Video: Nicki Minaj & Mariah Carey Clash “Cancels” American Idol Audition

Published: Tuesday 2nd Oct 2012 by Sam

Naturally, American Idol‘s enlisting of Pop divas Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj was always going to see sparks fly and fly high. Yet, new reports suggest the ladies are delivering more drama than hoped for – so much so that threats were supposedly made.

Report, via TMZ, below…

Via TMZ:

Nicki Minaj derailed the “American Idol” auditions in Charlotte, North Carolina today, after swearing at her (Mariah) and threatening, “I’m gonna knock you out” … sources tell TMZ.

Multiple sources are telling us there was a blow up between the two … Nicki left, then came back and the fireworks continued, culminating with the threat.  We’re told producers ended the auditions for the day so the two judges could cool down.

Big wigs on the show seem uncharacteristically upset by the blow up — it appears this was no joke and it seems producers are worried about Mariah and Nicki co-existing for the long haul.

UPDATE: Video has emerged!

UPDATE 2: Full video added!


Now, of course, there is every chance this could be a carefully staged publicity stunt to heighten interest ahead of the show’s season premiere in January. And who can blame Idol; with a sea of new talent searches populating US screens, what better way to re-affirm its place at the top than with A-lister scandal?

That said, in the event reports are legit, it may be a hard lesson learnt for Nicki that not every contract shoved in front of her should be signed. No matter how adamant she is to penetrate the mainstream market.

Clearly still “hood at heart”, Nicki is at a disadvantage in that her purported rival is recognised as The Voice of a Generation, hence is the surest of fits for the show – while she continues to attract critique for being the polar opposite. What’s more, with Mariah keen to (smartly) use the show to re-launch her career, she’ll no doubt be politicking for top billing at whatever cost – including Nicki’s spot on the panel.

Whatever the case, this is one “diva duel’ we’ll be following uber closely.

Your thoughts?

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  1. NOBITCHASSNESS October 2, 2012

    I don’t know how I feel about this… I want it to be staged but yet I don’t… Ya feel me?

    • I DON’T SPEAK VERMIN!! October 2, 2012


      • quetta October 2, 2012

        Dumbass she was talking to mariah stop coming up with excuses. Just because she wasn’t looking at her doesn’t mean she wasn’t taking to her.

      • I DON’T SPEAK VERMIN!! October 3, 2012

        Ok i see that Nicki is going awf on Mariah now. Mariah must’ve said something to make Nicki go off like that. I’m no fool i know theres two sides to every story and right now we’re only hearing Nicki for some odd reason. Why they didn’t show what lead up to Nicki’s outburst? I guarantee you Mariah kept cutting in on Nicki while she’s critiquing the contestants. If so it had to be repetitive which caused Nicki to explode on her ass. Mariah better respect Nicki if she wants to be respected. GO AWF NICKI!! GO IN AND LET HAVE!! *Funky Dineva voice*

      • truth(i DRAAAAGGS a FUNKY b****) October 3, 2012


    • truthtruth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b**** October 3, 2012

      OMFG THIS POST IS A GIFT FROM GAWD!!!! THANKS SAM!!!!!! TIME TO SLAY!!! :-d 🙂 🙂 :-d :-):-d 🙂 🙂 :-d :-):-d 🙂 🙂 :-d :-):-d 🙂 🙂 :-d 🙂

      • truthtruth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b**** October 3, 2012


    • Tim October 3, 2012

      When nicki needs to be a ghetto hood rat (her music) she don want to, but when she needs to have some class and act like she got sum sense she do this s***…gtfo wit dis s***!

    • Millhouse October 3, 2012

      F*** a LEGEND… When someone disrespects you over and over again, you have to put them in their place. I dont give a f*** if it was Oprah… Just because someone is a star does not give them the right to disrespect anyone… Im sure for years people have been scared to tell Mariah about herself, and finally someone has stood up to her… Although it would have been more effective if Nicki was looking directly at Mariah, but that white guy was in the way… Mariah kept it cool, although i know inside she was probably shaking… not because she is scared of Nicki, but just cuz no one ever talks to her that way… Many people in the industry have had problems with Mariah in the past including the late great Whitney Houston… and Im sure Whitney gave Mariah a piece of her mind too.

      Again… F*** a LEGEND… celebs are people too and they need to realize that the world does not revolve around them… You would think Mariah would have gotten that by now since no one is checking for her music anymore -_-

      • Millhouse October 3, 2012

        Lil Kim had the same problem… Wanting people to kiss her ass while she walks all over them… Nicki dont kiss no ass… so I dont understand why everyone is mad at Nicki for standing up for herself. I know I wouldnt let Mariah disrespect me.. Id have to put that mullatto b**** in her place too… and that goes for anybody…. celeb or not… Mariah aint been to the hood in a long time, and Nick is fresh out the hood… I dont think Mariah wants any parts of Nicki

  2. Jay Jay October 2, 2012

    Oh damn Mariah better teach this gimmic!

    • DS October 3, 2012

      Sorry but their are two sides to every story and everyone has already complained of how diva-ish mariah is. We all know she is a legend but i’m sure if anyone was condescending to you, you would go off on them as well.

      • truthtruth(i DRAAAAGGS a FUNKY b****) October 3, 2012

        B**** SHUT UP!!! READ HER ASS MARIAH!!

  3. justsomekid October 2, 2012

    Publicity stunt or not WHO IS SHE to talk to MARIAH FKN CAREY like that?!
    I’m sorry she’s been around how long?! My God! Go back to Queens you talentless, vile hoodrat.
    Mimi better keep her composure – she’s SO above this sh*t it’s not even funny…
    Onika who tbh?! B**** better fall the f*ck back!

    • justsomekid October 2, 2012

      P.S. – Just wait until Wendy Williams hears about this – that’s gonna be some funny ass sh*t

    • ENOUGH ONIKA October 2, 2012

      “She’s” a paid gimmick, thats who…

    • AAA October 3, 2012

      I actually feel sorry for Nicki Minaj because either she’s completely naive, being totally ill-advised or has absolutely no self-awareness to think this behaviour will be welcomed by producers or the public, especially against a genuinely talented and hugely successful singer-songwriter. I don’t think Mariah’s success excuses her behaviour but Nicki is stupid for not recognising Mariah’s status, popularity or industry influence, when she is so new and will never have the same long-lasting, mainstream appeal. We don’t know the full story and Mariah may well have started it, given her history of female fall-outs, however even if she did, none of those other acts responded this way, and we’re talking about bigger, more established acts that dwarf Nicki’s sales, presence and time in the business, not Madonna, Xtina or J.Lo reacted to her digs this way. So if she thinks that this is a justifable reaction, she is deluded! And thats only if Mariah really started it, if not, well, let’s pray for her.

  4. Back2Business October 2, 2012


    • ROMANS REVENGE October 2, 2012

      Mariah lost her voice ages ago..bish bye

      • Common Sense October 2, 2012

        Lucky for Nicki then she can’t lose something she hasn’t ever had.

      • THE DIAMOND NAVY October 3, 2012

        Mariah is still receiving royalties that run circles around Gimmicki Minaj

      • Nessa October 5, 2012

        hahahahahaahhahaahaha riiiiiight

  5. RichnBlack11(JUST LIKE BEY) October 2, 2012

    this is a mess I can’t Mc you too old for this and nicky respect you elders

    • truthtruth(i DRAAAAGGS a FUNKY b****) October 3, 2012


      • stacey October 3, 2012

        C*** go wash your mouth with some minty wash cause your breath smells like shitttttttttttt

      • truth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b****) October 3, 2012

        Then kiss my ass u rank p**** W****!!

