PITTY THE ONES WHO STAN FOR FLOPS October 24, 2012

      DEATH my thoughts exactly.

  31. So Vigoruz October 24, 2012


  32. SUMAIA October 24, 2012

    She should start with the COUNTDOWN intro
    10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2 then her face appears all over the plasma screens around the stadium. 1……..then Fire works, explosions and she gets shot up from under the stage and goes straight into CRAZY IN LOVE then jayz comes out for his verse and the other end of the stadium mean while she has a costume change. Then RUN THE WORLD like the billboard performance. Then SINGLE LADIES like the VMA performance. Then END OF TIME / DE JA VU with african style dancers and crazy choreography. then NEW SINGLE

  33. I mop the floor with your favs weave October 24, 2012

    I’m not using my chair at the moment, so here have it _/. And STFU b****

  34. Arkhes October 24, 2012

    Songs from other artists. Her music sucks donkey d***. #FACT!

  35. GivingAwayFreeChairs _/_/_/ October 24, 2012

    She should perform ” I Was Here” and then retire. lolz!!!!!!!!

  36. Suicide Blonde October 24, 2012

    First of all, she should not perform, oh poor us Americans, why Beyonce and not Gaga, why?.

    • That B*tch (Rihllama’s downfall) October 24, 2012

      You can leave the country then. Nobody is forcing you to stay.
      Dont let the door hit you on the way out.

      • Suicide Blonde October 24, 2012

        Good idea, i think i go to Brazil, to the festival, i can’t stay here for this, what a bad way to start 2013 with Beyonce on national tv.

      • That B*tch (Rihllama’s downfall) October 24, 2012

        Yes. Do us all the favor boo.

    • Um October 24, 2012

      Make sure you have your passport updated. We want NO mistakes in getting you the f*ck outta here.

    • Teacher October 24, 2012

      I disagree!! F.U.C.K Gaga!

  37. Ryk101 October 24, 2012

    Run the world NO it sucks!

    5 albums 5 songs

    End of time
    Single ladies
    New single
    And end with an amazing performance of Deja Vu and Crazy in Love with Jay of course

    I wouldn’t like a DC reunion, this about Beyoncé not the other girls

  38. Arkhes October 24, 2012

    Some pervet stole ma name 2 diss da Queen?wtf..

  39. THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. October 24, 2012

    I can’t decide theres so many FLOPS from 4fclosure to choose from 🙂

  40. Arkhes October 24, 2012

    Pressed flop ass.dnt steal names 2 diss Beyonce.she shits on ur fave.Deal n go suck a fat d***!!

  41. Jayla October 24, 2012

    I don’t think Super Bowl watchers really give a F***!

    • That B*tch (Rihllama’s downfall) October 24, 2012

      Clearly you do since you commented.

      • FAF October 24, 2012

        Girrrrrrrrrrlllllllllllll…………. 🙂

  42. Ryk101 October 24, 2012

    on second thought. it should be about the other girls, or anyone else. beyonce is dry as as her momma’s punnany.

  43. Caramelboi October 24, 2012

    Whatevea the Queen Bey does she is gonna shut that damn stage all the way down. Here’s my picks for her to perform: Run the world, crazy in love w/jay z, destiny child reunion song like survivor,say my name,or independent w/new and old girls, end of time, single ladies and I was here to put the stamp on it and jay z comes back onstage holding Blue ivy and him in Bey kiss the end.

  44. Ryk101 October 24, 2012


  45. That B*tch (Rihllama’s downfall) October 24, 2012

    Lol @ all these comments. Oh you mad its not Rihfund?

  46. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! October 24, 2012

    Guess what.. Taylor is on course to get her first Uk number 1 album with red!!

  47. Koodzi October 24, 2012

    1. Crazy In Love
    2. New Single
    3. Single Ladies
    4. Halo
    5. New Singel Segue
    6. End of Time

  48. Adrian October 24, 2012

    De’ja Vu, Single ladies, new single,telephone with gaga, and crazy in love.

  49. dat nig October 24, 2012

    She needs 2 open da show up EXACTLY how she did @ Revel with da Intro leading into End of Time, then Baby Boy 2012, Deja Vu, New Single and close with Crazy In Love

  50. Caramelboi October 24, 2012

    I would like for her to sing a new song only if she’s releasing her album the first quarter of next year bcuz it would be kinda pointless to do so if her album is not coming out til late 2013. Her fans including me would want her to release that single to itunes immediately.

