Britney In Line For ‘X Factor’ Axe / That Grape Juice Weigh-In

Published: Friday 28th Dec 2012 by Sam

Britney Spears may be all smile in the shot above, but if new reports are to be believed she won’t have much to smile about regarding her involvement (or lackthereof) in the next season of The X Factor USA.

Famously signed up this season for a whopping $15 million, the ‘My Prerogative’ singer failed to rocket the ratings for the Fox show – which continues to trail behind more successful competitors American Idol and The Voice – the latter of which has, up until recently, starred Spears’ longtime rival Christina Aguilera.

According to US Weekly, the show’s producers were banking (quite literally) on getting “bonkers Britney”. What they received instead was a vapid shell of the singer’s former self, boasting all the personality of a boiled egg. Something we feel is amply deserved. For, anyone with a legit ear and eye to the trainwreck that continues to be Britney’s latter day career would have known she hasn’t been “herself” for almost 7 years. As such, joining in on the clear exploitation of an act who clearly needs to not be in the spotlight at present ultimately blew up in many a corporate face. So much so that they supposedly are ready to bin Britney for the show’s upcoming 3rd season.

Of course, it’s imperative to point out that the 31 year old was only ever signed to a one-year deal; a fact which ignites debate as to whether she’d actually be getting “fired” or simply “moving on”. However, in keeping it all the way 100, if her stint was the raving success intended, both parties would be doing bad business by dissolving it. Indeed, the show would continue to benefit from a A-star name, while Britney could reap the reward of weekly exposure without having to embarrass herself with the rigours of doing what most artists have to do – perform. The fact the opposite is seemingly happening speaks volumes.

However this plays out, it serves as yet more proof that ratings aren’t generated by simply throwing money at a format – or in this case, a “lacking” entity.

With budget cuts highly likely for the show, here’s hoping this forces the producers to actually produce a compelling product rather than relying on a barely there judge to do it for them. There are many creative ways to spend $15 million, and as time has shown, Britney Spears isn’t one of them.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Girl007Bond December 28, 2012

    Bye Britney !! Only talend can judge talend, but not Britney …

    • H** Sit Down December 28, 2012

      How you feel about nicki on American idol?

      • Girl007Bond December 28, 2012

        this is about britney, not nicki

      • H** Sit Down December 28, 2012

        why was i even asking you, you can’t even spell “talent” correctly

      • Girl007Bond December 28, 2012

        yes, but you cant speak the languages I speak and now I can write talent, don´t worry about 🙂

      • PSA (FAF) December 28, 2012

        Always wanna drag up the QUEEN ! Nicki & britney >>>> your faves

  2. BEATS December 28, 2012

    I’m sure your opinion is really important to britney sam (cough)

    • AmbeRussell December 28, 2012

      with la reid leaving and britney leaving, this bring the tally of ppl who left the show to 5. Britney was not bringing in the ratings, they had almost 1/2 of the voice. the finally of the voice had 14.13 views while x factor only received 9.66. idc what ppl say about christina being in britney’s shadow, well at lease christina was on a more successful show, and hate her or love her, she gave criticism, something britney never offer to their contestants. she was NOT worth $15 million. she gave no viewers nor did she give anything interesting. she didnt even perform on the show. she was just awful for the show. i say put toni braxton as her replacement and and idk, some1 else to replace la reid.
      AmbeRussell on youtube

      • Girl007Bond December 28, 2012

        is she really getting 15 mil for what she have done in the show ??? 15 mil for one episode??

      • irene46 December 28, 2012

        i’ll never believe she actually received $15 million. i think it was just part of the constant artificial hype that surrounds britney to make her look relevant.

      • Girl007Bond December 28, 2012

        she almost done nothing, it would be a shame to pay her 15 mil ..

  3. BEATS December 28, 2012

    Why not just turn the X factor into the Rita Ora & Rihanna show?
    they’re the only people left to be used up by this corporate, originality free
    sony propaganda machine

    • Common Sense December 28, 2012

      Rita Who? No one knows who that is in the US.

      • Girl007Bond December 28, 2012

        I don´t know her either 🙂

      • Mark111 December 28, 2012

        Is that a fruit or something?

