Report: Beyonce Opens Up On Miscarriage In HBO Documentary

Published: Saturday 26th Jan 2013 by David

While this may be difficult for some to remember, there was a time that ‘Single Ladies‘ singer Beyonce wasn’t as guarded she is today.

Indeed, perhaps in a bid to clean up her act before the release of her debut album, 2002 saw this B replaced with a far more demure and at times  closeted version of herself, resulting in what many have come to know as a ‘superhuman’ brand of sorts.

The downside to perfection though, is that it leaves room for some to forget that one is still a human being- a lesson the star learned two years ago upon announcing she was expecting a child with her husband, Jay Z.

Now, according to numerous reports, the chart topping philanthropist has opened up on the matter in her forthcoming ‘Beyonce: Life Is But A Dream‘ documentary.

Her moving words- according to USA Today- below…

‘Today’ reports:

“She shares footage of her trip to Paris with her nephew. She talks about wanting to “make love” to her husband. She explains why she decided to share her pregnancy news so visibly at the MTV awards.

Most notably: She opens up about her miscarriage two years ago, saying that one week she heard a heartbeat – and the next, nothing. And she talks about how devastating the loss was to her and how she retreated to the studio to deal with it.

Most movingly, she addresses stories that she used a surrogate to carry daughter Blue Ivy, now 1.

There’s a stupid rumor. The most ridiculous rumor I think I’ve ever had about me. It’s crazy. To think I would be that vain – I respect mothers and women so much and to be able to experience bringing a child into this world, if you’re lucky and fortunate enough to experience that, I would never, ever take that for granted. It’s the most powerful thing you can do. Especially after losing a child, the pain and trauma from that just makes it mean so much more to get an opportunity to bring life into the world. It seems like people should have boundaries,” says a visibly shaken Beyonce.”

Catch the documentary in full when it airs February 16th, on HBO.


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    • sara January 26, 2013

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    • kiss my ass January 26, 2013

      Beyonce and her crew have absolutely NO shame!
      Even after her fake belly collapsed and crumpled like a paper bag right in front of our eyes, she took an airpump, blew that s*** right back up, strapped it on and paraded around in front of the paps like nothing happened! Lol!
      She has been exposed and caught in so many lies its a shame, you expect us to believe she and her crew are fazed by this?
      Where are the pics? Or did her crew leak this crap in order to read the blogs to plan their next move?
      I wonder what sort of voo-doo and witchcraft she and her mother are brewing up in the Big Easy? Smh Jesus please take the wheel!
      How long are our youth gonna be exposed to this crap!

      • Special Delivery January 26, 2013

        Girl Bye, prosthetic bumps don’t fold. I did drama, I should know.

      • Jer January 26, 2013

        DEAD @ “i did drama” f** bye

      • Xxx January 26, 2013

        Whether you did drama or not its common sense that prosthetic bumps emulate the real bump not fold like pillows. Yall really think Bey wouldn’t invest in a more convincing one if it was true.

      • 7hellsbells1 January 27, 2013

        exactly if Beyonce WERE to fake a pregnancy she would use a silicone bump … that pregnancy would be textbook!! she is not some 5 year old who prances around with a pillow under her dress!!!! your lack of intelligence baffles me! I don’t see how her faking her pregnancy is more plausible to you than her having s** with her husband and getting pregnant … your hatred is pathetic! There were never ANY pics of their wedding but you don’t question that! … You clearly have the IQ of a 6 year old and need someone to love you to help with the self hatred you must posses! Watch the documentary and STFU! I can’t wait!! 🙂

  1. Monstarebel January 26, 2013

    Im Excited esp for the SB performace hope the new single slays

    • wrinkle flop ora January 26, 2013

      She will not be doing the new single.

      She is doing Crazy in Love

      Single ladies

      DC medley of bills and Survivor

      End with Nuclluear-

      • Monstarebel January 26, 2013

        & How do you know?

      • wrinkle flop ora January 26, 2013

        US weekly have leaked it. they must got it from an insider. I trust them over any beyhive sitting on the net. US weekly is the biggest showbiz magazine in America.

        There will be no new beyonce single.

      • RICHANDBLACK11 January 26, 2013

        sorry to break it too you , but Beyonce has Dropped the other girls …She is going solo boo.

      • Monstarebel January 26, 2013

        Damn I just seen& is she serious about nuclear tho ugh she shouldnt perform that song it sucks 🙁 & WTF I want a new single

      • Monstarebel January 26, 2013

        @RichNBlack what you mean? so your saying she ain’t performing with them?

      • RICHANDBLACK11 January 26, 2013

        yep that whole set list is wrong ….we all know she is going to do single ladies and crazy in love and hopefully new single

      • Beyonce Husband January 26, 2013

        Lies!!!!!!!! Beyonce will be doing none. Cause the rumors was lies.

    • wrinkle flop ora January 26, 2013

      yOU can only do 5 songs

      • BASH January 26, 2013

        Diana ross did way more than 5 songs…she doesn’t have to do the whole song…I could be wrong tho…nevertheless I hope she does a new single…and maybe Blue will do the dougie at the end lol

      • wrinkle flop ora January 26, 2013

        You cannot compare Diana Ross body of work to beyonce ghetto songs. Plus, that was in 1996, the format has changed since then

      • Whaa January 26, 2013

        Its a simple fact you can cut down songs idiot^^

      • BASH January 26, 2013

        thax for the link…but as we all know we can’t believe everything we see on the internet…especially from an unknown source.. hope they will be there

      • RICHANDBLACK11 January 26, 2013

        I know that hun hopefully it’s true tho, cause I’m not her for DC3 , I want Beyonce all of Beyonce lol

    • You Wanna Bey Me January 26, 2013

      She’s performing twice, she’ll debut the new single after the halftime show

  2. MrTooIncredible January 26, 2013

    that b**** was never pregnant … ask WENDY. She’s flopping already in 2013 Hahahahaha

    • MISHKA January 26, 2013

      You know Ugly Wendy felt bad for going in on Beyonce …she even defended the Queen for the lipsync controversy to make up for it.

  3. wrinkle flop ora January 26, 2013

    She did something like this on VHI, but trying to use the miscarriage card for sympathy to help sell her flop album is a low blow, that will further enrage WHITE AMERICA AKA TEH GP. She was never pregnant anyway, and even if she was, her loosing her baby is not a reason to buy her flop wack dated RNB ghetto LP.

    She cann boo hoo and fish for sympathy all she likes. She will still flop. 2013 is the year Beyonce career ends. The desperate measure she is taking is very sad.

    • RICHANDBLACK11 January 26, 2013

      I mean where do you people get this stuff from…..

      I never seen a group of people rooting for someone to fail.

      Are you happy in life, if so you wouldn’t made that comment.

      Have a blessed day hun.

      • RESPECT THE VOICE!!!! January 26, 2013

        But sweetie you do the same for RIH tho so you cant come for her.

      • RICHANDBLACK11 January 26, 2013

        I only shade Rihanna due to her crazy stans. I don’t root for her failling either. BTW what does this have to do with you, my commet was made for wrinkle flop ora.

      • RESPECT THE VOICE!!!! January 26, 2013

        Because we are all adults (I hope) and I can do what I want. But you didn’t have to respond either you could have just scrolled on by

      • RICHANDBLACK11 January 26, 2013

        oh ok

      • wrinkle flop ora January 26, 2013

        ERRRRRR this time last year, you were all chanting that RITA ora ends RIh’s career. BUT RIH WIN WAR AND RITA is nothing than a strung out, washed up druggie partied name dropping dirty used up w**** flop

      • RICHANDBLACK11 January 26, 2013

        @wrinkle flop ora
        RITA is nothing than a strung out, washed up druggie partied name dropping dirty used up w**** flop

        Have you seen you fave lately……the proof is in the pudding. Everything you just stated applies to Rihanna no shade nor hate just being real.

    • F****** Hairy (Lana & Gaga schoolin’ h***) January 26, 2013

      Why are you so evil? I can’t believe you have the nerve to say she was using her miscarriage for sympathy to sell albums. You have no idea how painful it is for a woman to have a lose her baby. This has nothing to do with Beyonce, it’s about all women that have miscarried in the past.
      It’s a very horrible situation to be put through, I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.

      • truth(slayer of icki funky ass stans B****!!) January 27, 2013

        Right cause girl i had a miscarrage

  4. lol January 26, 2013

    There’s more intersting news in the world.

    • RICHANDBLACK11 January 26, 2013

      if that was the case why did you read the post and them replied to the post…oh the irony.

