Joe Budden Slams Glamorisation Of ‘Molly’ In Hip Hop Culture

Published: Monday 11th Feb 2013 by David

For a genre that purports to set trends, recent years have seen Hip Hop sooner play ‘follower’ than it would ‘leader’.

However, more so than any of the trends its taken on recently, its part in glamorising the drug  MDMA (otherwise known as Molly) has gone some way to expose a culture that can be convinced into trying anything, if packaged sweetly enough.

Now, as a former of the deadly drug, Joe Budden has spoken out against the sinister attempt to normalize its use.

His words below…

“I didn’t see a problem with the fact that maybe five days would go by without sleeping. I didn’t see a problem with the fact that maybe I was hallucinating at times. I didn’t see a problem with the fact that I just couldn’t get up and walk sometimes. It just altered your thinking process dramatically, and for a thinker like myself, that was like nothing I’d ever experienced before.

Now everyone is speaking about Molly like it’s the thing to do. I thought it was important for somebody, anybody, to stand up and say, ‘you know, I did that, it’s corny.’ I’m just hoping that at the end of the day, it won’t be me versus the entire music industry when it comes to who a 13-year-old should listen to regarding drugs.”

While isn’t it the job of entertainers to warn the wider public against drugs, one does have to wonder why an industry whose lost so many to drugs would turn a blind eye to ‘Molly’s endorsement.

Here’s hoping Joe’s message encourages people to take a less passive approach when digesting Pop culture.


Your thoughts?

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  1. KELLYROWLAND STAN February 11, 2013

    Can’t Stand This Crackhead…

    • Secret Voice February 11, 2013


      This dude got busted last year in a little “dyck” scandal.he needs to be somewhere trying to get a pump.

      Nothing like a hypocrite speaking on something he participated in…

  2. JUELZ February 11, 2013

    And when since has ‘Hip-Hop Culture’ NOT glamorized all things socially-taboo?

    And since when has ‘Popular music- Culture’, in general, not represented all things that are un-conforming to mainstream society?

    I agree, this is an issue that should be addressed, but, rationally-speaking, it’s his word against the world. This problem dates back to the early 1980’s… The subject of Drugs has, and always will, be there.


    Maybe he should protest?


    • Huh?! February 11, 2013

      @ Juelz, lmao! Whats your point? Just because “drugs” have been glamorized and a problem since the 1980’s doesn’t mean it cant be brought up as a hot topic in 2013. Remember the article was about “Molly” so lets not travel back in time here. I don’t remember molly being around in the 1980’s. And you say it’s his word against the worlds. Duh, whats was your point here?

  3. 12345 February 11, 2013

    He is right but in general…..people who take drugs even if its just a lil smoke are weak people and most of em dont have parents.

    I dont respect people who take drugs and especially stoners…..just sutpid people.

    • Umm February 11, 2013

      You sound so naive

    • Secret Voice February 11, 2013

      People that do illegal drugs are no more weaker than people that drink a fifth of liquor a day nor or they any worse than someone addicted to food.

      There are all types of addictions…..

  4. HOWYOULIKEIT February 11, 2013

    Who is this?

    • Huh?! February 11, 2013

      Does it matter. Do u have to know someone to take in a positive, helpful, informative message from them? You kids are so stupid these days! So dumb…..

    • Umm February 11, 2013

      I really hate ppl like you! who are you? why should you comment? If you didn’t know him then why even take the time to comment? Stop making a joke out of every damn thing!

  5. mob: black romeo & juliet February 11, 2013

    Wow, I have neve heard of “Molly or MDMA”……

    *I always enjoy learning about the inner workings of the brain! 🙂

  6. ALoys234 February 11, 2013

    Honestly, I appreciate learning new things, in this case about names of drugs, I honestly believed Molly was the name of Rihanna’s nan who recently passed away.. (yes, i tend to put 2 n 2 together and create a story of my own) but for the people out there like me.. does that make me more or less likely to try it, now that i know what drug it is..? No I wouldnt try it AGAIN, that’s because I know what it is now. Had it been a new breed of drug i.e. meow meow, id stay well clear, (personally im over that stage of experimenting..) I think all young adults wise or unwise will come F2F with drugs sooner or later and it is up to them to decide how they handle the situation, there isnt much ppl can do nowadays, especially in today’s world where u can create you own stash from the comfort of your kitchen cupboard..

    We should have more celebs like Joe Budden showing concern, but I think the coolest thing, is thay celebs who talk the talk.. walk the walk on stage in front of their audience, so that they can c what it really does to ppl.. i mean how many ppl want to try crack nowadays after Whitney? #justsaying

  7. Alex February 11, 2013

    It’s called Mandy actually

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