  51. Kayla October 24, 2012

    It should be:
    -Countdown (intro)
    -Until the End of Time w/Justin Timberlake
    -New Single
    -I Will Always Love You (Whitney Dedication)
    -Run the World (outro)

  52. Anonymous October 24, 2012

    Inside Scoop!
    Beyonce is working to have one of the greatest half time shows in Super Bowl history
    You might just see her perform crazy in love, independent women,single ladies, end of time and a new single
    Get excited BeyHive!!

  53. RENEGADE October 24, 2012

    I want her to perform a new single from ‘5’. If not, perform “Schoolin’ Life” and release it to radios the next day.

    BTW, Sam. Any problems doing this post???



    BEYONCE is working with Chromatics + Dot da Genius.

    Do you know what that means???? CRAZY dance-pop is coming.

    The synth of their songs >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Their productions >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Her voice >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    That means. Her songs will >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>, content, quality and success–wise.

    Your poor favs and their wigs will be snatched bald in 2013, mark my words.

    • I PITTY THE ONES WHO STAN FOR FLOPS October 24, 2012

      sounds like she inspired by rihanna this go round.

  54. theman October 24, 2012

    Why is someone disliking everything….

    • danny b October 24, 2012

      That’s what I wanna know…

  55. danny b October 24, 2012

    I think Sam’s idea is just perfect:

    1) Run The World / End Of Time (Intro)
    2) Single Ladies
    3) Destiny’s Child Medley
    4) New Single
    5) Crazy In Love

    the perfect performance.

  56. Godriah October 24, 2012

    Only Girl (in the world)
    What’s My Name
    Break it Off (which outperformed anything on 4lop :()

  57. Malik October 24, 2012

    Open with “End of Time” then slow it down w/ “Irreplaceable” pick it back up w/ “Crazy in Love” then introduce Kelly & Michelle for a DC3 Medley , then end it with a NEW SINGLE :]

    • Anne October 24, 2012

      Pretty much like these choices but can she really leave out her biggest hit, SINGLE LADIES (with a mix of new and old choreography)?

  58. RENEGADE October 24, 2012


    DIAMONDS JUMPED TO #8 THIS WEEK OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. whocares October 24, 2012

    the white ppl don’t care what she performs. They just love to watch her. Doesn’t matter what she’ll be performing. Millions are going to tune in regardless. So this blartical was pointless.

  60. Auntie_Jackie October 24, 2012

    Beyonce will premier a new single, for sure. She’s a smart cookie, and that’s the biggest televised event in America. 111 MILLION people watched it last year. I’m really excited for that. Also, any new routines she has for old songs would be appreciated.

    I wasn’t the biggest Beyonce fan until recently, I’m more of a Kelis/Bjork/Amy Winehouse fan, but seeing how HARD she works on her performances and her image has really won me over.

  61. Wale October 24, 2012

    END of Time(with the lose my breath beat,yasss)
    Get me bodied
    Single ladies
    End with a FYE dance routine (like run the world routine)
    This could be super epic with the right intertwine of songs & visuals, props, routines etc.
    P.s NO slow songs.
    For costume something s*** with a sportswear twist!

  62. Let’s Be Real: Your fave will never do a halftime show October 24, 2012

    BEYONCÉ IS GOING TO SLAYYYYYYYYYY! Pepsi commercial pics already leaked.Now we need a new single.A “leaked” video for End of Time and appearances on The View,An interview on Oprah’s next chapter,Saturday Night Live and something to get the fans involved.
    The show should open with COUNTDOWN, just a verse and the numbers.Then a heavy rock version of CRAZY IN LOVE followed by SURVIVOR (before survivor a tribal out fit should be put on) Kelly and Michelle will join for more SLAYAGE! Then a NEW SINGLEfollowed by a dedication to new Orleans for what they endured with I WAS.HERE! after that a creative exit with the DIVA music playing.Hate on Beyoncé all you want.she can put on a show

    • ROCKSTAR 101 October 24, 2012

      “Then a heavy rock version of CRAZY IN LOVE” gurl, LMFAO.

  63. Chachanana12 October 24, 2012

    Hmm that’s hard!!

    Run the world ( the beat is sick) / Diva Intro
    End of Time
    Deja Vu
    New Single
    Crazy in Love

    Maybe in between either song she can do a 10-15 second thing of “Party”.

    Lots of visuals ,crazy dancing, Hey even animals and just outrageous stuff. Lol! She’ll do great. Yay go Bey. I think she should parachute down and at the end do the death drop! Epic!

