Frank Ocean On Chris Brown Brawl: “I Got Jumped”

Published: Monday 28th Jan 2013 by Sam

As reported, singers Chris Brown and Frank Ocean were involved an altercation which culminated in blows early this morning. With bad blood already brewing due to a Twitter beef between Brown and Ocean’s “crew” Odd Future last year, TMZ confirm that today’s spat took place in a Los Angeles recording studio where the pair were recording separately. 

And while the legitimacy of the “drama” was initially called into question by some, Ocean himself has addressed the matter on Twitter.

What did he say? His words await after the jump…



In keeping it all the way 100, neither Chris nor Frank are in much of a position to afford this kind of press regardless of who “started it”.

Indeed, for Brown, this serves as more material for certain media outlets to mobilize their anti-Breezy M.O – which at this point is becoming unfair. In Ocean’s case, he may have less to lose (and is generally being painted as the innocent party), yet his movement has largely been built on the air of mystique surrounding his character, as well as his shunning of the media. As such, being a feature of such headlines is not a good look.

Most importantly, neither are pulling in sales in the ball-park of their chart rivals. Hence, both clearly have much to do – namely focus on their craft, rather than cementing stereotypes.

 Your thoughts?

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  1. the real xoxo January 28, 2013

    Not surprised, Frank doesnt really seem the type to start a scrap.
    handbags at dawn, ladies.

    • BeyWhoUWanna January 28, 2013

      Paw Riwhore. Back to Matt Kemp you go.

      • NaviLips January 28, 2013

        STFU you welfare receiving w****.

    • MOB January 28, 2013

      B**** STFU!

      • James227 January 28, 2013


        B**** STFU you worthless piece of s***.

      • Lax January 28, 2013


      • James227 January 28, 2013

        Love you @Lax & Mob. Meanwhile reading this from Necole Bitchie blog and she is usually on point with her reports. Read below:

        Read more: Necole

        According to a few reports, (that have been chopped and screwed a few times since it originally broke around 3am), Chris was at Westlake Studios with one of his artists when he decided to head home. He walked out to his whip and found himself blocked in by Frank Ocean who told him, “This is my studio, this is my parking spot.” Chris allegedly walked towards him to shake his hand as a peace offering and was jumped by some guys that were with Frank. Chris’ friends jumped in and it turned into a full-on brawl in the parking lot. By the time cops arrived, Chris had fled the scene.

        Read more: Necole

    • BlueKid January 29, 2013

      Yes, this is more than likely a civil case against Frank Ocean, due to the fact his sworn statement attacks the character of Chris Brown. Such an attack can damage the career of Chris Brown as an entertainer due to his popularity. I havent been following Chris Brown events recently, but I do understand law. If Chris Brown is found innocent then he could indeed refile a civil case against Frank Ocean. If this is a publicity stunt on Frank Ocean’s part then its pretty dumb?!

  2. truth(slayer of icki funky ass stans B****!!) January 28, 2013


  3. NΛVI January 28, 2013

    can we brothers just get along..there’s enough woman and “man” to go around lol

  4. WTF January 28, 2013

    Chris is a homothug

  5. Viciousss January 28, 2013

    Smh, why are we ALWAYS here with Chris?

    I just don’t understand why it’s always him. He beat the f*** out of Rihanna, he didn’t go to jail, he tried to repair his image, he tried to put the focus on his music…but it always comes down to dumb s*** like this with him. Even AFTER the Drake incident.

    Dude is his own worst enemy, smh, and he could be doing so much better than this lame fake thug crap.

    • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ January 28, 2013

      “Dude is his own worst enemy”

      This right here, he’ll be the end of himself.

    • KeNUDiGME January 28, 2013

      thats the TRUTH!

    • BlueKid January 29, 2013

      Look at the little sheeple whining about nothing it is already out that Chris Brown did not even touch this bit@h.

  6. slimsexy January 28, 2013

    Why won’t frank be viewed as an innocent party?Chris has a history of violence,I mean first Drake and now Frank.Why is chris always invoved in brawls?

  7. Tc23 January 28, 2013

    Chris brown is involved in a negative news story it must be monday .. *sighs* ..

    • MC FAN January 28, 2013

      right? lol

  8. cake like lady gaga January 28, 2013

    No sis, you started it. Don’t come here and act like a victim.

    Chris aint gay, so stop trying to convert him, his d*** belongs to rihanna… You will stay pressed.

    • lol January 28, 2013

      have several seats troll the truth is comin to the light

    • RESPECT THE VOICE!!!! January 28, 2013

      I agree!!

      • RESPECT THE VOICE!!!! January 29, 2013

        B**** you want rihanna thats why you always on her d*** b****!! You d*** b**** she dont want you!!^^^

    • cake like lady gaga January 28, 2013


      Queen Frank? Is that you? You mad cause Chris didn’t d*** you so you starting some s***?

      Boo, remain irrelevant, chris will remain unbothered by you q****.

      Now sit _/ _/ _/ and stop spamming TGJ

      • PSA (FAF) January 28, 2013

        girl nobody want that A*** peen after its been in R**** !!!

      • RESPECT THE VOICE!!!! January 29, 2013

        You want rihanna thats why you stay on her c***!! Puszy h**!

      • Common Sense January 29, 2013

        Not as irrelevant as Breezy 🙁 where are Breezy’s grammy nominations? Why is he releasing 2 albums in less than a year? Desperate and most importantly IRRELEVANT.
        Frank do better than ghetto trash like Breezy so don’t make it sound like Frank would give this hood rat the time of day.

