New Video: Rihanna – ‘Diamonds’

Published: Thursday 8th Nov 2012 by David

 “Shine bright like a diamond.

It’s finally here!

Billed as one of her strongest videos to date, Rihanna releases the visual for her single ‘Diamonds’ tonight, pulled from her new album ‘Unapologetic‘.

Get into the ‘Run The World‘ inspired piece below! Anthony Mandler directs…

So much potential and deceiving promises of “epic”, yet the final product serves up little more than stylised “nothing”. A dangerous shame given that she’s an act whose “talent deficiencies” see her shine bright in the non-live arena (music videos, photoshoots and the like).

With new album ‘Unapologetic’ due in stores on November 19th, we doubt its first visual offering has done enough to garner it the attention or sales her so-called “status” calls for.


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    • NYMARCUS November 8, 2012

      song an A video a B love this girl

    • prettigurlrockD bitchess November 8, 2012

      Same can be said about you bashing beyonce. *sideye*

      • Belladonna November 8, 2012

        Rihanna is ICON! She makes good songs with good music videos and she always turns it out! always for the last 6 years or so! Britney,Beyonce,Gaga,Adele,Rihanna,TaylorSwift are all the ICONS of the new generation. if i didnt say there name there not a female ICON of the NEW GENERATION. This video Amazing like almost all her videos!

      • JER November 8, 2012

        b**** go buy 34583383 copies of every Keri Hilson album and single b****.

    • Forever Animal November 8, 2012

      Die Young is epic and you will deal

      • I Judge Flopz November 8, 2012





      • Mario November 8, 2012

        She just good songs and videos.So that what iconic has become good what about great and life and music changing music.

    • Öz Firdevs November 8, 2012


      • prettigurlrockD Bitchess November 9, 2012

        @JER B****, no one said I was a keri hilson stan. Stay mad.

  1. B**** Don’t Lie November 8, 2012

    The song is so Pretty but in my opinion : Rihanna is a Basic b**ch ….

  2. I am BLUE THE REAL HIVE November 8, 2012

    Wow it’s great

  3. JER November 8, 2012

    LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOO omg i just saw you tried.

    you tried

    YOU TRIED Samantha. Inspired by “Run the World”?????

    Quit trying to make “Run the World” happen

    • MC (Benron is a Ritabot) November 8, 2012

      Stop it, Jer! “Run the world” and fetch will happen, I have faith.

      • prettigurlrockD bitchess November 8, 2012

        Probably not inspired by RTW but Rih’s whole career probably is…

      • MC (Benron is a Ritabot) November 8, 2012

        I can agree to that…..or at least in the beginning it was because they did try to market her as Beyonce 2.0 before GGGB era.

      • RoyalKev November 8, 2012

        Now Rih’s Whyb does look very RTW inspired. Let’s stop acting like she doesn’t take notes. She did venture out and do her own thing on this one, but she gets inspired when Bey does something great! She falls right back in line and become an admirer again.

    • JER November 8, 2012

      If this is inspired by “Run the World” then let’s T-off b**** because it’s REALLY inspired by Mariah’s “Butterfly” so don’t. EVEN. try.

      • TinaMinaj November 9, 2012

        LMFAO!!!! You navy stans get more pathetic and have increasing double standards day by day. In a bid to say this was not RTW inspired you say it was from Mariah Carey and a bunch of other stuff??? If this was Beyonce you would be calling her thiefyonce etc…but i guess since its Rihanna its all good ya? Loool!!

    • Öz Firdevs November 8, 2012

      lol lolollol that was funny

      • FAF November 9, 2012

        It’s not Beyonce inspired “Run This Town” was post-apocalyptic, too……. That was 2010

  4. NYMARCUS November 8, 2012

    love it love her

  5. RIHFAN November 8, 2012

    Another #1. This video served it’s purpose!

    • Don’t_Start_No_Shit!!! November 8, 2012

      BUT wait … She’s not a in-depth B**ch though!!.. I’ll be surprise if she knows how to read!!!.. Your fav is stupid SORRY!!!… “REAL [email protected]*AS SAY WORD, I AINT NEVER TOLD NO LIE!!”

      • FAF November 9, 2012

        It’s not #1 , though =/

  6. Jon November 8, 2012

    I nearly feel asleep half way through… Boring as f*** zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • Lax November 10, 2012

      Just like you are Jon,,,,

    • Lax November 11, 2012

      perhaps all of the excitement about Rih
      dropping 7 Albums in 7 Years has quieted
      down now that Rih is beginning to Promote
      Her latest Efforts,,,

      OHHHHH,,,And for those who are Phucked all the way up because Rihanna drops Music to fast for you this is JAZ lINE UP OF ALBUMS pay very close ATTTTTTENTION!!!! to how often Jay dropped music,,,Okay!!!!!

      ranting & slobbing at the phucking mouth like you do when Rihanna is Dropping Music…..
      Studio albums
      Reasonable Doubt (1996)
      In My Lifetime, Vol. 1 (1997)
      Vol. 2… Hard Knock Life (1998)
      Vol. 3… Life and Times of S. Carter (1999)
      The Dynasty: Roc La Familia (2000)
      The Blueprint (2001)
      The Blueprint2: The Gift & The Curse (2002)
      The Black Album (2003)
      Kingdom Come (2006
      American Gangster (2007)
      The Blueprint 3 (2009)

      Jay dropped a ALBUM a year for 8 years straight, a album each year and
      from here on Rihanna can do the same if she so chooses to do so,,,,D***** Bags!!!!!

  7. Girrrl November 8, 2012

    Whatever that was epic. Better than Ciara, Kesha, Kelly, Brandy, Ne-Yo, etc.

    Oh yeah, don’t forget Diamonds is #4 on the BB100 #staymadhoe

    • BOB November 8, 2012


      • FAF November 9, 2012

        DEAD @ BOB

        When they mention the QUEEN I dont even respond… KI !

        The fact they use her name to keep relevance on a Never-had-a-#1-album B**** speaks volumes ! 🙂 🙂

    • Rihanna black madonna November 8, 2012

      Diamonds is number 3 and the LP is 9 on pre orders.

    • SCORPIO4LIFE(NOV.8) November 9, 2012

      That video can’t even touch And I by Ciara, nevertheless touch Promise, Never Ever, and it MOT DEF can’t touch #SORRY video! Have several seats for even trying to bring up Ciara concentrate on this boring ass video that was just OKAY.

  8. Malaysia November 8, 2012

    this song sucks more than an electrolux vacuum cleaner

    • Öz Firdevs November 8, 2012

      lol nobody cares about your opinion

    • Lax November 10, 2012


      Global Charts Archives 2006
      #9 Shakira 3,349,000 Oral Fixation
      #10 Pink 3,230,000 I’M Not Dead
      #12 Bey 3,113,000 B’Day
      #24 Rih 2,406,000 A Girl Like Me
      Proof That Rihanna can and is selling albums also.

      • Lax November 10, 2012

        World Global Charts Year End Sales,,,,,
        Global Charts,,,,,2007
        ALBUM SALES..
        #11 Alicia 3,222,000 As I Am
        #13 Rih 3,218,000 Gggb
        #27 Bey 1,815,000 B’Day

      • Lax November 10, 2012

        World Global Charts,,,,Year End Sales,,,,,,
        Global Charts Sales 2008

        Then all of the artists went on to sell what ever their tallies or, But…..and yo asses know this but chooses to act a dam fool! Regardless.
        Global Charts,,,,2008 year end sales
        #7 Rih 3.7 million Gggb
        #17 Bey 2.3 million I Am Sasha Fierce
        #37 KATY 1.5 million One Of The Boys

      • Lax November 10, 2012

        Global Charts….2010
        #1 Gaga 5.9 million Fame (Monster)
        #5 Taylor 3.5 million Speak Now
        #11 Akeys 2.3 million Elements Of Freedom
        #13 Rih 2.2 million Loud
        These or Albums Folks,,,,,,

      • Lax November 10, 2012

        Global Charts,,,2011,,,,,Albums Folks
        #1 Adele 15.3
        #2 Gaga 5.4 million
        #3 Rih 3.4 million
        #7 Adele 2.8 million
        #10 Bey 2.1 million
        These are all Albums, Boo, Boo and if its good for the goose MEANING all of them except Rihanna then its good for the Gander which is Rihanna the so called
        ARTIST who many claims can’t sell ALBUMS!!!!!


    • Lax November 10, 2012

      Bey Hive and Rihanna many Haters just hit click and go to the link and see that Rihanna is selling Albums and you can squeal like a chicken getting his neck rung off because the PROOF is in the Pudding and ALL OF YOU KNOW WHAT Rih is capable of, Case on hold Because the JURY IS STILL OUT ON how this Era will go down,,,,

  9. Mario November 8, 2012

    i mean i love it but i just knew that he would say it was inspired by Run the World.You guys make Beyonce stans look dumb.I stan for beyonce but i am not delusional and when she does bullshitt i will call her out.She is not perfect just like every other person.I praise when every someone does good but i tear them when they jack up.

    • sisa sly November 9, 2012

      you aint no damn beyonce stan………………dont even.

      • Mario November 9, 2012

        You just proved my statement!So i won’t even dignify you stupid ass with a longer comment.Note:Not all the Bey Hive is delusional and dunce like this b****.Get Ya Life!

  10. MC (Benron is a Ritabot) November 8, 2012

    I like the video, but I was expecting a lot more of chaos, craziness, burning, dying etc from this video. Cool vid., but I have no idea what it does for the song :/ I really was expecting it to go the dark, crazy route but it wasn’t. Very good video nonetheless.

    • Benron (Rita Ora is prettier than MC) November 8, 2012


    • prettigurlrockD bitchess November 8, 2012

      lady gaga would have done that.



    • Öz Firdevs November 8, 2012


  11. ENOUGH ONIKA November 8, 2012

    The visual for the song is outstanding! I’m still not totally into Diamonds but the visual is entertaining.

    • MC (Benron is a Ritabot) November 8, 2012


  12. JAKE November 8, 2012






    YAAAADSS @ riGOR looking for some KING BEY inspiration for this video.

    BUT… riGONNORHEOa can copy Ms. Knowles-Carter all she wants – unaFLOPogetic is STILL going to FLOP.


