Hot Shot: Mariah Carey Glows At ‘TeenNick Halo Awards’

Mariah Carey shimmered and shone in LA last night, dressed to the nines to support husband Nick Cannon at the ‘TeenNick HALO Awards’.

Positively glowing, the icon hit the event two months before she graces screens worldwide via FOX‘s ‘American Idol’ , in which she is set to star in with fellow musician Nicki Minaj, manager Randy Jackson and Country music star Keith Urban.

Snapped alongside Nick, who hosted the star studded event, Mimi rubbed shoulders with the likes of Nicole Ritchie, Victoria Justice and ‘Should Be You’ mastermind Ne-Yo.

Fierce fun below via She Is Diva

She Is Diva:

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  1. JAKE November 18, 2012

    1990 – 2012 & SHE IS STILL RELEVANT!!!!!!!



  2. GREG November 18, 2012

    No she’s not, sit down Mariah

  3. RIHANNA WILL NEVER FLOP!!!!!!! November 18, 2012


  4. MC November 18, 2012

    Love her and she looks beautiful. I am pumped and ready for new materiel, Mimi even though her other albums can slay me for life.

  5. RG2 November 18, 2012


  6. HOTSTUFF November 18, 2012


  7. Simply me November 18, 2012

    Still looking good Mariah Carey 🙂 ” all I want for Christmas is you” I play that every year. I love the fact that shes truly dedicated in supporting her man to woo woo!!!

  8. Honeychildplease November 18, 2012

    Oh s*** NICKI MINAJ album has moved….it went from # 155 to # 164 now on Itunes now that’s progress!!!

    • Benron (I sold Bey Her Fake Bump) November 18, 2012

      You’re baaddddddd lol.

    • SHARON November 18, 2012

      LMAO! The Shade!!!

  9. Queentina Winguilera November 18, 2012

    Look at this overfed p**. B**** can’t even sing live anymore.

    • MC November 18, 2012

      *looks at your username* LOL Gurl, I am not even going to diss XXXLtina today…..75k? Bye.

    • SHARON November 18, 2012

      THE IRONY!! OH GOD!!!

    • Todd November 19, 2012

      STAY MAD!

  10. MadameXtinaWouldntWannaBeYa November 18, 2012

    She looks almost as good as her voice does today. Like s***!

    • MC November 18, 2012

      Xtina stans,

      You guys are mad at Mariah, you are just upset with Xtina’s 1st week sales. 75k?

      Yours truly,


      • MC November 18, 2012


      • MadameXtinaWouldntWannaBeYa November 18, 2012

        Don’t do it to yourself love, 56k for MCIIYOU. Have a seat you stupid b****.

      • MC November 18, 2012

        Lol!! Mariah’s 1st Christmas album debuted with 45k but it went on to sell 5 million in the U.S and 15 million being the biggest selling Christmas album and single (All I want for Christmas) of all time. Merry Christmas II you debuted with 56K and it went on to sell 550,000k in the U.S. and nearly 1.5million in the world with its hit single (Oh Santa!)….all more than XXXLtina’s 4th album “Bionic” and “Lotus” combined and multiplied. Same that Mariah’s 2nd “flop” Christmas album outsold “Bionic” and probably “Lotus” too. Don’t be mad at em b****, your fave could barely sell in her 13th year, 4th and 5th album that Mariah outsold 2x in her 22nd + year, 13th album. Pressed b****, instead of attacking Mariah, go buy “Lotus”.

        P.S. Isn’t it pathetic that Mariah’s #1s compilations album that came out in 1998 is outselling “Lotus” on iTunes chart currently at #58? Keep in mind this compilations album already sold over 5x platinum in the U.S already and “Lotus” is nowhere in the iTunes album chart. #SIT

      • JOHNVIDAL November 18, 2012

        Hey love! How is it that Mariah´s 1998 “#1´s” and Alanis “Jagged Little Pill” are around 70 on USA itunes albums??? One could expect her Xmas albums entering the chart from now until Xmas, but that one??