      • Richnblack11(just like Bey) October 3, 2012

        Suck my a$$ hole lips , like i said MC is too old to be acting like this , If you don’t like it that’s your issue not mines.

  6. SerferTJ October 2, 2012

    Man this TEA is so hot, it should be served with a scone!
    (SHUD be surved with A SCCCOOooonnnNNNEEEeeeEEE
    SHUD be surved with A SCCCOOooonnnNNNEEEeeeEEE)

  7. Yolanda October 2, 2012

    Oh, it was cool when she was phucking with Kim. We tried to tell yall that her personality STANKED. It wasn’t about who was the better rapper or who had the best verse, it was about her being DISRESPECTFUL. That’s why Missy said she would slap whoever said she was irrelevant. This bytch is simply disrespectful.

    She’s showing her true colors.

    • I DON’T SPEAK VERMIN!! October 2, 2012


      • Yolanda October 2, 2012

        Come f*** me with your daddy’s d*** trick.

      • truthtruth(i DRAAAAGGS a FUNKY b****) October 3, 2012

        kiss nicki’s plastic ass W****!!!

    • ROMANS REVENGE October 2, 2012

      F*** Kim

      • Multitude of SEATS October 2, 2012

        F*** you and that half dead ass granny of yours. B**** should’ve died decades ago.

      • truthtruth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b**** October 3, 2012

        f*** yo momma…every OTHER dog has

    • msteefromdc October 6, 2012


  8. Dave October 2, 2012

    Let’s keep it 100% real. Get out of Nicki’s ass. Yeah MiMi may use the show for promotional purposes to boost her career & current relevance, but so is Nicki. Let’s not act like Nicki’s album or singles are doing that hot. Come on nah…. Besides the Money, Nicki wanted the promotion too. & Nicki really had no please talkin to MiMi like that. I’m not surprised though, they’re both diva’s. You can only have 1 diva on a show, 2 not gone work.

  9. Dunk October 2, 2012

    Nicki come s across a s a classless piece of ghetto trash! She is hot for the minute but Mariah is a an all round respected Legend, that pink wigged f***** punk has no busness judging singers anyway what the f*** would she know, she has still yet to release a respected hit song, her hit records microwave junk thast will be forgotten in a year, even the American president considers her a joke, and the hip hop community have turned there back on her after she pulled out of that concert this summer cos of her f***** ego, she needs idol now thats why shes on it too don’t get it twisted, i’m slowly starting to despise her, shes pathetic and when she flops, Mairah will still be a Legend while she continues to suck d*** and eat coochy to stay relivant

    • D October 2, 2012

      Lets assume that Nicki has 0 singing ablility (she does but lets assume). You do realize that Ellen Degeneras was a judge on the show right? Paula cant sing, neither can Randy. S*** Simon cant sing either. The whole “why is Nicki judging” is meritless. Get over it.

      • sharon October 3, 2012

        Paula, Simon and randy have had ALOT of expereince in the music industry. just because they cant sing does not mean they know what its like. they have all been involved with the industry long enough to know what the f*** they talk about. thats why they where/are judges in the first place.

      • D October 3, 2012

        Ok..what about Ellen?? hmm.. How long has she been in the music industry? I didnt see everyone get so dramatic when she was a judge! If you dont like Nicki, just say it. Just stop using b******* excuses to justify your disliking and finding different ways to critisize her. Futhermore, the music industry has changed since Paula, Simon, and Randy were heavily active in the industry. Nicki knows what its like NOW being a current artist.

      • sharon October 5, 2012

        i dont need to say if i like nicki minaj or not, thats not the point of my statement. read carefully before you reply. nicki has only been in the game for 2+ years. she hasnt been out long enough to be able to judge a SINGING competion. clearly they chose her for ratings and what does the music industry changing have to do with EXPERIENCE? paula, simon and randy even jlo are worthy of judging singers not nicki minaj! COME ON!!. fair enough ellen was on there, she was there to be the voice of the PUBLIC, SHE WASNT THERE PERMINANTLY! even though she hasnt been involved in the music industry. how the f*** is nicki gonna judge a rock n roll song or a country song? American idol have sunk low and you know it!!

    • msteefromdc October 6, 2012

      its like yall wait to say this now to nicki…she’s been disrespecting legends in the game since day one, even with her yall wanna try to say something to this arrangont bytch about how she should respect a legend..that bytch should’ve done that a long time ago.

  10. Jay Jay October 2, 2012

    But for real I can’t stand nicki anymore. She has a sense of entitlement like the whole world owes her something. She needs to humble herself ASAP before her stank attitude ruins her career. And little girls looks up to this mess smh

  11. iamAMF October 2, 2012

    Only one of the two even has the authority to judge singers in the first place. Since we all know who that is someone please tell me why the other is even there?

  12. NICKIBITCH October 2, 2012


    • MC October 2, 2012

      1. Excuses
      2. Excuses

    • nicki October 2, 2012

      nicki started it… i hop they kick her assss off the show!!!

      • D October 2, 2012

        How do you know Nicki started it? Were you there? lmao Tell me exactly what happened.

    • truth(i DRAAAAGGS a FUNKY b****) October 3, 2012

      (grawlin with jaws and teeth clinched) b**** if u dont shut the f*** up imma kick yo mutha fuckn ass! F*** that w**** nicki and yo granny! (unclinches jaws)

      • stacey October 3, 2012

        No somebody needs to kick your trick a** b****

      • truth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b****) October 3, 2012

        WELL we know it wont b u cause u too busy gettn buttfuck…BY YO D*** MAMMY U SLOPPY P**** H**!! COME OOOOON WIT IT B**** CAUSE IM FINNA DRAG U, YO DUSTY P**** MAMMY AND YO SAGGY P**** GRANNY!!

  13. Boss October 2, 2012

    S*** juss got real !!!

    • ENOUGH ONIKA October 2, 2012

      Sh*t just got scripted…

      • Boss October 2, 2012

        Y the fuc wud Nicki do sumthing so dumb that wud possibly mess up her already f’d up reputation ?

        Nicki can’t act nd that wasn’t scripted.

      • ENOUGH ONIKA October 2, 2012

        Um Onika is a walking gimmick and will do anything to get herself in the headlines. DO you honestly think MORE people would watch the show if they’re was no big “drama” between those two?? No, this was the plan from the beginning. The industry is FULL of scripts and acting for the cameras, come on now you can’t be THAT gullible?? Plus, didn’t that h** continues state she went to acting school? She is an act.

  14. MC October 2, 2012

    What is this fuckery? Nicki Gimmick Garbaj Child you better know your place. Somebody call the animal protective services so this animal-clown-looking multi-colored-fake-20000-accent-h** back to her place. Garbaj you should not even look at Mariah square in the face. Ghetto fake-ass plastic b****.

  15. IOTA October 2, 2012

    Why does she have to bring the ghetto out -___________- that’s exactly what they wanna see us act like smh lol

  16. Nick October 2, 2012

    I have so many nasty and disgusting words for nicki garbage right now ! I can’t even keep my composure
    and this was NO publicity stunt! if it was nicki wouldn’t have cursed at mariah and talked to her the way she did in that video because she still has to keep a good profile but whatever! for people to like this TRASH after what she just said in that video I have lost now 0% of respect from her!