    • zzzzg November 8, 2012

      Nope check out Tina Turner “Simply the Best” video.Get your facts straight h**.

      • Um November 8, 2012

        zzzzzng, shut up c***.

    • JER November 8, 2012


      Keep trying.

      • zzzzg November 8, 2012


    • Lax November 11, 2012

      Rihanna,,,,,Haters has gotten worn down and
      Tired and I know you are truly big Rihanna fans deep down and she’s not giving you much to talk about other then what shes doing on a Daily,,,, but its Ok there are many other Aritist out there for you to talk about…but then again they don’t get you the Type of Comments Rihanna does ,,,,Now do they? Therefore its understandable
      why you post on Her I do Understand,,,, that much,,,

      • Lax November 11, 2012

        I don’t know how old Many of u r but if you are her age then I’m sure you was partying enjoying yourself doing the damn thing so let the girl live.
        Rih is in no way trying to take anybody else’s shine Shes all about Her own shine, her own Progression up that ladder of success in Her own Lane that she has carefully carved out for herself.

      • Lax November 11, 2012

        Whitney Houston stated….
        not that i’m not Comparing their Talent i’m comparing the age one reason she got so wild and out of control is because she didn’t have normal twenties or teens or anything she never got a chance to enjoy her life because she was always doing business that’s a mistake many young artist make their image becomes more important then their sanity so when they hit 30 or older ages you see them actin out and in the press looking like they’re losing their minds so I don’t mind Rihanna acting out now because that means later there will be no excuses she had her fun and when its time to settle down with kids and a family whoever that man may be she can say Ok i’m ready to do this because i’ve been there done that let’s try something new… let the girl live she’s 24 hell
        Not four years old or 99 years old, gheeeeese…

    • Lax November 12, 2012

      They say it’s not where you come from, but where you’re going that matters. The path People have chosen, more accurately the path that chose Me, is leading me to awareness, and stability. Of course, everything comes
      with a high price like being dogged out by Low Life’s
      like Yo kind Jake….

      • Lax November 12, 2012

        @Rihanna Haters,,,,
        Of Course everything come with a price
        The price for reaching Her destination is a high one, complete with obstacles and struggles to bear. It is
        The beautiful sensation of…. Victory that makes Her Stronger and Smarter with every passing day. Everything has its purpose, if nothing else life in the Industry is a Lesson Learned…..You grow as you go!

      • Lax November 12, 2012

        Rihanna Haters,,,,,,Rih
        believe knowledge is power, and that’s what is to be gained She feels she has to be a Warrier in the Upcoming Battles and Struggles of life. In the words of a wise poet Everyday is a Gift, that’s
        why it’s called the Present…

      • Lax November 12, 2012

        @Rihanna Haters,,,,,,Rih
        also believe that the energy a person puts out comes back in Tenfold., So…. why not try to be a better person? Treating others the way you’d like to be treated is a Testimony to your own Personal Self Respect. Who and what you surround yourself with is a Reflection of Self, therefore, I choose wisely. On a Much different side of Me
        I am a very Ambitious Woman with a Plan for My Life….
        And the Hard work She put in and the Mid Night Oil burned is only a small part of the Struggle, Folks.

      • Lax November 12, 2012

        @Rihanna’s Haters,,,,,,
        From the depth of my Being I am a
        woman who is Genuine,Driven, Sure, and Free. Though Young in Years,,, . I’m a True Realist,,,, I love off beat beauty and down to earth people…. I love just being Myself, down to earth and I don’t take Myself all that Serious I love a good Joke loads of Laughter and In real Life I love Humor in My Every day Life, both on and Off the Stage….

      • Lax November 12, 2012

        @Rihanna’s Haters,,,,,
        I love learning about Human Nature ,Social Behavior, anything to do with the Life as it is in many different Countries and development of Human Society. I have a strong interest in
        People in General,,,,,I love People and I love hearing about their Struggles in General it reminds Me of where and what I have gone through and come from to get over to this side
        of the Mountain….

      • Lax November 12, 2012

        @Rihanna Haters,,,,,,
        I feel Deeply and Passionately about life in general even though I don’t Always Express it. I wouldn’t hesitate to move to a different country or township,,, Most of the time I’m Quiet and is all about My work,,,, on top of that I’m very down to earth I love those Quick Intimate Sparks That fly when you meet someone and can Bypass the Small Talk and Become as Human and down to earth as possible.

      • Lax November 12, 2012

        @Rihanna Haters,,,,,,Rih has a ….
        Tendency to ask Awkward and Personal Questions due to Curiosity in Other. ,, It’s thought provoking. I want to meet people with Interesting ideas about the world. People who are Intellectual and LOVE LIFE AS I DO,,,. People with a thirst for Understanding. People who have a Desire and the Self Worth and the strength to get off their Behinds and do something about their situations no matter how hard it might seem at the time.
        My deepest Desire is to always stay true to Myself and to those who Support My Efforts…….

  13. Suicide Blonde November 8, 2012

    I like it and not i don’t see the similarities with “Run The Flop (Whores)”, don’t even try, it’s not even her best video but this would make the song goes #1, just wait.

    • I am BLUE THE REAL HIVE November 8, 2012

      Horses fire and more image they are the same s***

      • Suicide Blonde November 8, 2012

        So Beyonce is the first person to use Horses in her videos, have you seen Tina Turner “The Best” video.

      • MC (Benron is a Ritabot) November 8, 2012

        You mean Beyonce didn’t create horses? or human-beings? or the universe? Stop lying!

      • Benron (Rita Ora is prettier than MC) November 8, 2012

        @Suicide @MC

        They using the texts from the international church of Beyonce.

        Their bible reads “In the beggining God created the heavens and the earth, but nobody gives a s*** because QUEEN B created him.”

        Praise Beyhova!

      • Suicide Blonde November 8, 2012

        I know, i’m so stupid, Bey create my fat white d*** too, i thanks her for that.

      • I am BLUE THE REAL HIVE November 8, 2012

        Tgebimagenman c’mon fire everything non it its run the world

    • OMG November 8, 2012

      LMAO @ suicide for saying his white d*** fat lmao lmao I know u had eye sight problems but didn’t know it was this bad. xD

      • Suicide Blonde November 8, 2012

        Oops!, i’m sorry for that, i remember you told me that i have a small d*** last night when we f***.

  14. HYFR November 8, 2012

    Just as boring as I expected. What Im waiting for is the hq victoria’s secret performance

  15. islandboi242 November 8, 2012


  16. I am BLUE THE REAL HIVE November 8, 2012

    Its another version of beyonce run the world I like this s*** its Kool

  17. MrCyphers November 8, 2012




      • FAF November 9, 2012

        OOP !!

      • jamilaa November 9, 2012

        FAF! wats up? what number is freedom on the BB HOT100?

    • SCORPIO4LIFE(NOV.8) November 9, 2012

      AND??? Still suck give a damn if it sold 30 million!!! you R****** FANS ARE JUST THAT RETARDED!!!!!!!

  18. WaitUrTurn88 November 8, 2012


  19. iLLUMINATI KING November 8, 2012

    This is nothing like Run The World. Beyonce is probably fed up of this s***. This video is ok, you continue to slate everything Rihanna does. If you expect to win Beyonce over then be humble like her and not a B****. NOT COOL

  20. D November 8, 2012

    fierce b**** love it… ciaras at home watching got me good crying after seeing this

    • Mario November 8, 2012

      why you had to bring cici i mean you guys look like to start stan wars.Ciara has nothing to do with the post.

      • FAF November 9, 2012

        Why would Ciara cry about anything? She has a #1 album, F**…………

        It’s so funny how u Rishitta stans have Ciara name on your fingertips so much recently

        is it the publicity she’s gaining that got u SKURRED ? … 🙂

      • FAF November 9, 2012

        Divas live is coming…………

        Black girls rock = killed it

        Jimmy Kimmel = killed it

        2 songs w/ QUEEN NICKI…. U WILL DEAL !

      • SCORPIO4LIFE(NOV.8) November 9, 2012


  21. KESSIE November 8, 2012

    The song is about her relationship with Chris Brown.

    – Running away from a car, distraught (i.e. Grammys 2009 incident)
    – Apartment/walls falling a part after losing her love (ie Chris Brown)
    – Grasping a tatted light-skinned arms (i.e. Chris Brown’s)
    – Two horses reconnected again (i.e. Chris Brown and Rihanna’s relationship)
    – Her walking through chaos, and seeing a man in fire (look at the similar facial structure of Chris Brown)

    Yes, the video could be something completely random, maybe about global warming. And if she’s ever asked directly, she’s probably give an artist’s creative take on it. But, there are no reading between the lines or looking hard for connections; it was intentionally, and a great, dark twist to the song.

    • CBE November 8, 2012

      Global warming? uuh I dont think so…you might be right about the Relationship, I dont really care about that. I have been trying to analyze all the videos of Artists controlled and pushed by the illuminati bloodlines, Like Kesha’s video earlier on they all praise/acknowledge their masters by making symbols(if you pay attention), at the start: The all seeing eye(found ontop of Pyramid, look at your dollar bill next time) she does this like many artists by covering one eye, check at the start of this video, 2:15 check what she does with her hands(so slick and fast) she has always been like these with her videos. Now you said Global warming? I guess at the end? I dont know but it seems like something thats coming like Civil unrest…chaos, with the things like the economy collapsing I wouldnt rule this out. cheers. I know koo- koo:)

      • mobwife: b*tch i’ll cut ur throat November 9, 2012

        Okay you have gone way around the bend. I honestly don’t think it’s that complex. I’ve yet to see Kw$ha’s vid so I will have to check that one out!! The Diamond vid is a simple love song/vid about to complex young charcters in the game. IMO 🙂

    • CBE November 8, 2012

      If you were wondering why many songs and albums sell outrageously, Fans buy music yes but there are things that go on behind the scenes too, I would elaborate but at this point I would sound crazy, Chris brown fan here but I learned about this s*** when they went after Michael Jackson for refusing to continue making these immoral songs targeting youth.

      • FAF November 9, 2012

        Chile……………ALL Rihanna think about is Chris Brown!!!

    • mobwife: b*tch i’ll cut ur throat November 9, 2012

      This is how I see it:

      The car is the MEDIA & CRTICS/HATERS trying to run Rihanna down!