  4. the real xoxo December 28, 2012

    Britney Spears judging a talent show is like Stevie Wonder judging America’s next top model.

    • Girl007Bond December 28, 2012

      very good

  5. the real xoxo December 28, 2012

    can they not just cut the entire show? its boring now!
    Name 1 icon/legend to ever come out of X-factor/idol/the voice etc? i can’t think of any.

    • H** Sit Down December 28, 2012

      kelly Clarkson?

      • the real xoxo December 28, 2012

        She is a good singer. not an ICON or LEGEND

    • Love And Leave It Alone December 28, 2012

      Kelly Clarkson may not be a legend but she along with Carrie Underwood are definitely success stories; how about checking their album sales, especially Carrie Underwood!

  6. Joe December 28, 2012

    I didn’t realize you had to be the best singer to judge talent, u people judge everyone’s singing all the time so shut the f*** up

    • Girl007Bond December 28, 2012

      Yes, because we are the ones they are amking music for, of course we will judge. But Britney is not the person who can decide on who has talend who hasen´t

      • STFU December 28, 2012

        it’s TALENT with a T not a D. Dummy.

      • H** Sit Down December 28, 2012

        @stfu lol

    • Girl007Bond December 28, 2012

      talent ?? yes ?? thank you boo. I´m from Germany, english is my third language, so I´m learning ..

      • H** Sit Down December 28, 2012

        it’s called sell check b****

      • H** Sit Down December 28, 2012

        why you over he booing learn to use it

      • H** Sit Down December 28, 2012


      • Girl007Bond December 28, 2012

        keep it cool boo, I dont like to disrespect people for no reason

      • PSA (FAF) December 28, 2012

        TRUTH ! Hating f****** on this site stay judging ppl they can not measure up to ! Kiiiiiiiiiii

      • truth(slayer of icki funky ass stans B****!!) December 28, 2012

        @PussyStinksAwful B**** DONT COME FOR ME U H**! trolln these blogs lookn for me! B****!

  7. truth(slayer of icki funky ass stans B****!!) December 28, 2012

    The b**** NEEDS to b axed! They pay that h** all that money just to say ‘amazn’? Foh! Demi shouldda been paid Britney salary. Get that white trash offa there simon!

  8. MissImpartial December 28, 2012


    • truth(slayer of icki funky ass stans B****!!) December 28, 2012

      HUSH PUPPY!! it’s been all over the damn newsJUST STFU H** IF YOU GOTTA BE LYN!!!

  9. Y December 28, 2012

    How can you have a singing competitoon w ith judges that arent really singers?? How can they be of a REAL HELP to the contestants??

    • Love And Leave It Alone December 28, 2012

      Um well if you think about it we all judge music, when we first hear a song we decide if we like the song or not so we decide if we want to listen to it again or not therefore you’re not a music expert so why do you judge? Besides, their music experts which means they know the business sometimes that’s more important than singing!

      • irene46 December 28, 2012

        the judges on ‘the voice’ coach the contestants on how to improve on the delivery of a song. many times they do it by example. how can someone who can’t sing do the same?



  11. At least my faves can sing live December 28, 2012

    I think it’s hilarious that the ratings were LOWER with Britney than with Nicole Scherzinger! What a waste of 15 million! It’s even funnier than Xtina’s The Voice keeps beating X-Factor in ratings!

    • Girl007Bond December 28, 2012


    • JER December 28, 2012

      ???? The Voice is Not XXLtina’s personal show sit your ass down ho

      • irene46 December 28, 2012

        it may not be christina’s show but she’s part of the reason that the ratings are high. love her or hate her she does make a contribution to the show.

        it not being christina’s show didn’t stop simon cowell from idiotically blaming christina for ‘the voice’ being pitted against the ‘x factor’ debut. she’s also not the program director. blame christina for the negative sh!t surrounding ‘the voice’ but forbid she get any credit for any of it’s success. what bs (and i don’t mean britney spears).

      • Girl007Bond December 28, 2012


  12. J December 28, 2012

    Britney was the only reason I watched.