      • MC November 18, 2012

        HEY! I know! Its puzzling to me that her #1s and Greatest Hits are rising it the charts. Merry Christmas II you is making its way up to and OF COURSE we can expect Merry Christmas to rise again as it does every year. Oh and “All I want for Christmas” is I believe #1 on holiday songs already?

      • JOHNVIDAL November 18, 2012

        She just likes to slay for life 🙂

    • theman November 18, 2012

      Not to mention that her Xmas albums are selling out at Target as well.

  11. HBF82 November 18, 2012

    Ravishing Goddess

    • MadameXtinaWouldntWannaBeYa November 18, 2012

      Overfed swine.

      • Common Sense November 18, 2012

        Does that make Xtincta an overfed whale?

  12. prettigurlrockD bitchess November 18, 2012

    No shade but she was more attractive in the 90’s. MC fans come eat me alive. LOL. 😀

    • MC November 18, 2012

      She was “more” attractive in the 90s in the sense she was younger, but I think she looks good (her face <3 ) today. Anyways its your opinion and my "hater" radar isn't going off today. 😉

    • Girl007Bond November 18, 2012


  13. MadameXtinaWouldntWannaBeYa November 18, 2012

    It’s so sad that the only time Mariah can get a number one this side of the millenium is with a song released in the early 90s. Your Body was a top 40 hit, Triumphant didn’t even get into the hot 100. You can talk about sales all day long but today is 2012, not 1992 and TODAY Christina is a higher seller than Mariah.

    Mariah is so done American idol are using Nicki to promote the show, Mariah doesn’t even have her own promo video yet honey.

      • Peter G November 18, 2012

        And everyone always used the excuse she big boned! She wasn’t then so now she is fat!

    • MC November 18, 2012

      Christina is such a high seller that she is expected to sell 75-80k?!?! Sorry for missing your dumb logic. #fail

    • SHARON November 18, 2012

      Bionic 500,000
      Lotus 70,000
      THIS IS NOT SOMETHING TO BOAST ABOUT MATE!! Dead at u trying to throw shade at mariah!! i cant!!!

  14. Benron (I sold Bey Her Fake Bump) November 18, 2012

    She looks Hot.

    However in your forties it is unacceptable to be stopming around in tight clothes struggling to exscape your fat while bleaching you skin and wearing terrible long horse hair weave while pretending you are younger than you are. Being desperate won’t get you a hit.

    We al know who this is adressed to, Theifoncellulite Knowlittle.

    • prettigurlrockD bitchess November 18, 2012

      a. BEYONCE is not in her 40’s
      b. She’s never been darked skinned anyways. The “bleach” you speak of is probably camera lighting or make up.
      c. almost every black entertainer wears weaves
      d. She’s only 31. That’s not even old compared to MC and JLO.
      e. Love on top, Party, Best thing I Never had were still moderate hits and she really does not have nothing to prove. Even her flop went to number 1 and sold 2 WW from her loyal fanbase. When will RiRi?? Hmm…..

      • prettigurlrockD bitchess November 18, 2012

        Adele, Xtina are overweight, btw. Beyonce has never been. Only haters say that. CURVY YES. Not fat.

      • Benron (I sold Bey Her Fake Bump) November 18, 2012

        a.) According to the department of health records of Texas Beyonce is 38.

        b.) Bitchhhhh. Are we forgetting 2003 existed. She went from being as dark as Brandy to being Lighter than Snooki, The tanning mom, Britney spears and a lot of other white people.

        c.) Not when they’re 38, its time to chill then!

        d.) She is 38.

        e.) Those all flopped. 4 had 8 music videos and sold 2.5 mill worldwide. She even faked a pregancy to try and boost sales but she flopped, what a stupid s*** tbh. Rihanna went number one around the world and sold almost 600k worldwide. Thats like 25% of wha Theifoncellutie Knowlittle did in a year and a half. When will RiRi? Never, cuz she is not a flop h**!

  15. Never That Serious November 18, 2012

    I love that whenever a mimi post is up on this site,weird and unheard of usernames pop up to mock and insult her…..the only mariah haters i know of are prettigurlrockD,mr.midget and his fellow xtina stans…..the others are simply FAKE!!!!!!!!!

