Rihanna To Nab New #1 With ‘Stay’ / Battles Rita Ora For ‘BRIT’ Award

Published: Saturday 2nd Feb 2013 by David

Two months may have passed since she performed it on the ‘X Factor UK’, but the coming days are set to see Rihanna‘s latest single ‘Stay’ is fast approaching the UK#1 spot.

Chart check below…

Now sat #2 on the iTunes Pop songs chart, the ballad is now spot away from becoming her 7th #1 in the county, following the meteoric rise of the Sia penned ‘Diamonds’.

As it stands, the ‘No Love Allowed’ singer is six spots away from hitting #1 on the overall chart, while Rita Ora‘s ‘Radioactive’ rises to #8 on ‘Pop Songs’, days before both ladies will compete at the Brit Awards 2013.

Indeed, after scoring nominations in the  ‘Best British Single‘ category, the ROC girls will discover which one of them came out on top at the ceremony, which airs live from the 02 Arena- February 20th.

Until then…

Download ‘ORA’ here!

Download ‘Stay’ here!

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  1. BEYSUS OVER JESUS February 2, 2013


    • OMG Just Google Kelsnetwork and see what happens… February 2, 2013

      your freaking username irks me!!! I bet Beyonce wont like that name either! You claim you a true fan yet your fave as stated in past interviews that She believes in God..

    • cake like lady gaga February 2, 2013

      You are so pressed, its sad!!

      You have two choices; Remain Salty or find a way to deal with Rihanna shitting on Lipyonce!

      While you’re at it, have every seat at the Yankee stadium!!

      • BEYSUS OVER JESUS February 2, 2013


      • HALF AMAZIN February 2, 2013

        But she didn’t, hasn’t, and never will so what the f*** are you talking about??

  2. OMG Just Google Kelsnetwork and see what happens… February 2, 2013

    TGJ is always comparing these two………anyways stay is a good song..hope we get a video soon…

  3. Monstarebel February 2, 2013

    Go head Rihanna get yourself another number 1 I hope unapologetic becomes as successful as GoodGirlGoneBad Or LOUD…. & Rita is a non factor like forreal

  4. SlayDeleAdkins February 2, 2013

    Congrats when she does!

  5. cake like lady gaga February 2, 2013

    FRAUDyonce must be s*** scared wherever she is. She might not even drop her FLOP single which sam promotes EVERDAY, EVERY HOUR. That Rihanna reign won’t let up, and the Bey H** must find a way to DEAL!!

    Rihanna > LipYonce!

  6. C-SQUAD SLAYS February 2, 2013

    10 Reasons Why I Hate Rihanna plus 10 F-CK Songs
    No Introduction needed for Rihanna. Here are the

    10 Reasons Why I Hate Rihanna

    1. “Please Don’t Stop The Music” is officially the worst song of 2007. Everything with this song is wrong, stolen and/or annoying. Mama say mama sa my ass b****. Once again people: I don’t own this song and I can’t play this song. If you didn’t know, now you know: They didn’t even realease this b******* song in the states. Her single in the states is “Hate That I Love You” feat. Ne-Yo. Only for the f****** European market they released this awful song. F*** you European record label executives.

    2. Her alien forehead is scary. I bet you could park a Porsche Cayenne on that huge forehead…. Looks more like a landing strip for planes than a forehead. DJ Whatever says: “She reminds me of Skeletor”. She really does.


    Rihanna’s father

    Rihanna again

    Other family members of Rihanna

    3. Her nasal singing is f****** annoying

    4. S.O.S. = last years worst song. Rihanna is on a streak. We wish her the best for 2008

    5. Stephen Hawking has more face expression than Rihanna has in her videos.

    6. Since 2005 she has released an album every f****** year. Give us a damn break Rihanna. Each album had at least 2 singles. She has been all over television and radio 3 years now. Rihanna we need a break! Please go back to barbados for a year or two.

    7. “Ella Ella Ella EH EH EH EH” …

    8. “Good Girl Gone Bad” is the title of her album. I think “Bad Girl Gone Worse” would be much better.

    9. Voice sucks live. Have you seen her performance at the music awards.

    10. In her three year short career she has had too many songs that are just not listenable. Other songs include the “I wanna throw up”-Ballad “Unfaithful”, “Umbrella” and the stolen “We Ride”….

    • Monstarebel February 2, 2013

      lol this is so dated….,Bahahahahahahahahaha the hate is becoming amusing keep on hating c-square why haven’t y’all got got sorry & got me good into the hot100 yet? why did y’all let c-errors basic instinct flop so hard? I’m sorry ciara only was relevant for like 3 years

    • cake like lady gaga February 2, 2013

      You just wasted 10 minutes of your sad life, no one will read that novel you just posted. I didn’t read it, I just pressed “reply”

    • boopboop February 2, 2013

      too bad blog comments dont equal record sales cuz lord know cecil needs ’em.

  7. R.I.P WHITNEY February 2, 2013


    Rihanna and Beyonce love each other.

    But the Navy and the Beyhive hate each others guts.