    • lolax December 28, 2012

      yess me too

      • irene46 December 28, 2012


  13. STFU December 28, 2012

    To be completely honest, a MAJORITY of the talent on there was not that good. The show was a train wreck and was a hot ass mess. So the producers can “blame” Britney all they want but in reality the way the show is created was straight up garbage. Let’s be honest, there were only like 4 contestants on their that had the “x-factor” and any possibility of a career.

    You can go in on Britney for whatever reasons, but give credit to where it due. She’s been in the industry for so damn long, since she was a kid. She had that X-Factor and that’s how she became so successful and iconic. From the start of her teen solo career she was a superstar and y’all can’t deny that at all. She upped the game on what a female popstar is. We all know her voice isn’t strong, it never has been, but there’s something about her that is intriguing.

    And hell, I think we’re all happy Brit’s come back after 2007. She’s too good for that train wreck of a show anyways.

    • AmbeRussell December 28, 2012

      true, BUT she did not help the show either. they used her by trying to get ratings off her name and ppl did not fall for it. BUT she gave no constructive criticism to the contestants, she was too scared to voice her opinion, she looked like she was asleep some of the time. she was not a good judge what so ever. she said the same thing for most of the contestants.
      AmbeRussell on YouTube

      • irene46 December 28, 2012

        britney had the x factor till 2003 and hasn’t had it since. they say one can’t only live off past success but that’s exactly what britney has been allowed to do.

        she’s treated as a celeb possessing the x factor when she’s only and ex superstar. she can’t sing, can’t dance, reflects no on camera charisma. all she can do is be NICE which is getting her over.

  14. Pretty in Pink December 28, 2012

    The American market is already over saturated with freaking talent shows! And the bad thing about is it….these shows don’t even produce superstars. I can name a few idols off the top of my head: Kelly Clarkson, Fantasia, Carrie Underwood, Daughtry and Jordin Sparks. I don’t remember the others, nor can I name ANY winners from X Factor or The Voice! Enough is enough!

    • Touché December 28, 2012

      Agreed. I also heard they made another pointless one called “The Duets”.

  15. talk that s*** December 28, 2012

    It’s time to face the facts Britney is a lifeless, brainless robot! Demi Lavato hasn’t been in the business that long and she had much more to contribute to the show then Brit.

  16. Teenage Dream (Beyonce’s Weave) December 28, 2012

    It doesn’t matter, Britney is the X Factor, she doesn’t need the show. Britney will alway be Britney, she’s already a legend and her music still sells. She’s still the baddest chick in the game and everyone including your momma better bow down and kiss her ring.

    Britney will always be Britney b****.

    • irene46 December 28, 2012

      she may be an icon but she sure is no legend. a legend implies serious genuine talent and that doesn’t include a lip synching ex dancer.

      the likes of mj, whitney, cher. aretha, barbra, beatles, elvis,sade are legends. there are more but they don’t include studio manufactured singers like britney.

      britney and definitely janet (who came before britney) are icons.

      • Davon December 31, 2012

        Uhm Janet Jackson is an Icon and a Legend. She’s sold over 500 million records worldwide. She and Madonna were named Queens of Pop. She was nominated for an Oscar for song writing. No one can out dance her, and she can act. And she has a new york times bestseller. THAT my friend is a LEGEND

  17. Pretty in Pink December 28, 2012

    Oh yeah, about Britney lol. People wouldn’t watch that show if Jesus himself was a judge! The public is bored with these talent shows! Britney has been in the biz for almost fifteen years. She has sold millions and millions of albums, tours, movies etc. she is a LEGEND, like it or not!

    • Monstarebel December 28, 2012

      exactly I don’t why you got dislikes…these talent shows are so tired

      • irene46 December 28, 2012

        britney has millions in movies!!?? since when? she sold millions in records but lets stay true.

  18. PLAYBOYDREAMZ December 28, 2012

    She signed a one yr deal in her contract. She’s not getting fired..her contract is up. she is simply not renewing it. It was a great experience for her & she was a wonderful mentor but now it’s time for her to focus on her 8th album. She has already started working with different producers. Priorities!!!

