Hot Shots: Rihanna & Bruno Mars Rehearse For Grammy Duet

Published: Friday 8th Feb 2013 by David

Can you believe a year’s passed since Nicki Minaj, Adele and Rihanna dominated the 54th Annual Grammy Awards?

No? We can’t either, but it has- and two days before this year kicks off in LA, the latter has shared a snap from her rehearsal session, joined by Sting and Bruno Mars who she will perform with on the night.

Beginning 8pm on CBS, the show will also see the likes of Frank Ocean, Justin Timberlake and Miguel take to the stage, set to rub shoulders with Beyonce, Jay Z and Usher, all of which stand as confirmed attendees.

More below…

…and from 2004’s show:

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  1. B. Hill February 8, 2013

    Poor Bruno. Having to share the stage with that untalented slutbag Rihanna. I hope he’s prepared to do all the real singing and performing while she walks back and forth looking stupid.

  2. $****$ February 8, 2013

    Finally managed to drag herself of chris brown nuts she will slay the stay performance though

  3. gurlllll February 8, 2013

    all eyes on beyonce performance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. White girl mob 2.0 February 8, 2013

    This message goes out to beyonce weave;) would you please SHUT THE F*** UP! You all over that beyonce post like its you’re job. SHUT THE F*** UP BEFORE I END UP GETTING SUSPENEDED AGAIN YOU F****** NAPPY HEAED W****

    • 2013 is the Year Beyonce Career Officially Ends(your truly zzzb) February 8, 2013

      Stop hating on weave because she speaks the truth about your flop fav.

  5. White girl mob 2.0 February 8, 2013

    Beyonce weave ain’t s***.. I got suspened from this site I’m the real deal I’m the baddest b****

  6. MsThing485 February 8, 2013

    I’m neither a fan of Bruno Mars or Rihanna, so I won’t be watching them perform.

  7. ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ February 8, 2013


    Beyonce isn’t performing, she’s just presenting and receiving an award I think.

    She isn’t on the official performers list.

    • 2013 is the Year Beyonce Career Officially Ends(your truly zzzb) February 8, 2013

      Exactly Beyfraud has no single.

  8. zania February 8, 2013

    I am so exciting can’t wait until Rihanna performance. Someone who was at the Grammys rehearsal,said that Rihanna and Bruno Mars performance was the best so far.

    • 2013 is the Year Beyonce Career Officially Ends(your truly zzzb) February 8, 2013

      Something that these haters hate to admit Rihanna can put on a show!! Rihanna will be epic.

  9. Monstarebel February 8, 2013

    To excited for Rihannas performance…..

  10. Armstrong & Co February 8, 2013

    Those venues were sold out because seats were BOUGHT by her Armstrong Managment & Co.

  11. Benron (King Of The Phucking Navi)) February 8, 2013

    Ya’ll h*** have report buttons now? TGJ aint that exclusive that people will miss it if they get “suspended” like ya’ll say.

    But this is the third year Rihanna is performing twice. Her, Bruno, and Sting are performing a tribute Bob Marley and then she will do stay! Why didn’t they ask Beyonce, who plans to just sit in the audience and watch? Rihanna’s “goat voice” and “stiff dancing” are clearly preferred by le Grammys.

    • 2013 is the Year Beyonce Career Officially Ends(your truly zzzb) February 8, 2013

      LMAO the Navy too much for these bum hos. And Rihanna will be the star at the Grammys. Beyawnce ho??

  12. Kate Middleton February 8, 2013

    whatever happened to the Ciara post?

    is that another protected of Sam’s idols?

    Go Rihanna.

  13. NΛVI February 8, 2013

    meanwhile Ciara would be in concession stand flipping burgers while Beyonce sit in the crowd while rihanna is on stage performing 😉

  14. beyonce n rita whora flop together. February 8, 2013

    OOOOH this is going to be off the chain. GWAN riiri, big up yourself, sisteren. Stay, love song PUI and diamonds are all on the BB HOT100. what kind of slayage is that?

    What kind of slayge is that?

