Solange Visits KISS; Talks New Full-Length Album

Published: Saturday 19th Jan 2013 by Sam

Solange invaded London town this week for a series of sell-out shows at XOYO.

Ensuring that the trip was a productive one, the Soul-filled singer hit the promo trail and stopped by KISS FM to chat it up with host Clara Amfo.

Watch below as the 26 year old dishes on new EP ‘True’, motherhood, being accepted musically, and her new full-length album which she says is slated to arrive next year…

Sigh at the time album dropping next year. Still, we’d rather a well-cooked product than one of the microwaved persuasion.

Your thoughts? 

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  1. tits mcgee January 19, 2013

    I really like her. Solange has rea

    • tits mcgee January 19, 2013

      l talent!

      (sorry for the split, lol)

  2. 21st Century Slayer(B_STANNING) January 19, 2013

    I love those KNOWLES

    • Lax January 20, 2013

      I Love the Knowles and Can’t stand Beyonce
      Illiterate Bey Hive, Now One of the D***** Bags”
      had Nerves to call Rihanna Copy Cat because
      Rih is Performing at the Reveal, well if yo Small
      Minds want to think like that then we could say
      that Bryonce is a copy cat too, but many of us
      sweat the small stull and many of us don’t like,
      Rihanna did the Terry Richards Shoot Before
      Beyonce did,,,
      and only Nit Pickers, and Naysayers like @ Oh Baby would bring up simple minded shty!

      • Lax January 20, 2013

        And Beyonce Solange Big Sis has achieved
        in R&B, POP , Conttemporary Music and there’s not
        even a mumble but when RIHANNA stays
        perched atop the R&B Charts yo drawers are tied up
        in knots, d***** bags.
        And i have nothing but praise for Solange just like
        all of the others including Her big sis Beyonce is working and trying to achieve just like the best of them, give credit and keep it moving LMAO, OH HELL NAAAWW says the Rih, HATERS,,,
        they say we will give credit to every last one of them
        but RIHANNA’S ASS BECAUSE RIHANNA’S Big head ass is always trying to show Beyonce’s ass up Effortless.

      • Lax January 20, 2013

        NOT only is
        RIHANNA’S Big head ass trying to shoe Big Sis Beyonce
        up RIHANNA is doing a great job of Putting the Spot light dead on Beyonce’s ass and in a big way.
        Since the Bey hive want to debate, argue and fight over what Rihanna has sold then I wonder how is it possible for Rihanna to end up on the World Global Charts ahead of Beyonce, HOW IS IT POSSIBLE FOR rIHANNA TO HAVE MORE platium then beyonce has,,,,NONONNO,,,Don’t try and say that Rihanna has more Albums Because That is true Rih does have more albums then Beyonce has, but Beyonce has dropped more times then Rih has in Her totals albums drops,,,

      • Lax January 20, 2013

        Show* my bad and i can’t type worth a shyt.

  3. JAKE January 19, 2013

    …Look at her nose in the main picture and then look at her nose in the video……. These magazines and ‘photoshop’ disgust me sometimes. They constantly do this to us.

    Anyway, I’ve always liked Solange. She is Gorgeous and she has talent, style and grace. I have her E.P on my ipod and its fantastic so I shall support her.


    • Janessa January 19, 2013

      I don’t think it’s photoshop. I think it’s a make up techinique, anyway.. Her nose is cute in both ways.

  4. AmbeRussell January 19, 2013

    She is a much better artist than most and has a good personality. What i like best from her is she has her image and sound and staging etc all go together, as oppose to being random. And, she knows what she likes, wants and is talking about. It might of been her best that she was not put into the spotlight like her sister, she seems more instinctual and more knowledgeable about what she likes and how to translate it into words. she is able to “fail” and do her, instead of doing what sells and is not really what she really likes.


  5. fatu sankoh January 19, 2013

    you go solang I love you and your sister bey good luck to you all

  6. KAT DELUNA *POP PRINCESS* January 19, 2013

    Love solange hate her sister tho….

    • euro January 19, 2013

      Great to find another Kat DeLuna stan on this site!

  7. January 19, 2013

    she is so downplaying her beauty it’s disgusting me… really unattractive on the outside, i miss her long permed hair and feminine sexuality, now to me she’s like a lesbian

  8. January 19, 2013

    and she talks so lazy and tired, i would be so bored talking to her. and she seems like she thinks she is so smart and intellegent

  9. jkd January 19, 2013

    if only her sister was more open and showing of an actual personality in interviews.. rather than being a robot who wants to be private so bad that it’s the same old question and answer..
    solange was able to talk about personal things without giving everything away.. refreshing to see someone people can relate to.

  10. the truth January 20, 2013


  11. GREG January 20, 2013

    Girl please with the hunching your shoulders forward and keeping your arms straight down to make your body look a certain way….you are not a model…..just bugs the hell out of me….

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