  64. STR8FACTS October 24, 2012

    I don’t think “run the world” is a must, however “End of Time” and “Single Ladies” are. If she’s smart she’ll end with a new single, that’s a perfect platform for her to capitalize on. The Gaga and DC3 idea’s are also cool too, but it’s only 5 songs you guys. & like I said, I think two of them are like a no brainer. But I know whatever she decides it will be amazing. So looking forward to this! Just wish it was longer 🙁

  65. Benron (King Of The F****** Navy) October 24, 2012

    We all know what Beyonce will do, she will walk her horse-ass onto the stage in a tight leotard (with a high wasted skirt covering her fat tummy) and blonde weave and start twerking singing some whack new club song looking well over 40. Then she will stomp her booty-pad having ass while screeching a run every now and then until Jay-Z and her perfom their old boring forgotten single Crazy in Love, which willl not be recepted well by the audience.

    She will than burst into amazing dance moves like waving your head back and forth for “Single Ladies” and then, in a “shock move” she will remove her skirt and be “pregnant” again as a logo for her new endorsment Moonbump.com flies across the sky, he will walk down the stars and her stomach will pop like a baloon.

    But don’t worry, her dress folded.

    • TJ October 24, 2012

      All still a gazillion times better than what your fave could only WISH to do though huh.

    • Teacher October 24, 2012


      • Benron (King Of The F****** Navy) October 24, 2012

        Hey teacher!

    • mob: disappointed in this funky ass blog –>TGJ October 25, 2012

      Yessss beeoch speak on it!! LOL 🙂

      You know damn welll ARROGANT DRUG DEALER, WOMAN BEATER & VIOLENT STABBER Gay-Z is going to have his ass on the stage. There will be know way to stop this EGO MANIC and his self-centered, look at me, look at me I’m a Diva wife from performing together. I doubt if I even bother to watch. It would depend on which two teams are playing! I saw her abd Gay-z at bearclaw going back down memory lane. That was enough for me!!

    • TinaMinaj October 29, 2012

      TJ couldnt hae said it better….RIHANNA WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO PUT ON A SHOW AS GREAT AS BEYONCE! PERIOD! So you hating navy should go crawl into a hole and WEEEEEEP!!! 😀

  66. ry247 October 24, 2012

    On Stage Destinys Child Reunion & Then They All Perform A Medley Of Hits!!

    • Anne October 24, 2012

      They hired Beyonce not DC, she is a solo legend in the making.

  67. Aldarylro October 24, 2012

    Say my name or jumpin’ jumpin’ (w/ Original DC Members) “since they get along now”
    Lose my breath (2nd DC group member)
    Single ladies
    Rule The World/Video Phone (Lady Gaga)
    Crazy in Love (JayZ)

    • Anne October 24, 2012

      Way too many guest acts, this is supposed to be a Beyonce show and she only has 12 minutes to work with. Honestly she can stand ALONE but it would be nice if she brought out her hubby for 1 song, CIL. The rest of my list is SL, Irreplaceable, End of Time, and a new single.

  68. remmy October 24, 2012

    3 costume changes, 100 dancers, 26 wind machines, 8 surprise guest (5, cuz 3 are Kanye (no kim references allowed), Solange, and Jay), and Blue doing the dougie at the end lol
    for real in no order:
    1.hot intro…first verse of Hip Hop Star / jayz 911 msg concert version of DIVA
    2. Countdown/ Deja Vu/ End Of Time mix (African dancers, with a Micheal Jackson, Lionel Richie party type feel, and an African drum dance breakdown at the end)
    3.Single Ladies/ Crazy In Love mash up (two songs mixed together, new musical arrangements, New and intense choreography, ect)
    4. updated DC Melody ( with ALL members, old and new ,except farrah)
    5. New Single

    • remmy October 24, 2012

      oh and Run The World in there somewhere 🙂

      • TJ October 24, 2012

        LOL Blue doin the dougie at the end

  69. Realest October 24, 2012

    I dunno but if I get a “Beyonce Experience/I am/Revel” reincarnate I will be disappointed.. I’d like something fresh and new…

  70. Steph October 24, 2012

    She should throw everything in it, it would be awesome, perform all her biggest hits and collaborations, surprise guest such as Kanye West, Jay Z and perform Telephone with Lady Gaga, I don’t think they’ve perform it live together ever and a Destiny Child Tribute medley with Kelly and Michelle, love Beyonce and DC but it would also be great it she show homage to how she started out then maybe end with a new song off the next album or a touching moving song, for eg Halo or I was Here. Let there be fireworks, loads of choreography, the full works, I want everything, nothing but the best and something truly special because Beyonce is a Legend.

