Hot Shot: Ciara Meets That Grape Juice LA

Published: Tuesday 13th Nov 2012 by Sam

That Grape Juice’s Patrick B caught up with R&B star Ciara in Los Angeles last night.

The Epic Records diva is presently putting the finishing touches on her hotly anticipated ‘One Woman Army’ album. Ever keen to ask the questions you really want answers to, you’re not going to want to miss this one. Be sure to keep it locked on TGJ for our exclusive interview with Ciara!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Beyonce’s Weave November 13, 2012

    She made horrible choices on singles, the singles should have been Livin it up and Overdose, not Sorry and especially not Got me good.

    She is very talented but it seems she makes bad decisions when it comes to music post The Evolution. Anyway good luck to her.

    • damone November 13, 2012

      HOW CAN YOU SAY SHE SHOULD HAVE RELEASED OVERDOSE AS A SINGLE WHEN THE SONG HAS ONLY BEEN RELEASED AS A SNIPPET?! Second as a TRUE CIARA FAN, Living it up is a awesome song,but isn’t good enough for a first single. I’ve purchased all ciara albums,magazines, etc. I even have tickets to her 11/19 concert. I know cici you r just making unsolicited opinions.

    • Mb92 November 13, 2012

      Wait i don’t understand how you can note her single choices from Goodies and The Evolution as good single choice and then recommend that she releases two pop singles? Prior to Fantasy Ride her singles where heavily Urban and Crossover…. The pop transition is what put Ciara in the predicament she’s in

      • IDK November 13, 2012

        I agree.

    • Mb92 November 13, 2012

      P.s for Urban Listeners “Sorry” is a Great First Single and “Got Me Good” is a good song IMO but it just blends in with everything else on Pop Radio so i can’t really complain!

      • IDK November 13, 2012

        I agree

  2. Sleazy November 13, 2012

    She is so pretty! TGJ tell her we want POPara Back Ow!!!!

  3. GABRIELLA November 13, 2012


    • CHYNA November 13, 2012


    • Jeff November 13, 2012


  4. JER November 13, 2012

    Yes, all your teams and offices around the world

    LAWT THE DELUSIONS!!!!!!!!!!

    • OverdoseOnSorry November 13, 2012

      Delusions? But the Patrick guy is actually based in LA and Sam is based in London, so I’m struggling to see how they’re deluded. Oh that’s right, YOU!

      • JER November 13, 2012

        Oh I’m sorry did I offend you


        Keep stanning for a fake blogger and have every seat b****

        “based in” GTFO with this fake s***.

    • David November 13, 2012

      @JER if you hate this blog so much then why do you keep coming here?

      • FAF November 13, 2012


        EXACTLY!… They stan for sam KI !

  5. D November 13, 2012

    i was really rooting for her but i’ve kinda givin up hope at this point

  6. The Simpsons November 13, 2012

    What a great picture of you guys !

  7. HOTSTUFF November 13, 2012


    • FAF November 13, 2012

      Mad only interviews Rishitta gets is nude ones ?

      She a casting couch w**** .. KI

      • WorldSide November 13, 2012

        So Stupid of u

  8. CSquadron November 13, 2012

    YOU GUYS ARE F****** KILLING IT! Didnt yall interview Ludacris the other week?

  9. NavyHeart November 13, 2012

    As much I hate this blog, I can’t say Sam doesn’t get it in. I’m impressed.

    • CHYNA November 13, 2012

      Chile you could’ve gotten an interview with CiCi… She aint doing s***!

      • HA November 13, 2012

        B**** why won’t you stop hating and shut your f****** mouth you silly s***** h** f*** u b****

      • FAF November 13, 2012


        u still here, boo ! MUAH ! THE QUEEN THANKS U!

  10. Princess Harris November 13, 2012

    CIARA?! *Twerks to Livin It Up. YAAAAAASSSSSSS.. You better have asked some good ass questions.

  11. Late November 13, 2012

    Nice pic.
    Patrick is so cute (when he has his mouth closed)
    When that mouth opens up, the corny queen comes raging on out!