      The light – DIAMOND IN THE SKY- is Chris Brown guiding her to him! She follows the path to the WATER. They use to spend alot of time together swimming and having fun at the beach (see old pics of them).

      The room that was once in ruins is restored. And she’s finally at peace —> “I choose to be happy”!

      The horses are the most telling. She, the black horse, is just laying there in need of life. The big BROWN horse (funny he was actually brown) gallaps in and awakens that spirit and energy she locked away when he left her life. The horses “SNUGGLE” – which is just the cutest part IMO 🙂 – then they run off FREE, TOGETHER & CONTENT!

      On the street, things are in chaos but he (CB) keeps it moving, WALKING THROUGH THE FLAMES ( Ye though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death….) it reminds me of “Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego” but let me stop. If I get much deeper folks will have to start ICING THEIR BRAINS since they can’t seem to follow the nexus of this video!

      **We both see similar things in this vid! 🙂

      • bxgirl November 9, 2012

        I like your take on the video, the only things I saw differently were the light in the sky as not being CB but her re-awakening and following the light.

        I also viewed the water as somewhat of a cleansing, but hey I could be reading too much into it.

    • SCORPIO4LIFE(NOV.8) November 9, 2012

      KESSIE I SAID THE SAME THING THIS ABOUT CHRIS BROWN, SHE USE HIM EVERY CHANCE SHE GET!!! Chris you better run away as fast as you can bruh, she is bound to kill your career again!!!!

  22. Sumaia November 8, 2012

    ANYONE who says this video ” slayed” or was “epic” are lying to themselves this was basic as f*** and yall no it….. I had to take a energy drink to get me to the end off it fs this r****** has officially ran out of ideas… This was a straight up

    • Rihanna black madonna November 8, 2012

      That why Rih is ruling the American and global chart as we speak. # THATRIHANNAREIGNJUSTWON’TLETUP.

      You are lying is you think it is basic. If this is basic. What do you call Ciara’s got me good or the new Keyshia COLE?

      • zzzzg November 8, 2012

        The haters would hype up some flops like Keyshia cole or Ciara before Rihanna.

      • OMG November 8, 2012

        Rih ruling american chart? Taylor swift>>>>>>>>>rihanna

    • FAF November 9, 2012

      DEATH @ the nappy headed R**** stans / Sybil aliases mad…

      Ciara weaves is never bald on the edges like R**** ! KII !

      She still aint grown edges back after CB drug her out that car that night in 2009…. 🙁

      • FAF November 9, 2012

        @OMG ! Exactly! & thats how its gon stay ! KII

        Its gonna be sad when a Re-release shits on R**** sales on november 19th 🙁

  23. FOLLOW ME @gdboyratedloud November 8, 2012

    SAM IS RAGING ON TWITTER LMFAO. He must not have comprehension skills. Its clearly a continuation of the WFL video. They get back together.

    • FAF November 9, 2012

      Gurl……………. wut ?

      Looks to me like Rishitta got left behind at the end of the world & she & CB the only ones on earth when the devil comes to take over


  24. D November 8, 2012

    whats with the horse though? who left sarah jessica parker in the video

  25. Aynon November 8, 2012

    I feel like rihanna has finally found her sound this era the snippets on iTunes I’ve heard are her best a good mix of pop rnb and alternative nothing that sounds generic, which is impressive for rihanna, she’s finally found her niche alternative RnB-pop and she should stick to it, it’s her best. As far as the video goes she’s giving me beyonce I am…Sasha fierce era which I love because it was her best era yet the videos. I have been hard on rihanna in the past but I think this album will show people she does have a niche in the market that can’t be replaced and I hope it puts her in the league of beyonce and gaga in terms of critical acclaim and respect as opposed to the keshas Katy perrys and nicki minaj’s I love the video it’s like run the world/if I were a boy/broken hearted girl. I’m a die hard bey stan but rihanna is giving me what beyonce did during I am…Sasha fierce…..#thenavyslatestrecruit

  26. CURLY SUE November 8, 2012

    I was waiting for a climax, but it just didn’t happen…I still love the song though ….

  27. Rihanna black madonna November 8, 2012

    Her best video and video of the year. She has no competition. Sam you jealous f***. ”Dangerous game”? No Rita Ora is a dangerous game on step away ffom being dropped. ” Stylized nothing ” You mean like all Rita, Beyonce, Ciara, and Brandy videos. How dare you! This video is above and beyond what black singer can make. It more like a Keira Knighty movie. You do not know anything. If you did, you would know about art direction and cinematography. The level of art direction is akin to a Big budget movie. The scenery looks breath taking – looks like she filmed it in New Zealand. I love the concept: chris browns hands; the symbolic horse and the scene where she is running is very karma police radiohead.

    Aside from Janet, name a black woman that makes innovative music videos? Got me good was ghetto hot mess. Wildest dreams is wack. Shina ya light was crappy and ghetto.

    Well done Rih. Peter berg said he casted you in your first movie, because of how mazing your videos are and how hot they look. With a video like this, You have now just booked your next 10 hollywood movies.

    • I am BLUE THE REAL HIVE November 8, 2012

      B**** she only have 3VMAs while beyonce has 11 Shame



    • Um November 8, 2012

      you sound like a pseudo-pretentious f***, & yet it’s clear that you have no idea what you’re talking about. Big budget? Innovative? Rly tho? Get the f*** outta here “Rihanna Black Madonna”

      • FAF November 9, 2012

        Same generic s***…………. Rishitta black B**** keeps typing these essays like anyone on TGJ got time to read them…

        “NOBODY GOT TIME FO DAT!” In Sweet Brown aka Kelly momma voice!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 KI !

  28. ty November 8, 2012

    hummmm the video not what i expected it was so boring felt like it was dragging the song along

  29. DBOY6 November 8, 2012


  30. Benron (Rita Ora is prettier than MC) November 8, 2012

    Diamonds is going number one soon and ya’ll will deal.

    Like @Mc said, I expected much more craziness,wwho ever edited the video was very incompetent and clearly doesen’t knwo how to make a video. All those water, horse and lip-sync scenes are supposed to be SECONDARY t the action, not happening jsut as often. But better video than most of her peers could dream of having.

    And don’t even get me started FLOP-HIVE, you h*** acting like Mariah Carey and Sade didn’t have horses in their music videos, ok. But I guess I forgot that Beyonce invented and currently holds copyright for, horses. Ok h***. Go buy the Loudtourdvd if you’re not broke or on crack.

    • MC (Benron is a Ritabot) November 8, 2012

      What do you know, Diamonds might just be her 12 #1 but I am not sure if its due to video (I don’t think so) or just because…..

      • Benron (Rita Ora is prettier than MC) November 8, 2012

        Its not cause the video. Its cuz the attention havign a video and an SNL performance will give it.

      • MC (Benron is a Ritabot) November 8, 2012

        I see, I still am kinda surprised that even with all their good footage from the BTS, they barely use the action/craziness/chaos scene.

      • Benron (Rita Ora is prettier than MC) November 8, 2012

        Like I said, they should of used that. But I guess she is trying to use Take care vibes again. The chaotic scene should of been the main tbh.

      • MC (Benron is a Ritabot) November 8, 2012


    • Um November 8, 2012

      Benron, go away. You’re so boring and pathetic.

      • Benron (Rita Ora is prettier than MC) November 8, 2012

        Your mouth s working well, wanna use it on this d***?

    • Um November 9, 2012

      you know you got a big, gaping, wide ass p****. F****** c***.

      • Benron (King Of The F****** Navi)) November 9, 2012

        Keep dreaming miss.

  31. That B*tch (God loves Obama) November 8, 2012

    Dead @ her copying King Bey. I also see bits and pieces of Russian Roulette in this.
    I thought Christina Brown was supposed to be in this.
    On a positive note, she looks good.

    • MC (Benron is a Ritabot) November 8, 2012

      I thought that tattooed arm was CB though?

      • That B*tch (God loves Obama) November 8, 2012

        Thats what I thought too but then I figured she probably hired someone for it’s symbolism the same way she did with the WFL video.

    • James227 November 8, 2012

      @That B****

      Was that supposed to be funny because it wasn’t. I see white b**** that you are the only one still calling Chris Brown out of his name.

      • mobwife: b*tch i’ll cut ur throat November 9, 2012

        Get her @James227 LOL 🙂

        And where did she copy Beyonce 0_o? Folks must be smoking crystal meth or crack cocaine “coz” I don’t see it!

  32. tomuchenfo November 8, 2012

    Her 15 minutes start now….

    • FAF November 9, 2012

      Girl its been on for bout 7 yrs…………..

  33. Benron (Rita Ora is prettier than MC) November 8, 2012


    • Suicide Blonde November 8, 2012

      Don’t forget that the horses d**** belongs to her too.

      • Benron (Rita Ora is prettier than MC) November 8, 2012

        If you mean Camel d**** you could of just said “Jay-Z”

  34. Rihanna black madonna November 8, 2012

    Run the world. Was nothing like a Keira Knighty movie. It was a typical ghetto video, only a black woman can make. There was nothing movie about it. It lacked any tender concept, jutst wig wearing black woman jerking and jiving like ratchet hood rat at freaknik.

    • prettigurlrockD bitchess November 8, 2012

      shut ur racist ass up. How was RTW ghetto with it’s budget? Oh I bet ur saying that cuz she’s black but so is Rihanna.

    • Mario November 8, 2012

      Did a black r*** your white ashy ass when you were little.Maybe but i actually don’t feel sorry for you ass.You know you liked that big,fat, juicy black d*** in your small smelly couch.#Racistafobun

  35. zzzzg November 8, 2012

    Run the Flop inspired??? It’s more Tina Turner “Simply the Best” inspired. Run The Flop was ghetto and unoriginal, it’s a rip off of Mya’s “In case of the X ” video.please!!! Rihanna’s video is elegant, emotional, and sophisticated. Run the flop ghetto trash that flopped.

    • That B*tch (God loves Obama) November 8, 2012

      Just like Rihanna’s p**** patting in WHYB.

      • That B*tch (God loves Obama) November 8, 2012

        Talk about ghetto huh?

      • Benron (Rita Ora is prettier than MC) November 8, 2012

        Now that, was actually Beyonce inspired.