    • talk that s*** December 28, 2012

      You must be a Brit fan, How many seasons are in a year? lmao

    • irene46 December 28, 2012

      i knew excuses would start flying. if she was doing the show any good they would have renewed her contract. get real.

  19. Mely B December 28, 2012

    I’d rather see someone with some personality like Patti LaBelle next year. I think she’d be nice enough to the contestants but also honest & not mean-spirited. I didn’t nor do I watch this show, AI or The Voice to see the mentors, I watch basically to see someone’s dream come true.

  20. Jay Jay December 28, 2012

    Not surprised. The general public is not really invested with Spears like they use to be years ago. She’s just not the same “Britney Spears” we all fell in love with

  21. Beyonce’s Bush December 28, 2012

    I don’t think that having the X-factor is about being able hit Patti Labelle vocals. Madonna is a legend and she isn’t the best singer. Neither is Britney but the success and appeal she had in her youth means she had something others lacked. In that sense I think there’s nothing wrong with judging the X-factor (as opposed to the Voice). The only problem I have with her is her criticism is just so base and some of her responses seem so generic compared to Demi who although much younger seems more knowledgeable.

  22. TUPAC LIVES December 28, 2012

    Uh, Sam?
    How many youtube views did Rita Ora get again?
    3 million?
    or was it 3,000? Ha Ha Ha
    They’ve been fiddling the view numbers! sony bmg, universal
    youtube caught them fiddling the view numbers for all the big artists!
    Ha ha ha
    Get the word out, and the whole corrupt music industry empire can go down!!!!

    • the truth isn’t always pretty December 28, 2012

      they fiddle with not just YT and Vevo views but domestic and WW album sales figures as well, and twitter followers, face book likes, it’s all a farce to fool the public into thinking their favorite acts are more popular than they really are. if only people could see the REAL stats, not the made-up or overly inflated ones, a lot of these stans would have FAR FEWER internet bragging rights for their faves and wouldn’t be so quick to call others “flops” because their faves are “flopping” right along with them.

  23. Monstarebel December 28, 2012

    singing competitions in general are just tired…

  24. King B>Rihanna December 28, 2012

    Britney deserved to go everything just for the simple fact that everything was amazing like why did Simon pay her 15M just to say amazing plus it did not boost the ratings.
    Then people need to stop saying Nicki is not talented…..I’m sorry but her mixtapes and her first studio album proved that when she is using her real talent she is the best rapper in the current game and only probably Azealia Banks can touch her. Her verse on Monster whether written or not by Kanye shows that because it was her flow and delivery that made the other 3 veterans looks like basic.Saying Nicki is talented is just pure hate even if she is not currently using it.

  25. Gilberto December 28, 2012

    I knew it. I knew it was a bad idea since day 1. Everyone knows that Britney lacks of talent. How can she be a judge and a mentor of aspiring singers when she hasn’t sung any of her songs live and has no input in her work? PATHETIC! If I were one of X-Factor contestants and Britney “LIPSYNC” Spears said anything bad about my performance, I would put that b**** in her place. I would just laugh and say how ridiculous she is for saying that. She isn’t on the position to judge no one. NO ONE! I watched one episode and she doesn’t even know how to speak, it was clear that she was reading a script – at least I discovered that she can read. She doesn’t have a strong personality and credibily to critize others.
    She’d better leave the show and keep singing these generic gay club hits and leave talent for whom it belongs to.
    I don’t think she’ll return to X-Failure. Simon Cowell won’t pay her another $15 million. The show had better ratings with Nicole Scherzinger, and he only gave her $1 million. I think he’ll offer her less than $10 million, but her team will decline it.
    I still remember her delusional fans saying that NO-Factor would break records. LOL. Now these b****** are praying for her leave the show. I can’t. X-Failure, Femme Floptale, Femme Floptale Tour, no Grammy nomination… and Britards still dare to say that Lady Godga is irrelevant. We are just laughing.
    She’s releasing her new album in 2013 against the King Bee and Lady Godga, and we all know that they’ll put Britney’s back against the wall and tell her how it is and how it is done like they did in 2008 and 2011. She’s going to be their b****. AGAIN.

