Hot Shots: Rihanna & Chris Brown Spend Thanksgiving In Berlin

Check out these snaps of earache distributor Rihanna, ‘pouring it up’ in Berlin last night.

In the city with Pop creative Chris Brown, the nocalist was caught in the club after watching the star’s show which came in aid of his #1 album ‘Fortune‘. Snapped doing shots and leaving in the same car together, the chart topping pair were spotted days after the ‘Diamonds’ singer hit the #US 1 with the single and days before its supporting album, ‘Unapologetic’ is set to follow suit on album’s front.

Their night below…

 Your thoughts?

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  1. troybenz November 23, 2012

    what the hell was chris brown wearing .. i dont hate but what the f*** !!!

    is it every week that people need to be on this subject ? chris brown and rihanna spend time together rihanna and chris brown this and that .. i dont know what bloggers are expecting but leave those people alone and lets focus on something els i dont care if they are together or not if they wanna spend time together they can

    • mobwife: Black Friday, I just can’t to it :-) November 23, 2012

      It’s called a SCARF! It is large enough to both cover his head and neck from the elements and shield his idenity from the paparazzi when needed! <– Didn't work this time though 🙂 LOL

      I TOTALLY AGREE with you but this site is simply following the mainstream bullsh*t media and it's constant nonsense concerning Chris & Rihanna! They will use anything to tear him up and put her down for trying to move on with their lives in whatever direction they choose!

  2. JAKE November 23, 2012


    DAMN… She must be the worst “NOcalist” on the planet. I mean, what kind of people gets a “NOcalist’s” DEBUT SINGLE & NEW ALBUM TO NUMBER ONE!!!!!!! I just CANNOT with your Iron-Pressed, Steam-Combed, Texturized and Permed “HATE”.



    • Hop-Scotch November 23, 2012



    • DOSSOME November 23, 2012

      Looooooooooooooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!thank you…i don’t like rihanna but scamantha is sooooooo pressed its hilarious now

      • JAKE November 23, 2012




    • FRESH NAVY November 23, 2012

      telller harrrr Jakey 😀

      • JAKE November 23, 2012


        😉 xxx

    • Ben November 23, 2012

      It was Davidina who wrote this post. He is more bitter than Samantha

    • Lax November 23, 2012

      JAKE WENT IN OMG,,,,CRYING !!!!!!!!!!
      ROTF,,,,,,,,CRYING ,,,,,LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Monstarebel (DIAMONDS IS NUMBER 1) November 23, 2012

      Yaaas babe go TF in lmaaaao

    • BEYONCE’S WEAVE November 23, 2012

      You’ve got a hot body, wow.

    • mobwife: Black Friday, I just can’t to it :-) November 23, 2012


      • FAF November 23, 2012

        So now y’all proud of that #1 when just a few wks ago when ppl was shitting on her for not having it u said “#1s dont matter as long as u can sale??”


      • 12 MUTHAFUCKIN NUMBER 1S WHEN WILL BEYONCE?!!!!!! November 23, 2012


  3. mia laqueeeeffa jackson November 23, 2012

    To to back with a man who put a fist on her face. talk about someone with low self-esteem and self worth.

    • Lax November 23, 2012

      DO WE START TO GROW AS A PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      THE PUBLIC, MEDIA NEED TO LET IT GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • FAF November 23, 2012

        It’s not hating, hun its factual

        & this h** threw him under the bus on every TV network in 2009 …

        he’s an idiot, too =/

    • mobwife: Black Friday, I just can’t to it :-) November 23, 2012

      And to go back to a WOMAN who put fist to his face FIRST is evenmore bazaar but you know what JACKASS it’s their lives. They were very young 19 and 20 yet the media & white femiNAZIs went out of their collective way to highlight their one altercation and turn it into a b******* abuse against women campaign! Now actual cases of DV they wont touch: Eminem beating wife Kim, Jeff Goldblum beating wif Gina, Alec Baldwin bating wife Kim B., Daniel Baldwin beating pregnant wife Joanna, Ozzy Osborne beating wife Sharon, Rodney Atkins Nov 21, 2011 beating wife Tammy in front of their 10-yr-old son, PINK beating her panty waste of a husband “CONNIE” outside a nightclub!

