Watch: Rita Ora Covers Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Swimming Pools’ At The ‘Highline Ballroom’

Published: Tuesday 18th Dec 2012 by David

 Ever the artiste, Rita Ora has developed quite the knack of taking original songs and reworking them with impressive results. From Frank Ocean‘s ‘Swim Good‘ to Destiny’s ChildSay My Name’, very few songs can say they haven’t received the Ora treatment, and last night- Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Swimming Pools‘ joined that list.

Performing the song during her ‘Highline Ballroom’ set last night, it’s safe to say it marked one of her best performances thus far. So good, we hope it becomes a staple in her live show.

Dive in below…


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  1. King B>Rihanna December 18, 2012

    I hope she did not cover his d*** to.LMFAO!

    • wrinkle flop ora December 18, 2012

      No, but she was all over wale, big sean and jay z at the show last night. All she does is f*** men and party with that coke head model friend of hers. She does not sell. Why is jay z f****** with crack head w**** who flops and waste his money on drugs, condoms and drinks at the bar?

  2. boopboop December 18, 2012

    “Ever the artiste, Rita Ora has developed quite the knack of taking original songs and reworking them with impressive results.”

    but……..what about HER OWN songs???????????? why cant she be as “impressive” when singing her own s***???????? not unless she plan to make a career outta bein a mimic.

    • Veronika December 18, 2012

      Boo-poo her songs Are comming your way don’t worry hun too much start stressing hahahah

      • wrinkle flop ora December 18, 2012

        OH, you mean How we do? Peaked at 62

        RIP? Did not chart?

        Ora the LP? Never got released? The struggle is real.

      • wrinkle flop ora December 18, 2012

        when are they coming? Cos I know Stay, by Rih is getting released on January 7th 2013

  3. Monstarebel December 18, 2012

    she’s a cover artist b**** better go join GLEE….

    • COCKINESS December 18, 2012

      i know thats right

  4. King B>Rihanna December 18, 2012

    Ora was a s***** debut i only liked 5 songs off of that album.I think Pop should not be the genre foe her.To me her voice shines best when doing R&B and Soul music.

    • wrinkle flop ora December 18, 2012

      RNB does not sell – just like her – a perfect fit.

      • King B>Rihanna December 18, 2012

        I don’t care about sales..give me quality music and everything is alright for me.

  5. COCKINESS December 18, 2012

    oh rita rita rita……WHEN will you perform your OWN songs and IN ARENAS AND STADIUMS……..#THE STRUGGLES OF A WANNA BE RIHANNA

  6. Sierra December 18, 2012

    The beat of swimming pools is crazy I love it!

  7. ME2 December 18, 2012

    Am I the only one who couldn’t understand a word she was singing?

  8. Fresto December 18, 2012

    I’m just tired of the same old Imagery

    Light skin/white = Black Women’s Desire (NOT )!
    Blonde hair

  9. slimsexy December 18, 2012

    some navy stay mad cos rhi can never cover other peoples song cos she would suck!Thereis nothing original about rhi notice how she sang dimonds just like it was written by sia,no innovation or change in arrangement.others still swag but rhi stole sia’s singing style!seeth Navy at least Rita sounded good. Rhianna could never

    • Monstarebel December 18, 2012

      & b**** RITA could never get a number 1 hit In the U.S. even after F****** over 20 guys & cheating on her very famous boyfriend Robert Kardashian the U.S. still doesn’t give two shits about her ugly wrinkly faced ass….. so your mad? haaaaa!

    • wrinkle flop ora December 18, 2012

      It was written by Sia, but, unlike Sia, who singing career is a worse flop than Rita Whora, Rih just helped Sia pay her mortgage. Elijah Blake, a songwriter, that works with Rih and Has slept with Rita Whora, said Rih is a singer who takes songwriters songs and makes it her own. You tried though.

      If Sia is so great….why did her solo Career fail? She has not star quality. Just like Rita Whora. Rita will never ever make it a be a megastar and I am happy. HA HA HA HA That rihanna reign just wont let up.

    • Nika December 18, 2012

      @SlimSexy – if u gonna bash someone; u should make sure u spell there names right at least. It’s RIH not RHI – duh!

  10. slimsexy December 18, 2012

    Some navy are delusional hope you know Rita was in concert and sang her own songs. I can’t deal with the ignorance of some people. Never knew it was strange to do a song cover in concerts , guess some of you have never been to a “real”concert.
    Ps I would like to see RiRi do her own cover.

    • wrinkle flop ora December 18, 2012

      It was not concert, concerts are at arena’s and stadiums – the type Rih sells out. It was another rita ora gig, that no one cares for. She has done them all year and where is her hits in the USA? Where is that so called amazing album ? Rih sold 100k to debut at number 1 in the UK. WHORA sold 40k and dropped out the chart. POOR DAT.

