From The Vault: Christina Aguilera – ‘It’s A Man’s World (Live At Grammy Awards 2007)’

This is a man’s world but it wouldn’t be nothing without our little divas!

Today, our From The Vault pick comes courtesy of ‘Your Body’ songstress Christina Aguilera and her heartfelt tribute to the late great James Brown.
‘It’s a Man’s World’ is one of Mr. Brown’s many signature songs, and beyond that is without an ounce of a doubt considered a musical landmark. Released in 1966, it has been sampled by numerous artists such as Michael Jackson in ‘Bad’, Wu-Tang in ‘Gravel Pit’ and Alicia Keys in ‘Fallin’ and covered by Cher, Tom Jones and Celine Dion to name but a few.
Xtina’s Grammy Awards rendition of the quintessential track serves as one of her most glorious showcases to date. Taking place during the 2007 Grammy Awards, the petite powerhouse “churched it and worked it!”
Displaying incredible technique all the while conveying emotion, this makes for a more than a compelling experience, once again placing Ms. Aguilera in a league that she shares with the likes of Adele, Beyonce, and Amy Winehouse as the Voices of this generation. Receiving rave reviews from critics the world over, it is often cited as one of the most memorable Grammy performances of all time. All-time.
Christina, who is gearing up to the release of her fifth album ‘Lotus’ on November 13th, remains an untouchable talent as witnessed here; especially in this climate which sees singers-who-can’t-sing-won’t-sing topping the worldwide tallies.
Still, as was the proof with her last outing  (the underrated ‘Bionic’), in this industry it is not always about ‘The Voice’ (pardon the pun) and more about the packaging and perception – fronts Christina has struggled with on in recent years.
Nonetheless, with her hit-filled new album, the ‘Dirrty’ singer has an impressive arsenal to launch the biggest of Pop comebacks. Here’s hoping all involved “play the game” in a way which ensure she is once again…winning.

Is Christina one of the greatest voices of all-time?

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  1. Ciara Got me good November 11, 2012

    Damn that performance had me church stomping!! Stunning xtina stunning. Btw xtina is singing like the rent is due on “Lotus” I’m getting my copy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Öz Firdevs November 11, 2012


  2. Jeff November 11, 2012

    She did it and then at the 2011 Grammy’s. Pity the musics now not as good as the voice

  3. _feeniix_ November 11, 2012

    As far as vocal technique, this performance is VERY flawed. As far as emoting the song Xtina killed it, which in my opinion she always does. Her performance of I Loves You, Porgy at the 2008 Grammy Nomination Concert >>>>>>>

    • diob November 11, 2012

      here we go. its always that person that thinks they know everything about vocal technique and singing.

  4. the real xoxo November 11, 2012

    Xtinas voice itself is up there with Mariah and Celine,
    but her technique is awful and this ruins it all.

  5. BEYONCE’S WORLD November 11, 2012

    That one note at the 2:01-2:07 mark…..No Ma’am! She sound like a stray cat that just got hit by a Mack Truck!

    • Ursila November 11, 2012


    • Loveeee song November 11, 2012

      We sorry she did not p**** pop and lip sync and act like it was “Live” and steal people concepts then claim she was “inspired” like yours

      • Öz Firdevs November 11, 2012

        so much agree witch you

      • Joe November 11, 2012

        I couldn’t care less about either, but attacking Beyonce doesn’t negate the fact that this peformance is overrated Aguilera has horrible technique. So bye.

    • Öz Firdevs November 11, 2012

      for someone who is stupid like you are, she sure sound like a cat !! we don´t have to say much, X is the Queen !! we have to be honest

  6. Kevin November 11, 2012

    Definitely the voice of this generation. 😀

    • Öz Firdevs November 11, 2012


  7. Matthew Charlery-Smith November 11, 2012

    Incredible technique? TGJ in her words “You Lost Me”. That was one of the WORST performances ever of her growling and then doing an off-key high pitched scream at the end. The girl can’t sing!

    Great voice? YES but she has no knowledge on how to drive that car called her voice; this makes her a bad singer.

    If she JUST knew how she’d be in Whitney/Mariah’s league but these women knew how to convey their songs live BETTER than the recorded versions. Compare their Grammy performances. Christina doesn’t even come close!

    • Rasika November 11, 2012

      Her performance of You Lost Me on david letterman and American Idol were Flawless tbh but yes she really needs to work hard on her technique. What she’s doing right now is not good for her voice in the future. But this Grammy performance is quite iconic tbh

  8. WTF November 11, 2012

    PREACH!!! The best Grammy performance of all time and an iconic moment in music
    And to the b**** who shaded the scream note – it was a deliberate tribute to James brown , go home and do your research boo

    • Öz Firdevs November 11, 2012

      Yes , ture

    • Common Sense November 11, 2012

      Tribute or not, it sounded like s***.

  9. soulmusiclover November 11, 2012

    definitely one of the greatest!! but i gotta admit that sometimes she does a lil bit too much! she knows she can sing, so sometimes she does too much!! anyway, nobdy can touch xtina that’s for sure!