      Luckily for Jon Bon Jovi his 19-year-old daughter STEPHANIE BON JOVI, the college student who was found with drugs in her dorm and in her car on the side of the road overdosing on HERION, COCAINE & weed, will be given the YOU ARE ONLY 19 we support you regardless media coverage! And here I thought DRUG USE WAS A CRIME……..oh right that is only for certain people in certain communities! <—-thanksgiving anyone?

    • Lax November 23, 2012

      @MIA,,,,Soooooo u r saying that if one of yo
      children, love one’S make a Mistake are slip
      u r Hell Bent On Holding it aganist them
      from now on,,,GTFO,,,,With that b/s…

      • 12 MUTHAFUCKIN NUMBER 1S WHEN WILL BEYONCE?!!!!!! November 23, 2012


  4. Hop-Scotch November 23, 2012


    Looking GURRRRRRRRD.

  5. danni November 23, 2012

    Somehow race always gets thrown in the mix…-yawn-

    • mobwife: Black Friday, I just can’t to it :-) November 23, 2012

      When the media starts treating folks the same regardless of race perhaps it wont have to be mentioned?

  6. thefollowerofthesun November 23, 2012

    “Patron shots can I get a refill! [I still got mo money]. . .”

    • : : BLUE FRESH . : . : . . . . . November 23, 2012

      Hey isn’t is SIA from South Africa????

      • 12 MUTHAFUCKIN NUMBER 1S WHEN WILL BEYONCE?!!!!!! November 23, 2012


  7. enoughalready November 23, 2012

    On the relationship, leave them alone!! Rihanna forgave him and GOD, so stop!!!

    • FAF November 23, 2012

      How do you know what GOD forgave ?!

      He dont work with that devil worshiping h** !

      Did u see her praying to god to forgive her actions ?

      • 12 MUTHAFUCKIN NUMBER 1S WHEN WILL BEYONCE?!!!!!! November 23, 2012

        SHUT YOUR F** DUMB ASS UP!!!!

  8. : : BLUE FRESH . : . : . . . . . November 23, 2012

    I thought Rihanna was RATCHET, like me.
    What happened now??? 😥

    Suddenly she turned into a f****** Kelly Clarkson????

    Thanksgiving . . . United States . . . . . PEACE . . . . .


    That guy opening the door for Christina Brown got a great ass, though..

    • Queen Adele + King Bey November 23, 2012

      I am completely dead but why Kelly Clarkson?

    • Benron (Shine Bright Like Rihanna’s 100 million records) November 23, 2012

      What? I’m so confused? You’re mad because she celebarted Thansgiving (more or less).

      • Lax November 23, 2012

        It seems that many or bitter, pressed, and
        salty because they are living their lives and
        to tell the truth “It Ain’t Nobody’s Business”…

      • Benron (Shine Bright Like Rihanna’s 100 million records) November 23, 2012


  9. nb November 23, 2012

    so what?! what to say about that? sure obvious she doesn’t want to know what a private message is to tell her man she comin’. looks like “attention please”. else it’s nobodies business. why not do that? you could have made that a chris brown tour post and just put that photo of her watching the concert on it. this’ nothing else in it. she’s just spotted as the ‘guest’ there supporting her man and his stuff in her free time and have a lil party with him.

  10. : : BLUE FRESH . : . : . . . . . November 23, 2012

    And that “Mother Mary” song, I thought she was just JOKING. Like “I am a gangster and I want so badly to become somebody good” and I was like “F*** YEAH RIHANNA” all the time.

    But now I’m seeing that in pictures…………………..

    • 12 MUTHAFUCKIN NUMBER 1S WHEN WILL BEYONCE?!!!!!! November 23, 2012


  11. Queen Adele + King Bey November 23, 2012

    I just wonder why is she always surrounded by men, even on Thanksgiving?

    • Lax November 23, 2012

      @QUEEN,,,,Yo comment has to be by far
      the Dumbest Comment I have read in the
      last six months on the Information Highway!!!!

    • 12 MUTHAFUCKIN NUMBER 1S WHEN WILL BEYONCE?!!!!!! November 23, 2012

      The same reason why beyonce was always surrounded by men back in 03!!!

