Rihanna Confirms New Single

Published: Friday 30th Nov 2012 by David

Rihanna fans rejoice!

Tonight, nights after landing her first US #1 album with ‘Unapologetic‘ , the ‘Battleship’ star has finally confirmed the name of the next cut to be pulled from the release.

Dying to find out what it is?

Find out below!


To be released on January 7th 2013, the moving number will serve as the follow up to the Sia penned ‘Diamonds’, which has now sold 1,200,586 digital copies since launch.

Well received by fans and critics alike, the cut received its first shot of promo earlier this month when the singer performed it at ‘Saturday Night Live‘. Serving, what we’re sure you’ll agree, one her best performances to date.

Watch below:


Your thoughts?

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  1. BitchICan’tEvenSpellWelfare November 30, 2012

    Great choice!

    • Jahlal November 30, 2012

      NO I wanted “Lost in paradise” as the next single!!

      • BitchICan’tEvenSpellWelfare November 30, 2012

        I love that song too! & it would do well. But “Stay” is just flawless.

      • Jay Scorpio November 30, 2012


    • aloysius December 1, 2012

      YESSSSS This song was made for her.. sum may disagree.. well (up urs)

  2. HALF AMAZIN November 30, 2012

    I hope she’s releasing Pour It Up at the same time cuz I m not feeling two slow songs in a row.

    • MUSICMAKESMEHIGH!! November 30, 2012

      Thank u me neither i want a club banger!!!

    • aloysius December 1, 2012

      ‘Pour it up’ is a Tuunage!

      • huh December 1, 2012

        agreed. umm, rihanna can you go back to singing about your cake. no1 is checking for you becoming a singer but your navy.

      • MUSICMAKESMEHIGH!! December 1, 2012

        12 number 1 and 37 million albums sold and two soldout tours!!! i say she is winning and you will deal

  3. Rih4lyphe November 30, 2012

    YESSS! Rihanna vocals are crazy good on this one. Glad she chose a ballad.

    This single is sure to slay in all the lands.

  4. Hilly November 30, 2012

    YES!!! This is my favorite song in her album!

  5. mkigz November 30, 2012

    So it’s Stay instead of Pour It Up? Stay’s a better song and should help the album sell more copies. I love the song!

  6. pat November 30, 2012

    love it…i’d like to see pour it up go to urban too…that’s my jam

  7. Auntie_Jackie November 30, 2012

    That’s a smart choice. She can obviously deliver the song live, unlike my favorite ‘What Now’. It’s a decent choice, and anything that even sounds like she’s refrencing Chris Brown sells.

    • Teacher November 30, 2012

      U don’t know what she can do you pressed ass c***!

      • Auntie_Jackie November 30, 2012

        B**** die.

      • Lax December 1, 2012

        Rihanna makes it a staggering three Number 1 albums in three years as Unapologetic follows in the footsteps of last year’s Talk That Talk and 2010’s Loud by going all the way to the top of the Official Albums Chart with UK sales of almost 100,000 copies this week.

      • Lax December 1, 2012

        Congratulations to RiRi who has now equalled Queen of Pop Madonna’s chart record for female artist with the most consecutive Number 1 albums. They share this achievement with fellow solo artists Eva Cassidy, Susan Boyle and Norah Jones.

      • Lax December 1, 2012

        Unapologetic is Rihanna’s fourth Number 1 album overall (her third album, Good Girl Gone Bad, also peaked at Number 1 back in 2007), and completes an amazing 12 months for the Bajan superstar. In the UK alone, she’s sold over three million singles, and has become the second biggest selling female singles artist of all time (behind Madonna). And she’s still only 24!

    • Teacher December 1, 2012


      • Lax December 2, 2012

        @BEY HIVE , HATERS OF RIH’S,,,
        All of Rihanna’s Pictures are not Picture Perfect and that is what makes Her so Unique and different, she could care less about Perfection but she lives her life to the fullest and not like Some who wants to always appear Picture Perfect, But when the “Bell Is Rung” Rih know just how to dress to Impress,,,

      • Lax December 2, 2012

        RIHANNA HATERS,,,,
        life’s isn’t perfect However we take the Bitter with the Sweet
        and do the best we can. Rihanna wasn’t born to be like no other
        She was born to be Rihanna and the rest will work itself out in time,,,
        Rihanna is getting better with time Rih has learned a lot about life,
        Career and taking big steps when often times the cards are stacked
        aganist Her And through it all She’s still Standing Tall Aganist “all Odds!!!

  8. Monstarebel (THE UNAPOLOGETIC PRINCE) November 30, 2012



  9. mobwife: A brighter day is near November 30, 2012

    I will say this, Rihanna’s team is not giving folks a chance to breath. They are putting foot to neck. Diamond is #1 on the Pop and R&B Charts as is her CD. Can’t be mad at the hustle but you better make Chris Brown happy cause he has been through a hell of a lot b/c of you at age 23! I don’t want anymore BS!

    *I enjoyed this performance of Stay!

    • Monstarebel (THE UNAPOLOGETIC PRINCE) November 30, 2012

      Hes been thru Hell because of his on faults…so please shut up h**

      • Auntie_Jackie November 30, 2012

        @ Monstarebel

        Rihanna’s ASS is crazy too, so hush!