  9. F****** Hairy (Lana & Gaga schoolin’ h***) January 28, 2013

    All of the other sites I went to are taking Frank’s side and rightfully so.
    Christina needs to stop this tomfoolery, especially when she knows the media can’t stand her. Attacking the media darling, Frank Ocean, is a no-no. She’s probably scared of the competition for the Grammy’s since Frank is the new kid on the block.
    And no Sam, it’s not unfair. Christina made her bed and now she will lie in it.
    Have a seat Ms. Brown.

    • lol January 28, 2013

      PREACH!!!! Chris cannot handle Frank success!!!

      • RESPECT THE VOICE!!!! January 28, 2013

        B**** was success? Does francine have? Bending it like beckham for other f***

      • James227 January 28, 2013


        What f****** success does Frank have besides loving a man? I wonder if this b**** would have been singing to the world if Nas,50Cents,Tyga,Drake or any other male aritst had an altercation with him.

    • sorry January 29, 2013

      Queen frank is a sado…

  10. Kreayshawn January 28, 2013

    People on here think I’m black (smh) I’m WHITE you fools if I was black I would not be talkin like this you f****** porch monkeys. Maybe if ya would have brought my album at hot topic instead of worrying about to n****** I would not be on grape juice calling ya out

    • truth(slayer of icki funky ass stans B****!!) January 28, 2013

      No one really cares h**

  11. CBE January 28, 2013

    aaahhh Grammys eeh Frank Ocean? so you had to drum up some negativity against like many other artists because you know people will fall for it, like the idiots who posted above me…Im a CB fan first but I will call b******* if he f**** up and reports say Frank started it but people will always write nonsense about Chris, anyway Teambreezy will make sure he does okay we have been dealing with the b******* for 4 years while white artist get preferential treatment by the powers at the top WHEN THEY F*** UP.

    • lol January 28, 2013

      nitwit you only heard one version of the story form sources connected to CHRIS BOWN’S OWN CAMP duh ofcourse they would say Frank started it.

      • James227 January 28, 2013

        Watching Wendy this morning and we all know she hates Chris said that Frank started it by saying who’s parking in my parking space which the parking space is not asigned to no one. One word led to another but to hear Ms. Frank tell it he got jumped. And for you @lol it was others their whom heard Frank yelling about his space.

    • Slayty Perry January 28, 2013

      Well you won’t have to endure much anymore. Chris’s career is dead

      • sorry January 29, 2013

        u wish you career was dead like CB… HATER

  12. SlayDeleAdkins January 28, 2013

    Whatever Francine! Go have a seat somewhere!

  13. Kreayshawn January 28, 2013

    Black people brought crack-cocaine with them on the boat and now they got white people all drug up in the head cause there stupid asses wanted to bring cocaine with them. Now you got white kids shooting up schools cause of blacks who gave us cocaine. We put it up are nose then it was a wrap we went crazy.. But blacks are the ones to blam all they talk about in rap songs are cocaine! They brought it here to f*** everything all up for whites.

    • Lashan January 28, 2013

      You are stupid

      • Kreayshawn January 28, 2013

        Shut the f*** up! I’m white I can say what the f*** I please! My single Gucci Gucci went gold! What have you done in life? huh? Besides hate on me. Take you’re ass somewhere

      • truth(slayer of icki funky ass stans B****!!) January 28, 2013

        @lashan chile that h** had become a comic release…pay her DUST and keep it movn


      You and anyone who f****** liked your status is a f****** idiot.
      Cocaine came from south america stupid b****.Also white people do way more drugs than blacks. It’s a proven fact. Coke is nothing compared to the white drug of choice meth that melts the s*** out of your teeth. You know nothing about hip-hop if you think all it has to do with is talking about coke.On top of that what the f*** does this have to do with francine and chrissy fighting? I swear majority of these commentators on TGJ are retarded.

      • Kreayshawn January 28, 2013

        Well you stupid ass c*** n****** didn’t buy my f****** album the s*** was only 10 dollars at hit topics. You f****** n****** are stupid should have brought my album now my ass is going through label trouble cause of ya n****** smh I might get drop cause of you n******

      • truth(slayer of icki funky ass stans B****!!) January 28, 2013

        She funny

      • Lax January 28, 2013

        @kreayshawn why don’t you shyt yo black c*** ass up.

    • Hmmm.?! January 28, 2013

      @ Kreayshawn, sit ya Black ass down, u aint foolin nobody!

    • bob January 28, 2013

      nobody cares about your useless facts…i recall this post being about chris brown and frank ocean…


    Frank, I know you really want Chris’ d*** but honey you better back the f***!
    The only person that I’m willing to share him with is Rihanna.

    • bob January 28, 2013


    • Common Sense January 29, 2013

      Why would anyone want Chris’ d***? He’s a lanky monkey-faced walking billboard advertising tacky as f*** tattoos.

  15. Mother January 28, 2013

    When the hell will Christina learn chile?!?! B**** is always preaching about being positive and s*** on his twitter and Instagram yet stays caught up in negative drama. Practice what you preach, Chrissy! He’s a mess and I can’t see that changing, smh.

  16. JOEY January 28, 2013

    why breezy why??? I love your music dude but why you such a C***!!!!!

  17. shawn242 January 28, 2013

    NAH Francine You aint fooling NO Motherfucking Body. You didnt get punked, you got f***** in the ass. Christina aka Fistopher, Hit it and Quit it and yo ass just wasnt having it, So you went off

  18. Jahlal January 28, 2013

    Why is Chris hitting woman again?

