Report: Billboard To Factor Youtube Views Into Hot 100 Chart Rankings

Published: Wednesday 20th Feb 2013 by Rashad

As fans may remember, video streaming giant Youtube cracked down on the likes of Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, and Rihanna for reporting millions of fake views to their high performing Youtube channels…

Well, now we know why.

For, today saw music industry Bible ‘Billboard’ announce that it will factor in Youtube views (with digital downloads and radio airplay) to determine song’s chart rankings…

Report via Billboard:

“Billboard and Nielsen announced today the addition of U.S. YouTube video streaming data to its platforms, which includes an update to the methodology for the Billboard Hot 100, the preeminent singles chart.

The YouTube streaming data is now factored into the chart’s ranking, enhancing a formula that includes Nielsen’s digital download track sales and physical singles sales; as well as terrestrial radio airplay, on-demand audio streaming, and online radio streaming, also tracked by Nielsen.

Billboard is now incorporating all official videos on YouTube captured by Nielsen’s streaming measurement, including Vevo on YouTube, and user-generated clips that utilize authorized audio into the Hot 100 and the Hot 100 formula-based genre charts – Hot Country Songs, Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs, R&B Songs, Rap Songs, Hot Latin Songs, Hot Rock Songs and Dance/Electronic Songs – to further reflect the divergent platforms for music consumption in today’s world.”


The announcement succeeds news that the chart ranking system also includes streams (via Spotify, Pandora, etc) in its count for chart rankings as well.  After the revamped system made its debut today, guess who is now #1….?

Your thoughts?

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  1. christinastherealtalent February 20, 2013

    WTF? Just another cheap tactic to get certain music acts to #1 a lot faster and break more records. SMH

    • HoneychildPlease February 20, 2013

      This is pathetic but i wouldn’t be mad if beyonce used it she’s needs it!

    • Trev February 20, 2013

      i don’t disagree with their decision to consider YouTube views…you have to move with the times…but the weight of it is too much…also remake video views shouldn’t count…only official videos

    • PSA (FAF) February 21, 2013

      I don’t get how pandora will play a role? Isn’t Pandora done randomly? So if you randomly hit a Rihanna song it gives her hits? :$

  2. NΛVI February 20, 2013

    Happy Birthday to Rihanna and Kurt Cobain!

    • XoMoDe February 20, 2013

      Happy birthday Kurt Cobain. F*** a Rihanna.

    • PSA (FAF) February 21, 2013


  3. christinastherealtalent February 20, 2013

    I remember 10 yrs ago we didnt have itunes, youtube, pandora, spotify, etc…and artists then had to rely solely on airplay and live performances for chart success. This is just the industries way of making it easier for gimmicks to score hit after hit

    • Trev February 20, 2013

      why does it have to be a gimmick? so only gimmicks get youtube views? and what exactly is “a gimmick” because ppl are over using that word

    • PYTFROMAL February 20, 2013

      Very true!

    • PSA (FAF) February 21, 2013

      I agree @Trev

  4. WTF February 20, 2013

    This is stupid !

  5. Butterfly February 20, 2013

    Having the number 1 song in the country used to be such a huge accomplishment because artists relied on promoting their songs to get there, but now it will be meaningless, because it will just be used so that gimmicky artists could get a #1 song. Billboard is such a joke now.

  6. Music Soul Harmony February 20, 2013

    Harlem Shake vids are sooo f****** dumb! But it is a nice beat

  7. RICHANDBLACK11 February 20, 2013

    This is just dumb….IMO

  8. Music Soul Harmony February 20, 2013

    Not sure I agree with this new tradition. I mean we have
    had pretty lame songs garner lots of views like
    Rebecca Black’s song “Friday”…I guess the internet will be
    the new way Artists receive promotion. Beyonce,
    get on the bandwagon NOW.

  9. King. February 20, 2013

    B****, Billboard gets dumber by the day. This is only gonna allow mainstream artists to continue to have success while many artist in sub-genres continue to struggle.

  10. What?! February 20, 2013

    This is so f*cking stupid. This is pretty much a slap to the face to artists that actually have worked hard to get recognition, the music industry is going downhill with Billboard changing rules and music sales being awful.

