New Song: Iggy Azalea – ‘Work’

Published: Monday 11th Feb 2013 by David

Tonight, two years after bursting onto the scene with ‘PUY‘, Iggy Azalea debuts the first single from her debut album, ‘Work’.

Dedicated to her unique journey to the top, the cut is a far cry from the material the world has come to known for, but does boast the technical skill she’ll need to ensure she wins  critical acclaim upon the launch of its supporting LP.

Enjoy below…

Your thoughts? 

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  1. SlayDeleAdkins February 11, 2013

    Im feelin this s***!! Go head iggy!!

  2. Deeznuts February 11, 2013

    I dont like it. I just….I dont like it. Its boring. She doesnt have that “umph” factor.
    I need new material from Nicki… Im getting bored. :/

    • Beysus February 11, 2013

      Nicki slays this b**** baby

    • Iggy GODzalea February 11, 2013

      Nicki disagrees.

    • Trev February 11, 2013

      Iggy is dope…yes Nicki is the best to do it but these new female rappers are HOT too!

  3. @Taimiicel February 11, 2013

    this is amazing

    love iggy

  4. @091094_ February 11, 2013

    theres something about iggy I like, she has the look but her fake accent lol, and we all T.I ghostwrites all her songs

  5. beyonce n rita whora flop together. February 11, 2013

    Cocky racist white arrogant b**** with no talent. LOL at the fake Dirty south accent. Though u said u are from the country?

  6. beyonce n rita whora flop together. February 11, 2013

    LIES! Australians who move to USA or Europe tend to be very educated and upper class. Trust her mummy and daddy were paying her s***. She was not hustling. the way black women in da hood hustles.

    Another Kreayshwan.

    • Iggy GODzalea February 11, 2013

      DEATH @ your ass being pressed!! Why so salty girl? Iggy is a white blonde woman with model features and talent. She will slay and you must LEARN to deal

      • beyonce n rita whora flop together. February 11, 2013

        Death you ass thinkin anyone gives a f*** about a wrinkly whhite women who fires in the sun and has a flat ass. She will not slay l Learn to deal.

        White women age 20 years in a month.

      • beyonce n rita whora flop together. February 11, 2013

        In terms of models. Noami camobell and Iman s*** all over this white saggy ” model ”

      • Iggy GODzalea February 11, 2013

        Oh b**** you ARE salty! Poor that 🙁 Naomi who? That b**** got her weave snatched by Tyra Banks DECADES ago. Now she has an irrelevant reality show on some no name network.

      • SlayDeleAdkins February 12, 2013

        By tyra banks????? B**** have a seat!! Go sit down somewhere. And dont get back up!!

      • beyonce n rita whora flop together. February 12, 2013

        Tyra is 40 and Naomi is 43 and they both have the level of fame, money, and beauty ( ageless ) beauty this ugly old ass white woman could dream of. She claims to be 22? SO wy does she have more wrinkles than 43 year old Naomi? While she sucks off broke rappers, Naomi stays with WHITE RUSSIAN BILLIONAIRE WHO BUYS HER ISLANDS.


    • beyonce n rita whora flop together. February 12, 2013

      Tyra and Naomi been in the game for over 20 years. Iggy wil not even get a year. WIth her botoxed up hag face and saggy flat ass.

  7. Beysus February 11, 2013

    Booooo ill take Nicki anyday

  8. Beysus February 11, 2013

    beyonce diva was better than this so called rap song

    • beyonce n rita whora flop together. February 11, 2013

      All the navy will agreee with you.

  9. beyonce n rita whora flop together. February 11, 2013

    ” 16 year old in Miami” What hood in Miami? Liberty City? Where Rick ross and em from? Which hood? Or was she on south beach, like ALL THE other australian you see on south beach. Spoilt brat: her rich muumy and daddy were financing that ass. She knows nothing struggle. The real struggle is the aborigines in Australia.

  10. beyonce n rita whora flop together. February 11, 2013

    his wack b**** said that jimmy iovine called her the new 2pac. LOL LOL 2pac was about empowering the race. She calls herself a runaway slave maste

  11. Jay February 11, 2013

    Amazing, I love Iggy. Laughing at all the hate in the comment, we all know you will be bopping to this!

  12. Aishaaguilerakeystesfaye February 11, 2013

    I like.

  13. Iconic Iggy February 11, 2013

    This is a masterpiece

  14. Iggy GODzalea February 11, 2013

    I hope these other girls are taking notes. This song has meaning AND is a banger. Now how many b****** are making bangers that tell a meaning full story? Her punch lines were on point. This will slay

  15. BAD BAD February 11, 2013

    This h** needs to sit down and bow down to Nicki Minaj for revitalizing the Female Rap Game.

    • Iggy GODzalea February 11, 2013

      Nicki’s time is up. Sit all the way down. Barely on her second album and she’s on reality t.v like a has been smh

  16. JulesNz February 11, 2013

    Its fresh no doubt. People who have rotten things to say about it do not know sh*t about music.

  17. HoneyBooBoo February 12, 2013

    Ima keep listening to T Foxx and Kimmy’s new joint! Why hasn’t Sam posted that (SIDEEYE). Maybe coz Kimmy went in!!!!!

  18. MELODY2012 February 12, 2013

    Ciara Album was suppose to come out beginning of 2013 but now she walks around with a guy with 5 Baby mammas. 3 flop singles were released to no luck.

    Rita Album was suppose to come out beginning of 2013, no single yet even though its Feb already.

    Beyonce – Is strugling to sell out small Arenas, no music ( Columbia turned down all the ones she sent)

    Kelly Rowland – She was suppose to release an album last year

    Keri Hilson – She Vanished.

    Brandy, Keiysha – Flopped

    Guess who is winning?

  19. MELODY2012 February 12, 2013

    Iggy is going to be as irrelevant as her tourmate. Why is she touring????

  20. Nika February 12, 2013

    I wonder what happened to WHITE GIRL MOB???? After the ULTIMATE FLOP that was KreaFLOP only sold 3k copies that b**** den disappeared. Where u at WGB????

  21. PSA (FAF) February 12, 2013

    @Nika Whitegirlmob been broke up Lil Debbie & V-Nasty beefed & now they on youtube making videos together… idk where Kreayshawn is at

    Anyway, this is ok.. I still can’t understand why she raps with a southern accent, though like WTF?

  22. REALTALKBSWALK February 12, 2013

    Hot song I just don’t like the accent it sound forced, but hot song.

  23. Igggy Is A D*** Sucking Racist S*** February 14, 2013

    OMG what a load of crap!!! Iggy f*** of back to ozz and burn !! your material is wack !!! I hate you you racist b**** DIE!!!!!!

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