    • RESPECT THE VOICE!!!! February 2, 2013

      Rih and bey are cordial RIHANNA has said in her elle interview that they are not friends but cordial. But the hive hated RIHANNA since 2005 because they thought RIHANNA would actually f*** a camel and that rihanna is very successful the navy wouldnt hate the hive if they stop trying to down play her worldwide domination. Rihanna did in 8 yrs what beyonce did in 16 yrs and RIHANNA is getting bjgger and bigger and she aint going anywhere

      • R.I.P WHITNEY February 2, 2013

        you seem like you still have hate towards beyonce, both are great. you never seen whitney and mariah fighting like this smh, grow up people.

      • Haters Gon Hate… February 2, 2013

        So Rihanna has sold 140 million records,won 16 grammies, and has left a legacy as the most talented and respected artist our our generation. The only thinkn Rihanna did that Beyonce didn’t do is earn 12 #1 singles. Lol,,don’t lie to yourself

  8. BEYSUS B**** February 2, 2013


  9. joker February 2, 2013

    yeh. that single $hit. and i’m not even surprised. slow song against slow popularity no really competition on the chart. i’m sure pop(ular artist) radio doing a lot there. and the brits are easy. rita as breakthru. rihanna the international female. and neither gets the single award. that’d be okay.

  10. C-SQUAD SLAYS February 2, 2013

    ciara snatched rihanna’s wig ages ago, rih is a nobody, atleast my fave can sing, c-squad will drag the navy, dont try us.

    • Beyonce Knowles-Carter February 2, 2013

      The same squad that lets everything your beloved CiCi drop flop? From albums, to singles to Record deals…LOLOLOL! B**** go sit in time out, and don’t come out until we tell your ass to do so!!!!

      • C-SQUAD SLAYS February 2, 2013


      • C-SQUAD SLAYS February 2, 2013

        rihflop and beyflop are major flops…they are media whores.

      • BEYSUS B**** February 2, 2013


      • BEYSUS B**** February 2, 2013


      • SlayDeleAdkins February 2, 2013

        Goodies 3 Million WW
        The Evolution 2 Million WW
        Fantasy Ride 200k WW
        Basic Instinct 40k WW

        Beyonce = 75 Million Records Sold WW
        Rihanna = 100 Million Records Sold WW

        I Think We All Know Who The Real Flop Is!!………

      • : : . W A T E R S P O R T S February 2, 2013

        The only thing CiCi actually slayed is a Nigerian Sergeant’s s***.


        Beyonce’s numbers are so f****** Nov 2008.

        Her total “record” sales to date is 90 million. Including 26 million CD albums + 3.1 million video discs.

      • SlayDeleAdkins February 2, 2013

        90 Million???? I Dont think so!! And even if my predictions are outdated, there’s no way in hell she would of sold 75 Million by 2008!!!

    • SlayDeleAdkins February 2, 2013

      LOOOOOOOOOL!!!! Thanks for that little joke! i needed that!!!! B**** YOU HAVE EARNED A SEAT!! PLEASE SIT AND RE-EVALUATE UR LIFE!!!

    • boopboop February 2, 2013

      how many ppl in this c-squad? 5? cuz it seem her sales would be higher if ppl gave a f*** abt her

  11. Lolz February 2, 2013

    What about the US?

  12. joker February 2, 2013

    btw… funny thing. why both “buy s***”-links on the post link to same “ora”. 😆

  13. Omari February 2, 2013

    Maybe Im slow, but how this mean she’s gonna indefinitely go to #1?

    • boopboop February 2, 2013

      samantha like to exaggerate to get comments

  14. R.I.P WHITNEY February 2, 2013

    whitney and mariah never hated. aretha, patti, and gladis never hated. michael, diana, and prince never hated. they are the real legends.

  15. Rita Slays February 2, 2013

    Yes Rita, collect those #1s 😉

  16. C-SQUAD SLAYS February 2, 2013

    rihanna wish she can sing like queen ciara, beyonce wish she can dance like queen ciara, ciara is the female michael jackson, she is the new janet jackson…your fave couldnt never be a legend like cici.

    • boopboop February 2, 2013

      ciara is a transgender has-been.

  17. Cream February 2, 2013

    S*** flopping in the USA (: and onley thing Rita Ora will win is a flop ablum

    • CREAM February 2, 2013

      pls i need help!! my v***** smells like fish…..hey ladies any suggestions on what i can use?/

      • SlayDeleAdkins February 2, 2013

        Do not use perfumes, douches, or anything that is marketed as a feminine cleaning product. Just make sure you take a bath regularly and use a wash cloth with soap and water. keep yourself dry, wearing plain cotton underwear and avoiding synthetic or tight-fitting clothing can help keep your groin cool dry and fresh.

  18. MissImpartial February 2, 2013

    It’s a Coldplay nomination Rihanna is a FEATURED artist. She wouldn’t be in this category without Coldplay HENCE IT IS CALLED BEST BRITISH SINGLE!!!

    • oh February 2, 2013

      she have solo nomination for international female which she won twice in round!