      • Saetana January 26, 2013

        LOL, just what I was thinking – if I had a pound for every time I’ve seen someone make a comment like that then I’d be a rich woman. People who don’t care don’t click through in the first place ;o)

      • MyPenIzFresh January 31, 2013

        lol exactly

    • BrownSuga January 26, 2013

      Co-sign @ RichAndBlack

      Another case of the sad cases.

      But thanks for checking in on Bey @ LOL

  5. Jon January 26, 2013

    I dont know how people can say a bad word about her, she is a truly beautiful STRONG woman… Jelously is the only thing i can think off..

    • TeamBreezy January 26, 2013

      oh please, this b**** is not to be trusted

      • Special Delivery January 26, 2013

        Trusted? Is it really gonna make that much difference in your life though.

      • ohreally January 26, 2013

        And we are to trust Chris to pop us in the eye? Bye

  6. BASH January 26, 2013

    I see you Sam…thats right…TAKE YOUR BLOG BACK!!!! mean spirited-mess no longer welcome

    • Realist! January 26, 2013


  7. sweet fight January 26, 2013

    beyonce ,,beyonce,,beyonce ,,,,,,,,,,s*** enoug all ready im tired of her ………go away

    • RICHANDBLACK11 January 26, 2013

      Why did you read the post? Then you posted a comment.


  8. Paula January 26, 2013

    She was going through so much and stayed completly classy, kept her self respect, didnt have a break down or take her anger out on anyone… A truly inspiring beautiful woman…

    • RICHANDBLACK11 January 26, 2013


  9. Sumaia January 26, 2013

    She is what every woman should try to be like… Belive in your self, always be classy, treat other people well and to be a strong woman…. My role model… Beyonce <3

    • RICHANDBLACK11 January 26, 2013

      yass she is the prefect role model for you girls can’t say the same for alot of female singers

  10. RESPECT THE VOICE!!!! January 26, 2013

    I still don’t believe she gave birth to any baby but jay-z’s identical twin is still here and she is their child and that’s all that matters! I still wont buy anymore of her albums but she still will give a good performance

  11. HOWYOULIKEIT January 26, 2013

    Beyonce scrapped the DC reunion out of her superbawl performance

  12. Empress85 January 26, 2013

    I love beyonce it took her a while to open up
    I thinks she’s ready to open up once in for all
    I mean if you think about every celeb use some push to boast up weather it’s true or not
    Any way not knocking her for thang and any other person too ..

    • Jer January 26, 2013

      Once and for all? Every year BeYAWNce is apparently gonna have THE MOST REVEALING interview ever and FINALLY once and for all do somethinf GURLBYE

      • Xxx January 26, 2013

        Well nobodys asking you to watch so whats the problem boo?

  13. christinastherealtalent January 26, 2013

    Beyonce has a reputatiom and image to uphold which is why she cannot admit she used a surrogate. I wont think any less of her if she admitted it.

    • lara January 26, 2013

      agreed. it’s not the end of the world if she could just admit it but the fact that she doesn’t is foolish of her makes her look bad because we all saw her belly folding. most narcissist like herself always think they can outsmart every one else

    • Xxx January 26, 2013

      You are acting like the surrogacy thing is a FACT. It is not.

    • President ShObama January 27, 2013

      But what if she… i don’t know….ACTUALLY HAD A BABY?! How can you admit to speculation that people are saying is fact?

  14. christinastherealtalent January 26, 2013

    But my question is…lets assume she didnt use a surrogate, judging by how she worded her statement, it sounds like shes knocking the women who use suorrgacy even if they are able to carry a child.

    • BASH January 26, 2013

      …because of vanity. that what the WHOLE statement said

    • lara January 26, 2013


  15. Saetana January 26, 2013

    I can’t wait for the Superbowl performance, I really hope Bey is going to p*** all over Madonna’s performance last year. I’m more of a Gaga stan than a Beyoncé one but you can always rely on Beyoncé for a great performance – it would be perfect for launching a new single and I’d love her to do End of Time but I bet she won’t. As for those of you STILL going on about that stupid fake pregnancy rumour – get a f****** life, do you REALLY believe every bit of made-up gossip you read on the internet? Obviously you do, it takes a brain to sift truth from lies 😛

    • wrinkle flop ora January 26, 2013

      She will not. Madonna tour just made of 300 million. When will beyonce. Madonna is legend and the queen of pop. Beyonce is the Queen of nothing and is not legend. Most of madonna songs are iconic and timeless. None beyonce songs are. They are just ghetto RNB songs, only hot for that year.

      • Mwah January 26, 2013

        When will Rihannas tours gross as much as Beyonces? I wanna know when?

      • President ShObama January 27, 2013

        Beyonce has consistently been riding on the top of the forbes rich-list even when she is doing nothing…

  16. Darianna Jones January 26, 2013

    No matter what, Beyonce will always be relevant because you either love her to death or hate her to death. That girl’s been hated on ever since she was little, and it baffles me how people can be so hateful and root for someone to fail. Even if her album flops, she’ll still have her endorsements, still have her marriage intact WITH her child, the blessing of the former members of DC INCLUDING LeTavia and LeToya, millions of dollars, and most importantly her talent and legacy.

    She doesn’t have anything to prove, whether you like or hate her. But go ahead and hate and check this site for her name every day. The time and effort will only go towards helping her succeed.

    • RICHANDBLACK11 January 26, 2013

      100000000000000000000000% agreed and the same goes for Rihanna.

      • Haters… January 28, 2013

        No it doesn’t, Didn’t you hear, Beyonce has talent and legacy and endorsements. lol

    • lara January 26, 2013


      • Darianna Jones January 26, 2013

        Go ahead and resort to name calling, lara. I normally don’t respond, but the fact that you can’t spell diarrhea correctly tickles me.

        That, and you can have a plate of it and several seats



        Ms. Jones

  17. Kenny January 26, 2013

    Bey can you pls give a song like schooling life pt2 and end of time on your new album pls.

  18. ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ January 26, 2013

    That so sad, miscarriages are always so sad. All the best.

  19. RoyalKev January 26, 2013

    I’m glad Beyonce is addressing these stupid rumors. It sometimes seems like there’s not ever enough to pick at that would satisfy Bey’s haters, so there’s always a pack of lies floating around. Any true Bey stan can attest to this. Bey seems to get accused of everything imaginable. Then when are laid to rest, It’s just on to the next warped accusation. It’s personally the worst I’ve seen (after MJ). I’m glad that she keeps her mouth shut most times because she can’t ever win with people! I honestly want her to slay this era and then 1 more before the close of this decade and then enjoy her life. No one should have to endure this much BS! She’s made her mark already!

    • miloe January 26, 2013

      a year later…why now?

      I still don’t buy the she actually gave birth mess but, i’m not here for that. I could careless about how she got her child.I’m still happy for her. The only thing on my mind concerning beyonce is her new music! And I have no doubt that she is going to set fire to that superbowl stage!!

  20. RICHANDBLACK11 January 26, 2013

    I want her to do end of time at the superbowl


    • MADAME PEPSI January 26, 2013


  21. shawn242 January 26, 2013

    Listen Bey you aint fooling no one. I sense some House of Dereon fuckery and trickery. With a side of Creole Fuckeration. Why the f*** did your belly collapse when you did that f****** interview? Open up about that.

    • lara January 26, 2013


  22. QueenCeline January 26, 2013

    Still doesn’t explain how her stomach folded in two. i love ya Bey but you know you didn’t carry that baby yourself and that’s fine, but don’t insult our intelligence.

    • Special Delivery January 26, 2013

      The material on maternity dress that her bump clearly had not filled out explains it.

    • lara January 26, 2013

      THANK YOU!!! she makes things worse by insulting our intelligence

      • truth(slayer of icki funky ass stans B****!!) January 27, 2013

        Ur being able to speak nonsense insults intelligence sweetie

    • TinaMinaj January 27, 2013

      Perfect example of fools basking in ignorance…. Maybe you would like to do a bit of research before posting extremely ignorant comments.

  23. Ajanni January 26, 2013

    I know that feeling. My first pregnancy resulted in miscarriage and it was devastating. My husband was away on military assignment so I had to suffer this without him…5 years later we brought healthy twin boys into the world yet because they were “twins” people swore up and down we used fertility treatments. This was NOT the case but the rumors people make up can be hurtful! Those people failed to realize twins run in my family and we waited years to conceive again because we both were assigned to different stations.

