X Factor Final: Jahmene Douglas Soars With ‘Move On Up’ / Duets With Nicole Scherzinger

Published: Saturday 8th Dec 2012 by David

One day separates one of the three X Factor UK finalists from winning the competition, so tonight- in a bid to secure as many votes as possible- Jahmene Douglas rocked the stage with his take on the Pop classic ‘Move On Up‘.

Check out his motivational set and his duet with mentor Nicole Scherzinger below…

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  1. WTF December 8, 2012

    She (with the help and guidance of Simon and the x factor fixers) did a good job. She has solidified her place in next years lineup. I just wish Kelly could be there as well.

  2. Monstarebel (Tamartian) December 8, 2012

    He’s cute

  3. An0thrDream December 8, 2012


    Nicole and Jahmene handled that like straight up PRO’s!!!!!! Im blown away, even w/the sharing of ONE microphone that was KILLER

    • Peter G December 8, 2012

      Imagine if their breaths where kicking. Singing up in each others faces like that. Passing on their colds. Not nice.

      • Forgive me GOD for i have to go in December 8, 2012

        N**** shut the f*** up with your ignorant ass before i bust you in the f***** mouth i outta smack the f*** outta you, dumb ass

  4. Navi December 8, 2012

    Whitney Houaton Lives!

  5. Yea Buddy December 8, 2012

    Havent been watching… good voice, but he is quite Stiff, facially stotic

  6. Dev December 8, 2012

    Although i havent been as wowed as others with his preformances (i think he’s a good singer but not great as they would like us to beleive) I think he will get Susan Boyle success…. basically, odd biy + singing = amazing, overrated and selling millions of records. A boy in one of the boy bands had a better voice but unfortunatly he looked regular and didn’t have a dramatic story to tell

  7. Beyonce’s Bush December 8, 2012

    I love Jaheme. He is so freakin cute and just so unassuming of how awesome he is <3 Hope he wins.

  8. Oh Baby(B****** Will Deal) December 8, 2012

    I love Jahmene,hope he wins,but i also love James…arghhh and that mic situation was a mess,thank God they found a way to handle it!

  9. Dev December 8, 2012

    Okay, just watched the video. Nicole made it all about her and not in a good way… this okay but wasn’t that good.
    When i see these finals duets i always have to go back to Alexandra and Beyonce to remember how its mean’t to be done.

    Alexandra Burke & Beyonce >>>>>>>> Everyother xfactor duet

  10. Peter G December 8, 2012

    I want that shirt he’s wearing in the picture, I would look so hot in it. But if it’s from ASDA f*** it.

    • Forgive me GOD for i have to go in December 8, 2012

      N**** f*** you i’ll trip you down a flight of stairs you b****

  11. hey! December 8, 2012

    Someone is gonna get FIRED!

  12. VictorC December 8, 2012

    Nicole is a Perfectionist and damn right she should be! She wouldn’t be where she is if she never cared about her work! She handled that so damn well considering!

  13. mr.m December 8, 2012

    How the hell Nicole’s mic wasn’t on????? I heard her :\
    I don’t know .. ANYWAY They sounded AMAZING!!!
    I laughed my ass off when Nicole pulled the mic from him!!!

  14. ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ December 8, 2012

    Nicole taking the mic!! DEATH.

  15. neutral December 8, 2012

    nicole is selfish. glad he handled it good

  16. mob December 8, 2012

    He sounds like someone I’ve heard before. Not bad though….

  17. mob December 8, 2012

    Wait, his rendition of that Whitney Houston song was awful!

  18. Junior in Jamaica December 9, 2012

    Umm not liking his voice and umm that duet was a mess…mic and all.

  19. antertain December 9, 2012

    He has so much potential with a big voice.
    Lot of ingredients so once they fix his singing bad habits he will blow vocally.
    He progressed a lot and can only get better.

    Nicole was pissed he Mic stopped working hahaha. He face at the end was priceless.
    She did kinda snatch that Mic but was mainly to salvage the duet so I thought was professional lol.

    Well Done JD

  20. Aryo December 9, 2012

    Nicole handled it like a pro. Shes the s***

  21. aryo December 9, 2012

    wtf? shes selfish? lmao b**** wtf did u want her to do? f***** c****

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