Rita Ora Performs On ‘Top Of The Pops’

Published: Wednesday 26th Dec 2012 by Sam

2012 has been all sorts of epic for Roc Nation’s Rita Ora. Indeed, within a 12 month frame, the Londoner wracked up three consecutive #1’s, a chart-topping album, and ample international interest.

So what better way to cap off an incredible run than a performance on iconic British show ‘Top Of The Pops’.

The 22 year old was one of the major names tapped to perform on the special Christmas edition of the former-weekly, turning in a fun-filled rendition of her smash ‘How We Do’.

Get into her Ora below…

Good stuff.

Your thoughts?

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  1. BEYONCE KNOWLES-CARTER December 26, 2012


  2. @PWetsh PEGGYHYLS Wetsh December 26, 2012

    F*** this h**

  3. RICHANDBLACK11 December 26, 2012

    ummmm happy new years

  4. whocares December 26, 2012

    her album is soooo bad it ain’t even funny and to think Beyonce endorsed this chick over her sister and Kelly.

  5. Saetana December 26, 2012

    Looks like she shouldn’t attempt to ad-lib, lol, there was a few overlong pauses in there. I think she is a reasonable singer most of the time but she has no stage presence and this is a pretty poor singing performance as well ;o)

  6. JJFan1990 December 26, 2012

    Well; she’s still trying….

  7. Evan December 26, 2012

    I wish she would stop trying to do like 1,000 runs for a simple song. If she wants to sing like that then why not make music that requires you to sing like that. i.e: SLOW SONGS!!!! DUH

  8. Dev December 26, 2012

    She sounded awful.

  9. King B>Rihanna December 26, 2012

    I like Rita Ora but I just don’t see it for her.She missing that X Factor.She’s talented but that thing that Beyonce,Rihanna etc have.

  10. Mother December 26, 2012

    Something about her singing voice irritates me!!!

    • Rita Slays December 26, 2012

      Probably because you’re used to bad singing 🙁

  11. JessieHeartbeat December 26, 2012


    • Rita Slays December 26, 2012

      Says a Jessie J fan, gurl bye. Have you heard your fav sing live?

  12. Rita Slays December 26, 2012

    Why doesn’t she ever perform the current single at hand? How We Do is old, she needs to perform Shine Ya Light or Radioactive.

  13. I can’t, just give it up Ciara *no1gonnabuyursongsgurl** December 26, 2012

    This b**** acting like she singing My heart will go on! Tell this farce b**** to just get through the f****** song instead of singing like she on the f****** X factor finale every damn time she singing something damn! There’s a time and a place Rita! You not gonna get sent back to Kosovo if you don’t do runs sweetie and the war is over so its not that f****** serious! Omg she get on my nerves just like Jessie J! Singing them dumb ass songs like there Mariah, Whitney ballads and on a singing competition TV show! I hate the both of them! Over singing b****** who claim to be 20 something n both of em look old as s***! Cheryl Cole is really representing for attractive pop stars out of the UK y’all need to throw Jessie J and This Ora b**** back in the f****** river Thames cuz I will not use them catfish b****** ever!

    • Touché December 26, 2012

      I tried. I really tried to tolerate her voice and her music but it’s just so terrible.

  14. I can’t, just give it up Ciara *no1gonnabuyursongsgurl** December 26, 2012

    Somebody call Serbia and let them know where this Ho is. They will take care of this problem.

  15. nazeem December 27, 2012

    i’m getting boring with this girl.a simple skng with so many ad lib.so annoyed.why dont she just sing that song in the original way?it will be much better.this ora need to stop.especially after one of the most music video ever,her stupid SCI FI RADIOACTIVE

  16. TheTruth December 27, 2012

    Shes annoying me SING THE F****** SONG!

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