New Song: Jermaine Riley – ‘All I’m About (Kendrick Lamar Remix)’

Published: Tuesday 25th Dec 2012 by David

Get all the way into ‘All I’m About‘, the latest offering by R&B sensation Jermaine Riley.

A remix of Kendrick Lamar‘s ‘Sing About Me‘, the cut serves as a teaser for the 20 something’s forthcoming ‘Ten Eleven Twelve 2.o’ release, which fans can expect in the coming weeks.

His genius below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. The Truth December 26, 2012

    Yes Jermain can sing as can many others. But the issue I have with his music/appearance, is that he’s SO DATED. when I see/hear his material it just feels like hes still on that B2K timeline. His songs sound like he wrote them in his bedroom 7 years ago and there’s just no ENERGY in his music. Im not saying he should do dance records but his music needs some VARIETY instead of these winey standard R&B songs that you cant tell one from the other. Ending on a positive note, I think he has more than it takes to make it but he just needs to find a more appropriate path.

    • JUST SAYING December 26, 2012

      Talking absolute air! How can you knock a guy that takes music and writes new lyrics making the track his own?! The industry needs to support acts likes this not take them down! So you like the current 4-to-floor crap pouring out your radio?!?! This track is FIRE!!! Been following the dude for a minute and he’s grind is otherworldly!

      You are what I call a “struggling hater”, you wanna hate but really you love it, you don’t want to appear like a the fan you are behind closed doors!!! That’s some bi-polar sh*t!

      Go ahead Jermaine! I got your back!

      • The Truth December 26, 2012

        Are you stupid or just thick ? something is clearly wrong with his formula to why he don’t sell. No he aint got to follow the crowed, BUT you cant sell something an audience does not want….. he needs to find a balance. And as for me being a hater, that’s just childish and silly, Its so funny when you don’t like something about someone they are so fast to shout hater instead of just thinking ok, the person just don’t like this about me. I said it b4 he has talent but as everyone knows, these days you need more than talent. I really hope your first in line to buy his records, coz BOZO’s like you are always quick to comment on a blog but last when it comes to buying the artists record !

  2. JUST SAYING December 26, 2012

    Something is wrong with his formula or the industry formula? You and I both know that to really sell, and I mean really sell, you have to conform and water down your art, then a BIG machine pays every f*cking radio station, press, news outlet for coverage, and because the “media” says its dope the world consumes – so are you saying to sell his soul for a deal? This happens in both hip-hop and r&b, there are people who are charting that we haven’t a clue why, we sit there like ” HOW THE F*CK DID THAT HAPPEN, I DONT GET THIS GUY!?!?”

    Countless artists put out free music to build their brand and fanbases! Some of these artists were in deals and were axed because the “formula” the label put together didn’t sell, but its too late because they conformed! My library is full of amazing underground mixtapes, music that I would have happily paid for, no doubt you have one or two yourself, or did you make a donation!?! No you downloaded it for free!! Like I said in my previous post, do you like your favourite radio stations playlist? Yeah? Thats the music your referring to that sells!!!

    Love when people come on here and act like they know sh*t! Just to say something…. they say nothing!

    • The Truth December 26, 2012

      NOTHING you say has any relevance/fact to it. Your just on some ranting nonsense, but at the end of the day, if what your saying was true we wouldn’t be having this convo. Let me break s*** down for you… How can Jermaine continuously make music that not a lot of people are feeling. The fact that your making music as a profession there needs to be a big enough audience that needs it. like you said he has been round for a while now and artist like Labyrinth/ Angle/ Loick Essien have all found the right balance without selling out. Jermaine needs to do the same POINT BLANK. Him and his group helped pave the way for those artist and he should have moved with the times to…. (Fact) if you want to be in this business NOT hobby ! the fact i you might have to switch things up and try new stuff that might not be what you initially wanted to do…. but like i said he needs to look at it more as a business coz thats what it all comes down to.

      • JUST SAYING December 26, 2012

        Hahahaha!!!! When someone starts off with a negative it means that I hit a nerve, or they can’t argue the point – all good sometimes people get out of their depth! You’re obviously entitled to your opinion, which is blinkered but enough of the pointing finger. Let me quickly address this!

