New Song: Chris Brown – ‘Nobody’s Perfect’

Published: Friday 9th Nov 2012 by David

Chris Brown is heading back to the charts!

Yes, months after the release of his new LP ‘Fortune‘, the Pop Prince is gearing up to release its follow up and teases its launch with a new song, billed ‘Nobody’s Perfect’.

Get right into it below…

After listening to the snippet of his Rihanna duet, ‘Nobodies Business’, we’re not sure why Brown opts to auto tune vocals that sound far better without it.

It’s for this reason- his decision to use the tool yet again- that ‘Business’ is lacking the soul and conviction that made ‘Deuces’ and much of his earlier week so enjoyable.

Though perfect as far as generic dance singles go, Brown is far too gifted to release material as… forgive us for this Breezy… lifeless as this.

Not sure what we mean?

Of course, though he’s obviously lip synching, it’s the tone in his vocal that gives his performance its full flavor.

Unfortunately, in a bid to hop on dance trends, much of Brown’s latest material lacks this flavor, thus downplaying his own standing as a skilled vocalist.

So, as long standing fans of Chris, here’s hoping this new LP sounds nothing like his last and sees him deal with themes outside of the club and steer clear from overproduced vocals.

Your thoughts?

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  1. I Judge Flopz November 9, 2012

    Pop Prince??

    Child bye. The “pop prince” hasn’t had a Platinum album since like 07. He is nothing on the charts just a reminder of how bad decisions will always haunt you.

    I”m so sick of these pity songs like “nobody’s perfect” and “don’t judge me”


    FOREVER !!

    • mobwife: I’ll carry Ur head November 9, 2012

      B**** as usual you filthy nothing always try to hold a young black male down but f*** you!

      Go tell that s*** to: SERIAL WIFE BEATERS: Eminem, Chralie Sheen, Sean Penn, Jeff Goldblum, Michael Lohan,Ozzy Osbourne, Alan Jackson, Tracy Lawrence, Rodney Atkins, Christian Slater, Yanni, Geroge Lopez, Willie Nelson, Tobe Keith, Michael Fassbender,Andre Agissi, John Mcenroe, Tommy Lee, Axl Rose, Sean Connery, Mickey Rourke, Sylvester Stallone, Alec Badwin , Josh Brolin,and so on! You broke down, broke ass crows are always trying to talk s*** about Chris Brown who only had 1 fight and that was after Rihanna ass struck him 1st. The men I listed beat women down many times but they don’t seem to be punished FOREVER! Why is that? Again, F*** YOU!

    • Jayla November 9, 2012

      U people are retarded, do you all even listen to lyrics? “Don’t Judge Me” was not a pity song, it was a song about a relationship, he wasn’t asking for you idiots forgiveness lmao, This man has money he will FOREVER be worth more than you lmao!

  2. I Judge Flopz November 9, 2012


    All of his “pop” songs sound the same. This sounds like “Yeah 3X” “Forever” “Don’t Wake Me UP”

    I’m so sick of him using auto-tune. He needs to give up. He is a flop.

    • CBE November 9, 2012

      And what are you b****? “You judge flops” LOL you frequent a blog site to write s*** about successful people what a life! Oh Dont wake me up peaked at number 15 on Itunes 100 and it peaked in the Billboard 100 top 10.

    • mobwife: I’ll carry Ur head November 9, 2012

      He will NEVER GIVE UP B****! I can see your mother haveing a POST-TERM ABORTION (get it?) before he gives up on himself and his team!

  3. CBE November 9, 2012

    Electro again Chris? Maybe he doesnt have a choice since he went on a Label rant on Twitter saying Labels dont know talent or music anymore…Lets hope Chris didnt pick this song!

    its ok to be honest, I hate how Labels are forcing black artists to abandon their roots, when they refuse threaten them with less promotional backing.

    • Rihanna black madonna November 9, 2012

      Or maybe God is punishing him for attacking a woman. Rih forgave Chris ( as the bible says ) and gave the battle to GOD. Looks Chris brown is get defeated by lord.