  19. Lana Del Slay January 28, 2013

    The dye is cast girls. Chris is in trouble. The only way he can get his ass out of this is if he can prove he had nothing to do with it, but that’s unlikely so he can kiss his chances of ever being liked goodbye.

    Sorry about it Rihanna.

    • lol January 28, 2013

      that ass on probabtion …off to the clinker

  20. Lashan January 28, 2013

    THe common denominator in all three incidents is Chris…Dude needs help…He sort of justifies the media backlash he receives…and this site for some reason is biased towards him !!??!!

  21. Kreayshawn January 28, 2013

    I didn’t even know a the f*** a Molly was until I heard a triandad James record “all good everything” pop a Molly I’m sweating WTF! That’s what I’m talking bout black people are bringing drugs in this world in f****** it up. A white kid had a black friend in Oakland who had a bunch of Molly pills and gave one to the white kid, once that white boy went home he got crazy and kill his mom over a Molly pill he got from A BLACK BOY! Smh ya n****** are to much for me just f****** up everything.

    • lol January 28, 2013

      I guess you say BLACK people invented all these deseinger drugs huh and not some whute dudes in white lab coats with too much time on their hands… you can have your monday mornin seat too

  22. Blue January 28, 2013

    Ok here is the true story behind the story

    frank has been whoring that sweet ass out to every c***, d*** and harry. Chris had to put that ass on lock so he got some of his boys to “jump” frank and reaffirm his ownership of that booty.

    to be fair to pained chris more then frank(he was having the time of his life)

    • shawn242 January 28, 2013

      Lol. I think thats EXACTLY how the story went!

    • RESPECT THE VOICE!!!! January 29, 2013


  23. laytee January 28, 2013

    i feel so bad for Chris. im sure frankesha started it. cb is such an easy target. when he tried to send a bottle to drake in the club, drake threw it. when he tried to shake franks hand, franks squad started throwing blows. i remember when chris tweeted frank ocean giving him major props, and him/odd future INSULTED chris!!! this poor boy always tries to take the high road but people f with him because hes an easy target. instead of releasing a new album, he needs to go on a mecca like dave chappelle or something!

    • lol January 28, 2013


      • James227 January 28, 2013

        No b**** it’s not lies. Chris did in fact gave Frank major props and the b**** that Frank is insulted Chris. I’m wondering when have you been because it was all over twitter.

  24. DIGGER BEY January 28, 2013

    I see some of The Delusional Party is here. How the the hell do u C**** know Frank wants Breezy? It could b the other way around. Breezy just tried to act all hard and uninterested around his goons. Breezy ass is probably bi too. Most of these rappers and male R&B singers are that way. Please remove ur mouth from Breezy’s di*k and stop being so ignorant. Him and his lil girlfirend (not Karr) needs Rehab. Crack will have u doing to much and being to to to Ratchet.

    • lol January 28, 2013

      Amen .. s*** have they seen whose Frank rumored boyfriend looks like makes Chris look average in comparison


    Ewww why does everything have to turn into gay s** with you dudes.
    Go get laid…People who do or get it on the regular don’t need to talk about it all the time..sheesh…We weren’t there we don’t know what happened….
    Chris put a nail in his already dead career. Plus he seems like a jerk

    • JOHNVIDAL January 28, 2013

      Lol well said

  26. hojooo January 28, 2013


  27. JUELZ January 28, 2013

    Awww, poor Chris.

    This dude has SO much talent but, yet, he continues to perpetuate this extremely Ill-Advised image that just will NOT catch on.

    He has SO much potential. The dude can dance his ass off and has SO much stage presence at that – he may not be a VOCALIST but he can sing. He had, and still has, the ability to be a real Pop icon but, ever since “CHRIANNA-GATE”, he just seems psychologically lost.

    The Weed/Alcohol etc… is clearly doing him no favours either.

    I’m telling you – the media may well kill this man someday if he doesn’t work on his own strength and get, either spiritual or therapuetic, healing. FAST.

    I don’t know what to say anymore… But, I personally feel that he needs to move on with his life, forget Rihanna, and come back stronger than ever.

    • Slayty Perry January 28, 2013

      Chris is a glorified back up dancer. He doesn’t even sing live

      • JUELZ January 28, 2013

        “He doesn’t even sing live”. >>> Errr, excuse me – neither did Michael, Janet and many other ‘Pop entertainers’, but does that diminish their status as universal icons and their stance as legends?


    • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ January 28, 2013

      I agree completely with everything you said. I love your avi too, very flawless.

      • JUELZ January 28, 2013

        I know right. Wasn’t Whitney just one of the many epitomizations of “True Black Beauty”?

        How a woman can be so supremely talented and gorgeous at the same time is beyond me. <3

      • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ January 28, 2013

        Whitney is the ultimate along with Diana, Janet, Tina, and Donna.

        “How a woman can be so supremely talented and gorgeous at the same time is beyond me. <3"

        😥 I don't know.

    • Common Sense January 29, 2013

      Actually MJ DID sing live prior to the Dangerous Tour. And he did it while performing heavy choreography.

  28. zania January 28, 2013

    Of course everyone will take Frank Ocean side, CB is blacklisted. TMZ is reporting that CB camp stated that Frank Ocean people started it. Even if someone starts a fight with CB and say if the guy hits him first and CB does nothing. The media and public will blame CB. He is a walking a target for twitter fights and verbal fights because his reputation is tarnish. Its not fair, Frank went to twitter to post about it and even put lol after his conversation because really no one will blame him. If you want some type of PR start and all out altercation with CB and media would come after him like he murder someone. Grammys is coming up and I guess Frank wants to PR and he got it.