  11. ERIN February 20, 2013


  12. King B>Rihanna February 20, 2013


  13. KAT (meeow) Middleton February 20, 2013

    i don’t know what to say…

    • just No February 20, 2013

      Oh would REALLY?!!! THIS IS A FIRST

  14. Lovebird (Beyonce’s Weave) February 20, 2013

    This is good because it fully captures what consumers of music are listening to. I also remember in

  15. KAT (meeow) Middleton February 20, 2013

    Times are changing, i just miss Michael Jackson

  16. S****** Blonde February 20, 2013

    This is the end of music, i will be happy if no mainstream became
    the most important thing now and leave the charts to these disgrace artists
    to music, you will see how Rihanna, Bieber and Gaga reach 100 #1 songs in the chrats
    they will say, they are making history when all this is just a easy way for them,
    what a joke the music industry has become.

    • HoneychildPlease February 20, 2013

      Yes i agree hun

    • NΛVI February 20, 2013

      b**** i didn’t even know rihanna and kurt share the same birthday… i’m so phucking stoke…no wonder they are both so unruling lol R.I.P Kurt.

    • Common Sense February 21, 2013

      Oh my god…just thinking about that happening saddens me.

  17. Lovebird (Beyonce’s Weave) February 20, 2013

    I like this part though;

    <bBeyond the flurry of activity atop the Hot 100, Rihanna adds her own headlines at No. 3, as "Stay," featuring Mikky Ekko, vaults with top Digital Gainer honors from No. 57 in its second week on the chart. After she performed the ballad at the Grammy Awards (Feb. 10) and subsequently released its video, it bounds 25-2 on Hot Digital Songs (306,000, up 358%) and debuts on Streaming Songs at No. 7 (3.9 million). On Radio Songs, it lifts 74-57 (24 million, up 53%).

    "Stay" becomes Rihanna's 24th Hot 100 top 10, pushing her past Whitney Houston and the Rolling Stones (23 each) for a solo claim of ninth-place among acts with the most top 10s all-time. Madonna leads all artists with 38 top 10s, followed by the Beatles (34), Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder (28 each), Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, Elton John (27 each) and Elvis Presley (25). (Presley's career, however, predated the Hot 100's inception)

    Winning with a rock ballad. Oh I thought Rihanna only makes generic pop hits and yet she’s slaying with a rock ballad worldwide… Winning.

    • Um February 21, 2013

      Rock? Rock?

      This is a ‘Unfaithful’-eqsue ballad, purely pop and so contrived. Rock? Sit the f*** down.

    • Rihanna destroyed Beyfat’s flop career February 21, 2013

      Slaying with a ballad while sitting in a tub. Some boring video they say. Queen!

  18. ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ February 20, 2013

    WTF happened to this site?

    Welp, here comes the #1 song for these artists. Ch…..another ploy.

  19. Yea February 20, 2013

    Get over it, its new f****** decades! The way we listening to music has chaged

    • Common Sense February 21, 2013

      Yeah now we can just auto refresh some gimmick’s song ALL day helping it rack up views and spots on Billboard. #1s will be absolutely meaningless now that individuals have control over them. All the crazy raving lunatic Rihanna, Beieber, 1D fans will just spam their videos all day getting them hits that they would never get if they had to work for them.

  20. My Forehead Tho February 20, 2013

    And Because of these changes, the value of a #1 single has decreased.

    Mariah, Whitney and Michael Jackson never had to rely such bs to get a #1 in America, therefore, they should never be compared to some eight hated b**** that benefits from it.

    • My Forehead Tho February 20, 2013


    • Just saying February 21, 2013

      but here first 12 number ones came BEFORE this change……and if beyonce benefits from this, i’m sure you’ll change your angry ass tone….

  21. Yea February 20, 2013

    Get over it, its new f****** decades! The way we listening to music has changed. Youtube is main place people stream music and same thing goes for iTunes.

  22. King B>Rihanna February 20, 2013


  23. Mark79 February 20, 2013

    This is downright stupid. What that hell does YouTube have to do with singles. Billboard has no idea what it’s doing anymore. At this point they’re throwing in everything but the kitchen sink. The charts made more sense when it was based on primarily airplay and then single sales. All this extra junk added is tacky and makes the whole system convoluted and basically a sham.

  24. My Forehead Tho February 20, 2013

    So let me get this right…

    Since non-Americans account for the total views an artist receives on YouTube, they can influence what rank that artist is placed on American charts?

    If so, that gives this generation a huge advantage over previous generations. I guess an artist getting a #1 will no longer be as respected as it used to be.

