Watch: Mariah Carey Soars At Australian Gold Coast Concert

Published: Tuesday 1st Jan 2013 by David

In case you needed a new reason to fall in love with Mariah Carey, we’ve got you covered.

Last night, in proving her worth as a musician and her longevity in the business, she played a sold out show in Australia at the Jupiters Hotel & Casino.

Of course, while her voice isn’t what it used to be, last night’s set will give fans no choice but to look forward her forthcoming studio album and what they might expect it on an arrangement tip.

Find out what we mean below…

Ad Libs

“My All”

“Close My Eyes”

“All I Want for Christmas is You”/”Auld Lang Syne”

“Can’t Take that Away from Me (Remix)”

Roc & Roe

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  1. GREG January 1, 2013

    I like Mariah

  2. King B>Rihanna January 1, 2013

    Yes Mariah show these other basic b****** including my fav how it is f****** down.

  3. jason January 1, 2013

    CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!

  4. Bryan Dossome January 1, 2013

    mariah sounds better than EVERYONE on the billboard charts right now and thats a FACT

    • JOHNVIDAL January 1, 2013

      But they still try and try to say she can´t sing anymore… lol (even if that were true she would always slay those h*** with with she did in the past anyway)

      • GREG January 1, 2013

        I think they say that because her voice is not as powerful as i was when she was younger but that comes with age….she still sounds better than all these chicks on the charts…singing has been replaced with pop/packaged bs.

      • Elite Navy S***(Rihanna Navy)S***!!! January 1, 2013

        as much as i like mimi!! thats not true cus patti labelle and gladys knight and chaka kahn proves that voices gets better with age. oan celine dion still sounds like she did when she first came out.

      • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ January 1, 2013

        None of those people that you mentioned are on the charts, which is what @JohnVidal is talking about. While its true that Patti, Gladys, Chaka, Aretha, and so forth have incredible voices still they don’t by any means maintain the same voice they did when they were younger. The power, agility, melisma, etc of their voices isn’t what it used to be when they were younger but they are still spectacular and I’m not trying to downplay any of these ladies because I love them all. I’m not going to mention Celine’s voice really because we all KNOW it isn’t like it used to be although its very angelic still……..lets not go down that rode. Mariah suffers from nodules and overuse of her voice. She’s a human-being in case you forgot.

      • JOHNVIDAL January 1, 2013

        @MC´s comment is perfect. That would have been my response. Celine doesn´t sound like she did at her best 1995-2000. The same can be said about the others. but it´s not the same being a huge wordwide megastar like Celine or Mariah (or Whitney) and being Patti or Gladys. The pressure and overuse of their voices is crazy compared the those respectable big vocalists. So their voices are always going to suffer more and sooner. There´s no possible comparison

      • Lax January 2, 2013

        Mariah is the best and the best beats all the rest,,

      • Lax January 2, 2013

        Mariah is the best ,
        Until Beyonce drops then Mariah will be a Nobody like all the others, , to let the Bey Hive tell it Beyonce is better then Mariah and all the rest, or did YALL NOT GET YO MEMO’S,,,,

      • Lax January 2, 2013

        The hive says that not only did Beyonce get paid the 50 Million for doing nothing , Beyonce will also own the charts and that Beyonce will put all of them out to Pasture and that includes Maria, Celine, gaga, Rih, Britney, Leona, Aretha, Christian, maryj, all of them because the BEYONCE BEY HIVE SAYS BEYONCE IS BETTER THAN

        @CREAM,,,,,,SEE WHAT I AM SAYING,,,,

    • Lax January 2, 2013

      Mariah is a Legend, and wears it well But on them charts right now “Diamonds” got my rocket going off to the Moon,,,,
      and the sales helps to make “Diamonds” look the best until something else comes along for this year of 2013,,,,

  5. Cream January 1, 2013

    Not go even hate she look good she did good that’s it and that’s all Beyonce comeing for her tho.

    • Lax January 2, 2013

      @CREAM See clowns like youare was who i was referring
      to, all you N** cakes in the Bey Hive are SICKENING!!!!

  6. HBF82 January 1, 2013

    She just killed it. VOICEriah LEGENDarey

  7. EdwardPonton January 1, 2013

    Dang she’s sounding good these days

  8. jason January 1, 2013

    Whatever shes doing lets hope she keeps it up for the rest of the year. Lots of vocal rest and training!

