Jay-Z Signs…Kylie Minogue To Roc Nation

Published: Wednesday 6th Feb 2013 by Sam


It’s a facet of the music industry that makes it ever-exciting.

Case, point Roc Nation‘s shocking signing of Australian Pop queen Kylie Minogue today.

Full story after the jump…

In a move few (if any) saw coming, the Jay-Z helmed juggernaut today announced the 44 year old as the latest addition to its stellar roster.

A post on the mogul’s Life & Times website read:

Roc Nation would like to welcome Aussie singer, recording artist, songwriter, actress and designer Kylie Minogue to the family.

In a career now spanning 25 years, Kylie has released 11 studio albums, two live CDs, eight live concert DVDs, a greatest hits double album, and multiple video packages. She has released over 50 hit singles worldwide, including the Grammy-winning Come Into My World, and has sold more than 68 million albums worldwide. Needless to say, we’re excited to have Kylie join the Roc fam.” – Roc Nation

The star joins the likes of Rihanna, Rita Ora, Timbaland, and Elijah Blake on the Roc Nation roster.


As with the recent signing of Timbaland to the Roc, little is known about the particulars of Minogue’s partnership with the company (Record deal? Management deal? Both?). However, it’s worth noting that the ‘Can’t Get You Out Of Me Head’ singer recently parted ways with her manager of 25 years.

Whatever the case, the Roc’s acquisition of brand Minogue makes for intriguing viewing.

With a success narrative on-par with fellow Pop royals Madonna and Janet Jackson in almost all territories besides the US, Kylie’s name still boasts much “power” – a fact evidenced by her International tour gross, brand expansion (see: fragrances and the like), and music sales. The latter, despite peaks and troughs, remains particularly impressive. Collectively, we’re sure these are points Roc Nation  – as one of the industry’s most pronounced money makers – factored in when making a beeline for the singer.

Be sure to keep it locked on That Grape Juice for the latest on Kylie’s Roc Nation signing. We can’t wait to see how it unfolds.

In the meanwhile, check out our favourite releases from Ms. Minogue below…

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  1. a February 6, 2013

    probably just a managment deal

    • YES February 6, 2013

      she already has new management though?

      Im looking forward to new Kylie. She has needed a fresh start.

      People are too fickle. If she matures (abbey road sessions) people call her old and dated and if she stays young and does s*** dance songs people tell her to grow up.

      She needs to do her own thing and f*** everyone else.

      • PSA (FAF) February 6, 2013

        YESS! I love Kylie !! Showgirl of music ! Only one who can compete w/ Madonna !

  2. JUELZ February 6, 2013

    I didn’t expect this… WOW!

    Well, either way, Kylie Minogue is an Icon with a 100M Reccords sold Worldwide certificate to her name so, if this venture were to not go as planned, I don’t think it would diminish her status or credibility.

    It has, however, always bemused me as to why she could never seem to replicate her International successes with success in North America. She has barely sold 10 Million units here – from her entire 15 album discography. Any thoughts?

    • Flop Cheeta Whora gave Rob an STD from her 20 guys February 6, 2013

      She never made in the USA cos she was a clone of the Queen of pop and that killed her USA career. You cannot clone A listers.

    • a February 6, 2013

      yeah she was kinda the rita ora to madonna’s rihanna… she didnt copy madonna tho, everyone was so similar in the 80s anyways…. i guess the fact that she was a sweet-girl next door, less sexed up version of madonna was the reason america didnt care too much.. its hard to catch everyone’s eye when madonna was literally busting in wide, her shock value was very overpowering..
      kylie is an icon everywhere else though.

      • Dezi February 6, 2013

        A clone? Honey there is DOCUMENTED EVIDENCE that madonna has ripped this chick off on more than one occasion. See that’s the problem with big artist like madonna. They steal from the less popular artist thinking nobody will ever notice all the while receiving all the credit for it .. that’s f***** up. And kylie minogue wasn’t the only target of madonna’s thievery.

    • rwq February 6, 2013

      100 million records worldwide LOL. She barely sold hald of that and her album sales in US barely passed 2 millions ;p

      • PSA (FAF) February 6, 2013

        No, Cyndi Lauper did much of what Madonna replicated in the early 80s and Madonna was not out much long before Kylie… I think people just felt allegiance to Madonna because she came out first

  3. Mischief February 6, 2013

    Wow Kylie is theeeee Queen!!!!!!!!!!!! I would love her to have another “Fever”

  4. Gilberto February 6, 2013

    I love Kylie, so I’m really happy for her. She’s the real Queen of Pop.


    • Suicide Blonde February 6, 2013

      Real Queen of Pop, Kylie knows, you know and the world knows that’s a lie.

    • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ February 6, 2013

      I love Kylie to but lets not overstretch it. The real Queen of Pop is Prince and the second best is Madonna.

