New Song: Timbaland – ‘The Party Anthem ( Ft Lil Wayne, Missy Elliott And T-Pain)’

Published: Wednesday 2nd Jan 2013 by David

Get very excited!

Today welcomes the release of the sizzling new Timbaland jam, ‘Party Anthem‘, featuring Young Money royal Lil Wayne, ‘She’s A B*tch’  genius Missy Elliott and T.Pain.

Though details on its ‘purpose’ are sketchy, it’s safe to say that if the songs on Missy‘s new LP sound anything like this, she’s onto a winner.

Good times below…


Your thoughts?

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  1. HoneychildPlease January 2, 2013

    Why you do my girl nelly like that tim

    • CS9 January 2, 2013

      This had WHAT to do with Nelly?

      • Bzbuay January 2, 2013

        um yeah… what about Nelly?

  2. DeezNutz January 2, 2013

    This song is horrible..with the exception of Missy’s verse.

    • Bzbuay January 2, 2013


    • Kcool’s ChocolateBox January 3, 2013

      Missy can save any song. But what happen to her project? Why the delays? Loved her J Cole cameo

  3. HoneychildPlease January 2, 2013

    Tim you use to be the man what happened??

  4. King B>Rihanna(My Hair is Layed like Beyonce’s Haters Loose P****) January 2, 2013

    The song is not all that in my opinion if I was to be judgmental however I bounced to the song in my house but the song is still a mess.

  5. Touché January 2, 2013

    Missy was the only person that could save the song.

  6. Spunkypoop January 2, 2013

    LEGENDS OF RAP (case period)

  7. Nopes January 2, 2013

    beat was too slow, dragging at times

  8. SlayDeleLaurieBlueAdkins January 2, 2013


  9. I DON’T SPEAK VERMIN!! January 2, 2013

    The song is trash. Take Tim and Missy off, replace Missy with Nicki, Let Nicki record her verse, put Wayne’s verse and T Pain’s hook on a dope beat and you got a hit. I’m not feeling Missy and Tim at all. Missy is too old for this s***. She should be somewhere married and raising a family. #SitchoOldAssDownMissy

    • Touché January 2, 2013

      Please! The song is already bad enough with Lil wayne and T-pain, going by your idea the song would be complete trash and would flop hard. Missy is too old? T-pain is 27 and Nicki and Lil wayne is 30, that’s not young whatsoever so don’t even go there.

      • bey January 2, 2013

        @TOUCHE…..THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • CS9 January 2, 2013


    • SlayDeleLaurieBlueAdkins January 2, 2013

      U CLEARLY dont no what TRASH means!! Its always about QUANITY rather than QUALITY with ppl like u isnt it?? SMH!

  10. ENOUGH ONIKA (0 GRAMMY NOMS…) January 2, 2013

    I’m sorry but Timbo fell off quite some time ago. It’s just been miss, after miss, after miss with him and I have now lost all complete faith in his abilities now…Song is trash..

  11. ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ January 2, 2013


  12. OMG Just Google Kelsnetwork and see what happens! January 2, 2013

    I’m disappointed
    ……Just Google Kelsnetwork….

  13. trose January 2, 2013

    Find danja timbo……NOW!!!!

  14. trose January 2, 2013

    Find danja timbo…now!!!

  15. TeamEveandMissy January 2, 2013

    The song wuz just alrite,but my girl Missy verse wuz hot. She actually saved the song. Timbo and Missy just gave u a little taste to get u haters talkin. To the ppl saying Timbo and Missy old chile boo…..nicki and wayne ain’t no spring chickens theirselves.

    • Touché January 2, 2013


  16. Bzbuay January 2, 2013

    After a 3rd listen, I still think it’s just ok, generic. I’m a huge HUGE Missy fan way back since Supa Dupa Fly and I have every record since, also a fan of Timbo and Aaliyah, anyway this is sub par to what I’ve come to hear from both of them. I mean it ain’t bad, it’s ok. I can listen to it without skipping it but is it memorable? will it get radio play? is it a hit song? nah. none of the above. I love Missy’s part the best, naturally but I’m sorry. This and her previous released “9th Inning” & “Triple Threat” have all been in the same category… generic! And I ain’t wrong given the previous two, like this one, will not get her the $$$ she deserves. Her new album will flop if this is the material within it. And I’m confused as to why she/s having difficulty attaining a hit fresh song. This is Missy Elliot we are talking about. Uber talented and the producer and writer along with Timbo on most of her stuff so I’m lost as to the uninspired tracks they have been releasing. I feel they both need to step aside, release the songs they have as a mix tape to the public, feel them out and take the feedback and come out with a banging album for late 2013 o somthing. Cause springs 2013 is not going to happen, not with this material anyway. If I’m wrong in what I;m saying, call me out. I’m not mad dogging the song or Missy or Timbo, As a true real fan, I’m just disappointed by this, especially cause I’m rooting for them. MISSY if somehow this ever gets to you girl, Idk someone might get inspired and tweet this ish to her, anyway MISSY if you get this, GIRL! Whomever is telling you that this is Dope, they lying to you. I mean it’s aight but it’s not up to par with your stuff. Like I’m gonna edit out just your part and save that ish as my ringtone thats how much I love you. and I’m gonna do my part to promote this generic ish just cause I love you and I want you to get that cheddar you deserve but GIRL, people not gonna be buying Block Party come Spring of 2013 as intended. I love you baby I’m not hating. I’m giving solid insight on how I believe the general BUYING public feels. I love you tho, you do you, just do you in a new direction. You got this boo. Make Block Party or whatever your new album is called THE rap album by a female MC like you did all those years. Show this new generation how timeless you are. Bring back the “Work it” feel. THAT album was inspired, get inspired. Have fun. Hire new producers. S*** beat these b****** at their own game and hire their own producers (RedOne, David Guetta, Calvin Harris) and show em how it’s done. You got iotas more talent that these so called rappers. Also I miss Eve, you should feature her on your album cause she dope. In fact get Nicki Minaj, Azelia Banks, and Iggy Azelia along with Eve to all do a record and baby you will blow peoples mind. But don’t include no other b******, everyone else just don’t got a chance, I know you tight with Lil Kim and I love that b**** too but she don’t got her s*** together, no shade just honest truth, when she get her s*** together and her game back on, then you can feature her but it will only hurt you if you offer that b**** a cameo. Anyway Love you.

  17. El Santo January 3, 2013

    it is an unreleased track… its not an album track.
    what were you waiting for?

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