    • D October 2, 2012

      You dont even know how the fight originated! Atleast get the full story before you pass judgement and freak out. That’s what adults do. 🙂

      • Nick October 2, 2012

        Nicki shouldn’t be talking down to a legend period…

      • truth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b****) October 3, 2012


    • D October 2, 2012

      So if a legend comes at you disrespectfully you have to keep quiet? NO!! lmao Nicki is hood as hell. Nicki doesn’t have to kiss Mariah’s ass. They should respect eachother.

      • truth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b****) October 3, 2012

        B**** U DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT THE F*** HAPPENED!! get drug in this post if u fuckn want too h**!

  17. IDK October 2, 2012

    wow, this is deep. I was hoping the rumors where false. How did they even start beefing? I thought they was cool?

  18. justsomekid October 2, 2012

    The part where she tells Mariah “you’re boring as f*ck” at the end literally makes me want to pull her wig out and knee her right in the nose-job.
    Mariah’s fingernail has more talent than Nicki’s entire being!
    Delusional braindead h** – sounds like a Alvin and the chipmunks on speed…back to your cave wilderbeast b****!

    • truth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b****) October 3, 2012

      When she the fuckn one who boring chile. Keep goin everyone…MORE MORE MORE!! BLAST THAT FAKE BUTCH B**** chile!

  19. I JUDGE Flops October 2, 2012




    • Todd October 3, 2012

      LOL, your avatar 😀 LOL

  20. Beyonce’s Weave October 2, 2012

    Oh please, FOX, 19 entertainment and Fremantle know damn well that American Idol has been suffering on the ratings front, why else do you think J-Lo and Steven Tyler got fired? From averaging about 20 million viewers with a 5.0 rating to dropping to 16 million viewers is not good news for FOX, especially seeing that X-Factor has not lived up to its hype (averaging 9 million viewers with less than a 4.0 rating, clearly beaten by the Voice’s 12 million viewers with a 4.0 rating). FOX, 19 entertainment and Fremantle are desperate to save this show and this is a well orchestrated publicity stunt.

    They even released a video? who captured the video because as far as I am concerned, American Idol auditions are not filmed with a live audience. This has publicity stunt written all over it, FOX, 19 Entertainment and Fremantle are desperate to push the ratings back up, I highly doubt this will do the trick. No use flogging a dead horse is there FOX?

    • justsomekid October 2, 2012

      You may be right, but it’d be rather wonderful if it backfired on Nicki and ruined her career regardless tbh…done with this b****.

      • Beyonce’s Weave October 2, 2012

        It all depends on how the editors will edit this. Every show needs drama and I’m sure the producers have popped open a bottle of champagne at the classless, ratchet, ghetto Divas’ (Mariah, Nicki) “supposed” fight.

      • opd2 October 2, 2012

        true talk of a hater backfired on nicki and ruin her you say,sigh.

  21. darnell October 2, 2012

    Why would American Idol hire this f****** low class hood rat to sit on a judging panel with the likes of MARIAH CAREY! If she touches Mariah, Imma find her and kill her

    • MC October 2, 2012

      Call me before you go at 10800-kill-nicki

      • truth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b****) October 3, 2012

        And me at 1 800 tar&feather the b**** chile

  22. Istierra October 2, 2012

    Nicki is fake as hell and her 15 minutes is up. She will never have even a fraction of Mariah’s talent or career. 5 yrs from now people will say Nicki who???. Mariah did a good thing by keeping it diva and not responding to the hood-rat and her ratchetness

    • JazThatBoi October 3, 2012

      Ummm… I doubt that

  23. TruthTeller October 2, 2012

    Well they’re both classless broads. Nicki can’t rap and Mariah’s career has been dead since 2005

    • truth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b****) October 3, 2012

      And yo momma p**** been dried out since the 70’s h**

  24. ImMadAsHell October 2, 2012

    Mariah knows that song she did with Nicki gave her first flop. I hope Mariah stays in that fake ass off Nicki.

    • D October 2, 2012

      lmfao it was Mariah’s song. Mariah sent that b******* to Nicki. Nicki’s verse couldn’t save that floppy ass song.

      • ImMadAsHell October 2, 2012

        Yeah but she put Nicki on thinking that Nicki going to do well but the song flop.

        It seems like Nicki can’t save anybody song even her own.

      • D October 2, 2012

        LMFAO! People are delusional as hell. Yes…Mariah’s song flopped because of Nicki Minaj. If Nicki Minaj wasnt on it the song would have been a major smash. Happy?!

    • prettigurlrockD bitchess October 3, 2012

      Plz. You can’t say it was a flop because of nicki or cuz of mariah. Nicki was a new artist back then so to be honest when she first came to the scene she was a lot more promising than she is now and had a lot of hits with big artist including luda and Usher. MC probably gave her a shot to do a track with her cuz she liked her flow. It was a good collaboration. For MC’s standards, it was a flop though since it was her song. Not every song is going to be a hit.

  25. D October 2, 2012

    This is like “Bad Girls Club” meets American Idol. I f****** love Nicki Minaj! Idgaf what anyone has to say. Nicki probably has been holding her tongue and snapped this time. (Southside Jamaica Queens)! I dont know what went down, but I will be watching American Idol this season to find out! : )

    • truth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b****) October 3, 2012

      (blank stare) b**** fall dead on your kitchen floor

      • stacey October 3, 2012

        B**** go to hell and burn there

      • truth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b****) October 3, 2012

        Y dont u just bathe u green p**** s***

  26. ENOUGH ONIKA October 2, 2012

    TOTAL PUBLICITY BULLSH*T AT ITS FINEST!!!!! LOL!!! GET THE F*CK OUTTA HERE!! Please you guys do NOT fall for the media’s sh*t. Onika is a scripted plastic blow doll and Mariah’s sinking into hype as well (gotta sell that album that’s gonna fl…nm). Awful and poorly planned stunt! LOL!! American Idol needs ratings and they’ll pull every gimmick in the book of “Nicki” to do it. Definitely NOT watching AI, ever (as if I haven’t already stopped watching since season 2). TGJ of course will feed into it though…

  27. hu October 2, 2012

    American Idol is like Seacrest’s Reality shows on E! … cheap and full of drama for the camera…why else did they hire Nicki? Not because she’s a talented singer, because she’ Ratchet…it’s like Basketball Wives, Hip Love S***, Kardshian s*** all in one….American Idol wants cheap ratings off black chicks acting Ratchet….Uggh…

  28. MC October 2, 2012

    Hmmm….somebody on this site is not riding Nicki’s d*** anymore. I wonder why? Perhaps due to her low album performances or have they finally understood that she is nothing but a fake gimmick. God is good.

    • D October 2, 2012

      Nicki has one of the top selling albums of 2012. Fyi

      • MC October 2, 2012

        Lol. Madonna’s, Mary J. Blige’s, Usher’s CB’s, Jeezy’s albums all did horrible in terms of sells. They didn’t or barely went gold. Nicki after 2-4 years in the game and 2 albums in as the main “hip-hop” act can barely go gold selling 650k after 5-6 months. Her last album flopped and you know it.