      • Suicide Blonde February 6, 2013


    • Taey (Queen Bey and Princess Riri STAN) February 6, 2013

      Even though you shade my new fave (Rihanna) I like your comments. Something about JOHNVIDAL I just cannot take though. I think he must be unattractive and unpopular in real life. Everything he says is so off putting. And Celine as his Avi??? I mean, I”m sure we are all 16-25 here. Who the f*** admires Celines looks? Like really? She talented and I love her songs. But you cannot be 16-25 driving down the street only listening to Celine Dion, Whitney Houston and f****** boring ass Frank Ocean all day! Get real! I just, I hate people who are so elitist and act like dumb s*** or mindless s*** isn’t fun or has its place. This guy JOHNVIDAL just bugs me! I love your shades tho Gilberto you go in and you like music for your age range like a normal person. You Benron and that shady Mariah Carey Stan are the shadiest in the most evil of ways and I love readin the s***!

      • Music Soul Harmony February 6, 2013

        Ummm, @Taey Benron is an idiot. Can’t be evil if you sound just plain stupid in the first place!

    • Music Soul Harmony February 6, 2013

      Queen of Pop?? What was her last song? Don’t even remember…

  5. Casual February 6, 2013

    Really shocking! Kylie Minogue has been on the charts (mostly overseas) since the 80s.

  6. bad bad February 6, 2013

    This is a good look, I always felt she was underrated!

  7. Flop Cheeta Whora gave Rob an STD from her 20 guys February 6, 2013

    Kylie NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. You are the princess of pop with 25 year old career and amazing albums, Why are u with this black ghetto flop ass label? What have the done for MIA? damm,this label hate black women. But kylie, people will mock u. Jay has no made a star in his life.

    • MELODY2012 February 7, 2013

      I think its a co-managenment deal with her current manager. Like Meek Mill, Wale, Shakira etc, they have their managers but their managers co-manage in conjuction with Roc.

  8. Monstarebel February 6, 2013


  9. cake like lady gaga February 6, 2013

    Kylie adding more money to Blue Ivy’s college fund.

  10. truth(slayer of icki funky ass stans B****!!) February 6, 2013

    I love her!!

  11. Flop Cheeta Whora gave Rob an STD from her 20 guys February 6, 2013

    Poor Kyle. Amazing what the changing musical climate and desperation can to a person.

    The struggle to keep up with rihanna is real.

    • Oh really February 6, 2013

      Girl bye.

  12. Lana Del Slay February 6, 2013

    Replacing Riwhore i see.

  13. White girl mob 2.0 February 6, 2013

    Moderator: deleted comment

    Reason: threats

    • cake like lady gaga February 6, 2013

      ^^^ LOL LMBAO

      The new Sam means business, he is taking his site back!!! LOL

      • RITANATION February 6, 2013

        Wow white girl mob making a name for her self lol she getting in trouble.. She f****** with suicide blonde she wanna beat his ass for something lol

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (0 GRAMMY NOMS…) February 6, 2013

      Yess Sam!!!!! Delete that ignorant h** and block her permanently!!! I’m actually liking this new Sam…

  14. follow me @royalkings101 i follow back February 6, 2013

    Big shame.

  15. Leon February 6, 2013

    This is Huge

  16. Flop Cheeta Whora gave Rob an STD from her 20 guys February 6, 2013

    Everyone so desperate and envious of Rih’s midas touch, that they are even trying to sign with her management team, in efforts to keep up with her. Her power.

    Roc nation base a whole label on her clones: Alexia Jordan, Rita Whora, Paige and Aluna Geoege. Beyonce speaking with Jamaican accent even though she is American. Kylie fater 25 years picks HER label. JLO had a meeting with Rih and LA reid in Miami before signing to Def Jma. She ended RNB and gave birth to EMD, everyone is rushing to do her sound and work with her Producers. People copy her look, image , tweets, instagram etc. Even ex Girl friends USE her name to pay their bills.

    LOL LOL an they claim she is not talented.

    • Flop Cheeta Whora gave Rob an STD from her 20 guys February 6, 2013

      Not to mention she scares people into pushing their singles and album back. She has people like Beyonce and JT doing DOCU before they drop, cos they are to scared to sell on name alone.

      She gives people careers: Mikkey Ekko, Calvin Harris, ASAP Rock, TI ( international ) Drake.

      • Flop Cheeta Whora gave Rob an STD from her 20 guys February 6, 2013

        People use her diss her to sell records: Rita Whora, Meek Mill, Drake, Jessie J, the irony is, they can never ever outsell. Poor Datta.

        ROC nation only got the deal from Sony using her name. Rihanna has never ever been signed to DEF jam, so if these acts want to be rihanna. They need TO SIGN TO DEJ JAM.

