Hot Shots: Mariah Carey’s Family Fun Down Under

Published: Sunday 30th Dec 2012 by Sam

Mariah Carey is ensuring her latest Australian adventure is a family affair.

Accompanied by husband Nick Cannon and their adorable twins Monroe and Moroccan, the premium diva is in Sydney ahead of her sell-out mini-tour in the region, which sets sail on New Years Eve.

The live dates kick-off mark an official return to the spotlight for the 42 year old, who is gearing up for the January debut of the  American Idol – which she is judging on alongside Nicki Minaj, Keith Urban, and her manager Randy Jackson.

For now, though, peep more pics of the Carey-Cannon’s Down Under below…

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  1. HoneychildPlease December 30, 2012

    Beautiful family pics MIMI aka the real ICON

    • Touché December 30, 2012

      I caught that shade lol.

      • HoneychildPlease December 30, 2012

        The truth always shades b******! lol

  2. Todd December 30, 2012

    Yey Mimi!

  3. BEYHIVE MEMBER December 30, 2012

    Her daughter really looks like her! 🙂

    They have the same . . . something, I don’t know what is it.


    Mariah Carey and her +200 million albums is an . . . .


    You need to learn the difference between an icon and a “LEGEND”.

    • Bryan Dossome December 30, 2012

      Mariah is both ICONIC and LEGENDARY….Her music is TIMELESS and we can’t ignore the fact she came out number 1 in one of the most competitive decades in music,the 90’s.

  4. KNUCK December 30, 2012

    LOL.. Their daughter is such a DIVA. She is looking down like “I could NEVER let me feet touch this FILTHY ground!” lol

    • Touché December 30, 2012


  5. Bryan Dossome December 30, 2012

    There is no denying that Mimi is in the happiest place in her life right now….If she never sings again,at least i’ll have ANYTIME YOU NEED A FRIEND,MY ALL,VISION OF LOVE.AIWFCIY,WBT,ANGELS CRY,FANTASY,MAKE IT HAPPEN,NEVER FORGET YOU,HERO etc ETERNALLY stuck on my playlist

    • JOHNVIDAL December 30, 2012

      Exactly! I want her to release more albums like she is doing. But if she stops cos she can´t give anymore of herself… I will be forever grateful and forever enjoyeing her huge catalogue, just like with Whitney

    • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ December 30, 2012

      I agree with both of you! We have 12 albums to console ourselves even when Butterfly on its own is just amazing.

  6. Lax December 30, 2012

    Legend, Talented and got it going on, Many Female Singers
    are Inspired by Her and that is a Great thing, You go MIMI.
    Lovely Family Pictures Thanks for sharing with all of US.

  7. Kim December 30, 2012

    Why is the boy having a Rihanna shaped forehead? Not cute, I hope as he gets older the forehead will shape back in place! One Rihanna shaped forehead is enough, we don’t need to see another celebrity walking around with such scary shaped forehead!

  8. jason December 30, 2012


    Definitely in the happiest place in her life. Those kids are adorable!

  9. MISHKA December 30, 2012

    They’re so adorable!

  10. Nay nay December 30, 2012

    That b**** needs a stylist! She always dresses badly!!!!

    • Todd December 30, 2012

      its been a hit or miss for her with the clothes this year. u need to check her 08 outfits-she was on fire

  11. JOHNVIDAL December 30, 2012

    I agree she is in the best place she´s ever been in her life. She is truly happy now. I´m waiting to see Autralian fans response in her concerts there… and then: AI and new album YAY 🙂

    • Bryan Dossome December 30, 2012

      she said she wont be following any trend and that she just wants her new music to be well received….i think that means she’s gunning more for critical success which is all i’m hoping for

  12. Sierra December 30, 2012

    Beautiful family !!

  13. Todd December 30, 2012

    Mimi, u know i love u and all, but let me just say that im TOO HAPPY that u got ur personal trainer there with u !

  14. mc the place to be! December 30, 2012

    I wish y’all would shut up about mariachi weight she had twins and at her age its even harder to drop the weight anyways she looks better with some weight I still think she looked her best during charmbracelet era and at 42 she still just as relevant as Rihanna Beyonce etc while y’all claiming you’re faves are living legend mariah is THE living legend just check out her catalog its huge and don’t count the remixes she resings that screams legend she showed us no matter how big you are ppl will shun you like you never sold a thing your life she is the American dream and its sad only her lambs will understand that if you compare someone to mariah that person better have their music right and not just vocals!

