Watch: Rita Ora Covers Mariah Carey On ‘The Dome’

Published: Thursday 27th Dec 2012 by David

Rita Ora wowed German fans today when she took on Mariah Carey‘s Christmas ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You‘ on ‘The Dome’, joined by a number of European Pop staples.

Exceeding a number of expectations, the performance will come as a welcome surprise to any yet to hear a decent cover of the cut- which continued its ascent on the Billboard Hot 100 today with a new peak position of #21.

Watch below…

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  1. Benron (King of The Phucking Navi) December 27, 2012

    Terrible, will this H** ever learn to sing ON-KEY? She needs to learn what to do about that man voice b4 she tries to be come XXXLtina part 2

    • solange noals December 27, 2012

      WAIT am I reading this post from a rihanna stan? just checking.

    • junjou romantica December 27, 2012

      Oh the irony

    • enoughalready December 27, 2012

      Rihanna could never do something like this and this was great, Rihanna practice a song and that’s how you get it, this was live, I mean real live with no backtracking!!!! If Rita is horrible what is Rihanna?

    • keke January 4, 2013

      thats cue being jealous wont get you anywhere

  2. Suicide Blonde December 27, 2012

    Although i don’t like Christmas songs, why, why, why, why in Mariah’s voice she has to cover a song of one of the greatest singers of all times, she knows she won’t make justice to the song not even make it sound cute, just horrible.

    • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ December 27, 2012

      Stop being a jealous b****, KWEEN Rita was following her idol’s footsteps. I’m actually surprised that she didn’t cover Hero…..

      • Suicide Blonde December 27, 2012

        @ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ
        Darhhling even Rihanna sounds bad singing a Mariah’s song.

      • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ December 27, 2012

        Not this bad.

      • Suicide Blonde December 27, 2012

        That was awful.

    • solange noals December 27, 2012

      what were you listening to? she did not sound bad and she wasn’t even the only person singing it….

      • Suicide Blonde December 27, 2012

        @solange noals
        Her voice irritates my ears.

  3. Monstarebel December 27, 2012

    These stranger B****** sound better than Rita…

    & Can someone please get Rita a stylist

    • Benron (King of The Phucking Navi) December 27, 2012

      She has one.

      Its my Grandma tbh.

      • Benron (King of The Phucking Navi) December 27, 2012

        #Legendma is a great stylist

        She is also rita’s U.S. publicist. How great is she doing?

      • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ December 27, 2012

        Legendma needs to get Rihanna’s career together like Rita’s. Her powers are beyond me *cries*

  4. King B>Rihanna December 27, 2012

    This f****** Rihanna wanna-be really TRIEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD! it covering the legendary MC.How dare you b****!Note to other basic h*** not cover WH,MC,AF etc you will jack it up.Lord please don’t let MC die now because they already jacked WH and DS tribute just imagine what they will do to MC but I will personally come for these basic dumb retarded c****.

  5. ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ December 27, 2012

    I liked their energy and spirit. I prefer the original version by the Christmas Queen herself or even the resent “Fallon” version over this. Too much was going on in this performance, imo. On a more serious note, congrats to Mimi and her newest peak with AIWFCIY! Truly deserving for the modern Christmas classic.

    • Benron (King of The Phucking Navi) December 27, 2012

      I was jk yesterday I loved her performance, it was almost as good as Rihanna’s HERO.

      • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ December 27, 2012

        Nothing could ever be as good as the HERO cover, nothing.

  6. Peter G December 27, 2012

    Poor Germany!

    • Touché December 27, 2012


  7. solange noals December 27, 2012

    give me a damn break. She sounds good (of course it’s not perfect but it sounds decent) and this is coming from someone who doesn’t care for her or like her music. I know you some of you stans on here want her to fail so bad but get a grip.
    & before another rihanna stan tries it (like flopron), rihanna could never.

      • solange noals December 27, 2012

        mostly just rihanna stans. are you one?
        anyways i don’t stan for rita but i’ll give credit where it’s due and she didn’t sound bad at all. I’m just surprised RIHANNA stans are in here saying she sounds bad that’s all.

      • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ December 27, 2012

        I actually agree and no, I’m not a Rihanna stan.