  19. aynon February 2, 2013

    Stay wont get to #1 its safe to say Thrift Shop will be #1 this week and probably next week too. its just getting going here after its huge success in OZ and the US.

    • TeamBreezy February 2, 2013

      good analysis

  20. Cream February 2, 2013

    Sam can you make a post on the nfl players singing there fave Beyonce song and talking about how she the female MJ pls Sam? Lets get them pressed

    • Teacher February 2, 2013

      If you were such a fan you would have known that he already posted it on TGJTV!

  21. ENOUGH ONIKA (0 GRAMMY NOMS…) February 2, 2013

    Why in every photo of this girl does she have to look like such a try hard. Always trying to look “bad.” OOO you stuck your middle finger up….wow.. #boring

  22. THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. February 2, 2013

    The Queen!!!!!!!!! FRADULonce take notes

  23. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! February 2, 2013

    Rihanna song stay is number 4 on the midweek chart in the uk….. one behind Taylor:P

  24. @PEGGYHYLS5 on instangram February 2, 2013

    This site s b******* the song is nowhere near number 1 on iTunes plus it’s £0.59p

  25. Music Soul Harmony February 2, 2013

    The song is boring to me plus it’s making no impact here in the US.

  26. boopboop February 2, 2013

    feb 20 is rih’s b-day!!!

    poor c-squad 🙁 i see they STILL aint come to grips with the fact that uncle cecil is OVER and changing label DIDNT DO S*** for her career! yall REALLY those flop…i mean “BUZZ” singles gon do S*** for ONE WOMAN FLOP sales? REALLY? ill be surprised if the s*** even get RELEASED THIS YEAR…wont it supposed to come out next month? uh-huh. another PUSHBACK like FANTASY FLOP and BASICALLY EXTINCT.


    well wait, cecil is such a NON-FACTOR there’s no point to even compare! let her go back to running behind k** karTRASHian for press.

    rihanna meanwhile will remain famous, popular, successful and on her way to being the black madonna.

  27. MISHKA February 2, 2013

    Why would this song go #1 ? The song is just okay for me.

    UK folks just love them some Rih-Rih, they eat errrthing she puts out.

    • oh February 2, 2013

      wish somebody would eat your fave!?

  28. zed February 2, 2013

    do like the single ‘stay’ but it will NOT get to number one, because the stupid editor may not have noticed that ‘thrift shop’ is now at number one, and will be there for a while! gosh the editor on this site is stupid, pay attention to the man charts, forget the pop and rnb charts, they dont hit headlines, only the MAIN charts. so i repeat, will this stupid editor stop posting irreleavnt details on who is top of the rnb or dance chart or whatever? who cares? only the main Uk top 40 chart and US top 10 billborad charts count. retards

  29. wrinkle flop ora, February 2, 2013

    wow, not rihanna gétting another UK number 1 ith no video ?

  30. RESPECT THE VOICE!!!! February 2, 2013


  31. wrinkle flop ora, February 2, 2013

    Rita Whora said her second album is probably finished and due out ASAP. LOL LOL she has been on the road all year promoting ORA flop, she was not in the studio. They are going to use left over tracks from the 3 year session it took to make ORA flop. LOL Rih is trending WW on twitter.

  32. wrinkle flop ora, February 2, 2013

    Rih is filming the stay video with Sarah Mueller TODAY, will be on youtube next week.

    * Hi Beyonce *

  33. Iwishabitchwould February 2, 2013


    Music Of The Sun: 1.5 million
    A Girl Like Me: 3.5 million
    Good Girl Gone Bad: 8 million
    Rated R: 2.75 million
    Loud: 5.75 million
    Talk That Talk: 2.6 million

    TOTAL: 24.1 million


    Dangerously In Love: 8.5 million
    B’Day: 6 million
    I Am… Sasha Fierce: 7 million
    4: 2.5 million

    TOTAL: 24 million

    • Love the way you LIE February 2, 2013

      These numbers are all wrong. Sorry to burst your bubble.

    • Love the way you LIE February 2, 2013

      And how many albums do Ri got again?

      • Haters Gon Hate… February 2, 2013

        Lol,look at him lieing on Beyonces album sales number and Rihannas…ll Beyonce has sold more…just stop

    • SlayDeleAdkins February 3, 2013



      Music Of The Sun: 1 million
      A Girl Like Me: 3. million
      Good Girl Gone Bad: 7 million
      Rated R: 3 Million
      Loud: 5 million
      Talk That Talk: 4 million

      Total: 25 Million Albums


      Dangerously In Love: 11 million
      B’Day: 7 million
      I Am… Sasha Fierce: 7 million
      4: 3 million

      TOTAL: 28 Million Albums

      • SlayDeleAdkins February 3, 2013

        Side Note: Yes Rihanna’s sales dont add up as accurate being that some of her albums have sold just over that particular amount. e.g – Talk That Talk: 4,500,000

  34. Love the way you LIE February 2, 2013

    Damn Ri. Whats happening in the US, f*** the UK it aint hard to get #1 over here when u like a 12th of the size of America.

  35. MusicLoveChild February 2, 2013

    I heard Rihanna is a H**, does anyone for know sure?

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