    • PYTFROMAL January 26, 2013

      Sorry to hear about that. I’ve never been pregnant or miscarried but my sister lost her full term baby back in September. I can’t even imagine the pain of losing a child.

  24. MADAME PEPSI January 26, 2013

    That’s just make me feel so sad 😥

  25. MADAME PEPSI January 26, 2013



  26. RoyalNavi January 26, 2013

    Yasss at TGJ going militant with the comments. So nice to come here and see real debate instead of one stupid stan bashing Fossil for no damn reason.

  27. Marley January 26, 2013

    She went through so much around that time the miscarriage, her dad being a c***, her mum going through s***, and nobody even got a hint. And people call her attention seeking. Shes a real strong woman. I don’t care what anyone says shes classy the way she carries herself and her life. I never doubted she carried that baby girl for a minute, it was so obvious she did the amount of weight she put on everywhere and people said it was cos of vanity? And prosthetic bumps, last time I checked they didn’t fold because theyre supposed to be like the real thing DUH. Love Beyoncé, Im not a stan but I respect her a lot, good luck with the superbowl girl xoxo.

    • Marley January 26, 2013

      whats with tha ugly avi by my name though? lol

    • lara January 26, 2013

      no. she is a narcissist. always lying about everything.

    • Xxx January 26, 2013

      Well said @Marley!

  28. Mwah January 26, 2013

    Poor BeyBey 🙁

  29. Rita Slays January 26, 2013

    I can’t believe some people really thought she used a surrogate smh

  30. BrownSuga January 26, 2013

    Yes Bey speak on the FOOLISHNESS + your sadness.
    Clearly Blue looks like u & Jay but STILL!!!

    Typical of the fried braincells that people would think dumb s*** like that, but dont blame them, it’s just the way their mother birthed them.
    Lack of strong genes and upbringing.

    We all know what category people are when the dislikes come LOL

  31. SHA (I have DESTROYED Rita WhOra now PAIGE THOMAS) January 26, 2013

    Honestly Im starting to believe that she did not carry Blue Ivy where there is smoke there is fire I have never seen Beyonce constantly talk about a rumor like this and being so persistent in showing that she did carry her from showing us multiply shots of her belly at1-3 months and showing us Blues sonogram I dont understand why she feels to continue to speak on it say it is not true and move on or since you are comfortable showing your belly show us a shot at 6-8 months!!!

    • Mwah January 26, 2013

      Its about her BABY that’s why its affecting her more than any other rumor.

      • lara January 26, 2013

        @ mwah YOU CAN’T SPEAK FOR HER! @sha you are right. why can’t she show pics of herself at 6 8 months if she really wants to prove that her belly folding didn’t happen and our eyes are messed up lol

      • Xxx January 26, 2013

        Neither can you @lara. Saying that she FAKED it. Are you her doctor to know that?

      • truth(slayer of icki funky ass stans B****!!) January 27, 2013

        @lara chiiiiiile rest

  32. Cream January 26, 2013

    Wow strong women I can’t wait to watch this and lol at the haters saying she not go perform her new single lolll they scared hahahahaha

  33. : : . . لحم January 26, 2013

    I swear I didn’t know about miscrarriage until this moment. Well, I feel very sad for her.

    @SHA :

    The “Beyonce faked her pregnancy” bench still fits for tens of other s***-eaters.

    You can join it if you want.

    But you’ll have to consider yourself totally OUTSIDE the BeyHive.


    Go join Rihanna stans and lick their balls for doggy treatments or whatever, no one will give a f***.

    Finally, you’re not the first one to do so.

    • SHA (I have DESTROYED Rita WhOra now PAIGE THOMAS) January 26, 2013

      B**** go f*** your self you dirty c*** im not going any where w****!!!!! Its not my fault I have some brain cells and can put s*** together and make an opinion for myself!!!

      • : : . . لــحــمــ January 26, 2013

        Brain cells?


        And you think anyone in the Hive will co-sign with the pure mess you’ve just proven to be?

        You know what? Just CONTINUE your great job licking the SWEAT from Rihanna stans’ balls. Promise I’ll never bother you again.

  34. Likica (Kelly Clarkson – the voice of generation) January 26, 2013

    The best 10 albums of the last decade (in no particular order) – just girls allowed

    Rihanna – Good Girl Gone Bad
    Nelly Furtado – Loose
    Kelly Clarkson – Breakaway
    Beyonce – Dangerously In Love
    Britney Spears – In The Zone
    Madonna – Confessions On A Dance Floor
    Avril Lavigne – Let Go
    Christina Aguilera – Back To Basics
    Amy Whinehouse – Back To Black
    Mariah Carey – The Emancipation Of Mimi

    What’s your top 10?

    • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ January 26, 2013

      Great idea! In no particular order:

      Mariah Carey – The Emancipation of Mimi
      Christina Aguilera – Stripped
      Madonna – Music / American Life
      Celine – A new day has come
      Amy Winehouse – Back to Black/ Frank
      Shakira – Laundry service
      Justin Timberlake – FutureSex/LoveSounds
      Usher – 8701/ Confessions
      Bruno Mars – Doo-wops & Hooligans
      Bjork – Biophilia/ Volta
      Maxwell – Blacksummers’night


      Michael Jackson – Invincible
      Lana Del Ray – Born to die/ + Paradise Edition
      Lady Gaga – The Fame + Monster/ Born this way
      Kelly Clarkson – My December/ breakaway
      Britney – Blackout/ In the Zone
      Rihanna – Rated R
      Beyonce – Dangerously in love/ 4
      Emeli Sande – Our version of events
      Elle Varner – Refill
      Fantasia – Back to me
      Fiona Apple – The Idler Wheel Is Wiser Than The Driver Of The Screw And Whipping Cords Will Serve You More Than Ropes Will Ever Do
      Haley Reinhart – Listen up!
      Florence + The Machine – Ceremonials

      Sorry, just a lot of great albums.

      • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ January 26, 2013

        Oops meant to say Elle Varner – Perfectly Imperfect not the song refill 😆

      • Whaa January 26, 2013

        What about Rihanna?

      • Whaa January 26, 2013

        Oh shes there.

      • Whaa January 26, 2013

        No adele?

    • : : . . لــحــمــ January 26, 2013


      • RoyalKev January 26, 2013

        Top 10:

        Beyonce – DIL/4
        Brandy – Full Moon/ Two Eleven
        Mariah Carey – The Emancipation of Mimi
        Alicia Keys – Diary Of A.Keys/Elements Of Freedom
        Britney – Blackout
        Rihanna – Good Girl Gone Bad/Rated R

        Ciara – Ciara: The Evolution / Fantasy Ride
        Fantasia – Fantasia
        DC3 – Destiny’s Fulfilled

        I ecluded the guys (since that was stated), but these guys belong there:

        Chris Brown – Exclusive /Graffiti/Fame
        Usher -8701
        Justin -Timberlake – Future S** Love Sounds
        Ne-yo – In My Own Words

      • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ January 26, 2013

        “Brandy – Full Moon/ Two Eleven”
        “Chris Brown – Graffiti/Fame”
        “Alicia Keys – Diary Of A.Keys”

        I can’t believe I forgot these smh…….

        And also

        Melanie Fiona – The Mf Life
        Kanye West – The college Dropout/ Late Registration
        Eminem – The Marshall Mathers LP
        50 Cent – Get rich or die tryin’
        Jazmine Sullivan – Fearless
        Kylie Minogue – Aphrodite/ Body language
        Janet Jackson – All for you/ Damita Jo
        Ciara – Goodies/ The Evolution
        Missy Elliot – Under construction
        Nelly Furtado – Loose
        Selena Q. – Amor Prohibido

        Too much to name all……….

  35. You Wanna Bey Me January 26, 2013

    I can’t wait til this surrogate b******* boils over , people just hold to anything negative pertaining bey. It’s old, let it go, she carried her baby. But other than that I CAN’T WAIT FOR BEY SLAY!!!!! Come on Superbowl.

  36. Music Soul Harmony January 26, 2013

    Queen Celine, she already addressed the speculation about her belly folding in a year ago. She said it was a piece of fabric of the clothing but whatevs. U can’t convince everyone. Obviously there are haters out there that try to make her look bad no matter what she tries to justify. So I’m not surprised her and her team didn’t address the lip synching controversy yet at the heat of the moment. There will always be conspiracy theorists out there. Everyone will try to bring to light some other evidence when they are not really around during the incident to know 100% for sure.