      Oh well. We all pays for our sins in the end………………………………

      • James227 November 9, 2012

        And what the f*** did Gad say about Glenn Campbell beating Tonya Tucker’s ass on the regular. Dude just got a standing O at the last awards. Fact Glenn was worst than Ike and Chris had one fight with his girlfriend and never had one since and you want to talk s***.

      • mobwife: I’ll carry Ur head November 9, 2012

        Well B****, call me when God starts punishing PEDIOPHILES like:
        1) Rocker Ted Nuggent kept a 15 yr old run-away, had 2 kids by her then mrried her at 18.

        2) Jerry Siendfeld who at 35 waas screwinf 17 high school studnet Shoshawna Loinstein.

        3) 11 time nominated 6 time OSCAR WINNER Romain
        Pollanski who of course r*** and sodomized a 12 yr old girl, was convicted and fled the country to avoid prison. Yet he was ammased quit a collects on FILM AWARDS in th 34 years he has been “on the run”!

        Or how about WIFE BEATERS:

        1) Ozzy Osbourne who like Glen Campbell did Tanya Tucker, knocked out Sharon Osbournes front teeth when he smashed her face into a brick wall during of course one of his routine beatings of her! ! Funny how Ozz Feast continues each year along with is endorsement. You got to love WHITE FOLKS ESPECIALLY TH WHITE OWNED MEDIA who say nothing!!

        2) Dan Baldwin one of the “Baldwin Brother” who beat his wife routinely even sent her ass to the hospital (while filming Paparazzi) after he stompted and kicked her whie she was pregnant.

        3) Guns N’ Roses front man Axl Rose who beat model fience Stepanie Seymoure so bad one night in a club that he ACTUALLY LEFT BLOOD ON THE WALL! ……….DAMNNNNNNN!

        So you wrothless SLORE talk to me when God starts punishing folks for their crimes. Chris Brown is simply being TARGETED by racists & weak boot-kissing blacks, who are trying to use him to be their post child. However, God is good and they continue to fail. Just look how GOD delivered President Obama after all the racists tried to do to him!! 🙂

  4. JAKE November 9, 2012

    Yet another Generic, Auto-Tuned Scorching MESS!!!!!!!

    But you know what… Both him and Usher are the only TWO Black males doing it, both COMMERCIALLY and GLOBALLY, so I cannot hate on that.




    • Rihanna black madonna November 9, 2012

      Rih is the only black to do it commercially. Yet you attack her.

      • mobwife: I’ll carry Ur head November 9, 2012

        STFU before we just attack you instead!

      • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE OBAMA AND BEY) November 9, 2012


        Why is it that you never can reply to my question, How does it feel to be an Half Breed.

  5. Auntie_Jackie November 9, 2012

    Chris Brown. Get the freak out of here. This is not your new single. I will not except this. This is not a “hit”. Even if it does well, it’s not going to sell albums. This dude is constantly pissing on his talent when he can actually sing, dance and write songs. SO disappointed.

    • Rihanna black madonna November 9, 2012

      Except it and weep/ This is all has left. He is not an artist. Rih came out the same year as him and she is on Madonnal levels. They do not even need to compare her to Beyonce, she is above and beyond that. She blew beyonce to hell with LOUD.

      Rih makes way better music, cos she is artist. She can execute her vision. All Chris is, is the n**** that eats her p**** out. That is all.

    • James227 November 9, 2012

      @Auntie Jackie

      Now you know that I’m a hugh Chris fan but honey you hit the nail on the f***** head. I’m not going to sit here and just say it’s good because I’m a fan either. Chris this s*** is awful

      • Aunt Jackie November 9, 2012

        @ James 227

        It’s refreshing to see another big fan like you can be honest. Maybe we’ll get a second sing that’s better, or different. I’m not necessarily looking for R&B, but you have his contemporaries like Frank Ocean and Miguel pushing forward in their own ways, and he’s just not. He can get away with it because he’s talented, but even that runs out after a while. He can do it, but it seems he won’t at this point. – ___ –

        @ Rihanna Black Madonna

        Go away. Go far, far away. Call me when your favorite writes her own songs, choreographs her own dances, designs her own sets, paints her own murals and sells them in an art gallery, all while getting Chris Brown to share her with Matt Kemp. Have a pleasant night.