  15. JER February 8, 2013

    I’m sorry, but I need “Stay (featuring Bruno Mars)” ASAP. The album version with whoever needs to be put on ice and an official version with Bruno Mars needs to be recorded and sent to iTunes yesterday. “Stay” needs some life put into it and Mikky Echo aint it

  16. You Wanna Bey Me February 8, 2013

    I just can’t wait to see what her and bey wear on stage now that Grammy has rules on how to dress n s*** now.

  17. BeyFRAUD Armstrong (Beyonce’s Weave) February 8, 2013

    Yass Riri, slay. I can’t wait for this performance with Bruno Mars, it’ll be epic. Slaying effortlessly.

  18. seah February 8, 2013

    so no one is gonna discuss the ciara post that magically disappeared??

  19. reading is fundamental February 8, 2013

    I bet they are going to perform a mash-up of Sting’s greatest hits along with Love Without Tragedy and Locked Out of Heaven since both songs have that 80s Sting/The Police feel. This should be a great performance! I’m excited!!!

  20. enranc February 8, 2013

    LOL@Rihanna wearing that ballcap to hide her forehead.

  21. Len February 8, 2013

    Rihannas lucky Beyoncé is giving her shine and sitting in the crowd. We wouldn’t want billboard awards pt 2 now would we. Bruno Mars and Sting will kill it!

  22. BeyFRAUD Armstrong (Beyonce’s Weave) February 8, 2013

    I called Ciara a FLOP and Samantha deleted the post lol. Samantha is losing it.

  23. MADAME PEPSI February 8, 2013

    Beyoncé sets record in Belgium.
    She sold out 2 complete shows in less than an hour. The first show sold out in 10 minutes , then she added an extra show which sold out in 35 minutes.

    She sold over 33.000 tickets in less than hour , which has never happened before in Belgium.


  24. MADAME PEPSI February 8, 2013



  25. Kyle February 8, 2013

    @Madame Pepsi Yet shes supposed to be local? ;)…. Every ticket site that had Beyoncé ticket info crashed yesterday when her pre sale went on sale. With NO album OR single out, what kinda slayage is that!!

  26. You Wanna Bey Me February 8, 2013

    What’s with all the “slay” talk? In order to slay anything u must first learn to carry a note? If anything Sting and Bruno will be the ones carrying this performance. Cut It Out Navi 😀

  27. MADAME PEPSI February 8, 2013


    Tickets to @Beyonce concert in #Bratilava SOLD OUT in 8 minutes 😆

    #OOP 😆

  28. LEGEND KNOWLES (MADAME PEPSI) February 8, 2013



  29. My Forehead Tho February 8, 2013

    The best thing TGJ can reveal about this performance is the time Rihanna is expected to come out, so we can turn the channel. -_-

    Like somebody said before, its unfortunate that Bruno Mars’s performance has to be ruined like this

  30. RICHANDBLACK11 February 8, 2013

    I wonder why Rihanna hasn’t sold out yet in some cities with her tour since her tickets went on sale first.

    Beyonce tickets are just about sold out in europe. ummmm

    • shawna best February 8, 2013

      F*** u and stinking p**** beyonce who cares,

  31. boopboop February 8, 2013

    that c-error song was s***. thats why it got pulled. her career been over and i dont why la reid dont stop playin and just drop her ass. we all know ONE WOMAN FLOPPING prob wont see the light of day……….or if it does itll keep getting push back like BASICALLY EXTINCT.

    anyways……….rih just keep RISING! THAT REIGN WONT EVER LET UP! poor bey reduced to sitting on the sidelines WATCHING THE REAL KING perform! maybe they hire rita to clean the stage before rih performs on it!

    bey too scared to release her single cuz she know its a FLOP! she just tyring to hold off on the FLOPAGE! she know she cant compete with rih on the hot 100 or even the R&B chart now that DIAMONDS has slayed that chart as well as the hot 100!

    scalpers prob bought up the bulk of those tix or her management or whoever did so she can give em away FOR FREE as a “gift” for “less fortunate” fans or some s***. dont be fooled by “sold out”……..there gon be A LOT OF EMPTY SEATS where she goin!