  37. NASTY NAVI January 26, 2013

    I’m not a Beyonce fan, but I do feel for her. That’s not something I wish on anyone. I hope she shows of her pregnant belly in this documentary for all the people who believe she had a surrogate and put an end to all of that. I’m very curious to hear what her new music sounds like. I wish her well at Superbowl.

  38. WTH January 26, 2013

    You know, people will say anything ridiculous and not have a single clue what is going on behind scenes! Beyonce has always been quiet about her personal life and its just now, since she’s got rid of her shady father that she is finally opening up to us, yet all haters jump on her and claim that she is attention seeking. Its pretty sad and pathetic that she has to address stupid rumors like these. Beyonce could show the birth of Blue Ivy, HQ/HD/3D and the haters will still doubt she had that baby.

    Miscarriage is nothing to be proud of or something women enjoy addressing. Its very embarrassing and felt like a failure to a mother and being that Beyonce is known as a perfectionist I can imagine how horrible this could have been for her. Still, people claim that she’s saying this as attention. You know, ever since Blue came around I have yet to see Beyonce sell her pictures of her baby to media outlets or create a website totally devoted to her baby. Or better yet, making any kind of profits off of her baby. Yet, we all call Beyonce attention seeking when 95% of hollywood mothers have done way worst selling out their child but we tend to give them a pass. It doesnt matter because at the end of the day, haters just give Beyonce fuel and Baddie B isnt going anywhere anytime soon.

    • You Wanna Bey Me January 26, 2013

      And only two think she didn’t , Haters(YOU) and the Navi, so we’re even.

    • Mya January 26, 2013

      And how is that video proof, I guess you could apply this to anyone? Im not a stan but know that woman was pregnant. You tried but failed.

      • Mwah January 26, 2013

        This video is so cute!

      • RESPECT THE VOICE!!!! January 26, 2013

        Lol I look like that on my period lol ijs we need more proof! We want a 7 month belly with her in water

      • Special Delivery January 26, 2013

        You must be fat then if thats what your bloatations looks like rofl.

      • RESPECT THE VOICE!!!! January 27, 2013

        Nope actually im smaller than bey but bigger than rih but you tried and we all seen wendy williams stick out her gut with this whole picture

      • Carmen (JJ Fan) January 27, 2013

        You are rediculous if you think shes standing there sticking out her belly loool. Get real.

    • : : . . لــحــمــ January 26, 2013

      I watched the video in full, and the only thing it proved to me was :


      I compared between pics which were suppostedly shot about in the same month or whatever, and I couldn’t find anything weired.


      And I’m sure someone as RICH as BEYONCE with $400 million dollars in the bank is capable of buying a good baby bump.

      Plus, if you read about pregnancy, nothing appears in the first 5-6 months.

      So again, miss me with that FLOPPED video you just posted, and don’t post it ever again. At least if you don’t wanna make a JOKE of yourself.

      • : : . . لــحــمــ January 26, 2013


        That video gives millions of seats, but haters will only see what their eyes want to see.

      • wrinkle flop ora January 26, 2013

        Just fat. She is fat woman

      • RESPECT THE VOICE!!!! January 26, 2013

        Ok look at the documentary video where is her six pack at? That’s still not proof Hollywood has better looking stomachs in movies but whatever we wont know the truth

      • Special Delivery January 26, 2013

        @respect the voice What the hell does that prove? You see like 2 seconds in that trailer she could’ve been at different stage! People are really scraping for reasons why she cant have been pregnant, when its right in front our eyes that she was.

      • RESPECT THE VOICE!!!! January 27, 2013

        Um we need a 7 or 8 mo preg video and with her head attached to it

      • Carmen (JJ Fan) January 27, 2013

        Why? Have u never seen a pregnant belly thats less than 7 months. That was a pregnant belly in that video, not just bloating.

  39. Mya January 26, 2013

    And nobody knew. Shes such a trooper. And now she has a beautiful baby girl that SHE bought into the world. People need to give her break shes not half as bad as some of the scandalous, messy celebs out there.

  40. BEYSUS OVER JESUS January 26, 2013


  41. MADAME PEPSI January 26, 2013


    • wrinkle flop ora January 26, 2013

      Just like Rih and beyonce hates Rih, so that makes Rih a legend

      • Special Delivery January 26, 2013

        Nobody mentioned Ri b**** gtfo. Are you that pressed you always have to justify everything with Rihanna?

  42. wrinkle flop ora January 26, 2013

    I am starting a Facebook group to get Rih on the superbowl next year. It is time for the SB to go back to a more pop, less ghetto format.

    Rih setlist will go like this:

    Please dont stop the music
    Only Girl / Disturbia
    Stay / Unfaithful

    WE found LOVE

    Time to bring pop FUN back to the superbowl and cleanse America from the ghetto hood rat beyonce nastiness.

    • : : . . لــحــمــ January 26, 2013

      I’m sure you’ll get more than 30 subscriptions by December.

      Good luck!

      • wrinkle flop ora January 26, 2013

        These songs are bigger than CIL and SL

      • Special Delivery January 26, 2013

        I don’t think so, CIL was officially song of the last decade, SL has one of the most impersonated dance routines of all time, nice try 😉

    • Lou January 26, 2013


    • You Wanna Bey Me January 26, 2013

      Lmao!!!!No one wants to hear an choking Cat for 15 min. Trust if they wanted her there she would be there but she Isn’t because they’re not stupid, could u imagine the pain it would cause my mine and the worlds ears?!?! Listening to auto-tuned vocals for over ten minutes lol. We’re blessed that it’ll never happen no times soon, Rihanna’s still paying her Dues. Bey’s Paid in full Hun, nice try tho

      • You Wanna Bey Me January 26, 2013


    • Whaa January 26, 2013

      Lady Gaga will get asked before her real talk. Rihanna is not that respected as a live performer sorry.

      • LTM January 26, 2013

        I doubt it. GaGa is too unpredictable. The SB still remembers the Janet incident

      • wrinkle flop ora January 26, 2013

        Rih is pop megastar who is respected by white america, hence why they put her movies, giver her deals and buy her s***. She ail do the SB next year.

      • Hayden January 26, 2013

        @Wrinkle Flop Rihanna is respected by white America? Her sales should be better there then

      • Special Delivery January 26, 2013

        DEATH @Hayden.

      • wrinkle flop ora January 26, 2013

        Her sales reflect the down turn in the music industry. Do not dare say Taylor or Adele – they are white ( country ) and they always slay up black – even beyonce. F*** u

      • Special Delivery January 26, 2013

        You made someone mad @Hayden lol.

      • RICHANDBLACK11 January 26, 2013


    • JFREEEEEEEEEEE January 27, 2013

      Honestly… Rihanna just hasn’t been around long enough to do the Super Bowl Halftime…. Personally I think artist like Usher, Mariah Carey and maybe even Destiny’s Child will get their shot before she will!!! If artist who haven’t been around long start doing the halftime show then it will lose it’s importance/ value!!! You truly have to work hard/ stick around to be able to be apart of something like that!!

      • Teacher January 27, 2013

        Well the Black Eyed Peas performed so…’s not that prestigious IMO *shrugz*

      • Why? January 27, 2013

        The peas have a much longer career than Ri.

  43. MADAME PEPSI January 26, 2013

    Choice FM ‏@ChoiceFM

    Rita exclusively told Max that Beyonce’s new album sounds incredible. The diva is BACK

    • wrinkle flop ora January 26, 2013

      Rita Ora said she was gonna take 2012 and end Rih. Can’t trust a lying b****

      • Hayden January 26, 2013

        She never mentioned Rihannas name. Why is everything got to be about Rihanna? There are other female artists aswell.

      • wrinkle flop ora January 26, 2013

        She was walking around like she owned s***. The way she twetted that ” hat in ass b**** ” comment at rihanna, then her stylist dissing rih. Now Rita and her stylist very quite. Rih slayed and Rita flopped and they cannot do s***. She was name dropping rih in shady way….then rih came back and crushed her back being 2 bit h**

        I hope she chokes on Humble, baked and sent Via barbados

  44. 21st Century Slayer January 26, 2013

    I wish people leave her alone. The haters are annoying. They claim to hate bey but documents everything the bad b**** is doing. I cant with them. Moving on I hope bey comes back and slays everyone faves and as on said on rhymewithsnitch (that hating ass site) bey will have all haters on mute.

  45. Um January 26, 2013

    Some of you are pathetic and truly insane. Have some f****** respect. There should be lines you just don’t cross, on blogs and in life. You may not like this fierce ass b****, but you WILL pay her the courtesy & respect she DESERVES as a HUMAN BEING by NOT talking s*** about her miscarriage, her child (name, looks, etc), or anything involving the intimacies of her personal life.