  15. Cream December 30, 2012

    Kids cute she on the orther hand look like a old ass lady fat ass Beyonce want never # Gaga Bey 2013

    • Just Sayin December 30, 2012

      you sound very hateful. there is nothing wrong with how she looks. this post is about her happiness and here you come being a f** thinking your read did something lmao.

    • Bryan Dossome December 30, 2012

      @CREAM….you wish gaga and bey had the kind of talent mariah has

    • Common Sense December 30, 2012

      Oh look a Gaga fan being judgmental how ironically expected.

  16. Just Sayin December 30, 2012

    here is the truth why people hate on Mariah, because they are afraid of their fav not being number one. the truth is Mariah Carey opened up doors for your fav, one of the biggest selling female artist of all time, why do you all find hateful things to say when your fav will praise her? stop hating and respect the legend

    • Just Sayin December 30, 2012

      even Nikki Minaj re-tracked her statement and PRAISED mariah

      • PSA (FAF) December 30, 2012

        What statement did she retract? She never said mariah carey was not legendary … she said she loved her but they had a disagreement !

      • Just Sayin December 30, 2012

        FAF if you look at the tape DUMB ASS she was taking back all the nasty things she said. I’ve come to learn you are just ignorant and dont know much. f*** off

  17. ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ December 30, 2012

    Adorable kids and I’m so happy for the Australian lambs because they get to see her after 14 years on stage……..I agree she looks really happy 😀

    • PRINCE MACHIAVEL December 30, 2012


  18. Touché December 30, 2012

    Yes! Mimi and her family are looking fabulous as always(:

  19. Cream December 30, 2012

    F*** Mariah she’s done she should not even show her old ass face in 2013 she mad she not performing at the Super Bowl lol girl yo old ass gat 3 kids sit your old ass down and take care of them. Old B**** #team nicki

    • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ December 30, 2012

      Why would she be mad at not performing at the super bowl? 😆 Oh I see you’re team flop and bigger flop. :next:

    • Touché December 30, 2012

      @ Cream, Remember this is the Queen Mariah Carey’s post so take your classless self somewhere else.

    • Bryan Dossome December 30, 2012

      @CREAM…one of these basic b******’ stans always has to start s*** and today the honors fell on you,ryt???PATHETIC

    • Jessica December 31, 2012

      @CREAM :1. Mariah has 2 kids, sit your retarded ass down. 2. Mariah been out since 1989, she writes her own music, produces and sings, what does Garbage Minaj do besides stealing personas from Missy, Lil Kim, Foxy? 3. Where is Garbage Minaj Grammy?? OH THAT’S RIGHT- NON EXISTENT!!! LMAO!!! Mariah has one, Missy has one, Eve has one, and Lil Kim has one. SIT YOUR NON-FACTOR ASS DOWN AND SUCK ON A PACIFIER , DUMB ASS CLOWN!!

  20. Cream December 30, 2012

    Is she one of the Best? Yes it’s just she think she better then everybody that’s why I’m team nicki because she did not take it

    • Touché December 30, 2012

      Oh please, everyone acts like they’re the best, she’s not the only one. Nicki especially acts like she’s better than everyone else so don’t even go there because it’s not even serious whatsoever.

    • Just Sayin December 30, 2012

      here is what i do not understand about you BARBZ. Ya’ll say NIkki did not take Mariah’s s***, ok thats clearly evident, but ya’ll mothafuckers act like she walk around and says NOTHING about no one and everyone hates on her. LOL she pops off so much and then denies things, that sounds like a b**** to me. Yeah she has a nasty mouth and quick wit, but she is a F****** PUNK! I NEVER met a b**** who talked s*** and then played victim like she was clear of all charges lol
      Mariah does not think she is better than everyone, she just doesn’t like other females like that. and i get it because i know real females that would rather hang with the boys then fake ass b******.
      u barbz go on being the s*** you made of PLASTIC

    • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ December 30, 2012

      She’s definitely one of the best and please you’re team Nicki because you’re a ghetto hood-rat, so you’re attracted to another basic, ghetto, hood-rat. PressedT 😆

      • Just Sayin December 30, 2012


  21. PRINCE MACHIAVEL December 30, 2012

    Awwwwwwww, So Cute!!!!!!!!

  22. It’s Utterly Bizaar! December 30, 2012

    Mimi <3

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