  25. DD1G February 20, 2013

    The Internet has turned the music industry into a joke. I don’t even consider what’s considered popular now to be worth a sack of dirt. Back when you had to listen to the radio for what you wanted to hear, when you had to decide whether or not a song/artist was worth the trip to the record store was the last time popular music had any credence. Today it’s just a farce. Who can’t pull up a YouTube video to check out 15 seconds of some stupid ass novelty song like “Gangnam Style” and “Harlem Shake” before realizing just how stupid it is and turning it off. Over 50% of the songs and artists who’re hot right now wouldn’t have lasted a day on the charts back when all this vague, lazy man’s technology wasn’t around.

  26. Cream February 20, 2013

    You know what I was just thinking do people even care about videos? I like it so I can watch Beyonce videos 6million times I’m here for it

  27. Jay Jay February 20, 2013

    I know some of y’all worship the billboard like its your bible but y’all have to admit the Billboard hot 100 is not the same billboard chart 10 years ago. I knew the billboard was dead and a joke when Antoine Dodson Bed intruder song charted on it. That’s why I pay it dust and it doesn’t mean that much to me like before

  28. Jay Jay February 20, 2013

    I know some of y’all worship the billboard like its your bible but y’all have to admit the Billboard hot 100 is not the same billboard chart 10 years ago. I knew the billboard was dead and a joke when Antoine Dodson Bed intruder song charted on it. That’s why I pay it dust and it doesn’t mean that much to me like before

  29. Jay Jay February 20, 2013

    And Harlem shake is not even a song, no lyrics just a beat smh

    • PSA (FAF) February 21, 2013

      Well, there are many DJs and Jazz musicians who make music without lyrics

  30. Music Soul Harmony February 20, 2013

    RIP Good music 2004-2009. When MOST mainstream music was actually promising for the future generations along with the 90’s. Dunno what happened. That dream straight out the window. Billboard done f***** up!

    • Avenger February 21, 2013

      What was so great about 2004-2009? Sure it was better than today, but it was still s***** overall. I wouldn’t call it “good.” Meh. The best period of music was 1987 to 2001. Music died in 2002 for the most part.

    • Music Soul Harmony February 21, 2013

      It was still better than today and a lot more fresh sounding.

  31. Lovebird (Beyonce’s Weave) February 20, 2013

    The way we listen to music has changed, get over it if you do not like the new rules. Billboard just wants to track what everyone is listening to more closely. Blame the consumers of music and not Billboard. You guys are so old fashioned.

  32. alonzo wilson February 20, 2013

    This what Beyonce be talking about

    • Te$$a:) February 20, 2013

      Yup, she wasn’t lying… Oh well.

    • PSA (FAF) February 21, 2013

      She’s part of it, though. You thinik she wont benefit from this? Lets not forget 4 had no top tens but if views were factored, girls probably would’ve been #7 on the chart, beyonce consistently has good views on youtube. Now I see why Youtube stopped people from paying for views. Bc they were plotting to do this. Anyway, DEAD can y’all imagine if this meant Azealia Banks had 5 top tens out of nowhere?

  33. MsThing485 February 20, 2013

    Ridiculous. Next thing you know, they will be adding the number of Twitter followers and Facebook likes to the Hot 100 formula as well. The music industry has become a total joke and is dying off **because of** these new methods.

  34. L21480 February 20, 2013

    Music is officially dead.

  35. joker February 20, 2013

    billboard charts are just b*******. they don’t represent anything measurable anymore. and they messing it up even more letting global things like internet radio and youtube manipulate their values to hype whatever it is. ridiculous. if you care watch them. i don’t. 😆

  36. . : : h 2 o : : . February 20, 2013

    I can give three shits. Album sales is all what matters.

    • Era of Tin February 20, 2013

      Well thanks to things like YouTube, Spotify and iTunes, albums don’t sell anymore.

  37. blue February 20, 2013

    like someone says the way we listen to music has changed, nowadays there is so many factors to determine a songs success its only fair that bh100 looks into all this

  38. blue February 20, 2013

    also if i understand it correctly airplay still holds more weight with sales coming in second

  39. XoMoDe February 20, 2013

    Seems to me all these extra ingredients they’re adding to chart tabulation is an attempt to justify their chart rankings because radio play, requests and sales aren’t backing up f****** One Direction/Rihanna/Kesha/Minaj/Bieber. So they gotta REACH for nonsense like YouTube views and what’s trending at social networks to make it make sense.