    It would be heartless to plaster Rihanna’s broken face post beatdown, or taunt her about her dead grandmother.

    It would be pathetic to harp on about Britney Spears/Mariah Carey’s breakdown.

    It would be despicable to troll Brandy on her vehicular accident , yet some of you pitiful morons do it anyway.

    I’ll talk about a b****, her clothes and her voice all day (good or bad) but I’d NEVER touch their child, families, etc. Get a f****** life, or a clue…whichever comes first.

  46. Lou January 26, 2013

    Omg thats so weird I did have a feeling she was pregnant around that time.

  47. Whaa January 26, 2013

    Well she was blessed with her daughter. I bet they have another baby after this era.

  48. Whaa January 26, 2013

    And Im so glad the comments have been cleaned up. The last few posts were a hot ass mess with that troll.

  49. Benron (King of The Phucking Navi) January 26, 2013

    Wow, first she was taking advantage of her born child (whom she most definitely was not pregnant with) and nwo she is taking advantage of a fetus who died because she accidentally swallow some of the bleach she puts on her face every morning #POORDAT. And they call Rihanna a gimmick…

    • Um January 26, 2013

      I bet ppl wish your no good mother swallowed some of Beyonce’s bleach to take YOU out #phuckyolife

    • RICHANDBLACK11 January 26, 2013

      the proof is in the pudding that Rihanna is and will always be a GIMMICK …..#POORDAT.

      • wrinkle flop ora January 26, 2013

        And yet her career slayed beyonce LOL

      • RICHANDBLACK11 January 26, 2013

        and yet you must be on planet mars

      • wrinkle flop ora January 26, 2013

        No you must be on planet mars. Ask Germany and THE UK who has sold the most-

      • Special Delivery January 26, 2013

        Hmmm ask the US who has sold most. Bigger market than Germany and the UK put together.

      • RICHANDBLACK11 January 26, 2013

        Chile pay the flowers in the attic no mind , I bet your mother treats just like the mother in flowers in the attic, half breed….BTW U.S SHITS ALL ON GERMANY AND U.K MARKET PUT TOGETHER.


      • Xxx January 26, 2013

        Shes walking around somewhere wearing see through dresses to get some press.

  50. Cream January 26, 2013

    That’s why Rihanna ugly ass grandma dead I hope that B**** sucking the devel D*** @Benron

    • RICHANDBLACK11 January 26, 2013


      • wrinkle flop ora January 26, 2013

        And I sure 100% that beyonce will die and many people will veery very happy. She will also suck the devils d*** for the way she treated the girls of DC alone

      • wrinkle flop ora January 26, 2013


        You said you do not chat s*** abOUT Rih, and hear u are. Beyonce will die too.

      • Hayden January 26, 2013

        @wrinkle flop, DEATH is not something you should talk about like that, no one sane and stable would be happy about someones death unless the person done inflicted death on their lives. @cream that comment was disgusting.

      • RICHANDBLACK11 January 26, 2013

        your right MC , I’m in my seat …I was dead wrong for that .

      • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ January 26, 2013

        At least you recognize you mistake unlike that b**** @cream and that idiot @benron

      • wrinkle flop ora January 26, 2013

        I only brought it up cos you said evil things about Rih and her late granny. Clapback. You f*** with rig, YOU F*** WITH ME .

        Beyonce is not immune

      • Special Delivery January 26, 2013

        Two wrongs don’t make a right.

      • RICHANDBLACK11 January 26, 2013

        @wrinkle flop ora …suck my A**hole lips half breed

    • RymeReason January 28, 2013


  51. Oh Yeah!!! January 26, 2013

    Love You!

  52. Littlw January 26, 2013

    And still people manage to be insensitive. Miscarrying is tragic for anyone, no matter who they are. Im glad shes opening up to her fans in this documentary, and nobodys asking haters to watch.

  53. F****** Hairy (Lana & Gaga schoolin’ h***) January 26, 2013

    I’m so happy that Beyonce finally has the family that she’s been waiting for and dreaming of.
    God bless her, Jay, & that adorable baby Blue.
    She’s gonna kill it at the Superbowl.

  54. Hayden January 26, 2013

    That cant have been a nice experience for her especially having lost a child. All she wanted to do was enjoy her pregnancy, Im sure she did for the most part, but people have no clue how that rumour might have affected her behind closed doors. Not only that, but Mathew Knowles b**** came out around that time making all kinds of accusations, exploiting that illegitimate child of hers. That s*** could’ve really stressed Beyoncé out, people writing all that mean stuff about her. I swear if she didn’t have such strong family foundations she could’ve got really depressed in one of the most beautiful times.

  55. CAPITAL B January 26, 2013

    One thing I will never understand is how you could hate Beyonce so much but waste your precious time and comment on a post about her to inform everyone about how much you hate her. If I could not stand an artist, I will scroll on by the post because nobody in their right mind has the time to bash someone succeeding when they should try to succeed themselves. I mean you could scroll on by ya know, King Bey doesn’t hold a gun to your head and force you to watch her!

  56. MONICASTAN January 26, 2013

    A miscarriage, wow that’s sad. I wonder why she took so many chances with her 2nd pregnancy with the wearing of high heels when she was so far along & all that dancing and stuff.

    I know you guys say it’s ok to wear high heels during pregnancy, but most women who’ve had a miscarriage are extra careful & cautious, even overly so, when they get pregnant again. I’m surprised she she was willing to wear such high heels while pregnant with Blue Ivy after the first tragic pregnancy lost.

    Read more: Necole Beyonce Speaks On Past Miscarriage & Surrogate Rumors

    • MONICASTAN January 26, 2013

      Notice she ne’er said she actually gave birth through her own body ,she just said she respects women and women who carry a baby naturally. Tricky Beyonce but I see

      • Special Delivery January 26, 2013

        What the f*** do you people want her say man! She has said she has given birth in plenty other interviews so sit down.

    • Teacher January 27, 2013

      Cuz she was never pregnant w/ Blu…..I’m not even bein shady either….Blu Ivy is no doubt her and JayZ’s blood..but Beyonce DID NOT carry Blu Ivy! and I don’t care what nebody says!

      • Carmen (JJ Fan) January 27, 2013

        And ur evidence is what? A folding dress?

  57. Fatu sankoh January 26, 2013

    Iam here crying with sadness I fell for bey I really do any body that hate on beysomething is very wrong with them bey you are god child that is why you are blessed next time god will give you a brother for blue good luck in all you do Sam that for posting

  58. Special Delivery January 26, 2013

    Rumors are imbedded in peoples minds before the truth even has a chance. That’s the way it works. Im so sorry for what she’s been through but she has a child now that she can love with all her heart that’s all that matters.

  59. Cream January 26, 2013

    That was not me that said that about Rihanna grandma smh

  60. PRINCE MACHIAVEL January 26, 2013

    Bey I Hope You Give Us Something New And Innovative, Not The F****** Tired “Crazy In Love, Single Ladies And Baby Boy” Routine!!!

  61. sierra January 26, 2013

    im over this stupid rumor. shes not obligated to prove anything to anyone blue is her daughter she gave birth to *shrugs* moving on …

  62. Pop Royalty January 26, 2013

    I’ve always loved how she’s private with her personal life ……………………………. BUT you won’t win ppl over again bey now that you share your life with it’s specific details , remember they chose to leave you when you needed them to trust you , they didn’t believe it was that dress with horrible fabric that caused that s*** to fold and roll , so they won’t believe anything you are saying now.

    it was that “countdown” music video that was the big “?” to me , but now i get it , I’ve always believed you were pregnant and i heard Jay-z address your miscarriage(s) in his song “Glory” , that is sad , hope BIC is healthy physically and mentally and wish her the best.

    so just leave them s***-talkers and keep pleasing your fans , you can’t win everyone with just talent , ppl are all for the image and the scripted personas and s***.

    and Tweet More please 😛

    • BeyFRAUD Armstrong (Beyonce’s Weave) January 26, 2013

      “BUT you won’t win ppl over again bey now that you share your life with it’s specific details , remember they chose to leave you when you needed them to trust you”

      Ironic coming from someone who decided to leave Rihanna when said person thought Rihanna was on her low. What did you start calling her again?? A w**** right??

      You’re a hypocrite.