    • Öz Firdevs November 11, 2012

      like that

  10. mkigz November 11, 2012

    Yes she is one of the voices of this generation. Her stand out albums IMO are Stripped & Bionic! But as her Lotus stands, I’m not really feeling Your Body etc. Good luck to her though for when the album comes out this coming week, I just wont be buying her album this time round.

    • Öz Firdevs November 11, 2012

      Hmm, you have to listen to all of her songs. The album is a very good one

  11. Loveeee song November 11, 2012

    Her voice >>>> My fav voice behind whitney ofcus

  12. Matthew Charlery-Smith November 11, 2012

    Whoever writes articles on this blog needs some education. Being excited about your fave doesn’t equate to factual information!

  13. WhiteBoi November 11, 2012

    That high note was HORRIBLE .. she has natural God given talent, she has a great voice she just cant SING.

    if she can change her attitude and her singing people will like her, until then she will always be floptina

    • Öz Firdevs November 11, 2012

      lol, i dont think so,it´s only the jealousy which is speaking out

  14. Aaliyah Is Queen B**** November 11, 2012

    OMG I would watch this performance on the regular on youtube! She is so underrated! Chick has MAJOR vocals!!!!

  15. Dave November 11, 2012

    She sang the SHAT out of that. There will be basic skanks coming in here talking about “her technique”, her technique for performing a high vocal acrobatic song while emotion such soul & passion was AMAZING! If you don’t understand soul & church, you will not understand that she literally SLAYED this performance. Get into the standing ovation, they knew what was up. “Technique” isn’t everything, it came come across as quite basic & boring. Yas Christina, love her. Lotus on the 13th, already pre-ordered it.

    • Joe November 11, 2012

      Err, no. Church music isn’t just screaming. The best vocalists have great technique regardless of whether they are whispering or belting their head off. Go and watch a Patti Labelle performance please.

  16. Miguel November 11, 2012

    If she were smart,
    she’d go back to this weight and performances like this one

    But clearly she is surrounded by yes-sayers and/or just doesn’t care anymore

  17. Beyonce Carter November 11, 2012

    She does sound like sht on that mark tho…#TRUTHHURTS

  18. BeyNation November 11, 2012

    The scream was paying homage to James Brown ! If u knew anything about his music u would know he often does that when performing his songs!! Christina did it PERFECTLY ! The performance wasn’t for her to be perfectly flawless vocally but to bring out that soul and rawness James brought in his music! That’s why it’s called a f***** TRIBUTE! Christina is NO DOUBT one of the greatest voices out there and if you disagree then clearly your deaf! Lotus is 1 of the greatest pieces of work since Adele’s 21. Full of variety!!! N the gag is I’m NOT even a Chrustina fan(check the name) but I will be buying the album Tuesday n everyone who appreciates REAL music n REAL talent should as well..

    • Öz Firdevs November 11, 2012

      so agree witchya, people have to be crazy….this was perfect

      • irene46 November 11, 2012

        i could buy the screaming as a homage to jb if she didn’t pay him homage so often when she’s not at a jb tribute. nice try though.

        i do love her regular voice though.

  19. MC (Benron aka Ashanti is jealous of Beyonce) November 11, 2012

    “Is Christina one of the greatest voices of all-time?” No. Is she one of the best voices of this generation? Yes.
    IT always puzzles me when people (her stans) say this was her best performance/one of the best performances (Grammys) of all time because that higher register note that she was trying to reach was a no. She was flat our screaming! This is the biggest problem that Xtina has, she has one of the strongest voices in the industry that deserves to be up there with Whitney, Celine, and Mariah but her technique drags her down so much. In actuality, her voice is/was more powerful than Mariah’s and Celine’s and she has/had more range than Whitney’s but her technique puts her in the category lessor vocalists. She has/had a magnificent instrument but it has worn out due to incorrect usage.

    • mr.m November 11, 2012

      SHE’S BETTER THAN THE DEAD, Whitney!!!
      Now take that, H**!!!!!!!!!!

  20. JOHNVIDAL November 11, 2012

    To answer the question: NO
    So easy. And she´s faaaaaaaar from it. Sorry

    In other news: as always she has some interesting material on her new album. I finally listened to the whole thing and there are 2 or 3 incredibly generic songs (something Pitbull, JLo, Britney or Rihanna would release), but the rest is good enough. I thought there were going to be more ballads like on Bionic, but there´s only one “Blank Page”. My faves are “Sing for me”, “Cease Fire” and “Just a fool”. In some aspects Bionic was better (part of it). This new one is a good effort, I mean it´s not like other pop superstars of the moment release masterpieces, but it could have been better. If Your Body doesn´t become a hit (it looks like it´s not going to happen) she is definitely not going to have any this era (again) cos that´s the most radio friendly song on the album for the era we are living in

    • irene46 November 11, 2012

      i love the song ‘ just a foo’l.

      bionic was a good album. it just came out with a bad lst single.

