‘Unapologetic’: Rihanna Dominates iTunes UK / Enlists Elijah Blake For ‘No Love Allowed’

Published: Thursday 22nd Nov 2012 by David

Next week’s sales of Taylor Swift’s ‘RED‘ may stop from her hitting the US #1, but it seems there’s no stopping Rihanna in the UK.

For, three days after the release of her new album ‘Unapologetic‘, the singer has monopolized the iTunes UK singles chart, with numerous numbers from the LP charting on the grounds of its hype alone.

Exciting details below…

A testament to the LP’s success in the nation, 13 out the its 14 songs now sit pretty in the Top 200, making her the only act this year to land this feat.

Now perched at #8, the project is already responsible for the #1 single ‘Diamonds’ which was recently certified Gold in New Zealand, Canada, Austalia and Italy while securing Platinum status in Australia with shipments  of over 70,000 units.

However, though ‘Diamonds’ continues to dominate many a singles tally worldwide, it’s her Island tinged number ‘No Loved Allowed’ that has many a critic foaming at the mouth this week. Penned by ‘Climax’ writer Elijah Blake, the cut came to our attention back in October upon speaking to the vocalist.

He shared exclusively:

“I cant say too much about what I worked on with Ri, other than it’s a song that represents her artistry at its core being, in that we’re both from the Islands.

I was able to tap into an element that I feel is going to add great texture to this album.. I was also hype to wake up to her tweeting the lyrics to a special song I wrote as well.. So we’ll see!”

Unfamiliar with song? Listen below!

Yet to experience Elijah? Check him out here:

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  1. MC November 22, 2012

    Its her best song on this album imo…..

    Its okay Sam, you can get through this. lol

    • Monstarebel (DIAMONDS IS NUMBER 1) November 22, 2012

      I think what now is the best track off the album

      • MC November 22, 2012

        What now is the third best imo….

        1. No love allowed
        2. Love without Tragedy/Mother Mary
        3. What now

        and that’s it.

      • Monstarebel (DIAMONDS IS NUMBER 1) November 22, 2012

        Yeeea I can dig that all three are truly amazing…

      • Heavy Heavy November 22, 2012

        They all need to be singles IMO. Love the whole album anyway.

  2. Monstarebel (DIAMONDS IS NUMBER 1) November 22, 2012

    Yawn tired ass shade. .. but whatever congrats Rihanna

  3. Heavy Heavy November 22, 2012

    Guess we know what the next single is gonna be.

  4. unnami November 22, 2012

    is there any source to say that Taylor will block her in U.S.? it’s really interesting

    • MC November 22, 2012

      I doubt she is going to block her considering that Taylor sold like 145,000 last week (her 4th week) so….idk why it would sell 260k+ in its 5th week. If anything, One Direction is the treat with 535k last week and second week…..I think she might be clear though….

      • Nana Yaw November 22, 2012

        @MC Taylor performed at the AMA awards

      • unnami November 22, 2012

        And Rihanna did not perform. One.

        Black Friday sales. Two.

        Early Christmas gifts of Black Friday sales. Three.

  5. Monstarebel (DIAMONDS IS NUMBER 1) November 22, 2012

    Really hope what now becomes a single she can’t let that go to waist

    • MC November 22, 2012

      Wait, I read somewhere that Nobodies Business was going to be the next single, is it wrong? Cuz if it is………..-_-

    • HOTSTUFF November 22, 2012

      CO-SIGN !!!

    • DOSSOME November 22, 2012

      no love allowed and what now are my best tracks off this album…i like diamonds too

  6. Monstarebel (DIAMONDS IS NUMBER 1) November 22, 2012

    Taylor’s CD isn’t even number 1 anymore so if anything you should say one direction cause their at the top….

    • CSquaddie November 22, 2012

      Sweetheart, Red sold almost 200,000 this week so you b****** should be shivering in your camel skin boots.

      • MC November 22, 2012


  7. Monstarebel (DIAMONDS IS NUMBER 1) November 22, 2012


  8. HOTSTUFF November 22, 2012


    DAT REIGN ….

