Watch: Rihanna And Chris Brown Confirm ‘Relationship’ ?

Published: Sunday 21st Oct 2012 by David

Let’s face it...Rihanna is and will always be one of Pop’s most celebrated stars.

Unfortunately for her though, her talent has, and will never, live up to the hype of her celebrity and so- in desperate bids to generate attention-  she oft turns to the controversy surrounding she and ex boyfriend Chris Brown to push her cause.

A cause, that led her appearance on Oprah’s ‘Next Chapter‘ and now leads her forthcoming album ‘Unapologetic‘.

Now peep footage of their pair ‘confirming’ their reunion last night, at an event in support of Brown’s ‘Qubeey’ venture.

Media wh*ring below…

“Let’s pretend we’re not being filmed.”

Right now, as in today, media stunts like these will indeed give Riri the push her vocal skill could never afford her.

However, in ten years time, when tomorrow’s ‘listeners’ have a new batch of chart topping stars to worship, will anyone look back on her career with respect and admiration?

For, while the likes of GaGa, Usher and Beyonce laid their talent as the sustainable foundations of their brands, Rihanna has become nothing more than Kim Kardashian with a recording contract- lacking the substance that allows  the likes of Tina Turner to wow audiences 50 years into her career.

In short, with ‘Diamonds’ struggling to top the Hot 100 and momentum for ‘Unapologetic’ all but buzzing, we hope their conveniently timed reunion takes the LP straight to #1.

Then again, with Keyshia Cole and ACDC set to serve as serious competition, we doubt it will.


Your thoughts?

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  1. Paul October 21, 2012

    On point Sam!

    • ThéLourson October 21, 2012

      They don’t have to confirm anything… That’s their life, if they wanna go out to a club together who gives a damn??

  2. Marcinis October 21, 2012

    I love them together.

  3. kingbreezy October 21, 2012

    cant n**ga get money anymore!!!!! sorry can’t n**ga be in love anymore!! (kanye voice)

    • Lax October 21, 2012

      @KINGBREEZY They was Jealous of Rihanna & Chris Relationship together before and they or more Pissed then
      ever to try and throw a M***** Ranch Into the Mix.
      While many have turned the Phuckin Page Others
      want to gloat and be Pissy when there are Others
      Who has gone through all kinds of Ups and Downs
      and they are still working on getting their lives back
      together BUT….Just the thought of Chris & Rih being
      Great TOGETHER, OR APART has got the Likes of
      many who Says they or usin it for Publicy when Rihanna has over 60 million Facebook likes and over 26 million Twitter Followers and While all of them have their own Opinions Rih and Chris will loose many Fans/stans Because they want to Hold on to Yesterday rather then let it go and let God, and I say that Because even though I typed the word God I will have to “Set A Bytche ” straight with curse words before its Over. And who gives a dam if its for Publicity or not We can see them socializing and the great thing is the fact the\at the world do not see them
      fighting. And as far as whos using who that can work both
      ways Soooooo we know who the real deals or and the hateful folks are….

      • James227 October 21, 2012


        I agree 100%

      • Lax October 21, 2012

        Thanks James U R Welcome.
        Rihanna wasn’t on the charts in 2004 Nor 2005
        But look back at Who was doing What in 2004….
        Global Archives For End-Of Year-Sells…..

      • James227 October 21, 2012

        Lax that was the best album Usher ever put out. Thanks for the list

  4. CelineDionSlayedYourFavsFav October 21, 2012

    You guys preached TODAY!
    That’s just it, Rihanna knows she doesn’t have a real voice in music so she depends on gossip to keep people talking.
    She’s like a cheap meal, it’s good while it lasts but it can never compare to a meal that someone’s taken time and effort to perfect. Nobody will respect her once her hits run dry.

    • Lax October 21, 2012

      I will Debunk your thought Process , and show yo ass
      year by year like when Rihanna first came on the scene
      and less see if Yo Comment can stand up in court, or do yo Case aganist Rihanna Has any Truth to It….

      Rihanna started In 2005, She came on the scene
      And there’s No sign of Her Name on the Global Archive

    • Lax October 21, 2012

      @CELINE To you and many Rihanna might not have a Real Voice and that is your thinking which is fine with Me and Navy But This List Right Here Begs the Difference…

      Lax Replied:
      October 20th, 2012 at 6:11 pm
      All Time Charts
      #71 9,248,000 We found love
      #79 9,067,000 Love the way you lie
      #95 8,614,000 Umbrella
      #152 7,568,000 Don’t stop the music
      #156 7,538,000 Only girl in the world
      #180 7,237,000 Distrubia

      Haters join the Others in the Basement on the floor
      and wait for Rih, Her Navy or Me to give a phuck about what yo HATEFUL ASSES THINKS…..

      Keep Passing Judgement on Her and by all means keep
      right on giving it your best shot to try to DISCREDIT HER!!!

      • Y U MAD October 21, 2012

        You are one pressed b****

      • Lax October 21, 2012

        @CELINE ,,,,The rest of the years up to now is close to the end of this thread and the links are there so you can
        see how GOSSIP as you say Rihanna Depends on to sell Her Music from you thought process…

        Rihanna’s Video Of The Year at the MTV VMA’s
        capped a near year-long campaign in support of her sixth studio album, Talk That Talk (released November 21, 2011…

  5. EazyBreezy October 21, 2012

    WAKE UP CHRIS! He can’t even tell this s*** is using him.
    It’s so funny she wants him one month before her album comes out.

    • Paul October 21, 2012

      That’s all I’ve been saying

    • Renee October 21, 2012

      S***? really? how is she a s***? who the f*ck do you KNOW her to have been with other than Chris and Matt? how do you all just decide to call people out of their name like that? not to mention, Rihanna does not need anyone to sell her sh*t, she has been doing fine with or without him when it comes to her records if anything being with him may damage her some, you haters always have some ignorant sh*t to spew, cut the bullsh*t and give people their credit where credit is due, I don’t understand why it is so hard for people to do that, I guess when you are miserable as sh*t you need others to be miserable to make yourselves feel better about your life. SAD

      • truth(chile i will SL-LAP the DOG S*** out a B**** ASS nicki stan) October 21, 2012

        U s***

      • MC October 21, 2012

        Who tweet “My c*** hurts from too much d*** ridding”? Who tweets nude pictures of themselves? Who tweets a picture of themselves with naked female stripper? Who? Surely not someone who respects themselves and has a high-self esteem. She is a s*** and their is no denying it.

      • That B*tch (Rihllama’s downfall) October 21, 2012

        Oh, you’re on her payroll?

      • Dev October 21, 2012

        Now you know that’s not true. Like Rihanna but that CHRIS incident was and still is her meal ticket. If she didn’t need any one to sell her s*** she would’ve stopped entertaining interviews about Chris a long time ago, bit instead every year with every new weave/ hairstyle, image change, album release there is Chris somewhere to be heard. Although she is one of the most photographed women in the world she could keep this private if she really wanted to. If they really wanted to. Publicity or not, there seems nothing genuine about this pairing as many other well known high profile star manages to keep their lives private.

    • Lax October 21, 2012

      How can you tell that Rih and Chris isn’t just enjoying each Other Company, I see many of you with the same Phucking mind set you had when they was together before that Fight! Dammmmmm can Chris and Rih be happy. None of yo asses have a heaven or a hell to put these two in and need to quietly GTFO,,,, AND STFU…

      I don’t see anybody who is above the law they will keep right on talking out of their ass, now want you haters…

      • FAF October 21, 2012

        Enjoying company kissing on the lips????

