Watch: Rita Ora Performs On New Year’s ‘Top Of The Pops’

Published: Tuesday 1st Jan 2013 by Sam

Last year saw Rita Ora emerge as a Pop force, so what better way to ring in 2013 than a turn on ‘Top Of The Pops’.

The Roc Nation priori rocked out with a solid showing of he chart-topper ‘R.I.P’ on the iconic British show.

Get into her Ora below…

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  1. J January 1, 2013

    Great performance!!

    But this girl never gonna be on riri’s level

    NO HATE!!!

  2. My forehead tho January 1, 2013

    She has what Rihanna needs- Talent


    Rihanna has what she needs- style

    They should talk -_-

  3. joker January 1, 2013

    good performance. she still had some bits where she sounded like other artists. can’t help it. that’s just part of it.

  4. Dev January 1, 2013

    The helmet hair is too much and she looks a mess, I’m tired of this song but i have to admit this is the best she’s sang it.

  5. ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ January 1, 2013

    Her hair…….
    Her clothes………
    Same old, same old.

  6. Monstarebel January 1, 2013

    I can’t take another R.I.P. performance she’s so dry when performing..this girls outfits are truly hideous I think she thinks she a style icon or something when’s she’s not….& that hair omg byeeeeeeeee h**

    • Rita Slays January 1, 2013

      You’re a fan. Admit it

    • wrinkle flop ora January 1, 2013

      IN LA, on power 106 – the biggest urban station, I heard RIP for the first time, BUT….here is the kicker: It was Drake 16 bars with rita singing the hook and that was the song. She got kicked off her own song for airplay.’

      They could never do that to rihanna

      • Benron (King of The Phucking Navi) January 1, 2013

        I heard that on the biggest urban station here in boston too, It really sounds lek a drake song with some random backup singer.

  7. Rita Slays January 1, 2013

    The performance was great as usual but I still don’t get why she performs R.I.P all the time. Shine Ya Light is the more current single and she slays that song live.

    P.S Rita, sis, that hair style has to go

  8. mobwife: Happy 2013 January 1, 2013

    LOL, some of you are just brutal! 🙂

    Rita did well! I love the outfit!

  9. OMG Just Google Kelsnetwork and see what happens! January 1, 2013

    i dont know why but i just dont feel this chic so much….
    ….just google kelsnetwork…..

  10. wrinkle flop ora January 1, 2013

    She is so bland and boring that i DO Not even have the energy to shade her anymore. I will say this, JLO, beyonce, Gaga, Rihana, Avril, Birtney, Beyonce, Katy, Nicky are all dropping albums and She will be lost in teh chaos. 2012, she had no competition, so she should of struck out, the fact that she flopped in 12, proves she cannot stand out enough to be a star.

    She only got by name dropping .

    • wrinkle flop ora January 1, 2013

      The name dropping is not gonna work. She will be dropped or just be local 3 rd rate uk singer like Olly murs.

  11. I can’t, just give it up Ciara! 3 flopped singles released off your future flop album… Smh someone pull this girl to the side and tell her the truth. January 1, 2013

    Well she’s doing better then Ciara. She should thank The Lord for that at least. Hopefully she won’t end up with 3 flopped singles meant to drum up interest in her upcoming album. Then to have all of them fail to chart. Then name her album something pretentious like she’s gonna kill the game and be a commercial force just to flop. And then have her fans come on blogs and big her up against Rihanna and Beyonce to try and make her seem better but, end the end make Her look even more pathetic.

  12. Touché January 1, 2013

    It’s not bad but it’s noting spectacular.

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