        The problem is that majority of the new Navi weren’t around when everyone dissed Rihanna to dirt supporting Beyonce when she first came out because Rihanna was seen as Beyonce wannabe. It wasn’t until GGGB and Umbrella when she solidified that she was there to stay and found her own niche that her base started growing. Now that Rihanna has an ever-growing fan base and is very popular, they see Rita as a copy-cat (what the Hive saw back in the day) so everyone attacks Rita. It would be ironic if Rita makes it big……’ll be Beyonce-Rihanna 2.0 all over again.

        And I do want her to succeed but I also want her to find HER OWN style and attitude instead of swagger-jacking others.

      • solange noals December 27, 2012

        ohh I see your point! It’s just a vicious cycle lmao. She has a good voice but she does need to find her own style (and some better music)

  8. @PWetsh PEGGYHYLS Wetsh December 27, 2012

    Better than R**** s Hero

  9. Tim December 27, 2012

    is this a joke ? -_-

  10. Benron (King of The Phucking Navi) December 27, 2012

    This is why Rita is a flop. Her stans encourage her to do s*** like this.

    Rihanna is a superstar, but since when does that make her the benchmark for singing. I never hear ANY OTHER STANS SCREAM “YES, MY FAVE SOUNDED BETTER THAN RIHANNA!” the way Rita stans do. You would swear Rih was Whtiney houstoun or something.

    Rihanna would never do this s*** in her professional career because she has sense. He-ta however, does not, and thats why she is a flop.

  11. Benron (King of The Phucking Navi) December 27, 2012

    Some crazy Rita Stan is attacking me on twitter for being the first to ocmment on a rita post for like the first time ever.

    If only they oculd attack the shelves and get ora a certification.

  12. jason December 27, 2012


  13. azebracuntnaj December 27, 2012

    THE W**** OF THE EAST apparently thats the title that was given to her a long time ago. this little ho been f****** a lot of exec to get where she is.

    • azebracuntnaj December 27, 2012

      she probably spread her legs to some exec again to land on second..

  14. Mark111 December 27, 2012

    Come on guys, she did good, but those other “people” (who must be the D list singers) was just BAD! Oh and I get why the other post is Rihanna doing a MC cover, trying to say that Rita did better then Rih… even tho Rih was at a high school talent show, but it’s cool, she can sing 1 of her 12 #1’s hits or 1 of her 35 top 40’s, Dose Rita when have a top 40? That should be so easy for a chic doing pop in the US. Oh and side note, even MC can’t even sing her own damn classics without sounding like s***, lol.

  15. Theredgun December 27, 2012

    Lol horrible she was trying too hard

  16. RG2 December 27, 2012

    HUH? WHAT? Rita Ora Covers Mariah Carey On ‘The Dome’”Better yet Rita Oral Is givin DOME to the audience.

  17. A.MILIAN December 27, 2012


  18. neutral December 27, 2012

    Jay sean surprisedme and im sorry rita can sing… Its one thing to not like cause she looks like rihanna but the girl is talented and didnt sound bad as some of you idiots were saying.

  19. ENOUGH ONIKA (0 GRAMMY NOMS…) December 27, 2012


  20. tits mcgee December 27, 2012

    LOL! This is the funniest thing I saw today. #mess

  21. Nay nay December 27, 2012

    All of them sounded a mess! Rita was off key sounding like a congested Christina Aguilera! FLOP!

    • MEL December 28, 2012

      YOU WISH

  22. It’s Utterly Bizaar! December 28, 2012

    It’s nice to see Rita Ora covering a Mimi song.

  23. JOHNVIDAL December 28, 2012

    To be honest Rita was the best of the bunch BY FAR. Nobody can do Mariah but that intro was not bad. The rest of them were absolutely HORRIBLE

  24. Stop trying to make Rita happen, Sam December 28, 2012

    Here’s some truth tea:

    DIAMOND QUEEN KIM @germanyblanco
    A women @thatgrapejuice should be postin about not rita ora with 40k @chartnews: WW sales: @emelisande, Our Version Of Events 1.9 million”
    about 1 hour ago

  25. TeamBreezy December 28, 2012

    No no no! This was all sorts of terrible 🙁

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