        Why else would CB & Karrueche be over?

        Cuz that h** is back !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • Lax October 21, 2012

        If Rih is a s*** and Chris is Her Meal ticket why do it matter to you?
        According to Global Album Chart Year-end-sell Rihanna was holding HER OWN FROM 2006-2007-2008 And then the Aftermath of the fight/break-up Many would have thrown the towel in But Rih did not and as Chris Sings “Look At Me Now

  6. the real xoxo October 21, 2012

    Im so over these 2!
    Both rely on publicity stunts, shock tactics and autotune to get noticed.
    its such a coincidence that unapologetic drops in a month before this happens?

    • Lax October 21, 2012

      It is a good thing Me and Others or not over
      these two they deserves Happiness Just like the next Person….

      And,,,,,,Since none of Us have a Heaven Or a Hell to put
      either of them in so let it be….

    • Lax October 21, 2012

      Welllllllll i suppose this will Axe all of Rih’s chances
      to ever see Her little Niece Blue Ivy, ever again If what
      Beyonce Says is the truth….

    • Lax October 21, 2012

      The Real XOXO,,,, If yo ass is so over their asses
      then you will save face and GTFO,,,, and stay gone
      because yo ass or a regular Slugget at Rih’s ass
      all up and down Her every Post with You NEGATIVE
      ASS COMMENTS,…Perhaps you can give that bird
      brain of yours a rest, soooo Bye, Bye,,, that will be
      just “One Less Bell To Answere”,,, Deery!

    • Lax October 21, 2012

      Rihanna don’t care what you think…Talk That Talk…
      The album’s string of global hits spanned over a year, starting with the worldwide #1 smash, “We Found Love” (featuring Calvin Harris). The song spent 10 weeks at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, beating Rihanna’s personal best of 7 weeks at #1 in 2007, for “Umbrella” (featuring Jay-Z).

  7. Michelle October 21, 2012

    Sam STFU and go suck a d*ck. You are the biggest hater I have ever seen. Rihanna does not need controversy to sell her records, and you know it, if anything her getting with Chris Brown could hurt her, but clearly she does not give a f*ck.

    • truth tea (take a sip) October 21, 2012

      “Rihanna does not need controversy to sell her records”
      haha, that is the funniest joke ive read all week!

    • Lax October 21, 2012


    • GivingAwayFreeChairs _/_/_/ October 21, 2012


    • Lax October 21, 2012

      It’s only normal for people to want to know each and every detail of these two artist Lives more then their Music but in the end what is supposed to Be will be and if they or using it for popularity to sell music is kind of silly to Me but the haters has always got something to say with Rihanna either way. So if its for this or that ONLY TIME will tell the true tale of these two super stars who’s clearly living their own lives Not Mine or Yours,,,,

    • MC October 21, 2012

      LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL delusional being.

  8. MadamAguilera October 21, 2012

    I can’t see this girl having a career past 30 because she’s only interested in what’s happening today, nobody will care about her when the new girls come along. Even Beyonce is struggling to compete.

    • Lax October 21, 2012

      And no matter what you think it’s still their lives and Chris and Rih are the only one’s who can live it…

    • Lax October 21, 2012

      First at Her age in 53 Years according to Billboard…
      Rihanna got Her first 11 Number One’s

      And if Chris is the reason for the season then I am happy
      And besides that if they want to say goodby to yesterday what is wrong with that? Chris and Rih have never had but One stupid , silly Fight and they was doing great before that fight. There was so many Bytches hating on Rihanna because She had Chris’s nose wide open. They have got just as much of a right to hang out with each other and enjoy each Others company as any of Us have that right to hang out with a lover or mate who has slapped the taste out of our mouths and or living together happy ever after. There will be hate from fan to fan especially the ones who or heavily involved with their personal lives instead of their career climbs. And I ask Myself who is Bitter, Pressed and stressed because these two Artist seem to enjoy each others company. Which one of Us have never been in divorce court with children involved and still got back together. Who among Us are happily married to some one who hasn’t pissed Us off are SLAPPED the wigs off of your heads,,,I keep saying those who live in Glass Houses need to throw the dam rocks down..
      I Will never forget loving the hell out of Rihannas Cover girl Ad and hoiw Beautiful Her eyes always looked and I will always Remember Cover Girl Ad featuring Rihanna
      shortly after Her and Chris Crisis then that Ad suddenly dissappeard soi to me this among other things caused these tow Youngins to bothe ;loose a Hell Of Alot…

      • Lax October 21, 2012

        Now when you see these Worthless Bastards trying
        to say how long Rihanna or any one else for that matter has to be in the Industry, It make Me question What in the F** or they drinking this morning,,,
        And mind you this Bytch up top there Must have forgotten that Christina and Her first Husband got Divorced I wonder what that was about And even though I know it’s not My dam Business what the reason for the divorce was these empty headed folks are the first to pass Judgement On Rihanna and Chris Life, Let Go and Let God…..

    • Lax October 21, 2012

      Hmmmmmm with the way them Rep. are talking
      shyt aganist the President and He’s doing His level best to try and be fair even to the poor people We All might have to be worried about our careers for the next 6 years,,,IMO….

      • FAF October 21, 2012

        @LAX girl, what? This aint got nothing to do w/ KING OBAMA… LOL 🙂 It’s about R****

      • Lax October 21, 2012

        @FAF I Know that I just used the President as
        an example of how the Rep is trying to do the Democrats….

    • Lax October 21, 2012

      Rihanna says you had better pray yo
      ass live to see the much bigger impact
      Shes’going to make on Her Music
      Starting Shortly..

      Rihanna made history as “We Found Love” became her 11th #1 hit on the Hot 100, and her 20th Top 10 hit. She collected her 20 Hot 100 Top 10 singles faster than any other solo artist, as reported by, and placed Rihanna second only to the Beatles. In the ’20-and-over’ Top 10 hits race, Rihanna enters a very rarefied field as just the fifth woman to earn the honor.

  9. El Santo October 21, 2012

    SO WHAT?
    He made the same thing with Nicole Scherzinger… Come on, this doesn’t prove nothing

  10. Axe October 21, 2012

    I’m not even a Rihanna fan but the amount of blatant bashing she gets on this site, in every articles is ridiculous. You made it perfectly clear that you have zero respect for her…We got the message. It’s getting old. Grow up!

    • JDizz October 21, 2012


  11. JuanR October 21, 2012

    Especially the non singing one!

    • FAF October 21, 2012


    • Lax October 21, 2012

      The recipient of six Grammy Awards® and seven Billboard Music Awards,…

  12. Anthony Hamilton October 21, 2012

    I am not even a Rihanna fan nor do I give a two-Shiz about her and Chris Brown, but this article is outrageous on so many levels haha.

    Rihanna, if I am not mistaken is only behind the likes of Eminem and perhaps Adele as the biggest selling artists of the past decade. Strings of number ones and sell-out tours.

    The mere fact that struggling artists on both American Idol and X Factor sing her songs every week, just showcases what an impact she has on today audiences.

    Speaking of ‘Diamonds’, with no video and no promotion what so ever (apart form Twitter) reached number one and has already sold well over 1 million singles.

    To say that Rihanna is talent-less, is outrages. To say that Rihanna has no substance is outrages. The only thing she is, is a fame hungry, attention seeking young woman. But then again, aren’t they all ???? From Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber isn’t that the whole point of being a superstar artist ?