    RIP music industry.

    • blue February 20, 2013

      do u even look at itunes or the airplay charts, those artist you mentioned are the ones ruling those, this atleast gives those without the radio and sale support a lil chance of charting

  40. eric February 20, 2013

    Did Billboard forget YouTube’s recent issue with false view counts, or do they even care?

  41. Benron (Ya’ll can Stay the Phuck Mad) February 20, 2013

    Ya’ll can stay coming at Rihanna, who’s single stay sold 306k this week and album Unapologetic sold almost 42k aswell. Its so funny that when Mariah Carey/Madonna would use payola to get their songs played (the chart used to be HEAVILY AIRPLAY) the chart was so AMAZING, but now that Mandonna and her 80 year old ass can’t get her ass on the charts for more than 10 weeks its clearly everybody elses problem.

    But the new system is stay. While the song “thrift shop” (sucks) got an INSANE amount of airplay and 412k downloads (THATS AMAZING and was the highest of the week/ in a very long time) it was stuck at #2 and Rih’s stay at #3 because they now take into account “Parody videos” and any video with audio. Thus causing Harlem shake to (with no airplay)and #3 digitally vault at #1 with 3.5times as many points as the #2 song (Thrift shop)

    They’ll change this soon enough but the editor on twitter is saying they are trying to cut out airplay and focus more on randomness like this so idk.

    • MovieAmi February 21, 2013

      Your mom is an 80 year old ass. B****.

    • Common Sense February 21, 2013

      I take those parody videos more seriously than I do the garbage that gimmick Rihanna releases. And you coming at Mimi is f****** laughable. Mariah had more talent than ANYONE around her when she came on the scene something that could never be said for Rihanna. As for Madonna, even at her advanced age she’s still 10x the performer and hell even singer than Rihanna will ever be.

  42. SLAYRIAH CAREY February 20, 2013

    TBH…it’s a matter of opinon. I don’t really find it as a “gimmick” as some of you may call it.

  43. mc the place to be! February 21, 2013

    2004-2009? F*** that music was finished by 2007 and iTunes didn’t really kill anything its been here before YouTube what really killed music was YouTube and limewire(they got rid of that like Napster) but I feel sorry for the music artists today on major labels if you wanna do it your way and still have some success do it independent because look at whose #1 still this week unknown rappers signed to an unknown label nuff said but I do miss the days where I would play my real rhapsody player and use yahoo music to play music videos

    • Common Sense February 21, 2013

      Lol Limewire. Limewire was just one of an infinite number of sites you could get music for free. These days for every pirate site that gets taken down 10 more pop up in it’s place.

    • Music Soul Harmony February 21, 2013

      2004-2009 music didn’t sound the same is when r&b was still thriving. That’s why. And some rock music was better as well.

  44. Vegas Girl February 21, 2013

    Oh Lord, more ways to manipulate an artists success. Why is Billboard leading the charge? I haven’t had faith in Billboards rankings for YEARS because of the ways that labels can manipulate chart success. Are labels so afraid of the lack of talent they are putting forth that they have to openly change the rules to have artists make some kind of impact? These folks legacy are relegated to breaking records, not creating timeless music. I guess they’ve got to get it anyway they can. Stupid.

  45. Drew February 21, 2013

    I don’t think this is a good idea…

  46. Hive+Navy=Delusional folks February 21, 2013

    Aaag what’s next?… No of magazine covers will be put into count to!!

    • JOHNVIDAL February 21, 2013

      Yaaassss! Your user name is perfect

  47. Blue February 21, 2013

    Seriously ppl on here r just ignorantly stupid, its youtube hits for videos of the one song not the overall views for the artist so this twitter and magazine cover talk is just idiocy.

    further more u all agree times have changed, the age of the internet haschanged the game in all industries.

    also music video are essentially at the end of the day a part of how successful a song gets, how many songs get sale boost after their video premiere?

    nothing is stopping ppl from accessing utube and watching the videos of “real music” for “real artists”, the fact ppl dont watch those videos(something free by the way) just goes to proof that ppl just dont want to hear it

  48. Rihanna destroyed Beyfat’s flop career February 21, 2013

    Oh o You know what that means? More chart success for queen RiRi. While your fav flos. Rihanna is queen of Youtube. Where is Beyfraud?