  12. Beyonce’s Weave November 23, 2012

    Good for her, glad she is happy. Just wish Rihanna would get with a white man, black men are no good, they treat women like crap and don’t respect them. American black men are the worst, they are aggressive, unintelligent and violent, Rihanna does not need that, she needs stability and that can only be found with white men, or even a Bajan black man is ok, just not American black men, they’re horrible.

    • joker November 23, 2012

      a white man? he can bleach his skin like his idol MJ. fits.

      sorry. i had to… that thought was too easy. 😀

      • Benron (Shine Bright Like Rihanna’s 100 million records) November 23, 2012


    • wrinkle flop ora November 23, 2012

      You have got it wrong. Rih should not go with a white man. If there is a problem, the public would blame Rih and give the white man a free pass. Look at what is happening with Halle Berry, the moment she got with that racist, golddigging white man, they public turned on her and now have shut her career down. Halle is done. The whites are calling on a boycott.

      But Halle has done nothing wrong, she is the mom of that child and the one who works to feed her. If Rih got with a white man, the public would take the white man’s side and shut Rih’s career down. Same happened with Seal and Tiger Woods. White men cheat on their wives, but Tiger Woods got shut down, cos she cheated on black woman.

      Whenéver a black person dates a white person, THE BLACK PERSON GETS PUNISHED even if the white person does something wrong. If Chris Brown was white, Rihanna would of got the blame, and labeled and evil angry black woman, which is what white men think of black women deep down.

      Also, Rih tried white men ( Shia, Josh harness, Ashton, Ryan Phillpe, Colin Farell, Justin Timberlake ) White men did not exactly embrace her. Did they?

      She is better of with Drake or a balun. Her own kind. Running to a white man does not solve problems. It can make problems. Ask Halle, Garcelle Buevias and Stacey Dash – who was beaten by her white hubby. Zoe Saldana and Thandie newtion are with white men WHO DO NOT WORK AND LIVE OFF TEHIR EARNINGS. I am not trying to see Rih support a broke ass white man. Hell no! Naomi campbell is being used by that social climbing MARRIED white man.

      Still think white is right now?

  13. : : BLUE FRESH . : . : . . . . . November 23, 2012

    “black men are no good, they treat women like crap and don’t respect them”


    Frank Ocean says Hi.

    • DOSSOME November 23, 2012

      Love yo avi

  14. Monstarebel (DIAMONDS IS NUMBER 1) November 23, 2012

    Aslong as she’s happy….. *sigh*

  15. Monstarebel (DIAMONDS IS NUMBER 1) November 23, 2012

    Chris Brown and this terrorist swagg tho <<<<<<<< it's for the birds

    • 12 MUTHAFUCKIN NUMBER 1S WHEN WILL BEYONCE?!!!!!! November 23, 2012


  16. I&I(Bare Badness) November 23, 2012

    I like what he is wearing he looks fresh. I wish he would ditch the plague tho. His career has been going down since been reunited publicly.

    Teambreezy is dying slowly too, their presence is nowhere to be felt.

    • joker November 23, 2012

      really? his career is going down? i dunno. i don’t check it. perhaps it just looks like it atm. how long is his album out? a couple month. way in. not that new anymore. and maybe you ask the hardcore rihannanavy where they are. they’re nowhere to be found anymore too. they both sacrificed their fans. and are still selling. 😀

      • I&I(Bare Badness) November 23, 2012

        No joker, his previous album sold 800K+ copies, his most recent hasn’t gone gold and the way it seems, will never go gold. Them publicly reuniting as well as his recent antics have turned off a lot of teambreezy and casual female listeners. People are still protesting to have his shows cancelled. He will never be able to catch a break as long as he continues to be foolish, people were starting to forget or at least move on a bit until they did that bday cake song together.