    • mobwife: I’ll carry Ur head November 9, 2012

      Wait, when did Chris Brown say this was his new single in support of his new CD cause I missed the memo? This is simply as DANCE TRACK!

      What are you ppl bitching and moaning about? My goodess…..

    • i&i(asomitan) November 9, 2012

      Agreed! I am just not feeling this

  6. OMG (Is that you rihanna?) November 9, 2012


  7. That B*tch (God loves Obama) November 9, 2012

    I dont like this song one bit!
    Fortune was his worst album yet, can’t believe I bought it!

  8. RoyalKev November 9, 2012

    I have to admit that I haven’t cared for a lot of Chris Brown’s music this year. That’s not really a big deal because he’s still one of the most consistent male singers delivering great music (since he began his career). I hope Chris returns back to his more artistic styles and give me that Fame meets Graffiti combo on the next album.

  9. OMG November 9, 2012




      • OMG November 9, 2012


  10. Monstarebel (RihannaNavy & TeamMinaj) November 9, 2012

    Nice try 😉

  11. bxgirl November 9, 2012

    Geez, reading the comments, I was expecting to hear a hot ass mess. It wasn’t as bad as you guys are making it out to be. Its not his best, but definitely not his worse. It will def get airplay.

  12. Tisha November 9, 2012

    Smh, same old electro-pop. Definitely disappointing, I don’t know what it is with this dude.

    ALL his music sounds the same now, its like he’s not even trying.

    He’s definitely hit a creative block.

  13. BLUE THE REAL HIVE November 9, 2012

    which chart?


      The chart that BEYFLOP will never be on again B****!!!

  14. Viciousss November 9, 2012

    So his song is called, “Nobody’s Perfect” and their song together is called “Nobodies Business”, and since Chris doesn’t give interviews anymore the very next interview Rihanna will be going on and on about how EVERYONE ELSE is focusing on their relationship and not their music.

    Smh, so this is what it’s come to for both of them. Hope the stunts work.

  15. That B*tch (God loves Obama) November 9, 2012

    Cue @ MOBWIFE to start going off in 3…2…

  16. Monstarebel (RihannaNavy & TeamMinaj) November 9, 2012

    The Most Irrelevant B****** In the Music Industry
    4.)Lil kim
    5.)Rita ora
    7.) K.Michelle
    8.) Stebie J
    9.)Brian McKnight
    10.)Bow Wow

    • OMG November 9, 2012

      B**** I couldn’t agree more LMAO Mya struggling with that ghetto mess Take him out LMAO

      • Monstarebel (RihannaNavy & TeamMinaj) November 9, 2012

        Okaay I can’t with that b**** smh lol

    • That B*tch (Red bone) November 9, 2012

      Bow Wow should be #2 after T-Boz. He’s hosting a ghetto show that nobody watches anymore.

  17. Auntie_Jackie November 9, 2012

    Watching that ‘Dueces’ video, wow, it’s when he was really on fire. FAME was great musically, stylistically. I sincerely hope if it’s label making him record this garbage, that he moves on. But I don’t think that’s it @CBE. I think he wants to regain, completely what they took away from him—the chance to really be the prince of pop like his idol MJ. These generic singles are NOT going to do it, even if Don’t Wake Me Up magically made it to the top 10 because of personal drama.

    • Rihanna black madonna November 9, 2012

      And yet he still cannot f*** with Justin Timberlake. You must be f****** out of your mind. JT is more MJ that this thug. What personal drama? Ok, so who is using whom for press?