  12. xedos November 13, 2012

    That stupid album not finish yet after 2 yrs and counting

    • FAF November 13, 2012

      She dont make garbage like Rishitta… BYE

  13. VANNY November 13, 2012

    I just cant seem to figure out and i scratch my head as to why ciara can’t seem to get back on her feet… for what seem to be a force and a promising carreer back in 2004 it slowly but surely diminished in to nothing… ciara can easily become the janet jackson of our generation but she needs to team up with the right producers, writters,good promotion , and that one good single thats gonna put her back on the map… good luck ciara im really hoping you make it big this time around *fingers crossed*

    • Jeff November 13, 2012

      Easy, Janet kept it moving, Ciara is still doing the matrix

      • vanny November 13, 2012

        @jeff … you are very right ciara needs to re-invent herself its about time… i have a bad feeling about this album.. i mean if she is well aware that her last 3 albums flopped harder than flip flops.. she needs to bring it this time around and by the looks of it its not looking good smh…

      • FAF November 13, 2012

        @Jeff u mad she has a TRADEMARK & her own style ?

        She dont throw on a New wig & try to get beat for attention like R****

        Them 5 platinum albums wont mean s*** once that 360 deal takes her money… DEAD !!

  14. Claudette Knowles November 13, 2012

    Hotly anticipated album? Anticipated by who? Ain’t nobody checking for that girl or her juvenile music. But hey she looks cute in that picture. 🙂

    • FAF November 13, 2012

      You .. u still here, ugly

      DEATH @ these fake ass ghost profiles to comment on the queen


    • Jeff November 13, 2012


      • FAF November 13, 2012

        Next time, don’t forget the funny……

        How bout we make one for MOO MOO since Triumphant couldnt chart other than on an IRRELEVANT dance chart..

        BYe, girral 🙂

      • MC November 13, 2012

        Dear Flaming ass f**,

        Triumphant is bubbling under the Hot 100 above “The Boys”, “Freedom”, and all the other singles Nicolas has released in the past 24 hours, so 215215 singles.


        Your better half.

        P.S. Suck on that B****.

  15. Late November 13, 2012

    im not here for this nobody!!!!NNNNEEEXXT!

  16. An0thrDream November 13, 2012

    Yes!!! Finally!!! I’ve been waiting for you guys to get an interview with Ciara! Definitely going to keep it locked!

    • IDK November 13, 2012


  17. Steph November 13, 2012

    Lovely pic! Ciara any plans to come to Canada [Toronto]. Looking forward to the interview!

  18. IDK November 13, 2012

    Im rooting for ciara! Im one of her Biggest fans but I hope she’s not going down the same route as she did in the basic instinct era. I like LA Reid but for him to be managing, producing or whatever it is hes doing, I dont think hes giving her his best. The only time I hear about Ciara is when Im googling her and thats not good. So GO ciara!!!! CI CI! #Csquad!!!!

    • IDK November 13, 2012

      And LA Reid, step it up bruh. I watched behind the music on Toni Braxton and I didnt know he was mostly responsible for her success. So if he can do that with her and his other artist. Than I know he can make CI Ci a mega star. So step it up Reid! ASAP!

      • LARiedwastinghismoneyonciara November 15, 2012

        Toni Braxton had what most people who profess to be singers have and that is a decent vocal range, which Ciara does not have imagine poor Kathy Dennis, LA Ried, and Babyface would always have to use base just cover up Ciara limited range and no power and change there good songs it would just better to give there best songs to a vocalist like Shontelle. Cathy Dennis, Babyface and LA Ried are good producers and writers but even they cannot make Gold from Lead and make Ciara sing if you cannot sing do not sing.

  19. sierra November 13, 2012

    well much luck to here!

  20. Monstarebel (RiRis S** S****) November 13, 2012

    She’s beautiful

  21. kiki November 13, 2012

    prettttyyyy lady..excited for this

  22. 77 November 13, 2012

    patrick TGJ i love you style, you sush a fashonista….

    CIARA boo boo, have a interview with TGJ will bring you BAD LUCK…. ask BRANDY, NEYO, MIGUEL , KELLY , all their ALBUM flop!!

    BUT i love your HUSTLE sam & PATRICK, go ahead!!!

  23. me November 13, 2012

    will beyonce ever give u an interview?