    We all know shes the best singer alive right now when at her best so she just needs to live up to that potential especially now that Whitney is gone and shes the older diva that still relevant!

    When last you seen Celine Dion. Toni Braxton or Mary J Blige in the blogs?

  9. Cream January 1, 2013

    That powerhouse voice or them cute ass kids can’t save her from what’s about to happen to her ass this year B****** stay pressed LADY GA GA GAGAGA RARARARA

    • Lax January 2, 2013

      Beyonce can’t even keep up with Rih, Gaga and Taylor and Tamar and Nicki can be added to the mix along with all the others. Hide and less see together who comes out on top @CREAM THIS IS GOING TO BE A REALLY GOOD RIDE THIS YEAR OF 2013,,,,

  10. SLAYRIAH CAREY January 1, 2013

    I’m so jealous of the Australian Lambs. Mariah was great. I can’t wait for the new album and american idol. This will be a big year for her.

  11. ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ January 1, 2013

    I am so proud of her, she did wonderfully and I hope she can keep this up. I just need that bang R&B album from her then I’ll be set for the rest of my life. Roc and Roe & the Cannons looked so adorable on stage. I especially loved the “close my eyes” and “All I want for Christmas is you/Auld lang syne” as well as her ad lib moments. ♥ Such a great way to start off this year.

    • JOHNVIDAL January 1, 2013

      One thing I LOVE about you is that you´re always talking about how you´ll forever enjoy certain music. Of course good, memorable, timeless music/artists… I´m like that too. These superfical artists fans can´t say the same cos all their forgettable singles won´t last more than a couple of years

      • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ January 1, 2013

        I know! There are certain artists like Mariah, MJ, Madge, Whitney, Celine, etc that have incredible discography that will remain timeless and fresh. I still don’t know how to get over some of their albums…..its incredible. Happy New Years! 😀

      • JOHNVIDAL January 1, 2013

        lol I can´t get over some albums either! Too much slayage even if I really lived those eras cos I´m older than you, I didn´t get enough 🙂
        Happy New Year hun!

      • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ January 1, 2013

        I agree but with this date in time when the quality of true music and talent has declined, it makes those incredible albums a salvation. I sometimes wonder what type of set-mind they were in while writing/singing/performing those songs/albums.

      • S****** Blonde January 1, 2013


      • Lax January 2, 2013

        @JOHN But still while you make a great point and people are entitled to like and appreciate who and what music they like. But at the same time you still can not and will not Erase the people who Follows Taylor. You will not be able to ERASE those who follows and love Usher, Chris, RIh, Gaga,
        Celine, see there are these who love and follows Lady GAGA,
        Therefore how can you Erase all of GaGa’s Monsters?

      • Lax January 2, 2013

        There are those who love and supports Mariah, How can you Erase them and yourself and MC included? And how can you Erase the Bey Hive? And how do you suppose you can make people HATE RIHANNA AND HER MUSIC?
        I WILL TELL YOU, YO ASS CAN”T NO MATTER HOW Rihanna is bashed!!!! People love and Supports who they want to no ,matter how I support Rihanna I can’t make you love and support her JOHN and the same for all of the Artist ,,,People will support who they want to support and just because you don’t like a artist any artist you still can’t make OTHERS NOT SUPPORT WHO THEY WANT TO SUPPORT

      • Lax January 2, 2013

        One thing that I love about God being who he is he’s
        God all by Himself and he don’t make no mistakes. See he knew what He was doing when He Blessed Mariah with Her 5 Octaves, He Blessed Whitney, Jennifer, Celine, Britney, Beyonce, Rihanna, Patti, Aretha, Ella Dolly, Cher and all of them with their Voices and He knew what he was doing when He made Mariah be Mariah and some one for the others to look up to and one thing about Mariah Shes just
        Beautiful in that She admires Others looking up to Her, Therefore Mariah isn’t trying to Out do no dam body Mariah is just being Herself like the Legend that She Truly is,,,,,,
        SEE GOD BLESSED THEM ALL And they are all at different Levels and that was the way God Wanted it, He did not want all of the Singers to be Siamese twins that is why they are all so complex and different.