      • D October 2, 2012

        Lmfao Home skillet! You’re proving my point!
        Her WW: 1.2 Million. Her album is CERTIFIED PLATINUM! Its not barely gold…its PLATINUM. lmao Furthermore…her album has the second highest hip hop sales (behind drake) in 2012. Saying Nicki’s album is a flop is saying that the other 108 people on that list flopped as well. YOU CANNOT have one of the most successful albums of the year and it be a flop. You make no sense.

      • MC October 2, 2012

        Are you stupid? Her album shipped a million, it didn’t sell a million. She sold 650k to be exact. Get it together, gosh. Her album underperformed compared to her 1st album and by the way Hip-Hop/ Rap albums sell she underperformed tremendously. You may stay seated. Goodbye.

      • D October 2, 2012

        Lmao WORLD-WIDE HER ALBUM >>>SOLD<<< 1.2 million record. Her album sold 650k in the US. It SHIPPED over 1million records in the US and is thus a Certified Platinum album in the US! Please dont come for me. Im trying the undo the brainwashing that comes along with being a hater.

        -How the f*** did she underperform by the way Hip-hop albums sell when she sold more than every hip hop artist this year besides Drake? Please…the logic is in front of you. accept it. lmao

      • Common Sense October 3, 2012

        “one of the top selling albums” would be impressive a decade ago. In 2012 that doesn’t say much.

      • truth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b****) October 3, 2012

        How many did YOU sell?

  29. IMGUNNACHECKUBOO October 2, 2012

    Oooooh, watch out Mariah Gurl. Tricki Minaj is a straight up hood rat. She will get violent wit yo ass. lol

    • truthtruth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b**** October 3, 2012

      h** please

  30. Nick October 2, 2012

    just the thought if Whitney was still here with us and she was on the AI panel. hell would have broke loose, and she would have laid her ass outt!

    • Boss October 2, 2012

      Yess, someone gotta teach dat h**.

    • truth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b****) October 3, 2012


  31. Os October 2, 2012

    The haters are having a field trip,stay you,er ground Nicki,i know you respect Mimi but don’t let her walk over you,stay you,er ground,i new when i saw this article you was the one they were going to show in a bad light and go in on,everyone knows that Mimi is a diva,because she is in the game longer and have a better resume give her the right to sh-t on people no,like i said i now you respect Mimi nick,but respect go,s both ways don’t let her sh-t on you continue to stay you,er ground,i love them both this is a typical difference in opinion between them both,but you now the media and Nicki haters is going to turn this in to so, it,s not,like i said when i click on the article i new what i was going to see.

    • ENOUGH ONIKA October 2, 2012

      Are you serious?? You can be THAT stupid to actually believe this bullish*t story that “so happened” to have a camera man ready to capture the hype of it all.. Really?? Lawd, the education system has failed many and parents included. Kids believe anything they see on TV and in magazine and accept it as gospel. #Sad

    • truth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b****) October 3, 2012

      B****…i will cut u too short to s*** if yo b**** ass EVER defend icki again¡

  32. Yolanda October 2, 2012

    I guess now she’s gonna make a diss record about Mariah.

    • MC October 2, 2012

      I never knew there were diss electro-pop songs?! You obviously can’t mean rapping when she can barely rhyme nursery rhymes.

  33. Edgy_Timeless October 2, 2012

    Nicki sit the f*** down. Ur time is up B****. I’m not even a MiMi fan but u coming at Mariah who can buy and sell u off, shut da f*** up. She letting the fast fame get to her. Now all of a sudden she declaring herself Queen this Queen that. B**** you an hype N u look retarded. Ya time is up. This b**** will just be another h** from the past. I still can understand out of hundreds of talented artists they pick her to judge future talented stars. The h** can’t sing, perform, talk, act, like wtf. This lame b****. She is done. By 2014, Nicki Who?

    • kim October 3, 2012

      2013 ha

  34. MaZ October 2, 2012

    This b**** is crazy! She needs mental help!

  35. MaZ October 2, 2012

    She needs to go back to the bronx and have several seats in the yankee stadium!

    • truth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b****) October 3, 2012

      And her wigs can sit in all the other seats

  36. Benron (King Of The Navy) October 2, 2012

    Nicki is such a bafoon, and Im too tired to say anything more.

    Mariah is like 15 years older than her and still looks, sounds, and dances bettr than that ghetto schizophrenic, Multiple personality disorder bald eagle looking b****.

    She sshould pick fights with some ratchet ass h** on her level like Khia.

  37. christinastherealtalent October 2, 2012

    Nicki’s tacky ass need to show more respect to those that paved the way for her to be able to get up on stage and make an ass out of herself! Mariah buy her, sell her, and throw away the change if she really wanted to.

    I commend Mariah for remaining classy and calm while Nicki joke ass make a fool of herself.

    • D October 2, 2012

      Mariah had no choice BUT to keep calm! lmao She aint ’bout that life. Diva vs Bad B****.

      • truth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b****) October 3, 2012

        Wtf is THAT supposed to mean u h**? B**** ill ninja throw one of those pfrreflopped cds at u and split yo nose open like a mutha fuckn pigs feet!

  38. PrettigurlrockD October 2, 2012

    Im not taking sides. We don’t know what made nickj mad. I just hope it was nothin petty. All y’all riding on the “legend” bs need to calm ur tits. MC coulda said something hurtful to nicki in a shade type of way cuz we know how MC gets with her diva self. I’m a fan of them both so I hope they can put their differences aside and be great judges.

    • MC October 2, 2012

      Mariah said nothing hurtful to here. Here is how I now: Nicki is very defensive and always attacking people (i.e. the twitter beefs and telling people to “eat s*** and die” for criticizing her). Why would Mariah say anything hurtful to her? Mariah can be shady, but not in a personal way. Even if she shades her, she deserves it.

      • Queen Navy October 3, 2012

        Spoken like a stan. Mariah has a reputation for being a b**** and talking out of the side of her mouth. I don’t believe for 2 seconds that it wasn’t her who started this mess. She just got smart with the wrong one and got checked.

      • MC October 3, 2012

        What the f*** are you talking about goat stan? I never said Mariah’s not a b**** so have a save for your non-comprehensive brain of yours.

    • truth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b****) October 3, 2012

      B**** STFU H**!

  39. QZ October 2, 2012

    I blame Roman.

    • Not Sikis Fault its her personalities October 3, 2012

      i blame marthua!! ha

  40. MaZ October 2, 2012

    Soon to follow her official statement: apologies to the public and Mariah of Course. She will kiss her ass in order to save the miilion dollars they gave to her. Somebody’s probably laughing right now somewhere in NYC…

  41. Deej October 2, 2012

    Nicki: “And if you’ve got a ****ing problem, handle it. I told them I’m not ****ing putting up with your ****ing highness over there.” Mariah “Oh Why, why, why do I have a three year old sitting around me?” Nicki: “I’m not sitting here for 20 million having her look down here repremanded everyday. No.” Mariah: “I can’t see my kids because you decided to act like a little crazy b**** and go all around the stage.” “Go see them now, go. You’re boring as ****.”

    • D October 2, 2012

      lmao thank you! I couldn’t tell what Mariah was saying. Wtf does Mariah’s kids have to do with anything!

    • Speaks Truth October 2, 2012

      Yessss Mariah that’s my b****….. Ahhahahaha

    • truth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b****) October 3, 2012


  42. FLOPP October 2, 2012

    Mariah tried that DIVA s*** on the wrong person today and got that wig snatched in real life. The b**** can’t even sing anymore.