      • I&I(Bare Badness) November 23, 2012

        oh and btw a lot of teambreezy who used to cuss out rihanna/navy day in day out are now suckered in. she gained a lot of teambreezy support, his support from the navy not so much (I dont blame them tho becuz he has turned off a lot of his fan including myself)

      • zania November 23, 2012

        CB album didn’t go gold because he didn’t really promote that album and most of the songs weren’t hits, like Fame had over 5 hits on one album. His album sales has nothing to do with Rihanna. He doesn’t promote his music or communicating with his fans like he did a year ago. CB stayed on twitter, ustream and reaching out personally to his fans. He just post links to his upcoming events. Rihanna promotes her albums and she stay on social media and relating to her fans, that is the difference. To be truthful most of his younger fans started following his women, when he stop communicating with his fans. Some of fans got mad when block some of them last year and was posting all the pictures of Karrueche last year, he split his fans in two between Karrueche and Rihanna, so now its all about his personal life. Cb needs to reach out to his fans again and promote his music.

      • Lax November 23, 2012

        @I &I If yo ass isn’t telling Rihanna’s Navy how sorry
        and good for nothing Rih is then,,,,Yo S***** ass is on the net trying to Dice & Slice their Friendship why not STFU,,,,Already and have a nice life, dam.

      • Plain & Simple November 23, 2012


        You could not have said it better. Chris letting his fans down when we all was out there fighting tooth and nail for him. These blogs and other artists fans hated Chris and his fans made sure that they got his career turned around and back on track. Now what I think about this reunion? SMH but hay it’s their life and I know they could care less if I was apart of it either.

        Last I so miss the heavy hitters who fought like hell on this blog for Chris. And one day soon her fans will do the same also.

      • Plain & Simple November 23, 2012

        one day soon Rihanna’s fans will a Teambreezy on her as well. It only a matter of time.

      • mobwife: Damnit it aint nobody’s business now stfu! November 23, 2012


        He’s on TOUR! WTH do you so-called fans want from him? If he posts something on twitter r says something on twitter it becomes a NATIONAL STORY and used to BASH him! Lwt’s stop acting as though this is 2010 -2011. This is 2012 and the HATERS HAVE BEEN ON CHRIS BROWN’S NECK EVER SINCE HE WON A GRAMMY! We all know the Grammy’s is like the OSCARs. It is the highest honor bestowed upon a recording artist.

        Come on, unlike 2010 -2011 when he was allowed to breath and enjoy his young life, 2012 after that Grammy win brought him a level of grief not befoe seen. The media didn’t do DAILY ANTI-POSTS ABOU CB. They’ve dnodone that in 2012. He elected not to speak to the press which meant they couldn;t just FOOL HIM INTO AN INTERVIEW then sideswipe him with Rihanna questions. That pissed them off so they have been against him ALL YEAR LONG! No matter what he says or does they complain and hate.

        I’m shocked at you and @Plain&Simple How in the world is he LETTING HIS FANS DOWN? He is doin gthe best he can at 23 in RACIST, FAMINAZI WORLD THAT HATES HIM. Funny how some ppl claim to be fans yet can’t seem to see wTF is really going on. He and Rihanna are friendly, you love who you love. Folks like the media and fans really need to fall back and let them breath! MY GODNESS…

    • mobwife: Black Friday, I just can’t to it :-) November 23, 2012

      On this site? TeamBrreezy like CB is alive and well strong an steady just look at the ARENA & STADIUM’s he is selling out in SWEDEN, GERMANY, NORWAY, DENMARK….

    • I&I(Bare Badness) November 23, 2012

      @ Zania, yea I do agree he need to connect with teambreezy. People had thought they had both moved on from each other, she seemed happy and was getting back on track, they were starting to tolerate him again until they did that remix. That opened up old wounds for a lot of people esp people who despised him because of her account/police statement/pics. They feared for her, hated for her and then it seemed she turneed around and spat in their faces by reuniting with him. Now they hate him with a passion. Like I stated before their relationship is like a plague and will not be good for him. It will always be one bad thing after the other. The will not have peace if they keep doing this thing publicly.

      @ Lax, how did you come by that name anyways. Is it representative of the fact that a lot of men pass through that airport just like you? I sure as hell was not addressing you, speak when you are spoken to. Leggo from bout ya with yuh nuff self

      • zania November 23, 2012

        You got me wrong, I love Rihanna and huge CB fan, I am for their relationship. I just was saying its not her fault for his album sales. He really didn’t promote his album and he stop communicating with his fans.