      • That B*tch (God loves Obama) November 8, 2012

        Beyonce pops her p****. P**** patting belongs to Rih.

      • Benron (Rita Ora is prettier than MC) November 8, 2012

        Popping is for h***, patting is classy.

      • That B*tch (God loves Obama) November 8, 2012


    • prettigurlrockD bitchess November 8, 2012

      RTW did not look like case of the EX. Only similarity was sand.

    • Um November 8, 2012

      & yet Rihanna’s the QUEEN of ghetto, unoriginal, uninspired, microwaved, simp ass songs. The irony.

  36. lol November 8, 2012

    Can we talk about everytime I like a comment it a subtract instead of adding. This only happens on a Rihanna post

    • FAF November 9, 2012

      DEAD !!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  37. izzy November 8, 2012

    Ummm this video is nice I just had no idea what’s going on! maybe if her male lead was snatched from her in whatever kind of war that was & they eventually met back up then yeah…I think some parts was irrelevant but whatever lol

  38. Benron (Rita Ora is prettier than MC) November 8, 2012

    And why is sam acting like he has ever praised a Rihanna video.

    He called WFL a copycat video and a publicit stunt, he called WHYB “the result of editing”, like for real bitchnigga?

    People need to get their s*** together, hating on a girl who STILL hasn’t agreed to that interview #POORDAT

    • I am BLUE THE REAL HIVE November 8, 2012

      Stfu she released 100video with only 3VMA that’s a shame

      • Benron (Rita Ora is prettier than MC) November 8, 2012

        She has less videos then Beyonce.

      • Mark November 8, 2012

        You a lie! She won three for Umbrella years ago and won 1 or two this year. She won the biggest award of the night twice. Stay mad. And I don’t see how they get Run the World out of this at all.

  39. Nik November 8, 2012

    I’m trying to read the comments but keep getting distracted by the photoshopped picture of Lady Ga Ga on the side of the screen.

  40. The Great Lacefronce. November 8, 2012

    The queen drops a video and the world stops!!! 🙂

    Diamonds was slaying WITHOUT a video now shes headed to #1 soon

    The queen top 5 without a video..when yo faves??????

    • That B*tch (God loves Obama) November 8, 2012

      I cant take you seriously with that pic in your avie.

      • Benron (Rita Ora is prettier than MC) November 8, 2012

        I thought it was a slave!

      • That B*tch (God loves Obama) November 8, 2012

        Its none other than that shady pressed queen Ne-Yo during high school boo.

      • Benron (Rita Ora is prettier than MC) November 8, 2012


  41. @091094_ Twitter November 8, 2012


  42. Rihanna black madonna November 8, 2012


    Why are you verbally abusing Rihanna, directly at twiiter? I just saw you tweet rihanna all this abuse. Why? Are that scared of her success, that now you are harassing the girl?

    • Rihanna black madonna November 8, 2012

      Oh, and how sad that you have posted misha b rendition of Diamonds, As if that is gonna stop Rih. If anything, Misha b is making Diamonds sell more, as she is promoting it. LOL LOL at Misha b out selling Rita Ora.

    • RUDE NAVY November 8, 2012

      really ?

      can u plz post what he said to her ?

      why the f*** didn’t she block him tho ?

      oh i get it , she don’t even care to take some of her time to do so ……

      • Benron (Rita Ora is prettier than MC) November 8, 2012

        She probs already did.

      • RUDE NAVY November 8, 2012

        Nah , she only Block ppl who are her fans and annoy her , Ask me 😳 !!

      • Benron (King Of The F****** Navi)) November 8, 2012

        she blokked yeaux?

  43. Benron (Rita Ora is prettier than MC) November 8, 2012

    I’m kidding guys she DEFINITELY copied Beyawnce, just like Rude boy copies The horse from the diamonds video (other wise known as SoLange) ‘s video

  44. Boss November 8, 2012

    The trust nd believe vid was bettr den dis.

    • Rihanna black madonna November 8, 2012

      And where is Keyshia coles music and movie career? HUH!?

      • Boss November 8, 2012

        Uhh, where is Rihanna’s movie career bcuz i remember her movie flopped. Keyshia has a succesful reality show. But none of that changes the fact that the video was wack as f***.

      • RUDE NAVY November 8, 2012

        who’s key$hia ? who’s lashonda ?

      • Boss November 8, 2012

        KEYSHIA’S just the artist that realesed a bettr video then this.

      • Mario November 8, 2012

        Commercial success does not give a full picture of how good something is.For example as a Trey Songz fan who has all his albums and followed him from the start not only when he become known because of Ready.Chapter 5 was s*** but he still had alright opening numbers.

      • FAF November 9, 2012

        PREACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @Boss

        They will DEAL ! Keyshia cole LOWEST number still s*** on R**** !

        They will respect the GREAT BLACK ENTERTAINERS !

  45. Rihanna black madonna November 8, 2012


    The stuff i am reading on your twitter. You need help. Rihanna can get a court order against you. So, if i was you I would either cease and keep it moving – don’t cover her ( kim kardashian has been banned from one fashon blog ) or seek help. Cos one day….This rihanna abuse, you are dishing out to the girl, is gonna get you in trouble.

    • FAF November 9, 2012

      Can we get an order for ur bum ass to quit posting ?………….

  46. Jay Jay November 8, 2012


    • RUDE NAVY November 8, 2012

      she will save that one for ” Nobody’s Business” 😉 😉 😉

      • James227 November 8, 2012

        I heard that when Rihanna’s album comes out Chris Brown fans will download Nobody’s Business. Here I though they was going to download the whole album but I guess I have to wait and see what the word is on twitter.

  47. zzzzg November 8, 2012

    Rihanna is channeling a legendary woman!! Tina Turner. Beyoncé is ghetto trash.

    • Janelle November 8, 2012

    • The F*** You talkin bout?? November 8, 2012

      • The F*** You talkin bout?? November 8, 2012

        LISTEN to what this legendary woman has to say about her. You disagree wit the legend? Some Navy talk so much bull.

      • zzzzg November 8, 2012

        yes because everybody has an opinion

    • Um November 9, 2012

      HAHAHAHA yesssss @ Janelle & “The F*** you talkin bout”

      Tell these pressed h***!

  48. prettigurlrockD bitchess November 8, 2012

    Stop bringing beyonce into every post! We, unlike navies, have class. You make bey fans look bad!! :/ We know she’s the BEST. Leave it at that. The Navy can’t handle the truth obviously.

    • Mario November 8, 2012


  49. EzraJKnight November 8, 2012

    The video was filled with imagery, haven’t you noticed? Being chased by constant lights (being hounded by the paparazzi) to a place where she feels at peace. (She’s in a happy place), the stallion running towards it’s mate or kin to be reunited. The grasping of hands. It’s just a video filled with art, creativity and imagination. This wasn’t supposed to be like some generic pop video but a video with more than one meaning.

  50. Rihanna black madonna November 8, 2012

    You know what Sam just done on twitter? He tweeted Rihanna, Misha B’s video of her singing diamonds/ Hopefully Rihanna will block you from twitter, so you can stop harassing her. Guess the video blew your brains out. You need mental help.

  51. Auntie_Jackie November 8, 2012

    The water scenes were beautiful. She went for a more abstract video, which can work SOMETIMES, but I don’t think it worked here. It actually reminded me a bit of ‘Take Care’ with her and Drake, in terms of trying to use symbolism, but I’m not feeling the veiled references to her and CB. She already played that card in WFL more directly, and it was better. No thanks, but I’m sure her fans will eat this snoozer up.

    • RUDE NAVY November 8, 2012

      what Card “Auntie” ?

      • Auntie_Jackie November 8, 2012

        The CB relationship card. It’s so tired! I think the video would have been really cool if it had a story line. Make the bish a diamond trader or something stealing blood diamonds for her boyfriend because he’s been kidnapped. I want to see her get into a different character, do something cool other than stand around and “emote” and rely on fancy cuts with pictures (for symbolism) interspersed. I’ve seen that quite a bit, and too much from her in particular.

        This video was very close to working, but I think it came across as trying a little too hard–which doesn’t happen with her stuff that often. Forgettable.

    • FAF November 9, 2012

      b/c she dont have nothing else…………. Every video & picture on instagram is smoking blunts or a subliminal quote about CB …. SAD !!!

  52. Benron (Rita Ora is prettier than MC) November 8, 2012

    And Beyawnce fans cannot talk about videos when Beyonce released a REHEARSEL CLIP ( Love on FLOP , An old wedding video ( Worst flop that never smashed and a PORNO with her RUBBING VASELINE ALL OVER HERSELF ( Jay+ Bey = Reborn Doll ) . Like, for real, at least Rihanan would never release video phone.

    • prettigurlrockD bitchess November 8, 2012

      all the videos were good without her even trying. Rih could never.

      • Benron (King Of The F****** Navi)) November 8, 2012

        It sucked, you suck, try this d***.

    • Um November 9, 2012

      you can’t even f****** spell, let alone argue a valid point. Stop humiliating yourself.

  53. zzzzg November 8, 2012

    Beyoncé didn’t create horses. Liars

    • MC (Benron is a Ritabot) November 8, 2012

      My favorite song from Butterfly!

      • RUDE NAVY November 8, 2012

        b**** what about “honey” ?

        i like the ” butterfly” reprise version more tho , reminds me of the vibe you get when u listen to ” now i know” from music box.

      • MC (Benron is a Ritabot) November 8, 2012

        Honey is the bomb, notice I never have a definite favorite song from Mariah….sometimes I say my fav from Butterfly is My all, sometimes its Butterfly, sometimes its the roof and other times its honey….it all depends on my mood and what the song does for me. “Honey” the song was so sweat and hot at the same time with those vocals and lower register runs…..and the video is one of her best. Honey is defiantly my 3rd favorite 1st single (1. Vision of love 2. WBT 3. Honey)
        What is your favorite Mariah song? Honey?

      • RUDE NAVY November 8, 2012

        No , My fav MC song is ” It’s Like that’ , I just Like her when she’s Her REAL self , a DIVA !!

