New Video: Melanie Fiona – ‘Change The Record (Ft B.O.B)’

Published: Thursday 8th Nov 2012 by David

 “If you can do it better, then do better”.

Just in case you weren’t aware, Melanie Fiona’s latest LP- ‘The MF Life’– stands as one of the year’s strongest releases with contributions from Salaam Remi, T Pain and the ever innovative Rico Love.

So, if you’re one of the few people who haven’t enjoyed all the project has to offer, we’d say you’re in luck today.

Reason being?

She’s released the video for the stellar single ‘Change The Record’ featuring Grand Hustle’s B.O.B, shining  a fresh light on the ROC release.

Get into it below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Suicide Blonde November 8, 2012

    Who is her?

    • Peter G November 8, 2012

      Is you crazy?

      • Suicide Blonde November 8, 2012

        I really don’t know her.

      • Peter G November 8, 2012

        You’ve been hiding under a rock mate! No, joking, I hardly know her myself! But she can sang.

      • Suicide Blonde November 8, 2012

        I don’t listen to British that much, only Rock and indie bands, the best from the UK.

      • Peter G November 8, 2012

        You know she’s Canadian right?! Plus I never knew they even made rock music outside of the UK! Radiohead, The Killers, Frank Ferdinand, Arctic Monkey, we got da best and every single one of all of ya’ll’s know it! Anyway here’s someone you will know…

      • Suicide Blonde November 8, 2012

        Oops1, i didn’t know she was Canadian, anyway you are wrong just like me, The Killers are American.

      • Peter G November 8, 2012

        The Kooks, I ment The Kooks! It’s been a long day!

      • Suicide Blonde November 8, 2012


  2. Peter G November 8, 2012

    Haven’t paid that much attention to her in the past (except that one song I forgot the name of) but I could see this song becoming a moderate hit. She looks like a black version of Amy Winehouse. No point adding B.O.B, that kid lost any street cred he had when he hooked up with Taylor Swift.

    • Mario November 8, 2012

      So just because he’s a rapper he has to have street creed.It is funny how you put a stamp on an artist but still want them to grow.

      • Peter G November 8, 2012

        That isn’t called growth it’s called selling out. If he wanted to ‘grow’ he would’ve tried to make a single hit song without a feat. Kanye did it, Jay Z did it, Eminem did it, so why does he always rely on someone else to sell his record?

      • FAF November 8, 2012

        What are you talking about? Many of Kanye & Eminem songs have features on it .. Not all his songs have features..

      • Mario November 8, 2012

        Making a solo hit is growth i thought experiemnting with you are as an artist was growth but i guess i was wrong.Plus the only one you name with a solo hit is Eminem, not to sure about Kanye but definitely not Jay-Z.

  3. MC (Benron is a flop) November 8, 2012

    She is talented and like the song & video. I wish she was more promoted than some other undeserving people.

  4. WHOIS STERLING INFINITY? November 8, 2012

    She is building a solid career!


    I can’t play the video!

    • Peter G November 8, 2012

      That’s the song!

  6. FAF November 8, 2012

    I love MF ! She has two grammys and is deserving !

  7. FAF November 8, 2012

    and I love her hair ! big up to mi west indian gyal dem … 🙂

  8. Claudette Knowles November 9, 2012

    She is so irrelevant LMAO!!! GIRL BYE!!!

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