New Video: Trey Songz – ‘Never Again’

Published: Wednesday 21st Nov 2012 by Sam


Unfortunately for Trey Songz, that is the total number of units his latest album ‘Chapter V’ has sold since hitting stores in August. Worst still in the fact that half of the figure came from the LP’s first week sales.

Undeterred, the R&B crooner has unwrapped the video for the project’s 4th single ‘Never Again’.

With the song’s title reflecting the views of many who once purchased his music, Trigga is tasked with serving up a compelling enough product to reverse his fortunes.

The answer as to whether he’s done that this with awaits below…


Tough as we’ve been with Trey in the past, his current predicament proves the validity embedded in much of our critique. Seven years in, there’s been little to no artistic progression and even less variety in his music and visuals – with the current batch easily sounding (and looking) like it could sit on his first. This song and video included.

The fact that R&B (especially the watered down brand Trey has been selling) isn’t as commercially viable as it was isn’t new knowledge. Hence, it’s a little baffling that he didn’t diversify his sound or cultivate a fresh spin on the genre when he was on “top”. Now, in an era where the Usher‘s and Chris Brown‘s are struggling to push units the way they once did, one can only imagine how hard it’ll be for Trey to bounce back. Still, never say aye?

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  1. Suicide Blonde November 21, 2012

    The Diva needs to reinvent himself, i have a friend who is crazy about him.

  2. boopboop November 21, 2012

    238,400 total? didn’t he have a NUMBER 1 ALBUM IN THE US too? #OOP

    i’m sure rih’s 1st NUMBER ONE album will sell A LOT MORE than that after 4 mos! and even if it WASN’T #1 it would STILL easily outsell this one!

    • SdotB November 21, 2012

      what the hell does Rih have anything to do with this post?? Jeez u stans can’t visit another artist’s post without mentioning her name..smh

      • IDK November 22, 2012


      • CHUDDS November 22, 2012

        Because you hating queens continuously come into other artists posts comparing their sales to Rih’s. Get over it f**.

  3. Justin November 21, 2012

    Man I think I’m on the wrong site, I came here for music news and all I see is a obviously gay staff who unprofessionally gives opinions like it matters, and yet half of the posters are jus as miserable involved with this s***… Good job Trey because he has more money and success than u all… Last time on this site and I’ll spread the word, goodbye

  4. Justin November 21, 2012

    Man I think I’m on the wrong site, I came here for music news and all I see is a obviously gay staff who unprofessionally gives opinions like it matters, and yet half of the posters are jus as miserable involved with this s***… Good job Trey because he has more money and success than u all… Last time on this site and I’ll spread the word, goodbye..

  5. mary November 21, 2012

    Trey is done, Usher is done, Chris will be done but very talented, but what a shame he is back with Rihanna.. Rihanna is using you……

    Time for the new school. Come on Temar. and Luke James…. About time….


    • SdotB November 21, 2012

      so what are u saying, that Trey and Usher are un-talented?

      and i’m sorry but Temar and Luke James aren’t replacing ANYONE!! although I must say I’ve seen Luke James perform at Brandy’s show and he blew me away…but I stand firm in believing he’s not an Usher or Trey Songz replacement…his style is different, more soulful and not pop…

  6. Heavy Heavy November 21, 2012

    Guess were getting naked pics and a s** tape next era. I aint mad.

  7. theman November 21, 2012

    Usher has a huge fanbase, he’s far from done.

  8. Tbozfan10 November 22, 2012

    Where did you get those sales figures from? Last time his album sales were reported on I recall that is what 313,000.

  9. IDK November 22, 2012

    I kind of agree slightly. Ever since Trey came out I personally think each album evolved. Especially his album “Ready” and Passion Pleasure Pain album. Those 2 were his best. I even loved the ‘EP’ he let off, that was epic too. I dont know what happen with his latest album. Besides his singles Heat attack, Dive in, and 2 reason. I only liked 2 or 3 other songs off the LP. SMH, I’ll buy the next album (might I mean) but he gone have to really persuade me tho. I just cant get over how you go from the “PPP” album to chapter 5. SMH Chapter 5 was just threw together. Had no sequence or anything to me. It just did not flow. But Good luck anyways trey man and please dont ever make a album like that chap s*** ever again. SMH.

    • MelyB November 22, 2012

      ^5 to your response. Like another commenter I initially came to this blog thinking I’d get into interesting convos with other music lovers but unfortunately there are too many immature people here who like to get into pointless stan wars. Anyway I can’t say that I am a fan of Trey. I’m an older music fan who appreciates male vocalists who sound like MEN so I paid dust to the group of young guys in Trey’s age range (Bobby V, Marques Houston, Omarion, etc) because I compared them to the likes of Donny Hathaway, Luther, Stevie, Marvin, MJ, etc and found them lacking.

      Trey came on my radar after he launched verbal jabs @ R Kelly. It’s interesting that he said R’s music wasn’t progressing while now HIS fans are saying the same thing about his music. I think Trey is immature lyrically BUT is trying to give his fans music that he thinks they want to hear however nobody wants to hear a whole album about “gettin it in” unless he & his producers can switch it up and be clever about it (think Marvin Gaye’s I WANT YOU album).

      I don’t wish failure on anybody’s dream and hope that he works with producers like Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis or writers like Big Jim Wright to craft better songs that speak to more people than just his fan base. I also hope that he doesn’t give up on r&b and tries to go pop/dance because that’s not his lane.

    • IDK November 26, 2012

      To your 1st statement, the people that comment on here is UGH! lol! that probably would be the best way to describe it because anything else would be too polite. But yes, I agree with you 110%. And I find it interesting you say he needs to be clever about it like Marvin Gaye’s I WANT YOU album. I say that because in a interview prior to the chapter 5 release he said thats exactly what he was going for on the chap 5 album. So wow, but if you say that then I take it he failed lol. smh. But right, those producers are great I like JJ and Terry Lewis alot! Thats who janet needs to go back to. And I hope he doesnt do the pop route either even tho it seems like he’s slowly drifting that way because you right that most def isnt his lane and its also not a lot of the other R&B singers lanes either. Im all for versatility but we all know he didnt come into the industry to make that type of music. He done went 5 albums with out making it, dont start now.

  10. Casual November 22, 2012

    This song grew on me as it progressed. Not a bad song at all.

    But the CHEAP video. I know the label isn’t trying to invest a bunch more dollars, but I think they should be willing to spend at least more than $2k on a video.

  11. CHUDDS November 22, 2012

    Trey’s breakthrough album “READY” was indeed his best. He went downhill after that. Most of his fanbase has moved on judging by his current album sales. I think he can bounce back if he does something a little different. I’m not saying go pop, but give us something fresh!

  12. Jay November 24, 2012

    If your looking for a GOOD forum/ blog visit lipstickalley dot com because this site is crawling with gay ignorant males and delusional Stan’s. LSA IS THE SH*T!

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