      • mobwife: A brighter day is near November 30, 2012

        @Monstarebel (THE UNAPOLOGETIC PRINCE)

        B*TCH I’m not sure why you are stlking me through every post but you go the wrong one. I will give you everything you every wanted and them some!

        Rihanna’s ass started that fight and admitted that she struck him 1st and several times before he hit her back. She was just as responsible for that altercation as he was so stop the bullsh*t and acting like she’s some victim. They both were wrong, he loved her and decided to take all responsibility so stop being naive” H**”! At this point I really don’t give a rats ass and believe ppl should MOVE THE F*CK ON!!

      • Lax December 1, 2012

        @MOB Chris and Rihanna had better make each
        other happy, don’t I am going to Tap them Asses of their’s in a big way. I have got trust in both of them to be friendly toward each other no matter what and try and keep it on the up and up in their Professional lives and stop giving the media shyt to yap about,,,,unless they want to of their own free will,,,,

    • MUSICMAKESMEHIGH!! November 30, 2012


  10. James227 November 30, 2012

    OMG listening to her singing this song live is beautiful. So nice for Rihanna to have a slow song in the mix.

  11. Peter G November 30, 2012

    Another slow song? Not a good choice. This will serve the same fate as ‘You Da One’ sale-wise. I bet ‘Right Now’ will be the 3rd single fosho.

    • Floridaevans November 30, 2012

      Even though “Right Now” is THE WORST song on the album, it will definitely serve as a counter to the first two singles. You’re right, it will be single #3.

      • Peter G November 30, 2012

        Then ‘Lost In Paradise’ will be after the 4th and final pop single.

      • Peter G November 30, 2012

        Or maybe ‘What Now’ actually!

      • Lax December 1, 2012

        @PETER G All I got is I am happy to
        know that RIHANNA & NAVY can’t Win them all!

      • Lax December 1, 2012

        COMMENTER #1
        This constant bash of Rihanna vocal ability is entertaining but it’s not accurate. Rihanna obviously won’t ever sound like a Jennifer Hudson but that’s not what’s appealing about aesthetic or style of music. Rihanna was found by Jay-Z and doubting his choice of talent is, for lack of better words, stupid. Rihanna is one the best female artist of this new generation not solely on her beauty but of the island character of her voice and sound. She’s straddling the Billboard charts for more reasons than one.

      • Lax December 1, 2012


        Give me a break with the doubting Jay Z’s choice in talent, that’s rubbish, Jay Z is a buisness man, he know’s Rihanna can’t sing, Rihanna at the time of her signing was just a product to him, remember he was backing Teairra Mari way more when the both came out, If Rihanna had flopped just as hard as she did he would have dropped her too. Rihanna’s appeal is down to her looks, her being controversial and good simple catchy songs, not at all talent, because if Rihanna was a basic chick she would have never have got as far as she is now.

      • Lax December 1, 2012


        I was said that Rihanna was actually dropped and picked up again because SOS became a hit. The video, studio time and song was funded by Reebok so the record company didn’t see any financial loss but someone they could now market off the back of SOS. I think that Rihanna had a taste of fame so did whatever she could do to retain that hence all the image changes and albums out every year, and selling her soul….
        #3 {}{}{}

      • Lax December 1, 2012


        you’re son on point. It’s only unwise people that criticise Rihanna’s vocal ability. She is first and foremost an ENTERTAINER. She is NOT a vocal kind of artist(neither are Madonna, Lady GaGa, Katy Perry, Akon, T.Pain, etc), so she shouldn’t be expected to sing up to the level of Jennifer Hudson, Beyonce, Fantasia, Christina Aguilera, R Kelly, John Legend, Jojo, etc), cause that’s not her specialty as an artist. She is an entertainer, just like Spears, Lopez, Lady GaGa, etc. She is a good entertainer in terms of her catchy music.
        She is a better entertainer than the Beyonce who people like to always compare Rihanna to. But Beyonce is a better performer, because being an entertainer is different from being a performer. Performing entails the live vocals, of which Whitney and R Kelly were top notch live vocalists

      • Lax December 1, 2012

        REWRITE COMMENTER#5 Question from Hive,,,fan
        Pls explain what “entertaining” entails to you and what makes Rihanna a better entertainer than Beyonce. Im waiting


        Being an entertainer entails not necessarily the artist’s performing skills but also the kind of props he uses, and the music he releases, and we cannot deny that Rihanna’s music is catchier than Beyonce’s, and more easy to sing along to. Rihanna is a better entertainer than many in this generation, and that’s why people connect to her singles easily.
        Artists like Lady GaGa, Rihanna, Ke$ha, Katy(all of whom are not in the same genre as Beyonce and aren’t as good in live performing-which inludes vocal ability and live vocal performances- as she is) are better entertainers than her, even just based on their kind of songs.


      • Lax December 1, 2012

        COMMENTER #6
        Did you really just put Lady GaGa in the same sentence with Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears? haha How much of GaGa do you actually know? She can sing her ass off.