        But Tbh , I like ALL of her albums and i own Them Till ” TEOM” ….. after that , i stopped checking for her as i used to ! of course she’s an international Superstar and we are all Love her Here , Like “my all” is a MUST in every wedding and s*** , so ……

        It’s like that 😉

      • MC (Benron is a Ritabot) November 8, 2012

        I love that song! Everyone hated it, but its a good song. I can understand your dissatisfaction with MOIA (although it had some good songs) but I thought E=MC^2 was good.

    • Suicide Blonde November 8, 2012


  54. prettigurlrockD bitchess November 8, 2012

    *blinks* Confused about the video concept. Uhh. I like the song. Not crazy about the video though. You da one and WFL were her best videos. Just listened to the unapologetic snippets online and Fresh off the runway! SMH. She tries to act all hard and gangsta. BYE. 😀 I will admit the snippets of the songs don’t sound as good as TTT and Loud even tho I don’t think TTT was a good album either.

    • MC (Benron is a Ritabot) November 8, 2012

      But,…..what about Man Down?!?! Its her best vid imo

  55. nick November 8, 2012

    pretty but boring, i dont get it., egh

  56. tits mcgee November 8, 2012

    I like the video. It’s moody like the song. Another number 1 for this chick.

  57. RUDE NAVY November 8, 2012

    OK , let me take a moment to absorb the greatness of this piece of ART , i think this is her BEST MUSIC VIDEO TO DATE , I USED to like , you know , her Rude boy/what’s my name kind of style , BUT now , I’m adopting myself to get used to this level of greatness , she just did the damn thing with the video , i love when the video translate just what the song is all about , and that is what i love about her music videos , they are not some complex s*** ” see gaga’s” , they aren’t boring and shot in a room with 3 girls For the entire f*****’ ERA ” LOL , you already know who’s this one” and …. THE MUSIC VIDEO IS GREAT , simply the first good thing happened in this ERA !!

    I Love her when she gets Deep tho 😀 !

    Did i expected a Lot from this one ? honestly after seeing the BTS vid , NO !
    will this push ‘Diamonds’ to #1 ? Maybe , but i just don’t care as long as i’m satisfied as a navy and that i think she did the best she can do with it , and in here , she just did that !!

    but i just don’t like that Hair , I’m sorry !!

    For Beyonce’s stans who are dying to be cute in this POST , here are some facts :
    – RTW is not the ONLY music video with post-apocalypse Theme , there are tons of music videos with the same s*** , and let’s not act as if BEYONCE did NOT copy SHAKIRA’s “waka waka” MV , even took her blonde weave ! :mrgreen: , and still it FLOPPED and never saw the top 5 Despite being performed on every stage and being a GOOD track IMO !!
    so Stay Seated and don’t try it !!

      • RUDE NAVY November 8, 2012

        Awwh , thank you :*)

        you are my fav too.

    • MC (Benron is a Ritabot) November 8, 2012

      But….but…..but…..what about Man Down?? Why is everyone just glancing over that song…..Man Down >>>>>>>>>> this video

      • Suicide Blonde November 8, 2012

        I think Man Down is one of Rihanna best song ever, the way she sg that song, it’s crazy.

      • Benron (Rita Ora is prettier than MC) November 8, 2012

        Man down is better than this, Man flawless tbh.

      • MC (Benron is a Ritabot) November 8, 2012

        That song and video s*** all over this song and video… be honest, only WFL came close to being as good as Man Down.

      • RUDE NAVY November 8, 2012

        MAN down Is Good , But It is just Rihanna in Her Element , and If you are there for her ass since 2005 , songs like ” if it’s lovin’ that you want” , ” we Ride” , Lemme get that” , “Rude Boy” , “what’s My name” , “watch N Learn” AND ” No LOVE ALLOWED” will just become boring after a While !! so …

        maybe U like it cuz it had a Cute lil storyline and she was good , But I talk REALNESS and emotions !!

      • Benron (King Of The F****** Navi)) November 8, 2012

        @RudeNavy We ride is a pop song.

        And you mean reggae/calypso, because those type of songs don’t annoy me, because we have dance pop every album and that never tires me, and don’t even get me started on the last song of the album, the regretful standout ballad…. still not tired of those!

      • MC (Benron is a Ritabot) November 8, 2012


        This song/vid do not show any realness or emotion. How is this song different from WFL?? It is still about the same guy and the same broken relationship so……? Man Down definitely had a message with the song and video and she did something she never did before (other than RR of course), that’s why Man Down wasn’t as successful as her other “poppier” music….I still stand by Man Down.

  58. Rihanna black madonna November 8, 2012


    Why are you tweeting Rihanna? Like what do you hope to get out of tweeting her your rants? She is not gonna quit her job, so why do you keep tweeting her>?

  59. Rihanna black madonna November 8, 2012

    Riat Ora on her way to copy the diamonds video.

  60. Rihanna black madonna November 8, 2012

    Have you seen the pics of beyonce dressed as a bunny ON INSTAGRAM? Why is she doing this?

    • prettigurlrockD bitchess November 8, 2012

      dont worry about it. Y do the navies stay worrying about the queen?? #ICANT

    • Janelle November 8, 2012

      ^^Reads your name and laughs. f******. ass. off. Someone be dedicated checking Beys instagram *raises eyebrow*

    • zzzzg November 8, 2012

      Because Beyoncé is hopelessly lost. 4 is the lowest sales of her career, She had no mega smash from 4.Even a pop song Run the Flop flopped. Beyonce is not #1 in social media. Bey is so used to being # 1 all the time. Rihanna is blocking everyone’s fav including Beyonce. Rihanna is the top black woman in social media. Where is Bey?

      • Janelle November 8, 2012

        Beyonce is hopelessly lost?? HAHAHAHA you ARE funny. 4 is her lowest sales, so what??? It still went to #1, where is Rihs? All you can talk about is her shitty statistics, Beyonce is no competion, she doesn’t need to be top of no social media whatever because shes already established herself as a true artist and epic performer with respect from legends, politicians and even contemporary artists INCLUDING YOUR FAVE. Thats the stuff that people really remeber you for when you go down as one of the greatest. 15 years in the game and people STILL got her name in they mouths like she came out 5 years ago. Child have a seat.

      • Mario November 8, 2012

        Tell them Janelle sometimes i believe their live in Wonderland

    • zzzzg November 8, 2012

      Well the hype that her stans give her she should be crushing Rihanna right now but I see the trick nowhere and
      you’re just proving to me that Rihanna is that girl lol “4 is her lowest sales, so what???” Yes 4 is her lowest sales meaning she is finished lmao. A # 1 album doesn’t determine sales but TTT is outselling 4 and Rihanna didn’t need a # 1 album in the US to do that.

      • zzzzg November 8, 2012

        15 years in the game and Bey hasn’t outsold Rihanna yet. Took Rihanna 7 years.

      • Um November 9, 2012

        If Beyonce cared about social standing, she’d be posting on her twitter account non-stop. She’d be blowing up EVERY media/social networking site. CLEARLY she doesn’t really care. CLEARLY Rihanna does, which explains why she’s at the top. THINK dumbass.

  61. BEYONCE’S WEAVE November 8, 2012

    Yep, another VEVO Certified, love this Riri, it’s an artistic theatre piece, both beautiful and telling. This is not a video, it’s an art piece and Riri is serving up another monster era with diamonds.

    • LTM November 8, 2012

      Love your avi 😉

      • Beyonce’s Weave November 8, 2012

        Thanks babe.

  62. Monstarebel (RihannaNavy & TeamMinaj) November 8, 2012

    It’s cute I like it a lot but wassup with the horses?

  63. I cannot tell a lie… November 8, 2012

    You guys are relentless! I thought it was pretty….

    • Schoolin Life November 8, 2012

      Ooo Giiiirrrllll you tried it, I bet the Navies squirming in their seats watching this lmbo. Watch them come back with lameness.



      • Janelle November 8, 2012

        I LOVE how the Navy taking their TIME to comment on this post lmaoo. C’mon on guys? Don’t have much to say?

      • Likica November 9, 2012

  64. Forever Animal November 8, 2012

    Ke$ha`s video is better

    • LTM November 8, 2012

      I liked Die Young but the editing was poorly handled

  65. RUDE NAVY November 8, 2012

    @MC :

    another Fav MC Song :

    Now i think U know how i like my MC 😆

    • MC (Benron is a Ritabot) November 8, 2012

      Yeah, I get you! You love her like this while everyone else hates her lol…..

  66. Schoolin Life November 8, 2012

    YAWWN. This Vid was BOR-ING, I actually fast forwarded the weird horsey bit. Nice visuals thats about it. Even I was expecting more from her.

  67. Benron (Rita Ora is prettier than MC) November 8, 2012

    Beyonce is actually the one tryna be like Rihanna with a flop ass instagram called “BADDIEBEY”

    • Monstarebel (RihannaNavy & TeamMinaj) November 8, 2012

      hahaha only the thing beyonce is bad at is actibg

      • Monstarebel (RihannaNavy & TeamMinaj) November 8, 2012


      • Benron (Rita Ora is prettier than MC) November 8, 2012


    • LTM November 8, 2012

      are you trolling or…….?

      • Benron (King Of The F****** Navi)) November 8, 2012




      • Benron (Rita Ora is prettier than MC) November 8, 2012

        Why don’t you test your skills on this d***.

      • zzzzg November 8, 2012

        Because if Rihanna was to call herself King, the hives would come out from their sewers ready to trash Rihanna.

      • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE OBAMA AND BEY) November 8, 2012

        ugh that’s like nasty , you trying to get a B**** lock ….don’t do lil boys or lil d***….only grown men with long MONEY AND C****.

    • prettigurlrockD Bitchess November 9, 2012

      Get ready for Bey to conquer the superbowl!

  68. It’s Utterly Bizaar! November 8, 2012

    She’s visually stunning and I love the black horse. Overall, I thought it was a nice video.

  69. TruthTeller November 8, 2012


    Rihanna has to be the best singer turned actress EVERRRRRRRRR
    I mean, her face just overflows with emotion.

  70. Forever Animal November 8, 2012

    Video wise I think Rihanna peaked with WHYB. That video gave everything

    • FAF November 9, 2012

      and now she got nothing……….. 🙁

      • prettigurlrockD Bitchess November 9, 2012

        gave everything and proved she can’t dance 🙁


    This Video was like dating a hot guy/girl with horrible s**, if it does go #1 it want be because of the video.

    guest I was expecting much more (she could have done a cute lil dance # on shine bright like a diamond or something )

    • Gilberto November 8, 2012

      Your post is brillant! I like the idea of dancing. A contemporary dance would fit perfectly on Diamonds video.