    • lol January 28, 2013

      key words CHRIS BOWNS CAMP STATED- now look up the word “un biased” in the dictionary-

      • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ January 28, 2013


      • zania January 28, 2013

        Key words, Frank went on twitter and stated that CB jumped him and tweeted LOL. Now what grown man would jump on twitter and announce that CB jumped him and laugh about it. Something to think about.

      • Candy January 28, 2013

        You can’t tell these stans NOTHING lmao.

    • LndoftheBlind January 28, 2013

      Frank Ocean knows he’s going to get sympathy from all the emotional women and gays who ran out to buy his CD because of that personal love letter he wrote to that man. He’s a publicity w****. He started that s*** and then ran onto twitter like the little b**** he is so that the media and followers would start lighting Chris up. Chris is not gay, he’s a young man troubled with his fame and success.

      Frank better watch out before they leak his H** results.

      The truth will come out.

      • Common Sense January 29, 2013

        What about Chris Brown f****** around with the chick he beat the s*** out of? That’s not being a publicity w****? What about Chris letting his camp say he didn’t start the fight to TMZ like a little b****? Yes Chris isn’t gay, he is however, a violent man who has gotten in multiple altercations.
        And lol WTF do H** results have to do with anything? Not like straight men and women are immune to it. Just ask Africa where it originated.

  29. BAD ISH January 28, 2013

    Frank Ocean is a Liar, he knows people will stick up for him because he’s a f** now.
    Ever since, he came out, he got big opportunities because of that like perform at the VMA’s and performed a “RNB” song. Like that hasn’t happened before in the VMA’s.
    And also, he knows he has more emotional support since he’s a F*ggot now.

    • JUELZ January 28, 2013

      Many acts have performed “R&B” songs at the VMA’s – especially in the 80’s/90’s/early 00’s.

      Bobby Brown
      Mary J Blige
      Destiny’s Child/Beyonce
      Michael Jackson
      Whitney Houston
      Mariah Carey

      What are you talking about? You must be forgetting that at one point Urban music was Pop music so R&B has been performed there.


      • shawn242 January 28, 2013

        Aaliyah aint never performed on no Goddamn VMA stage b****!

      • RESPECT THE VOICE!!!! January 29, 2013

        True she went home in 2001 thats why tho she was scheduled to perform tho

    • lol January 28, 2013

      You mad he’ll be performin at the grammy;s too!!! YOU READY!!!

  30. cake like lady gaga January 28, 2013

    I won’t lie, I was on #TeamQueenFrank for the grammy’s, but after this, I’m sorry I can’t.

    He is such an opportunist. First he used the gays to sell his album, now he is using Chris to win a grammy. No, this queen must have every seat in the chile aisle.

    • MC FAN January 28, 2013

      exactly he aint foolin nobody, attention seeking f**

      • sorry January 29, 2013


    • Common Sense January 29, 2013

      You mean exactly like Copycat Gaga lol? At least Frank isn’t kissing ass and writing cringe worthy songs like Born This Gay.

  31. Mister Sam January 28, 2013


    • RESPECT THE VOICE!!!! January 29, 2013


      • Common Sense January 29, 2013

        Not yet.

  32. RoyalKev January 28, 2013

    Sad! This stuff is getting old. I don’t know who started what, so I can’t have any judgement. I’m not into Frank’s music (although I’m sure he’s very talented), but he seems like a decent guy. They both actually seem like decent guys, so I don’t know why the beef is lasting as long as it has. I’ve been rooting for Chris to make a bigger comeback than he did with “Fame” for a while now. I think he has a lot of potential and it’s a shame that his personal life is always making news. He’s one of the few really solid performers of this generation and I don’t want to see his talent wasted. I hope Chris turn things around for the better one day soon. I’m starting to worry about him.

  33. DDN January 28, 2013

    Chris revives ever stereotype about black men he needs to sit his punk ass down the Illuminati need to take his ass

  34. Jason January 28, 2013

    The bottom part of your post is the reason this site gets on my nerves sometimes. Bias/unprofessional at times. Really? I guess you guys supported him beating down Rihanna too. What does “In keeping it all the way 100, neither are in much of a position to afford this kind of press at the varying stages of their careers regardless of who “started it”.” even mean? Do you even understand Frank Ocean’s popularity? People will NOT sit by this time after what Chris Brown did. Frank Ocean unlike other people had the courage to get on twitter and say he was jumped cannot at this foolishness! Why must some “black” people continue to be ignorant and not wake up to reality about the fact that Chris Brown needs to be thrown in jail! He will never change and now hopefully he will be put behind bars! UGH

    • zania January 28, 2013

      Frank had the Courage, Frank instigated the fight and went on twitter to laugh about it. If you get jumped there is nothing funny about it, especially if you are a man.

      • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ January 28, 2013

        “Frank instigated the fight”

        Were you there? Is there proof other than CB’s camp? Thought so.

      • Jason January 28, 2013

        Are you one of the few people who have forgotten about the video footage of Chris Browns cousins chasing Frank Ocean in their car and saying many profanities/threatening him? I assume so. “lol” translates differently on twitter. People use “lol” just to use it and he probably used it as anyone else would because of how crazy the situation was. You claim Frank Ocean “instigated” the situation but he stayed there to talk with the police and Chris Brown left before the police arrivied. hmmm I wonder why… *stares*

    • Lax January 28, 2013


      • sierra January 28, 2013

        @lax i love your comment ! stop pointing fingers because its really time to grow up.

