Azealia Banks Teases Fans With ‘Yung Rapunxel’ Lyrics

More so than any other chart debutante, Azealia Banks remains one act whose appeal lies in her craft and not her look.

Kicking dust in the faces of all the Femcees she debuted with circa 2011/2012, this year will mark the arrival of her debut album, ‘Broke With Expensive Taste’, and tonight she has teased the world with lyrics from its lead single ‘Yung Rapunxel’.

We have to warn you though, if you’re under 18 you may want to journey to a ‘PG friendlier‘ post, as these lyrics are of the ‘NSFW’ persuasion.

Check ’em out below…


She went onto explain:


Though we should hold judgement until we hear it, it’s safe to say that this cut has no choice but to be as good as she says it…considering it’s the first single.

For, as she will be all too aware of, this single needs to be all flavours of epic if she is to avoid commercial embarrassment, and talk of her being nothing more than a ‘one hit wonder’.

Your thoughts?

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  1. the real xoxo February 3, 2013

    looking forward to it.

  2. Monstarebel February 3, 2013

    Boo I don’t like this teaser s*** just give us the song

  3. Slayty Perry February 3, 2013

    This won’t even chart. Her album won’t pass 200k either. She pissed too many people too soon

  4. CHUDDS February 3, 2013

    Oh this b**** hasn’t been enrolled into a mental institution yet?

  5. DeezNuts February 3, 2013

    A screamo track? Screamo? lmfao Azealia? This b**** is going to be Broke with Expensive Taste fovever.

    Where is your cover art? Where is your promo? When is your album dropping?! If you say Feb. 12th I will slap you! Gyal!

    I wasnt gonna say it..but its official. Shes not ready for this. Business wise she isnt on her s***. We need buzz singles, videos, cover art, tv appearances, features, radio interviews, BET stops, p**** poppin…sumthin h**! AnYTHING to avoid flopping! She’s talking about her c***?! You think that’ll get radio play?

    • SlayDeleAdkins February 3, 2013

      I Have to agree! If she wants to even be considered a threat to nicki she NEEDS to work her ass off and PROMOTE the album like its no ones business!!! There is no time for u to be sitting on ur high horse typing s*** on twitter!!! Singles, snippets, Music videos, interviews, album artwork!! Something that will get ppl talking and give her buzz!!! Azealia’s becoming too comfortable with her s*** and i aint feelin it!!!

  6. ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ February 3, 2013

    She stays making announcements for future announcements. Release it already Azealia. I’m excited for her music though.

  7. QUEEN MINAJ February 3, 2013

    oh another lil kim using her c*** to sell records

  8. @Taimiicel February 3, 2013

    Im excited for her to come up but i have to say…

    “when your album gone drop, b****** never could say”

  9. SlayDeleAdkins February 3, 2013

    You claim your album is being released on the 12th! Where are the interviews, album info, artwork, singles, etc. PROMOTION!! Get ur s*** together Azealia!!!!

  10. J February 3, 2013

    b**** stop fooling around with these teasers and drop the damn single.

  11. F****** Hairy (Lana & Gaga schoolin’ h***) February 3, 2013

    Azealia gurl I am so disappointed in you. Stop f*ckin your damn manager-boyfriend for one damn second and promote your sh*t already!
    Isn’t your album about to drop soon? Yet I see little to no promo.
    No matter how much I want you to win, it won’t happen unless you step your game up.
    Albums don’t sell themselves.

  12. Kandikuntz February 3, 2013

    My body is ready tbh.

  13. truth(slayer of icki funky ass stans B****!!) February 3, 2013


  14. Viciousss February 3, 2013

    Smh, this girl is gonna flop herself right back to the hood.

    No promo, no heat, barely any music out right now and the same sound in every song she has released. She’s got some s** issues because clits and c**** come up too much in her songs.

    I’m surprised her album will be out soon and this is all she’s done so far.

  15. Tisha February 3, 2013

    This chick is gonna go down as the rapper that never was.

    How do you come out have beef with everybody, be so publicly two-faced (diss Nicki, call Kim a legend, then say Kim never wrote her own s***, start following Nicki on Twitter), admit so much embarrassing s***, and quit twice…BEFORE your album drops.

    Then the damn album is coming out less than 10 days from now and the best she can do is offer a lame one liner? F*** outta here with progression.

    They were right to give Iggy Azalea the cover, Banks ain’t ready.

  16. Peter G February 3, 2013

    I like songs that mention specific vaginal parts, radio will be dying to play it.

  17. wrinkle flop ora, February 3, 2013

    Does she get played on any of the hip hop stations across the country

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