Drama: Azealia Banks Spars With Angel Haze

Published: Thursday 3rd Jan 2013 by David

It seems there’s no love lost between ‘Liquorice‘ MC Azealia Banks and up and coming Rapper  Angel Haze, who engaged in a Twitter spat minutes ago.

Ignited by remarks Banks made about non-New Yorkers claiming to be from the vibrant city, it’s safe to say the ladies won’t be teaming up for a collaboration anytime soon- especially after Haze threatened to ‘cut’ her new found nemesis.

Tweets below…



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  1. skintightjeans January 3, 2013

    2 irrelevant h*** that nobody knows about.

    • DA NAVY January 3, 2013

      I was about to say the same thing I dont know them

    • Bad Bytch January 3, 2013

      I LOVE me some Angel Haze though.. jus sayin.. Its more to female rap beside Nicki Minaj kids

      • PSA (FAF) January 3, 2013

        Who mentioned nicki tho ??? U LMFAO

      • Well b**** January 3, 2013

        True these pop b****** need to f*** right off!

  2. the real xoxo January 3, 2013

    Hopefully they take this to the booth and record some fire diss-tracks!
    Y’all are too used to Nicki throwing shots at everyone then denying it because shes p****.
    I like both Azealia and Angel Haze, this is what hip hop is about! let the best woman win!

    • PSA (FAF) January 3, 2013

      I’m too used to u on the QUEEN d***.. now fall off , f***** !
      she not on these b****** radar bc she ABOVE these teenage h*** !

      She dont gotta make no diss records, she cash checks !

      Wheres your flop fave at ?

      • the real xoxo January 3, 2013

        “She dont gotta make no diss records”
        really? then why does Nicki seem to be dissing somebody on almost every damn song?

      • PSA (FAF) January 3, 2013

        When she talks about making money no one else has? ? thats not disses, its FACTS !

  3. the real xoxo January 3, 2013

    Hopefully they take this to the booth and record some fire diss-tracks!
    Y’all are too used to Nicki throwing shots at everyone then denying it because shes too p**** to hold her own in a lyrical beef.
    I like both Azealia and Angel Haze, this is what hip hop is about! let the best woman win!

    • PSA (FAF) January 3, 2013

      I’ll take 2 platinum albums 5 endorsements, a perfume, etc over street cred at age 30 ! Let these young h*** have rap beef !

      • Mark111 January 4, 2013

        So selling out is cool now? There’s a difference from being successful and selling out for money. Look at all the falling stars, money doesn’t equal happiness, but what I’m saying, you are programmed to believe what the sellouts tell ya. Be a good lil lame and buy Nicki album with your welfare check.


        #BOOM BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^^^^^^^

      • sapphier January 4, 2013

        I really don’t get why people call her a sell out. People are just mad because she winning.

  4. hjgjh January 3, 2013

    who and who?? :s

    • lily January 3, 2013


  5. JJFan1814 January 3, 2013

    Nice song. But angel haze looks like a man

  6. Savannah January 3, 2013

    Soooooo irrelevant!

  7. Love on top January 3, 2013

    Lmao poor azealia had her non existing hair line snatched

  8. Viciousss January 3, 2013

    Banks is doing too much every damn day of the week. and a week from now she’ll be buddy buddy with Angel like she tried to do with Kreashyn, Nicki, and Kim.

    Smh, I really would love to see who she does collab with. It’s either going to be all men or all the older people.

  9. King B>Rihanna(My Hair is Layed like Beyonce’s Haters Loose P****) January 3, 2013

    Azealia Banks you can be great now in the damn studio and record your debut album b****.

  10. Evan January 3, 2013

    I Like Azealia’s style.

  11. PSA (FAF) January 3, 2013

    Angel slayed the f*** outta her! LMFAOOot Azealia needs to stay off twitter & finish those 2 albums that are supposed to drop nxt yr so she can retire !

    • DeezNutz January 3, 2013

      Who hasnt Azealia beefed with? lol Damn! And they thought Nicki was a b****!

  12. PSA (FAF) January 3, 2013

    Ofcourse nicki is brought up ! Loooooooooool ! I know u miss her, Idol debuts this month @XOXO I know you’ll be tuned in !

  13. Chile Please!! January 3, 2013

    Okay….WTF is really going on??? Why is everyone looking & rapping the same nowadays? It’s going to be an all out war between these 2 chicks because they both look & shaped just alike & rap the same. The only difference is you can understand Angel Haze better than Azealia……Angel was spitting that fyah though! Then you have my home girl Snow Da Product she’s a beast too & rap fast. I see the female rappers are making a come back. WERK!!!

