New Video: Daley – ‘Remember Me (ft. Jessie J)’

Published: Sunday 28th Oct 2012 by Sam

Here at That Grape Juice, we’re keen to not just spotlight new talent, but also follow their rise. Case, point, Daley.

Many will remember the Soul-filled Brit’s turn on our acoustic series The Splash last year. Well since then, he has continued to build a global fanbase, the momentum from which has seen his official first single, ‘Remember Me’, finally unwrapped.

Featuring label-mate Jessie J, the video for the flavoursome cut premiered this week. Check it out below and be sure to remember where you heard about this immensely talented young man!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Matthew Charlery-Smith October 28, 2012

    Although it’s ok I don’t appreciate the abuse of Black culture that Jessie J fronts. After the disastrous attempt at Jamaican patois in “Do It Like a Dude” she now (although Daley probably wrote the song) sings these lyrics which actually pertain to Black maids raising white babies in the southern states of the US. The lyrics are “Remember me? I’m the one who had your babies.”

    I think, like Christina Aguilera, Jessie J is suffering from a bit of arrogance. Having a “Black” or soulful sound doesn’t need to come at the price disrespecting people’s culture or oversinging to show you can do it too. Artists like Amy Winehouse, Adele, Connor Reeves and Duffy (I know there are MANY others) get it right.

    As for Daley, he’s ok but I’m not really getting what he’s about. Maybe he needs to do some interviews so we can get a feel of him and his artistic vision.

    • V- jay, jay October 28, 2012

      I kinda liked your review. I was also taken aback at the abomination that was do it like a dude and in turn Jessie J’s talent was discoloured along with the faux R&B and cheesy dance songs.

      Yes, Teena Marie also did it with style, grace, soul and respect and I think that if Jessie had any intention of garnering respect for her vocals is needs to check herself, and tell her friend Tulisa also who seems to think she’s the poster child for urban.

      I loved Daily’s mix tape but cannot stand this song as its a mix up of too many good songs that shouldn’t really be touched but not done well

      Maybe next time

    • nunya business October 28, 2012

      Both of you are going way over the top. Do It Like A Dude wasn’t even for her. She wrote it for Rihanna in the style that she would sing it, but her label made her sing it instead so she had to go with what she worked with. This song has two samples in it and Daley’s background is in soul music so he felt it was appropriate to use it. I’m sure his friends, Angie Stone and Marsha Ambrosius would have told him if it was offensive. Also, he has done interviews, you just haven’t been looking.

      • V – Jay, Jay October 28, 2012

        I knew this Rihanna thing would come up. Rihanna didn’t want the song, so what possessed you to sing it? Jessie could’ve given it to someone else or not bothered. I don’t think her label made her sing anything.
        As for the inappropriateness of the song i have no real issue with it apart from he shouldn’t have used the sample, and if he was “good friends” with Angie and Marsha, why didn’t he get them to sing the hook?… oh, let me guess, the record company made him do it.

      • nunya business October 28, 2012

        She hadnt pitched it to Rihanna yet, dumbass. She just wrote it with her in mind. She had only sent the demo to her label and they never sent it to Rihanna because they wanted it to be her first single. He has another song with Marsha. It’s been doing quite well and they are nominated for a Soul Train award for it this year. Angie has been busy with her own album and lives in the US. Daley and Jessie live in the same place, so why not? Who knows if the label made him do it? They are on the same label, but he and Jessie have been friends for years.

    • Randy October 28, 2012

      In spite of the load of shite you chat if you listened and saw the lyrics no matter what you want them to be she says “I’m the one who had you baby” not had your babies :/

      • Robbie October 31, 2012

        That’s what I hear when I listen to it. “I’m the one who had you baby”. I think those other people are just some of those people who hear what they want to hear. They want to make an argument about how white people are racist so that’s what they hear. A racial smack to the face. There’s nothing racist in the song and it’s not an “abomination”. It is an amazing song with a lot of feeling put into it. They both have major talent and are going to go far. Just ignore the thick headedness at the top of the comments lol.

    • cristina November 13, 2012

      ??? Remember me, I’m the one who had your babies?
      That’s Blueboy’s version, not Daley’s version.
      Before you comment listen to the lyrics : Jessie sings i’m the one who hurt you baby and daley sings i’m the one who loved you baby. This song has nothing to do with black maids raising white babies

  2. JAKE October 28, 2012


    Anyway……. The song is cool. Its definetely a grower but there vocals harmonize brilliantly aswell.

    Makes me proud to be British. British talent at its never-ending best!!!!!


  3. cocobutta October 28, 2012

    Hahahaha Sam the shadeeeee(to the other blogger haha).
    All good us juicers know that Daley been showcased via here lol.
    Like that him and Jessie collaborated.

    Love the song with him and Marsha Ambrosius.

  4. Matthew Charlery-Smith October 28, 2012

    I think in an effort to almost ERASE Black people from RnB music (like we were in Rock n Roll/Rock) record companies are turning to anybody who a slight drop of Soul Sauce in their voice. No doubt Daley can sing and so can Jessie J (she’s among the best) but they are not on the level of artists who have done REAL RnB and I mean the UK.

    Listen to Damage “Girlfriend” and Mark Morisson “Trippin'” THAT is among the best of UK RnB. I’ll respect the Daleys and Jessie J’s more when I see that kind of effort put in and not just catchy hooks and samples.

    • nunya business October 28, 2012

      Have you not listened to Daley’s mixtape? He has praise from some of the best like the legend that is Angie Stone. Daley has always said he is a soul singer, and he is. This just added an element of pop for him. His mixtape is the truth. Nobody in RnB right now is laying down lyrics like him. Sorry, but it is true.

  5. bibi93 October 28, 2012

    Good song

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