        COMMENTER #7
        Well if its based on the songs they release. I disagree completely. I think Beyonce’s music is way better. Rihanna’s music is only catchier because radio favours electropop today which is what Gaga, kesha, katy n the rest of em do too. Personally im tired of it. Props dont do it cus i see thru gimmicks. Katy uses mad loads of props but her performances are still panned. Its an insult to say props make a singer a better entertainer than artist that entertain thru art. Rmbr singing is supposed to be entertaining. Thats what Whitney, Mariah built their name on, Janet, MJ – great dancers, Beyonce -great performer. That’s what entertainment is to me not catchy hooks & strategic props.

      • Lax December 1, 2012


        HERE’S MY 2 CENT,,,
        Rihanna’s music is for the Grown, Mature and S*** crowd and
        beyonce’s music is KIDDY SAFE, thats all.

        I Gues from time to time we all can clown really good, perhaps that’s what makes blogging so much from time to time….

    • mobwife: A brighter day is near November 30, 2012

      Yet Adele’s entire CD was one big slow song whining about her ex-guy yet ppl enjoyed her songs and single choices!

      • Peter G November 30, 2012

        Yeah, because everyone was tired of all the generic songs on radio at the time. If everyone stated releasing slow singles, no one would care for Adele. Plus slow songs aren’t what her fans are used to, most of them want big dance numbers to go clubbing to. That’s why this may not sell as well, because she may alienate her fanbase!

      • Lax December 1, 2012

        @MOBWIFE,,,,,,,,school them because many of them would
        complain it they was “Getting Hung” with a New Rope…

        @PETER G Now you and others know what her fans like,
        Rihanna sounds so dang good on “Diamonds” it’s Refreshing to listen too,,,,plays Diamonds,,,

    • Lax December 1, 2012

      Rihanna Year Singles Track’s Single Sales 2006
      #9 Rih 4,539,000 SOS
      #10 Rih 4,507,000 Unfaithful

      #17 Bey 3,674,000 Check On It
      #37 Bey 2,531,000 Deja Vu

      • Lax December 1, 2012

        Rihanna Year End Singles 2007
        #1 Rih 8,160,000 Points Umbrella
        #12 Bey 4,416,000 Beautiful Lie
        #18 Bey 3,724,000 Points Irreplaceable

      • Lax December 1, 2012

        Rihanna Year End Singles Sales
        #7 Rih 6,300,000 Distrubia
        #9 Rih 5,853,000 Don’t Stop The Music
        #15 Rih 4,965,000 Take A Bow
        #27 Rih 3,542,000 Live Your Life
        #32 Bey 3,132,000 If I Was A Boy

      • Lax December 1, 2012

        Rihanna Year End Single Sales
        #1 Gaga 9,207,000
        #6 Bey 4,722,000 Halo
        #10 Katy 4,055,000 Hot
        #11 Taylor 3,882,000 Love
        #12 Gaga 3,832,000 Paparazzi
        Rihanna “MIA”

      • Lax December 1, 2012

        Rihanna Year End Tracks, Singles Sales 2010
        #1 Katy 8,369,000 California
        #2 Rih 8,260,000 LTWUL
        #8 Bey 5,739,000 Telephone
        #14 Rih 4,996,000 Only Girl
        #18 Rih 4,679,000 Rude

      • Lax December 1, 2012

        Rihanna Year end Tracks Sales 2011
        #1 Adele 10,037,000 Points Rolling
        #10 Rih 5,189,000 WFL
        #11 Rih 5,075,000 S&M
        #21 Nicki 3,513,000 Super
        #39 Rih 2,542,000 Only Girl

      • Lax December 1, 2012

        #71 RIH 9,246,000 We Found Love
        #79 RIH 9,067,000 LTWY LIE
        #95 RIH 8,614,000 UMBRELLA
        #152 RIH 7,568,000 DST MUSIC
        #156 RIH 7,538,000 ONLY GIRL
        #181 RIH 7,237,000 DISTRUBIA

        Add these Singles all up and without any
        of her other Singles you still get a
        TOTAL OF 49 Million Singles,,,,

  12. MIKE November 30, 2012

    It’s a good choice

    I do believe they should’ve waited longer to launch a second single though

    “Diamonds” is a worldwide smash, and will probably stay #1 across the Globe for several weeks more

  13. Lax November 30, 2012

    Yes Rih this is good and nice to see you dropping slow jams
    and somewhere the angles are singing and happy that they will
    be having some ballads instead of all the booty popping, and the
    booty popping will be welcome when ever you decides to put it
    on Us Mamma.

    • Monstarebel (THE UNAPOLOGETIC PRINCE) November 30, 2012

      Yaaas stay is about to SLAY!!!!!

  14. Haute Hottie November 30, 2012

    BRAND RECOGNITION. I think the song sounds like good album music but not singles music the people are not here for Rihanna ballads.

    • Saetana November 30, 2012

      Only Girl In the World says “hi” ;o)

      • Pop Royalty November 30, 2012

        ^^ it wasn’t a ballad you know 😉 , and it had that ” SexyBitch” vibe , that’s why it was a HIT.