      • Lax January 2, 2013

        JAYZ IS DOING THE Soundtrack for the Movie The great Gasby I mean its all about making money so why is it ok for some to get paid and yet many hate to see other artist getting paid.

    • King B>Rihanna(My Hair is Layed like Beyonce’s Haters Loose P****) January 1, 2013

      but it is a known fact that these artist out now even my fav(Beyonce) will never out-do what MJ,MC,WH,Celine,Madonna, Janet etc has done whether it be commerically, musically,performance wise and so one

      • Lax January 2, 2013

        None of the artist are set on trying to make people forget those who came before them. If it had not been for those like Mariah and others who helped to pave the way for the artist thats out today then where would the artist of today be.

        Adele might not ever be Mariah but she will be Remembered, Rihanna Might not be Beyonce But She will be Remembered. And while Beyonce isn’t TINA TURNER BUT BEYONCE HAS STUDIED TINA, AND Be Inspired enough by Tina Turner that Beyonce can step every step Tina steps but HEY you don’t see NOBODY BYTCHING NOW DO YA!!!!

    • Lax January 2, 2013

      @MC Me to,,,

  12. King B>Rihanna January 1, 2013

    Secretly I am hoping that the boy gets the voice of his mother,Imagine when he grows up and be able to hit that whistle note you know how much panties will drop and throw towards him.

    • GREG January 1, 2013

      if he’s a boy hitting whistle notes like that than the only panties that will be flying are his own cause no man sounds like that…lol

      • King B>Rihanna(My Hair is Layed like Beyonce’s Haters Loose P****) January 1, 2013

        men can hit whistle notes fool. youtube adam lopez

      • Lax January 2, 2013

        @GREG ,,,LMAO,,,

  13. CBE January 1, 2013

    shes has an incredible voice but I was kinda disappointed she had kids with that clown Nick Cannon, I was so into “We Belong Together” Mimi, now Drumline has ruined her with dem babies! bloated figure and a f***** up a camel toe…damn smh.

    I cant hate on the voice though but her time is up…how old is she? 41,42? which female still killing singles and album charts at that age? damn it Mariah u should have shacked up with Marshall(he really was obsessed with her), now she stuck with two twins, maybe Monroe might be a good singer but Nick probably f***** up her genes…as for Morocco that kid forehead is huge he crashing that private Jet on the way home they have to make arrangements.

    • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ January 1, 2013

      What? o_O She wanted kids and she loves Nick so they got married and had babies. Its her choice whom she wants to be with and who she wants to have kids with. Let her kids grow up and be what they want to be and stop playing sorcerer over here, dude. I don’t know why everyone makes such a big deal about Roc’s forehead, I mean Mariah had a big one too as a kid.

      • CBE January 1, 2013

        Im just leaving my 2 cents… she just wanted a younger man to make her feel some kind of way I guess but you know Nick wack.

      • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ January 1, 2013

        I know Nick is whack but Mariah is too in her special way so they fit together in my opinion.

      • Lax January 2, 2013

        @CBE COSIGN YOU AND Just Remember
        “Love Is Strange” Mahiah is happy I am sure.

    • theman January 1, 2013

      Your whole post is irrelevant. Mariah is ina completely different class. One by herself. What kinda sense do you make, none at all.

      • CBE January 1, 2013

        different class? since when…2008? thats like 5 years ago ITS 2013! b****** in the industry dropping CD’s every 6 months to stay relevant…now Mariah is using Idol just like Jlo to stay in the limelight but JLO is making money on tour not selling singles or albums. The only way to do Taylor Swift, Lil Wayne, Eminem, Drake numbers is to be initiated/sell your soul to the d… what agenda they use you for depends on the influence they have on young kids! you follow this pattern and look at the artists who are doing really well, thats because they have a strong influence on young girls,boys and young men,women and the Industry heads can put out any s*** music with a message they want to push using these artists.

        So no, unless Mariah can put out what Industry heads want she will flop.

      • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ January 1, 2013

        Though true what you said, what makes you think Mariah needs the money? Evident by this video, she went to Australia 14 years after her last concert and it sold out in less than 4 minuets, we are talking about the biggest indoors arena and the Melbourne Stadium here. She’ll be just fine.