      • RICHANDBLACK11 January 26, 2013

        but was he lying

  63. Jer January 26, 2013

    I doubt she had a miscarriage. Thats the new “deep and personal” thing to reveal about yourself. At no point was this beysic ho pregnant ever. Just because Mariah Carey OBVIOUSLY got pregnant looking puffy and swole as hell in 2009 and had a miscarriage doesnt mean BeYAWNce suddenly had one too. The lies continue as per usual. “Yes, I had a miscarriage. Well, I wasn’t actually pregnant, but had I been I would have had a legendart miscarriage”

    • Xxx January 26, 2013

      Who are you to really sit and judge with no evidence whatsoever. And did you not see Beyoncé towards the very end of her pregnancy, she looked completely different facially, body everything and she wasn’t even pregnant with twins.

    • Pop Royalty January 26, 2013

      can you just STFU ?

      • JER January 27, 2013

        B**** please. This s*** is so calculated I can’t anymore. BeYAWNce gets blasted with bad press all week for lip syncing to her infamous pre-recorded “live” vocal tracks…

        SUDDENLY there’s a statement released about how she had a miscarriage 3 years ago. Her camp really goes for the jugular with pulls out ALL stops for her image. ANYTHING to try to get sympathy and turn the tide of bad press as fast as possible. Why didn’t she ever talk about her supposed miscarriage before or after her supposed pregnancy? Why now? It’s in poor taste AS USUAL. Tacky BeYAWNce… “oh BTW i had a miscarriage.” B**** please why would you EVER talk about that outside of talking about your pregnancy.

        And WHY does suddenly someone who wants to “keep her personal life private” want to tell SO many details? Desperation? I suppose SINCE SHE’S A NEW MOTHER she has so much to talk about? It couldn’t possibly be that no one outside of her 20 stans gives a s*** about the charade of no personality Columbia has spend millions on to create. I have more personality and depth in my foot than BeYAWNce could ever buy.

      • Carmen (JJ Fan) January 27, 2013

        If u think the documentary was filmed a few weeks ago u r stupid. One of those US/Channels shows have already seen it this info they have released. Not mention jay already mentioned it in a song. Its called a revealing documentary she always said she wanted to do one, this is not a sudden thing. And Im sure she will explain why in the documentary so have several.

  64. Yvonne January 26, 2013

    Could you not find a better picture damn Sam you put up some random pictures of Beyoncé sometimes. Back on topic, Beyoncé cant win with some people whatever she does. But at the end of the day she does what she does for the people that go out and support her music and shows, not the people running up their mouths for the sake of it. So if those people are happy with what you are doing Bey, everyone else is a non factor.

    • Pop Royalty January 26, 2013

      i was thinkin’ the same about that pic , the lighting and the make up make her face look so manish in a way ……..

      sam just put beautiful pics for rihanna posts , such a stan.

  65. Clear28 January 26, 2013

    Sad..she’s not the first and she surly won’t be the last I don’t like the fact that she’s doing this to sale records my mother had a miscarriage when I was a child she was very hurt and she continue her life day in and day out I know other women that had miscarried more then once and had to continue day to day life nothing happen those are women I call STRONGE they didn’t won’t sympathy I’m sure they wanted their babys back ..I just can’t with this I have talk to women that miscarried its a sadness in there eyes only God can heal but for her to bring this up to sale record is no t cool at all..come on now right before album come out.. An the only reason there this part of the documentary out IS TO DESTRACT Y’ALL FROM INAUGRATION BLUNDER SO Y’ALL CAN FEEL SORRY FOR HER IT’S CALLED PR TEAM I’m not behive or on Rihanna even though I like both hussle but this part of the game I can’t respect because she using it for money and fame

    • Xxx January 26, 2013

      sale records? Did they not teach you grammar at school. Why is it always an issue when Beyoncé wants to open up its a problem when others sell their life story no one says s***. The documentary is promotion, I get that, but for so long her fans have wanted more from her so they can connect and she feels confident enough to do so this era, theres no point telling half of the story.

      • Clear28 January 26, 2013

        If u go down a little bit u will see that I said that I was typing fast and just because u just tried to insult me I not going to insult u back it would be childish if u are an adult but if your not never-mind and how was it in the works for years when her miscarriage happened two years ago ????

      • Kyle January 26, 2013

        Shes been using footage since 2005 hun.

    • You Wanna Bey Me January 26, 2013

      U make no sense, the documentary has been in the works for YEARS! Before she even knew she would sing at the inauguration. If u were a hive member u would’ve been known about the miscarriage way before now but your not so all u can do is judge her. It’s not for sales, all of her albums went #1 and multiplatinum even her lowest selling album with no hits went double platinum so……

      • Clear28 January 26, 2013

        An read it again because I said I’m not part of behive or any one else but I like her hustle but not this part and how u know she miscarried and it just coming out now????? Last time I check anytime anything any star say it broadcast every where ?????

      • Vee January 26, 2013

        Girl have you ever heard of proof reading?

      • You Wanna Bey Me January 26, 2013

        @Vee Lmao!!!!! The definition of pressed~ when someone strikes a nerve & you’re so eager to Comback that you’re mistyping left & right, then your reply looks a hot retarded mess because you’re too busy trying to be clever rather than make sure u dont sound an utter fool.

  66. Xxx January 26, 2013

    I think its nice shes opening up to her fans. Shes reached a point where she feels confident enough to do so, let her be.

  67. Clear28 January 26, 2013

    Sorry guys some misspelled words typing fast lol but y’all what i mean

  68. BeyFRAUD Armstrong (Beyonce’s Weave) January 26, 2013

    From faking a pregnancy to lip synching the national anthem, to now using a miscarriage sympathy card all in order to sell your music. I mean what is wrong with this woman? Doesn’t she know just how sensitive such issues are and she exploits them like it’s nothing.

    This woman is truly greedy and evil, just when I think she might be turning a new leaf, BeyFRAUD manages to enter a new LOW to sell her music. How do you stan for someone like this I will never understand, she is such a horrible person.

    • Xxx January 26, 2013


    • Clear28 January 26, 2013

      I just can’t get with that miscarriage thing for fame and money..I’m sorry..and some are not really stans some are her PR TEAM..a lot of stars have them they get on blogs and fight for them I found this out a few years ago lol so it’s even her Fam or PR TEAM but if its either or.. They have bad mental issues like low self-esteem..their living their lives through a person they pretended to know in there heads so its like your talking to them and not her ..I mean I love me some j-lo and Angelina but I’m not fighting nobody that call them a h** or a home wrecker because I know they don’t know me and if somebody try to hurt me there not coming to my rescue .An if I need a loan their not going to give back the money I invest in there music, movies etc..

      • Lydia January 26, 2013

        Lol do you work in the industry to know that b******* lol?

      • Clear28 January 26, 2013

        U don’t have to work in the industry to know things that goes on in it just like u find out stuff that happens in any line of work but if I told u yes would u believe me lol no u wouldn’t so no need to really answer u have a nice nite

      • Lydia January 26, 2013

        Well you kinda do cos you are just going by assumption. But yeah, have a nice night sweets xxx.

    • RICHANDBLACK11 January 26, 2013


      • BeyFRAUD Armstrong (Beyonce’s Weave) January 26, 2013

        She is exploiting a miscarriage to sell her music, that is the lowest any woman can go and Beyonce went there. That is not on the same level as smoking weed.

        Face it, you stan for a shameless, inconsiderate, evil and fraudulent woman.

      • Lydia January 26, 2013

        Well you couls say Rihanna is exploiting an abusive relationship to sell too.

      • Lydia January 26, 2013


      • BeyFRAUD Armstrong (Beyonce’s Weave) January 26, 2013

        Difference is people ask Rihanna about the incident, it is a part of her very public history and everyone knows and will ask her about it.

        No one asked Beyonce about the miscarriage, she brought it up all by herself. She is shamelessly exploiting the situation.

      • Lydia January 26, 2013

        She is still exploiting it by flatly denying it and then doing sexual songs with the same guy, posting pictures on instagram AND using at as a singles cover to get people talking. Beyoncé is including it in a tell all documentary about her life. That’s the difference.

      • BeyFRAUD Armstrong (Beyonce’s Weave) January 26, 2013

        Well if she still loves Chris Brown, of course she’ll include him in covers, her instagram pics…etc.

        The difference here is people ask Rihanna about the Chris Brown incident, she doesn’t talk about it unless people ask her about it. NO ONE ASKED Armstrong about the miscarriage, SHE BROUGHT IT UP ALL BY HERSELF. She is exploiting an extremely sensitive issue to try and sell records and she’s doing it shamelessly too.