  32. Bwhahaha February 8, 2013

    Poor Bruno. Hes gonna have to downgrade for the sake of that non talent. Im sure hes only doing it for Sting.

  33. RICHANDBLACK11 February 8, 2013

    its funny that the navy think she is going to slay….oh the irony

  34. Bwhahaha February 8, 2013

    Omg that Beyoncé grammys performance gave me chills. I don’t stan for her but Rihanna could never come close talent wise. She cant even perform by herself, the Grammys and her people don’t trust her enough. Her performing by herself everywhere and being no more than average is done played out already.

  35. RICHANDBLACK11 February 8, 2013

    y’all can take the truth, Rihanna SUCKS LIVE get over it …..SHE ISN’T GONE TO SLAY NOTHING AND Y’ALL KNOW IT.


  36. My Forehead Tho February 8, 2013

    Lol right!

    The only thing this b**** is ‘slaying’ is her career when ever she performs live. If here people were smart they would stop her from singing live -_-

  37. Bwhahaha February 8, 2013

    I cant @ The Navy stooping low and saying Beyoncé bought her tickets. Shame they have to resort to a fantasy in their heads to make them feel better. They cant take it! We shall see when everywhere is filled out, Im going when she comes to London, never seen her before, but everyone I know that’s seen her has nothing but praise! I would pay money to see Beyoncé even though Im not her biggest fan, but she always puts in 200% effort on stage. Unlike the other complacent forehead.

  38. Pop Royalty February 8, 2013

    I will keep it 100% honesty , i know i probably won’t be watching as long there’s no ADELE performance. 🙄

    but I really know I will Love Sting , Bruno , Justin Timberlake and their performances , however , from now and on , i will watch everything after the whole over-hype and craziness die out so i can decide accurately who did great and who disappointed.

    and i hope no Rituals take place too. 😉

    Love you all 😀

    *Plays Sting – Send Your Love*

  39. HOTSTUFF February 8, 2013

    not only u girl

    This blog is a flop with its ‘report this comment’ who does that ? on a gossip site ? . Sam is a flop, he can’t deal with us spilling that truth tea! i’ll be visiting this flop blog less.

  40. Danny B February 8, 2013

    Um yeah most gossip sites are more regulated than TGJ has EVER been. Its about time he did s*** like this the trolls are out of control. Theres a difference between trolling and spilling tea sorry, it was getting out of hand. The only annoying this is u cant reply anymore.

  41. LEGEND KNOWLES (MADAME PEPSI) February 8, 2013

    Beyonce is one hot ticket: Miami stop expected to sell out quickly

    Not sick of Beyonce yet? No one else is either. Even though the singer has created controversy left and right — between the lip synching at the inauguration and the tight leather outfit slammed by PETA at the Super Bowl — she is still one hot ticket. Literally.

    Consumer rights organizations The Florida Consumer Action Network and the Fan Freedom Project released a statement Friday warning fans to expect a fast sellout for the Halo crooner’s July 10 concert at AmericanAirlines Arena because only a small percentage of the 19,600 seats will likely be made available. Many tickets will be set aside for fan club and premium credit card pre-sales and VIPs, they said.

    “Fans must be watchful of the significant ticket holdbacks that often occur with popular events,” said Bill Newton, executive director of FCAN.

    Set your alarm: Tickets for the Mrs Carter World Tour officially go on sale 10 a.m. Monday, although discount ticket broker sites like StubHub, GoodSeatTickets and Ticket Liquidator had a few seats that cost about $80 a pop as of midday Friday.

    Rihanna’s Diarrhea tour isn’t even sold out here 😆

  42. cake like lady gaga February 8, 2013

    FRAUDyonce isn’t performing on the biggest night of music, BUT RIHANNA IS!!!

    Is the Bey H** mad? Remain MAD :-p

  43. KELLY February 8, 2013

    Who is Rihanna?


  44. Naomi February 8, 2013

    People are so stupid. I knew from when rumors spread that Beyoncé was performing at these award shows that it was most likely NOT true. Even I know how Beyoncé works, she’ll be performing at the 2014 ones NEXT YEAR when she is nominated in multiple categories and her album has run its course DUH.