    • MC November 18, 2012


    • Benron (I sold Bey Her Fake Bump) November 18, 2012

      It happens with Rihanna posts too.

      They all have these unique (read: stupid and played out) usernames like “R**** is a s*** without a number one album” or “Mariah is a fat cow” like… bye!

      • MC November 18, 2012

        Notice they all appear at the same time.

      • Benron (I sold Bey Her Fake Bump) November 18, 2012

        I do, samantha be tryin it.

      • MC November 18, 2012


      • Benron (I sold Bey Her Fake Bump) November 18, 2012

        He thinks he starting stan wars but everyone ignores the fake comments, I never noticed them till the diamonds post.

      • MC November 18, 2012

        I notice them the most on Mariah posts. “Mariah should retire like Celine”, “MooMoo Scarey”, “Fatria Cowry” “Mariah flop 9 singes in a row”, “Mariah ‘Triumflop”, “Mariah has-been Carey”, etc……..Sam really tries it when it comes to Mariah… least for Rihanna its the Beyhive.

      • Benron (I sold Bey Her Fake Bump) November 18, 2012

        H e has a few fake Rih accounts too. And all those Mariah accounts are a force, especially the ones going at her looks. Their d**** could nevah!

      • MC November 18, 2012

        Right? Sam, is a desperate queen. I only come to this site for the commentators 😀

      • Benron (I sold Bey Her Fake Bump) November 18, 2012

        me too, if ya’l lwere not funny here then I wouldn’t even come. I barely ever read the posts, just skim and run down to the comments.

      • MC November 18, 2012

        lol! def. here for the people…..the funny, shady ones though, not here for the pressed b******.

      • Benron (I sold Bey Her Fake Bump) November 18, 2012

        me either.

  16. RIHANNA WILL NEVER FLOP!!!!!!! November 18, 2012


  17. Geezy November 18, 2012

    S/O 2 the Cannons for doing something positive for young folks. I think MC looks very nice and very suitable for the festivities.

  18. Honeychildplease November 18, 2012

    Beautiful Mrs. Mariah! WE love you!

  19. Danica November 18, 2012

    Um… Beyonce has always been the same complexion look at footage of her when she was a kid she is the SAME complexion its obvious that a lot of the time (especially in DC days) she was heavy on the stage makeup to make her look dark golden. The girl is VERY fair thats her natural complexion, she like my brother who under different lighting can create different illusions. And for all those that believe those age rumors, come on now you know deep down that aint true!

  20. Nichole November 18, 2012

    Mariah is so damn beautiful.

    I love it when she rocks the curls, it’s like a throwback to the early 90’s Mariah.

    Her skin is perfect, and she looks better than most chicks in their 20’s. People would find it hard to believe that Mariah is in her 40’s.

  21. Mobwife: gnashing teeth November 18, 2012

    I don’t like that dress on her at all. It makes her look too old! Nick is looing good however! 🙂

  22. Honeychildplease November 18, 2012

    Well thank god mariah is half black because if she was just a regular white girl, that skin would be cracking like britney in her early 30’s……*gets on knees, and thanks gowllll* amen

  23. RICHANDBLACK11(RIH SUCK C**** WORLDWIDE) November 18, 2012

    Mimi looks good

    • RICHANDBLACK11(RIH SUCK C**** WORLDWIDE) November 18, 2012

      madonna looks horrible blonde

      • S****** Blonde November 18, 2012

        Yeah! wish.

      • RICHANDBLACK11(BEYONCE SUCKS C*** WORLDWIDE) November 18, 2012


      • S****** Blonde November 18, 2012

        Don’t worry, Beyonce has never been cute to me.

      • RICHANDBLACK11(RIH SUCK C**** WORLDWIDE) November 18, 2012

        child you know she looks a hoot nanny

      • RICHANDBLACK11(RIH SUCK C**** WORLDWIDE) November 18, 2012

        also Beyonce is the Worlds most beautiful

      • S****** Blonde November 18, 2012

        You know she buys that title right, J.h** and Angie Jolie are the Worlds most beautiful women.