      • Lax November 27, 2012

        @I&I I Am programmed to keep letting the
        Air out of Yo tires didn’t you know that????
        I had another name Years ago and it wasn’t
        liked either I used to Be “Hardcastle” years ago

        The hateres Slander that name so hard and so
        bad that i had to have a “Funeral” For Hardcastle I
        might pick it up again who knows,,,

        And as far as you are not talking to ME, Sweets we
        are now in the Blogosphere and the Navy is a Team of Generals, FANS AND STANS OF RIHANNA AND “wW RIDE”, THATS ALL,,,
        I GOT A essay to drop for you and Rihanna’s Haters,,,,,

      • Lax November 27, 2012

        Put your thinking caps on and think about it, as long as the world has been in existance’s there has been pimps, w**** and s****, right? Now if you had your rathers wouldn’t you much rather be a millionaire s*** or w**** than to be a Hood Rat W**** or s***, you feel me. Rihanna is the best of the best and even if she did fit any of the cazillion of bad, nasety names she was called shes still the best of the best. So many of you Pimps, whores and s**** don’t seem to be doing so good After Hoeing all of these years you or still in the same f,,,,,g rut that you started out in. Rihanna has gone from Barbados to the United Stakes and shes a House Hold name now “Rihanna” Is heard all around the world. And even when she has been out of the Country for weeks and months her name still stays on your hood & Project lips. You could say that Rih is the one who got away. Many or so mad and salty because of her Success, because she has of late been named right up there at the top with the Biggest in the Entertainment Industry. And thank goodness the Jokers did not have to be the ones who or singing her praises as of yet its the Very Higher Ups, who i really Count the most. All eyes or on her and they or really paying a lot of Attention to Rihanna as of late, because her star power is shinning so Bright for all to see from Sea To Shinning Sea, Just how mad or you about that you Jockers? Yep just as i figured you or really mad, mad about Rihannas success and how she keeps her auduiencs Entertained to the Max. Shes always in the News all over the World Big Time. While Entertaining in Europe shes also raising sand in the United States too. Even some of the most Heavy Hitters In the entertainment industry or taking notice. And you know shes doing great when many keeps cursing her out on the Internet trying to Hurt her Feelings,hahahahahaaaaaa So funny. Jumping in and out of Traffic to take a punch at Rihanna the cream of the Crop in the Entertainment Industry. A Bright star who’s bright shine is Captivating to say the least. And now that shes so Huge they or trying everything their little Small Brains can think of to try and Stop her from shinning so Bright that bright shine has screwed up many of their brain waves because of all of the cob webs in their heads. Many of their heads or blocked by cob webs and , trash left from so many years of Whoring and being a S*** in that Hood Rat Project. Rihanna might not ever be the best in the game, but she is surely all up in the game. Rihanna may not ever be the best paid or make the biggest paycheck but that’s okay shes still in the game. Rihanna may be called s***, w****, can’t sing or perform great, but shes still Headlining her own Tour at 23 Years Old, traveling the World with some of the biggest Billionaire Company’s Sponsoring her Tour Ever. Back in the day when Janet was Paid 80Million by a record label i saw where Richard Branson stated that Janet bought R Island where her lives and to this day Janet has been doing her own thing even though her brothers were performers also and MJ is the King of Pop and that never stopped Janet from Loving him and her brothers all My point i am making is that Rihanna did not have a Platform she had people who gave her a chance and she has taken the Wheel and shes the Driving Force behind her rise to Stardom and theres not a dam thing you chicken heads can do about it but talk a whole lot of shyt about Rih,,, end of story, true life and the rise of even Bigger and Better Things for Rihanna to Add to her Bag of ACCOMPLISHMENTS & ACCOLADES, WITH OR WITHOUT YOUR SUPPORT, HOOD RATS & INTERNET BULLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        HEEEEEY,,,,Haters now please Quietly Skip, Hop, jump and slide the
        PHUCK down that RAIL to that Basement and wait for me Rihanna Her Navy Generals
        to give a Phuck about how yo hating asses feel & think

    • ss November 23, 2012

      I’m a little loss with the comments that CB needs to reconnect with Team Breezy. When he is on twitter, doing webisodes, there were many more people moaning, groaning and complaining, tell him to STFU. He tried to promote his music, shouted TEAMBREEZY at every award show, made TB exec producers on FAME. Tweeted as if it was only TB that followed him on twitter. In return TB supported, defended and promoted his music. When he was at his darkest hour you guys was there for him. Why stop now. He’s happy, touring, expanding his brand. Reconnecting with a “friend” and every twist and turn he shouts out TB. He’s on tour and working his a** off.