  9. honeychildplease November 22, 2012

    Indication of h***** all around those lips…

    • Pop Royalty (The International Navy’s Representative) November 22, 2012

      it is called {Signs} you dumb f***.

      • honeychildplease November 23, 2012

        an indication is also known as a sign…you fruit pop sMH you really felt like you were doing something huh?? Well i heard the 777 tour had plenty of empty seats….

      • quetta November 24, 2012

        Pop, it best you leave @honeychildplease alone. You keep getting dragged. You have me dying.

    • Lax November 22, 2012

      Rihanna is truly an artist not to be underrated. A combination singer, model, fashion designer and ambassador, Rihanna is a great woman making a great impact on the world.

  10. Monstarebel (DIAMONDS IS NUMBER 1) November 22, 2012

    Loveeeeee and affection ayeeeee this my s***,

    Don’t slip cause a n**** might push up on it


      Don’t really wanna lose this moment

      • Monstarebel (DIAMONDS IS NUMBER 1) November 22, 2012

        yaaaaaas! you liking that song huh?

      • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE OBAMA AND BEY) November 22, 2012

        yasss ma’am been popping this pussie to this

        this my fav vers:

        Boy lately, you’ve been stingy with your time
        Got me wondering, I’m wondering if I’m on your mind
        Boy I just wanna be in your possession
        You say I’m the one you want so come express it

  11. cheriah November 22, 2012

    Queen Riri

    Which other top girl can deliver on a hot reggae tune like this?


    Love is a Tragedy/Mother Mary – Killer Tune!
    Loveee Song
    Love Paradise
    Get it over with
    No Love Allowed

    Ratchet Songs I can get down to:

    Pour it out
    Phresh of the Runway
    Right Now

    Half of me
    Nobody’s Business – would have been a fave sans CB

    Don’t likes

    • Monstarebel (DIAMONDS IS NUMBER 1) November 22, 2012


      • cheriah November 22, 2012

        Just goes to show that there is something for everyone on the album 🙂

      • Monstarebel (DIAMONDS IS NUMBER 1) November 22, 2012

        lol so true 🙂

      • @091094_ November 23, 2012

        You forgot”What Now” thats a f****** tune, defo top 3

    • Heavy Heavy November 22, 2012

      I wish Love is a Tragedy was longer. Dope song though.

      • Heavy Heavy November 22, 2012

        *Love without Tragedy

  12. 1DOnMyMind November 22, 2012

    Taylor is gonna come for that ass cos her album is on discount.

    If shes selling 150k after five weeks at full price, her ass is gonna sell 100,000 more than that next week cos her album is being sold for 5 dollars.

    • Lax November 22, 2012

      Rihanna is a hard working young woman and it’s great to see her working instead of doing nothing. So many are always trying to figure Her out and are always trying to make her be something less then she is.

  13. I am BLUE THE REAL HIVE November 22, 2012

    Lol Taylor RED now on sale!!!! Oh s*** UNAPOLOGETIC good luck

    • Lax November 22, 2012

      Rihanna has
      Accomplished many things that many before her has only dreamed of. Working hard and doing the best you can do is out there for all of those who want to work hard.Many are just mad because Rihanna has out lasted her 15 minutes and has
      kept herself busy and it’s not her fault if others want to drop music every leap year. There’s nothing wrong with her music being discounted every one else music is to from time to time, also.

  14. zzzzg November 22, 2012

    @grape See this is why the Navy have to drag your fav.Go celebrate some irrelevant interview with Ciara and leave Rihanna be.

  15. JAKE November 22, 2012

    “STAY” has to be one of my favourite Rihanna songs EVER!!!

    I was, actually, hoping that would be her second single but, oh well… And after seven weeks… I STILL CANNOT STAND THE F*** OUT OF “DIAMONDS”. But whatever, contests to its success.

    Anyway, if Rihanna does go to NUMBER ONE in the USA this week, she will be the ONLY BLACK WOMAN to do so this year, CAN U BELIEVE IT – DAMN.


    • Monstarebel (DIAMONDS IS NUMBER 1) November 22, 2012

      lol your trippen….DIAMONDS is magical. &babe Nicki Minaj went number 1 this year so Rih would be the second 😉

      • JAKE November 22, 2012


        Ooh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!