    • MaZ October 2, 2012

      Mariah teaches your fav how to sing b****!

    • truth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b****) October 3, 2012

      B**** fall off da earth into deep space!

      • stacey October 3, 2012

        And I wish you drown in the deep sea

      • truth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b****) October 3, 2012

        Nawl b**** y dont u go drown in yo granny mildewed p****! LET THE DRAAAAGN BEGIN CHILE! imma comin for u stacey! Imma drag this yuk mouf b**** all THRU this mutha fucka!

  43. S Dot October 2, 2012

    Regardless of who did or did not start it, or who said what, this is this is not how we should be behaving in a place of employment (remember this is a job for these ladies) if any of us where to act out at our place of employment in this fashion we would be FIRED! Both this women should be ashamed about acting in this fashion. These women shouldn’t be acting petty and childish and taking cheap shots at each other to the point that it ends in screaming and cursing…

    • Yolanda October 2, 2012

      No, not these women; Nicki.

      • truth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b****) October 3, 2012


  44. I DON’T SPEAK VERMIN!! October 2, 2012

    I will NOT judge Nicki or Mariah until i get more details. I don’t see any indication that Nicki is talking about Mariah seeing as tho she never even looked in her direction.

    • truth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b****) October 3, 2012

      B**** yo p**** stink SOOOOOOO bad!

  45. danny b October 2, 2012

    Welp, this is it. I’m officially done with Young Money. First Wayne’s ratchet ass prejudice against dark skin women, then Drake’s suburban ass and his Aaliyah obsession, now Nicki’s ghetto ass not knowing her place coming for someone’s who’s one single can outsell her whole discography. I’m done. Literally. F*** em all.

    • prettigurlrockD bitchess October 3, 2012

      We all know MC has paid her dues to be considered the realest diva. And well, u can say whatever u want about Nicki but a diva is a female version of a hustler so in that sense she is. They can’t be compared though. Two different artists.

      • MRDIVABITCH October 3, 2012

        Getting your word definitions from hip-hop music video? It doesn’t get more hood rat than that. Eww.

        No. A Diva is an extremely virtuosic female vocalist, with style, class and elegance. Under that definition, Nicki could NEVER EVER be a Diva.

  46. Monstarebel October 2, 2012

    A hot f****** Mess!!! smh smh

    • Ren October 3, 2012

      You’re a f*****.

      • truth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b****) October 3, 2012

        Yes that c*** is! Cosign chile(pops tongue)

  47. B_STANNING (BEY STAY WINNING) October 2, 2012

    LMAO Nicki Minaji equals straight gimmick. Where Mariah is she trying to reach with her ratched ass

  48. danny b October 2, 2012

    First Kim, now Mariah. What’s the deal with Sicki Minaj coming those who gave her her career? It’s like if Rihanna decided to come for Whitney Houston or Justin Bieber for Michael Jackson. Like, sit yo Ronald McDonald ass down. Cuz thats what your music and your image is: McDonalds.

  49. griffin October 2, 2012

    its staged your f****** morons!

    • truth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b****) October 3, 2012

      Yo momma us a staged w****!

  50. LittleScheisse October 2, 2012


  51. FLOPP October 2, 2012

    That’s what Mooriah’s fake ass get. always talking down to people like she crazy

    • truth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b****) October 3, 2012

      Suck MY d*** u queen

  52. griffin October 2, 2012

    and mariah’s newest single flopped! she had 2 of the wackest rappers in hiphop on that song!

    • Boss October 2, 2012

      Lets not talk bout acomplishments. Nicki will get murdered!!!

    • MC October 2, 2012

      Nicki’s life is a flop. The End.

  53. JohnnyBlaze82 October 2, 2012

    Nicki needs to be reminded how much Idol is paying her and show some respect for the show. I’m sure there were alot of ppl waiting to audition but they had to cancel it due to Nicki’s attitude. Idol made a big mistake signing Nicki. Mariah is gonna do whatever it takes to prove it. Love Mariah!

  54. ROMANS REVENGE October 2, 2012


    • truth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b****) October 3, 2012


  55. Debonair October 2, 2012

    People are so quick to judge someone based on their own personal feelings towards one person in particular. You can’t slam Nicki without knowing all the facts. Nicki have had some words with Lil Kim, but Mariah has also had her share of squabbles with several artists(Jlo, Madonna, Whitney). Nicki’s reaction just seems so big, that it appears to me like it was a matter of it being that straw that broke the camels back. I don’t care how much authority, status, fame, richies a person have , it doesn’t give you license to be pardoned for mistreating someone. Mariah already expressed that she didn’t want Nicki to join Idol and she wanted lenny Kravitz instead (even after Idol announced that Nicki was apart of the team). Think about it, Mariah didn’t give her a warm welcome in doing that and that was the wrong way to start off things. People can overlook that all they want to, but it’s inappropriate. Put yourself in those shoes. Think of how you would feel starting a new job or band or whateva and realizing there’s that one person that have more clout than you at the time that don’t want you there. I would like to see the coversation before the fight broke out. I already heard reports about Mariah talking over Nicki disrespectfully while she was sharing her opinions weeks ago. I’m not surprised that things would fester into a heated argument of this kind afterwards. It’s unfortunate though. I hope they both can move on from this without it getting too ugly, but most people will not take any of that into account. We love siding with the big dog. I can’t do that unless I know their in the right. By the looks of things, it’s questionable.

    • My hip, my back October 2, 2012

      I agree with everything!

      • theman October 3, 2012

        Not with Whitney. Madonna started being bitter first. What are u talking about….

    • prettigurlrockD bitchess October 3, 2012

      Best comment I’ve seen on here. It’s refreshing to see some impartialness on this rachet ass blog.

      • truthtruth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b**** October 3, 2012

        suck bear nuts b****

    • truth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b****) October 3, 2012

      Oh butch b**** what u say? I was putn on my lip gloss

    • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) October 3, 2012

      i don’t know if you are a boy or a girl , but i like this comment !

  56. Speaks Truth October 2, 2012

    I can’t really say who to cheer for BUT I will say Nicki is a b**** that ain’t letting anybody talk down on her or be disrespectful towards her and Rihanna is the same, they have a right too, sometimes older folks be so disrespectful & rude to us younger ones when we be kind generous & respectful to them, sometimes you gotta stand your ground and put them in there place, cuz just like Nicki I been through hell & back and I’m not letting a soul talk down on me & be disrespectful and just s*** on me in my face…. HELLZ THE F*** NO… You have to give RESPECT to EARN RESPECT….. And nicki not having it…. And Mariah always shading other artist look at her YouTube disses…..PAUZ

    • truth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b****) October 3, 2012

      M***** p**** b**** eat cow nuts

      • stacey October 3, 2012

        No your the p**** b**** trolling like the stupid dumb f*** that you are

      • truth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b****) October 3, 2012

        U molded twawt B**** go put a perm in yo nappy p****!

  57. Letruth October 2, 2012

    You guys are all dumb. This is fake and a publi. Stunt by idol to get views lol. How would tmz get their hands on a video from set theyed be sued. Watch next week nicki & mariah do an interview laughing saying you just got punked.