  14. OK January 3, 2013

    Is Angel an Aaliyah tribute act?

    Her insults were funny, though, except for the “charcoal skinned b****” one. So what if Azealia is dark-skinned? It’s not as if Angel is KeKe Wyatt’s or Paula Patton’s complexion. She didn’t need to bring Azealia’s skin tone into it.

    • Chile Please!! January 3, 2013

      Girl…..they are both as black as midnight….WTF is you looking at?

      • PSA (FAF) January 3, 2013

        Azealia is darkskinned, Angel haze is brownskinned but she apologized for that comment…

    • credits January 3, 2013

      Even if she was paula patton or keke wyatt’s complexion she has no right. all dark skinned girls should boycott this idiot and don’t buy her album if it ever comes out. skin color, really?!?!? smh.



  15. DeezNutz January 3, 2013

    TF is going on with Female Rappers? B****** aint even on billboard yet and theyre already at eachother’s throats! lmao. Calm down and focus on your cake.

    Strawberry Shortcake : \ˈstrȯ-ˌber-ē – ˈshȯrt – ˈkāk\ : noun

    1: a broke b****!
    2: one who loses sight of her goals and her CAKE by focusing on BEEF and negativity.

    -Nicki Minaj

    • PSA (FAF) January 3, 2013

      These haters will thumbs u down for quoting the QUEEN ! LOL

    • Touché January 4, 2013

      What’s going on with female rappers? More like what’s going on with Icki Minaj. How can the b**** claim she is the queen when her sophomore album flopped hard? A true Queen’s sophomore album never flops. NEVER FLOPS. The only person who should focus on their cake is Icki.

      Fruit cake:
      1. A rich clown b****.
      2. a hypocritical goofy ass b**** who declares herself as the best ( such as a rap queen) but denies throwing shots at other females because she’s strait up a p****!

      – Dragger of the ratchet Barbz

      • DeezNuts January 4, 2013

        But…her album is the highest selling rap album of 2012! Thats why shes the Queen. I just dont understand the “flop” label its actually kind of amusing at this point. lmfao

        Nicki’s Album sold more than:
        RIck Ross<<
        2 Chainz<<
        Dj Khalid<<
        GOOD MUSIC<<
        Kreayshawn …. LMFAO<<
        Lupe Fiasco<<
        Kendrick Lamar<<
        Meek Mill <<
        Wiz Khalifa<<
        Big Boi
        The Game
        Cheif Keef

        And thats just going by US sales. WW Nicki is in a completely different ballgame! lmfao In otherwords…despite your claim..SHE IS THE QUEEN! lmao

  16. My forehead tho January 3, 2013

    Angel Haze is a lyrical beast. Azealia don’t want it -_-

  17. Monstarebel January 3, 2013

    who TF is angel haze?

  18. millhouse January 3, 2013

    Angel Haze = T*****

  19. Auntie_Jackie January 3, 2013

    They’re both great–want to see them get along, not cursing at each other and bringing each other down. Thy haven’t even released an album yet, so beefing seems a little corny.

  20. MUSHROOMS & ROSES January 3, 2013

    In that top pic, it looks like Angel Haze is trying to channel the late Aaliyah. And, why does her name sound like a combination of drugs? The “Angel” part makes me think of, “angel dust”, and the “haze” part makes me think of how one feels when their on drugs. Or, maybe that’s just me. Lol.

    • KingMe January 3, 2013

      Lol I thought the same, but instead of feeling hazed I was thinking of Purple Haze

      • MUSHROOMS & ROSES January 3, 2013

        Exactly. I thought of Purple Haze as well. Good ‘ole Jimi Hendrix. Lol.

  21. truth(slayer of icki funky ass stans B****!!) January 3, 2013

    Omg will somebody just kick this b**** ass already!!

  22. ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ January 3, 2013

    She has some fire, I’d like to see her and A.B. collaborate.


    Sorry to go off topic, but Sam could you post about Mariah’s Allphones Arena sold out performances? She did very well! She performed stuff she hasn’t in YEARS like Love takes time, Emotions, Can’t let go, Hero, don’t forget about us, can’t take that away (re-arranged) etc.

  23. My 2Cent January 3, 2013

    …… Angel Haze is whack! Charcoal, Chemo and shanks????? huh, really? I guess after watching the video and the messages she represents, it makes sense…. Someone please explain why she set up the children playing to get snatched up while she looks on in laughter???