    • sorry January 29, 2013

      shame the couldnt lock u and queen frank in a cage.. now that would be something!

  35. Fx January 28, 2013

    Not a Chris brown fan but I feel bad for him!!! People keep picking on him knowing he will react eventually. His career went from 10000 to 0 overnight. I can tell that he is genuinely trying to change but the world, MAINLY his home country–America wants to see him fail! F** Ocean is so fake! He used the “gay agenda” to get hype and Grammy nods and now he is picking fights. Shame on him booty bandit!!!

    • Lax January 28, 2013

      @FZ SO TRUE,,,,

    • MC FAN January 28, 2013


    • sorry January 29, 2013

      everyone knows if you come out as a f**.. u get props.. the devil is ruling!

  36. shawn242 January 28, 2013

    did he have to mention some pathetic s*** about his finger and the Grammys? his loose booty ass knows the awards is coming up so, he wants sympathy for some f****** awards. And to you FISTOPHER , your ass needs to leave them 2 HO’s RIHANNA and KARROT TOP the f*** alone, and move out of hollywood for a while.

    • MOB January 28, 2013

      Stop calling him that! He HAD 1 FIGHT as a teenager 4 years ago! I’m sick of ppl making reference to it when no one say s*** about WHITE MEN like Eminem, Charlie Sheen, Sea Penn, Mel Gibson & Ozzy Osbourne! Hell Jame Taylor just sang for the inagural celebration and NO ONE mentioned his MANY YEARS OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE agianst Carly Simon!

      • shawn242 January 28, 2013

        I Know…. but he needs to take a break from this Hollyweird S*** and focus on music. he needs to delete that rachet ass twitter account cause obviously he cant control his anger and leave that venomous b**** Rihanna and Karruche alone!

      • James227 January 28, 2013

        PREACH!!!! James Taylor was beating Carly Simon’s ass on the regular and he’s a hero because he’s white. Also James Taylor was not a teenager when this was done but you people want to hate Chris for ONE fight as a teenager just because he’s black. Rihanna really needs to come out with the truth of that night and Chris mugshot of that night should be seen.

        But anywho Frank Ocean ending his comment with lol. Also no Frank will not be getting a Grammy you will see.

      • F****** Hairy (Lana & Gaga schoolin’ h***) January 28, 2013

        Um no it has nothing to do with Chris being black so have a damn seat. People just don’t like her because she’s immature. I don’t see Chad Ochocinco being constantly victimized for hitting a hispanic woman nor do I see Jay-Z being hated on for his sketchy past.
        They have both grown from their mistakes which is something Christina fails to do.
        19 y/o = a grown ass adult.
        Stop bringing up other abusive men to validate what he did. It doesn’t make your argument any better.

    • Lax January 28, 2013

      #MOB They will give some a pass and they hate Chris
      and Rihanna because they made a mistake got over it and the public as a whole wants to hold it over their heads for the rest of their entire life, while dope dealers get a pat on the wrist and is sent on their way., OTHERS ARE GIVEN A PASS AND THEY ARE STUCK ON KEEP HOLDING CHRIS AND RIH’S PAST OVER THEIR HEADS,,,PERHAPS BECAUSE CHRIS THEM BRINGS MORE HITS THEN THE OTHERS.

  37. Monstarebel January 28, 2013

    I don’t like frank I really don’t he’s a con artist & opportunist… I wish Chris would get his s*** together

    • sierra January 28, 2013

      yeah chris brown is always caught up in some stupid s*** .smh!

  38. BeyFRAUD Armstrong (Beyonce’s Weave) January 28, 2013

    Fistopher needs to get it together, if not for himself then for Rihanna. This altercation will hurt Chris more than anyone else. Yet another woman Fistopher is fighting, there must be something wrong with him.

  39. jake January 28, 2013

    chris brown & a fake “brawl” and it’s “BIG” news. 😆

  40. BEYSUS OVER JESUS January 28, 2013


  41. MOB January 28, 2013


    It was Chris Brown that heaped nothing but praise onto Frank Ocean when Chris was originally asked questions about about him. It was F** OCEAN who came back with a b******* hateful retort over a MOTHERFUCKING COMPLEMENT!

    Of course the GAY PRESS nad the RACIST anti-Chris Brown media advocates will blame Chris!

    ‘F*** YOU APE OCEAN!

    • lol January 28, 2013

      Chris stay gettin somebody to due his dirty work remeber last year when he sent his cousins to chase Frank, Chris is full of s*** own up to is he play thee same song every year

      • James227 January 28, 2013


        Sit in a motherfucking corner and STFU B****!

      • MOB January 28, 2013

        Dumbass, Chris didn’t send anyone to confront Ape Ocean! He was driving and CB’s folks saw him and words were exchanged. After all 10….YES 10 GUYS OF ODD FUTURE were tring to attack 1 CHRISBROWN! He’s folks did what mine would do let them know he is NOT ALONE so all 10 of you can get your asses beat the f*** down!

        It was Frank Ocean who blocked Chris brown from leaving and cliamed he was in his parking spot at the studio. If he wanted that godam spot then why block him and keep him from leaving? Frank ocean’s gay ass is just being messy. I’m glad folks see the truth! F*** APE OCEAN PLAYING TH GAY CARD!

      • sorry January 29, 2013

        Chris dont need to send no-one after f** Ocean. there is a whole ocean waiting for him.. he will be rewarded!