      • Lax December 4, 2012

        Welllll Rih You have dropped, you went Number One,
        that knocked the haters for a loop and now your album is dropping in sales what’s a girl to do, well i’d say keep right on trucking because we all know that “Talk Is Cheap” and we also know that Bull Shyt Isn’t selling very well,,,

  15. HYFR November 30, 2012

    Lost in Paradise, the vocal performance of that song is good, its different from a lot of pop songs on the radio right now. Its catchy and a big twist from all of her other singles. Fresh off the runway, Loveeee Song, Pour it Up = predictable but definitely urban smashes, all 3 of them.
    No love allowed, heartfelt, her roots, depth, moving.
    Nobodys business, retro, upbeat, groundbreaking, different from whats on the radio.
    STAY – SNOOOOZE. Boring as hell, I dont see it being played on too many stations. Im sure shes gonna release at least 5 more singles from this album but STAY seems like a really bad single choice in my opinion

  16. JAZMINE SULLIVANS FAN November 30, 2012

    Well, this song is not on my top list. I’d like that Nobody’s Business and No Love Allowed had the single treatment. Anyway, Stay will be a hit!

    • Monstarebel (THE UNAPOLOGETIC PRINCE) November 30, 2012

      STAY IS GUNA F****** SLAY!!!!!!!!!!!

    • mobwife: A brighter day is near November 30, 2012

      I wish Jazmine Sullivan would return to the industry. Have you heard anything about her possibly releasing new material?

      I think Nobody’s Business will be the next single!

      • JAZMINE SULLIVANS FAN November 30, 2012

        No, the last time I heard some news of her was here I think so. She was writing

  17. Monstarebel (THE UNAPOLOGETIC PRINCE) November 30, 2012

    Stay will SLAY it reminds of a song Adele would sing…..

    • Monstarebel (THE UNAPOLOGETIC PRINCE) November 30, 2012


    • Lax November 30, 2012

      @MONSTAREBEL You read my mind about the Adele
      part and ohhh by the way I love that picture you are
      sporting there, Ofc.
      When Rih sings Ballads her voice seem so much bigger to Me for some reason.

  18. Jamison November 30, 2012

    I have always been a fan (not a hardcore one) and I believe that Rihanna has really grown OUTSTANDINGLY over the years! This is by far one of her best and one of my favorite performances of her’s to date! You know someone will always have something to say to try to discount her talent but PROPS surely need to be given when they are DUE! I really love this album but more so after this live performance. Her PR team is one that I wish Brandy had more of. An artist has to have people that will hustle and grind for you at all cost. This is why RiRi is at the status in the industry that she is.

  19. Monstarebel (THE UNAPOLOGETIC PRINCE) November 30, 2012

    What now & Numb need to be singles!!! >>>

  20. King bey November 30, 2012

    I’m a Bey Stan, and I personally like this song .
    Anyway I think it will do okay like On a russian Roulette/ hard level . And will go platinum . But not do WFL Numbers .

  21. honesty November 30, 2012

    I can’t with her releasing it on my sisters birthday. It’s also Blue’s birthday. SHADE

    • Lax November 30, 2012

      That’s right Aunty Rih had better get ready to get “BIC”
      her Birthday Present, and I know “BIC” got more walking
      shoes then She can handle by now since She’s pulling up
      and trying to Keep In Step With Momma Bey,,,AWWWWWW!

  22. Suicide Blonde November 30, 2012

    I think “Nobody’s Business” should have been the next single, it has more commercial appeal. Jump” is crazy but is Dubstep (although i’m a huge Dubstep fan) is not gonna do well and you know Rihanna fans are all about charts.

    • Suicide Blonde November 30, 2012

      Why so many dislike, i love Rihanna, guys you can’t take a critique.

      • mobwife: A brighter day is near November 30, 2012

        You know these damn babies can’t take constructive criticism! LOL 🙂

    • Peter G November 30, 2012

      Nobody Bidni will never be a single.

  23. Carl November 30, 2012

    I like this song but I wanted pour it up as a single

    • James227 November 30, 2012

      I really hate Pour

  24. Jcrewedup November 30, 2012

    Good choice–love this song!

    I just hope that she gives us a little “No Love Allowed” or “What Now” later in the era. 🙂

    • Pop Royalty November 30, 2012

      Love everything about the woman in your Avi 😀

  25. tits mcgee November 30, 2012

    I love “Stay” as the next single! It’s a great song and she proved on SNL, that she can kill it live. It will go far on the global charts.

    ** hope that “lost in paradise” or “what now” is next.

  26. Lax November 30, 2012

    @NAVY,,,,,Read slow,,,,,,,Heeeeey Rih, Rih now I love the Hell out of that song
    “Stay” And Rih don’t You Let Yo Ass go to turning into “Adele” on Me Mamma all serious and singing with such depth, emotion and felling’s and Shyt.lol…..

  27. Lax November 30, 2012

    Looking at Rih sing “Stay” I keep waiting on Her to break out
    with Hey Rude boy I like the way you tell Me put it there,,,,,,

  28. HOTSTUFF November 30, 2012


  29. humm November 30, 2012

    Good choice best song on the album i thought pour it up was a single aswell

  30. Jay November 30, 2012

    Adele would’ve killed this.

    • James227 November 30, 2012

      No Rihanna killed this after all it’s her song

    • Ohdeam December 1, 2012

      Adele is too good for a song this s*****. PSY would’ve killed this.

      • MUSICMAKESMEHIGH!! December 1, 2012


  31. truthteller November 30, 2012

    That song is the best song of the year.
    Rihanna vocals are amazing and with her breathtaking talent of actress the video is gonna be WFl/man down epic.
    That song is the new someone like you.
    #1 all across Europe. You heard it first.