    • Um October 21, 2012

      you’re “not a fan” despite all that standom you just displayed. Girl sit down.

      • GivingAwayFreeChairs _/_/_/ October 21, 2012


      • Tj⚓ October 21, 2012

        We don’t talk sh!t, we just STATE FACTS

    • Lax October 21, 2012

      That Grape Loves to go after Rih and it’s all good because they know right along with the other haters that Rihanna has accomplished so many things that their “Dearly Beloved” has never been able to accomplish, like Selling 20 million in the UK and counting and they know this very well because they or from the UK. And for the Grape to write their Article like they wrote it is to garner Hits because they know that anything about Chris and Chris will be Defended.Me personally is happy for them because it is way pass time for them to get their grooves on and move on down the road. The Media has tried their best to bury the two of them with what happened some years ago. I feel that if Rih like it I love it because noine of Us know for sure hoiw they feel about each Other deep down inside. Rihanna has had many accomplishments and if what happened between them and Rih or Chris used it to further their Careers the Jury is still out on that so for now let the party Begin…..

    • B. Hill October 21, 2012

      LOL@you claiming to not be a fan and typing all that stan crufty rhetoric. Who are you kidding? No one who isn’t a fan of Rihanna would dare argue the general perception that she’s talentless or use contestants singing her songs on reality singing competitions to justify her significance. Your whole post the epitome of what a pressed stan, with something to prove, would take the time to write on their wack ass favorites behalf when they see that they’re getting lampooned. You’re no more not a Rihanna boot-licker than Pop Royalty is actually straight.

      Sometimes you just have to laugh at dumbasses who assume everyone is as stupid as they are, and will buy into their flimsy comments. 😆

      Oh, and BTW, it’s spelled o-u-t-r-a-g-e-o-u-s. That you can’t spell worth s***, and have terrible grammar, is another sign that you’re a Rihanna bot. It’s no secret that she tends to attract idiots to her staple.

    • ThisShit’sFunny October 21, 2012

      When ur own fans start admitting to not being a fan, u know the next step is boycotting :))))

  13. theman October 21, 2012

    DEAR, “THATGRAPEJUICE, (SAM) in general, if u have total disdain for everything about this girl, then why do u constantly obsess over her. Move on already. You make posts about her, every opportunity u have. When she has lots of comments on here, u go basking over it. If u don’t care for her cool, then talk about those with talent, that u care for. These little reviews are terribly written. She’s having fun, and u write a post with the same crap as u always do. “Thatgrapejuice” let it ago already. Y’all are too bitter. “Diamonds” just came to fruition recently, it does’t have to be instantly huge. Stop looking for excuses to be haters.

  14. JAKE October 21, 2012

    I just CANNOT with this TALENTLESS HACK anymore. UGH.

    Not that I ever could in the first place but… THIS video just confirms her DESPERATE DELUSIONS!!!!!!!

    Silly F****** B****.

    As for CB… I dont know what to say. Sadly, the media will continue to destroy and tarnish what was left of your credibility and riGONNORHEOa will continue to use you also… Because if another beating happens, she’ll be the first to weep. And even though, by then, she wont have as much sympathy like the last time… She will still gain the helping hand as she is a woman. THIS is just a SLAP in the face to all those who have experienced or experiencing domestic abuse.

    Ya’ll PATHETIC people deserve eachother. The downfall of you both is what I now look forward too.


    • BIG DOGG October 21, 2012

      That was too f*****’ THICK, bro.

      Haven’t laughed that hard for weeks now.

    • Lax October 21, 2012

      Sooooooo Chris & Rih is supposed to
      forever Hater each Other? Well coming from you
      two Worthless Pieces of shyt what should Many expect, I mean after all You two Bastards goes after Rihanna hand and foot making Me feel like for some reason or another ZYX & Blue
      Kid Assses or in the House HATING AS ALWAYS,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
      Chris and Rih Isn’t any more PATHETIC then yo Low Lif Asses who always come after Her even on a good day with bright sunshine shinning in the skys all the way around the globe,,,U two WORTHLESS PIECES OF COUNTRY DOO, DOO!!!

    • Lax October 21, 2012


      Rihanna … In addition to her 11 Hot 100 #1 singles and overall 22 Top 10 singles, she also has 18 #1 singles on the Billboard Dance Club Song Chartswhat Gossip helps Rihanna to Accomplish in the Game….

      • JD October 25, 2012

        Rihanna has 23 Top ten singles!! And you see this site always try and bash her! But wanna say Brandy is doing good after selling 65k? The Grape Juice will understand just like all three Rihanna haters that RiRI is a superstar and is here to stay!

  15. Beyonce’s Weave October 21, 2012

    I like how Samantha and Davidina convince themselves that Diamonds is flopping when to the contrary, Diamonds is in the top ten everywhere.

    I also like that the only reason this site survives is because of Rihanna. Anyway at this point, I am so over anything negative Samantha or Davidina have to say about Rihanna. The only reason I frequent this site is because they are the quickest at posting Rihanna news, otherwise I am done with this ghetto trash website run by two ghetto trash queens. I will be at Nicole Bitchie because at least they are professionals. This is an armature trashy ghetto nasty blog. This is also typical of Beyonce fans who wish Chris Brown would hit Rihanna to her death and even go as far as stubbing their friends simply because they did not know Beyonce was married to Jay-Z.

    This blog is trashy comfort food for those who cannot accept the fact that Rihanna is a superstar who has made serious inroads in the music world. They find comfort in lashing out insults at her, calling her all sorts all just to comfort themselves and not face the facts. I thought I could expect more from a blog peddling itself as a music blog but instead this is Perez Hilton B-side.

    • goal October 21, 2012

      If you hate this site so much then why are you always here?

    • Lax October 21, 2012

      @BEYONCE’S WEAVE,,,Don’t it feel great getting them
      down votes so hard by Rihanna’s Haters and that
      WORTHLESS ASS BHive,,,,They can’t stand the truth.
      I suppose they have forgotten that even after Rih has forgiven Chris even Other Rappers, Musician and even the Grammy Committe has given Chris a break and its on to the next One,,,Stay Bitter, depressed and mad Haters…
      These hateful Bytches need to learn how to turn the page…
      But since they hate on a good day I expect no more from their many Haters….

      • Lax October 21, 2012

        Rihanna does a super job of keping thEM
        Haters asses in Limbo and keep them
        pulling hard on shyt from their asses to try
        counter the Truths & Facts,,,,,,Now Don’t Ya.

    • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY October 21, 2012

      if thats the case hun why do you cont… to come back

      #justsayin It would be wise to find another blog or some other outlet that doesn’t bash Rihanna.

      • Lax October 21, 2012

        Rihanna still made hash out of your Faves last Offering, ha, ha, ha…

  16. krys October 21, 2012

    On n’oublis jamais son 1er amour! j’aime les voir tout les deux! ils forment un beau couple!

  17. Tinto October 21, 2012

    What’s wrong with a girl going after her heart and happiness? Guys please leave the girl alone to enjoy her life!