  58. Real Talk October 2, 2012

    Mina’s is just a talentless piece of ghetto s*** but I’d love to see her beat the f*** out of that other b**** that once had some skill. Mariah is such a has been and Minaj is a never was. Maybe someone could beat the hell out of both of them

  59. James227 October 2, 2012

    Long as Nicki stays on the show I will be boycotting the show by not watching it. I can’t stand this ghetto hoodrat b****.

  60. RoyalKev October 2, 2012

    I honestly don’t know what to think. I think Nicki is blowing her lid because she’s fed up about something, but I don’t want her to come down on Mariah that way. I hope they go off to the side and settle their differences like grown women.

  61. D.Scott October 2, 2012

    Could be great for ratings…

  62. small_angel October 2, 2012

    not siding any of the two. Bad we all know Mariah have some attitude problem and she did it to a wrong person. B**** versus B****.

    • Vandrea October 3, 2012

      Exactly. I can’t at all these silly stans and wannabe diva’s on here acting like Mariah is some kind of legend who is above being told off. Mariah is famous for her bad attitude, shady remarks and diva behavior. Stop acting like she’s more entitled to be a b**** than the next b****. Please.

      • truth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b****) October 3, 2012

        Both yall b****** eat a d*** up til u hiccup

  63. Nichole October 2, 2012

    The biggest staged mess on reality TV.

    Since when does Idol release videos from behind the scenes? That was the dead giveaway right there.

    • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) October 3, 2012

      hahahahahah THIS !!!!

    • MC October 3, 2012

      that’s love and hip-hop Atlanta

  64. @091094_ October 2, 2012

    This has to be the juiciest beef in a long time, omg two very polarizing characters going head to head tbh Im with mariah coz she is more talented, her songs are timeless and she is just a legend, I still like nicki and always will but mariah anyday, and aint it weird because they done a song together, obviously that weren’t a organic pairing, just a set up by their labels, f*** you both for feeding us false hope that you two were actually friends

  65. MusicExpert22 October 3, 2012

    RIP Nickis career
    If you love and respect music you despise can you come to a legend like that crosses my mind

    Which artist will work with you know b****!?!?…Beyonce?? .LOL

  66. the real xoxo October 3, 2012

    They are both b******, but Mariah doesnt pretend she isnt one.
    “Up out my face” was one of the first songs i heard from Nicki a couple of years ago, Mariah help put that b**** on.
    Honestly It doesnt matter if Mariah started it or not, because she can take a s*** on your chest because she has been in the game for 20+ years and is a legend and nicki needs to realise that the gimmicks are tiring and she is more boring than mariah.

  67. small_angel October 3, 2012

    we all know Mariah is a B****. and it doesn’t mean that she has all the money and sells more record doesn’t give her the license to shade anyone. She is not extra special. she is just Mariah on my eyes. But im not a Team Nicki either she shows no respect to elders.

    • Foreal… October 3, 2012

      no matter what.. she was very unprofessional . point blank.

  68. Checory October 3, 2012

    Nicki Got beef with all the orginal legendary barbies, Lil Kim & Mariah Carey.

    • prettigurlrockD bitchess October 3, 2012

      MC aint no damn barbie. Don’t include her with the fakeness lil kim and nicki started.

      • truthtruth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b**** October 3, 2012

        EAT C*** B****!! leve kim outcho mutha fuckn mouf!!!

  69. Magina October 3, 2012

    Mariah is an iconic legend, Nicki looks like a hoodrat and damn clown! Regardless of Mariahs Diva behavior, she superior to Nicki in every way! teamMimi

  70. S****** Blonde October 3, 2012

    This is embarrassing…so uncomfortable to watch…Mariah better leave now or Nicki and her manners of ghetto girl will eat her, this is so sad, why?…like i always say, i prefer men singers, you know why because, all these Divas are all about to be the best, they can’t be friends, all they want is attention, money, fame and nothing more. Mariah is too much for this kind of situation, they should had hire only Keith with Mariah like they did with J.Lo and Steven Tyler, if J.Lo can shine all by herself in da show i don’t see why they need to put Nicki, when we all know who is the real deal, Mariah and Keith makes a good couple but Nicki just ruins everything, or maybe they could have put Celine Dion with them but not this b****, this is so sad, this is very low.

    • bitchpleaseeeeeee October 3, 2012

      Co-sign s*** 😉

    • I DON’T SPEAK VERMIN!! October 3, 2012

      SITCHO SUICIDAL ASS DOWN! Nicki is clearly saying Mariah is repeatedly disrespecting her. Mariah better show some respect or go sit her ass at home with dem babies.

    • prettigurlrockD bitchess October 3, 2012

      mc is part black. She can get ghetto too if she wanted to. I don’t think she wants a verbal altercation with nicki tho.

  71. I DON’T SPEAK VERMIN!! October 3, 2012

    Nicki said to Mariah: You say one more disrespectful thing to me OFF WITCHO HEAD! OFF WITCHO HEAD!… lol Then she said sumn about EVERY FIVE MINUTES SO EVERY TIME YOU TAKE A SHOT AT ME IMMA TAKE IT BACK! Mariah needs to respect Nicki cus respect is due.

    • truth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b****) October 3, 2012

      U neeed to bathe

      • stacey October 3, 2012

        Just like your stink a**

      • truth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b****) October 3, 2012

        U need to d***** b****! Wit that green mist of order clouded around yo p****

  72. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) October 3, 2012

    that’s a publicity stunt dahhhhhling 😀 , the show is sinking and we needed it.

    • truth tea (take a sip) October 3, 2012

      you have chris brown in your avatar, you cannot talk about publicity stunts

  73. zzzzzg October 3, 2012

    American Idol is turning into a ghetto mess. WHY did they put NM on the show? That’s the question MC been wanting to ask and it got flopminaj blood boiling obviously.

  74. Hop-Scotch October 3, 2012





    >>>>>>>LORD JESUS<<<<<<<





    • JAKE October 3, 2012






    • slap-a-h** October 3, 2012

      no one gives 2 f**** about mooriah accomplishments. her attitude is what got her wig snatched. Nicki should have slapped her fake ass.

      • truthtruth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b**** October 3, 2012

        and i’d have SLAP DA F*** OUTTA YOU if she had!!! F***!!!

      • zzzzzg October 3, 2012

        When did Mariah get her wig snatched?? Niki is the one that lost her cool.Mariah was just chillin laughing and the no talent gimmick.She is the one looking classless.She needs to get some talent before she can snatch anybody’s wig.

  75. sharon October 3, 2012


  76. LaLa October 3, 2012

    I’ve seen this kind of fight on ANTM & it’s more than enough… SMH.

  77. hell no October 3, 2012

    Hell no!! we all like or can be ghetto when it calls for it
    but i mean come on there is a time and place

    1. not at work
    2. not to a legend
    3. dont forget who put you on?

    Nicki forgets she would be no where withought
    Lil kim to copy she paid kim no respect

    i personally here in the uk didnt pay attention to her till
    Up out my face -mariah

    No one in england really knew about her mixtapes


  78. Magina October 3, 2012

    Jesas Christ Gimme da strength after re-watching i cant at Mariah just sitting there! Where was Bianca? She shoulda beat damn Clown with that nasty ass candy floss hair! i cant believe i liked Nicky..we know Mariah is a diva, but shes EARNED that right!regardless of what she did, was that ghetto outburst the way to respond? Nicky a ole loud mouth b****, the sista;s from My side of town what beat her ole m***** ass to pulp!