  71. Tee October 24, 2012

    Hopefully something new, and no one wants to hear slow music at the supebowel. Survivor with Destiny Child would be nice.

  72. Michael October 24, 2012

    Snippet of count down
    Who run the world
    dc medley
    Crazy in love

  73. Bey gon slay October 24, 2012

    Okay so king b gon slay even if she just stood up there and posed for 12 minutes cuz shes BEYONCE! Idiots gotta deal! So she should begin with exactly sweet dreams from europe mtv awards but during slow ballad

  74. Jada October 24, 2012

    End of time allllllll the way if she don’t perform that I will be so pissed. Would also love to see the hubby make an appearance for Crazy in Love that would be cute ;)….. Everything else I don’t mind just NO slow songs (especially not halo), and NO destinys child unless she bringing Kelly and Michelle out. Otherwise Im here to see BEYONCE shut it down on BEYONCES terms. I know shes gonna kill it especially with the amount of time she has to plan and rehearse… You go girl my body is ready.

    • TinaMinaj October 29, 2012

      Couldn’t agree more…

  75. fatu sankoh October 24, 2012

    i dont care what queen bey perform i am so happy that she is performing i cant wait to watch her god bless her for life and good luck long live queen bey

  76. Bey gon slay October 24, 2012

    Continuing prior comment: so sweet dreams ema version and during slow ballad part sings part of halo then in the midst of fast part there is a mashup or run the world but only chorus and dance break then theme changes to african and shes queen and sings baby boy with fire dance like in video and other ema performance and mixes deja vu with the sick dance break and does end of time with new choreo and to the beat of lose my breath than kelly and michelle pop up to perform survivor behind interactive screen like billboard and then all acrobats appear for single ladies then a touching career vid is shown with blue ivy and she performs first minute of i was here then closes with 1000s of dancers and crazy in love with jayz, DONE

    • Anne October 24, 2012

      Is it just me or didn’t DC already perform Lose My Breath and Soldier during a Superbowl halftime show? I don’t think we should get a repeat DC segment when time is so constrained and Bey’s solo work is in higher demand.

      • random October 24, 2012

        dc performed at the nfl season opener and survivor is one of their worldwide hits so i meant she would perform end of time to the beat of lose my breath because it would go and that would segue into survivor

  77. My hip, my back October 24, 2012

    who’s pathetic ass getting on 20 different computers and calling their friends to dislike good comments and like the flop haters loooool. Disliking posts on a blog won’t stop her from snatching your favs wig oop!! just make sure you spend as much effort buying unflopagetic and getting rihs albums off the shelves so she can get a number 1 album h**.

  78. Teacher October 24, 2012

    Too many ghetto hoodrat-ish songs! “Ain nobody got time for dat!” at the Superbowl! *side-eye* and her fans say she makes REAL music…chiile bye!

  79. Teacher October 24, 2012


    • Anne October 24, 2012

      The next album probably won’t come out until 2013 while ‘4’ was released in the middle of 2011. It debut at number one on the Billboard 200 chart with over 300K first week sales and remained at number one during its second week. It was certified platinum shortly thereafter, surpassed the one million sales mark in the US alone in less than six months, and sold well over 2 million worldwide, and had four R&B top ten hits, one of which sat at the top of that chart for several weeks. True there were no top ten Billboard singles, but despite that, there is no way that award winning, critically claimed album can be honestly referred to as a flop. It was clearly the most successful R&B album during its era. I think its admirable that Beyonce decided to postpone more pop/Hot 100 notches to her belt to focus on and devote the majority of her fourth album to her core sound, R&B.

      • mob: disappointed in this funky ass blog –>TGJ October 25, 2012


  80. Anne October 24, 2012

    1. New song
    2. ‘Crazy In Love’
    3. ‘Irreplaceable’
    4. ‘Single Ladies’
    5. ‘End of Time’
    It’s a no brainer—2, 3, & 4 were huge hits that were nominated for Song of the Year Grammys (which Single Ladies actually won) and ‘End of Time’ by far displays her best choreography and was the highlight of ‘4’. Finally, you can’t ignore an opportunity like this to introduce new music to such a massive crowd. Beyonce is one performer who does not need to bring out a lot of supporting acts. I think she should let Jay do his rap on CIL and otherwise make it all about Beyonce much like Prince did when he gave his highly praised show. I don’t think a DC medley is necessary. They asked for Beyonce not DC and Beyonce has too many major hits to choose from already, her solo catalog can stand alone w/out reaching back to the group she started off in. Just my opinion.