      • theman January 1, 2013

        Mariah has a ton of fans, she has her own fanbase, and people that enjoy real talent and real singers. Other people putting out albums is them, she’s working. Idiol basically did eveything they could to get her. It wasn’t like she was pressed for it. There are many artists outside of the few that u named that have done and are doing well. She doesn’t necessarily have to cater to one particular market anyway. So that flop stuff is irrelevant like your post again.

      • theman January 1, 2013


      • CBE January 1, 2013

        Like I said before which Female artist over 40 is still rocking the charts? Touring will help her sure, I was surprised how JLO did so well on her Tour…100 +- dates, Mariah can do a 100 dates World tour and do great but as far as charts are concerned it will be a while till she sells another platinum album if ever, anyway all the best to her and judging from what I have seen so far I think she toned down her diva ways.

      • Just Sayin January 1, 2013

        if she wants to pull lil wayne, taylor swift, drake numbers? that sounds crazy because Mariah has PULLED those numbers and more. LOL ya’ll dont want Mariah to be the legend you know she is. Taylor Swift, Drake, Lil Wayne are not the BIGGEST SELLING ARTIST OF ALL TIME, Mariah on the other hand….. IS lol
        ya’ll crack me up with the hate and non-sense lol
        2013 is a new year people should try something new, IDK like getting facts

      • CBE January 2, 2013

        LOL! scared the s*** outta me!

  14. Touché January 1, 2013

    Yes! Mimi never fails to impress(:

  15. SLAYRIAH CAREY January 1, 2013

    I wan her to perform ‘vision of love’, ‘Vanishing’, ‘Anytime you Need A Friend’, and ‘forever’

    • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ January 1, 2013

      YES! Especially the “vanishing”, “anytime you need a friend”, and “forever”! All these 3 songs are so fantastic and deserve more success

      Sam should post the “Always be my baby” and “I’ll be there performances”…….especially the “I’ll be there performance”!

  16. Just Sayin January 1, 2013

    That note at the end of My All as she waves the MIC LOL I LOVE MARIAH F****** CAREY LOL
    and for those who say Beyonce is coming for her, chill out. Beyonce and Mariah are great in their own light. One dances and really performs while the other has the voice and humor. Why must it be a competition. There is room for more than one DIVA. its 2013 ya’ll try giving the hate a rest

  17. House Mother Kanye January 1, 2013

    Did she sing Make it Happen? That song got me through some s*** that was going on in my life a while back.

  18. JOHNVIDAL January 1, 2013

    YAAAAAAAASssssssssssssssssss!!! Mariah
    I´m proud, Whitney is proud (Nick played Whitney as a tribute before Mariah´s concert) and music lovers are proud of the true great ones still standing. These nowadays b****** wish they had at least… the catalogue? half of that voice? that status? yeah they wish

    • Elite Navy S***(Rihanna Navy)S***!!! January 1, 2013


  19. Beyonce’s Bush January 1, 2013

    LEGENDRIAH!!! I am not worthy. I’m so excited for Idol :'(

  20. Sierra January 1, 2013

    Two words : MARIAH CAREY!!! yess!! 🙂

  21. JOHNVIDAL January 1, 2013

    God the whole ending of “I´ll be there” performance is crazy and AMAZING!
    I want these b****** Rihanna, Katy Perry or even Beyonce at 31 (or whatever her age is now) to try those notes. And I´m being nice cos Mariah is 42 and Bey 31 and all her songs are easier than Mariah´s so she has not damaged her voice as much as Mariah has
    Can´t wait for the f****** album

    • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ January 1, 2013

      I know the ending was on another level……..she was like, I’ve arrived b******!

    • King B>Rihanna(My Hair is Layed like Beyonce’s Haters Loose P****) January 1, 2013

      LMAO!shade at the Beyonce part.

    • Elite Navy S***(Rihanna Navy)S***!!! January 1, 2013

      Yes beyonce is 35 and rihanna nor bey will ever be on mariahs level but rihanna will be on the charts with mimi when she releases 6 more number 1 singles!! BUT NO RIHANNA NOR BEY WILL NEVER BE ON MARIAHS LEVEL EVER!!!!