    • justsayin October 3, 2012

      Mariah did not just sit there. She said her part in the manner she should of said it. Mariah is not a child and I know she has hood in her as well, but in this case she is a legend and getting hood is not the way. Handle this with your power. I think Mariah Carey has more star power over Minaj. People can say what they want, but her career has been documented. Run the tapes, you can not erase what has been done, and Mariah Carey, the name alone, has more definition than NIkki Minaj. She should be humble at all cause.

  79. Traci October 3, 2012

    Let this be a lesson to American Idol’s thirsty ass, when you put TRASH on your show, this will always be the outcome. NICKI is complete TRASH! B**** shouldn’t be judging talent auditions in the first place when her talent and image are both manufactured gimmicks. Im soooooo very glad TMZ got their hands on this video so that all the idiotic pple who stan for this TRASH can get a first hand glimpse at just how tacky and classless she is. B**** your making millions, STFU and do your job or get the F off the show. You can’t come for Mariah, you have no receipts!

  80. SayWhaaatt!!!!! October 3, 2012

    WOW is that how Nicki went of on her housekeeper last year LOL. So reports are saying Mariah (who had a wine bottle under the table LOL) kept throwing jab at Nicki then called her a B****. Listen to the video Nicki called Mariah insecure. This is sad . But I will be watching for the drama cause I haven’t watched AI since Jordan Sparks won.

    • truthtruth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b**** October 3, 2012

      WHAT REPORTS B****?!!! U F**!!!

      • stacey October 3, 2012

        B****, did you take your medication today?

      • truth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b****) October 3, 2012

        H** did yo carbon dated granny?

  81. SASHAY October 3, 2012

    Lord knows I’m not a fan of Nicki but it is said that Mariah called her a b**** and that’s what started the tirade.

    • truthtruth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b**** October 3, 2012

      ok now you need yo P**** STOMPED FOR EVEN REPEATING SOMETHING THAT STOOPID…SO ILL STOMP IT. You b****…how dare you talk before you wash yo p****! NICKI STARTED IT BY BEING….BORN!!!!

    • Foreal… October 3, 2012

      Mariah doesnt even speak like that.. that is not true.

    • zzzzzg October 3, 2012

      Why? Mariah has no reason to be threatened by flopMinaj. Has flopminaj sold over 200 million records.Is this flopminaj known for having a 5 octave vocal range.Is flopminaj music legendary? Mariah no reason to call her anything

    • MC October 3, 2012

      So out of the blue Mariah calls Gimmick Mianj a “b****”? You can’t be this dumb to believe Mariah just calls her a b**** out of nowhere.

  82. That B*tch (I can’t with these delusional stans) October 3, 2012

    Oh lawd. I knew there would have been drama between these two. Mariah wanted to be the only diva on this panel. Either way this will be another great thing for rating boostings.

  83. slap-a-h** October 3, 2012

    legends can get they ass beat down like anybody else. your accomplishments don’t mean s*** mooriah especially if you got a ugly attitude.

    • Foreal… October 3, 2012

      u sound crazy as s***.. what u mean your accomplishments dont mean s***.. in this industry it is everything. have a seat please. i wish she would put her hands on MC.. her life would be over.. seriously tho.

      • truthtruth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b**** October 3, 2012

        you betta go thru this thread and read these hoez!! yaaassss!!!!

  84. prettigurlrockD bitchess October 3, 2012

    MC and Nicki make two different types of music that people eat up. Their album sales have nothing to do with this altercation. At the end of the day both nicki and mc should respect eachother.Yall need to realize nicki is from the hood and gonna speak what’s on her mind. MC seems more passive agressive. Two diva mentalities. They don’t have to like eachother’s music or personalities just at least be respectable. The other judges from the past seasons have had arguments too but realized it’s time to grow up and act like judges. They are getting paid anyway so they are not gonna just stop the whole show.

  85. truth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b****) October 3, 2012

    Mariah slayed that b****…IN TRUE DIVA FASHION chile!!

  86. dibs October 3, 2012

    At least Nicki’s music can sell in todays music industry. mariah new song flopped just like her last album. about time someone brought that has been back down to earth. Team Minaj flopriah gets no respect!

    • truthtruth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b**** October 3, 2012


    • Foreal… October 3, 2012

      you sound crazy.. thats all.. do ya research.. she better stay in her place.. she hasnt made a mark in this industry yet.. shes a rookie. her career is on the line.. shes been out for 14 minutes not.. one left to go.

    • zzzzzg October 3, 2012

      MC doesnt need need to sell records anymore.Where have you been? Her legacy will live on forever.She has 18 # 1 singles! flopminaj might get a top 10 hit but her singles fade away and don’t become classics.

  87. JOHNVIDAL October 3, 2012

    I can´t believe this! What is that b**** saying???
    Even if you have to endure some shade (we don´t know if she has suffered it at all) you do it cos that´s why you are there, to be the funny lessor compared to the true legend and diva (Mariah). They hired you for that, what you are getting paid compared to Mariah says it all
    I really can´t understand all they are saying but I don´t like it. It seems Mariah was keeping it cute until the end of the video when she started to say things too. Her face at the end is like “ok I can barely handle it anymore” lol

    • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) October 3, 2012

      i loved MC’s reaction , i wanted to see her flip-flopping nicki’s prosthetic ass !!!

  88. HOL UP October 3, 2012

    None of us know what happened and I’m not saying Nicki nor Mariah is right or wrong bt MC fans lets be real outside of the obesssion ya have for her as a person no one is going to just spazz the way Nicki was without a reason I’m not sayin nicki aint crazy lol or that maybe she missed a dose of meds that day im just sayin before ya begin to ridicule or condemn her figure out the real story because all the comments of she a hoodrat and all that lets be real she wouldnt be this big having meetings for perfumes and all these things if she was a hoodrat because hoodrats dont make it past their enviornment if they never grow so she may have been but she has matured i must admit Im not the biggest nicki fan but i know right from wrong i cn look past personal opinion for right and wrong I love me some MC but i know my girl is a diva and when you put two women in one area its only bound to cause drama two divas one spotlight is just trouble waiting to happen lol

    • truthtruth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b**** October 3, 2012


      • HOL UP October 3, 2012

        As Hov said Never argue with fools because ppl from a distance can’t tell whose when you learn to form a sentence like an adult and not an uneducated “hoodrat” I will address you with my opinion until then i have spoken read the comment above you and below you if you would like to speak because at this point sweetheart im done *sips tea*

      • truthtruth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b**** October 3, 2012

        oh im sorry what did you say? i didn’t read that S*** like i just read YOU becasue i was putn my lipstick on

    • zzzzzg October 3, 2012

      Even if Mariah said something that she didn’t like she should have kept her cool and be the bigger person.People keep saying MC is insecure but I think flopminaj is insecure about about something.

  89. Ajanni October 3, 2012

    Both women are loud, disrespectful messes. Each of them lacks professionalism. Mariah needs come off of her high horse especially since no one is no longer interested in her and Nicki needs to stop letting Miss Butterflies and Rainbows take her to street. Between Nicki’s ghetto talk and Mariah’s drunken slur I had no idea what was said in the video.

    • truthtruth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b**** October 3, 2012

      you need to come off your high d*** b****

    • Foreal… October 3, 2012

      u sound crazy.. mariah said 2 words to put that clown in her place and that was it.. Nicki just needs to learn to keep it professional and stay in her place.

