From The Vault: En Vogue – ‘Riddle’

Published: Sunday 16th Dec 2012 by David

This week’s From The Vault comes courtesy of En Vogue and their overlooked home-run, ‘Riddle’.

Serviced as the first single from their lastest LP  – and second as a trio – 2000’s ‘Masterpiece Theatre’, the radio mix of the track was helmed by hit-factory Stargate and incorporated elements from their 1992 mega hit single ‘My Lovin’ (Never Gonna Get It)’.

Unfortunately, the song didn’t catch on with the audience the same way ‘My Lovin” had almost a decade prior. Indeed, missing out on a Billboard Hot 100 placing, it only managed to reach #32 on the UK tally and chart inside the Top 40 of a few European countries.

Nonetheless, the track’s epic accompanying video ensured it remains a staple in the minds of many an EV3 fan. Crafted by Len Wiseman (of the Underworld series fame), the visual sees our dynamic trio play the role of vindicative scorned women who give a whole new meaning to the concept of “male-bashing”.

A great video which, without a spec of doubt, has aged astonishingly well – so much so that would not look out of place next to similar-themed visuals of today (see: ‘Telephone’, ‘Cry Me A River’ or ‘Caught Out There’).

En Vogue’s current situation is literally making our hearts break, because we firmly believe that out of all the acts who were super-popular in the 90’s, they (original line-up) are the ones who – on the merit of their ability today – could make somewhat of n impact with a comeback. Of course, any such return would be unlikely to yield  consecutive Top 10s”, but they could be a solid and celebrated Urban/AC fixture. For, something about those voices, harmonies, and ever-energetic routines renders the  En Vogue a timeless class act that could never go out of style.

Fingers crossed that the New Year will see the Funky Divas will let bygones be bygones and start focusing on sharing that magic with the world again.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Dunk December 16, 2012

    So glad TGJ has shown love to such a brilliant and underrated track and video, also another underrated En Vogue smash is Runaway Love CLASSIC!

  2. Late December 16, 2012

    Hot video for an even hotter song. I remember when I first saw this video on BET (back when they had more shows like ‘Cita’s World’ and ‘Hits From The Street’…the good times) I loved it instantly. And it is true that the video looks slick and sassy and looks like it could even be released today and have much more success.

    I love how they cleverly ‘sampled’ themselves with the harmonies from their other song. I’m not a fan of this mix of the song though.

    With the cd artwork, I’ve always thought Maxine looked a little off in the middle. That looks nothing like her.

  3. RoyalKev December 16, 2012

    En Vogue is awesome! I’m just not here for the trio or the 2 separate mini versions though. They were one of those groups where everyone mattered (the only other one like that I can think of was TLC). I really hope they figure it out and reunite. For Some people they’ll reach that highest potential that way. I don’t expect them to make a super come back at this point (in today’s industry), but what they can do is continue to show and prove that they were a force to reckon with. It’s not too many people from the past that I think deserve the shot, but En Vogue would definitely place top 5 on my list for that.

  4. RAY December 16, 2012

    Love Riddle. It was on the charts here in the Netherlands.
    But it’s not from their latest album.
    They have released Soulflower and their Christmas album after Masterpiece Theater.

  5. ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ December 16, 2012

    En Vogue was the talent imo such an underrated group of talented ladies.

  6. QueenOfTheNavy December 16, 2012

    What an amazing group of women.

  7. Christopher December 16, 2012

    WEEERRRKKK>>>>> Let this be a lesson to you so called music followers…. the stars do align for women in their 40’s to make a decent video and song!!!!!! I am on team Envouge… and will continue to think (in my head of course)… that the group still exist, and at any moment… super producer Danja/Timberland…. Rodney Jerkins… or (Sheesh we’ll even take Jermaine Dupree at this point, or hell a well pinned Jonta song)…. will bring these old bags back to life… I would like to point out… these ladies would have made a great touring act… Let that be a lesson to the next generation… don’t sleep on your road gear!!!!-

  8. theshiznit December 16, 2012

    i love this song but hate this version! why not post the original version TGJ

  9. Touché December 16, 2012

    Love them! I never understood why they were so underrated.

  10. bibi93 December 16, 2012

    RnB classik 4 real!!

  11. JP December 17, 2012

    OMG I love this song. This song made me buy Masterpiece Theater. yyyyyyyaaaaasss, TGJ.

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