      I know Rih was a star before she met that ugly ebonic thug

      • mobwife: I’ll carry Ur head November 9, 2012

        Justine TimberFAKE – the guy who MOLESTED Janet Jackson on stage during her NFL half-time performance and walked away scott-free – is a WHITE MALE! Per certain ppl, no one who is not WHITE & MALE could touch him! And they are shocked when someone actually does JUST ASK G. MITT ROMNEY, Donald Trump and the rest of TEA BAG America! 🙂

        TimberFAKE is like the other WHITES – Eminem, Adele KC & the Sunshine Band (LOL) – who used black music, style and rhythms to make themselves relevant. Only a half-wit would think JT is closer to MJ than Chris Brown!

        LMAO at the comedy, some of you b****** should do stand up!! 🙂

  18. That B*tch (God loves Obama) November 9, 2012

    I just read that they are protesting his concert in a few European countries….maybe he should take a break for a while.
    I haven’t seen much growth in his music since Grafitti although I liked Fame.

    • bxgirl November 9, 2012

      I agree that Grafitti was a great album, but it didn’t sell and record labels aren’t in the business to lose money. As much as we would love for artist to change direction, the bottom line is dance, auto crap sells. He has a contract and this is apparently what mgmt wants from him. 🙁 I disagree with this song being a total waste, I can tolerate it. Personally, I think when he puts out a mix-tape and let the fans decide which tracks work, thats when he does the best. IMO

      • James227 November 9, 2012

        What Chris should do is put Graffitti back out again and name it Graffitti re-birth. Just change a few songs because Graffitti was his best album.

        And if Chris had really great fans as they say they are then he should know that this is unexceptable and I am for one going on twitter to let him know this.

      • That B*tch (Red bone) November 9, 2012

        But the thing is, he cant even sell as much as he used with this pop music.
        Just goes to show that going pop may not always be the answer. Look at acts like Neyo and Usher.

      • That B*tch (Red bone) November 9, 2012

        As he used to*

    • Rihanna black madonna November 9, 2012

      YES! KARMA!

      we all pay for our sins in the end./

      • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE OBAMA AND BEY) November 9, 2012

        and you will pay for yours as well for all those nasty commets you have made….

    • mobwife: I’ll carry Ur head November 9, 2012

      Last I checked his concerts were sold out! Oh well you can’t please everyone and they are doing all they can ESPECIALLY the WHITE OWNED PRESS to break this 23-year-old BLACK KID down!

      Of course this is the same media that predicted overwhelmingly that G. MITT ROMNEY was going to be the next Presidentof the United states because of the LIES THEY(the media) TOLD ABOUT PRESIDENT OBAMA. You know the media kept saying he was a SECRETE MUSLIM…..A BLACK RADICAL TERRORIST (like Rev. Wright) ……ANGRY, ARROGANT AGRESSIVE, EVIL BLACK MALE BOOGIE MAN. You know the same thing they say about Chris Brown everyday. So to be honest, I just don’t believe a word the BIASED RACIST ASS MEDIA & the dumb black press have to say!!

  19. A November 9, 2012

    I love Chris music and dance singles.

    But if he really would like to be the Michael Jackson of our generation, he should start doing other type of music.

    • Rihanna black madonna November 9, 2012

      He is no Michael Jackson. Nothing is innovative or iconic about him. He is MJ back up dancer at best. This fool could never make thriller. He cannot even make a RATED R. HE IS THAT WACK!

  20. Happy F3eet November 9, 2012

    I don’t see the big deal… he doing the same music he is known for the Wanted and 1 direction along with Rihanna and others does this same type of music. They all are doing EureoTech stuff… He started this with Forever, TuTm , Yeah 3x, Don’t Wake Me up and same people were bitching but They all became hits… Mainstream loves it and like some one else said Only he and Usher are the King of capitalizing on this… More power to him keep collecting your checks buying limbos and investing in those clothing lines and other business ventures.. He knows exactly what he is doing. 🙂

    • mobwife: I’ll carry Ur head November 9, 2012


      WELL SAID! 🙂

  21. Rihanna black madonna November 9, 2012

    HA HA HA H And you claim Rih is using this flop ass for press? As is she needs to! He is the one who needs Rih – he is lucking she followed the bible and forgave him. She coulda pulled a halle ‘ I hate black men ‘ berry and punished him.