        “Continuously Making Music That People Aren’t Feeling” – so I assume you are tapped into every music listener on the planet to make such as sweeping statement? You should be in A&R Lol! You’d make millions…. I think you word BOZO fits perfectly here! Let me break it down for you…. Labyrinth/ Angel/ Loick who you mention to TRY and strengthen your argument, have ALL been on their grind for YEARS prior to their RECENT success, but you’re only seeing the lights and cameras now Lol! They are amazing artists, oh and have released FREE Mixtapes (apart from Labrinth who started out as a producer)… Mmmm why would they release FREE music if this is a business?!?!? All are in major label situations (do you know the kind of resource that goes in behind these projects), and have charted – KUDOS TO THEM, THEY DESERVE IT! At the end of the day, you obviously feel strongly enough to reply. There is a lane for everyone, he doesn’t need to follow the lanes of Labyrinth/ Angel/ Loick- he needs to create his own lane, those that rock with him will support others like yourself will sit on the fence, rant into the wilderness until something amazing happens and then you’ll be the first to say… I always said his was sick!

  3. Observing December 26, 2012

    I am so sorry but I just need to add my two cents to this argument. I’ve been following Jermaine’s career for a while and its true, he’s dated.

    He is talented and can sing but doesn’t seem to understand his music sounds like he’s singing to and for himself. Even if the industry is wrong for not accepting him he needs to change his game plan because at the end of the day, he wants to BE in the industry.

    His voice sounds like its laced with phlegm and his performance style is so 2002 and that’s why nobody is responding. He can lie to himself all he wants, but I checked his downloads and none of the songs had anything over 2,000, some didn’t even have 1000.

    Nobody is saying he should stop making R&B, but he needs to realize that nobody cares about the music he’s making because it’s selfish, almost like he doesn’t care what’s actually happening on the charts or what people are actually responding to.

    He needs to ditch the MJ dance moves and write songs that all can enjoy because if he doesn’t he’ll be stuck in the same place for year on year when people he is more talented than beat him.

    Another thing, this blog is too blame for his delusions too. I follow you all on twitter and see how people big him up but nobody is brave enough to come out and say what they think about the music and that’s why he thinks what he’s doing is working.

    My advice to him is to again ditch the MJ style, ditch the whiny vocals and learn to sing songs without doing runs in every other line. He also needs to work with writers who can make music that the public would be willing to buy, because people aren’t even downloading the music he’s making now for free. I hope he takes my advice.

  4. Observing December 26, 2012

    To @justsaying, I have to tell you that you are deluded and must know Jermaine personally, because only someone who knew him intimately would be as blind as you are.

    When a person is trying to make it, they need to see who has actually made it and learn from them. Jermaine is not doing that because he thinks his sound is strong when it is not, it’s self indulgent and at times amateurish.

    He should spend this holiday season and listen to Labrinth and Angel and use them as inspiration because they are clearly making it. IF he had enough fans I would understand why he keeps making the same sound, but clearly he does not which is why he doesn’t get many downloads so that should be a sign that things need to change.

    You also mentioned those that rock with him. Who are they? The same people who wouldn’t buy his music for 99p if it was up on itunes? You need to stop deluding yourself and accept that Jermaine isn’t where he needs to be and that he needs to change. If you keep lying to yourself and telling yourself that the problem is with the industry and not him, you’re going to learn the hard way what happens to people who can’t take criticism.

    • The Truth December 26, 2012

      WOW…… @Observing I could not have said it better myself. I want him to do well but.. Like you say someone needs to tell him the truth and whether he wants to admit it or not he needs to change things up. I wouldn’t be shocked if @Just saying is Jermain because at the start i said he was good but @just saying went on a rant like i had slapped his mum or something.

      • JUST SAYING December 26, 2012

        Hahaha! I dont know the guy or his mum I’m a fan… just think he’s talented and want him to do well…

  5. OVOForever December 26, 2012


  6. SandyForSande December 26, 2012

    Have to be rude, but he reminds me of those people who think the industry owes them something. If you sound like Omarion, make music like a novice and dance like a poor man’s Bobby Brown, why should any exec waste their time and money on you?

    • Observing December 26, 2012


  7. Observing December 26, 2012

    And another thing, the reason he thinks he’s doing the right thing is because this blog keeps making the mistake of posting everything he does. Maybe if you stopped he would think twice about the R&B circa 2001 bull he releases and make songs that your readers would respond to. I only know about him because i was fan of his group when i was in his school and it’s so sad that singers he inspired are now beating him mercilessly.

    • PrincessFuckinTweedy December 26, 2012

      This is the biggest blog that writes on him so I don’t know what he would do if they stopped tbh.

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