  42. TRESS January 28, 2013


    • MOB January 28, 2013

      BASICALLY!We all know he sucked a lot of c_ck to get the nom and now he is going to get an award for playing the victimized gay boy to the brut CB!

      Now, they claim the fight will be declared a hate crime. How the f*** is that unless it’s the crime of HETERO-PHOBIA! Frank ass did start this mess.

  43. IDK January 28, 2013

    Chris Brown, All I can do is shake my head. smh.

  44. huh? January 28, 2013

    After the Rihanna incident it took a lot for me to even try & listen too Chris again, and when i finally decided to give her another ear i’m met with another disgraceful incident. I don’t know the specifics of the indecent & probably never will, but I can assume (BASED OFF OF CHRIS ACTIONS FORM THE PAST) that the situation got physical because of Chris. It’s time that we acknowledge Chris Brown’s behavior pattern & admit that he has a problem, & needs to be evaluated. The Pattern is as the following:

    1 – Chris Brown beats Rihanna (whoops her ass)
    2 – Chris Brown Twitter Fights With Tyler The Creator, Frank Ocean, Meek Mill, Joe Budden, Jenny Johnson, Roscoe Dash ect..
    3 – Chris Brown throws a chair & brakes a window on the set of Good Morning America..
    4 – Chris Brown & Drake Fight at club, Chris Rants On Twitter Like A Child..
    5 – Chris Brown & crew Jumps Frank Ocean..

    I Believe that it’s time for Chris brown to make a much needed exit, & too never return.

    • Slayty Perry January 28, 2013

      I agree with everything

    • MOB January 28, 2013


      !) NCFR will show that i was Rihanna who said she hit Chris 1st and several times before he hit her back. It was a sad situation, both were to blame, he took the fall for lady love and that’s that!

      2) Rosco Dash and Chris are friends so BICTH you are spreading lies! As for the others if you falled the thread you would know that he NEVER STARTED 1 OF THOSE FIGHTS! So he he not suppose to defend himself from those hating on him? Do you defend yourself? damn sure defend myself! And that RACIST B**** JENNY JOHNSON stalked CB for 3 years sendin ghim daily hate tweets and bullying him! Why is that okay oh BECAUSE SHE IS WHITE…..B**** KILL YOURSELF!

      3) YOU REALLY ARE A DUMBASS B****! Chris broke no window, he throw no chair that was already disproven.

      4)The ight at WIP nightclub didn’t start with Chris or Drake. They just got caught in the mix per the eyewitnesses! Drake hates that Riri loves CB and hought he would get in a luck shot that’s all! CB’s long time bodyguard, Big Pat was ijuried which I’m sure scared cB to death. He has been with him since he was 16 years old. You are made hat he tweeted about but your OKAY WITH THIS FREAK ASS M*********** RUNNING TO TWEETER TO SPREAD THIS B*******? 0_O gtfoh

      5) The PUBLISHED REPORT says that it was FRANK that jumped Chris. Chris was leaving the studio, Frank blocked his car in and said he was in his parking spot! He should hav ejust let Chris g instead of jumping ou tryig to fight him. I HATE FRANK’S GAYS ASS! But of course because he is gay he gets to play the victim!


      • Common Sense January 29, 2013

        The published report came from Chris Brown’s camp LOL can you say biased? If not then look it up in the dictionary.

    • sorry January 29, 2013

      and i suggest you go jump in the ocean.

  45. Monstarebel January 28, 2013

    Feel so bad for breezy he’s always in trouble I want him to get himself together he needs Jesus.

    • Hmmm.?! January 28, 2013

      @ MONSTAREBEL, judging by your comments, I think u may be the one who needs Jesus! You’re filthy!

      • Monstarebel January 28, 2013

        Oh is that so? Yet these are my opinions not my actions… so hush puppy

      • Hmmm.?! January 28, 2013

        Yea, but nobody ever ask u anything though @Monstarebel. My problem is judgmental pieces of hot garbage becoming experts on everyone else’s life but their own! Don’t come on blogs talking about who needs Jesus, because we all do. Now go away.

      • Monstarebel January 28, 2013

        Ok and? we all go through s*** no ones perfect If you have a problem with my opinion then ignore my comments, Chris is a public figure that’s always gettin himself into some s*** so me & everyone else is free to give our honest opinions on this blog If we want you cant control what we say & I agree we all do need Jesus

      • sierra January 28, 2013

        @monstarebel yes i agree. God step in cause he seems hes getting worse and worse smh. going down this path is never gonna end well

  46. Slayonce January 28, 2013

    And this idiot still has fans supporting him? He’s just getting worst and this is a slap in the face to all of the people that had your back & defended your sorry ass. It’s a shame how some ppl have talent & amazing opportunities right in from of them yet they rather act like
    fools. Chris will NEVER change he’s only getting worst…

    • MOB January 28, 2013

      frank attacked chris but you are mad at him? then fraks plan worked. the gays win ..yeah!!

      • Common Sense January 29, 2013

        The gays win? WTF does this have to do with sexuality? It was 2 black man that got in a fight. Period.

    • sorry January 29, 2013

      gal go suck!

  47. Hmmm.?! January 28, 2013

    Where did the beef start between these two, because I’m confused? Rumors are about to surface, and it’s not looking good for either of them.

  48. JOHNVIDAL January 28, 2013

    This is surprising to me. Never heard about the beef before. Not gonna judge cos I wasn´t there so…

  49. You Wanna Bey Me January 28, 2013

    I wonder if frank started Wind Milling when he saw Chris coming at him?

    • Monstarebel January 28, 2013

      LMAO I could see that happening..