    He was not even to whites, untill he dated Rih. He only sells in Europe because of the Rih link. But sounds of the BS song, his career IS RIH. Without Rih, he will be Trey Songz or Bobby Valentino.

    Also, he has not talent. They came out the same year but Rih is so much for of an artist his ugly ass. What is this song? While Rih gives us Diamonds, he gives us this? The same same dance s*** he been serving for years. Carry on Chris, p*** Rih and face loosing your recod deal . How would financially support that Asian ugly coke boy with no job?

    Unlike Rih, you do not get movie deals, fashion deals and endorsements. And your global tours? What global tours? Ain’t nobody in the UK paying to see you at the 02 arena in LND.

    F*** outta here! You lucked meeting Robyn no rich, successful A list woman of any race would touch your slime ass.

    • Rihanna black madonna November 9, 2012

      Maybe CB has USA number 1 LP’s…..but they do not even go gold. # Phuckyousanumber1album

      • mobwife: I’ll carry Ur head November 9, 2012

        So, he has also done ZERO PROMOTIONALS for the CD Fortune. Funny he is selling as much as his so called competition without even trying! 🙂

        He starts his WORLD TOUR in Europe this weekend and I’m sure his numbers will increase. FORTUNE IS AN AMAZING CD f*** what you, the RACIST ASS DISGUSTING MEDIA & the femiNAZI WHORES of the world have to say! ….You are all SKANKS!

  22. Rihanna black madonna November 9, 2012

    Chris brown has no career. He will only ever be known in life as Rih’s violent boyfriend. Take Michael Jackson out your mind. You are not the new MJ. You cannot even f*** with what Justin Timberlake ‘s 2 amazing albums. He has you beat in looks, fame, talent, voice, style., career, dance, music and videos and MORE.

    • James227 November 9, 2012

      And Rihanna will be know as getting her ass beat because she could not keep her hands to herself. Or Rihanna will be known as the stupid h** that went back to Chris Brown.

      Also Rihanna is NOT the new Madonna. Why are you calling her that? Is it because Madonna got her ass beat by Sean Penn several times and once he beat her with a bat. Please stop associating Rihanna with Modanna because all we see is her being abused/ by her men.

      • mobwife: I’ll carry Ur head November 9, 2012

        @JAMES227 I THINK I LOVE YOU!!! …..LOL 🙂

        Get that b*tch!!

        Correction, Madonna was abused (repeated action) by Sean Penn who went on to beat up his 2nd with RobinWright-Penn.Oh yeah but he won an Oscar in 09 for playing a GAY politician. Rihanna on the other hand, powered up and started beating on Chris. He got mad and came back on her a$$! Those were two different situations although I do get your overarching point!

  23. Rihanna black madonna November 9, 2012

    Has this fool ever had an album sell 5 million plus?

    • CBE November 9, 2012

      has Rihanna? dont talk WW s*** coz Chris Albums particularly exclusive has sold alot WW.



    • Rihanna black madonna November 9, 2012

      His biggest album only sold 3 m ww. That is as far as it gets for him. All his other LP’s have flopped. His latest LP has not even gone gold. He is that bad. Even dating one of the most black women EVER cannot help him.

      I did not even know who cb WAS till he dated rih.

    • mobwife: I’ll carry Ur head November 9, 2012

      B**** WHO GIVES F***?

      Chris is an ACTUAL ARTIST! Not a gimmick, or a trend but an ACTUAL ARTIST. He writes his own lyrics, he writes lyrics for others ( just ask Ur fav Rihanna), he composes music, he designs clothing, a TOY LINE, he acts, choreographs and dances, directs music videos, paints, draws, writes poetry. You should have SEVERAL SEATS & SHUT YOUR PIE HOLE!

      don’t worry abotu how much TALENT actually sales are we should all know the bullsh* game that’s being played in the music & lie media industries!

  24. Alex November 9, 2012

    Heard it a few hours ago and I LOVE IT! Chris never fails to impress me. He’s an amazing artist! I’ll always be #TeamBreezy

  25. Monstarebel (Roman will devour T-Balls) November 9, 2012

    So is he dropping a new album already?

