New Song: Mariah Carey – ‘Bring It On Home’

Published: Wednesday 7th Nov 2012 by David

Get acquainted with ‘Bring It On Home’, the patriotic number penned and recorded by Pop powerhouse Mariah Carey.

Performing the song at an Obama fundraiser during the summer, today saw its official studio version hit the web courtesy of producer Jermaine Dupri.


Enjoy below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. theman November 7, 2012

    THE BEST !!!! This is amazing…. REAL MUSIC !!!! She sounds extremely incredible…

    • mike November 7, 2012

      This is Not.
      1. Fly Like a Bird
      2. I Wish You Well
      3. If Its Over
      4. Vanishing
      5. Mine Again

      This is a cute 2 minute song.

      • BEYONCES WEAVE November 7, 2012


  2. LaLa November 7, 2012

    This is Mariah I loved!!! She’s back!!! I feel this like We Belong Together 2.0

    • mike November 7, 2012

      Stop. We belong Together, Fly Like a Bird, Mine Again, I WISH YOU WELL, MY SAVING GRACE, If it’s Over are classic incredible performances. This is an unfinished, cute not quite there vocal.

  3. Todd November 7, 2012


  4. the real xoxo November 7, 2012

    love it! nice message.

  5. JOHNVIDAL November 7, 2012

    Amazing Mariah!!!
    What a surprise
    Yes Mariah, yes Obama, yes respectful and open minded people!

  6. lol…great granny mariah still thinks its 2005. JD hasnt been relevant since 06 November 7, 2012

    Lol…that is all

    • dom November 7, 2012

      poor soul lol

    • MC (Benron is a flop like his fave) November 7, 2012

      quiet a username lol

    • Kyle Poff November 7, 2012

      I guess I’ll be the only one here to agree with ya.. Sounds SO outdated… WTF is wrong with people?! RIhanna’s album SUCKS, Christina’s album is a HAIRFLIP, and now this? “Ohhh lets praise everyone, even if they s*** on our plates and hand it to us, we will still EAT IT UP!”


      • Todd November 7, 2012

        I dont think the main goal was to make a MODERN song.The track is gospel-flavored and she wrote it from scratch during rehearsals .

    • BOB November 7, 2012

      when were u relevant?? er wait never

    • Scoopz24 November 7, 2012

      This track is definitely a gospel flavored track. People always have something to say about mariah like STFU. @LOL…GREAT GRANNY MARIAH STILL THINKS ITS 2005. JD HASNT BEEN RELEVANT SINCE 06 – J.D will always be relevant because of the hits he made for the big artists. Even if he doesn’t make another hit now he got enough money to make you sit, spit and chew at command okay so please get up and eave your ass doesn’t even deserve a seat to sit in. @Todd i agree with you100% 🙂

  7. Todd November 7, 2012

    It’s quite addictive actually

    • Scoopz24 November 7, 2012

      i love it its always nice and refreshing to ear new stuff from mariah.

  8. JAKE November 7, 2012

    HIT. HIT. HIT.


    B******, GOODBYE. WHEN riGONNORHEOa gets a S*** STAIN of the TALENT LEGENDriah ICONrey has, then we can dispute. UNTIL THEN…….


    • HOTSTUFF November 7, 2012



      • LendAHand November 7, 2012

        STFU H**.

        Your untalented fave can’t sing for S***. loooooool.

        F****** GOAT.

      • HOTSTUFF November 7, 2012

        at the jingle bell ball she was sick

        RUDE BOY LIVE now CHOKE.

      • LendAHand November 7, 2012


        [email protected] – told the TRUTH.


  9. MC (Benron is a flop like his fave) November 7, 2012

    This is such a pleasant surprise! I am really excited about this. We did bring it home, Mimi! Lol. I am loving this song, classic Mimi……def. the Emancipation tease. Congrats to Mimi and to Obama!

  10. That B*tch (God loves Obama) November 7, 2012

    I actually loved “Triumphant” but I don’t like this. It sounds very dated, maybe I need to listen to it a bit more so it could grow on me.

  11. RoyalKev November 7, 2012

    I was like what are these people exaggerating for in the comments above, but by the time the song played out to the end I was sold. It sounds really good!

  12. justsayin November 7, 2012

    the opening lyrics are very strong. there is a message in this. honestly, this site has some mean comments directed towards the celebs and to each other. i do not know where this generation has lost the meaning of music. it’s not about your fave and the image, its about the music. this is mariah carey, lyrics, melody, vocals. its not an image thing nor is it a “who is better than”. This is the time to hang up the hate, and replace it with a respectful opinion by staying true to yourself. This song shows Mariah still has her gift in creating good music.