  32. truthteller November 30, 2012

    It s not the most commercial song but that is exactly why I m so happy she chose it. It all behard for her haters to call this a fast food single. Or to claim she s only smashing cus she s releasing dance music. More importantly, once STAY smashes, the beyhives will be out of excuse to explain why 4closure big slow jam was a total flop (the 3rd single. It was so inconsequential that I forgot its name.

    • Suicide Blonde November 30, 2012


      • Lax December 1, 2012

        @TRUTHTELLER School the Lessors, Ofc.

    • Teacher November 30, 2012

      She already proved it w/ DIAMONDS! Something completely different from her previous singles…so they can suck on each of BeyOnHerWayToJail4PlagiarizingCe’s p**** lips!

      • Lax December 1, 2012

        Yes “Diamonds” is definitely a “OOOOPS UP SIDE”
        Many a wood head that trolls up and down these threads
        on this Blog site.

  33. TeamBreezy November 30, 2012

    Team Rihanna bout to stretch out Unapologetic circa GGGB

    • Teacher November 30, 2012

      I hope so lool

      • Lax December 1, 2012

        This is a Feel Good Era To Me.

    • Phresh…. November 30, 2012

      i see it coming too, Unapologetic re release… and the remix…its coming, 4 hits possible #1s i feel it.

      • TeamBreezy December 1, 2012

        Its a smart move to release a ballad now since shes touring in the spring thru summer so all the jams like “Lost in Paradise” “Jump” and so on will be released later

  34. honeychildplease November 30, 2012

    UGH wrong wrong wrong….it won’t do much

    • WaitUrTurn88 November 30, 2012


    • Teacher November 30, 2012

      Oh but you don’t care tho!

      • Lax December 1, 2012

        Navy keep slapping the taste out of this
        haters mouth.

    • Phresh…. November 30, 2012

      WTF? u can never be missed on a rihanna post! 🙂

      • Lax December 1, 2012


    • Monstarebel (THE UNAPOLOGETIC PRINCE) November 30, 2012

      B**** why does it matter to you what single she chooses, you hate her right?? oh ok

    • zzzzzb December 1, 2012

      lol why do you even care so much? You don’t like her anyway. SMH Her haters are dumb and bipolar.

  35. Kayla November 30, 2012

    “Stay” and “Half of Me” are the ONLY TWO songs on Unapologetic that you can tell Rihanna sung from her heart. That’s what i love about them both. Those two get added on to the list of songs tha have that true Rihanna soul behind them, with “Unfaithful” “Cry” “We Found Love” “Fire Bomb” and “Love the Way You Lie part 2”..so i think this will do really good as a single, not to mention that the song itself is just wonderful..

    But i think the Unapoloetic singles, in order, should be:
    1. Diamonds (digital and radio; US & UK)
    2. Stay (digital and radio; US & UK)
    3. Pour It Up (digital and radio; US & UK)
    4. Half of Me (radio; US)
    5. Nobodys Business (digital and radio; worldwide)
    6. Phresh Off the Runway (radio; UK)
    7. What Now (digital and radio; worldwide)
    8. Jump (digital and radio; US & UK)

    • Teacher November 30, 2012

      What Now and MotherMary as well!

      • Kayla December 3, 2012

        Ok, yeah “What Now” but all the other songs i feel are just for a push…


    I think she should release LOVE SONG to urban radio , the kids will eat this up and stay to pop radio at the stay time if she wants to slay.

    • Phresh…. November 30, 2012

      NO not this urban s***, just send it no urban, just send it as a single and let it do what it has to.

    • MUSICMAKESMEHIGH!! December 1, 2012


    • Teacher December 1, 2012

      Didn’t u suggest Beyonce release Countdown….

      • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE OBAMA AND BEY) December 1, 2012

        umm no I didn’t

  37. Pop Royalty November 30, 2012

    that s*** is so gonna FLOP. HARD.

    i know it is a decent song and she can sing it good live and all , but let’s face it , it will be a flop or struggle to be a Hit , reminds me of the fate of both “Russian roulette” and ” wait your turn”.

    decent choice and a Future Flop.

    • Phresh…. November 30, 2012

      i kinda get that vibe too, but we shall see…although its way to damn early for another single…im still dancing to WHYB.

      • Pop Royalty November 30, 2012

        the same in here …. i know a flop when i see one.

    • Jcrewedup November 30, 2012

      But “Russian Roulette” is so good tho!!! “Stay” is definitely a risky song to release, especially her fans who prefer “fun” Rihanna, but I’m glad she’s doing it.

    • Monstarebel (THE UNAPOLOGETIC PRINCE) November 30, 2012

      Um and Russian roulette was a top 10 hit so b**** what’s the problem? not all her songs have to reach number 1

      • MUSICMAKESMEHIGH!! December 1, 2012

        And it went gold as well!!

      • Teacher December 1, 2012

        Exactly! B****** don’t know what they talkn bout!

      • Lax December 1, 2012

        @POP ROYALTY But Adele’s didn’t flop and she was singing about love too.

    • zzzzzb December 1, 2012

      It that all the Navy cares about is what would sell. What about releasing true music from the soul.