    • I am BLUE THE REAL HIVE October 24, 2012

      Perfect set and f*** the haters

  81. spokentruth October 24, 2012

    First I will say that this is not a concert and for Beyonce to incorporate everything you guys want her to do for a 15 minutes show is highly impossible. Remember this is about Beyonce and her performance of a great show. However I would like to see her collaborate with her husband by all means so them doing crazy in love/ De Ja Vu would be cute. Also I think something like open with Countdown-Revel performance adding End of Time. Then Run the World/Single Ladies and ending with whatever new song she has coming out so it would be remember and sent to ITUNES. But whatever Beyonce decides and choose for her performances will be great. How great would it be for her to end with little Blue Ivy coming out

    • I am BLUE THE REAL HIVE October 24, 2012

      Bring Kay z and gags out done

  82. I am BLUE THE REAL HIVE October 24, 2012

    New singles

  83. Ryk101 October 24, 2012


  84. Jer October 24, 2012

    DEAD at all the thumbs down.

    I know EXACTLY what predictable Beyawnce is going to do.

    Shes going to have a marching drumline come out and open with End of Time. Shes going to sy some stupid s*** like “yal ready!? Superbowl 2013. Lets go”

    Then the horn section will start up Crazy in Love and Jay-Zs ugly ass will come out

    Then shes going to go into Single Ladies and that tires stolen choreography.

    Then shes going to say some stupid s*** like “how yal doin tonight. Lets take it back” and shes going to perform a Prince or Michael or some song she has no right singing and there you have it.

    • danny b October 24, 2012

      spoken like a true Beyonce stan.

      • Jer October 25, 2012


    • mob: disappointed in this funky ass blog –>TGJ October 25, 2012

      DAMN you called it cold!! LOL

      You should save this comment and the date so you can post in quotes with a I TOLD YOU SO attached to the end!! 🙂

    • Gezzy October 27, 2012

      HATER…SHE SINGING AT THE DAMN SUPERBOWL anyone who sings at the damn SUPERBOWL has the right and respect to sing at the superbowl what they want… must you not forget only the greats perform at the damn superbowl,,,,so only a hater will say this s***

  85. Brandon October 24, 2012

    Since it will be a celebration of sorts, I believe that I would not be appropriate if she did not incorporate ‘Party’ into her set-list.

  86. 40acresandamule@yahoo.com October 24, 2012

    Beyonce please include Schoolin Life, Diva, and End of time in your set please. Upbeat Tempos only. NO slow jams

    • Gezzy October 27, 2012

      i think the only slow song she will sing is HALO. towards the end

  87. zzzzzzg October 24, 2012

    I guess when your career is fading you have no choice but to copy Rihanna’s style.

  88. DBOY6 October 24, 2012


  89. DBOY6 October 24, 2012


  90. SeeSeeCC October 24, 2012

    Whatever she does, she better dance her ass off! I say leave the new material at the studio. We wanna sing along to song we actually KNOW!

    • Anne October 25, 2012

      Maybe she’ll release a new song beforehand so will have just enough time to know and love before the first live Superbowl performance of it along with four hits.

  91. F*** a hater October 25, 2012

    Damn the navy,starz(flopsoftheflops),and the flop cici fans are pressed thumbing down all the comments lol. Beyonce will bring it and even if she doesn’t it would be better than brandy,Ciara,and Rihanna at the same time lol….Dont hate. They don’t ask washed up acts to do the super bowl. They only ask above level artist to perform. Hence gaga,Ciara,Rihanna weren’t asked to do the show…tune in and enjoy. I forgot if it wasn’t some f** ass brainless pop (Britney,Gaga, ETC)or some offkey singing foreign with a super huge forehead ,a man who hasn’t been relevant since 2006 (Ciara)or some alien looking b**** who kills ppl while driving and whispers raggedly that’s pasted off as singing (Brandy) or any other flop b**** but when it comes to Beyonce there is always s*** talk. You’re just haters. Anyone who listens to Britney spears,Lady Gaga,Cheryl Cole and all the other pop stars have no room to talk.