      I would like to Rita Whora get a top 40 hit in the USA. Rih had two off her debut album.

    • wrinkle flop ora December 18, 2012

      I have been to Sade and Madonna’s concert and I have never ever seen them do covers. They, like Rih, so their own smash hits, Something Rita will never ever do.

  11. miss marvel December 18, 2012

    At least she can sing

    • wrinkle flop ora December 18, 2012

      So can every contestant on the voice, xfactor, and idol. AND?

  12. Sierra December 18, 2012

    The negativity is thick on this post lol and Yeah there are alot of artist that cover other artist music while performing there own music. Brandy does it with Whitney music which I don’t have a personal problem with it unless you just deliberately not covering your own music then I might as well go to there concert cause why the hell am I paying to see you perform other peoples songs tho LOL!
    But hey

  13. slimsexy December 18, 2012

    The delusions of some navy members.Last I checked rhianna is,has always been and will always be a cover star.A case in point was Dimonds which she sang exactly the way it was written and sung originaly by Sia.Even Rita never sings her own songs the same way while performing it.The fact is that When it comes to singing her own songs and doing covers ,Rita is more talented than Rhianna. Just face the truth and quit hating.

    • wrinkle flop ora December 18, 2012

      Rih is not a cover star. Who else in the game, can sing Pn de replay like her? Who? What singer did she copy that from? May? Rita Whora? WHOM? Diamonds is sang the way the soingwriter and producers instructed her to do it: IT IS THEIR JOB! Sia solo singing career failed. So sia is not that great, is she? Rih is more talented and beautiful that is why se is a megastar, getting leading roles given to her on site, by Steven spieblberg ( happy smekday coming 2014 ) and rita whora is s***, w**** and a flop who will never ever make it and will be dropped. Her album is not even coming out in the USA anymore: dropped. Just face the truth and stop hating on the fact Rita Whora, will be selling Rih’s fahion line in River Island in west london next year.

    • wrinkle flop ora December 18, 2012

      i have bad news for you and rita whora. Roc nation have just signed, that mixed race girl who was trying to be rihanna on USA factor: paige Thomas. Paige is younger, sexier and better singer than Rita Whora, plus she is known in the USA cos she was on our xfactor. HA HA HA HA RIta whora gonna get her wig snatched by paige thomas on ROC.

      Meanwhile…….that rihanna reign just wont let up.

  14. mobwife: mentally ill my arsh, he made a life choice! December 18, 2012

    Alright, you better SANG Rita! 🙂

  15. MEL December 18, 2012

    great as always

  16. Auntie_Jackie December 18, 2012

    Rita is great! I think most of her material for her album was generic, but the next album will be better. She’ll find her identity and continue to develop, like proper artists do.

    • wrinkle flop ora December 18, 2012

      HA HA HA H AHow does it feel to see Rih reign supreme? Her new single is already top 10 in the UK; her new LP has sold nearly a million ; steven speileberg gave her a LEAD role in his new film, happy smekday; and she has a new TV show coming to the USA. Rita W**** could never ever.

      There wll not be a new Rita w**** album. Where was the 1st? How comes she did not ever release an album i the USA? The same reason, why she will not release an album ever again: NO ONE IS CHECKING FOR THIS GENERIC FLOP RIH WANNABE W****.

    • wrinkle flop ora December 18, 2012

      Rih has developed from pn de to Stay. She is a proper artist and has the fame,money, awards and career to match. Deal, Hater.

    • wrinkle flop ora December 18, 2012

      And Rita is wack. She performed in Germany and forgot the lines to her own songs. Rih would never. She also does not sing the whole song, she always stops to talk and hype the crowd. Her voice is limited and has no range. Her and rih both performed on UK xfactor, and Rih came out the winner and Rita ora got dissed. She cannot sing and has no range.

      • Auntie_Jackie December 18, 2012

        As of December 11, 2012, Unapologetic has sold 369,503 copies in the US.

        That is my only response to your fuckery.

        I like Rita Ora. YOU will deal.

      • wrinkle flop ora December 18, 2012

        And she is near gold. That answers, your fuckery. I like Rihanna, as do the millions who support her ever growing career, which has now spread to music, TV and fashion. YOU WILL DEAL WHEN RIH IS LL UP ON YA TV, MOVIE AND MALL.

        TAKE THAT H**!

        How much has ORA ALBUM SOLD?

      • wrinkle flop ora December 18, 2012

        You are the only one who likes Rita Whora. The charts proof this h**

      • wrinkle flop ora December 18, 2012

        Rih will sell gold in the USA, by early next year. Rita Ora has not even been certified in the UK. Also, Rih LP is thousands of copies away from Platinum. You forgot she rules the world – she does not need to hold on to the USA for relevance. She gold and platinum in several countries.

        Bring men Rita ORA album sales, h**?