    • The Thing Is… December 28, 2012

      It seems that a lot of Britney fans are stuck in the year 2000 and act like this is still the “Oops! I Did It Again!” era Britney they’re talking about. They called Christina a flop for doing “The Voice” but when Britney signed on for “X-Factor” they kept harping on her 15 million dollar salary and saying that unlike Christina, she didn’t “have” to do a reality show. I also remember them saying that Britney would draw 20 million viewers a week or some craziness, and when the actual numbers came in and week after week, “The Voice” kept beating “X-Factor”, they had to backtrack and rationalize and make excuses for why Britney wasn’t bringing in the numbers they initially thought she would.

      “4” was called a “flop”, yet it sold more first week than “Femme Fatale” in spite of being r&b and not electro-pop, and without the Amazon discount, “Born This Way” still sold about 400k more and the BTWB will outgross whatever the FF tour made, but the Britney fans would rather ignore that and call them flops simply because they didn’t have a string of #1 hits on the Hot 100 and their albums–and everyone else’s, including Britney–got outsold by “21”. Even at their so-called “floppiest” Beyonce and Gaga still outshone Britney, but the Britney fans will never admit that, they’d rather live in the past and keep bringing up her previous achievements to make a point.

      • irene46 December 28, 2012

        right on point!!! sooner or later the media and music industry are going to realize that all the hype bullsh!t they’re using to jock britney is wearin’ thinner all the time.

  26. scars December 28, 2012

    finally shes too amazing for this show

    • lolax December 28, 2012

      well said

      • irene46 December 28, 2012

        really!!!??? lol!!!

  27. Teenage Dream (Beyonce’s Weave) December 28, 2012

    Lmao, OMG this is too funny, Gilberto is now a Lady Gaga fan, Baddie Bet not cutting it anymore??? Hmmmmm….

    Also, please tell Beyonce that 2013 is fully booked and nobody, absolutely nobody will be checking for baddie Bey. Gaga in the winter, Katy in the summer and RIHvember in the fall, no room for Hey sorry. She can try in 2014 maybe.

    Born This Way > 4
    Teenage Dream > 4
    Talk That Talk > 4

    time to give out up Bey. Plus Britney’s toe nail is much more relevant that Bleachyonce. Britney has already done a song with a legend, Britney is a legend, when will Bey??? When.

    Britney’s entire discography > Beyonce’s entire discography and you’ll deal.

    • SLAYRIAH CAREY December 28, 2012

      Lol. Agreed.

    • NAVi December 28, 2012


      • irene46 December 28, 2012

        beyonce has talent and relevance in pinky toe than britney has ever had. that’s why pepsi is giving bey a $50 million dollar pay day. makes britney’s and her $15 million look a hell of a lot less relevant.

      • irene46 December 28, 2012

        correction: beyonce has more talent in her pinky toe than britney has ever had on display.

        pepsi is giving bey a $50 million dollar payday. that makes britney and her $15 million look a hell of a lot less relevant.

  28. JOHNVIDAL December 28, 2012

    She should retire from the spotlight. I´m serious. She doesn´t have the only thing she had: some spark. But her label and fans are too selfish in my opinion

  29. SLAYRIAH CAREY December 28, 2012

    Mariah is getting $18 million while nicki is reportedly getting between 8 & 12 million.
    Keith urban gets $4 million. So mariah is getting more than nicki and Keith combined.

    • Common Sense December 28, 2012

      She’s the songbird supreme. It would be an insult to the ultimate diva if some basic b****** got paid anywhere near her salary.

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY December 28, 2012

        LOL. YAASS.

  30. lolax December 28, 2012

    boring??? I think they want betty white for the next season

  31. Ryry247 December 28, 2012

    Britney hasn’t been given the axe she just isn’t returning, all of her fan base knew she would only do one your and then do something else it’s typical Britney & plus she’s started recordingher next album 😀

    • Ryry247 December 28, 2012


  32. Absolved December 28, 2012

    Gilberto, you better check that silly t***** above…
    If it was me who that rihtarded he-she tried to get lippy with, “it” would still be picking bits of their ass up off the pavement.