      • Rihanna black madonna November 8, 2012

        This is not a dance number, And she done dance on WHYB, sos he is switching it up, so basic f**** like Ritaand Beyonce can’t copy her.,

        HA HA HA at Badgirl – I mean baddiebey on instagram tryna act up like Rih. LOL at her grill and gansta pose. Now she dressing like bunny? What next? intagraming pics in her bikini with blunt in her hand?

        POOR DAT Baddiebey, you look stupid on instagram. Light mutton dressed like lamb.

      • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE OBAMA AND BEY) November 8, 2012

        Thanks babe….she would have slayed me with a cute lil 1,2 step

      • Rihanna black madonna November 8, 2012

        You had to hide, The picture she she done with Kate Moss. Blew Beyonce out the game. How is that old fat pork gonna compete with a bad ass like RIH?

      • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE OBAMA AND BEY) November 8, 2012

        half breed go away , go and take them MED’s

        asylum near you is waiting


      • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE OBAMA AND BEY) November 8, 2012




      • prettigurlrockD Bitchess November 9, 2012

        Bey is far from basic.

    • zzzzg November 8, 2012

      Dance? Rihanna doesn’t have to dance in her videos. Rihanna slays walking around. And now her undercover stans want her to dance all of a sudden? I thought Rihanna didn’t know how to dance??

      • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE OBAMA AND BEY) November 8, 2012

        you just don’t get it , not a fan/stan just like a few cuts that’s all

  72. BitchICan’tEvenSpellWelfare November 8, 2012


  73. drayner317 November 8, 2012

    RHIRHI sound like a british horse singing!! hate the song and her voice!!

    • zzzzg November 8, 2012

      White American doesn’t think so. Diamonds is a masterpiece.

      • FAF November 9, 2012

        Well apparently white america dont support trash b/c the b**** hasn’t & will never have a #1 album………… KI !

  74. LTM November 8, 2012

    I thought the video was visually stunning but not my favorite video from RiRi. The Rated R era remains her best era music video wise. And musically

    • prettigurlrockD Bitchess November 9, 2012

      Rude boy wasn’t a good video. The song was epic tho. Her best videos IMO were from LOUD. But disturbia was good as well.

  75. enoughalready November 8, 2012

    The only thing this video did was confirm that this sick heffa needs therapy and fast…

  76. Jayla November 8, 2012

    OMG this girl always have 100+ comments, To say yall dont like her you sure spend a hell of a lot of energy and time commenting and watching her videos.

    • FAF November 9, 2012

      It’s mostly her stans under alias accounts

      notice how zzzzg aka kelly aka Black TRASHdonna coming out the woodwork with 3048208 comments ?

      YEW MAD ?

  77. Nick November 8, 2012

    Diamonds is the most beautiful music video I’ve ever seen
    no one gives rihanna credit on this stupid website.


    Sia is was over-rated as a songwriter. People to stop hiring her to write her flop songs. She wrote one good song for the Six Feet Under soundtrack and has had a steady stream of work writing flop songs for Rihanna, Christina Aguilera and other girls. Diamonds is OKAY but it’s not as good as it should be. Some of the lyrics make NO sense. Rihanna deserves better songs as this. Even Russian Roulette was way better (and I thinK Ne-Yo wrote that?)


      *better songs than this, not “as this”

    • Rihanna black madonna November 8, 2012

      But Diamonds did not flop Number 1 in 22 countries and top 4 in the USA. So f*** you, Bur yeah, sis is wack. Thank god Rih breathes life into ever track she gets., Sia wrote radioactive for Rita Ora. LOL i feel sorry for Rita cos that song WILL TANK.

      • FAF November 9, 2012

        “Moonshine & MOLLYYYY!” Sums up rishitta perfectly :)… a basic B**** w/ no #1 ALBUM 🙂


        yeah, it didn’t flop, i’m sorry. i just think rihanna needs better songs.

  79. Beyonce’s Weave November 8, 2012

    The Flop-Hive should NOT even dare come for this video.

    Here’s Beyonce stealing from New Edition, this is their video and the b**** stole all of it for her s*** song “Love on top”

    • gayjake November 9, 2012

  80. RoyalKev November 8, 2012

    This reminds me of Gaga’s BTW era. You have a video full of confusion, everything is thrown in to make it great and the end result is only bizarre. I’m sorry, odd don’t always = brilliant. This video has no rhyme or reason.

    • prettigurlrockD Bitchess November 9, 2012

      LOL you came for Gaga but in a reasonable way.

  81. Beyonce’s Weave November 8, 2012

    The last video she released was Countdown and that was less than two weeks ago. Beyonce stole the entire Countdown video treatment and all the dance moves from a choreographer who blasted the sticky-fingered singer in the press: “I didn’t know anything about this. I’m not mad, but this is plagiarism,” said Belgian choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker “This is stealing. They took pieces from Achterland and Rosas danst Rosas. It’s a bit rude, I must say. What’s rude about it is that they don’t even bother about hiding it. They seem to think they could do it because it’s a famous work. Am I honored? Look, I’ve seen local school kids doing this. That’s a lot more beautiful.”

    She did steal. Or “borrow.” Like she “borrows” writing credits for songs like Ave Maria (from I Am… Sasha Fierce).

  82. Beyonce’s Weave November 8, 2012

    Beyonce stealing dance moves from starving African dancers. She stole the dance moves for “Flop the world (Bey)” from the Tofo Tofo dance group.

    • Gilberto November 8, 2012

      B****, please! First, you’re dumb for thinking that every African person is starving. Second of all, these guys came to USA and helped her on the RTW choreography. They are even on the RTW video dancing with King Bee. LOL. And last but not least, they are dancing to kwaito dance which was originated from other tribal dances. This kind of dance is older than this group and Beyoncé. Are you saying that Tofo Tofo owns the copyright of a centenary dance? B****, hell no!
      You’re mad that Beyoncé brought something new to the table, something that only a few people knew about it. B****, Beyoncé is ahead of all these b******. And then R****** tried to copy it on her wacky ass ‘Where Have You Been Relevant?’ video… and she failed.

      • zzzzg November 8, 2012

        She failed!?? lol WHYB was a top 5 smash. While Who Run Flop was an Epic fail. Beyonce didn’t bring nothing new the original dancers did and nobody give a crap about Run the Flop.

      • Mario November 8, 2012

        Their don’t do reaserch

    • zzzzg November 8, 2012

      Beyonce is a sad individual. She should at least have them her flop video. The horse scene was already done too.Hivs need to stop hyping up flopyonce copying self.

      • prettigurlrockD Bitchess November 9, 2012

        YAWN. Denial @zzzzg RTW was critically praised visually. When will WHYB??

  83. theman November 8, 2012

    The video is nice, it has nothing to do with the song though.

  84. Beyonce’s Weave November 8, 2012

    Beyonce stealing her “Flop the World (Bey)” Billboard Awards 2011 performance from Lorella Cuccarini

    • Gilberto November 8, 2012

      B****, please! Tribe Inc made both performances. Are you saying that the creators of the visual graphics of both performances can’t use their own ideas again? B****, please! And they only have like 10 seconds of similarity. Beyoncé saw Lorella Cuccarini’s performances and call the same people who did that work to work with her. What’s the problem?

      • zzzzg November 8, 2012

        lol excuses

      • Gilberto November 9, 2012

        Excuses? B****, please These are motherfuck FACTS.

      • prettigurlrockD Bitchess November 9, 2012

        Rihanna was sued by dave chapelle for S&M, copied from You da one from a photographer and a video concept from WFL. And jacked fefe dobson’s style. These are ALL facts before you call beyonce a copycat. Google it, b****.

  85. Mark November 8, 2012

    Video was nice looking but kinda boring. But Rih is still the s***, know why? this page has 190 comments already, look at the others around it, not even 30. Rih pays this bottom ass f*****’s bills.

  86. MACHIAVEL November 8, 2012

    Huuuuum Not My Fav Rih Video ( My Fav Video Of Her: Man Down, S&M, Rude Boy And Te Amor) Maybe I Expected A Lot Much( More Drakness) Cause She Always Make Good Visual……. But Still Love The Song!

    Lllllool It Seem Like I’m The Only One Who Like TTT More Than Unapologestic, Because Of The Song Like “Drunk Of Love, Roc Me Out, Farewell, WHYB And WNL! The Snippers Don’t Get Me XD For This Album, But I Hope The Full Song Would Change My Mind, Bizzzzzz!!

  87. Beyonce’s Weave November 8, 2012

    Khia has been using Twitter to take aim at R’n’B superstar Beyoncé for apparently coping her in the star’s music video for new track ‘Party.’

    The rapper who scored big with her 2002 hit ‘My Neck, My Back (Lick it)’ took to her account @QueenKhia to say, “@beyonce has been smoking rocks if she thinks her J. Cole remix flop “Party” will be as big as My Neck My Back.”

    Referencing apparent death threats from Jay-Z in response to her tirade she posted, “Goodmorning xox, death threats from @jayz What is he going to do stab me, because I like solange better then @beyonce!”

    In response to some heat she received from loyal Beyonce fans the rapper wrote, “Now how you going to hate on b*tch who got swagger jacked? Just know this I have SOMETHING real cute for Matthews daughter! #GETMONEYB*TCH.”

    And later added, “Everyone wants to about my last hit? All I make are hit songs! How soon we forgot that been a bad girl was on the chats in 2010 check it out.”

    This b**** even stole from Khia. All Beyonce does is STEAL STEAL STEAL, ONCE A THIEF ALWAYS A THIEF. I bet her superbowl performance the Flop-Hive are going crazy over will be STOLEN.

    • zzzzg November 8, 2012

      But what is Beyonce going to perform at the superbowl? She had no top 10 single this year and nobody wanna hear no ghetto trash from 2004. I guess Run the Flop.

