Must Hear: Christina Aguilera – ‘Just A Fool (Ft Blake Shelton)’

Published: Wednesday 14th Nov 2012 by David

Two years after the release of her #1 album ‘Bionic‘, this week welcomed the release of Christina Aguilera’s new album ‘Lotus‘.

A vocal driven serving of Premium Pop, the project has already spawned the Pop smash ‘Your Body‘ and her budding hit ‘Make The World Move’, featuring Cee-Lo Green.

However, for anyone who’s been keeping up with this week’s iTunes tally, it is her Claude Kelly penned love song ‘Just A Fool’ that now shines as her brightest cut on the album, hitting the Top 20 sans the promotion afforded to ‘Body’.

So, if you haven’t heard the song- which features Country star Blake Shelton– we’d seriously suggest you get all the way into it below…

Buy ‘Just A Fool’ here!

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  1. JJFan1814 November 14, 2012

    It’s a nice song. But her album is going to flop….Just wait for the HDD predictions tomorrow…Even The Weeknd’s ‘Trilogy’ is resting above Lotus….And Unapologetic peaked at #3 based on PRE-SALES!!!!!!!!!!

    I think the right direction for Xtina would go for a soulful ‘Adele’ ‘Amy Winehouse’ route. She needs to work with producers that bring emotion and that ‘OOMPH’ out in her voice. She needs those deep lyrics….B****, all I’m saying…WORK WITH RICK

    • JJFan1814 November 14, 2012

      RICK RUBIN****

    • AmbeRussell November 14, 2012

      the album isnt failing with 1st week sales bc of bad material, it is failing bc of horrible promo, lack of radio play, etc. i mean how is the song, “your body”, praised by ppl, yet it gets no radio spin, yet the same 12 songs are played non stopped. christina’s name isnt hot any more so radio isnt gonna play ur matterial as fast as a britney/rihanna/gaga/taylor song, and these girls will get the air play then the requests just off their name alone. the album isnt going to have steller 1st week sales, but it has the ability to living on long with more promo and great radio friendly songs. but i do agree some stuff should be more matured musicly and lyriclly. since she takes herself so seriously, then she should work with greats who will use her voice the best it can be used.
      AmbeRussell on youtube

      • Lotus2012 November 14, 2012

        Um really the album is failing. COme on now you can do better. Number 5 on itunes and worldwide itunes number 4 i believe. Seriouly don’t think its a flop. Im sure its number one on itunes in other countries also. Plus just a fool is moving up on itunes i believe number 15…Last night her performance help push sales…

    • mobwife November 14, 2012

      “I think the right direction for Xtina would go for a soulful ‘Adele’ ‘Amy Winehouse’ route. ” <—–THIS!!

      pAnk (domestic abuser but is a white femalee so it's all good) was able to exploit and use SOUL MUSIC and RHYTHMS lead by LA & Babyface then made the decison to do the music she actually wanted to do which is Pop-Punk-Rock HYBRID.

      Xtina has the taent to pull an Adele/amy Winehouse. Again, the POWERS THAT BE are trying hard to find a US version of Adele. Xtina coulod have been it. If or shall I say when Lotus flops (according to reports) the time to move in that direction could be up?

      • HeHaHeHa November 14, 2012

        Yeah I think the Soul/R&B sound with a bit on Pop/Dance/Rock would have been the way to go, this go round.

  2. YEAKELLY November 14, 2012

    Amen! Slays!

    Something is telling me that the buzz surrounding this song will push album sales? Just a guess

    • HeHaHeHa November 14, 2012

      Doubt it, too much of the album is not like this. Most is her speaking to haters. Ugh. 2.5/5 STARS album. IMO

  3. NavyKisses November 14, 2012

    Blotus. This would have worked better if she didn’t sound like there was a scratching post in her throat.

    • BionicLotus November 14, 2012

      But your fav is a full time cocksucker though.

