Keyshia Cole Unwraps ‘Woman To Woman’ Promo Pics

Published: Monday 19th Nov 2012 by Sam

With Keyshia Cole‘s new album ‘Woman To Woman’ in stores today, the LP’s unique packaging has been unveiled.

Paying homage the various women she is and has been, the Soul-filled songbird looks stunning in the shoot, which was shot by famed photographer Derek Blanks.

As at writing, the ‘Enough Of No Love’ led set is sitting at #12 on iTunes. Strange, given the strong ratings of her on-going BET reality series and warm reception to new single ‘Trust & Believe’.

It is worth highlighting, however, that Cole’s core demographic are statistically more likely to purchase a physical copy rather than digital. Nonetheless, it’ll be interesting to see where the LP bows come next week.

In the meanwhile, peep more pics below…

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  1. Musicmaniac November 19, 2012

    ……To little tooooooo lateeeee!!!!!!!

    • whatever hater November 19, 2012

      You need to shut the f*** up your mama’s p**** a flop for birthing YOU!!! f*****

      • Musicmaniac November 19, 2012

        whatever hater lmfaoooooooo

      • whatever hater November 19, 2012

        Please! come up with something more original f***** your such a lame and a twat you need to kill yourself

      • FAF November 19, 2012

        @Whatever Hater
        ignore this p**** ass f***!

        Keyshia sales consecutively slayed from 07 to 2010..

        he has nothing to say but hate..yet he lives in the posts 24/7 #NEXT

  2. Talent Major November 19, 2012

    This Album Is Awesome The Pictures Are Great. Worth The Buy Loves it.

  3. Mother November 19, 2012

    Love the album but these promo shots are so tacky. Derek blanks is not a good photographer tbqfh.

    • Mobwife: “Breezy taught Me” November 19, 2012

      I don’t know! Derek Blanks’ photos of Brandy were cherry! He may not have had creaative control over this project!

  4. Pop Royalty (The International Navy’s Representative) November 19, 2012

    I AM …. SASHA FIERCE ?! 🙄

    • whatever hater November 19, 2012

      Bad girl gone bad fake persona is it not 🙁

      • whatever hater November 19, 2012

        Good girl gone bad fake ass a 4 dollar bill

      • FAF November 19, 2012

        DEATH !!!!

  5. Mely B November 19, 2012

    I like the pics – they seem to reflect her “looks” for each album era. I think they’re a fun way for her to look back at her career along with her fans.

  6. J_DrakeC November 19, 2012

    Ghetto ass flop! Bonquisha, Jawneequa, D’Ashinkashae and Torleyshia are the only people checkin for Keisha No!

    • JACKSON360 November 19, 2012

      Whatever, you silly ass homosexual, you.

    • Hush November 19, 2012

      Go back to your silly, flaky, no substance-having, home-of-the-no-talent dance/pop that only appeals to tight pants wearing gay boys and their fat f** hags.

  7. FAF November 19, 2012

    Keyshia looks beautiful ! 🙂 Giving classic teas!

  8. Beysus November 19, 2012

    f*** this ghetto flat voiced non dancing ratchet b****. i can’t wait until 2013 #beyonce bitchez!!!!

  9. Jessica November 19, 2012

    Breathe of R&b Fresh Air!!! Love this album!!! She brought it this time!!! Best R&B albums of 2012 is BRANDY 2/11 AND KEYSHIA WOMAN TO WOMAN ALBUMS- THEY ARE THE TRUTH OF THE R&B SOULS!!!

    • BitchICan’tEvenSpellWelfare November 20, 2012

      I listened to “Two Eleven” for 2 1/2 weeks straight! LOVE that album. I bought “Woman To Woman” yesterday. It’s really good. Listening to right now.

  10. Kyle November 19, 2012

    I love the concept of her album artwork. It’s cool because each picture shows her from one of her past album shoots and is paired up with a new picture of her from this era. I think that’s creative and she looks awesome. I’m listening to her album as I type this and it’s pretty good so far.

  11. shawnta November 20, 2012

    keyshia cole photo shoot needs to be in new york’s gay next magazine for real. these shots are tacky and word has it she’s shooting geffen budget up with the millions she’s wasted in l.a. keyshia after your two singles retire. k. michelle is signed and we love her ghetto mess better!

  12. Islands calling ( Iamsashawalmart) November 20, 2012

    These are just a fail. Each time I see her, I just shake my head at her level of ghetto cheesy. At least Monica had the 90’s on her side. This girl and her ‘different women’ just look like she got ready for the club and tried on a few outfits. Dated and lame.

  13. Jay November 23, 2012

    Why the need to use the word f***** so loosely? That’s so rude and disrespectful. Oh but then if I walked around calling black people n***** and white people crackers, people wanna get all defensive. Smh

    • Truth November 25, 2012

      Man take your phony soapbox lecture on somewhere. No one is here to coddle your sensitive “f***** hurts my feelings” ass. You better get some thick skin or get off Internet comments sections.

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