      • Lydia January 26, 2013

        No hun, she flatly denies it and no, this is not just about love, not every couple includes there partners on singles covers do they? And all the while making it seem like a mystery, even the diamonds video, the mystery arm. Its for people to speculate. And my point is, you cant accuse Beyoncé for doing this terrible exploitation and then defend Rihanna when she is basically doing the same thing, but in an even more seedy manner because its to cause controversy whereas Beyoncé is doing a documentary about her LIFE. They are both exploiting to some extent I am not denying that. But you cant go HAM on Beyoncé when Rihanna does exactly the same. That’s my point.

      • Lydia January 26, 2013


      • Lydia January 26, 2013

        The documentary is about her life, of course she will bring it up.

      • BeyFRAUD Armstrong (Beyonce’s Weave) January 26, 2013

        “And my point is, you cant accuse Beyoncé for doing this terrible exploitation and then defend Rihanna when she is basically doing the same thing, but in an even more seedy manner because its to cause controversy whereas Beyoncé is doing a documentary about her LIFE”

        A miscarriage and one altercation is not the same thing. A miscarriage is a very sensitive issue (ask any woman), it is different from one altercation so no it’s not the same thing and yes I will call Beyonce out because this is BEYONCE to the book.

        Beyonce pretended to not know Matthew was cheating on Tina when Bey clearly knew and only dumped Matthew after the media got wind of it. She danced for dictators who slaughtered their people and even went as far as to voice out against gun violence when her husband encourages, raps about and even encourages gun and all forms of violence.

        Beyonce is a FRAUD and this is the lowest you can go in order to win sympathy. This is just a no, especially considering the sensitiveness of the issue.

      • Lydia January 26, 2013

        Rihannas issue is just as sensitive, she was in an abusive relationship and is exploiting her relationship now don’t try and downplay it comparing it to miscarriage because that is offensive in itself. I know of people that have suffered domestic abuse and find it disgusting the way Rihanna goes about things, in the same way you think what Beyonce is doing is disgusting. If Rihanna wants to be in a relationship with Chris Brown that is her business, but she is doing a hell of a lot for publicity, playing on the controversy and still denying it. And as for your second paragraph, that’s irrelevant to what we are talking about the fact you need to put it bold tells me enough. I am no longer debating with you, because I tried to be diplomatic here, but your bias is astounding so there is no point continuing. Have a nice evening.

      • BeyFRAUD Armstrong (Beyonce’s Weave) January 26, 2013

        “Rihannas issue is just as sensitive, she was in an abusive relationship and is exploiting her relationship”

        This is a lie, Rihanna has never ever stated that she was in an abusive relationship, she has talked about one altercation but has never said she was in an abusive relationship. One altercation =/= abusive relationship.

        “I know of people that have suffered domestic abuse and find it disgusting the way Rihanna goes about things”

        Again the difference here is Rihanna was not in an abusive relationship. Before the altercation, exactly how many times has Chris Brown verbally or physically abused Rihanna???? exactly non, so she was not in an abusive relationship.

        This is extremely different from Beyonce using a miscarriage, something no one asked her about, to win the sympathy card in order to sell her music, just like she did with the whole pregnancy scandal. She is a FRAUD and does this sort of thing ALL THE TIME.

      • Lydia January 26, 2013

        Rihanna was not an abusive relationship, she does not NEED to state it the evidence is out there! Love is blind. Did you SEE her face after the incident, her bit her head butted her and everything, and how do you know exactly that it never happened before? Thats not just a fight. Imagine if that was your sister, mother, niece or whatever, I bet you wouldnt be calling it just an altercation then. ONCE is enough. Your comments are a disgrace to all the people that have been domestically abused. They are no different, asked or not, exploitation is exploitation.

      • Special Delivery January 26, 2013

        Beyonces Weave gots to be the most delusional stan here @Lydia give up, s*** never goes through.

      • BeyFRAUD Armstrong (Beyonce’s Weave) January 26, 2013

        Why would she go back to him if he has repeatedly beaten her before?? She wouldn’t. It was one fight and one fight =/= abusive relationship.

        Beyonce on the other hand is exploiting a situation that simply demoralizes women. This is one subject women rarely talk about unless they are with their closest friends and family. Looking at how sensitive the issue is, I cannot believe you’re defending Beyonce for shamelessly and proudly exploiting a situation that is devastating to women. I simply cannot believe you would stoop as low as Beyonce to defend her and even support her on this issue.

      • BeyFRAUD Armstrong (Beyonce’s Weave) January 26, 2013

        @ Special Delivery

        I’ll tell you a secret, I don’t hate Beyonce because I like Rihanna, there are many other artists I like out there and Rihanna is just one of them. I HATE Beyonce because of how she has shamelessly conducted herself in the music industry.

        She thought she could do whatever she wanted and started stealing songs from people that worked extremely hard to write them. She was stealing everything from music, to choreography, to video concepts to fashion to stage directory.

        She has harmed a lot of people in the industry on her way up and her impeding downfall is my ultimate pleasure. I hope she falls so dip down the hole she has created for herself due to her fraudulent behavior in the industry ever since she started.

      • Lydia January 26, 2013

        That’s exactly the question with domestic abuse. Why do they go back? Im not stooping low, you are, I openly admitted that they are both exploiting to some extent, you are the one trying to downplay abuse, Im not downplaying micarriage, Im saying they are both as bad as eachother But food for thought, have you ever looked at the alternative that women might be able to empathise with Beyonce and get some form comfort watching the documentary, understanding how she feels? Not everyone has the same mindset as you. Goodnight.

      • Special Delivery January 26, 2013

        Well HATE for someone you don’t know, who isn’t paying your bills or providing you with shelter, or hurting you personally is very sad.

      • Special Delivery January 26, 2013

        Once is enough chile, that’s all imma say.

      • BeyFRAUD Armstrong (Beyonce’s Weave) January 26, 2013

        “Well HATE for someone you don’t know, who isn’t paying your bills or providing you with shelter, or hurting you personally is very sad.”

        So by your logic, we shouldn’t hate Adolf Hitler, Sadam Hussein and every evil person simply because they are not hurting us in some way. She is hurting the people who work hard the most, the song writers, choreographers, stage directors, fashionista’s etc by claiming their work. This is evil.

      • Special Delivery January 26, 2013

        They had an impact on people livlihoods dramtically, so yeah my logic is still there. Popstars do not.

      • Special Delivery January 26, 2013

        What about Rihannas plagiarism scandals and stealing an artists entire image? The industry is shady place, get over it life is too short.

      • BeyFRAUD Armstrong (Beyonce’s Weave) January 26, 2013

        They had an impact on people livlihoods dramtically, so yeah my logic is still there. Popstars do not.

        How is stealing someone’s music and denying them their adequate compensation, development and exposure not denying them their livelihood? Have you ever heard of a struggling artist??? Beyonce has stolen from them too, denying them their adequate compensation (BC Jean is the perfect example).

        This is evil because had they been compensated for their hard work adequately, they would be on a different economical level than they are own now. This is evil and I will continue to talk about it because someone needs to expose Beyonce for the evil FRAUD that she is.

      • Special Delivery January 26, 2013

        Sigh* Girl bye you really comparing Beyoncé to Adolf Hitler and the impact they had lol. You just want to get the last word in _/ _/ _/

  69. lara January 26, 2013

    beyonce is clinging to the last bit of her fame with bloody finger nails. lol. truely pathetic. let it go bey, let it go. your time was bound to come.

  70. Xxx January 26, 2013

    Funny how majority of the haters come at the same time. Probably the same 2 people posting under different names.

  71. HoneychildPlease January 26, 2013

    Wow i almost cried a little bit *turns off Mariah carey hero* but anyway back to this post. Bish please i see the PR team are working over time today, after the hype synced disaster. SMH the nerve of this woman to think people are f****** dumb, h** plz don’t nobody feel bed for your crocodile tears boo. The back lash is tearing a hole deeper than that invisible weave, and this h** is having a hard time dealing with it. Don’t worry fraudlent g. Carter we will take no mercy on you at the super bowl ! !!

    • RESPECT THE VOICE!!!! January 27, 2013

      Dead!! Just dead!!

  72. HoneychildPlease January 26, 2013

    Million dollar ear rings to the inauguration, thousand dollar gown, and a fur coat ????? bish please, you tried to out stage the president and the first lady you fraud! Keeping trying h** your time is up! Only your stans are eating this ish up! You done made them white people angry like Kanye did when he did that to that poor little slutty white girl on MTV SMH…time up boo

    • ohreally January 26, 2013

      So because she decided not to dress like trash she was trying to up stage the First Lady? For one the First Lady slayed, no one said she was trying to upstage her nor were there any comments about that. She is a fraud because she may have possibly lip her performance? But many others have done it before, including legends does that make them frauds as well?? It is ignorant comments like what you made that makes you a hater because your “opinions” have no basis, you find things to TRY and pick at.