  38. ENOUGH ONIKA November 30, 2012

    ……..Anyway, JoJo new single “Andre” slays!!!

    • Teacher December 1, 2012

      And you’re a FLOP!

  39. EZ November 30, 2012

    lmao that h** sounds horrible even trying to sing it with sould ROFLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL h** sound like a knock off willow smith DF! rofl (im dying) rofl rofl h** has 7 albums and still cant cant sing for s*** live! rofl weak ass kid voice she got b**** cant even hold a descent note smfh #FAIL that last note tho… s*** made even my lil niece turn her head like wtf was that, i told her a t***** lmfao

    • zzzzzb December 1, 2012

      lol poor you. Even her haters admitted Rihanna sung this song well. Being in denial I see.

    • Stephen December 1, 2012


      I am not a fan of Rihanna but you got to give credit where it’s due. Rihanna slayed this s***.. @EZ just say that you hate Rihanna instead of saying that this song was horrible.

  40. WILD DEBUTANTE November 30, 2012

    YES YES YES!!!! Im so HAPPY with the single choices thus far. She sounds absolutely anazing on both tracks….and not that it matters but to individuales who swear Rihanna can only release dance/raunchy récords to sell Or garner attention WRONG this just proves how incredibly diverse and amazing Rihanna is.

    • Lax December 1, 2012

      @WILD Love reading you always,,,,

  41. WILD DEBUTANTE November 30, 2012

    Far as future singles after Stay:

    LWT/Mother Mary – this song is everything and I believe its the best pop song ive heard ina while, its like The pop versión of frank oceans pyramid and The video? OMG would be iconic.

    Jump or Numb – either One of these would be a good uptempo to release, personally I prefer Numb. Eminem & Rih slay together.

    Love Song – not my fav on álbum but The general audience Seem to love it.

    • Monstarebel (THE UNAPOLOGETIC PRINCE) November 30, 2012

      Yaaas b**** numb is the s***

    • Lax December 1, 2012

      Yes, Yes and Yes,,,,

  42. Mrs Robyn Brown (Beyonce’s Weave) November 30, 2012

    Sounds good but like I said, I don’t care what the second single is as long as the third or fourth single is “Right now”.

    • Monstarebel (THE UNAPOLOGETIC PRINCE) November 30, 2012

      right now will slay!!!!!!!!!! it has to have an epic video…

      • Mrs Robyn Brown (Beyonce’s Weave) November 30, 2012

        Yasss, the video has to be epic.

    • Lax December 1, 2012

      @MRR ROBYN Look great to me, and that would kill
      the haters

  43. Mrs Robyn Brown (Beyonce’s Weave) November 30, 2012

    PHUCK, just listening to Katy Perry – Part of me and I just realized I miss Katy Perry, please come back with some new music Katy.

  44. JER December 1, 2012

    This better be the US single too. Rihanna needs to focus on ballads this time around. “Diamonds,” “Stay,” and “What Now?” need to be the pop singles. Urban needs to be served “Love Song” and a remix with a rapper on “Pour It Up” because it’s too short

  45. zzzzzb December 1, 2012

    I think she should release more ballads this time. What now and Half of me would slay and I have faith in Stay. She released too many dance tracks with TTT.I was hoping for a release of drunk on love.Drunk was better than cake, ya da one, TTT and cockiness.

    • JER December 1, 2012

      i forgot about Half of Me. I could see that doing a “Superbass” and getting extra sales because it’s only on the deluxe. I’m here for that

  46. Lax December 1, 2012

    On Wednesday (November 28), Rihanna finally accomplished the one feat that had somehow managed to elude her over the course of her career: a #1 debut on the Billboard albums chart.

  47. Lax December 1, 2012

    Yes, her latest, Unapologetic, sold 238,000 copies to open atop the chart, meaning that, at long last, she can cross “Being #1 on the Top 200″ off her list of to-dos. And while she’s celebrating the occasion by “legit crying like a p—y,” we’ve got a better way of marking her latest milestone: By taking a look at her career accomplishments, by the numbers (OK, fine, we’re going to cry like a p—y, too.) So here’s all she’s done, in just seven short years.

  48. Lax December 1, 2012

    0: F—s Given. There’s a reason she called the new album Unapologetic … after all, from her salacious videos and scandalous personal life to her oversexed lyrics, Rih Rih has proven time and time again that she only knows one way of doing things: Her way. Bold, brash, staggering and swaggering, there truly is no other pop star on the planet quite like her. To say nothing about her Instagram account.

  49. Lax December 1, 2012

    5: Grammy Awards. She’s taken home five golden gramophones over the years including three wins for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration, which she won for both “Umbrella” and “Run This Town.”

  50. Lax December 1, 2012

    7: Albums. Members of the Navy can certainly recite her back-catalog by heart, so there’s no point in listing out all of Rihanna’s albums here … though, sufficed to say, recording and releasing seven records in just seven years is amazing no matter how you look at it.

  51. Lax December 1, 2012

    12: Billboard Hot 100 #1 singles. When her current single, “Diamonds” moved to the top spot of the Hot 100 last week, it gave Rihanna a dozen #1s on the chart, a mark that ties her with Madonna and the Supremes for fourth-most of all time, and puts her just one behind Michael Jackson on the list. And she’s just 24 years old.