      • You Wanna Bey Me January 28, 2013

        Lmao! Ok. Me too.

    • You Wanna Bey Me January 28, 2013


  50. MOB January 28, 2013

    Frank Ocean is a f****** bully and because he admits to lying to women and f*cking men he gets to play the damn victim!

    I HATE YOU FRANK!! Your an abomination!!

    • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ January 28, 2013

      You’ve got to be one of the most biased people on planet Earth. You suck Chris’s d*** so hard you’re willing to hate people if he’s had a fight or altercation with them and then you’re willing to kiss their asses if he’s find with them (i.e. Rihanna). Get it together and start thinking for yourself.

      • MOB January 28, 2013

        B**** I could never suck a d*** as hard as you suck the c*** of MOOriah Scary! That homewrecking w**** SCREWED the MARRIED Tommy Mattola then took him form his wife and daughters! I’M GLAD HE USED THAT W**** UP THEN THROW HER OUT LIKE TRASH!

        Frank attacked Chris. Frank get’s to get away with it because he is gay! They are now saying that THIS IS A HATE CRIME & that federal charges should brought up against CB even though it was Frank’s gay ass who started the fight then ran to twitter to claim he the victim? 0_o

        I don’t stan for Rihanna but I do see the plot against her now that she is friendswith Chris. If I see b******* I call it out unlike you. You goddamn sheep! I don’t like Frank Ocean period. I did’t like him before he came out then after the stun he pulled to sell his damn CD., I was too though with him!

        You don’t know me w**** so stop trying to pschoanalyze me. You are both ill-qualified and the hell out of line. Sit your ass down an shut the f*** up!

      • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ January 28, 2013

        Predictable, instead of addressing the issue you run off to talk about s*** that isn’t even true. You preach to people to forget about what he did to Rihanna because he was a teen, well let me remind you Mariah was 17-18 when Tommy signed her so she too was a teen. Stop being ignorant and stop looking for an escape. And then you have the god damn nerve to talk about Mariah’s, Eminem’s, or any other person’s past to make light of Chris’s wrong doings. Get a life and stop being a pathetic ass-licking b****.

        Its always funny that in everything that evolves Chris anyone or anything that has something negative to say about Chris needs to be attack and in YOUR version of events he’s always the victim. Poor boo-boo Chris, everyone in the world cannot understand how much of a victim he is by the world and how holy he is 🙄

        Dumb c***. Keep on licking Rihanna’s ass like the rest of TeamBreezy while the Navy will never support Chris.

    • James227 January 28, 2013

      I really feel sorry for the women he put his d*** into only to find out he loves men. He lied to them as he’s lying now.

      • James227 January 28, 2013

        comment is about Frank Ocean^^^

      • MOB January 28, 2013

        Yes, PLAIN & SIMPLE! He can lie to women, attack men over a parking space that he doesn’t own and still get all sympathy from the gay community, the feminists (who want to feminize all MEN ESPECIALLY black men) and the RACIST MEDIA!

      • Common Sense January 29, 2013

        Or maybe he’s bisexual in which case he enjoys s** with both. Educate yourself before you make yourself look like such a fool.

    • Common Sense January 29, 2013

      You seem to be mentally retarded so let clarify some things:
      1) It was Breezy’s camp that stated Frank attacked first. That is a biased response, so it shouldn’t be trusted.
      2) The only sheep is you for falling into Rihanna’s desperate attempts at publicity by getting with Chris again.
      3) IF ANYONE used anyone it was Mariah. She got the success she wanted, and when she got sick of the old man she divorced him.

    • sorry January 29, 2013

      and the f** will surely be rewarded.

  51. darren January 28, 2013

    everytime i come on this site that closeted gay man, chris brown, is trying to hit someone. Frank ocean is a real artist with an actual reputation. That d***** Chris lost his career when he mangled reeree’s face

    • MOB January 28, 2013

      So why did Frank ocean block CB’s car o pevet him from leaving? Why would you start a fight then go cry wolf on twitter? Don;t be fooled by this report I know how ou gay bys like to stick together!

  52. Slayty Perry January 28, 2013

    How does Chris still have fans? He’s already know as a woman beater but here comes the homophobic+gay beater labels. Chris is an idiot. His career was never going to comeback but it was doing considerably well. I will be surprised if he survives this.

  53. ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ January 28, 2013

    I have to say, its a biased story from both sides so unless an unbiased side tells the story clearly I won’t believe either. What I have to say for the time being is that it sucks for both side because they’re both black men fighting and making a fool of themselves. Whether some of you like to admit it or not, Chris will get more backlash and will take the fault whether he started it or not and Frank is viewed as some sort of role model for the gay-bi community by the media so this does affect his image.

    I cannot understand why Chris cannot just do what he did the Graffiti/Fame era and just focus on his music? I honestly cannot understand where his mother is! Where are you? Why aren’t they getting him some help. His mental and physical condition is deteriorating. I do consider myself a fan of some of his works so I do want him to be a happy, healthy individual that can focus on his music and on himself as opposed to himself. Coming out with a new album isn’t a good idea for him, hanging out with Rihanna isn’t either and neither is attracting media focus like this. Believe me, when the regular person hears this on the radio, they’ll believe he’s in the fault without a second thought and won’t be easier on him.

    I have to say one of the saddest things in this industry is watching some of them like Chris die out slowly. He needs help and the more TeamBreezy acts defensive and like nothing is wrong the worse of the situation will be. Y’all are acting like there is nothing wrong with him!

