Must Read: School Teacher Credits Drake For Inspiring Failing Students

Much like Bruce Springsteen before him, Drake‘s unique ability to understand and articulate the male voice has made one of his genre’s most valued assets.

A healthier alternative to the superficial and at times mindless offerings oft served up by Hip Hop, his arrival on the scene and subsequent dominance over it marks- as far as we’re concerned- one of the best things to happen for a culture sullied with violence, jail time and short lived successes.

Now, as further proof of the role he plays in moulding the minds of his fans for the better, he has been credited for inspiring a class of hopeless 9th graders and their struggling teacher.

Her story below…

Word On Road explains:

“A teacher, Ashley Walker, was one day on her last nerve with her 9th grade class. After discarding the lesson plan for the day and telling the students to do whatever they wanted for the rest of the class, they asked her a question. “Why should we bother with any of this, Miss? It’s stupid. We’re not going anywhere.” She assured them that they were and told them that anything is possible. To prove her theory, they told her to meet Drake. Fast forward 3 years later to today and she did just that. “

Ashley Walker:
Fast forward, 3 years later, to today. I’m at work, running around like a crazy person, but loving every single minute of it, when in walks none other than Drake himself. I knew I had to approach him and somehow convey that I needed to prove to a bunch of high schoolers in Massachusetts that anything was possible and I needed his help to do it. I mustered up my guts, and I told my story. He was a complete gentleman. He shook my hand, introduced himself, and gave a small smile, pausing to take two photos with me. And in that moment, not only did I know I’d proven to my students that anything was possible, but to myself, too. Life, truly, knows no bounds.

Sometimes the best lessons we teach are those we can access ourselves at moments of personal weakness. This was the case today, as I needed badly to remember that I may be small, but I am capable of anything I set my mind to. It’s a big world, but we are bigger.



Thank you, beautiful students, young people, our future, for teaching me so very much about myself and about what it means to matter to someone. Thank you for loving me and pushing me to work so hard. Thank you for still wanting to be a part of my life, so that, even now, 3 years later, I’m able to show you that I never forgot my promise to you, and I did it. Barbie did it.


Thank you, Mom, for always telling me (especially this morning before work) that I am capable of absolutely anything I want to do, because anything is possible. Today is a reminder of that, and I know I’m destined to grab this world and show it who I am.


Above all, thank you, Drake. Thank you for helping me prove to these young people, who look at you as an impossibility (and to myself) that truly, if we can dream it, we can make it happen. I don’t know if you’ll ever see this, but I have to put it out there in the Universe because your small gesture is actually not small at all, and it will come back to you.”

Your thoughts?

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  1. S****** Blonde January 1, 2013

    Don’t you ever compare my husband “The Boss” with this girl, she’s a bad rapper, her music sucks except for her collaboration with Rihanna and few others, Bruce was/is an American Cultural Icon.

    Plays: “Thunder Road”.

      • S****** Blonde January 1, 2013

        I know, in what world i’m living, really are we talking about that girl and my husband.

  2. Lana Del Slay January 1, 2013

    Ok ok ok. I know TGJ stan for Miss Drake but this post leads me to believe two things .

    1. They really respect him.
    2. He’s promised them an interview.

    I bet it’s the second one.

    • BeyWhoUWanna January 1, 2013

      Could it not be that they actually like his work?

  3. NavyHeart January 1, 2013

    You queens above wanna laugh at Drake when the dudes you be drooling over would shoot you dead in the face for looking at them funny.
    You remind me of those queens who will bash a nice guy for being himself but worship a cat for living up the hypermasculine standards that are used to persecute you. Dumbasses.

  4. OVOForever January 1, 2013

    The fact that TGJ stans for Drake… a lill emotional right now. My life has been made.

  5. OzzieBarb January 1, 2013

    YAAAAAAASSSS, slaying your faves and their school books since conception heauxs. Too bad Rihanna doesn’t know a good thing when she sees it.

    • The Female MJ (Beyonce’s Weave) January 1, 2013

      I don’t think Rihanna wants to be Drake’s beard.

      • MCThePlaceToBe January 1, 2013

        Because she’d rather be Chris’ punching bag.

  6. ARTPOPPINIT January 1, 2013

    TGj make a good point, most of the other hip hop fools have all spent time in jail except him. 50 is irrelevant and can only get a number one single if it features people bigger than him and DMX is the final stages of losing his mind.

    • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ January 1, 2013

      You’re talking about the same guy who throws bottles, right? ►

  7. BIsForBeyonce, H***** Is For Rihanna January 1, 2013

    I would normally shade Aubriana but i was moved by that letter, the lady seems like such a sweet heart.

  8. The Female MJ (Beyonce’s Weave) January 1, 2013

    Yasss, my gurl Drakeisha inspiring them students. Love my gurlll, Black gurlls rock.

  9. CarpeDiemBitch January 1, 2013

    If you guys didn’t support chris as much as you do I would get so mad for calling him a role model. HE STARTED THE FIGHT AND HURT CHRIS’ CHIN. So tell me how he’s a role model. The only modelling he does is for Wayne and Baby whenever they’re in the mood for some Canadian ass.

    • aishaaguilerakeys January 2, 2013

      LOL! Asshole. That was funny though.

  10. QueenOfTheNavy January 1, 2013

    Bow down b******. Queen Drakondra is making her way through the halls and into your classrooms to school these b******! When will your fave? Did Beyonce even finish kindergarten? Did Lana get past high school? Is Mariah on a diet? When b******? When the f*** when?!

  11. TryingTremaine January 1, 2013

    Get it Grahamana, the other Rap gworls can’t compare!

    • RaymondsClimax January 1, 2013

      YOSSS hunty.
      Krim who?
      Garbaj where?

      They WISH they had Drakinita’s influence.

      • WomanToWoman January 1, 2013

        Her elegance and grace is incomparable tbh.

  12. Beyonce’s Bush January 1, 2013

    Did u seriously just compare BRUCE motherfucking SPRINGSTEEN to Drake?

  13. Cream January 1, 2013

    Who is Bruce springflop tho??

  14. OMG Just Google Kelsnetwork and see what happens! January 1, 2013

    the teacher is getting some shine…
    ….i mean just google kelsnetwork….

    • S****** Blonde January 1, 2013

      F*** Yeah!..i love that song.

    • Touché January 1, 2013


    • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ January 1, 2013


  15. aishaaguilerakeys January 2, 2013

    I don’t know why these kids are going HAM on Drake while Sam’s the one who compared him to Springsteen. Otherwise I don’t understand why the teacher’s so grateful for, it’s not like he sermoned the kids or anything.

  16. the real xoxo January 2, 2013

    i find it more worrying that students are more concerned with celebrities than education.

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