    • Lax October 21, 2012

      The album debuted at number three on the US Billboard 200 chart, with first week sales of 207,000 copies, the highest first week sales of her career to date. The album debuted at number one on the Canadian and Swiss album charts. In the United Kingdom, the album reached number one on the UK Albums Chart and was the fourth best-selling album of 2010, although it was released at the end of November of that year. Loud was a commercial success internationally. It peaked at number one in Canada, Ireland, Japan, Norway, Scotland and Switzerland, and reached the Top 5 in Australia, Denmark, France and Germany.
      The album produced seven singles, including the international hits “Only Girl (In the World)”, “What’s My Name?”, and “S&M”. All three singles reached number one on the US Billboard Hot 100. “S&M” was Rihanna’s tenth US number one song, making Rihanna the youngest recording artist to accumulate ten number one songs in the shortest time, surpassing Mariah Carey’s record. In the United Kingdom “Only Girl (In the World)” and “What’s My Name?” peaked at number one, while “S&M” peaked at number three. “Only Girl (In the World)” won the Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording in February 2011. To support the album, Rihanna embarked on her third worldwide concert tour, entitled the Loud Tour. On November 30, 2011, the album was nominated for three Grammy Awards, including Album of the Year.

    • Lax October 21, 2012

      Dammmmmm look at the haters who or thumbing Us down big time, they are so Pissed because Chris & Rih Are getting
      along well together as friends again, goodness Why so Mad,,,,

    • James227 October 21, 2012

      -31 dislikes. You people need to get a life. I bet all the ones that click dislikes don’t have a man,woman nor gay partner. Let these two live their lives because it’s not yours to live.

      • Lax October 21, 2012

        @JAMES You speaks the truth,,,

  18. I mop the floor with your favs weave October 21, 2012

    Another Rihanna post??? Lol all the Rihanna haters, you faves don’t get this much exposure on TGJ, Y U MAD?? Riri runs TGJ, you will just have to deal with her as she also takes over the charts 😀

    • BIG DOGG October 21, 2012

      As if any one gives a f*** on there “CHAAAعععععععRTS”.

      We’ll see what “UnFLOPhollamanialic” will do, and then we’ll talk.

      • I mop the floor with your favs weave October 21, 2012

        @givingayawyfreechairs please give this gentlefag a seat, infact make that several seats please…

      • Lax October 21, 2012

        Yeaaah that gentlefag can slide right on down
        on that rail to the basement with the rest of them
        a/h until some one gives a dam!!!!!!

      • FAF October 21, 2012

        Y’all act like we can’t talk about ppl we don’t like

        I see y’all in Nicki & Ciara threads all the time!!! 🙂


    • JD October 25, 2012

      Lol thats what i said!!! They try so hard to bash rihanna!! They tried to say Diamonds falling down the chart and it just hit top ten on the hot 100!!!!

  19. GivingAwayFreeChairs _/_/_/ October 21, 2012

    Sorry SAM, but I’m gonna have to issue you a chair for this one.

    _/ – Have a seat there!

    • I mop the floor with your favs weave October 21, 2012

      LMFAO 😀 Y U MAD?

  20. Papa Preached October 21, 2012

    Leave the girl alone. You can’t beat her do join her.

    She’s popular. So your mad.
    She’s s***. So your mad.
    Shes rich. So your mad.
    Shes got Chris Brown. So your pissed.

    Poor you Samantha, poor you.

    • Rihanna Navy October 21, 2012


  21. HOTSTUFF October 21, 2012

    LOL diamonds is currently #11 on HOT 100 where is your faves , Brandy, Ciara and all the other flops you love ? lol sit. Diamonds is a vocal masterpiece wether you like it or not , can Ciara, Brandy,Britney, Gaga, Beyonce, katy sing it ? no.

    • truth tea (take a sip) October 21, 2012

      i stopped reading at “diamonds is a vocal masterpiece”.

      • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY October 21, 2012

        aint that the TRUTH……Diamonds is a kinda cute song no shade

      • Lax October 21, 2012

        GOTTA a great feeling “Diamonds” is going
        to go where no Others has dared to go this
        time around, time will tell.

      • FAF October 21, 2012

        Ciara peaked at #4 and brandy’s on R&B chart
        Guaranteed #2 for “Two Eleven” is a higher debut than R**** will love

        What flops hun??

        Brandy in her prime would’ve eaten Rishitta alive

        Where is Rishitta’s own barbie? She can’t perform

        Hell, brandy sings & still slays her vocals LIVE!!! 🙂

        Ciara ain’t gotta do s*** else, 50 got her 😉

        She doesn’t have to rely on a man who beats her ass for publicity…………….

        #NoAlcohol #AboveTheInfluence

      • FAF October 21, 2012

        *will have

  22. BIG DOGG October 21, 2012

    Not gonna say anything.

    • Lax October 21, 2012

      OOOOOOH Shyt hell is getting ready to freeze over, Yall!

  23. to be fair.. October 21, 2012

    I think that as a professional blogger who blog’s about various talentless artist’s (too many to mention) you are becoming increasingly disrespect ful of Miss Fenty.

    Whereas yes you are right that she doesn’t possess the best vocals that was left to the judgement of her founder and mentor who we all know and respect as JayZ. You also have to remember just how young in the mind she actually is. She has been an artist performer in her own right since 16. Thats a hard road to walk alone….

    I wouldnt say its the best thing them getting back together but as a woman who in her younger years experienced domestic violence i know how this can affect your heart and mind and that regardless of their personal choices the media is alwsys responsible for what they put out there and how they put it out there.

    Its rude of you to continuously belittle her by having other artist sing her song because Alexandra Burke is a very weak performer with over enhanced vocals who only wishes to have half the success of Rihanna.

    Im just tiring of the depth you go in to try and put her down.

    • Lax October 21, 2012

      To Be Fair,,,,,Such a moving Read, and so True!

  24. I mop the floor with your favs weave October 21, 2012

    @givingayawyfreechairs please give this gentlefag @Big Dogg a seat, infact make that several seats please…

    • BIG DOGG October 21, 2012

      Stick your nose in between my black ass muscles, and take your deep whiff baby. You’ll feel relaxed!

      • Lax October 21, 2012

        @BIG DOGG there you go making me blush with yout hot talk.

      • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY October 21, 2012

        yassss read boo

      • Lax October 21, 2012

        Dogg asking some one to smell yo stank ass is
        a “Sudden Death” Situation Son! my goodness.

  25. NEVER THAT SERIOUS October 21, 2012

    I don’t know how legendary Tina Turner’s name found its way into this stupid article….plz your Ms.Perfect,Most inspired and happiest woman in the world fave will be in the same place as Rihanna 10yrs from now,wherever that’ll be…I stopped taking Samantha’s opinion on talent when i realised he stans for Rita Ora,Beyonce and Nicki Minaj while he endlessly clowns Mariah Carey in his articles

    • Tj⚓ October 21, 2012

      Yesss lol

    • Lax October 21, 2012

      @Never that serious,,,, i know that’s right, Rih does something good they jump through hoops to try and tear it down with their claws and paws and Rih just take it in

      • FAF October 21, 2012

        NICKI >>>>>>>>>>>>> YOUR FAVE


        OWNING BUSINESSES!!! NOT 360 DEALS!!!! 🙂 🙂

        NOW SIT!!!!!

  26. RoyalKev October 21, 2012

    I’m happy for them. At least they don’t have to be so secretive anymore and hide it from the public. We’ll give them a 2nd chance. I just hope both of their intentions are good and remain that way!

  27. JJFan1814 October 21, 2012

    I guess people cant live their lives without getting criticized. Iol. That’s a damn shame……!!!!!!

    • Lax October 21, 2012

      @JJFAN So true and even on a good day for Rih there’s all
      of the NAGATIVITY that tries to make it seem like Her Win was somehow not for Rih but for some one any one Other then Rihanna Herself, They or pissy and bitter always because Rih keeps Winning and they will say anything to try to bash Her and her navy.

