Chris Brown Introduces Singer Sevyn Streeter On ‘106 & Park’ / Premieres ‘I Like It’ Video

Published: Saturday 5th Jan 2013 by Sam

As many a Chris Brown fan will attest, Sevyn Streeter has been an integral component of his material in recent times. Indeed, the singer-songwriter and former member of RichGirl has lent her pen to hits for the Pop star. She’s also crafted tracks for the likes of Alicia Keys and Brandy.

Now, Streeter is breaking out solo – serving up her first offering ‘I Like It’.

With the ball rolling on her promotional push, the stage blazer stopped by BET’s 106 & Park to introduce the cut’s accompanying video along with Brown.

Peep both the interview and video after the jump…

Yes, yes, and yes!

Any female who sings like Sevyn sings, dances like she dances, and shares our love for wind machines, is an artist after our hearts. Good song, great video. We’ll be keeping an eye on Ms. Streeter.

Your thoughts?


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  1. toohotfortv January 5, 2013

    I love Sevyn but I think Jermaine Riley smashed this instrumental. She would’ve been better just transposing his notes and re-arrangining some of his words here or there. His writing just worked a little better.

  2. Sleazy January 5, 2013

    I love the video! But I just saw Beyonce. Kelly. Ciara in 1 video!! She slayed tho yessssssssssssssss

    • PSA (FAF) January 5, 2013

      And Kelly !

      • PSA (FAF) January 5, 2013

        I didn’t see u wrote that >.<

    • jamelisyours January 6, 2013

      exactlyyy, my thoughts lol, she killsss this … i hope Chris gets her fully out there so she can shine !

  3. kingbreezy January 5, 2013

    she’s doing it big..i think she should be our favorite new artist coz she can’t disappoint us

  4. My forehead tho January 5, 2013

    Somebody has been studying Beyonce’s videos -_-

  5. My forehead tho January 5, 2013

    Why is her face so long tho?

    • CHUDDS January 5, 2013

      Because thats how God made her, f*****. Let’s see your leprosy filled face.

  6. Stoney-Brie January 5, 2013

    Loving this girl!

    • CHUDDS January 5, 2013

      Every female he signs has the same look. What the hell is up with that? Jay should NOT be allowed to sign people. Sorry.

      • Ritaoraisgoingtoblow January 5, 2013

        Arlissa looks nothing like Rihanna if I had to compare her with anyone it would be Cassie. She has very refined and delicate features unlike Rihanna. She also looks very Mediterranean.

  7. MISHKA January 5, 2013

    The skin of Kelly Rowland. The height and body of Lady Gaga. The face and hair of Necole Bitchie.

    That’s what I saw. Where is “Sevyn Streeter” , the girl who made quite an impression with her high notes on “She ain’t you” ? I didn’t see that girl.

    All those songwriters-singers should take notes from Keri Hilson and Bruno Mars: first, you tied yourself to a hit song by the hottest artist of the moment then you release your debut single which should be nothing less than a BANGER.

    Sevyn you got the first part correct so where is the banger, honey?? And please, don’t play s*** if you’re not comfortable with it. You got a great voice, you need to show it. It would be enough for a start.

  8. IDK January 5, 2013

    Im sold, Im a fan and I will be following her from here on out.
    Go Sevyn!

    • IDK January 5, 2013

      I loved the fact she made it known she’s doing mainly hip hop and r&b! She’s about that life! Cheah!

  9. DIOB January 5, 2013

    Chris was right about her voice. She was my fav in Richgirl. She did a lot of songs on Chris’s Fame album. as soon as I heard the background vocals I was like that sevyn. lol. I really like her so I’m excited to see where this goes.

  10. Don’t_Start_No_Shit!!! January 5, 2013

    I love the video Sevyn. I’ve always liked the the song… I heard it some time ago!!.. Congrats Sevyn! Show em who’s the real RICH GIRL!!!!

  11. Dev January 5, 2013

    I liked the song and had been playing it heavily until i saw the video which i thought was basic and pretty lame. Where are the “dance moves” you were bleating about? Where was the great concept that you gave the impression there was?
    Yes there was a relatively catchy song and a wind machine but not much else.
    I can’t stand La Cole but even she serves up better dance moves edited to look great

  12. eric January 5, 2013

    I don’t think the video does anything for her and she should really try to channel something that looks less like Beyonce and Ciara if she wants to show there’s something special about her. Her voice deserves it. I always loved RichGirl.

  13. CHUDDS January 5, 2013

    I was trying to figure out where I knew this girl from (besides RichGirl). Now I remember….she was a member of TG4 (the female B2K)! Well, I like her. She’s pretty, has a great voice, can dance….she’s everything Ciara should be! The song isn’t my favorite, but it’s cute. She’s a great songwriter, so I’m sure she has a few tricks up her sleeve.

    • PSA (FAF) January 5, 2013

      YESSSSS TG4 “Secretly” is still my s*** ! Middle School days !

    • Rev the Cool Nerd January 6, 2013

      Yes!!! I thought I was the only one who knew about TG4 lol I still have “Virginity” on my iPod #noLie lol I’m glad she’s getting her own shine though 😀

  14. pat January 5, 2013

    if she were cuter….beyonce would have some legit competition

  15. @PEGGYHYLS5 on instangram January 5, 2013


  16. @PEGGYHYLS5 on instangram January 5, 2013

    She is crap weak!!! Chris Brown now have a record company? How did he sign him?

  17. SHA (I have DESTROYED Rita WhOra now PAIGE THOMAS) January 5, 2013

    Sorry this is the MUSIC BUSINESS AKA IMAGE DRIVEN and she is not good looking at all good voice she should stick to being in a group or being a songwriter I dont see her making it at all maybe a top20 hit on the billboard RNB if Chris promotes her right but thats all!!!!

  18. Suicide Blonde January 5, 2013

    So Chris is her mentor, poor girl.

    • That B*tch January 5, 2013

      Same thing I thought.
      Jokes of all jokes.

  19. That B*tch January 5, 2013

    She’s a good singer/song writer.
    Whats is she doing working for a flop like Christina Maurica Brown?

  20. quetta January 5, 2013

    I have no clue who she is but I don’t like it I love it, lol. The dances moves were on point and it’s a decent song. Keep up the good work.

  21. bam bam January 5, 2013

    The song is a grower but she can sing dance and not bad to look at so she could have a shot

  22. Yo Mammy January 5, 2013

    I like it!

  23. Randall January 6, 2013

    She is cool she looks just like Tiffany Evans though…

  24. Chile Please!! January 6, 2013

    Here we go with the f****** comparisons…..OMG! Why when a new artist come out they can’t just be THEM? Ugh….I swear ya’ll must be some teeny boopers on this blog! B**** slayed……I can say one thing she resembles K. Michelle & that’s it….this chick has her own style & can sing. Let her be HER!

  25. End Of Time January 16, 2013

    i Like Her ..Good Pick Chris 😀

  26. mob: that chick Cleopatra Jones January 17, 2013

    OMG, Se7en is gorgeous & talented. Go girl.

    I always love my baby Breezy! F*ck the haters…..

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