    • Realest October 25, 2012

      oooh you sound all types of bitter… hateful.. pressed. you must have a very pathetic life and it shows. #SucksToBeAngryYou

  92. PaulieDeStar October 25, 2012

    I would LOVE to hear in no particular order:

    1) New Music
    2) Start Over (I would LOVE to hear a live version of this, one of my fav songs off of 4)
    3) Countdown
    4) Medley from B’Day (possibly Ring the alarm, Deja vu, freakum dress, get me bodied)
    5) Run The World (Girls)

    BUT….whatever Beyoncé does sing its gonna be EPIC as always!

    Although I would a FULL blown concert, I’m sure watching this will pacify me until something new comes out! I can see me watching it OVER and OVER obsessively on YouTube!

    Excited for this! 🙂

  93. DIGGER BEY October 25, 2012

    Lol @Rihoeanna fans. Didnt TTT just go platnium after 12months on the charts lmao. Thats the definition of a Flop. Didnt she have #1s and top tens lmao rofl

  94. antertain October 25, 2012

    Has the Navy taken out the Beyhive like some pest control in here??

    Think she should do:

    New Song for sure

    Diva/Run The World mash up.
    Starts with “this is a stick up stick up” section and play out the song for a little bit. Then do all the effects s*** & break into a Run The World dance break with remix (editing out the word girls) “who run this mutha” etc..

    Countdown should be in
    End of Time
    I was here

    Maybe not in that order but that kind of blueprint
    Gotta be minimal with the girl power songs at superbowl in my opinion..

    No matter what she knows how to perform love it or hate it!

  95. the real xoxo October 25, 2012

    so many UPSET TITANICS thumbing down all the comments lol.

    • B_STANNING(BEY STAY WINNING) October 25, 2012

      LMBAO I realized that to

  96. Miguel October 25, 2012

    The only song I like from her is “Halo”

    But I also know “Single Ladies” was a huge hit, so probably that one too

    Any other, I don’t know

  97. HeyHive October 25, 2012

    Destinys Child Medley (inc. Bootylicious)
    Love On Top
    Crazy In Love
    End Of Time

  98. DIGGER BEY October 25, 2012

    Crazy In Love, Why Dont U Luv Me, Schoolin Life, 2 New Singles medly, Deju Vu, If I Were A Boy Rock version. Guests JayZ, Alicia Keys – PIIALS medly, Lady Gaga – Telephone/Video Phone medly and DC – Survivor/Lose My Breath medly. This will b one unbelievable setlist but I know KING B wont feature to many guests. Hoping Gaga and A Keys do come out because Telephone or PIIALS have never been performed live with both ladies. Either way this show will go down n history! Rihoeanna fans are pressed that nobody ever inticiapate her boring ass live performances. Celebrities are already talking about KING B Superbowl performance and its months away. Meanwhile….The H** will b performing @ The AMAs and its crickets lmao. Nobody but her dumb ass fans cares about her. Breezy just wants two h*** @ once and he cares for Karrucah more. Lmao Flopianna TTT is a certified Flop n the States. 4 sold 1 million copies n six months. With no Hot 100 top tens or #1s. Sitting @ 1.3 million. While The H**’s TTT took a whole year to sell 1 million copies and sitting under 1.1 million after a year on the charts. Didnt The Crackhead produce #1s and top tens. And still KING B’s 4 sold more lmao bwahahahahahahahahahahaha. That H** is just about over bwahahahahahahahabwahahahahahahaha. #2013…THE YEAR OF BEYONCE

  99. Sheesh October 25, 2012

    These same people hating now will be the same ones clapping and singing along on Feb. 3rd. Get your life….

    • Gezzy October 27, 2012

      yep indeed….Haters can’t accept the fact beyonce has made it this far..and no current artist can do it..they are nobodys icon..

  100. YouKnowMe October 25, 2012

    IDGAF really, as long as End of Time starts the show

  101. Peter October 25, 2012


  102. Nikki October 25, 2012

    Diva, Love on Top

  103. mc the place to be!! October 26, 2012

    please not diva crazy in love or single ladies!!! do deja vu 4 a change or sweet dreams or hell do new music!!

  104. PK October 26, 2012

    She should do a tribute to Janet, half of her show probably will be stolen from JJ anyway!

  105. Gezzy October 27, 2012

    Its a Shame…that i see all the Hate on here…you dont have to like beyonce ,but the matter of the FACT is she is one of the BESt at what she does and if she wasnt…she would not be performing at the superbowl…i think the haters cant accept the fact that beyonce is really icon..and you know it.

  106. gia October 28, 2012

    2013 not even here I don’t like football

  107. TinaMinaj October 29, 2012


  108. להקת חתונות July 26, 2013

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