    • mobwife: I’ll carry Ur head November 9, 2012

      No, this site just said he is. I’ve heard nothing about a new CD in the works and I’m TeamBreezy!

      Chris drops songs when he’s mad, sad or glad…LOL! I’m surprised @SAM/TGJ hasn’t figured that out by now!!

  26. Rihanna black madonna November 9, 2012

    Exclusive only sold 3 WW. Like I have said, he has never had an LP sell 5M+

    Sam, how comes you are ignoring Rita Ora flashing her boobs twice in one week? On Monday, she showed her full breast on stage – like a playboy model – you can see her whole boob and n******. The uncensored picture is on the daily mail web. Today she is cold as Germany, signing pics with her bra out?

    If this was Rihanna – first of all Rihanna would NEVER expose her full breast and n****** on stage. She is too professional and talented for that. Secondly, if she did do that, you would going HAM.

    I am trying to work out why Rita keeps exposing her breast and bra. This the 3rd time she has done this. I thought she had this one of a kind genuine talent to back it up? From 5 outfits in on day; to Rob Kardashian; to the n****** hanging out… walking around with BRA out! She has more gimmicks than Rih.

    • Rihanna black madonna November 9, 2012

      To all those want to see Rita Ora n******, you can see it on the daily mail She buss it open like a dirty p*** star.

      It disgusting. The nipped is right there. They did not blur it out. What kind of a role is this? Beyonce must so ashamed! Imaging what Jay Z is thinking.

  27. Rihanna black madonna November 9, 2012

    I cannot believe so called Christinan Beyonce would be associated with a p*** star like. Flashing her boobs on stage. And she has this b**** around her kid and man? Some people are so stupid.

  28. Rihanna black madonna November 9, 2012

    Yes Rihanna is on gonna be on Ellen. ha ha ha ha ha. take that P*** star Riat Ora.

  29. mobwife: I’ll carry Ur head November 9, 2012

    WTF are you talking about @SAM/TGJ?

    If he is using Auto-Tune on the course SO F*CKING WHAT? IT’s a dance track!! You act like he’s singing a TRADITIONAL R&B SONG and this is NOT!!

    You are just MAD because he and Rihanna are friends again so your just HATING FOR THE F*CK OF IT! Had this been 1 direction, justin bieber or justine timberlack you would be all over it!

    As for his DUECES performance, when did he lip-sync? Why is it that when Chris like BEYONCE and others sing LIVE LEAD VOCALS OVER A BACTRACK HE IS CONSIDERED LIP-SYNCING but the others are not?

    ***Get the F*ck Outta Here

    • mobwife: I’ll carry Ur head November 9, 2012


    • boopboop November 9, 2012

      how many more “wardrobe malfunctions” is she gonna have? why not just release a lame-ass s** with that fat-ass, gay-ass rob kartrashian already? that’s where rita’s heading anyway.

      • Rihanna black madonna November 9, 2012

        Between Rih and Rita Ora. Rita will be the one who will have the s** tape soon. She is nothing but a slutty little kim Kardashian wannabe h**. I bet Jay Z on this white b**** trick.

  30. mobwife: I’ll carry Ur head November 9, 2012


    He’s HAPPY and it’s reflecting in his more upbeat style songs. Good for him. You can’t walk around with your head down to please other people who only want to see you sad and doing bad. …….F*ck ‘Em is what I say! 🙂

    Go Breezy Go

  31. Suicide Blonde November 9, 2012

    Mmm no, just not Breezy, just go back to make an album like Graffiti, his best album, i still have love for him th.

  32. Casual November 9, 2012

    A new album in the works already? I think we’re seeing a trend of going back to releasing albums more often. In fact, I think artists should stick to 6-10 song albums/EPs in general and release about every 18-24 months due to radio having 16-24 week play cycles for hit singles.

    The song . . . It’s okay. CB has been doing the techno thing since he had a huge worldwide hit with Forever, but the techno songs he’s released in the past couple of years haven’t been as good as Forever.