  90. rece October 3, 2012

    Mariah and Nicki both are just simple trash. No class whatsoever. The audio on TMZ sounds like a street fight between a couple of old, strung-out hookers. Is that what Idol has been reduced to? Between this and the cheap antics of Simon Cowell on X Factor, I’ve decided that The Voice is all I need.

    • truthtruth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b**** October 3, 2012

      yo momma trash…she had U didn’t she?

      • rece October 3, 2012


      • truthtruth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b**** October 3, 2012

        You f****** test tube B****

      • rece October 3, 2012

        yes. 🙂

      • truth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b**** October 3, 2012

        lol you made me lol. lolol

    • zzzzzg October 3, 2012

      People are jealous of MC I see.MC has done what your fav couldn’t do in 20 years.Let see flopminaj sell over 200 million albums in 20 years.No other female R&B star has yet to surpass her 18 #1 singles.She is standing strong alone and thats without gimmicks and played out costumes

  91. the House October 3, 2012

    This is how I see it, we all know Mariah is a great singer..yadda yadda. Obviously she said something to Nicki to make her pop the f*** off. So ya’ll telling me just because someone has been doing something longer than you, they can just talk to you any kind of way? Hell no. I don’t give a damn if you p*** rainbows or shoot diamonds out your ass while feeding the hungry. Respect is respect. Yes Nicki is ratchett and talent is ZERO compared to Mariah. But lets not forget, Mariah is a whole mess with that damn diva s***. While she sitting there saying “whyyyyyyyyy” she need to be figuring out how the hell she can make her song “Triumphant” triumphant. Hell, she called Nicki to help her with Memoirs of a Flopping Angel. I love them both. But when you get a diva and a gimmick together who’s both getting millions for their opinions, of course there is going to be blood

    • truthtruth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b**** October 3, 2012

      YO MOMMA BEEN WHORING ON THE CORNER FOR A LONG TIME…wouldn’t she be mad if ANOTHER trashy W****,like yo mom is, came and tried to take her corner??!! ok then b****, fall back!!

      • the House October 3, 2012

        lol. ooohhhhh all caps I see. Did your point come across any better? Sweetheart while you commenting, I’m getting my degree. Obviously you are about as smart as a newborn baby if you had to bring someone’s mother into your comment to improve your whack ass dumb ass comment. So no B****, you fall the f*** back. So while you wanna slay some s***, go slay a vocab book and figure out how to make a legit counter argument. B**** my UNDERGRADUATE degree cost more than your entire life. So does my mother’s and her masters. Maybe that was your momma on the corner. Don’t come for me you stupid asinine(look it sure you need to) c*** sucking A*** having b****. You might be mad cause you can’t be a w**** cause you might be ugly as s***.

      • truth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b**** October 3, 2012

        oh i’m sorry i was taking a dump while you were writing your BOOK’ giirl so i didn’t read it, h**! (applies 3 coat of lip gloss)

    • zzzzzg October 3, 2012

      What?? isn’t Niki Minaj delusional,bipolar…. I think flopminaj was hearing things.And she is stressing about her wanna be platinum album.

  92. Foreal… October 3, 2012

    lets keep it 100 right now.. No matter what was said Nicki looks very unprofessional right now.. She is a rookie in the business and needs to stay in her place.. You dont talk to a legend like that at all.. mariah has major power to even end her career but as you can see in this video she kept it calm coo and collective and handled it with class not like trash.. she let that clown pop off at the mouth with all that bark but no bite.. Nicki needs to get her meds and get her life together cause thats not a good look.. especially because she is endorsed by companies that watch this s***. they dont want anybody who behaves in that manner to rep or be the face of their company. they will drop u in a quick second.. Her head is a lil too big to have 1 and a half albums out with alomost 2 million sold worldwide. u havent set your mark in this business yet. know ya place and keep it professional.

    • Legend slayer October 3, 2012

      and mooriah looks very unprofessional for calling nicki a b**** so….

      • truth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b**** October 3, 2012

        b**** she DIDN’T call her that, u h**

      • zzzzzg October 3, 2012

        When did Mariah call her a B? All I see is a classless w**** yelling and using profanity to get her point across.

  93. HLOVE October 3, 2012

    I need Mariah to make a song called “WHY” featuring Lil Kim…..

    • truthtruth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b**** October 3, 2012

      YAAAAASSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! B**** YES!!!!

    • MC October 3, 2012


    • JOHNVIDAL October 4, 2012


  94. N*CE… October 3, 2012

    Nicki Minaj is lucky that was Mariah Carey. Imagine if it was Whitney Houston. Barbie doll pieces everywhere……………….

  95. Legend slayer October 3, 2012

    Washed up mariah can try that diva s*** if she wants nobody is buying that mess anymore.

    • truth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b**** October 3, 2012

      whose buying yours, h**?

      • stacey October 3, 2012

        Your momma you b****

      • truth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b**** October 3, 2012

        at Stacey-LMAO LOLOL!!! GOOD ONE I LIKED THAT!!1 LMAO!! H**!! LOLOL

  96. Gigi October 3, 2012

    Nicki is ghetto, hoodrat garbage. What a trashy unprofessional k***.

  97. stacey October 3, 2012

    Mariah Mariah Mariah girl you are surely on fire and why add more fuel to the fire?
    Mimi you have opened pansdora’s box. The worse thing you could’ve done is p*** a rapper off who is cool with another rapper (Eminem) which you had beef with and some other pop divas Nicki is cool with (Madonna ,Xtina and maybe JLo) which you also had beefs with. I understand you are a multi grammy winner and worth 500 million dollors, but you did a duet with Justin Beiber on one of your old xmas songs Mimi. Love you Mimi, but you know Nicki and her crew are going to clown you on a rap song right? Plus what is Nick Cannon is going to do, come out with his own diss *rap* song? Let me get my bucket of popcorn!

    • truth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b**** October 3, 2012

      and put that popcorn in yo ass b****

      • stacey October 3, 2012

        Come help me h**. My asshole is too tight I need you’re hand.

      • truth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b**** October 3, 2012

        sTACEY…I LIKE YOU!!! YOU FIGHT BACK!! k i’m off you…for now! you earned my respect chile lolol

  98. mariah fan October 3, 2012

    F*** nicki minaj she shouldnt even be allowed on that show.

  99. dboy6 October 3, 2012


  100. Black Madonna October 3, 2012


  101. omar5678 October 3, 2012

    Nicki, can you please get addicted to drugs so we can have something to care about? For reals, you suck.

  102. Lock down October 3, 2012

    Mooooriah is a snooze fest

    • Jayla October 3, 2012

      And U are a F** fest

  103. THE DIAMOND NAVY October 3, 2012

    Seriously if Nicki Minaj is going to act like a hoodish rat-bag then why does she claim to be a woman of high class?

  104. THE DIAMOND NAVY October 3, 2012

    Even if this is a media gimmick, you should never talk down about such a legend especially in her presence.. Nicki Minaj seriously needs to re-evaluate her publicity stunts (relevance factors).

  105. Lil’ Kim October 6, 2012

    Nicki should’ve just kept her mouth shut and dealt with this off camera in private. If she was so smart she would realize that f****** with Mariah will lose her TONSSS of credibility, respect, and connections within the industry. Mariah has all the rich white people on her side and Nicki has Young Money #Fail

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