    • OMG October 21, 2012

      Ummm thet are f****** celebrities so ofc they gonna be judged. get over it

  28. MC October 21, 2012

    She’ll announce their engagement the week her album released and get married the week of album #8.

    • BIG DOGG October 21, 2012


    • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY October 21, 2012

      you so shady and I love it .

    • Lax October 21, 2012

      Sounds great to Me, OHHHHHHH Young Love!!!!

  29. RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY October 21, 2012

    be happy hun …everyone should be happy in life .

  30. IDK October 21, 2012

    I cant tell whats goin on, looks like they was just chilin @ a get together. But what caught my eye was her smoking. I didnt think she really smoked. Thats unattractive to me.

    • WaitUrTurn88 October 21, 2012


      • IDK October 21, 2012


  31. honesty October 21, 2012

    Rihann’s mouth just won’t let up. (off other men’s d****)

    • Lax October 21, 2012

      @HONESTY,,,,DAAAAAMMMMMMM How many men
      wouldn’t love the hell out of Rihanna S*** mouth, s***
      tongue and Her beautiful shaped Lips on a D*ck Oh
      Yo ass is talking S***!

  32. That B*tch (Rihllama’s downfall) October 21, 2012

    Nobody cares anymore. This is so 2 yrs ago. These two are deluded if they think we still care. We all knew they were fuxin months ago while he was two timing poor Kae Tran.

    • Lax October 21, 2012

      They love each Others and why is that so hard to
      understan. And if they were Screwing its their Phucking Business.

      • Lax October 21, 2012

        We don’t know jack shyt, only what the Media lying asses
        And if theres nothing wrong with Beyonce’s Ass Marrying Jayz and Screwing His Rich EX-Drug Dealing Ass then What”s wrong with Rih & Chris Knocking The Booths,,,,Chris Is as Handsome as Ever and He and Rih Compliments each Other and I know Yo ass don’t give a care and FRANKLY
        Yo ass have got to be stupid, silly or both Especially since yo ass is a regular on the Other Rihanna Post and is always tryin to shyt talk Rihannas career or her Navy’s Input… Find yo ass a spot on that New Beyonce Post and If you see My red ass On Beyonce Post You have got My
        PERMISSSION to try and Ride my Ass like Roy Rogerds Rode TRIGGGGGGGERS ASS!!!!!!

  33. That B*tch (Rihllama’s downfall) October 21, 2012

    Sam, make a post about this h** saying she wishes she was princess Blue Ivy.

    • Lax October 21, 2012

      Yeeees we love reading what this Paid Kept
      Woman has to say,,, Especially since Shes more Famous
      then any Others Musician “In This Whole Wide World” Dead or Alive and her Popularity keep right on growing at and alarming rate for which the Lessor always says that Rih’s
      Popularity don’t Equate to sells, ,, We or still happy that Rihanna is this Popular and Not Beyonce’s want to own the
      Phuckinnnnn Universe ,,, All by Herself,,,,Not so fast BHive, not so fast and by all means Do keep trying to talk RIHANNA’S Popularity and Success down with Yo Bull shyt

  34. JJFan1814 October 21, 2012

    Rihanna clearly doesn’t give a f*** what y’all say about her life. As she sits in a tub filled with her $53 million, the rest of y’all are struggling with student loans or going to a deadbeat job everyday.

    & whether she is around 10 years from now, she will still have millions and her name will still be in the history books.

    You will deal.

    • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY October 21, 2012

      she will go down in the history books for being a s*** and in that order#thatsall LMAO

    • That B*tch (Rihllama’s downfall) October 21, 2012

      $53 million?
      Was that before or after taxes?
      Was that before or after she had money taken from her from Def Jam because of her 360 s**** contract?
      Was that before or after she was forced to pay all the writers and produces that did the work for her album.
      All the money in the world cant buy this h** class.

      • FAF October 21, 2012


      • Lax October 21, 2012

        @Haters, Lessors, Lames & BHive….
        Regarding Rihanna……..
        How about that Bytch (Rihanna) 8 million
        Dollars To Flip A Switch!!!!!!
        In London Town where “That Grape Juice’ Live
        and since This site says that they are Fair and Bias I wonder Why It has Killed their feelings so bad Showing that they or bitter and pissed over It because if they was fair and bias they would surely post something as big as that no matter if it hurts their feelings or not, they seem Mad for real with Rihanna .
        And another thing Why have They not Posted on RIHANNA being named the Pop Artist of the Last two DECADE
        By Billboard Other things that Point to Somebody being REALLY Pissed and Bitter with Rihanna Power Moves,
        I am just saying….

        Since there’s a Shyt Load of Negative Articles on Rih Why can’t they Be Fair & Bias and let Us as Blogger who OR HERE supporting their site I Wonder why they want let all of Us keep enjoying the BLOGGGGGIN Experience, and as well as they do keep all of Us Up to Date with the latest in the Hottest I do hope that they don’t cut their nose off to spite their Faces, because it’s a great Site to Hang out at and have Fun Clowing around with each Other…

      • That B*tch (Rihllama’s downfall) October 21, 2012

        Yes @ FAF
        Yes chile. This h** will go MC Hammer broke in a few years and I will just laugh my ass off.

    • Lax October 21, 2012

      @JJFAN You hit the nail on the head and not to mention
      Rih landing in that #2 spot on the best Tours of 2011 with that huge 90 million haul. This just Seals the deal and show Others that Rihanna is cooking with Gas. And many a Bytche will try to turn RIHANNA’S Earning every which way but loose and it don’t matter a single F**,,,,They can claw and paw till the cows come home and RIHANNA still have got all of her $$$$$, money awards and Accolades in Her Bag and Rihanna have got Her Bills all paid up for the next 5-years down the road and Shes just now getting warmed up

  35. Secret Voice October 21, 2012

    I recall coming here and seeing some of the same people here now who were here in 2009. I was definitely Team Breezy and so not about Rihanna BUT even with that said I NEVER understood people that were so against them getting back together because first off they travel in the same circles and NO ONE has control over these people hearts even though people like mule face Jay-Z tried but even his camel a** didn’t succeed.

    I just hope that this time their relationship is more mature and healthy.If they make one another happy I say “go for it’…

    • mob: B*tch i’ll carry UR head October 21, 2012

      BRAVO….VERY WELL SAID ON ALL FRONTS especially about that Joe Camel looking freak Gayz! He and the PR team he hired are the reason they’ve been apart this long couples with her being dumb and following what they told her to say! I’m glad she finally woke up. Mentor 1, Gayz is happy, married with a child and mentor 2, Kanye West is happy as a mocking bird chirppin up a storm over his relationship wit Kim Kardashian. she finally looked around and realozed she had to live her life for herself. She just better not hurt him again with that same type BS and drama……..tais

  36. WaitUrTurn88 October 21, 2012


    • IDK October 21, 2012

      Yea, I could see by the time she’s in her late 60’s. I could the BET, Grammy’s etc having amazing things to say about her but then again with the role she’s on the tributes might start sooner like in her early 40’s.

    • IDK October 21, 2012

      O and as far as Ciara goes, thats my girl so you know I got to back her up lol. My girl CiCi, I’ve been rocking wit her since the “goodies” period and still till this day. Had all her albums etc. I could go on and on but all Im going to say is she needs to stay grinding. Just because her song is 11 or 16 on the charts does not mean stop and move on to the next album. And thats where I think her and her team always mess up at. Basic Instinct and fantasy ride could of been 10 times bigger than what it was if they hadnt given up on the projects so quickly and released the right singles. She’s off to a good start to me now so i hope she has personally learned a lesson behind it all.