    • FAF November 7, 2012

      What’s telling u its “THIS GENERATION”?… its a lot of old ppl who post here… Pathetic

      • justsayin November 7, 2012

        what is telling me that it is this generation is by the way the comments go from the actual post, to an all out disrespectful hate war between people. That is acts of immaturity. That’s a clear sign of a young person, or as you state, an old person, with child like behavior. My post is not pathetic, it’s a true statement. Look at music today and who the young followers call Queens.Look at the work theses “Queens” put out. Most of which comes off disrespectful and the rest is not creative enough to stick for time to come. Even though Mariah has fallen into the image game, and again this song is a basic song, still, this is where she is strong,live bands and grown up flows and that is the point of my comment….thats all

  13. JER November 7, 2012

    Ummmm. Mariah needs to work on her strong structure. This an triumphant basically rattle on and on and on. What happened? This song is a mess

    • Shaquinisha-Rose November 7, 2012

      You need to work on your sentence structure my friend.

  14. HOTSTUFF November 7, 2012

    didn’t like it at first, but Mariah the vocalist QUEEN always gets me with her whistle notes *_*

  15. Monstarebel (RihannaNavy & TeamMinaj) November 7, 2012

    oh I can’t with this

    • BOB November 7, 2012

      i cant with u

  16. truthteller November 7, 2012

    Her voice is definitely damaged and you can hear all of the layering and studio work they used to make her sound better. Mariah’s voice is now raspy; her full voice that is. Her soft whisper is weak. I am so tired of her ebonic lyrics. Mariah has reduced herself to nothing. I will not be looking forward to this dated album

    • Todd November 7, 2012

      Moron! It’s not even a single or a track cut.

  17. justsayin November 7, 2012

    I’m not one to entertain actually commenting on here much, but i feel some people need to understand. Mariah Carey is in her 40’s and this song was, NOT, written for the younger generations new type of “good music”, it was penned for Obama and sung at a rally w/ him there (they text) With that said, one person’s opinion says it sound dated. That statement today has always left me puzzled. Being that I was a teen in the 90’s and remember it very well, I look around today, and see the young generation w/ high top fades, stone washed jeans, and even Fila’s. They even have young artist who’s music is nothing but the 90’s i.e. Azealia Banks(who I really am liking). So if the 90’s are back, with that came simple, yet meaningful ballads. This, again, is Mariah Carey….she is the 90’s….that’s her sound. you cant go through the entire decade without seeing her doing something big and vocally trend setting. Yes, this song is basic, but with a certain message. Let love save your life. Respect it for what it stands for.

    • FAF November 7, 2012

      WTF do azealia banks got to do w/ the 90s? I lived through them & I don’t remember calling ppl “KUNTBRIGADE” in the 90s… chile y’all try to bring up anything

      • justsayin November 7, 2012

        Azealia Banks sound is 90’s regardless of her lyrics. The flow and sound of some of her songs, from what i have heard, is very close to that of Bahamadia and countless other artist from the 90’s. it’s not bringing up “just anything”, as you state, when its fact. only hate would find something to be mad about in my comment.

      • Todd November 7, 2012

        Azealia is so 90s,ur right!

      • SHARON November 7, 2012

        Please learn to READ comment before replying!!

    • FAF November 7, 2012

      Please learn to get off my d***, ugly……….

  18. Monstarebel (RihannaNavy & TeamMinaj) November 7, 2012

    My Favorite TGJ Commenters
    1.) The Great LaceFront
    2.)Beyonces Weave
    4.)MC (Benrons w****)
    5.) LAX
    6.) Benron (The queen of the navy)
    7.) Rude Navy
    8.) FAF (We fight but he’s funny as hell)
    9.) Rich and black (Like beyonce)
    10.Ren (Just because I’m his f*****)

    • MC (Benron is a w****) November 7, 2012

      Thanks hun 😀
      5. Benron (The queen of the navy)

      LOL he is the queen of the Navy lol my husband rocks

  19. LendAHand November 7, 2012

    THIS NASTY, UGLY B****…….,,,,,,,…….



  20. Annie! November 7, 2012

    YAS Mariah! soooo beautiful!! i actually have hope for her new album now 🙂

  21. Truth November 7, 2012

    Mariah Has Done It Again – A Fitting Tribute To Obama And The Campaign….Absolutely Beautiful Song…!

  22. FAF November 7, 2012

    [email protected] someone posting that California PIzza Kitchen performance by RIhanna and trying to compare it to Mariah…. I really can’t 🙂

    • Adrian November 8, 2012

      lmao @ “California Pizza Kitchen” Im D E A D!

  23. sentfromupabove November 7, 2012

    what a nice surprise

    great song

  24. justsayin November 7, 2012

    I have to defend her on this one. I read another persons opinion. They say “her voice is damaged, they can hear the layering, a mess”. I agree, Mariah Carey does not sound as she did twenty plus years ago, but her voice on this track is clear and within her range. I do not know what people hear when they hear her sing, but this song was sung with the appropriate tone. Mariah delivered a basic, yet beautiful song that was appropriate for the moment. It is a good song and it sounds like Mariah. Sometimes people act like she says “I been working on this one song for three years….i hope you love it” no, she wrote it fast and kept it simple enough to make it a song. Let love save your life. Reflect on the positive. Do not forget what this moment is for. Not to judge it is to move forward with love in our hearts. thats real talk people. wake up

    • Pressed H*** Like Yourself November 7, 2012

      What you need to understand that people on here are just childish and stupid period plain N simple just don’t even entertain these bullshitters Love your comments btw

  25. mr.m November 7, 2012

    Man-iah is done .. bye triumphant

  26. B4REAL02 November 7, 2012


  27. IDK November 7, 2012

    Its aaaaight…….