  45. cake like lady gaga February 8, 2013

    The Navy PAYS Sam’s bills… But his latest attack on them (this new policy of moderation and reporting of comments) will see him kicked onto the streets as he battles to pay his rent.

    Sam, YOU ARE NOTHING WITHOUT THE NAVY. I hope the Navy leaves this FLOP site so you can see how dumb it was of you do this.

    • MK February 9, 2013

      LOL! It’s funny how the broke Navy see this “Report this comment” link and automatically see it as an attack on them. Funny and very telling. Perhaps it’s because you know that you and most of your ilk come here with a troublemaking trolling agenda and are now scared that you won’t be able to get away with it as much.


  46. LEGEND KNOWLES (MADAME PEPSI) February 8, 2013

    @CAKE She dont even had new music to promote so….
    Anyway looks like she will get these headlines after all because CNN just announced a 30 min special called “Beyonce: Finding Her Destiny’ for saturday, stay tuned 😆

  47. KELLY February 8, 2013

    Why would Beyonce perform at the Grammys?

    Her last single was released in 2011. Rihtarded!!!!

    Beyonce 2013

  48. RICHANDBLACK11 February 8, 2013

    Yasss I got them mad thumb me down baby , the truth hurts don’t it….I JUST LOVE THEY WAY SYBIL AND MR HYDE LIE.. I’M AT 31 LETS SEE IF WE CAN GET IT TO 100


  49. Danny B February 8, 2013

    @Madame Pepsi KEEP FILLING THESE H*** IN GORL! Lol.

  50. KELLY February 8, 2013

    Why would Beyonce perform at the Grammys?

    Her last single was released in 2011. Rihtarded!!!!

    Beyonce 2013

  51. Danny B February 8, 2013

    They thumbing the f*** down hahahaha I LIVE!

  52. HOTSTUFF February 8, 2013

    @danny B

    PUH-LEASE you are free to post what u want on most gossip sites , tmz,perez, media take out etc….

  53. ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ February 8, 2013

    @RichAndBlack11 :

    IKR ?! 😉

  54. Danny B February 8, 2013

    Well go over there then and stop complaining if you don’t like it! @hotstuff

  55. Eye Candy February 8, 2013

    I don’t really like Bruno Mars but at least he’s talented. I wish I can say the same for Riherpes.

  56. state of the art February 8, 2013

    weird she never performs solo at the grammies. always got some older male real singers and rappers to help. breezy spazzed up. kinda obvious. too young and who needs that autotune sh*t. you see the thing?

  57. Carmen February 8, 2013

    Why do the Navy think this Sam regulating is a personal attack? It looks worse on them because they have the worse trolls in the camp that’s why! And I mean TROLLS not just stans that drag or shade a lot. They be spamming out Beyoncé posts all the time. Don’t get me wrong Im not in the Hive and they can be just as bad and delusional at times but generally only when people come for Beyoncé that’s the difference. I see the SAME boring people up in Beyoncé posts ALL THE TIME insulting race, her baby and s*** on the regular.

  58. Eye Candy February 8, 2013

    @ Danny B
    TMZ & Perez Hilton goes in on their girl, which is why they’re still complaining over here instead of going to those sites where Rihanna lovers are greatly outnumbered by those that hate her.

  59. TeamBreezy February 8, 2013

    Chile wtf with this terrible beyonce performance! It started out good and she f***** up the end so bad I click off smh

  60. Hilly February 8, 2013

    Actually this makes me exited about this performance, Sting and Bruno? Awesome. I hope she won’t screw it up.

  61. JOHNVIDAL February 8, 2013

    How did Rihanna and Nicki Minaj dominate grammys last year along with Adele? LMAO You guys at TGJ know damn well that sentence is a mess but you just want hits. As if those two could ever be on the level Adele has been for two years already. Never happened and never gonna happen

  62. PRINCE MACHIAVEL February 8, 2013

    Why Robyn Brown Always Has To Performe With Some else, Jay-z, Drakisha, Princess Bri-Bri, Breezy, Coldplay, Bruno…?