    • HoldItAgainstMe November 14, 2012

      But Christina used to f*** for tracks though, so what’s really good hunty?

      • AmbeRussell November 14, 2012

        and what proof u have about that? rumors? s*** christina in her peak was the s***, with a vi=oice. i doubt she would have to sleep to get a track when her record label was will to do what she wanted to do since 2000 when she was calling the shots with her image bc her desicisions was getting her #1 singles and album sold and top selling tours.
        AmbeRussell on youtube

  4. truth( im known to DRAAAAAAGGG a b**** chile) November 14, 2012

    just a OINK chile(is what it shouldv’e been called honey). but thissss FAT B**** vocals are NOT to be f***** with!!!!

  5. JJFan1814 November 14, 2012

    Even Lana Del Rey’s “Paradise” with about 8-9 songs is a spot above Lotus……!!!!


  6. Monstarebel (RiRis S** Slave & Nickis Side H**) November 14, 2012

    Lotus is a decent CD, but truth be told she coulda promoted this album better

  7. aynon November 14, 2012

    this woman’s team are fools.

    she should have promoted her album and singles…

    Your Body and her Album could have been an actual SMASH.

    she should have been on Good Morning America, The Today Show, SNL, Jimmy Fallon (her only promotion yet) rounded that off with a performance of Your Body and Make the world Move on yesterday’s ‘The Voice’ , she should have performed Your Body on X Factor UK and OZ, then again at the AMA’s.

    She should have been doing what Alicia Keys and Pink have been doing for the past 6 Months drilling up the HYPE, Alicia’s been performing since the BMAs! all over the world, so has pink! what is wrong with her team.

    IMHO this album is 1 year too late if she released ‘Let There Be Love’ as the lead single and released the album last November she’s be on top again. but at this rate she’s just gonna flop all over again but this time with decent material reducing her credibility as an artist to ZERO.

    • mobwife November 14, 2012

      YESSSSS! You are so right but is Alicia #winning? DOMESTIC ABUSER pAnk is going to win for obvious reasons (she’s the white feminazi’s wet dream) but how is Alicia’s music fairing? Did GOF chart? I’m just curious?

      • truth( im known to DRAAAAAAGGG a b**** chile) November 14, 2012

        Yes it is chart b****, lookit da charts h**

  8. LaLa November 14, 2012

    I love Just a Fool. Cannot wait for the Live Performance in December.

    Anyway the lack of Promo before the album drops (I’m sad of this) but it proved that what she said about “I don’t care if my album selling 1 copy or 1million copies” is right. other artist would be panicked if they in her position right now imo.

  9. Lotus2012 November 14, 2012

    I laugh at all these negative hating comments. I mean Just a Fool is at 16 on ituens albums number 5 in us and worldwide 4 on itunes. I believe she will sell more than 100 or 200 copies…

  10. mobwife November 14, 2012

    Well if it isn’t that DISGUSTING ADULTERER Blake Sheldon sounding like a sick and dying calf caught up in bobwire! I wonder if he’s related to cheating lowlife General Petras?

    This sounds like a lot of noise which means it will be #1 on the Cowboy Country Hillbilly American Charts…aka Billboard! It’ll be right below Country Music’s PUBLIC PROSTITUTE and Blake Sheldon’s wife / w**** homewrecker MOOrandia “racist c***” Lambert……….Bless America

    *press play on J. Coles Miss America

    • UhHuh November 15, 2012

      “Cowboy Country Hillbilly American Charts”
      “racist c***”

      Hypocrite much?

  11. ENOUGH ONIKA November 14, 2012

    Is her album out??

    • MC November 14, 2012

      It came out yesterday.

  12. christinastherealtalent November 14, 2012

    I have a feeling Lotus won’t do that well this week. Her label again has f***** her up big time. No promotion, or anything. They f***** up Your Body and now the album. SMH. I love Christina and still rooting for her but her label is pissing me off. It’s time Christinas leaves RCA and signs with a label that’s going to promote her the way she deserves to be promoted so she can reclaim her throne. Talent like hers should not be thrown away like that.