  52. Lax December 1, 2012

    19: Tattoos (approximately). Music notes, zodiac signs, Sanskrit prayers and a trail of stars … Rihanna’s got a whole lot of ink. The exact number we can’t be sure of (only Chris Brown knows for sure), but according to some fan accounts, she’s currently sporting 19 different tats … the latest, a depiction of the goddess Isis, she got in September.

  53. Lax December 1, 2012

    23: Hot 100 Top 20 singles. Rihanna doesn’t just place ‘em at #1 … in addition to her chart-toppers, she’s also posted nearly two dozen Top 20 hits, including a pair of #2s (“S&M” and “Pon de Replay”) and a #3 (“Don’t Stop The Music”).

  54. Lax December 1, 2012

    8,700,000: Albums sold in the United States. All of her previous six albums have gone platinum, and given the #1 debut of Unapologetic, we’re willing to bet she’ll make it seven-for-seven.

  55. Lax December 1, 2012

    26,934,346: Twitter followers. She’s the fourth most-followed person on Twitter, behind Gaga, Bieber and Katy, and, yes, we’re proud to say we’re one of the 26 million. We like the weed pics.

  56. Lax December 1, 2012

    58,000,000: Digital downloads sold. Yes, that number is accurate. In fact, according to Nielsen SoundScan, Rihanna is “the best-selling digital download artist of all time.” In 2011 alone, she sold a staggering 13.9 million downloads of her singles.

  57. Lax December 1, 2012

    63,077,130: Facebook likes. Similar to her download game, Rihanna’s also tops when it comes to Facebook likes. She’s currently the most-liked artist on the site, holding a slim lead over Eminem.

  58. Lax December 1, 2012

    2,900,000,000: YouTube/VEVO video views. Yep, she’s also the most-viewed female artist on the site, surpassing Lady Gaga earlier this year.

  59. Lax December 1, 2012

    “Rude Boy”
    Tonight I’ma let you be the captain
    Tonight I’ma let you do your thing, yeah
    Tonight I’ma let you be a rider
    Giddy-up, giddy-up, giddy-up babe
    Tonight I’ma let it be fire
    Tonight I’ma let you take me higher
    Tonight, baby, we could get it on, yeah, we could get it on, yeah

    Do you like it?
    Boy, I want, want, want whatchu want, want, want
    Give it to me, baby like boom, boom, boom
    What I want, want, want is what you want, want, want
    Come here, rude boy, boy, can you get it up?
    Come here, rude boy, boy, is you big enough?
    Take it, take it, baby, baby, take it, take it, love me, love me
    Tonight I’ma give it to ya harder
    Tonight I’ma turn ya body out
    Relax; let me do it how I wanna
    If you got it I need it and I’ma put it down

    Buckle up; I’ma give it to ya stronger
    Hands up; we could go a little longer
    Tonight I’ma get a little crazy, get a little crazy, bab
    I like the way you touch me there
    I like the way you pull my hair
    Babe, if I don’t feel it I ain’t faking, no, no
    I like when you tell me ‘kiss you there’
    I like when you tell me ‘move it there’
    So giddy-up; time to get it up: you say you a rude boy: show me what you got now
    Come here right now

  60. Lax December 1, 2012

    Oh lover, don’t you dare slow down
    Go longer, you can last more rounds
    Push harder, you’re almost there now
    So go lover, make mama proud, and we r almost done
    I don’t wanna feel my legs, and when we r done
    I just wanna feel your hands all over me, baby u can’t stop there
    Music still playing in the background, and u r almost there
    You can do it, I believe in you, baby so close from here

    Uh, girl I turn that thing into a rain-forest
    Rain on my head, call that brainstorming yeah this is deep, oh but i go
    deeper make u lose yourself, and finders keepers
    It go green light, go Weezy go i like to taste that sugar, that sweet n low
    But hold up wait, new position, i put her on my plate then i do the dishes
    She my motivation, I’m her transportation
    ‘Cause I let her ride while I drive her crazy
    Then I just keep going, going, like I’m racing
    When I’m done she hold me like a conversation
    Weezy, baby you can’t stop there

    Music still playin’ in the background, and u r almost there
    You can do it, I believe in you baby, so close from here
    Baby, I’ma be your motivation
    Oh lover, when you call my name
    No other can do that the same, no
    I won’t let ya get up out that game, no
    So go lover, don’t it make me rain?

    • Lax December 1, 2012

      You’ll never need 2 ’cause I will be your number 1
      Them other chicks are superficial
      But I know you know I’m the one
      That’s why I’m all into you
      ‘Cause I can recognize that you know that
      That’s why I’m backing this thing back
      Pop-popping this thing back
      Drop, drop, drop-dropping this thing back
      This is for the time you gave me flowers
      For the world that is ours
      For the mula, for the power of love
      And no I won’t never ever e-ever give you up
      And I wanna say thank you in case I don’t thank you enough
      A woman in the street and a freak in the you know what
      Sit back, sit back, it’s the pre-game show
      Daddy you know what’s going down