      • janet1814 February 6, 2013

        Rihanna gave Calvin Harris a career? Chile please…he’s the it producer right now and is giving these desperate b****** hits with his songs. If you think WFL wouldn’t have been just as successful without Rihanna’s “vocals” then you really are delusional…

    • YorkshireBarb February 6, 2013

      Oh f*** off you tart. Who the f*** wants to be Puppethanna?

      • KING RIHANNA>BEYONCE February 6, 2013

        They all want RIHANNAs success!!! You call rih watever you want but you cant call her a flop!!!!

      • PSA (FAF) February 6, 2013

        Wait… Rihanna gave TI success?!?

        Chile _/

      • MeccaMaddness February 6, 2013

        Until the b**** manages to push an album past platinum I most certainly CAN call her a flop. 7 albums and only one of them is multiplatinum.

        Flop h**.

      • Kyle February 6, 2013


  17. MDNA2013 February 6, 2013

    Clones never prosper.

    • ARTPOPPINIT February 6, 2013

      Four letters b****.


      • JanetXone February 6, 2013

        Drag Ha! There’s no bigger copycat that Medusa.

    • Music Soul Harmony February 6, 2013

      Beyonce the only one that got away with it. Still relevant in the news. B****** will DEAL.

  18. BeyWhoUWanna February 6, 2013

    KIIIII KIII KIIII. Rihanna’s on the way out.

    • cake like lady gaga February 6, 2013

      KIII KIII KIII Beyonce ALREADY out

      • DragginForMrsCarter February 6, 2013

        At least Bey never had to sell her albums for 1 dollar. Loose p**** b****.

      • cake like lady gaga February 6, 2013

        You have a lot of time on your hands, don’t you have a job?

        Your reach is a fail, but you tried

    • KING RIHANNA>BEYONCE February 6, 2013


      • Music Soul Harmony February 6, 2013

        She got bigger after 2 years in the game….Amazing what the right producers and team can do. No T no shade.

  19. White girl mob 2.0 February 6, 2013

    Moderator: deleted comment

    Reason: threats

    • cake like lady gaga February 6, 2013

      Just block this h*** IP address already.


    • Pop Royalty February 6, 2013

      ^^^ YES! annoying stupid F***!

  20. QueenCeline February 6, 2013

    YMCMB better step their cookies up.

  21. Kandi Kuntz February 6, 2013

    Yass, I love Queen Kylie her last album was everything.

  22. RITANATION February 6, 2013

    Sam these ads are killing me!!!! I got a ipad 4 I keep getting ads like crazy!!! I hate them

  23. RITANATION February 6, 2013

    Is anybody else getting ads popping up on this site I am on my ipad 4 I f****** hate it ugh…

  24. Oh Baby ( B****** Will Deal) February 6, 2013

    Get that European money Jay and Bey 😉

    • KING RIHANNA>BEYONCE February 6, 2013

      Aww too bad you dont have that money!!!

      • oh baby (b****** will Deal with slayonces slayage) February 6, 2013

        Of course I don’t have the kind of money Kylie has she’s what, 55? And I’m only turning 20 so yeah. Plus I’m not a big star in Europe. But I’m very much comfortable with what I have 🙂

    • no talent rihanna February 6, 2013

      erm dumb americans….austrailia is not part of europe

      • oh baby (b****** will Deal with slayonces slayage) February 6, 2013

        No girl sit, ofcourse I know Kylie is Australian, but that’s not my point. She’s big in Europe, which is what my point is. Btw I’m half African American and European living in Europe so yeah…

  25. NΛVI February 6, 2013

    woah that’s huge kylie and madonna is practically on the same wave length..i’m kinda surprise tbh..someone like Kylie should have their own label!

  26. Pop Royalty February 6, 2013

    OMG , I love this B**** , I’m so Here for HER!!

    and that “SLOW” song is OFF the HOOK !! SLAY MAMA 😀

    • Lashan February 7, 2013

      Slow i mah jam too!!

  27. King B>Rihanna February 6, 2013


  28. Suicide Blonde February 6, 2013

    The partnership is for management services, while she is still signed to Parlophone as a recording artist, Kylie was/is the first Princess of Pop, just hoping that now that she is part of the beloved family of Thatgrapejuice, you treat her with respect without making seen Jay-Z and Beyonce as her boss, she is really a wonderful woman in every way, so just that treat her for what she is a true icon, nothing to do with Beyonce cuz Kylie is on another level by millions of light years.

  29. Todd February 6, 2013

    Sam, Mariahs got a single comin out 19/02 , wheres ur post?

    • NΛVI February 6, 2013

      he’s business stalking rihanna’s twitter and instagram…b**** always slacking lol

  30. PSA (FAF) February 6, 2013

    “Put Yourself In My Place” >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  31. ThatGrapefriutJuice February 6, 2013

    This arabian beast hungry and on a roll withall these signing ins he doing lately. He looking to get to a billionaire status like NOW with these people, these artists money, lol. Mfr.