  33. Mario November 9, 2012

    Chris Brown needs to stop auto-tune his voice.And no i’m not a hater because this comes from a place of love.I mean Exclusive is the s***.His natural voice is to f****** good to be auto-tune leave that to unnatural singers.


    The time will come when he is locked in prison never to see the light of day ever again. That day cannot come soon enough.

  35. Jayla November 9, 2012

    U people are retarded, do you all even listen to lyrics? “Don’t Judge Me” was not a pity song, it was a song about a relationship, he wasn’t asking for you idiots forgiveness lmao, This man has money he will FOREVER be worth more than you lmao!.

  36. Booboo November 9, 2012

    You all need to stop EVERYONE uses Autotune to a greater or lesser extent…

  37. Ms. CJ November 9, 2012

    Oh wow y’all mothafuckas r so god damn negative leave him the hell alone damn he is not a flop and anyway what the f*** y’all talking about he ain’t gone platinum since 07 when his F.A.M.E album went certified gold so shut the f*** up
    Life is to muthafuckin short for all this childish b******* y’all talkin y’all don’t know s***
    There ain’t nothin wrong with this song every single one of his pop songs went platinum so how the f*** is he a flop
    Yeah 3X
    Turn up the music
    Don’t wake me up
    And all good songs that did they thing on the charts so breezy knows what the f*** he’s doin. Now shut the f*** up, get a life, and stop sweatin him. He grown let him do what he do.
    Chris u keep doin u baby
    I personally love the song!!! They just haters boo u do yo thing childish rude ass muthafuckas just want to see u fail but u keepin ya head up
    I SEE U!!! LOVE U!!

    • mobwife: I’ll carry Ur head November 9, 2012


      Vey well said…applause, applause! 🙂

  38. the real xoxo November 9, 2012

    ugh, “electro-dance-pop” stopped sounding edgy about 2 years ago!

  39. LEX November 9, 2012

    As some one mentioned earlier “I”m so sick of these pity songs like “nobody’s perfect” and “don’t judge me”. NO ONE FEELS SORRY FOR YOU CHRIS, and this goes beyond the whole Rihanna thing, he acts like c*** and makes crap music. Mama Breezy and Team Breezy need to stop being passive and tell Chris the real deal because he is wasting his talent by behaving recklessly then making songs about how we should accept him.

    • mobwife: I’ll carry Ur head November 9, 2012

      KILL YOURSELF for making such an ignorate ass comment!

      “Don’t Judge Me” has nothing to do with him asking you assholes for forgiveness. your not God how could you grant forgiveness. Clean the wax out of your crusty ass ears and you could hear what he is saying. It’s a song to a female about their relationship.

      This song is also not about forgiveness it’s about him thinking the woman in his life is PERFECT!…thus “NOBODIES PERFECT BUT YOU” Dumbass hater!

  40. HIP HOP STAR November 9, 2012

    you don’t care about the gays so I pay you DUST christopher

    • mobwife: i’ll carry UR head November 9, 2012

      you dumbass that’s just the media. he has already said he loves all his fans irrespective of race, creed or sexual orientation which is more than most in the industry has set so go pay someone else dust! asshole

  41. RUDE NAVY November 9, 2012

    WHY CHRIS , JUST WHY ? u EVEN USED to make good Dance-pop Songs , ut what is that ?

    and why you gave up on “Fortune” this fast ? where’s ” key 2 your body” ? “mirage” ?

  42. ENOUGH ONIKA November 9, 2012

    THAT”S why he’s playing into the whole Rihanna mess again. Same ol sh*t music wise and drama wise. Not here for it.

  43. eric November 9, 2012

    Tired of being hit over the head with this electro pop stuff. At least if you’re going to do it, do it in moderation, not all the time.

  44. miss marvel November 10, 2012

    Generic, forgettable, excessive auto-tune. Chris Brown needs to step it up. This is really mediocre, his live voice doesn’t help, the contrast with the 90% from his performances which are lip synched is cringe worthy.

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