      • Gilberto November 8, 2012

        Why are you worried? Beyoncé proved that she’s beyond charts. R****** performed on the last VMA and it had one of the WORSE ratings of VMA’s history. On other hand, Beyoncé broke the VMA, Glastonbury and Billboard’s rating records. Picture the difference? LOL. Do I have to remember you that R******’s ‘Styled to Flop’ was CANCELÇED because no one was interested on it? LOL. And what about Battleshit? LOL. A massive flop movie. LOL.
        Over 100 million people will watch Beyoncé making history on Super Bowl. 100 F****** million. Who’s winning? THE KING!

    • zzzzg November 8, 2012

      Well Beyoncé needs the superbowl.Rihanna doesn’t.
      Rihanna is already queen of Twitter,Facebook,Social media, 37 million records 146 digital tracks sold WW.Didn’t even need a video or superbowl to push a ballad to #4 on the BB Hot 100. Where is Bey on social media.Rihanna is the #1 black female.Beyonce beyond charts please!! Beyoncé is beyond flop.Beyonce can’t even outsell flopminaj. People don’t want to hear her hoodrat music and the charts says it all. Her voice is not attractive and she sounds like a man.

      • Gilberto November 9, 2012

        Are you saying that Michael Jackson, Prince, Madonna, Bruce Springsteen, The Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, U2, James Brown, Boyz II Men, The Who and Ella Fitzgerald needed Super Bowl as well? B****, please! You’re dumb. Super Bowl is something bigger than charts. Only legendary singers and really huge stars are called to perform there. Beyoncé sang the National Anthem on the Super Bowl in 2004 and now she’s going to perform on the half-time show. This is going to make HISTORY.
        30 seconds on Super Bowl costs US$ 3.5 million!!! Beyoncé’s performance will be worthy of over US$ 70 million. One f****** performance. LOL. KING BEE!!!

        “Where is Bey on social media.”
        B****, please. Social media is a big b*******.

        “Beyonce can’t even outsell flopminaj.”
        WHAT? At least Gimmick Minaj has a #1 album unlike R******. LOL.

        “People don’t want to hear her hoodrat music and the charts says it all.”
        Really? Unlike R******, Beyoncé doesn’t need to jump on any trend to sell records. None of R******’s urban singles hit the top 10 as well, only the generic dance songs did. Did you forget about You Da Flop, Talk That Flop, Birthday Flop and Flopiness? Flopiness didn’t even debut on the f****** Hot 100 even after her lame performance on VMA 12, which was one of the biggest FLOP of VMA’s history.
        R****** released a bunch of generic songs and this b**** struggled to sell 3 million while Gaga and Katy are selling over 5 million. 3 million isn’t impressive when King B sold 2.5 with R&B songs. LOL!!! Pathetic.

      • gayjake November 9, 2012

        beyonce paid for superbowl Michael , Prince, Madonna. did not they were asked thats the difference

    • prettigurlrockD Bitchess November 9, 2012

      You do know that Khia hates on everyone in the industry? She a notorioius broke ass hater. Stay pressed.

  88. James227 November 8, 2012

    WOW! with such a pretty song, the video makes no sense. I’m so dissappointed.

  89. IDK November 8, 2012

    Its was a aight video. idk why everybody bashing. But yal know whose hand that was tho. lol!

  90. Rihanna black madonna November 8, 2012

    Hi Sam,

    Got great news from the UK, Unapologetic is at number 45 on itunes on pre orders alone. I know you are proud of UK navy.

    • Beyonce’s Weave November 8, 2012

      It was in the Top 5 in Canada on pre orders alone.

      • FAF November 9, 2012

        But where in the US ? 🙁

  91. Beyonce’s Weave November 8, 2012

    This is Beyonce’s resume:

    – Sued for stealing the song “Survivor”

    – Sued for stealing the song “Baby Boy”

    – Sued for stealing the song “Independent Women”

    – Sued for stealing the song “Kissing You”

    – Took credit for writing “Crazy In Love” when she didn’t

    – Took credit for writing “Irreplaceable” when she didn’t

    – Sued for not paying Wilhelmina

    – Sued for not paying Greg Walker/Icon Entertainment

    So don’t even try it.

    • Gilberto November 8, 2012

      B****, please. The only thing Beyoncé steals is the spotlight when she hits the stage. CASE CLOSED.

    • Mario November 8, 2012

      Forget 16 grammys, over 3 # hits, called my Billboard greatest female of the 2000’s, Lauded by legends such as Tina and Streisand.Just dumb even if you don’t like her facts are facts.Get ya life.Dumb trash.

      • zzzzg November 8, 2012

        it’s 2012 old hive. where is bey now on the bb?

      • Gilberto November 9, 2012

        Did she release an album in 2012? NO! She isn’t like R****** who has a team of people working on her album, writing her songs and producing her hits while she keeps bitching about Chris Brown’s d*** on Twitter. LOL!!!

  92. Don’t be fooled November 8, 2012

    This is why i can never stan for Rih and the reasons are not entirely her fault, its her team/ label and their desire to milk this cow for all the milk that she is worth.
    This video had the potential to be epic but it looks very rushed, like the editor didn’t have enough time to go through all of the clips, and Rihanna stays doing the same grabbing at the screen and clawing her face to look intense in every video.
    This and her new album were both rushed and at this stage in the game Rihanna can afford to take that extra time and care to give the stans a project they can really be proud of.

  93. dang November 8, 2012

    Rihanna Del Rey? Blue Jeans much?

    • LTM November 8, 2012

      Where are the riots, diamonds, fire, and horses in that video? I`ll wait. Rih would never copy that fake b****. And you shouldn`t be talking about copying with GaGa as your icon.

      • FAF November 9, 2012

        So now y’all wanna discuss Lady Gaga theiving to defend Rishitta when y’all claim Nicki QUEEN Minaj steals from her? Oh ok…..

      • prettigurlrockD Bitchess November 9, 2012

        LTM, you shouldn’t be talking about nobody with katy perry’s weak vocals and performances. BYE.

    • mobwife: b*tch i’ll cut ur throat November 9, 2012

      Lady Gaga MADONNA? “Express Yourself” much? 🙁

  94. DJ November 8, 2012

    this s*** was so damn boring like some senior bs df this cheap h** looked a damn mess lmao she was def inspired by bey smh and failed badly.

  95. sherrel November 8, 2012


  96. UMo November 8, 2012

    The video, like the song, is garbage. But I expected it to be. Rihanna is wack. No talent. Horrible voice. Awful music. Alien forehead. Pig nose.


    The only thing she ever did that I liked was be Chris Brown’s punching bag. Now I’ll give her props for how she took a punch.

  97. Beyonce’s Weave November 8, 2012

    This is where Beyonce got the whole concept of the “Flop the world (Bey)” video. She was not only stealing dance moves from African dancers, she was also stealing video concepts from the Late South African Queen of disco Lebo Mathosa.

    She was trying to recreate a “Rude Boy” by using the reggae instrumental she stole from Major Lazer, stole the video concept of using a dancing desert scene and hair style from Late South African diva Lebo Mathosa to the extent of even stealing choreography from African group Tofo Tofo. She is a shameless THIEF.

    • Beyonce’s Weave November 8, 2012

      Even the type of dress, Lebo Mathosa was spotting a yellow dress and Beyonce stole even the outfit. She is so shameless and ruthless she’ll steal from the dead and even jack Rihanna’s swag with her instagram username.

      • Um November 9, 2012

        You do know that Diplo (part of Major Lazer) produced RTW right? Try again, c***.

  98. THE LEGENDARY LAX November 8, 2012


  99. LTM November 8, 2012

    I honestly dont see where the RTW comparisons are coming from

  100. Elijah November 8, 2012

    I promise im not hating at all… but i didn’t really understand the concept of the video.. she looks beautiful tho!

  101. Gilberto November 8, 2012

    Navy is mad at this lacklustering video for Diarrheamonds. LOL. She copied Run The World and Blue Jeans. DEAD. Thiefanna.

    • LTM November 8, 2012

      How? Show me the Carfax

    • zzzzg November 8, 2012

      lol Hood HIve sees a horse and think Rihanna is copying Beyoncé.Who’s delusional? The only person copying is Beyoncé.Baddie Bey? lol Good Girl Gone Bad done inspired dead Beyoncé.

  102. jabean November 8, 2012

    Beautiful video. It’s one of those videos that u can go back to time and time again and find something new and more insight. There isn’t supposed to a narrative, some videos actually want you to think about things. Rihanna really is starting to develop into a fully-fledged artist. Diamonds was a bit of a turn left in terms of what she has been doing.

    I am amazed at the quality and turnaround of Rihanna’s music, and her ability to re-tool her game each time. Even though she doesn’t write or produced her own songs she still makes them sounds as if she does and that is the sign of a true artist. She deserves way more credit than you give her. R&B is too full of female singers re-hashing the same trends and being afraid to challenge themselves.

    Diamonds and RTW- a pretty desperate comparison if u ask me… But love bey… I think it’s gonna be tough for her now she’s in her dirty thirties… but im sure she will prove me wrong! 🙂

    • zzzzg November 8, 2012

      Ok finally an intelligent comment.The video is in suspense but I see people too dumb to understand it.

      • FAF November 9, 2012

        Nope just 4mins of a waste of time 🙁 ……………

        It looked like a MOSH of everything Rishitta has ever done

        Russian Roulette

        We Found Love

        Recycled TRASH !

    • prettigurlrockD Bitchess November 9, 2012

      Only thing is she’s not really an r&b artist. More so pop who does some r&b songs.

    • LEX November 9, 2012

      It always makes me laugh when people think that just because a video is abstract automatically means that it’s intelligent and epic.This video, just like Drakes “Take Care” are artistic and abstract, but they are still bad “MUSIC VIDEOS”. If someone was reading a poem over these visuals and the narrative of the poem matched what we see on screen then maybe it would be epic, but unfortunately the visuals were matched with a song of very little meaning, which resulted in a boring music video. And just because people don’t like it, doesn’t mean that they are stupid nor haters nor any of the above…. the video is simply not to their taste.

  103. labewhore November 8, 2012

    Ok. Am I the only one that saw Chris Brown?! That was totally him in that hoody AND that was his arm and hand she was holding. #TheNewIkeAndTina LOL! The video was cool but Its not cohesive to the concept of the song. It just didn’t make sense to me.

    • mobwife: b*tch i’ll cut ur throat November 9, 2012

      B**** don’t you ever compare them!