  32. SHANE February 6, 2013


  33. BeyFRAUD Armstrong (Beyonce’s Weave) February 6, 2013

    Big mistake, Jay-Z is an illiterate, he’ll ruin you. I can’t wait for Rihanna to see sense and fire him.

    • g unit February 6, 2013

      b**** she’ll NEVER do that.

  34. ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ February 6, 2013

    I love this woman to pieces. She is hugely underrated in the U.S. 😥

    Body Language >>>>>

  35. JOHNVIDAL February 6, 2013

    Great hearing news from her here in TGJ. Apart from that I don´t even know if this is good or not. So saying this is huge or whatever… what is huge? having a label? Kylie is a star with a 20-30 years old career. It´s not like she´s a nobody. These kids…
    Those album sales are impressive if they are true. And then one has to sit here and read how you know what stans are so proud about some average album sales by their faves 🙂

    Sam: where the hell is the post about Mariah´s new single??? It´s not only that it´s almost here (19th February), but it´s also surprising news since nobody knew it was going to be a song in the upcoming blockbuster “Oz the Great” (or something like that, you know, the precuel to the classic movie from the 30´s, with James Franco and Michelle Williams). Do u hate Mariah that much? Are you pressed she really writes her music. What´s going on Sam? 🙂

    • Suicide Blonde February 6, 2013

      I love James Franco.

      • JOHNVIDAL February 6, 2013

        I like him too. And Michelle Williams is an incredible actress (so many great roles in her career). I saw Silver Linings Playbook today. I think you and @poproyalty would like it. It´s about crazy b****** 🙂 By the way I liked it too (but I´m not crazy of course)

      • Suicide Blonde February 6, 2013

        i saw it too, i like it, btw, James is mine so don’t even try, lol.

    • Taey (Queen Bey and Princess Riri STAN) February 6, 2013

      I really do NOT like you at all! You are so lame to me! How old are you dude? You must be ugly. Cuz there’s just no way a normal social person aged 16-25 goes on and on over Celine Dion and Whitney Houston. Everything you say on here comes off as The loser in school who’s unattractive, unpopular and hates the people who were born good looking and outgoing.

      • Taey (Queen Bey and Princess Riri STAN) February 6, 2013

        You talking all that s*** About Rihanna’s sales. Who since 2005 Rihanna’s debut has sold more albums then Rihanna?Who’s total record sales total over 100 million? even with the bulk of those being singles. Who the f*** else has reached that milestone? You are such a hater I cant stand you!

      • JOHNVIDAL February 6, 2013

        Love ya too. When did I mention queens Whitney and Celine on this post? Believe it or not people who love true talent exist. Rihanna and Beyonce don´t have it huge way. Get over it

  36. Taey (Queen Bey and Princess Riri STAN) February 6, 2013

    I always believed Rihanna’s career will be similar to Kylie’s. She will slay under the radar for years in many different nations. Seeing Highs and Lows in various markets. But remain fresh and new and interestingly foreign. Rihanna is from Barbados signed to an American label who performs moderately well everywhere and does impressive numbers in the UK. Rita Ora is from Kosovo they want her to do moderately in the UK (where she grew up) and be impressive in the US. Thats why she’s getting so much exposure… Its not working as well for her, But I see the appeal of having a foreign but relatable beautiful girl as a pop star is marketable.

  37. Kyle February 6, 2013

    WOW I would NEVER have expected this! Okayyyy Kylie, Okayyy Jay I see you! This is cool!

  38. Oh really February 6, 2013

    Roc Nation must have something they manage Shakira, Kylie and Rihanna.

  39. lexi February 6, 2013

    Good for kylie, but why is everyone bringing up rihanna, they are from to different generations. Aslo rihanna is not a roc nation signed artist, they manage her and I doubt they are going to push her out, the girl makes herself and them millions by just breathing. She is a def jam artists.

  40. Hilly February 6, 2013

    Wow, i’m shocked. I hope it won’t change her artistry, she’s awesome! Roc Nation is being on top of their game!

  41. mr.m February 6, 2013

    Who’s that rat?

    • Likica February 6, 2013

      Ah don’t be jealous please, Kylie is an icon. I love Christina too but please don’t come for Kylie because they will drag your ass because of Bionic/Lotus :/

  42. Touché February 6, 2013

    Congrats to Kylie. I love how she’s always such a stable and consistent music artist.

  43. Lashan February 7, 2013

    Iv been the biggest Kylie fan for ages..but i must admit iv been loosing interest in her for a while now….her earlier discog is awesome tho Fever and Body LAnguage and X to some extent….lets hope this results in an epic “CGYOMH” sales generating album.

    Shes seems like a genuine artist and has alot more to give.Lets hope this results in alot more accolades which she wholeheartedly deserves.

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