  33. Casual December 28, 2012

    Britney was a boring judge, but she wasn’t the problem with this show. Something about this show just doesn’t connect with the American audience (unlike in Britain, where the show is a hit). Simon was super-popular on American Idol, but his popularity hasn’t carried X-Factor to Idol heights, so I don’t know if ANYONE can make this show a hit.

  34. NAVi December 28, 2012

    lol beyawnce ain’t popping …so you flip flopping b****** reside by stanning for Lady G toooo hahaha, i’ll never do my girl Riri like that..when you’re down, they want to stan for other people but when things are all gravy they wanna be all up in your sauce, me no gusto. You Funky Fraudulent b****** need to make ya’ll mind up. This why me and the fellow Navi members have so much respect for the britney fans cause they are so f****** loyal to their leader ..they stan by her when she hit rock bottom until she rise from the ashes again …that’s what we as the navi admires most. LOYALTY.

    • Stop trying to make Rita happen, Sam December 28, 2012

      I will give them credit for that, for not hopping on the bandwagon of someone more successful at the moment.

      But….I think most folks like a variety of artists, but because stan wars are based on chart positions and #1s they cling to whoever is selling the most while secretly stanning for or listening to someone they call a flop on internet message boards.

    • my 3 kweens r gaga britney nicki. suk it haters! December 28, 2012

      if ur a fan u shud b a fan no mater wat!

      no1 stays on top 4eva

      i refuse 2 stan 4 sum1 cuz of thier sells!

      i luv gaga & brit & nicki idc bout stan wars! im here 4 thier music!

      • irene46 December 28, 2012

        i’ll give it to britney’s fans. they’re loyal to the point of real delusion. they seem really emotionally invested in her as a person. if she sold 12 albums they would call her queen. if christina fans were half as loyal, ‘lotus’ wouldn’t be flopping.

  35. Girl007Bond December 28, 2012


    • SLAYRIAH CAREY December 28, 2012

      WHO IS THAT?

      • Girl007Bond December 28, 2012

        come on

    • lolax December 28, 2012

      xtina should come back to the voice

      • Girl007Bond December 28, 2012

        she will

      • irene46 December 28, 2012

        she is supposed to be coming back for season five. right now she’s trying to save her dying album that no one seems to be supporting even though it’s every bit as good as anything that electro stuff that’s out there.

        between disloyal fans and the media turning off any new ones with negativity christina didn’t stand a chance.

        if britney’s light goes out the media will definitely finish off christina. no way will they let christina outshine her.

      • irene46 December 29, 2012

        i really don’t like the new temp judges they’ve chosen to hold the spots for christina and ceelo. shakira and usher’s charisma don’t seem to mix with adam and blake’s.

      • Girl007Bond December 29, 2012

        yap, agree, shakira another blond chick and usher another black guy. they try to represent every style of music witch each star, but I think they cant top the orginal judges

      • Girl007Bond December 29, 2012



    is she under contract to do another album? anyone can predict that it’ll do worse than ff. she’s a washed-up, used-to-be pop princess who needs to retire entirely. its a good thing she has most of the media on her side to help her seem more relevant than she is. otherwise she wouldof dropped completely off the radar after the 2007 vmas.

    • irene46 December 28, 2012

      finally! someone else who sees through this game!!

  37. IM A FREE B*TCH December 28, 2012

    i actually thought Britney would make e X Factor an interesting watch but i was dead wrong. she just sounds like a whinny little bimbo repeating the same things over and over again. Demi had better contributions than her! what a shame considering Britney is supposed to be a legend and an icon. the only thing interesting bout Britney on the show was e faces she would make. i eventually stopped watching the show cos i couldnt stand her bimboticness anymore. in her place, i hope to see P!nk or Toni Braxton! i think they should stop getting judges that they think will bring in e audiences, but instead get proper talented artistes, like Toni and P!nk, to do the judging!

    • Touché December 28, 2012

      That would be interesting to see how the show would turn out with talented vocalists like Pink or Toni judging contestants.

      • IM A FREE B*TCH December 28, 2012

        Toni would be amazing! if u watched the BFV episode where she was selecting her back ground singers, Toni def has e potential to be a fantastic judge

      • irene46 December 28, 2012

        yeah! i saw that and you’re right.

