Keri Hilson Scores Modelling Contract

Published: Wednesday 14th Nov 2012 by David

After conquering the charts with many a well received hit, Keri Hilson has now set her ambitious sights on the world of fashion and modelling, months before the release of her hotly anticipated third studio album.

Details below…

In what will undoubtedly boost her stock as a global entity, the ‘Pretty Girl Rocker’ has signed with Wilhelmina Models, who have been tasked with creating a number of fashion and modelling opportunities for her.

A positive step in pushing her brand to the masses, Hilson now joins Iggy Azalea and Natasha Bedingfield who are also signed to the high end company.

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  1. Monstarebel (RiRis S** S**** & Nickis Side H**) November 14, 2012

    Yay!! Good for you Keri!!! Can’t wait for the new album hope you and Rihanna do a duet on it that would be everything xoxo

    • Girl007Bond November 14, 2012

      Why baby???

  2. Skeri November 14, 2012

    Poor Kari, She needs this, her career is dying.

  3. Uryan November 14, 2012

    She is gonna do good

  4. Matthew Charlery-Smith November 14, 2012

    Well she might as well do something. Hopefully she’ll avoid dippin’ it too low like she did on The Way You Love Me. Pretty girls need to show they have brains too.

    Class or I’ll pass!

  5. kia November 14, 2012

    I wonder is she knows that serge ibaka the guy she’s suppose to be dating is banging out becky’s in europe.

  6. Lax November 14, 2012

    Keep hating on Rih it gives her and her
    Navy more Power to control and keep
    knocking down Barrels that would other wise
    been very hard to over come.

  7. Lax November 14, 2012

    We know how you feel dear, we do understand
    your Pain and anguish!

  8. Lax November 14, 2012

    Keri is such a talented , s*** artist and
    can write her Behind off I wish her only
    the best. Keep your head up Keri and
    just Ignore the “Sicko’s”.

  9. bash November 14, 2012

    I can think of some other female “singers” that should give up “singing” and do the same…

  10. The F*** you talkin bout?? November 14, 2012

    Keri who?

  11. Monstarebel (RiRis S** S**** & Nickis Side H**) November 14, 2012



  12. YOOSONDALOOSE November 14, 2012

    Not a fan, but good for her.
    Thats what Ci should do.

    • Sleazy November 15, 2012

      If talking bout ciara she is already signed

  13. WHO IS STERLING INFINITY November 14, 2012

    This is a great look, now if they can give her a new hair style I’ll be happy

  14. Cornell_Antwoin November 14, 2012

    KELLY ROWLAND should have been signed to Wilhelmina lonnnggggg time ago if this bihhh got a contract.

    • That B*tch (redbone) November 14, 2012

      Kelly is ugly and short!
      Makeup, a good weave, and a nose job does wonders for some people.
      BRANDY needs a modeling contract. Her look is very avant garde. She’s tall and very lean like models should be.

      • Alex November 14, 2012

        Kelly Rowland is not short. She was the tallest member of Destiny’s Child. Get your facts right before you come here and call her short. And she is not ugly. BRANDY is the one who is metallic black and looks like she’s been hit in the face with a saucepan.

      • credits November 14, 2012

        Metallic black?!??!?! WTF is that suppose to mean?
        Anywho, I agree with brandy’s look being very avant garde, especially with her asian features. And kelly rowland is hot, she could model too!!

  15. That B*tch (redbone) November 14, 2012

    Keri is a stunna. Not surprised.

  16. Simply me November 14, 2012

    I love me some ms Keri baby yass!!!


    Keri already scored as a dancer in the #Ice video……

  18. let’s be real November 14, 2012

    Lets be real…I’m all for the new age of branding but…really? In all honesty their are A LOT of singers who should just be models or pageant queens and got a lucky break and became an “artist” but in more honesty I can’t stand this bird.she’s fake as all gets out and as bitter as baking chocolate.she wants the swag of ciara( another model) with the career success of Beyoncé ( a woman who is equally stunning as model and singer)…thumbs me down all you want to but I just don’t see it for this girl.maybe she can model weaves for Sally’s Beauty Supply.

    • credits November 14, 2012

      say what you want, call her fake, call her bitter but to say you can’t see her being a model, you’re crazy! Hit up one of her fan sites and check out some Keri’s photoshoots.

  19. Tyler69 November 14, 2012

    Please stop saying Ciara got swag. Lmfao Keri is my girl f*** beyonce

  20. BABY T November 14, 2012

    FLOP! Her career died when she shaded Beyonce again. I have not heard anything from this bird in ages and I don’t think people care! Beyonce is coming back in January 2013. Keri will have to delay her comeback till the second half of next year 😛

    • credits November 14, 2012

      Beyonce’s last era didn’t say much, i’m predicting the same thing next era. Keri is doing keri numbers. Beyonce should be doing taylor numbers and gaga numbers but she is not.

  21. BEYONCE4LIFE November 14, 2012

    What is Keri (by bag to the Hilton) doing these days? Throwing more shade at Beyonce in hopes that she will become relevant….smh

  22. BEYONCE4LIFE November 14, 2012


  23. MISHKA November 14, 2012

    Good for my girl!!!

    It was about time, we saw pics of her out of Wilhelmina buildings months ago.

    Hopefully she will give up those edgy outfits. She has upscale looks, a bit like Kerry Washington. Dressing chic and classy suit her.

  24. yooooooooo November 16, 2012

    Hope this helps her commercially because i always know she’s gonna bring amazing music to the third album 🙂

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