    All this b******* is so saddening. They’re both overexposed and I hope their reflect on who they are and who they want to be.

    • MOB January 28, 2013



      Stop your b******* and focus on the fact that MOOriah SCARY is being out judged by Nicki Minaj!

      • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ January 28, 2013

        None of what you said had anything to do with what I said so have several seats, over working your deluded brain as usual.

        “Stop your b******* and focus on the fact that MOOriah SCARY is being out judged by Nicki Minaj!”

        How original. How about instead of worrying about Mariah, why don’t you go to all the sites on the internet to defend Chris? Hmmm? Spoken like a true dumb, ass-licking c***. Talk about Mariah 51616231865 times on this post, it doesn’t change the fact that Chris is going to take the fall for it, dumb b****. 🙄

    • sierra January 28, 2013

      @MC your comment is evvvveerrrrryything

    • Common Sense January 29, 2013

      I’m not a Breezy fan, but everything you said is 100% on point.

    • Pop Royalty January 29, 2013

      TRUTH got SERVED i see…..

  54. livurlife January 28, 2013

    So lets be clear, Frank blocks CB car in because of some supposedly parking space issue, he prevents him from leaving and CB is in the wrong?

    • cake like lady gaga January 28, 2013

      I know right? The fuckery is mind blowing. But I trust the LAPD, they aint as dumb as the media

      • MOB January 28, 2013

        You mean the same LAPD who loss CB’s mugshoot and allegedly sold Rihanna’s pic to TMZ? The same LAPD who has been known to PLANT EVIDENCE on folks and stop and frisk black and latinos for no reason at all? Hell, I’d trust the lying no good racist media 1st…LOL 🙂

    • Candy January 28, 2013

      this is what CHRIS CAMP says… *side-eye*

    • MOB January 28, 2013

      OF COURSE, anything anyone says or does to this YOUNG BACK MAN is acceptable because 4 years ago he had 1 fight with Rihanna or didn’t you know?

  55. Gary C January 28, 2013

    No one knows what went down. All we know is that chris brown is getting a bit too involved in drama. A shame because he has talent and its being overlooked.
    ‘Nobodys business’ with rihanna is great. This just feels like another nail in the CB career coffin.

    • livurlife January 28, 2013

      I don’t think so, when someone steps to you, you should have the right to defend yourself regardless of your history. From what I read, CB tried to keep it moving but Frank wasn’t having it and was pissed . I think CB will be fine he just needs to lay low for awhile, just to prevent any more incidents from occuring.

  56. i&i(bare badniss) January 28, 2013

    awwww bwoy!!!! KMT

  57. nik January 28, 2013

    i cant stand chris brown, he is a undercover homo spoiled kid

  58. James227 January 28, 2013


    • cake like lady gaga January 28, 2013

      Then why you posting on TGJ if necole bitchie is “the realest site on the net”?

      H** you can have every seat in the White House

  59. LeviLovesCiara January 28, 2013

    Chris needs to take a break from music and get some therapy. He seriously needs help

  60. cake like lady gaga January 28, 2013

    LEAVE CHRIS BROWN ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • MOB January 28, 2013

      THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  61. skintightjeans January 28, 2013

    Damn Breezy!!! This is just more negative press for him!

    • sierra January 28, 2013


  62. Flyhigh January 28, 2013

    You don’t run if your innocent. Chris knew what he was doing.

    • MOB: Love U Chris f*** the haters! January 28, 2013

      WHO RAN? Chris just left because it was over he was tryin gto leave in the first place. Frank is b**** i wish the worse of rhim for pulling this b**** ass move he knows the white world will side with him. f*** you frank

      • Common Sense January 29, 2013

        B**** you know he’s right. If Breezy hadn’t done anything wrong and was only defending himself, he wouldn’t have run. He would have stayed and talked to the police.

  63. Suicide Blonde January 28, 2013

    The fight started because Frank wanted to f*** Chris and Chris wanted to f*** Frank, they were both looking each other (each hoping the other is a top) but then Chris turn around, he wanted to be f***** in the ass but Frank didn’t like that since he’s a bottom too, so this is the way it all started, insulting each other, screaming each other you’re a f*****.

    • JOHNVIDAL January 28, 2013

      Lol same happened when Justin Timberlake and Adam Levine met. Thankfully Adam found out Usher was going to be a judge next to him and he found his perfect TOP man 🙂

      • Suicide Blonde January 28, 2013

        You really try, JT and Adam will find another Top, lol.

      • Pop Royalty January 29, 2013

        Usher is straight tho.

  64. Black kupid January 28, 2013

    Well said, Sam.

  65. LndoftheBlind January 28, 2013

    Is Frank Ocean even really gay? If I didn’t know any better I would say that he pulled the gay card knowing how popular it is now to be gay and how the world and media come to your support when you tell them “I like d***”. What grown man shares a private intimate love letter to the world the same week they are dropping an album?

    Same card Nicki Minaj pulled when she first came on the scene telling all the gays she’s bi, and then when she becomes mainstream she retracts her statement. Bunch of phony clowns. I’m surprised he didn’t tell GLAAD his sissy ass got into a brawl. Now the women and gays will be petitioning the Grammy board to give him one on the merits of his sexuality and because he was battered by Chris. Smh

  66. Cream January 28, 2013

    Chris brown is crazy Rihanna next oops

  67. STERLING INFINITY (The Artist Formaly Known As The Son Of PRINCE) January 28, 2013

    This queen needs to stop!

  68. Jer January 29, 2013

    Smh more sympathy press for him. Boo f****** hoo

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