        I forgot about Nicki but do you see what I mean… BLACK WOMEN in the mainstream music industry is continuously looked over. The media will only allow a PORTION to grab the success.

        And LOL… no Babe… I cannot stand Diamonds. It just annoys the s*** outta me. Everywhere I go… 😉

      • Monstarebel (DIAMONDS IS NUMBER 1) November 22, 2012

        Lol yea that’s f***** up how only a few amount of blacks get success will theres tons of whites getting that success n more…Smh s*** gotta change…..

        lol whatever babe *SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND H*** KIIII 😉

      • JAKE November 22, 2012

        ERRR… No Babe!!!

        “I want you to STAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY”. >>>>>>> And you will deal H**. Haha.

        KIIIIIIIIII. 😉


    Congrats gurl, but I’m only diggin LOVEEE SONG and mother mary

  17. DOSSOME November 22, 2012

    2nd black woman this year????????????i’m happy for her but we need more black women dominating the charts,just like the 90s


      It’s crazy we only have Bey, Rih, and Nicki

      • TeamBreezy November 23, 2012

        and the sad part is that all their stans attack each other… smh

  18. BajanBombshell November 22, 2012

    its so sad we only have three black girls on top today. Rihanna. Beyonce and Nicki. What’s even sadder is that the last two bleach their skin.

  19. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER ONE FAN! November 22, 2012

    Taylor wont block Rihanna, grapejuice, stop getting my hopes up!
    I expect Taylor to sell the same amount as last week, given she performed at AMA’S

  20. mr.m November 22, 2012

    She’s an ugly manufactured negro indeed ..

    • Lax November 22, 2012

      If Rihanna is not a great artist and want be remembered then tell me why is it that Rihanna has been awarded with so many different things like selling 0ver 20Million Albums in the UK. If Rihanna isn’t going to be remembered then explain why is it that Rihanna was named as the Queen of Pop by Billboard for the last twenty years, those are things that will always be remembered and they are recorded in the music history books for the future to come. Rihanna is named
      the number 2 artist right behind Madonna for the best selling singles artist ever by the Official Charts Company, that is something that will be Remembered, also Rihanna has 12 number One Hits on the Billboard Hot 100 and She’s the first Artist in the Billboard’s charts 53 year History to do this, that too is something that will be Recorded in the Music History book. Forget about Her Music being Remembered Rihanna will be Remembered also for her many Accomplishments to Music….

      • mr.m November 23, 2012

        7 album .. 7 years
        gurrrr bye .. she’s trying so hard not to be forgettable
        LOL! how desperate

    • Lax November 22, 2012

      Rihanna will be remembered for being the Biggest Digital Seller , Ever. Rihanna will also be Remembered for being the first Musician to have the most Face book likes to the tune of over 62Million and counting beating out Eminem who was the most like artist Dead Or Alive. And Rihanna is also the Biggest Digital Seller, Ever. People are always trying to talk this “Working Girls” Career Goals down and to tell you the truth it is so unfair.Rihanna will also be Remembered for selling the Famed O2 Arena full 10 times , give The Young Mega Star a Break…

      • honeychildplease November 23, 2012

        if only a one fourth of them with actually buy her album…smh because millions of fans won’t even support the druggie

  21. Pop Royalty (The International Navy’s Representative) November 22, 2012

    the song is cute , 4/5.

    but i’m here for “JUMP” tbh , that is the real deal to me.

    “If you want it , let’s do it , RIDE IT, my pony” 😉

  22. Pop Royalty (The International Navy’s Representative) November 22, 2012

    I just PRAY and WISH “one Direction” BE #1 in US , i really don’t want her to get a f*****’ #1 in US album.

    she will still this ” non-#1-album in US-” b**** that slays your fav* when it come to overall international album sales.

    [*] : adele might be the only exception, More power to this classy lady.

  23. Boo November 22, 2012

    Rihanna still sittin pretty number 1 and 5 on iTunes yeaahhhh rih rih

  24. nick November 22, 2012

    no love allowed hands doen is best song; those roots just work for her, album is egh ok,

  25. quetta November 24, 2012

    Every song on her album would have to grow on me. I really don’t like the album.

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