Watch: Emeli Sande Stuns On The ‘Today Show’ (Performances)

Published: Tuesday 29th Jan 2013 by Sam

UK sensation Emeli Sande is making a beeline for the US charts!

After garnering multi-Platinum success on home-soil, the Scottish-bred belter is on a nationwide tour of North America in a bid to replicate those achievements across the pond.

And so as to warm up the Stateside audience for what promises to be a vocally enchanting trek, Sande stopped by the Today Show this morning to perform ‘Next To Me’ and ‘My Kind Of Love’ – both of which are lifted from her critically acclaimed debut ‘Our Version Of Events’.

Watch Emeli in action below…

Stunning set!

 Your thoughts?

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  1. LndoftheBlind January 29, 2013

    I saw her live two weeks ago. She’s one hell of a singer, pretty and she’s actually singing about something.

  2. OhSoBleak January 29, 2013

    uggh I just love her

  3. ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ January 29, 2013

    Fantastic as usual, she really deserves more than she’s getting, especially in the U.S. I will not be able to understand how her album bombed in the U.S considering it was one of the best from 2012.

    • JOHNVIDAL January 29, 2013

      Girl have you seen the last Oprah episode with Cissy Houston on that other blog we can´t name on TGJ? So intense. I don´t know why but i feel increasingly sad about the whole Whitney thing. I´m now realizing she really had to suffer some awful things during her first huge years in the business in the 80´s and that led to what we all know

      • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ January 29, 2013

        I just clicked the watch button!!! I had some background on it watching documentaries a while back but never this close. This is taring me apart. Watching her first few interviews in her soft, quite spoken voice. Why her though, why?

      • JOHNVIDAL January 29, 2013

        I know! And then this other blog also posted about Tommy Mottola interview. And damn, I´m so glad Mariah made it, she had it hard from 1997-2003. So many things against her. But they couldn´t destroy her. I mean people need to understand these true legendary acts (Michael or Whitney) were way more huge than what superstars are nowadays and in an era with still bigger narrowminded views on many things: the family, the fame, the media, the black comunity, the white comunity, the pressure to surpass your own greatness (nowadays we don´t have that cos there´s no talent like that in commercial music). Too much. I really didn´t think Whitney´s life could have been so sad as it seems it was. Michael´s is the saddest thing ever with that childhood in such a shy and vulnerable person. But Whitney´s omg, I didn´t know so many things

      • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ January 29, 2013

        Whitney was just so sad because people had this “perfect girl” image surrounding her so they didn’t understand her anguish and all the things she wanted to do. All the things Cissy said (other than her brother introducing her to drugs) I already knew from the documentaries that I’ve watched. Whitney was played by the media ’till her death by the whites and blacks, it got so bad (I remember) that she didn’t want to do music anymore, she hated it. I also remember her saying on her Oprah special in 2009 that she was forced by Clive Davis to release “Just Whitney” and she just wanted to stop. This is the reason why I hate Clive, he shoved her into something she no longer wanted and he denied her duet with Michael because he feared it would be “too much exposition” if she did that track with him. I always felt that he held her from her true potential in writing, producing, and collaboration with those like Mike.

        I hate Tommy Mottola, he is an ass and the “devil” like Michael said. He still to this say wants to destroy Mariah. Many people don’t understand the reason for why Mariah had a mental breakdown. It wasn’t because of the many life obstacles, it had a lot to do with Tommy trying to bring her down by paying radios to talk s*** about her, staling her song and giving it to J-Lo, still targeting her to make her feel insecure, etc. Its true what Michael said, Tommy had Mariah followed and he wouldn’t leave her alone.

        I just hate talking about Tommy, Joe Jackson, and Celive Davis. All these men contributed in their success but they brought so much pain to their lives. I rather my faves be happy and healthy instead of making music when they no longer have passion for it.

    • RhymeReason January 30, 2013

      She wasn’t shaking her ass with her titties out. Here’s the formula here in the States, get some halfway decent looking shell, have a drag queen apply her makeup, barely dress her, hire another drag queen to teach her how to dance, throw the top rappers on her albums, and have the trendiest producers who are cloning songs by the second, and then voila! you have a manufactured pop starlet. It gets the gays tongue wagging and the fatherless teen girls following their every move. Welcome to AMERICA!

      • RhymeReason January 30, 2013

        Oh and have her sining about how much of a bad girl or a diva she is. *rolls eyes*

  4. Es January 29, 2013

    She’s phenomenal in concert. Saw her couple weeks ago. She’s too good not to be slaying the US charts..

    • RhymeReason January 30, 2013

      Refer to RhymeReason’s post just above you.

  5. Beyonce’s Bush January 29, 2013


  6. slimsexy January 29, 2013

    She is well on her way to slaying the Us charts the last time I checked her album was no 37 on itunes.this is great considering that. The album was not even in top 200 on itunes.

  7. mkigz January 29, 2013

    I loved this performance!!! G’warn Emeli!!!

  8. wrinkle flop ora January 29, 2013

    She is not blowing up in the USA like Adele and AMY and I KNOW it is because she is black. She may see herself as mixed and English, but in America, we go on the one drop and if u look or have on drop of black blood…..YOU ARE BLACK AND YOU GET DEALT BLACK LIKE EVERY OTHER N**** AND THAT IS WHAT IS STOPPING HER CAREER. I think she plays into it, in the UK, they seperate the mixed from the black, so she sees herself as MIXED, but in the USA, anyone not whit…..IS black.

    She needs to be like Obama, Alicia Drake,and Mariah and start seeing herself BLACK WOMAN, because she will never ever EVER pass for white in AMERICA.

  9. JOHNVIDAL January 29, 2013

    This girl is so talented

  10. Stay over there January 29, 2013

    She isn’t blowing up in The US simply because she is boring and we already have a bunch of chicks like her here. Neo soul peaked about 13 years too late here for her. Plus keep her there its bad enough every other bandwagon jumper thinks adele is the second coming…Keep your people there please.

    • wrinkle flop ora January 29, 2013

      I do think race is why she is flopping, but I agree, she is a bit overrated and cannot f*** with amy winehouse. She is not neo soul, she is more like Adele, but without adele powerful voice and creative lyrics. I think Emelie Sande will fizzle out by album 2. She should, however, be a lot bigger in the USA than she is now. I mean, Wiz Khalifa, Asap Rocky, TI, 2 chainze, Kendrick lamar are all wack rappers and they debut at number 1 with over 100k. Emelie is better than them. It does not help that she is fat black woman.

    • RhymeReason January 30, 2013

      How ignorant you are. She doesn’t even sing neo soul. How offensive. You are speaking out of your crusty itching ass. Had you done research on her music you would no she doesn’t sing that.

  11. TC January 29, 2013

    Dammit Emeli has slayed me again!!! I absolutely love her. She is so talented and authentic which is something that I think is missing from most artists these days (no shade to anyone lol).

  12. NICK January 30, 2013

    shes the real deal honey — yesss 🙂

  13. cruz January 30, 2013

    Remember the argument that only blue eyed soul singers were getting any credit in the market? I believe I said watch for this girl…flash forward to today and guess what…Guess who was right 😉

    Dominating the UK, she will break the US just as Adele did, it simply takes time.

    Good music and God given talent always delivers, race aside.

  14. antertain January 31, 2013

    Love her meaning in songs & it brings out the real soul.

    Lyrical art & vocal heart

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