  49. brandon February 21, 2013

    What the hell is happening in the music industry, why oh why is happening? so now we will have only the same artists on the charts, what about those who actualy sing and struggle to get their good music be heard what about them?

  50. Hilly February 21, 2013

    What kind of joke?

  51. Mark111 February 21, 2013

    Times are changing, people are streaming music and youtubing and it should be counted cause it shows what the people like to listen to and see. Billboard is about the hottest songs and albums, they can and will always change their rules as music changes.

  52. Arie February 21, 2013

    They should have left it as it is and just added charts for all these other mediums it would have been far more interesting. Fan made videos are a mess I don’t see why the should even be recognized. Whatever! it’s not like they are asking for anybody’s opinion.

  53. Common Sense February 21, 2013

    This ridiculous move by Billboard will just make it easier for talentless gimmicks and viral sensations to get hits. God forbid artists work for their hits by performing live and promoting their music out in the world.

  54. Mark111 February 21, 2013

    I’m cracking up at these fans getting b*** hurt. Get over it! I been saying this, it’s about the music and not the sells and charts stats. But no, you dumb f**** were the first one “Oh, MC or Madanna or who ever f*** did this and has this many #1’s and blah blah blah.” Now y’all booties hurt cause now your h**’s records are about to be snatched by the new. Oh they don’t have talent, well guess what, when your old ass fave came out, there were older singers that they took over and guess what, Madonna ’em had MTV while others like Tina Turner didn’t have back them (yes in the 80’s, but not in the 70’s) So, out with the old, in with the new.

    • Just saying February 21, 2013

      Smartest comment on this post!!

  55. Kent February 21, 2013

    Now i get what bey said about current state of music. Alter rubbish am here for music not chart sucess. Chart sucess does not equate good music.

    • Blue February 21, 2013

      Just as long as u remember tht a lack of chart success doesnt equate to good music either. So if ur fav is flopping, they flopping!!!

  56. Jaja February 21, 2013

    This is some biased b*******, what is no.1 single now? Cos it used to mean most purchased, you know, you had to actually go out of your way and actually buy it! Now its just cloudy

  57. kim February 21, 2013

    I used to visit the billboard charts often. Not anymore. Now it is pointless. This shake song is #1? Rest in peace to good music. Billboard needs some competition.

  58. JER February 21, 2013

    Whatever. Yal won’t be complaining when your fave gets a boost. Continue to seethe BeYAWNce stans.

  59. Blue February 21, 2013

    if u want the chart for most sold then check the digital sales chart, want airplay check the radio chart.

    the bh100 has always been about what songs were most popular. Thats why they included both airplay and sales. In the 70s 80s thats all that was there but in todays world u have so many medias that ppl have to listen to their music

  60. Blue February 21, 2013

    U ppl r being stupid unkonwn artist dont make it big on itunes or radio, the general usually discovers them through shared videos, new artist get discovered on youtube.

  61. CzarM February 21, 2013

    Hits are on the radio, not on YouTube. The way things are going, silly ass viral sensations like “Chocolate Rain” will end up charting because they scored “X” million video views. As it is, we have a bunch of low budget novelty parody recordings independently released topping the charts because Billboard has made their tabulating system to become too broad and today the music business is in shambles as a result. The industry needs to start rejecting the things that put it in dire straits, rather than further placating them. That Billboard is going to use what’s happening at a viral video service where any loser with a webcam can post random videos of themselves doing nothing to tabulate its most important chart just makes their charts a charade.

    Call me “old fashioned,” but not every change is for the better. Sometimes things change for the worse. When that happens, you strong arm it until its right again. Don’t just sit there and allow the nonsense to continue.

  62. Blue February 21, 2013

    dont u sound stupid saying hits happen on radio.

    do u know how bais radio is, they rarely give new artist a chance unless the song becomes a huge hit. Hits happen wherever ppl r listening. Bbh100 simply reflects that. I would take youtube views over airplay cause atleast the listener decides what to listen to.

  63. RoyalKev February 21, 2013

    This new system may work for a few of your favs and mine, but the Hot 100 is turning into a f****** mess now (and apparently just about any other singles chart will be as well). Some songs will obviously be given a lot of favoritism. Even if some great artists come up with the next “Thriller” masterpiece they simply won’t stand a chance to reach top 10 status now. The charts is about everything but the true music request of the people! What’s next to be included, how many forbes list you make, magazine covers you land or twitter/FB followers you have? This is Bogus! I don’t care if that stupid Harlem Shake song stay on top for 10 years, I’m not ever being brainwashed into liking it!