  38. Ugh December 28, 2012

    She needs to just retire to Louisiana. She can’t perform anymore. Or she needs to do a documentary on her life, that’s the only thing that is interesting about her is her breakdown from a few years ago…………

    • Girl007Bond December 28, 2012

      she has enough money. she doesnt has to work anymore

      • irene46 December 28, 2012

        they’re making a mockery of what she used to be.

  39. Ky December 28, 2012

    I look at this differently. Being an American who followed the UK version. I look at how they mentor more than I look how they judge. At the end of the day, Britney knew what she was doing win it came to her youngsters. Demi on the otherhand SUCKED as a mentor. She spent her time trying to make her young adults into her and that was the problem. The show overall though, the best performances from everyone in the live shows were the songs THEY THEMSELVES CHOSE. I will agree with an earlier statement that the show this year was low on true talent compared to last year’s show.

    On the LA tip though, I have no clue who will replace him. I would say Jimmy Iovine but Idol already took him. so we’ll see. I hope they replace Demi though…

  40. Vandrea December 28, 2012

    Meh. I laugh at them thinking that Britney was going to skyrocket the ratings in the first place. I never watched X-Factor, knowing full well she was there. See how that goes? All these stunt castings are a waste of money. The bottom line is that these shows are now tired. It would take 2Pac back from the grave in hologram form sitting on the judges panel to get people to watch.

    • mob: meshach,shadrach,abednego, breezy & I :-) December 28, 2012

      With Michael Jackson sitting by his side!

  41. awkwardtobehold December 28, 2012

    I hate the spirit this article was written in. This is the first time Britney has been stable in her life and career in a long time. She just made Forbes list of top 20 most paid singers of the world. She should be commended and celebrated instead of exploited and further broken down by the industry.

    • mob: meshach,shadrach,abednego, breezy & I :-) December 28, 2012

      …..And THIS!! 🙂

      • irene46 December 28, 2012

        her life is stable because her father is acting as her conservator and she’s not on her own. her record sales are just mediocre compared to all the raving her fans do about her “slaying” and being the “queen”. this hasn’t been close to the truth since 2003.

      • Girl007Bond December 29, 2012

        yap, cosign irene

  42. JER December 28, 2012

    So because Britney isn’t flying off the handle and being a catty FAT selfish C*** and constantly bringing the conversation back to her…. she’s not being herself? I’m sorry but Britney has always held back herself, her personality, and been very impersonal to the public. She’s always let the music speak for itself, she doesn’t have to ride on a fake personality and schticks and gimmicks. She’s always had her quiet down home girl meets s*** vixen image so cut the crap. You f****** tried b****. Britney has always served femmebot REALNESS and will continue so if you don’t like it, don’t watch it. You young gorls I swear to God I can’t.

    • mob: meshach,shadrach,abednego, breezy & I :-) December 28, 2012

      LOL…..THIS 🙂

    • talk that s*** December 28, 2012

      Britney is too over medicated to be herself

  43. Kyle December 28, 2012

    It all makes sense. I love Britney but I saw a few episodes of the “X Factor” and she just seems so uncomfortable and it looks as if she doesn’t even want to be there. The show is stupid and is just a rip off of “American Idol” so who can really even blame her. How many of these dumb shows do we really even need?

  44. mob:meshach,shadrach,abednego,breezy & I :-) December 28, 2012

    Okay, this is complete bullsh**! Britney Spears cannot single handedly sustain a show like X-Factor. Perhaps that bald-head black b****** LA Reid or Simon COW-es evil a** are responsible for the lack of ratings! Why is everybody blaming Britney?

  45. MISHKA December 28, 2012

    What did you expect?

    I want to know whose genius idea was this in the first place!

    Even during her heyday, Britney was not known for having a strong opinion on things. Christina for sure, along with Pink! But that was it.

    • Touché December 28, 2012


    • Girl007Bond December 28, 2012


  46. MUSICHEAD December 28, 2012

    I think PINK would be more interesting than any of these female artists. They should try to get her. I would also like to see them replace LA Reid with Lionel Richie. He would also be a good choice.