    • oh February 8, 2013

      aint madonna did this her whole career to stay alive!

      • PRINCE MACHIAVEL February 8, 2013

        Honey, Please! I’ll Never Wast My Time To Debat Back And Forth With The Most Of The Navy/Navi, Cause You’re Delusional And Disrespectful Toward Legends Like Celine, Madge, Withney, Mimi…

        Lololololol………………………I Can’t With You Calling Goat The Black Madonna, F***** DEAD!

        The Young Model With A Mic Wishes She Can Dance Like Your Majesty On Her “Girls Gone Wild” Video, But It’s Never Gonna Happen:-( Haha!!!!


  63. PRINCE MACHIAVEL February 8, 2013

    @BEYFRAUD, B**** This Is The First Time You Didn’t Mention Beyonce’s Name On Goat’s Post, Ku-dos!!!

  64. Touché February 8, 2013

    I think I might actually watch it this year.

  65. Yolo February 8, 2013

    OMG A RARE SIGHTING! RIHANNA ACTUALLY REHEARSING. Publicised thanks to other people however.

  66. Gilberto February 8, 2013

    Question: When will R****** perform on Grammy by herself? Everytime she hits the main stage, she has someone more talented next to her. Every f****** time. She’s so pathetic and basic.

    2008 – R****** & The Time
    2010 – R****** & Drake / R****** & Eminem
    2011 – R****** & Coldplay
    2012 – R****** & Bruno Mars & Sting

    PATHETIC!!! They know that she sucks. They know that R****** can’t deliver a good performance by herself. She’s popular enough to be on the show, but not good enough to perform alone. They think she can bring them good ratings. LOL. Poor souls! Don’t they know that R******’s performance on VMA ’12 was one of the least seen in VMA’s history and ‘Styled to Flop’ was axed due the lack of ratings. LOL. I can’t.
    They want fans to tune in the show, but they don’t want to lose their credibility letting untalented people like R****** do crap on the stage, so they call someone who’s more talented than R****** (which is very easy to find), so they can balance out the crap.

    Poor Bruno. Poor Sting. Good luck, guys, you’ll need it.

    • oh February 8, 2013

      what you mad they didnt ask beyonce to pop her p****, when last time beyonce was there?……..

    • SHADE=DENIAL February 8, 2013

      she’s performing twice idiot. the first performance is with sting and bruno mars, and the second performance is on her own!
      educate yourselves!!!

    • 2013 is the Year Beyonce Career Officially Ends(your truly zzzb) February 8, 2013

      Rihanna doesn’t perform by herself but who gives a heck. She is performing with Bruno and Sting. She bad. They even gave her a chance to do a solo performance. Your old hag is sitting down somewhere.

  67. GET YOUR LIFE!!!!!! February 8, 2013

    you might WANT to acknowledge the REGGAE ROYALTY in that pic in the form of Damian and Stephen Marley!!! I hope she doesn’t intend on butchering another Bob Marley song!

    • oh February 9, 2013

      i hope beyonce doesn’t intend on butchering another era!

  68. 2013 is the Year Beyonce Career Officially Ends(your truly zzzb) February 8, 2013

    Beyonce is sitting her flat booty in the sidelines. Bytch has no hits. If it was Rihanna the HIVS would have been ready to trash Rihanna for this. Blahh Don’t think I didn’t forget about what they said about my queen during TTT era..I guess it back fired. 3 hits on the BB hot 100 with no video. Who bad??

  69. MISHKA February 9, 2013

    I just want to see Miguel. And Bey holding her 17th !!!!!!

    If Kanye and Kim don’t show up, Kimye is officially on the rocks.

    Rihanna/ Miguel/ Sting… it’ ll be interesting. I can easily picture Sting and Miguel, they do match in terms of singing. But with Rihanna, gurl, you’re on the Michelle Williams spot here. Hope you’ll surprise me like she did.

  70. the real xoxo February 9, 2013

    i don’t mind rihanna, but her tributing Bob marley is almost as ironic as the time she tried to cover Lauryn Hill’s “Doo Wop”.

  71. Dario February 9, 2013

    Rihanna is a talentless h**.

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