  21. JOHNVIDAL November 11, 2012

    People need to get over it, it´s not just that Xtina´s tecnique is worsw than Whitney, Mimi, Celine, etc… it´s that her voice is not as beautiful as those voices, her belting sounds horrible, it´s not her fault. When she sings songs like “S** for Breakfast” she sounds soooo beautiful. That´s the ranger in which she sounds amazing. But she´s no Whitney ot the others and no amount of vocal lessons can fix that.
    Also, for the Beyonce fans: tecnique is not it all, I agree with people saying that on this post. Byonce has a great one… but se could not be more boring than what she is. There are few voices that have it all, and Beyonce and Xtina are not one of them
    Also, anybody could see Xtina´s voice is getting worse. Her voice was so much better during the Bionic promo than what it is right now

    I´m not bashing anyone. like you see I can praise everyone in the aspects they deserve. Just stating fatcs

  22. PrettyPrissyPrincess November 11, 2012

    The b**** KILT that! COME OWN!

  23. BIG COOCH November 11, 2012


  24. DUDE YEAH November 11, 2012

    All you haters complaining about her screaming have obviously never seen a James Brown performance. Kids these days…tsk tsk.

  25. Gomme November 11, 2012

    I wasn’t buying the hype in 1998 and here it is 2012 going on 2013 and I’m still not buying it.
    Christina has an out of this world tone when she isn’t barking trying to prove she can sing.
    Its all in the delivery and shoot me but I think this performance is average at best and ear splitting at worse. Only James could squeal and holla it went with his music(Soul & Funk). Hers just sounded out of place. I do respect the fact that she does have talent. The 2010’s artist all suck and more than likely when you think you’re hearing their voice its just a machine. That’s why Christina,Brandy,Beyonce,Monica,Pink,Fantasia,Jazmine,Jennifer Hudson,Tiffany Evans,Jill Scott,Marsha,ledisi,Kelly Clarkson,Carrie Underwood and Chrisette Michelle all have my respect these chicks are the last of a dying breed in the industry.

  26. Jsus November 11, 2012

    F*** haters! That is the 3rd best Grammy performance of all time! 3rd!! So don’t think u know better! Christina is the voice of our generation, a great singer get over it!

  27. Likica November 11, 2012

    The greatest no, but one of the greatest yes. Kelly Clarkson is one ot the top voice as well.

    • Monstarebel (RiRis S** S****) November 11, 2012

      I agree Kelly Clarkson voice is amazing n underrated if she doesnt take off her clothes like Beyonce the queens on here won’t show her any love… they act like Kelly Clarkson don’t exist

    • Öz Firdevs November 11, 2012

      What please ?? no one f**** with Legentina damn !

      • Likica November 11, 2012

        @Öz Firdevs
        B**** can you read? I said Xtina is one of the best voices, but she is not the best voice ever.
        @Monstarebel (RiRis S** S****)
        Yup, I agree, Kelly is amazing and Breakaway was a masterpiece. She deserves more success. But she is more popular than Carrie (that b**** is local, she sells record just in the USA).

      • irene46 November 11, 2012

        breakaway is my favorite kelly clarkson song. it’s epic.

  28. Monstarebel (RiRis S** S****) November 11, 2012

    This was Good can’t hate I give props when due xoxo

  29. CURLY SUE November 11, 2012

    What church did she take yall to? I have never liked Christina’s tone nor her screaming.

  30. christinastherealtalent November 11, 2012

    Too many of you who are vocal critiques its f****** sad that you think u know what youre talking about. Etta James was and still is her idol and Christina is an Etta Jr. She is our Etta of this generation. Etta told Christina to always stay true to herself no matter what so yall need to start backing the f*** off *in my Adam Levine voice*

    If Christina was going to change anything about herself she did it with Stripped and it propelled her into the artist she is today. She’s not going to change to something she doesn’t believe in which is what a lot of you are trying to push her to do. She isn’t checking for your hate or comments but she does know they’re out there and isn’t going to cave now.

    Christina stays true to herself as a woman and artist.

    By the way, looking back at when she was skinny, she didn’t look happy or healthy with her body. Today, she definitely looks healthier and happier with herself.

  31. SHARON November 11, 2012

    pay attention kids! This is REAL talent!!!!

  32. Öz Firdevs November 11, 2012

    See, we don´t have to say much. She, miss Christina Aguilera, is the best Voice of this generation !!! She is the number 1 ! She is the Queen !

  33. Öz Firdevs November 11, 2012

    No one can f*** with X !! She is the Queen

  34. Kev November 11, 2012

    She mutha f***** killed this. I always play this for my friends randomly n they all be like damn. Sum like the scream note sum dont but i f***** live for it.

  35. King. November 11, 2012

    Yes, she is.

  36. mr.m November 11, 2012

    THE VOICE!!!!!!!!!!!
    That’s why they called her THE F****** VOICE
    ur fav could NEVER EVERRRRRRRRR do that ..and you know it b******

  37. houstonthequeen November 12, 2012

    Why Xtina fans always retarded and delusional?

  38. Adam G November 13, 2012

    This performance was sooooo amazing I still watch it all the time just for fun because of Christina’s epic Vocal!

  39. MRDIVABITCH November 16, 2012

    This performance was screamed and strained, had some really off pitch moments, and it was overall ugly and oversung. No real artistry, no beauty to it. Just ugly.

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