      • IDK October 21, 2012

        O yea and rita ora, IDK much about her but I like the song and video she has on 106 and park wheres she’s saying RIP to the girl something something….. Its a nice melody tho.

    • Lax October 21, 2012

      Many who think that Rih need Controversy to
      sell Music Less do a walk through of before…..2009
      This is Rihanna In action first time on the charts in 2006

      #9 Shakira 3,349,000 Oral Fixation
      #10 Pink 3,230,000 I’m Not Dead
      #12 Beyonce 3,113,000 BDay
      #24 Rihanna 2,406,000 Agirl Like Me

      Rihanna Started Her Assault On The Global Charts…..
      Global Album Charts Archives…………

  37. That B*tch (Rihllama’s downfall) October 21, 2012

    Why do black people always have to turn this into a race problem? Black people dont like her. Get the f*** over it.
    I dont see [that many] blacks hating on the likes of Kelly Rowland, Jill Scott, Beyonce, Keyshia Cole, Alicia Keys, Brandy, Mary J Blige, etc.
    Its not a black problem. It’s a “nobody likes Rihanna” problem.
    Get over it. Nobody should be forced to support this untalented h** just because of her skin color.

    • WaitUrTurn88 October 21, 2012


      • FAF October 21, 2012


        Actually alot of blk ppl stan for her b/c they think bride of frankenstein is cute

        under 8 layers of too-light foundation and that ugly ass wig w/ no edges 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • Lax October 21, 2012

        Rihanna’s assualt on the Global Album Charts
        #11 AKeys 3,222,000 As I Am
        #13 Rihanna 3,218,000 Good Girl
        #27 Beyonce 1,815,000 BDay
        Year End Albums Sells For The Year 2007….
        Of course they all sold in other places But this is the Real deal Folks….

    • Lax October 21, 2012

      @That B*tch Speaking Of what people Love and Hates on RIHANNA Can’t be measured by the Hate on this Blog Site Because Her Social Popularity Tells a very different Truth then what yo ass is Thinking & Saying.
      You see Deery If Rihanna wasn’t loved by many Black, and other people from all Demographics then Rihanna would not in any way have the Title of Social Networking QUEEN
      If Rihanna was so hated as you say there’s no way in the World She would Be Queen…
      Facebook over 60 million Keep trying to talk that #
      Twitter over 26 million
      Youtube 0ver 2.7 Billion
      Now have at it Deery keep trying to Write Rih Off and keep trying to Muddy the Waters for Her and Chris and WE WILL SURELY SEE TOGETHER HOW THIS ALL PLAYS OUT, DEERY!!!!

      • Lax October 21, 2012

        @THAT B*TCH Don’t worry about this as yo
        Scumbag ass says Talentless H** Rih got more talent in a string of Her hair then yo ass have in yo entire life, family and being on this site trying to tell Us and Others How Phuckinnnnn Bitter, Stressed, and Pressed yo ass is that
        You see Chris & Rih Smiling Back at each others Tell you what if it bothers yo ass that much why don’t you and yo Generals find Yourselves the Tallest Cliff you can find and Take a Dive,,,,,straight down there’s no reason at all to keep beating yourself up this hard over somebody elses Happiness and Success, Bum Bytch…

    • Lax October 21, 2012

      Keep calling RIHANNA a nobody Deery and i am sure that Rih crossing a stage sitting in a chair and crossing Her Long ass legs equal to yo ENTIRE WORTHLESS ASS
      Low Life, Scum Bag Entire Hateful Ass Life,,,,

    • mob: B*tch i’ll carry UR head October 21, 2012

      LOL I think it becuase Rihanna is much more popular than all the women (with the EXCEPTION of BEYONCE) you listed. Don’t get me wrong, “JIILY JILL” SCOTT IS MY GIRL without question but she and the others you listed just don’t have the same star power Rihanna has….come on Keyshia Cole 0_o???

      And don’t get it twisted ppl HATE BEYONCE and talk trash about her constantly from her faking a pregnancy to God only knows what else. I’m surprised you actually said that?

      Also, SKIN COLOR comes into play when you examine the way she and Chris Brown have been used by the WHITE HATEFUL MEDIA & FEMINIST SLORES. Ppl want her to play the eternal victim and him the eternal villian to advance their ANIT-AFRICAN / BLACK agenda!

      • That B*tch (Rihllama’s downfall) October 21, 2012

        I think these women dont get backlash from black people because they actually rep black people. I dont think it has anything to do with popularity.

  38. Jer October 21, 2012

    Seriously just stop. NO. ONE. CARES. Everyone knew they were f****** even before Birthday Cake. Its old news so stay pressed and keep riding Rihannas d*** acting like shes using this to her advantage. Hey have been avoiding the situation at all costs meanwhile you foam at the mouth to make it a controversy

    • Lax October 21, 2012

      @JER Yesssssssss…..Ofc….

    • Lax October 21, 2012

      Global Albums Chart Archives For 2008
      #7 Rihanna 3.7 Good Girl
      #17 Beyonce 2.3 I Am Sasha Fierce
      #37 Katy 1.5 One Of The Boys

      The Proof Of where Rih was in 2008 on the Album Charts Before the ASSAULT ON THE Singles Charts

      • Lax October 21, 2012

        Rihanna was not found on the Charts in 2009,,,
        The Year of the Chris and Rihanna Gate….
        #4 Taylor 4.2
        #17 Beyonce 3.2 I Am Sasha Fierce

  39. electlady1 October 21, 2012

    First I’m going to say thank you for the article because without hatersssss Riri would not be where she is today. JESUS had Judah so we keep our haters close because everytime they say something negative Rihanna and Chris get bless. You go turn on christmas tree and get millions but thats a light shinning in a dark world of unforgiveness Chris going do a concert where they beat woman and show he has changed toward Rihanna man need to see his love for Rihanna so they can love again a black man has been beaten down and then they use the woman against them. But Rihanna has showed I’m not going against you no matter what we can do this together you are a good person you will make it with our love were like diamonds in the sky thats been thru the fire and come out like gold Pastor Chris Brown First Lady Robyn Brown watch God

    • Lax October 21, 2012

      The doors of the church is now Opened and the Pastor is asking if there’s any one who want to make This Church
      Home their Home, and if so will they come right on Up to be sworn in to join this church, Amen…..

    • Lax October 21, 2012

      @ELECTLADY1 The only thing that make me sad
      is the though of Bey and Jay not letting Auntie Rih
      See their Baby girl because of Rih being friends
      with Chris again I trust that Jay & Bey RE-THINK
      That thought and let them Live their lives…Like
      She & Jay is doing,,,,

    • mob: B*tch i’ll carry UR head October 21, 2012

      LOL you better PREACH!! 🙂 ……AMEN, LOL

      Ppl need to have several seats tryi gto make these two YOUNG BLACKS out to be their poster children for abuse. Funny how they NEVER USE ALL OF THE WHITE MEN (Richie Sambora, Charlie Sheen, Eminem, Rodney Atkins, Tobe Keith) & WHITE WOMEN (PINK, Heather Locklear) who are proven ABUSERS or any of the many WHITE WOMEN & few WHITE MEN who are ACTUAL victims, to be their poster children for abuse?