      • wrinkle flop ora December 18, 2012

        WOW! LESS than a month and she has sold that, in an era where albums are not selling ( country excluded ) tHANKS for giving me the good news on Rih ever growing news.

        Shame that Rita Whora has yet to sell 100k in teh UK. WHAT A FLOP W****

  17. Godra Godga December 18, 2012

    WOW! That was gorgeous. Just as good as her Swim Good cover. I’m sure she would cover Riri’s songs.. IF they had any artistic integrity or required any skill. So don’t feel bad Navy. After all, any money Rihyodel makes goes to Beyucki who funds Queen Rita’s lifestyle. Sorry boos

    • wrinkle flop ora December 18, 2012

      She has already sand Rih songs. WFL etc. She is jealous of Rih and wishes WFL was hers. BUT she has not got the star quality to make a smash. She is the idol 1op 30 at bets.

  18. S****** Blonde December 18, 2012

    I don’t even watch the video but why is this site still promoting this girl?

  19. SHA (I have DESTROYED Rita WhOra now PAIGE THOMAS) December 18, 2012

    LOL you b****** really think Rita WhOra is a good singer WOW >_< if she is so great when she performs RIP why does she skip the line"TONIGHT IS YOUR NIGHT" thats because this b**** sing in the same style and has no range which she tries to compensate for by adding unnecessary runs!!!!

    Can any Rita WhOra fan explain this to me???

    • wrinkle flop ora December 18, 2012

      You noticed that she has no range? Rih has more range than her. Rita Whora cannot even hit high notes. Now, she trying to copy Rih again and release a ballad. Only thing is, Rita whora ballad is crappy RNB and bland .

  20. wrinkle flop ora December 18, 2012

    Well, beyonce is stupid funding Rita lifestyle, while she f**** her man behind her back. I mean, what kind of investment is that?

    • Monica December 18, 2012

      B**** how u know that though lol

  21. wrinkle flop ora December 18, 2012


    Been on the daily mail_? They are showing Rih’s new $12 million home in the Pacific palisedes. Rita Whora could never. Rih is 24 and lives in a house that. Simon cowell and Phillip greene are flying to Barbados to have meeting with Rih. Rih got paid $ 2million to sing at the B day of the the owner of Sandy lane hotel, in Barbados. She also got that to sing t Bday for an English Billionaire, and Ukraine football club. Your fave could never-

  22. wrinkle flop ora December 18, 2012

    And at some show in detroit. She sang hey ya and Say my name. So, this means, she is a cover star and back up singer at the most. She is not an artist and she has not sound or identity to sell the masses. Not to mention she has zero star quality.

    She is no different to the people who go on talent shows. Meanwhile Rihanna will be singing her OWN STAR MAKING CHART TOPPING SONG on teh voice finale.

  23. wrinkle flop ora December 18, 2012

    Has this girl has a hit in the USA?

  24. cruz December 18, 2012

    hahaha so many jealous chicks on this site it’s hilarious. She’s s***

    • wrinkle flop ora December 18, 2012

      No one is jealous of this wrinhkly faced h**. We all think Halle Berry is beautiful and she shits all over this w****.

  25. ENOUGH ONIKA (0 GRAMMY NOMS…) December 18, 2012

    Rita Rita Rita….Desperate times call for desperate measures huh?? You showing your man figure and no ass in a bikini trying to be “s***” (key word is trying) is pathetic. It’s gross and reconfirms why I’ll never support you, ever. You try and come off like you’re original and about the music “you don’t even write” but just another industry s*** looking for attention. To be honest, I even forgot your name until this flop post your PR paid Samantha to put up..

    • Touché December 18, 2012


  26. wrinkle flop ora December 18, 2012

    Rita Whora has a kesha body. Not to mention lines and wrinkles. WHY did all those men sleep with this h**? f**** RAW? A*** s**? Swallows c**?

  27. MELODY2012 December 18, 2012

    Without a doubt Jay Z will declare Rita as his worst investment to date. I am certain Roc will never push any artist like they did Rita, she ruined it for others. It is so embarrasing for both Rita and Roc, all that promo for nothing. They will never recoup that money. She makes Teairra Marie sales look like Taylor Swift sales.

  28. MELODY2012 December 18, 2012

    Paige made a mistake by signing with Roc. That label will fold in the next few years, the only artist that sells there is Kanye.

    • wrinkle flop ora December 18, 2012

      Kanye is on Def jam

  29. MELODY2012 December 18, 2012

    Miss Whora wrote lyrics on Twitter from her new music and that s*** is generic. Her 2nd album will flop harde if it ever gets released

  30. Pop Royalty December 18, 2012

    she’s cool, she just need a good Compass to lead her to the right DIRECTION , Because she’s Talented and can be Better Than this.

    she need to Revamp her whole style/Image/Musical Style just like when shakira did after “ojos Asi” was Released for Example, Yes …. that is what exactly this girl needs ATM. a Whole new Persona !!!!

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