    • PSA (FAF) January 3, 2013

      But y’all claim y’all want “REAL” hip hop and Kim rapped about the same s***, calling foxy “Doo Doo” and having hot97 shot up over disses .. pot & kettle maybe ?

  24. ladylady January 3, 2013

    I hope this is fake. Otherwise I am disappointed that these two women are acting like trash. There is nothing cool about that. And Angel totally lost points for trying to go there about Azealia’s skin… what bull. Has she looked in the mirror lately?

  25. wrinkle flop ora January 3, 2013

    As a biracial girl who is hated on by dark skin women, I can see why. Dark skin women seem to have a complex about skin tone. Dark butts even fight among themselves.

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (0 GRAMMY NOMS…) January 3, 2013

      THEY have a complex issue???? LOL! B*tch check yourself! You a racist ugly c*nt from the slums of LA trying to act like you’re not a trailer park h**. #GIrlBye

      • wrinkle flop ora January 3, 2013

        Touched a nerve have I? Brentwood is not a slum, google it n****. U need to tell your dark skin, no edges charcoals skin women to chill. They even turning on each other. LOL LOL LOL

        Must be the pain from all that toxic realxer you on your nappy heads. C***.

      • wrinkle flop ora January 3, 2013

        I am biracial and love biracial women. When have you seen two redbones dissing each other skin?

        You dark butts duke it out cos you hate your dark skin and so does the world.

      • ENOUGH ONIKA (0 GRAMMY NOMS…) January 3, 2013

        The fact that your on TGJ as much as you are says enough about your life or lack there of. Pathetic.

      • PSA (FAF) January 3, 2013

        Angel Haze is not darkskinned, though =/ u tried it…

      • wrinkle flop ora January 3, 2013

        Angel Haze is dark skin. Anyone darker than Rihanna is dark skin.

      • wrinkle flop ora January 3, 2013

        Ok dar b***

        Go relax your nappy hairline….it does not blend in with your Brazilain hair

      • PSA (FAF) January 3, 2013

        Idk why I’m responding to this foolishness !

        it doesn’t matter, rihanna has negroid features she would not be called “mixed” over someone brown skinned but with a keen nose like Nicki (dougla father)

        and Rihanna is lightskinned, there is brownskinned, (nicki is light brown caramel like Meagan good) there is medium brown like angel haze, kerry washington then there is DARK SKINNED ! Azealia Banks = Dark skinned , Kelly Rowland, etc. !



  26. mobwife: they’re innocent I tell U…innocent! :-) January 3, 2013

    OMG this b*tch looks like a MAN IN DRAG! Banks is no beauty queen but damn….

  27. PRINCE MACHIAVEL January 3, 2013

    2 Rachets Pop Stars Wannabe Ghetto Rap Stars?1 Euuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh!!!!!!!!

  28. wrinkle flop ora January 3, 2013

    Keep these 2 black ass ugly broads. I take iggy and Nicki. White is right

  29. credits January 3, 2013

    stop jacking aaliyah.

  30. Iconic Iggy January 3, 2013

    Angel shits on Azealia

  31. TeamEveandMissy January 3, 2013

    Y’all better stop sleepin on Angel Haze bcuz dis chick is dope and a lyricist. I think azealia is ok but I can’t really get into her like dat. Its hard to understand what she’s sayin. I really wished they didn’t start beefin bcuz the were good friends and wuz gonna collab and the would have wrecked s*** on a track together. Eventho I am a fan of angel haze she did feed into what azealia wuz sayin a little too much and started the beef. Y’all better check her mixtapes out especially the classik. She did a freestyle on my girl missy song and ripped it and missy liked it.

  32. Auntie3times January 4, 2013

    I’m Azealia’s Auntie 4real4real… 2nd term for President Barack Obama and his beautiful wife Michelle, yet skin color remains the configurative perception. Intelligence in conversation is elusive. Mis-guided violations of precious airwaves is so dated. Battle with intelligence if you must it’s a win win. Just wait until you hear Azealia sing even further… she’s a brilliant actress… -Broke With Expensive Taste/2G13

  33. Mother Theresa January 4, 2013

    Looks like someone is trying to channel Aaliyah….

  34. sho January 5, 2013

    She called someone charcoal? I mean Americans? When does this stop, shakes head.
    Just wow i see the men and women alike, wow.

  35. Sade July 9, 2013

    Angel haze on the edge woah iam starting to love her

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