      • zania November 23, 2012

        I never said I stop supporting him, I still bought 4 Fortunate CD’s. I said he isn’t reaching out to his fans like the past two years and he didn’t promote this album, like Fame. Some of his younger fans is following his women because he stop using social media like he did two years ago. I think he stop because of all the twitter rants. He only use twitter to post links about upcoming projects. He is starting to tweet photos of his tour again and his crew instead of his ex and pissing his younger fans off this past year, posting all these pictures of Karrueche instead of promoting himself and his album.

      • oops November 23, 2012

        @ss Thank you… The problem is TB wants it both ways. Every since he place them on his album credits as executive prod, stylist etc… Most have lost their mind.. Trying to dictate his personal life… Some TB don’t know that they are “fans” not his momma nor agent. But I’m glad he is doing his own thang.. he will be fine because he is doing him and talents always rises.. sold out concerts/arenas/stadiums no matter what he is A Global Superstar!

      • mobwife: Damnit it aint nobody’s business now stfu! November 23, 2012


        YESSS, and let the CONGREGATION SAY AMEN!

        1000% CO-SIGN EVERY WORD you typed. What in the HELL do so-called Teambreezy memebers want?
        2) WE ALL KNOW THE MEDIA IS AGAINST HIM.Any word uttered will be used to bash him.
        3) PPL TALK ABOUT HIS WEIGHT BUT KEEP STRESSING HIM THE HELL OUT! Damn he is ONLY 23-years-old. Give th ekid a break.
        4) CRAZY RACIST FEMINIST are trying to protest him about somehting that happned damn near 4 years ago.

        I mean really what exactly is he suppose to do? How much more of himself does he have to give hese so-called FANS for them to be happy? DAMN….who else made their fanbase executive producers on two cDs FAME & FORTUNE? As for his CD sells that is based on medi a hatred and constantly putting him down! I’s hard to build when ppl keep knocking u downand tryin gto highligh your past mistakes hile makinf up s*** abot your present da reality!

    • zzzzg November 23, 2012

      Fortune flop because he dissed and blocked fans on twitter. Duh They made sure that album didn’t even go gold. And CB is not Rihanna when it comes to selling albums, he has to work 10x harder to promote.

  17. Benron (Shine Bright Like Rihanna’s 100 million records) November 23, 2012

    Good for them!

  18. zania November 23, 2012

    I am happy for Chris and Rihanna, hope they had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Now I just hope Rihanna can convince CB to take better care of himself now and eat more. I hope he isn’t still stressing, since he has moved on from Karrueche.

  19. 12 MUTHAFUCKIN NUMBER 1S WHEN WILL BEYONCE?!!!!!! November 23, 2012


    • mobwife: Damnit it aint nobody’s business now stfu! November 23, 2012

      Add Denise Richards (can’t live without Chralie Sheen no how many times he beat her up), Diane Lane (she called the cops on husband Josh Brolin Barbra Striesands step-son yet is still there), MS. Nicholas Cage got her tail beat in N.O 2011 and is still married to him. PINK’S husband “CONNIE” has been beaten down a few times by the Pop Star yet he has returned ot her abusive arms without question and/or ridicule from anyone!

  20. ss November 23, 2012

    Looks like they are trying to re-establish a connection. Hopefully, they take it slow and steady. They both seem happy when they are with each other.
    Rihanna’s schedule seems crazy. I don’t know how she manages.

  21. mobwife: Black Friday, I just can’t to it :-) November 23, 2012

    And here is more for you to shake a stick at haters –>

  22. THE DIAMOND NAVY November 23, 2012

    f*** up sam/patrick/tgjstaff, you must have been dropped at birth to emit so much unessesary hate. and blue fresh can you shut your fat flaps, im sick of seeing your dumbass comments on how you love a rihanna song then say some other irrelevant s*** about beyonces flop achievements or your ethnic background when nobody asked, take a spot on the floor b****.

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