    • Girl007Bond December 28, 2012

      pink never ever do something like that

      • Girl007Bond December 28, 2012

        would do

  47. Girl007Bond December 28, 2012

    would do*

  48. AndySays December 28, 2012

    For real tho, if anyone has watched this show they will know that it is such a f****** mess. Ain’t nobody that could save that whack ass show. If Britney weren’t a judge ain’t nobody would’ve watched. Like it or not Britney is a huge talent for lasting so long in the industry and she still be getting those #1’s. Tthat show needs to be cancelled in all honesty tho.

    • irene46 December 28, 2012

      get it right! britney WAS a talent. she been around because the media pumped up her every little sneeze and enough die hards ate it up.

  49. MsThing485 December 28, 2012

    “Like it or not Britney is a huge talent for lasting so long in the industry”

    :::blank stare @ you:::

    Put Britney on stage with no little rehearsal, no backup dancers to create a distraction, no backup singers to carry the song, minimalist props…but with a live mic…and you’ll see how “talented” she is. I can’t with you silly 90s babies getting on here thinking that talent and success are interchangeable, or that the latter cancels out the need for the former. Success is largely orchestrated by the industry higher ups who have the power to make someone a star, or keep them from becoming one. Anyone’s success can crash and burn in an instant. Your talent they can’t take away from you.

    When it comes to Britney, the “talent” is in her team of managers, agents, publicists, lawyers, A&R people, songwriters, producers, choreographers, stylists, make up people, personal trainers and video directors.

    • irene46 December 28, 2012

      wow! someone else bringin’ hard rational truth to a britney post.

      the media also has a lot to do with the orchestration of success. imo both have contributed to the near demise of christina by continuously building an image of her as a flop and one to be hated. christina has had a lot of successes and accomplishments that are never mentioned in order for the negative image to prevail. sad!!!

  50. aj December 28, 2012

    rumour alert, Cowell has approached Jennifer Lopez and singer Ne-yo to replace L.A. Reid and Britney Spears. should Lopez turn the gig down (which she might have to due to her label obligations at island-defjam, as Sony looks after the x factor) Jennifer Hudson, or Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie will be approached to see if they’re interested.Dr. Luke, who recently launched kemosabe records at Sony is thought to also be in the running as the other potential make judge.

  51. Suicide Blonde December 28, 2012

    Britney is still bigger than any talent show full of talented people and J.Lo is still the reason why b****** want to judge on talent shows.

    • irene46 December 28, 2012

      oh, pleeez! stop with the britney is big bs. no one believes the hype except you and the britney bitchpak

  52. Fierce P**** December 28, 2012

    I’m never one to defend Britney cuz I’m not a fan like I use to be but x factor is about having the whole package and being a popstar. Not like American idol and the voice where it’s just about how good u sing. Obviously she was put on there for ratings tho unsurprisingly. So it backfired. Hahaha.

  53. mr.m December 29, 2012

    Thank GOD!! That robot needs to be out!!
    She’s not even human anymore .. poor her
    The show just showed her mental problems .. SERIOUSLY!

  54. AnOne December 29, 2012

    I hate how some people judge her like they know what REALLY goes on in her life. You people just have the media to rely on for the ‘facts’ you believe to be true. She’s gone a long way ever since the breakdown and that’s a wonderful thing. Yes she may not be as talented as your favorites and yes her team and the media probably made her the star that she is but I think she also worked her ass off to be where she is right now.

    • irene46 December 29, 2012

      she is not the only artist that has worked their asses of to obtain (or try to obtain) success. they’ve all been talented and didn’t receive special treatment out of pity or in remembrance of what they used to be.

      christina has worked her ass of also and she gets nothing from the media but criticism and scorn.

      imo the media is hating on christina because even though her voice is not what it was she is still highly talented and if given her dues she would have surpassed britney by now. the media favor (and always have) britney over christina and wanted britney christened the next madonna.

      showbiz is a place for the talented. it’s sad what’s happened to britney but the deluding needs to stop.

      her presence at the ‘whitney’ tribute was a joke. between the two, it should have been christina.

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