‘A Star Is Born’: Elijah Blake Releases ‘Bijoux 22’ Artwork

Frank Ocean, Miguel, Luke James.

For R&B loyalists, the above three have served as the new life- or breath of fresh air- the genre has both been lacking and is slowly but surely beginning to take in.

Only right then, as the mastermind behind two of the genre’s highest selling releases, that Elijah Blake forces his way to the forefront of this sonic revival with the release of his hotly anticipated mix tape, ‘Bijoux 22‘.

Featuring contributions from Common and ‘Run This Town’ producer No I.D, today saw the release of the project’s artwork just days before release and days after the vocalist sat down with That Grape Juice for an exclusive interview on its conception.

More below…

Look out for Blake’s conversation with us when it drops later on this week. Until then…

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  1. Hilly December 9, 2012

    I’m really enjoying this new generation of R&B artists. I like the name and the artwork of the album!

    • LongLiveA$AP December 9, 2012

      He’s cute but i hope he doesn’t turn into a Melanie fiona. I’m tired of these singers who just quietly and exist aren’t giving the chance to make an impact OUTSIDE of their small circle.

      • LongLiveA$AP December 9, 2012

        My bad, errors all up in this b****. I meant to say I’m tired off singers who exist but don’t do anything outside of their small circle of listeners. Melanie could be so much bigger if they spent more time and money on her so I hope they do the same with this dude.

    • LMLYOU December 9, 2012

      So funny that people wanna praise this kid like he’s the king of R&B. Was he even allowed to drive when Neyo was writing for the greats?

      • Oceans December 9, 2012

        Keep on hating but Neyo and the rest of those old washed up r&b writers are on the way OUT. Frank has done more in a year than Neyo or Ego Rico or Sean My Mouth’s Too Big Garett have done in ten. I can’t speak for Elijah because i’m not familiar with his music but if you can’t see that Neyos time is done, you will remain forever pressed.

      • Hilly December 9, 2012

        Does it matter?

  2. JuicyFruit December 9, 2012

    Not sure Miguel was mentioned here. He isn’t at the forefront of anything and is clearly on some kind of payola scam. I don’t believe that someone who virtually ignored and shunned last year suddenly becomes the people’s favorite this year and we’re all supposed to be believe it. He seemed desperate to be famous and I wouldn’t past his people to have paid radio to get him airtime just so he could SEEM to be competing with Frank. Either that or he’s sleeping with someone at the top.

    • EveryLittleStep December 9, 2012

      Can’t you just be happy that we’ve got a new batch of R&B dudes to enjoy?

      • JuicyFruit December 9, 2012

        Not when I see people being unfair. Frank got his fame because he makes great music. Miguel’s always made good music but nobody cared about him because he doesn’t give much as far as personality goes. If you want me to believe that “hard work” is the reason behind him being so popular now you need to open your eyes. He was desperate for notoriety and he’s been paying radio to get it.

      • CHUDDS December 9, 2012

        No. Frank got his fame because he came out as a power bottom. He isn’t interesting and his music isn’t that great. HE is overrated! (Thinking About You was cute though). “Adorn” was THE R&B song of the year. Miguel is a much better artist and performer than Frank and you will deal JuicyFag!

    • BrandNu211 December 9, 2012

      All of them are overrated tbh.

      The fact that tgj keep posting on him tells me they know something we don’t know about him and i feel like that might mean trouble for miguel and co, cos if this dude is gunning to be the leader of the male r&b pack, the others need to watch out.
      I say that because a blog like this will only post on someone as unknown as him now if they know he’s going to be huge in the future. I don’t care about payola or who’s sleeping who, I just care about good music and if that’s what he’s making, Imma give him a listen.

  3. NavyBlues December 9, 2012

    Why is everyone hating on Miguel?

  4. EasyBreezy December 9, 2012

    Who the f*** is this wannabe Chris?

    • DiploPleaseHitItRaw December 9, 2012

      Why would anyone wannabe a confused mess who doesn’t know his own potential? Tell me.

  5. ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ December 9, 2012

    Oh that’s exciting and its always awesome seeing talented people take the front seat.

  6. colleen shapiro December 9, 2012

    Elijah is a cutie! I’m looking forward to hearing his material 🙂

  7. LadyMarmalady December 9, 2012

    There are things I’d like him to do to my body.
    That’s all im gonna say about that.

  8. Flop Cheeta Whora gave Rob an S** from her 20 guys December 9, 2012

    Bring back jodeci and R kelly. Real RNB, These f***** RNB singers – including elijah blake are not gonna sell stadiums or albums.

    • RitasLipstick December 9, 2012

      When did Rkelly sell out stadiums? Tell me when? Wolfpussy b****.

    • CHUDDS December 9, 2012

      R. Kelly never went anywhere sweetie. He still releases music & albums. If Jodeci were to come back they would flop. They are four crack heads! And I thought you didn’t like ghetto R&B music or black people? Make up your mind sweetie.

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