      *EVIL Racist Whites coupled with STUPID BOOT-LICKING Blacks are a danger to the entire world!…..God save the QUEEN –> ME 🙂

  40. MISHKA October 21, 2012

    Oh Christopher…all these years of stanning for you and you’re back at being Mr Robyn, carrying her clutch when she goes on stage to collect her awards. You didn’t allow her to boss you around the last time, remember?

    Oh well, I’m just going to sit down and watch.

    • Lax October 21, 2012

      Rihanna’s Assualt on the Global Albums Charts for 2010
      Global Album Charts Archives….

      #1 Lady GaGa 5.9 Fame (Monster)
      #5 Taylor 3.5 Speak Now
      #11 AKeys 2.3 Elements Of Freedom
      #13 Rihanna 2.2 Loud
      #21 Rihanna 1.6 Rated R

      I Miss seeing Beyonce’s Name on This Year-End-Charts

    • mob: B*tch i’ll carry UR head October 21, 2012

      STOP IT! They were teens years ago. And we don’t know that they are in a relationship today. They both have said that they are just friends..

  41. D.Scott October 21, 2012

    I say, let her live. #StopHatinsBad

  42. FAF October 21, 2012

    This is great :)…………………………………………..


    • Lax October 21, 2012

      Rihanna’s Assualt on the Global Album Chart Year-End Sells For 2011……..
      #1 Adele 15.3 “21”
      #2 GaGa 5.4 Born This Way
      #5 Rihanna 3.4 Loud
      #10 Beyonce 2.1 “4”
      #18 Rihanna 1.7 Talk That Talk
      Albums Sells For 2011……

  43. I am BLUE THE REAL HIVE October 21, 2012

    Def jam style of promotion!!! I can wait until Chris beat the hell up her again

    • mob: B*tch i’ll carry UR head October 21, 2012

      F*CK YOU!

      You just hope that DRUG DEALER, STABBER & 2 TIME WOMAN BEATER (see the bruises upside the heads of Foxy Brown and Amil Lion) doesn’t decide to whoop Beyonce’s ass like he did FOXY & AMIL!

  44. xedos October 21, 2012

    You have taylor swift who has a different man for every album and she’s younger than rihanna,yet she ‘s not call a Ho. while we only have proof of 2 men rihanna had relationship with she’s call a ho. yes Rihanna party hard,but i guess you fools never been to college. you can go on any campus and find girl Rihanna age and younger partying harder and doing wost than what rihanna does. As rihanna said she choose to be happy . we should respect that. Why hhave all that money and not happy.Everything rihanna does is news she don’t need no publicity to sell music.
    Let the b**** breath.

    • monstarebel October 21, 2012

      Rihannas only gets hate because she’s black Taylor’s white so no cares she can do whatever

    • mob: B*tch i’ll carry UR head October 21, 2012

      THANK YOU!

      Everytime I blink “TRAILER Swift” has attached yet another man to her caboose only to write another “Dear John” song after the man-eating litle S**** chews up another guy and spits him out.Yet. the media SAYS NOTHING about this ugly “OLIVE OIL” looking stick figure! 0_o ….Now had she been BLACK……… *side-eye*

    • That B*tch (Rihllama’s downfall) October 21, 2012

      The difference is that Taylor doesn’t portray herself as a h** unlike Rihanna. When have you ever seen nude photos of her? When has she ever broken up a relationship? When do you ever see her smoking or drinking excessively?

      • MOB October 21, 2012

        NOBODY WANTS TO SEE TRAILER SWIFT NUDE! We don;t know what TRAIER Swift has done as she is a ‘media darlin’ and they simply don’t report negatively about the artists they LOVE!

        The media does not like Cris Brown and they don’t like Rihanna at this point so they will find anything to tear them down. True of SOME FAKE ASS B*******!

  45. monstarebel October 21, 2012

    Lol smh all this hate for rihanna is just these haters frustration for her because she bigger than their faves you want your fave to be on Rihannas level…..

  46. monstarebel October 21, 2012

    Smh it’s kinda sad tho that black people are so hateful towards this girl when all she’s doing is living her life

  47. qubeey October 21, 2012

    lol. we got it. chris brown alone just got no promotional power so he gotta get rihanna there and anybody looking at it. on the other side rihanna is using him to stay relevant for a couple more days. for qubeey this’ still nothing cause nobody talking about their platform but those 2’s relation. 😆

    • mob: B*tch i’ll carry UR head October 21, 2012

      You sound like a F**king FOOL!

      Chris Brown is the only young man I see being hated on constantly by the RACIST ASS MEDIA & S**** W**** ASS RACIST LESBIAN FEMINAZI’S. These same entties attack him over something that happend years ago in his TEEN PAST but of course say nothing about the TRULY VIOLENT ADULT DOMESTIC ABUSERS: Charlie Sheen, Eminem, Mel Gibson, Robbie Williams, Alan Jackson, Ozzy Osbourne, Mickey Rourke, Sir Paul McCartney, PINK, etc. Chris is doing damn well to have the weight of sick WHITE RACISTS & some DUMBASS BLACKS on his back! …..GTFOHWTBS

      • qubeey October 21, 2012

        this’ is so NOT racism. the incident made them famous and cought attention. so now everybody use it and use it and use it and use it… for attention.

      • mob October 21, 2012


        STOP BEING A GODDAMN TOOL! Of course this is about RACE & AGE ! Chris Brown was already famous just young and starting out. He damn sure did not use that one fight for attention. Show me the “car fax” on that….EXACTLY it doesn’t exist. Jayz and the rest of Rihanna’s PR team scripted the bullsh** stories we have seen and heard in th emedia for the past 4 years. I also blame her for using that fight she started to make herself famous. wWith that said, the fact that the RACIST MEDIA ATTACHED THEMSELVES TO 1 FIGHT A 19 AND 20 YR OLD HAD and continue to discuss it PROVES HOW RACIST THIS ALL IS!


        1) November 21, 2011 COUNTRY star RODNEY ATKINS beat his wife in front of thier 10 yr old son Elijah. The poor little kid ad to testify against his own father. YET TH EWHITE OWNED MEDIA, SILLY ASS BLACKS WHO RUN THESE BLOGS/RADIO STATIONS & RACIST ASS HATEFUL FEMINIST have said noting about him or ENDING his career as they have repeated done Chris Brown.

        2) A few weeks ago 2012 actress HEATHER LOCKLEAR violenet attacked actor Jack Wagner and was arrested. She has a history of DV as she was routinely beaten by ROCK STAR of band BON JOVI, ex-husband RICHIE SAMBORA. She has also been arrested 5 times for DRUCK DRIVING & HIT N’ RUN & LEAVING THE SCENE OF SEVERAL CAR CRASH’S SHE CAUSED yet she continues to get the WHITE SKIN PASS!

        ****where are the discussions about these events? and how about the others that have happened with other WHITE CELEBRITES in 2012, 2011, 2010, &2009? Why are they only picking on YOUNG BLACK CHRIS BROWN AND RIHANNA FENTY?….oh right becuase they are YOUNG ANF BLACK!!