  64. the truth February 21, 2013

    stay is currently #3 on billboard top 100 Rihanna is coming for Madonna’s record

    • Music Soul Harmony February 21, 2013

      Who cares.

    • La Perra February 21, 2013

      the Navy duh!!!

  65. Music Soul Harmony February 21, 2013

    2004-2009 music didn’t sound the same is when r&b was still thriving. That’s why. And some rock music was better as well.

    • JOHNVIDAL February 21, 2013

      Maybe. But the real downfall started around 2000. The 00´s decade has not been great in general. 70´s 80´s and 90´s>>>>>>>>

  66. JOHNVIDAL February 21, 2013

    Whaaaaaaatt? I just can´t. They really want to destroy music, but why?
    This is why I was posting on here the best album sellers the other day, cos an album will always be more respected than a single, and not easily manipulated like a singel. Anyway if a person has common sense he or she will alway know when a song is a true hit. Most of Rihanna #1´s are fake, lots of collabos, remixes and desperate attempts to get there, she would have like 3 or 4 real #1´s if it wasn´t for that, just like a Beyonce or a Jennifer Lopez, not this thing she´s “achieving” as if she were really as succesful as Madonna or Mariah carey. Any sane person can see it.
    Long live what´s left of album sales, and yes singles charts ahve been a joke for a decade now everywhere. It was already sad the recent change by Billboard of letting pop songs dominate the R&B chart (nobody can understand that), but this is really worse. The most watched video clips on youtube are about who does the most crazy thing or who poses better as a w****. Not too mention all those delusional stan bases of Rihanna, Justin Beiber and Taylor Swift are streaming that s*** like crazy, not giving an accurate representation of the success of a song
    A f****** MESS. At least Billboard let old albums and singles re enter the main charts a couple of years ago, which a think is a good decision

  67. Avery February 21, 2013

    I mean its a plus then a downside …the plus is it actually make sense to add youtube part of the billboard because only whats popular will will make #1 on that chart ..nd that what these charts are about is whats popular and whats not ..I like how billboard is giving us a chance to make our favorite artists score that number #1 or at least top 10..ppl are getting the new rule confuesd it has to be a new song thats out n thats getting millions of youtube hits off tjat one song ,video or parody..the downside is that sum artist wont chart at all because of their genre or their popularity they with conclusion if i love ur artist keep continuing to buy their music request their song and n get them youtube hits..

  68. HOTSTUFF February 21, 2013

    Some of yall are delusional…do you really think that only the fan base of an artist is responsible for views on a video ???
    When a song is a hit it is streamed by fans, casual fans, non-fans, young, old etc…. The music industry has changed, i have friends for instance who rarely buy any music, they only stream on youtube….so this is a clever move by billboard for continuously adopting their rules with time….

    • Boss February 21, 2013

      STFU, ur want Rihanna to get more #1s.

  69. MUSICHEAD February 21, 2013

    This is dumb as hell. I’m done with Billboard. It’s all about Mediabase for me.

  70. La Perra February 21, 2013

    im not sure how i feel about this, yes its a new day and age, but its will be much more easier for certain artist to get higher chart position, cause they are mainstream. Rihanna for example, that girl rules Youtube, so her releases will chart higher and longer and it will be much easier to reach it, without the struggle, and actual fan base behind it. She will gain the most being she has the most CASUAL LISTNERS, so that will work in her and others favor.
    i wonder if Psy Gangnum Style now has a chance with all those views and his song still charting lol

    • HOTSTUFF February 21, 2013

      they said streaming in the US, so for psy you would have to take out asia streams…but its too late it has reached its peak before the new rules…as for Rihanna, there’s nothing wrong with casual listeners, that’s what make a hit , when ‘everybody’ ( fans, casual etc) listens ! it’s not like she is choosing or forcing the casual listener to listen to her music …. and rihanna is ruling youtube because she is collecting hit after hit, yall will deal. #DATREIGN

  71. Holy Diver February 21, 2013

    YouTube video views are a joke. Billboard doesn’t know what it’s doing anymore. Every time they make a new adjustment to their chart formula it’s worse than the last one. I wish some other music charting company would come out and give them competition.

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