      Tonight it’s going down
      I’ll be rocking on my babe, rocking, rocking on my babe,
      I’ll be swirlin’ on my babe, swirlin’, swirlin’ on you babe
      I’m gonna put my body on your body promise not to tell nobody
      Cause it’s about to go down!
      Imma take this time to show you how much you mean to me
      ‘Cause you are all I need
      No money can emphasize or describe the love that’s in between the lines
      Boy look into my eyes
      When I’m grinding on you, this is beyond s**
      Boy I’m high on you, and if it’s real
      Then you know how I feel
      Rocking on you, babe, rocking, rocking, on you, babe
      Swirling on you, babe,
      In my mind all I can think about is a frame for our future
      And the pictures of the past,
      And a chance to make this love last, …

      To night its gonna go down
      I’ll be rocking on my babe, rocking, rocking on my babe,
      I’ll be swirlin’ on my babe, swirlin’, swirlin’ on you babe
      I’m wanna put my body on your body
      Promise not to tell nobody
      ‘Cause it’s about to go down, oh!
      Watch me pop it, pop it, p-p-p-p-pop it for you baby
      Drop it, drop it, drop it, drop it for you baby
      Watch it, watch it, watch it, watch me throw it baby
      Wanna make that body rock
      Sit back and watch!

  61. Lax December 1, 2012

    I just wanna show you how much I appreciate you, yes
    Wanna show you how much I’m dedicated to you, yes
    Wanna show you how much I will forever be true, yes
    Wanna show you how much you got your girl feeling good, oh, yes
    Wanna show you how much, how much you understood, oh, yes
    Wanna show you how much I value what you say,
    Not only are you loyal, you’re patient with me babe, oh, yes
    Wanna show you how much I really care about your heart,
    Wanna show you how much I hate being apart, oh, yes
    Show you, show you, show you, till you through with me,
    I wanna keep it how it is so you can never say how it used to be!

    Loving you is really all that’s on my mind, and i can’t help but to think about
    day and night i want to make that body rock, sit back and watch
    Tonight I’m gonna dance for you, oh-oh
    Tonight I’m gonna put my body on your body
    Boy I like it when you watch me, ah tonight it’s going down
    I’ll be rocking on my babe, rocking, rocking on my babe,
    Swirlin’ on my babe, swirlin’, swirlin’ on my babe
    Baby let me put my body on your body
    Promise not to tell nobody
    ‘Cause it’s ’bout to go down!

    • Lax December 1, 2012

      An it’s not about being the sexiest, the dah, dah, dah some of the artist have got it and theres a few I’D love to see them
      rub it, pat it, stroke it, and play with it like it’s second nature
      that is why I say that Rihanna has a good chance of being a great Actress if she so desires because RIHANNA owns it and shes a Natural…nothing fake about Rih, Rih and you can call Her what ever in the F** yo ass “CAN SPELL” AND IT DON’T MEAN “JACK SHYT” TO RIHANNA’S “NEXT OF KIN”,,,

  62. Lax December 1, 2012

    Rihanna has completed her first chart double by rocketing to the top of the album countdown for the first time. Fans rushed out to pick up “Unapologetic” last week, and sent the new release to number one on the Billboard 200 countdown with 238,000 sales.

    The album is the prolific R&B star’s seventh since her 2005 debut. The feat means RiRi reigns as the queen of both the album and singles chart in America — her hit “Diamonds” has scored a second week at number one on the Hot 100. She becomes the second artist this year to land number ones on both main Billboard charts this year — Adele managed the feat over three weeks in February with the hit album “21” and her song “Set Fire to the Rain.”

    • IDK December 1, 2012

      btw, she’s not an R&B artist at all. She might dabble in it but she not it.

  63. bigtranny December 1, 2012

    it’s my favourite song

  64. Wendy December 1, 2012

    Chris is all Rihanna wanted since she has everthing. Since her coming out with Chris I have see growth in her voice. Rihanna seems happy now and it shows. . Now I’m not a fan but I will say this, TB & the Navy need to join forces as one now. With the two forces their will be no stopping neither one of them. I know most of TB will but the Navy is very questionable because the hate Chris. Hopefully they do a concert together with all sold out shows for weeks.

  65. Wendy December 1, 2012


  66. IDK December 1, 2012

    Based off her 1st single “Diamonds and now hearing a snippet of this song (stay) I see she going for a different sound compared to what you expect from her. I may not care for the song but I think its a good look. On both songs her words are catchy and deep. I think she’s she’s going to gain a lot more of different fans that appreciate this sound a lot plus her core fans are gonna like whatever she puts out. So I see you Rihanna, I know exactly what you doin. and Im rooting for you! Congrats on your number one album!!!
    P.S.:Dont forget about us URBAN people. PLEASE release “Numb” for us! That s*** HOT!

  67. lola December 2, 2012

    You Rihanna stans are so f****** retarded! I see why she is “winning.” This f****** song sucks. It is boring and Rihanna CANNOT SING! The b**** has no soul and no true emotions. It sounds like she’s dying on this track. She can’t even articulate the notes and she sounds like an imitator. Rihanna has always been the type of singer to try to sing, but never would be able to do it well. LMFAO, you guys are impressed by this? Rihanna’s team is genius. They will always give her catchy and IN songs and then throw in a few “heartfelt and serious” ballads to make it like she’s an actual singer, but I’m not buying. Her vocals aren’t even as good as Keyshia Cole’s and Keyshia has the minimum amount of voice is takes to be considered just a good singer.

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