      1) Ike was living with a woman he had two children with when Tina (like Moo-riha Carey, Moo-randa Lambert and other H***) walked in and broke up that family unit!

      2) While married to Ike, Tina Turner gave birth to 5 SONS but Ike only had 3 SONS! Get it, Tina SCREWED the Drummer & Keyboard player in the Ike & Tina Turner band, got pregnant and passed those SONS OFF AS IKE. I’d beat a B****’S ASS TOO! ….”And that’s no stage joke”

      So how in the F*** are Chris & Rihanna like these two HOBOs? Oh right they all have BLACK SKIN AND DUMBASS BLACK PPL always follow what IGNORANT RACIST WHITE’S say about their own ppl!

      *slit your wrists…… just a gental suggestion

      • MC November 9, 2012

        Pathetic b****, lying as usual. Not everyone supports women beaters and the oppression of women like you do….please spread your “radical” views elsewhere. You are no different from your fave who smokes crack, beats Rihanna, and two times her with Karate Kid.

      • mobwife: I’ll carry Ur head November 9, 2012


        Lying about what DRUNK ASS MOO-riha SCARY being a HOMEWRECKING W****? LOL deal with the truth you c***. **WARNING** Paging EMINEM…….now, I wish he would have beat her ass like he did his wife Kim for lying on him!

        Tina Turner the “Burner” is a talented woman but was a s**** w**** early on in her life just like that GET AROUND GIRL & HOMEWRECKING W**** MOO-riha “CARRIE”. deal with it b****. Look at her plastic silicone enhanced b******.

        LOL “opression of women”…LOL I HATE YOU FEMINIST SLORES! I can’t wait for the day men finally develop a spien and snatch some of you radical femiAZI’s the f*ck up!!

      • MC (Benron is a Ritabot) November 10, 2012

        I too could also bring up your fave smoks marihuana and cocaine. Again, your dense, rusted brain cannot comprehend that Tommy separated in 1990-1991 and divorced in 1991. Mariah and Tommy got married in 1993. You have no proof otherwise and if you did then show me the f****** receipts. This is all you and all the “Teambreezy” know how to do, go to blogs and diss other artists while not supporting your fave. Baby, I live with the truth, you on the other hand come to this site everyday and talk about the oppression of black people blah blah blah….you LET yourself be hindered not the other way around, dumb c***. Look to Civil Rights movement men and women as well as key strong black people for support instead of sitting on your ass all day and complaining like a little b****. Get educated and prove all the white people, instead of spreading your so-called “radical” “in-depth” views. Ohhhhh, and now you are bringing up Eminem (the man you bash to praise your fave everyday?) lol pathetic b****. Now I know I got your ass because you have to resort to that little obsessed, coke addict to save face.

        How about instead of bashing legends, you buy your faves flop albums and support him….this is where the support of Teambreezy extends to….lol again, your fave is two timing Rihanna with Karate Kid, yet he isn’t considered a w****…..who gives a f*** what a retarded, crazy, c*** like you thinks anyways. I’ll tell you, surely not me.

        You want to call everyone on their supposed s***, yet your fave is a “human who makes mistakes” a “teenager who was manipulated by racist media” blah blah blah….lol. You make excused for his retarded ass, so I suppose he at gun point to beat Rihanna up too, right?
        You are a joke, a joke; a laughing stock really.

  104. zzzzg November 9, 2012

    Rihanna is giving me life.I see the haters are out in full force. They can’t stand to see this girl from Barbados out shining their fav. Diamonds has passed Kesha on the BB Hot 100. # 3 haters.Rihanna is the only black female slaying. 37 million records and 146 digital tracks WW.

    • prettigurlrockD Bitchess November 9, 2012

      She’s a trend. That’s it.

  105. An0thrDream November 9, 2012


    I Love this song but this video is BORING!!!! I was hoping for something so much more… this made me feel gross… love rihanna’s singles but her videos/live shows are WACK which is why i’ve yet to buy an album of hers. Keep the fun songs coming tho!

  106. mobwife: b*tch i’ll cut ur throat November 9, 2012

    I have never seen such IGNORANCE in all my life! You fools really can’t see what this video is about?…….REALLY?


    *I simply can’t wait to watch TGJ’s Patrick’s review video of Diamond so I can run up in her b*** cheeks ‘coz’ Ialready know it’s going to be a hot ass messy review! LOL 🙂

    • Gilberto November 9, 2012

      B****, it’s about publicly. She keeps using Chris Brown’s image to promote her s***. I love how she keeps saying that her relationship with Chris is their business, but she’s everywhere talking about it. LOL. Pathetic!

      • mobwife: I’ll carry Ur head November 9, 2012

        B****, I’m talking about the goddamn video. WTF are blathring on about? STFU unless you have something to say about the video!The s*** you’re talking is just that s*** you’re talkin’!! 🙂

  107. lol November 9, 2012

    If Same doesn’t like Rihanna then why does he still post about her everyday???? OH that right Rihanna keeps this blog alive. Every time Rihanna does something it could like be in the studio, do a photoshoot, walking down the street, or even popping. Damn can you give credit to where credit is do. And how much this site reply on Rihanna she defiantly deserve some over due credit!!!!!

  108. Hilly November 9, 2012

    First, it has nothing to do with “Run The World”, you tried Sam but failed, please stop linking Rihanna to Beyoncé, they have nothing in common except JayZ and it lakes Bey look bad!
    Second, I’m going to ignore those hateful comments about Beyonce from some delusional Navy members (just some not all of them)

    Back on topic, it is the most mature music video Rihanna has ever made and I love it, there are not gimmick, no dry humping the air, she does what she does best: being pretty and I liked it. The images are beautiful, I was expecting a real story though but it’s still a gorgeous video and its probably one of my favorite video from her!

    See, guys you can be a Beyoncé fan without being bitter.

  109. Arie November 9, 2012

    A beautiful story, I love the use of horses they are such beautiful creatures.They bring a little more meaning to this story. Wonderful video very creative.

  110. The real xoxo November 9, 2012

    The song and the video are boring to me.

  111. Ziggy Stardust November 9, 2012

    It’s obvious that the video has a completely different meaning from the song. Especially with the dark horses and the Police State clips in it. Usually when a video doesn’t match what the song is about, it means something entirely different. I like Rihanna, but this video depressed me for some reason. I thought it was going to be more brighter and have more of a positive theme to it. But, it seem like it was the total opposite of what she was saying in the lyrics. It was dark and stoic. I couldn’t make the connection between the lyrics and the visuals.

  112. nightbitch November 9, 2012

    THE fact that the video had brought all you haters here… who is wining RIHANNA, i don’t check on artist am not a fan….. stay off her s*** if you not a fan…… how many videos/look has beyonce created with out stealing from other artist .

    • prettigurlrockD Bitchess November 9, 2012

      RIhanna has stolen too. Those are facts. Let’s not.

  113. nightbitch November 9, 2012

    THE fact that the video had brought all you haters here… who is wining RIHANNA, i don’t check on artist am not a fan….. stay off her s*** if you not a fan…… how many videos/look has beyonce created with out stealing from other artist .

  114. B**** Don’t Lie November 9, 2012

    yes yes very nice very beautiful video rihanna but always ends up doing the same thing, is basic b*tch¡¡
    Stop talking about Beyonce, everyone knows deep is better than Rihanna I Want Beyonce come back NOW with new album and their new videos¡¡¡
    Rihanna bored with your love affair with Brown, it shows that everything you do to sell
    rihanna is believed exclusive¡¡¡¡ hahahaha Please…..

  115. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER ONE FAN! November 9, 2012

    Love the horses in this vid.

  116. remy November 9, 2012

    didn’t get the video.

  117. mc the place to be!! November 9, 2012

    i dont get how run the world is anything like this video…..if anything it was wayyyyyyyyyyy better almost brought me to tears to be honest this video is serious not some fun dance video with 100 girls doing jumping around in the same location with different outfits -_-

  118. Nook November 9, 2012

    This song sux big time sweaty balls. But her Stans will probably support her regardless so she can jus buy more diamonds. $250.00 for a deluxe cd?? Get the f***.

  119. Bey Fan November 9, 2012

    Ummmm I didnt care for it…. and Im surprised because TTT served up great visuals…..

    But I didn’t see RTW at all… I mean Imma big Beyonce fan, and I would make the connection if one was there, but sorry, I dont see it.

    Diamonds will prolly shoot to number 1 in the next couple of weeks… but damn its annoying…lol. And while Im saying its annoying, it is stil my favorite lead single since GGGB.

  120. Honey CHILD please November 9, 2012

    Yawn this s*** was tired from the time i pressed play. Basic b****** do basic things right rih? Well to be honest i can’t stand this phony b**** with the goat vocals. Every time i turn around this h** posting pics of herself smoking a blunt, like b**** we know you a druggie b****. I mean she is not as popular as people make it seem, she can’t even sell half of what taylor swift sells in a day…B**** has a forehead as big roast beef ham, i mean she pretty to say the least, but there isn’t anything spectacular about this basic ass b****….if it wasn’t for her team she would be a nobody…her auto tuned songs make her, when it’s all done and said 15 years from now we all we be like RIHANNA WHO?

  121. Hamo November 9, 2012

    I Really Thought It Was Actually A Beautiful Artistic Visual, And It Wasn’t Too Corny Compared To A Lot Of Todays Popstars Visuals. Rihanna Isn’t My Favourite Figure In Pop Culture But This Visual Is Surprisingly Beautifully Artistic And Deep For Someone Like Rihanna.

  122. miss marvel November 10, 2012


  123. THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. November 10, 2012

    The charts speak for themselves!!!!!!!!!! Diamonds is SLAYING your flop faves…the video can ONLY help but the Queen didnt need it 🙂 😉

    Who gon stop her?

    Garbaj is FLOPPING, no competition
    She stalled BLEACHonce’s career since 2007

    WHO NEXT???????????????? LOL 😕 😉

  124. PrinceRomeoKingKhari November 12, 2012

    Wow! this video is everything i expected to be!!! glad that it wasnt over done and that very subtle cameo by her favorite dude in tha whole world. made it even more understandable. I expected Rihanna to the absolute most, but this has to be the highlight of her career. Many wont understand CLEARLY but for those that do, stay enlightened.

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