  22. theman January 1, 2013

    Sam its’ new beginings stop being a hater, her voice is amazing, and she still can do whatever she wants. For some reason or another you always have to make an excuse when mentioning her. She is incredible, and she sounded incredible. Leave at that and move on.

    • theman January 1, 2013

      Leave at that*, her voice was very powerful.

  23. EdwardPonton January 1, 2013

    Mariah is great, Beyonce is great, Rihanna is great, Whitney is great. Let them all be great without putting others down.

    I prefer Beyonce’s voice though.

    • King B>Rihanna(My Hair is Layed like Beyonce’s Haters Loose P****) January 1, 2013

      you tried it with the Beyonce part and after.C’mon nothing about these girls are great but i still love Beyonce and that is my right.

      • Elite Navy S***(Rihanna Navy)S***!!! January 1, 2013


  24. S****** Blonde January 1, 2013

    My fav. part. she singing my song “My All”, sorry folks, i can’t help it.

  25. mobwife: Happy 2013 January 1, 2013

    “My All” is my favorite song by MC! 🙂

    However, she probably should have stood up to sing it. She missed a few notes and well……ummmm 0_o

  26. You Wanna Bey Me January 1, 2013

    Omg! That ad lib vid was everything, it made me like her even more:)

  27. You Wanna Bey Me January 1, 2013

    Please don’t bring Beyonce , Rihanna or anyone else in this post, this is about MC THAT’S IT!! Y’all fans are thirsty at times, Blowing s*** up for no reason. I swear.

    • Lax January 2, 2013

      @YO WANNA Tell yo silly self that when you are on a R
      post trying to shyt talk Rih’s Navy

  28. HOP-SCOTCH January 1, 2013

    All I want her to sing now is ‘Love Takes Time, I Dont Wanna Cry, Cant Let Go, Without You, Someday, So Blessed, Till the end of time and Make It Happen’…

    I want her to wstop avoiding songs that require her to belt (excluding ‘My All’) and tone down on songs in which she has to constantly use her whispery-airy-falsetto voice.

    Gome on MiMi, ive loved you since 1990 when i first saw you perform on the Arsenio Hall show, I was 7 years old and you sang Vision of Love. Im 29 now and still a f****** fan… Come on gurrrrl, show these peasents who the VOCAL QUEEN is.

  29. ceaton85 January 1, 2013

    MC is was and will forever remain better than ya faves. That is ALL,

    • Lax January 2, 2013

      Yes she will always be some one My Fave will always
      look up to and Respect. Just think Rih started with one of Mariah”s song and was terrible but yet won the contest and all I got is “Look At Rihanna” Now!!!!!!!
      Took Rihanna a year but just thing shes the 50Million chick for the last two years, not bad for some one who may or might not ever be on Mariah PAGE,,,,

      • Realest January 3, 2013

        She will NEVER be. I like her but there isn’t a tangible comparison, Mariah is in a much different leauge. That was pretty much apparent from her 1st album.. But Rih is great in her own right though.

  30. Chile Please!! January 1, 2013

    Moo Moo sounded a hot mess…..she needs to try again!

    • Lax January 2, 2013

      Shame on you!!!!!

  31. mc the place to be! January 1, 2013

    I’ve been into mariah and George Michael these few weeks I’m 21 and still feel like i’ve been born in the wrong time period I don’t even listen to rap anymore O_o but mariah did great I’m a happy Lamb right now I can’t wait till idol!!!

  32. Chachanans12 January 2, 2013

    Y’all do the MOST when it comes to comparing artists. I need 2 know more MC not just her popular songs/hits. But I can’t stand some of u stans. I do c some admitting that their fave will never be on MC level n I thank u. @MC starting 2 c y u really stand 4 her. I mean I always knew but my appreciation is growing. Hits aren’t everything. There were people from the 50s-90s who had a lot of hits n everyone thought dey was the ish but later down the road there weren’t put on anyones ‘Top Artist’ list . If u can’t say y ur fave can/should be on a list like that then they shouldn’t be.

    • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ January 2, 2013

      Very nice comment. I think if your wanting to know Mariah’s artistry more I suggest you start from Butterfly album to Daydream and forth or you could always start from her first album and make your way through. If you have more questions, you can ask me. She has some great hits, but her gems are really the ones that didn’t hit #1. 😀

  33. John April 5, 2013

    can’t watch…

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