    • MC November 18, 2012

      Kylie Minogue is so hot in that clip…..she is serving me the “Lady Gaga” tease.

  24. JoJo November 18, 2012

    Go Mimi you look fabulous dahhling (although I never really thought she was that pretty in the face) she still looks like the ultimate diva. You go gworrl.

  25. I AM THE REAL NICKI MINAJ…iT”S BARBIE B****! November 18, 2012

    B****** is my sons, b****** is my sons… i birth them from different relations…..

  26. Jer November 18, 2012

    She looks AMAZING! A little chubby but that’s Mimi. She looks younger than artists 10 years younger than her

  27. Todd November 19, 2012

    I Love my MIMI! But i have to say – i recently saw some random AI photos where she was rockin a straight hair and a light pink dress .She had 70% less makeup and looked 1000000000% better! Go Mimi,cant wait for new music!

  28. Mariahoe Careyka November 24, 2012

    Girl You Know It´s True !

    Mariah, Mariah, Mariah ! Run ! Girl You Know It´s True.

    Run ! Will Smith ! Will What are you doing
    Mariah run. I can not believe that happend. That is impossible.
    Mariah run: Girl you know it´s true. I can not believe that happend that is impossible i can not believe that Mariah run i left germany for the famillie you know and i am on the streets so tired. Mariah i left for a girl and the familly germany forever and they did not come to the airport and they did not look at me and they are not looking at me. I gave all 65 centers in germany away as gift and left germany forever for a girl and the familly and they did not come to the airport and i came only with 1000 euros USA to enter USA they made all so many problmens only the one way was to come with less money and the know that. I have the last money 300 Dollars and checked in a hotel to stay but i am since November 21 2012 on the streets and i can not stay on my foot bleeding becahuse of walking and looking at them the whole days on the streets in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Brentwood. I have no more money, no budget longer, i can stay at the hotel to monday 9 O´Clock and i have to leave the hotel and again on the streets and do not what to do is a scandal in the media. They know all happend and i submitted so many messages to come and bring me to them to stay there and to bring me budget i am for them here and left germany forever for them and gave the chance the daughter the chance to be my wife and left for the familly and for the girl germany forever. They all know i am on the streets and i can not stay on my foot and i have no money. Friday they all got so many messages to bring me money i am for them here and i have no money in my pocket and i am on the streets. But friday they did not come too they know all i checked in with my last budget 300 Dollars in the hotel Days Inn Santa Monica Blvd. Santa Monica, CA 90404 (310) 829-6333. I have to leave the hotel on monday 11 O´Clock the hotel and i am on the streets and do not know what to do. please. Could you send somebody with an ID coming from you sent the guy to go with and to stay at a place. I left germany forever and with the last budget 300 Dollars i checked in a hotel and i have to leave the hotel 11 O´Clock on monday. You can find me on monday night 12 O´Clock when the coffee is closed all centers closed in the night 12 O´Clock everyday but monday you should better send somebody to help. Please send somebody with an ID. I have to leave the hotel monday and i am on the streets. I can not stay on my foot. Could you tell the actors, one of the actor, to come with ID, this is a private notebook in the hotel and i paid 100 dollars to use and to send you the message. After i have to leave the hotel on monday you can find me 12 O´Clock night/s there is a sofa out there of the coffee at the traffic lights Coffee Starbucks in Brentwood. Brentwood. Please tell one of the actors to come there. Please. I can not stay on my foot and i am since november 21 on the streets walking. tell one of the actors to come. I am there waiting. I am so tired beacause of walking the whole days and i have no money in my pocket. The familly does know that. I left germany forever for them and came for them and for the girl. But they are not looking at me. Maiah tsomebody to come or to send somebody with an ID. I am at the coffee in the night ….. 12 O´Clock when all centers are closed. I am there Mariah. I have to leave the hotel on monday 11 O´Clock. And i have no more money in my pocket. Please. Mariah. Run.

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