    • ohreally January 26, 2013

      BTW her time is not up, because you are checking for her now. on every post, i might add. Plus you will be tuned into the half-time show and this HBO doc, but she is a fraud that is done. Right, Honeychildplease you have a seat.

  73. Lydia January 26, 2013

    Yall need to calm down. This documentary was made like way before the inauguration. If she said she has miscarriage, no one is justified to say otherwise unless you have proof. All these sob stories from celebs on the regular, Beyoncé does it once for a tell all documentary and its a sinful crime smh. Her and Rihanna have some of the most pressed haters…

  74. HoneychildPlease January 26, 2013

    IF having a damn OPINION makes me a hater, than bishes let it be. Unless you pay my internet bill than you will deal bishes…

    • RESPECT THE VOICE!!!! January 27, 2013


    • JER January 27, 2013

      LOL grrrl i love you but we know you be rockin that free public library internet. Grrrl those free 30 minutes are almost up

  75. Kyle January 26, 2013

    Cant wait for this documentary. She’s a beautiful woman.

  76. HoneychildPlease January 26, 2013

    @ CLEAR28 you are very smart durrrrling! keep serving these raggedy bishes

    • Clear28 January 26, 2013

      Thank u

  77. Vee January 26, 2013

    Aw, I don’t see anything wrong with her sharing it, especially now she has her baby. If she came out with this randomly like a year after then I would just be like why? But shes ready, since Jay already mentioned it in the song she couldn’t exactly skip past it. It might help people have a different take on her music, like the deeper songs. She always said she wanted to do a documentary anyway.

  78. Just Sayin January 26, 2013

    So many other stars talk about traumas in their life and do interviews and documentaries. Its always such a big deal when Beyoncé does anything.

  79. Suicide Blonde January 26, 2013

    All that i think is, why now?, why she needs to say this, She is very jealous of her privacy, this come to me as an excuse of the pregnancy rumors, once again, all is ???????????…go ahead, call me hater.

  80. STERLING INFINITY Will Save Me January 26, 2013

    I’ll be watching!

  81. Lolz January 26, 2013

    Love her! Will be interesting to see a more personal side for once.

  82. mc the place to be! January 27, 2013

    “Beyonce courtesy of Pepsi” she has to do anything to sell if Pepsi is paying her 50 million to do it she’s revealing more about herself now than any other era she had if I was Beyonce I would’ve kept that in the shadows some things are just meant to be private and sacred but in her case nothing has been sacred to her when you put your business out there for the world to see its really not just your business anymore you’re kinda making it our business too because you told us so this maybe a win/lose situation for her winning because she’s giving her stans/fans a look at her life outside her career losing because her non fans or other people or hell the media who bashes everyone no more interest in her her privacy made her what she is she wouldn’t be all that to the media if she told them about her personal life all the time #shrugs

  83. Aishaaguilerakeystesfaye January 27, 2013

    I don’t think she should have adresses the fake pregnancy rumours AT ALL, but like s.o. said, it´s probably to take the attention away from the Inauguration fiasco.

  84. Kate Middleton January 27, 2013

    we are not as stupid as beyawnce stans. that damage control documentary which she herself is the producer, director and editor will be higherly manipulated and extremely edited and will only further expose her as a self-centered narcissistic FAKER. she better show a bare 7-8 months pregnant belly from front and side with her head included and she also has to rub that thing, otherwise we will know she is afraid that it might fall apart. she needs to stop with that gut full of food combined with period bloats, and full bladder, show 7-8 months or it didn’t happen.
    lets not forget the deflating belly, notice how we also neverr seen her getting up from that chair? and how she managed to hop into a van 9 months “pregnant” and claimed to have lost 60lbs of baby weight.
    if she also wants to use a sonogram then she better show herself on that table getting that jelly on her belly for the ultrasound.
    go the whole nine yards or don’t bother at All, its the same crappy cat and mouse game she plays the people with pictures of her baby.
    she is sooooooo tiring

    • JER January 27, 2013

      “she better show a bare 7-8 months pregnant belly from front and side with her head included and she also has to rub that thing, ”


  85. Kate Middleton January 27, 2013

    to the retarded beyawnce stans who keep on saying prosthetic do not collapse: yes they do, breastt implants collapse, sooner or later All man made things will collapse.

    • Xxx January 27, 2013

      No they dont. They are not made os sillocone like breast implants dummy.

  86. aynon January 27, 2013

    you haters need to sit down.

    Beyonce knows exactly what she’s doing, she’s been in every magazine/newspaper in the world since the beginning of the year. This woman is playing the whole world into talking about her and guess what it’s working.

    What other stars have been in the news recently and made as much of an impact as Beyonce? is anyone else even talking about Rihanna/GaGa/Katy/Britney at the moment? no, Brit had her XF departure and LV residency rumours and that is it.

    Everyone is eager to watch her next move….

    ‘Did you hear Beyonce lip-synced the inaugiration!’

    ‘OMG yeah we HAVE to watch her at the Superbowl to see if she can actually sing’

    Bam fallen into the trap

    ‘OMG did you hear Beyonce had a miscarriage! how sad’ –

    ‘I know right I feel so bad for thinking she faked her pregnancy, I wonder how she handled it?’

    ‘I know same, hey let’s watch her documentary on HBO’

    Bam fallen into the trap

    ‘Did you hear Beyonce’s new single last night at the superbowl and then when DC came on! The choreography was… I’m Speechless’

    ‘Yeah! I watched it, it’s different! but I’m gonna buy it anyway, because everyone’s gonna jam to this now! and when DC came on I was like NOOOO WAY I just bought they’re #1s compilation and they’re new lovesongs album’

    bam fallen into the trap

    and now she’s rumoured to be performing at the Oscars, her inevitable Grammys Performance, The BRITs, The Pepsi campaign, the Vogue Cover, the H&M Campaign, her inevitable L’Oreal Campaign’s.

    and let’s face it not many people can show-up Obama (The most famous man on earth) at his own Party.

    Haters keep on hating soon you’re going to get blown away, Hurricane Beyonce has made landfall.

  87. Carmen (JJ Fan) January 27, 2013

    Beyonce has some of THE most pressed haters it hilarious how worked up people get. She lip syncs, its terrible because its HER. She does a revealing, in depth documentary and its terrible cos its HER. Take a f****** chill pill she aint doing nothing nobody else hasnt done before. And the funny thing is, you will be watching still.

  88. LOL January 27, 2013

    You can tell that Beyonce is putting out all this stuff to stay relevent. It lines up with the documentary. She and her camp for very calculated. I just don’t see how people can be a fan of this lady. She is just weird, and creepy. It’s like everything in her live is set up by her handlers. It’s just weird.

    • Olivia January 28, 2013

      Doesn’t everybody try to stay relevant though.

  89. Haters… January 28, 2013

    You people are pathetic. Take away all the fame,fans, and money, She is still a human being. She is still a sensitive women. I can’t believe how people would talk about her even when she is openly admitting she had a mis-carriage. Some people don’t know how hard it is to go through things like that, and to top that she is a celebrity. She constantly has people asking her “Are you pregnant”. When she just lost a baby.You guys make me sick. Have some heart.

  90. HINT January 28, 2013


  91. Francis April 28, 2013

    łową. Dotychczas wywiązywał się ze Francis swej partie zadania.
    Najwięcej dawał pan lenny cechu szewców,
    rozzłoszczony prawdopodobnie gigantyczną śmiertelnością pośród czeladników.
    Spowodowaną przy tym nie.

  92. Roxanne May 27, 2013

    Other factors that hurt pregnancy and increase chances of miscarriage include:
    . They are a vital component of our health on many levels.

    With high fiber foods you can get lots of nutrients
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  93. Nichole June 14, 2013

    kana troć. Gdańska berlinka utkwiła przechylona w czynny – Nichole – mule, zboże
    wysypywało się,
    mieszając ze szlamem. Poczwara musiał być wyposażonym straszne pragnienie.
    Atoli nie sprostał zapobiec eksplozji. Sir Roger opadł.

  94. 6XWqnpMVH July 22, 2013

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  95. June 10, 2014

    Report: Beyonce Oρens Up On Miscarriage In HBO Documentary

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