    • Lax October 21, 2012

      @QUBEEY Rihanna isn’t using Chris no more then Beyonce is using Jay’s ass, deery…
      And even at that RIHANNA is still cooking with gas…

      A member of the TIME 100 most influential people in the world, Forbes named Rihanna the world’s #1 social media star with over 2.7 billion views on YouTube/VEVO, the most ever for any female artist…

      • Lax October 21, 2012

        over 60 million Facebook fans, and over 26 million Twitter followers. In addition to her 11 Hot 100 #1 singles and overall 22 Top 10 singles, she also has 18 #1 singles on the Billboard Dance Club Song Chartswhat Gossip helps Rihanna to Accomplish in the Game…

  48. BitchICan’tEvenSpellWelfare October 21, 2012

    That’s great, fantastic, wonderful, *claps*, blah, blah, blah….who cares.

    Now, can we get ONE classic album from Rihanna, please?

    A well thought out, non rushed, genuine album. I like her but for me it’s ONLY about the music.

  49. mob: B*tch i’ll carry UR head October 21, 2012

    Really SAM/TGJ …..WTF?

    Where is:



    Ppl need to give it a rest. These two are going to be together eventually even if they are just friends to date! I am tried of the media, blogs, vlogs and so called experts FLAPPING THEIR DAMN GUMS! Call me with they are either “JUMPING THE BROOM” or are pushing out “GREEN DOVE”……”PINK LILY” or whatever they are naming their 1st born!! LOL 🙂

    • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) October 21, 2012


      • MOB October 21, 2012


      • MOB October 21, 2012


  50. Viciousss October 21, 2012

    The funny thing is people will still pretend it ain’t happening.

    She’s not subtle at all, you can CLEARLY see the steps but folks will still be desperate to claim she’s innocent.

    She’s made more effort to be photographed with him and publicly seen with him in these past few weeks than she has for months. Talkin to Oprah, him releasing that silly video and statement about Karr. It is literally ‘Attention Whoring for Dummies’.

    The only funny/sad thing in all this is how dumb Chris is. The one person consistently bringing attention to the fact he hit her has been none other than her.

    Russian Roulette as a first single, duet with Eminem, finding a model who looks like him to dye his hair blonde and appear in the WFL video, a duet with him claimig she was surprised her fans got abgry, hugging on him at the VMA’s just before her new single dropped, and an album right around the corner and where is she photographed the most? By Chris’s side.

    And like someone said up top if he does hit her again she sure enough will turn and play the victim card and cry and make him the evil one. I honestly don’t think she een likes/loves Chris. I think she’s obsessed and doesn’t want him with anyone but her. She’s using him to give her career a bounce and this fool will let her destroy him (because she will) and find his career doomed to a place of no return.

    But hey don’t believe me…

    Let’s see how much Chris suddenly gets attention come Album 8, he might even engage her then.

  51. Nichole October 21, 2012

    Soon we’ll see these two making out in public, and holding hands.

    I don’t like how Rihanna threw Chris under the bus after the beating, and now she’s trying to rekindle a broken romance. Not to mention the fact that she drops his name every time she has an album coming.

    I personally don’t think the reunion is a wise choice, and if they depart again, Rihanna is guarantee to throw Chris under the bus yet again.

    His career was nearly over because of his own stupid mistake, therefore, if he’s gonna hang out with Rihanna, he needs to take some precaution as well as she.

    All in all, they look cute together.

    • truth tea (take a sip) October 22, 2012

      putting someone in an intensive care unit is not a “mistake”.

  52. Teacher October 21, 2012

    I absolutely LOVE your high expectations for Rih and her singles lol…’s struggling to go #1 (I guess u expect all her singles to) when it’s #11 after a few weeks out w/o 1 single performance or a video…..and it shows your low expectations of other artists(won’t mention that name) when you resort to a lessor chart like the RnB chart or Dance chart..or even praise it when it’s not in the top 40 *shrugz*……that’s shade to them if u ask me…

  53. mob: B*tch i’ll carry UR head October 21, 2012

    “Let’s pretend we’re not being filmed.” <——- WHAT 0_O?

    Now tell me how in the HELL were they" PRETENDING"? Whoever took that video was obviously standing behind a potted plant across the lawn in someone elses backyard…..LOL ya'll need to stop it 🙂

  54. HOL UP October 21, 2012

    When Wendy interviewed Whitney Wendy told that she keeps herself in the headlines and Whitney said it best No ya keep me in the headlines I mind my business I try to maintain what I got I don’t give a s*** about what ya doin…thats exactly what it is with Rihanna ya can call her all these different names and say im sick of this h** blah blah she need to take a seat last time i checked all she was doin was hangin out and the media turned this into a big thing rihanna did not put it on twitter goin to hang with chris tonight ya look out for that no just like everything else in her life its the media trying to always see whats going on ya say she does all these things for attention no she doesnt ppl like sam are the reason she stays in the headlines because her life is more entertaining for some reason so before ya try to find fault in rih rih blame the ppl givin you these news every hour on the hour

    • MC October 21, 2012

      Honey, the difference is that Rihanna is reuniting with the man who beat her 3 years ago, naturally the cameras and paparazzi are going to follow them. Its not like Rihanna hates the attention and she was tweeting nasty things about CB’s ex awhile back —> garnering more attention. She knows that as s superstar she will be followed, so she makes the best of it and “hangs out” with CB.

  55. Auntie_Jackie October 21, 2012

    Side Eye to these two. They aren’t in love. Just two people addicted to negative attention together because of their ridiculous egos.

    • MOB October 21, 2012

      Wow Aunt Jackie you sound crazy. Who are you to say if they love each other or not?. The media wont be happy until they are both dead at th spoint. It’s the same Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston BULLYING them and dogging them out while blacks folks standing by saying nothing until they are DEAD. It’s a f****** shame that this continous to happen to BLACK ARTISTS AND BLACK PPL & DECENT WHITE PPL SAY NOTHING UNTIL IT’S TOO LATE…..SMFH

  56. many October 21, 2012

    Preach rihannas days are counted id rather rita ora at this point

  57. RUDE NAVY October 21, 2012

    so what if they are f*****’ each other 6 times a day ?

    seriously , who got damn time for that type of obsession ?

    we music fans should only care about music , if you don’t like their music , choose another artist and forget about them , is it that difficult ? why you give them the time of your life and YOU KNOW it won’t make the situation any different ?

    they love each other , they beat each other , they kill each other , that’s their life , they are adult enough ” i think ..” to know that you get what you deserve at the end of the day and you are responsible for your choices and decisions ! let them do whatever the f*** they want , they KNEW that them being in a relationship put their name out there THE BEST WAY , that is why they use it everytime and you , by paying attention foolishly , make it work EVERYTIME , so who’s the one to blame now ?!
    IT IS YOU , for wasting your time on such BS !

    • Lax October 21, 2012

      So true, We Live, We Love, We Die!
      Every last one of Us unless We r

  58. It’s Utterly Bizaar! October 21, 2012

    I’m happy for them, they do deserve a 2nd chance in my pov.

  59. commanderofthedancefloor October 22, 2012

    you people kill me, for years people have been saying rihanna wanted chris back the whole time, so now that they are back it is only a publicity stunt? like really she went back after that incidient, she shared her feelings with several people most recently oprah, she always said she loved him and now they are together again but it has to be a publicity stunt? i gues whatever helps you sleep at night.

    anyways how did her albums sell before hooking up with chris ie her first three albums, and if publicity with chris helped her album sales then why the hell is rated r not her best selling album, it was released after the incident and as you guys state shouldnt people feeling sorry for her have helped sell the album? so why the low sales? it makes no sense, and why did loud outsell it? what publicity stunt with chris sold loud? i mean actually trying to put what any of you guys says to the test it does not make any sense!! Hell she talked about chris more after ttt came out and it still sold less than loud so tell me how exactly that works?

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