    I love this song though.

  13. irene46 November 14, 2012

    her album release wasn’t even mentioned on the show ‘entertainment’. what’s with that?

    unfortunately there is still a lot of residual hate out there for christina. she may never completely recover from the onslaught of negative press which started in the christina vs britney era then escalated into the unprecedented dragging stomping put down campaign during the bionic-gaga era promoted by the snuff christina bandwagon.

    that being said, her promotional game for the album is pure sh!t. also why she hasn’t done something about her appearance is beyond shock. she made an appearance in january 2010 where she looked flawless. her hair was short and immaculate and her gown fit beautifully. she looked like pure class. she wasn’t the old ‘skin and bones christina’ but she wasn’t a scale buster either.

    anyway, i hope her album does well.

    • irene46 November 14, 2012

      correction: ‘entertainment tonight’.

  14. irene46 November 14, 2012

    oh, yeah. love this song.

  15. eric November 14, 2012

    Beautiful song, minus the guest feature. I hope they release a solo version.

  16. MC November 14, 2012

    I like this song. This along with Let there be love are the best songs on the album imo. Good luck Xtina.

  17. Rob November 14, 2012

    Sam on what planet was Bionic # 1?!!! I died when I read that. Really?

  18. theman November 14, 2012

    Her album is really really good. This song is amazing, and should be released as a single.

  19. HeHaHeHa November 14, 2012

    It should be the singe because of its performance. If It wasn’t selling so well on iTunes I would have said save it for The Voice finale and have it take off on its own.

    Sucks that the timing will have been completely screwed up for singles for the album. “YB” released in September and peaked two weeks later. Did not release a new single since.

    And now they are in the awkward position to where she just performed “Make The World Move,” and its not really showing by iTunes sales, just finally reaching the Top 100.

    A MESS! ! !

  20. JER November 14, 2012

    Let’s clock a few things right now. Yes there has been very little traditional promotion, but there has been TONS of publicity. Don’t get it twisted ho’s if the quality was there people would be buying. XXLtin’as fat face is plastered all over TV 2 and 3 nights a week and she’s on all the entertainment shows every night so GURLBYE. If Gaga was on The Voice 3 nights a week her Singles would stay at #1, her album sales would be even bigger. But then you have KFCtina who couldn’t buy a hit and has tried several times. The facts are: The material sucks, and no one is here for XXLtina’s fat c***. OH I’m sorry 20k bitchy white f*** are here for XXLtina because they bought her album 3 times

    • LaLa November 16, 2012

      Classic Lady Gaga’s Stupid Fan
      Let’s clock a few things right here right now!

      Lady Gaga told to her fans about equality, Body Image, LGBT, & (no matter who you are, you are) BORN THIS WAY (God made no mistake).

      & in here you sayin: XXLTina fat c***, KFCTina & bitchy white f*** (are here for XXLtina).


  21. SHUH November 15, 2012

    I’ll just say it straight up. Her new album sounds s***. But along with Blank Page – I love this song! So good

  22. irene46 November 22, 2012

    ‘just a fool’ has debut at only 92 on billboard hot 200. this is a good song and with blake’s country following i thought it would chart higher.

    i can’t believe so few people find this album worth buying especially compared to what else is out there. it got outranked by a christmas album. unbelievable.

  23. mary taylor December 28, 2012

    I have heard Christina Aguilera many times, but didn’ t really pay attention
    until I heard Just a fool on the radio. Had to have this Album. Her voice is
    absolutely brilliant never realised how powerful her voice was. Without
    Blake ( whom I love ) she made this song a hit on her own. Cant stop playing
    this song. ( Not because I’m from Staten Island )

  24. Track Bids April 9, 2013

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