  24. MACHIAVEL November 13, 2012

    This B**** Is Toooooo Sloppy! C*** I Support You Since Day One And Never Let You Down, But I’m Starting To Lose Faith On You! Where Is The Promos, Videos, Performance Of Your S***??? It’s Sad When I’m Slowly Believing That Rihanna Is More Hard Worker Than You, SMFH!
    B****, Please Wake Up Your Lazy Ass And Give Us Promo!!!!!!

  25. Rob November 13, 2012

    Nobody curr bout this t*****

  26. JOHNVIDAL November 13, 2012

    To be honest TGJ has gone far. Remember this is a person just like us who started with a dream 4 or 5 years ago. I think I visit this blog since 2010 and it has really grown. Don´t hate cos of that
    And the funny thing is they have grown thanks to ridiculous Rihanna fans who keep on worshiping mediocrity and hating everybody. That´s why Sam makes 5 posts about her per day and thanks to their teen delusions he gets 100, 200, 400… or 1000 comments (haha what a joke was that, poor things)
    Sam is thanking you all. Now keep hating everybody (Ciara for example) and Sam himself and keep giving him those hits dear superficial “navy”

    • 12 NUMBER 1S!!!!!!! WHEN WILL BEYFLOP?!!! November 13, 2012

      Dnt blame us navy members Cu’s Sam is obsessed with queen RIHANNA

      • JOHNVIDAL November 13, 2012

        Sam is obsessed cos you give him hits

  27. Zsa zsa couture November 13, 2012

    Blah!!! I can’t wait until King Bey returns! She will send ciara back to the housing projects in which she came from!

  28. bye bye birdie November 13, 2012

    All her interviews are the same….boring. The only difference with her latest interviews she is throwing 50 in it. No one is interested in her and 50’s boring love affair. I don’t see her being vulnerable at all. She still playing guessing games about her and 50. Ain’t working.

  29. LARiedwastinghismoneyonciara November 15, 2012

    ‘My back is aching, my bra to tight, my booty shaking from left to right’

    Ciara stole the chant from Kinsui’s ‘Giddy Up Let’s Ride’

    Ciara’s Got Me Good track just ripped off Ghost Town DJ’s ‘My Boo’

    Ciara Sorry track jacked Ginuwine’s beat from his song ‘Differences’

    Ciara not just a flat voiced artist she a rip off artist to boot

  30. LARiedwastinghismoneyonciara November 15, 2012

    The Music Industry is pure s*** with the likes of Ciara it has been flooded with entertainers and catchy tunes, versus songs with substance and non-generic chord progressions.

    LA Ried truly does believe in Unicorns, what wrong with him bankrolling a dancer who has no vocal capabilities (anyone can sing using one octave and a chest voice it is called speed speaking) and repeats the dances moves she was taught .

    Rihanna’s “Diamonds” video in 2 days has over 6 million views while Ciara only have 2 million views!

    Ciara flat voiced singing will not take off, girl stop.

  31. LARiedwastinghismoneyonciara November 15, 2012

    Ciara = no art, no talent, no vocal ability, no star quality, no sales

    Yall crazy stans think whispering instead of singing and writing one line in a song = art and talent.
    When Ciara ever been critically acclaimed, even if she was just a ‘poor sales artist’ an artist with talent regardless of their sales or mainstream value will get critical acclaim look at Chrislette Michele and Sade, as people recognise art and talent no a flat voiced dancer using bass and mass overproduction on her tracks, this woman 27 now how many times she gonna use Ludacris. Rhianna has a strong bajan lilt when she sings and has a nasal quality however she can change key and has moderate power, timbre and range, not every artist has range and power of Whitey Houston, Celine Dion or Mariah Carey however in the game of singing who to least have a minimal quality Ciara does not even have that!!! Ciara does not have to sing like Leona Lewis however she should at least have sounds coming out of her throat sounding nicer than a dying frog, Ciara chose to be a singer for reasons only God knows she should sing.

  32. LARiedwastinghismoneyonciara November 15, 2012

    Good Luck to LA Ried when this one woman army album flops and it will Ciara just gon do a facebook rant and blame him

  33. LARiedwastinghismoneyonciara November 15, 2012

    Ciara tessitura is actually her speaking voice.

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