  28. Hilly November 7, 2012

    WOW, Mariaaaaaaaah! This is so freaking good! See guys, this is talent!


    I love dance music, but I’m tired of Pop-Dance and am JOYFUL at the return of slower adult-contemporary ballads and songs like RIhanna and Chris Brown “Nobody Bidness” (which I wanted to hate, but I love the beat)

  30. Geezy November 7, 2012

    First things first this song was written during a rehearsal session for an Obama fundriser by MC. Which says something that Mimi can put a song together when need be without all the extra nonsense. As for the song this song was so needed for this moment and its message and lyrics are classic Mimi. This song sold me once again on Mariah’s greatness as a singer- songwriter. The old saying goes Buzz eventually dies down but true talent is timeless. MC wins again.

  31. Bey Fan November 7, 2012

    Ummmm Im not quite sold….

    Lyrically its good, and of course her vocals are on point…. but ehhhh. I’ll give it a few more listens.

    For the record, I absolutely hate Triumphant, so in my opinion this is a much better single. Just not sold yet,

    • MC (Benron is a flop like his fave) November 7, 2012

      It is not a single thought! She just performed this song for Obama fundraiser.

  32. Theman November 7, 2012

    Her voice is incredible and so is this song. This is a song for the pres…. Some of the finest vocals period….

  33. Honey CHILD please November 7, 2012

    *Catches Holly ghost* yes lord yes!!! *runs around the church jumping*

  34. Slick November 7, 2012

    I am a true Lamb, but will be honest. The song is nice, way better the triumphant.
    whats the problem with it? she takes it to easy, she takes to many vocal brakes, she does not BRING IT, til the end of course. her vocals tend to get drowned out by her background singers. And lastly the song is to short Mariah, needs to start singing hard with passion. I understand her voice isn’t the same but she can still bring it in her new range.
    Now my fellow Lambs y’all might get upset by this, but Just letting u know I am a Lamb to, so take it easy.

  35. Gigi November 7, 2012

    Love it !!!

  36. Suicide Blonde November 7, 2012

    I like this, this is good, thank god, after the mess of “Triumphant”, this actually sounds like old Mariah.

  37. PrettigurlrockD Bitchess November 7, 2012

    I dont like it and yes vocally, MC has lost some of her flare and Stamina. It’s my opinion so bring on the negative votes. Who gives a s*** dickriders. Kii

    Now BUTTERFLY was a good song!!!

  38. soulmusiclover November 7, 2012

    mariah is finally back!!! YESSSSSS!!!! that’s a hit!

  39. bibi93 November 7, 2012

    Very good song mariah

  40. i know November 7, 2012

    Now THIS is a tribute song!!!!!! WELL DONE MARIAH!!! AS ALWAYS

  41. Adrian November 8, 2012

    Cheers…Bravo….A toast to you!! Thank you Mimi for splendid, classic music. This is not the most complex and lyrically superior song she has ever written but it is a beautiful message and she very calmly slayed our lives with her track star runs. I love that Mariah is socially conscious and writes music for her fans. This sounds like “When Christmas Comes” and “Subtle Invitation” and gives off that soulful vibe where Emancipation left off. I’m very proud of Mariah. I know JD released this without her consent, but I’m glad he did! She drags her damn feet too much lol. A friend gave a friend the push. & if she chooses to hit the studio and add more to it we will definitely welcome those vocals. I’m impressed nonetheless though! 3/5 Mimi! Get it.

  42. Realest November 8, 2012

    #ClassicMariah love it and she sounds great… Pretty sure majority of your favs aren’t even capable of making a song of this variety.. #NoAutotuneNeeded

  43. Micaela Hunter November 8, 2012

    Mariah looks like a looney. Girl please, have a seat. The sun has set on you……ITS OVA

  44. Theman November 9, 2012

    All of her range is there. Vocal breaks? The vocals were awesome. It’s the same tired shyt with y’all haters. This is an excellent vocal shoeing. Masterclass….

    • Slick November 9, 2012

      C’mon She takes it Super easy for most of the the song and her back up singers are the ones caring the beginning of the song.

    • Slick November 9, 2012

      Ima give 3.7 out 5 aight, Cuz of the lyrics and she does sing here unlike Triumphant …

  45. Eric November 9, 2012

    Great song, both the lyrics and her vocals.

  46. DameQueuela December 31, 2012

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